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mannixnytyanks @nytimessports go Randy Miller of the NY Times Production Dept Mgt Team!

TynePierce I made the NY times yesterday! Go check it out! When you go to the website search my name...

AllAboutSTEVE_ I seen @_SheMaejor on NY TL way too many times, I had to follow..

TweetNewsss Spurs Boss Redknapp Could Miss Five Weeks http://t.co/RlW0d6Zq [Ny Times Global]

TweetNewsss Fed Cup Final: Czech Republic Leads Russia 2-1 http://t.co/zHj95GGR [Ny Times Global]

TweetNewsss Serbia's Ivanovic Wins Tournament of Champions http://t.co/A7snoEs5 [Ny Times Global]

dougcoulson Edging Toward Equality | NY Times http://t.co/vxiAxtOm

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evertuts Briefly: Education: U.K. Visa Issues May Affect Level of Non-E.U. Students (NY Times): Share With Friends: | |... http://t.co/Hh2lSLCe

chriskeene RT @carl_grant: A wonderful NY Times story about libraries - http://t.co/K9QFXaKK

ryanjsweeney RT @johnwoodRTR: I am beyond thrilled [email protected] story on Room to Read that appears in the Sunday NY Times: http://t.co/B6uAK9qX

futureofchange NY Times columnist Tom Friedman has a great piece on india's innovation stimulus http://t.co/suIGXzXt ty @hrishipoola


Since the NY Times wants a Democrat to win the Presidency, why would it endorse John McCain? by Jonny Flash Q: Is it possible the NY Times wants the weakest Republican candidate to win the nomination?

A: They don't want Guliani to even have a chance to win the nomination. Florida voters might see it as "EVEN New York isn't supporting Guliani".

I'm looking for the name of a company advertised in the ny Times that sells reading lamps? by CHRIS m Q: I bought 2 lamps from them and neither of them work properly. I mailed a broken piece back to the company months ago and have not heard back from them. Sadly I can't find the name of the company anywhere but they did advertise in the NY Times. Any help would be great! Thanks!

A: Was it An Ott Lamp?

What are the best books for teens on the ny times bestsellers list? by scuba steve Q: I have to read a ny times bestseller for school and i was wondering what good ones there are for teens. Thanks

A: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (DUH) The Clique by Lisi Harrison Gossip Girl by Cecily von Zeigesar

Where can I find free access to ProQuest for archival NY Times pages in pdf format? by kfergison67 Q: Where can I find free access to ProQuest for archival NY Times pages in pdf format? The NY public library only allows for that access from the library itself, but not from home.

A: I am not sure whether Simpo PDF Creator Lite could help. It's said it can convert any printable files to PDF format. It's a freeware. You can have a try. http://www.simpopdf.com/pdf-creator-lite.html

what day of the week does NY times have the health section? by nautilus Q: I have to find an article about abnormal children in the United States and the professor said we should find it in the NY times Health/Science section, so I was wondering what day does the NY times have that section at its best. Thanks.

A: I think Saturday!

The NY times is accusing a democratic governor of NY. How is it possible? The republican idiots always say? by viv Q: The NY times is wrong when it attacks republicans. Was they wrong when they wrote about Mc Cain being serviced once a week by the young lobbyiest?

A: The repts are hypocrits and they blame in others the same things they doo. Look at the republican pederast priest, Folley and the closet guy, senator of Idaho.

How many of you Obama supporters got this upset when the NY Times lied about McCain? by honestly7777 Q: And the McCain story was in fact a lie, a BIG lie told by NY Times. This is the same news paper that buried the Obama story in the back of the paper. Are you supporters trying to do the same thing, bury the story because you refuse to face the fact that Obama blew it?

A: What McCain story??? Give me the story and I will decide

Why did the NY Times HOLD ONTO the McCain story until AFTER he locked up the Republican nomination? by JumpingJack Q: First of all the NY Times has NO proof of this story! ANYONE can label "unnamed" sources as evidence! OF COURSE THAT ISN'T TRUE EVIDENCE THOUGH! But most importantly. Why did the NY Times release this article NOW instead of BEFORE the PRIMARIES when they already supposedly knew of this story? I am NOT a Republican. Even if this story came out about Hillary or Obama I would say the same thing! The NY Times is a JOKE!

A: only the NY Times can answer that question thoroughly. and i can care less about whether or not mccain had any extramarital affair. but according to wikipedia, he has admitted to a pattern of having extramartial affairs. the real question is this: did he give this lobbyist, vicki islman, any political favors by her association with him? that's the real issue here. not his integrity as far as his marriage goes, but his integrity as it relates to the office he held.

How come the NY Times refuses to cover crime within the black community? by T Torres Q: I read the Daily News and NY Post and there is always a shooting of a black male, a black kid committing a crime, a shooting at a baby shower, wedding, birthday, hate crime...it never ends. The Libs at the New York Times refuse to cover any crime committed by minorities(especially blacks). Is it me or Liberals refuse to accept reality? I'm not making the news up, this stuff happens every single weekend and the Times is blind to it.

A: you really want to carry a 1500 page newspaper

NY times ? by ♥Amba♥ Q: how much does the New York Times paper cost? if something costed 5 million dollarsin 1927, when the NY times paper costed only 2 cents how much would that amount to nowadays? Thats why I need to know the cost of the paper now. Thank you

A: I believe you will get more factual articles from the Enquirer!

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