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Why NSA's PRISM Program Makes Sense
The National Security Agency's headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland is the nexus for signals-intelligence activity in the intelligence community. The agency's PRISM program is designed to intercept terrorist and other hostile traffic on the Internet ...

How The NSA Tracks Your Calls
The Washington Post posted a story about the NSA is spying on citizens and accessing to technology companies servers. Specifically the NSA the main servers of leading U.S. Internet companies collecting huge volumes of information (call metadata) from ...

Twitterverse not letting up on Verizon-NSA uproar
Twitter users are poking fun at the spying controversy. The latest: The National Security Agency has an office where workers monitor cat videos all day. The Obama administration is calling to let people know when they've left the lights on. Government ...

NSA surveillance pits liberty against security
WASHINGTON — Public disclosure of the federal government's effort to track terrorists through the telephone records of average citizens has reinvigorated a national debate over the balancing act between security and liberty. A day that began Thursday ...

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Kiminator61 RT @FakeJDGreear: I'll admit I didn't buy this wiretapping scandal until I sneezed & an NSA agent said "Bless you."

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Best branch/job in military to get a job with Homeland Security or NSA? by Decisivness Q: I don't want to sound ignorant, but it seems pretty easy to get a job within NSA/Homeland Security with military experience, and a security clearance. Is it really as easy as it seems?

A: Air Force. Imagery Analysis and SIGINT will open you up for some good jobs

Question about the NSA and their operations? by Dylan Q: I was recently talking to my grandfather who told me that far more than the CIA or FBI that the NSA was the real agency that is doing all of the real 'spook stuff'. So I ask, what exactly does the NSA do? what kind of operations? How do they operate? Examples of missions or operations? thanks also, I read that they are mainly a cyber-communication intelligence gatherer and when I became an Eagle Scout i received an NSA Cyber Defense challenge coin from the director... so are there no field operatives or case officers like the CIA would deploy to spy on or kill someone?

A: Hello Dylan, I would highly recommend finding the book titled: The Puzzle Palace. It came out in the 80's and is an interesting look into the NSA. Your grandfather is a very wise man and knows what he is talking about. For many years the NSA did not have a name. Just a hidden budget. Another book that is interesting and speaks of the NSA is titled: Blind Man's Bluff

Do navy CT rates transfer to NSA jobs without a college degree? by Luke B Q: If I am an enlisted CTT in the navy can I get a job with the NSA as a cryptanalyst? What is the OJT? Do you know how many college credit hours a navy CTT gets with A school and OJT? Did your friend have a B.S.? Bachelor's degree

A: I am also an enlisted CTT in the US Navy. All NSA, or other government jobs like CIA, FBI, etc must go through an application process. The FBI especially likes previous military or police experience, but the TS/SCI clearance definitely helps you out. I am working on my Bachelor's degree from Excelsior College right now, and with A school and boot camp combined, I received 9 credit hours out of 120 for my bachelors. I think that is pretty nice. Almost all the schools I can think of (Central Texas and traditional schools) give you about the same amount. OJT does not count towards your degree however. http://www.clearancejobs.com/ This website is your best bet to discover where your clearance can be utilized. Your best bet, though, is to talk to someone that is in the NSA. I am sure that you won't encounter too many difficulties though. One of my friends got out as a second class and is working for the NSA a year later. Thats what he always wanted to do.

Does anyone work for or know anyone who works for NSA police? by yeah my sons have girl names...and?! Q: i might have a position with them but want to know how others enjoy it. my only downfall is that i've invested 6 years with another agency and skeptical about doing 30 with NSA. how do you like it? are you able to move easily within the department. do they lay people off? just any insight into their police department would be great. how they like the job? the hours? etc

A: I hope that you realize that all they do is patrol the federal reservation where NSA is and also work the gate checking credentials. I'd last about two days in a boring job like that.

Do you think the NSA (National Security Agency) is spying on identified Obama supporters? by Space Monkey Q: The NSA has been known to spy on anyone it considers a "fringe element" such as environmentalists, anti-war activists, or pretty much anyone that is not marching lock-step with the current regime. I'm not talking about EVERY Obama supporter. Just those that have been major activists and fundraisers. Of course the government doesn't have the resources to keep tabs on them all.

A: Yes. The NSA is so America friendly, it aims to listen to us all. Snoop that is, snoop on us all, especially if you make a step forward.


A: You need professional help. Why don't you switch your religion to Scientology and let them get the little aliens out of you.

Just found out BF has been looking for NSA meetings? by Heaven_Leigh_1 Q: My BF and I have been together for 8 months and this past week moved in with each other. Two days ago, I found out he has profiles on affair sites and has been posting/responding to NSA ads on CL- including sending his picture out. I have confronted him about this, and of course he said that he never actually went through with any of them. I don't know what to do. I am heartbroken and need advice.

A: It's time to move on...

Was AT&T's decision to allow the NSA to wiretap the communications of its customers infringement of privacy? by cmh62380 Q: The EFF (electronic frontier foundation) filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T, accusing the telecom giant of violating the law and the privacy of its customers by collaborating with the National Security Agency (NSA) in its massive and illegal domestic spying program to wiretap and data-mine Americans' communications. Were any personal privacy laws or regulations violated? Are their any prior case studies that are similar to this? What justification can the NSA have for spying on AT&T's customers?

A: Depends on when the violation occurred, and whom AT&T volunteered the records of but there are a number of laws that allow law enforcement agencies to obtain the records and to wiretap individuals under specific circumstances and of course there is the newer Patriot Act which can be used by Homeland Security and the NSA in circumstances where legally they might not usually have the right.

Hey does anyone know a good place to meet women or couples for NSA sex or fwb? by DuelistCero Q: I am looking for a place or a site that's free where I can talk to couples and women that want NSA sex or a fwb relationship.

A: If you're a lesbian, hit the straight clubs - you'll find loads of them looking to just experiment; it's sex without consequence though... I have encountered some difficulties but it's lower than dealing with lesbians

What is the official career term for a field agent, such as in the NSA and CIA? by Aaron H Q: Because I'm very interested in becoming a field agent; you know like the girl on Alias, or those people on Chuck ... not that TV is what makes me want the career, I'm just giving an example. Anyway, CIA.gov and NSA.gov list career options and give requirements, but it's all desk jobs with computers and such, so how do I find out about a field position?

A: Go to the cia.gov website and go to clandestine services.....but so you know these jobs require years and years of training on top of a college degree and the wash-out rate may be as high as 98% but good luck........actually you do not need prior military service as king states below....it even states it on the website, but it GREATLY increases your chances of getting into one of the high up gov agencies.

Did you know that your phone records are now part of a NSA database? by Happy Guesser Q: NSA Has Massive Database of Americans' Phone Calls by Leslie Cauley From Common News and Dreams http://www.commondreams.org/ The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of Americans, using data provided by AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth, people with direct knowledge of the arrangement told USA TODAY. The NSA program reaches into homes and businesses across the nation by amassing information about the calls of ordinary Americans — most of whom aren't suspected of any crime. This program does not involve the NSA listening to or recording conversations. But the spy agency is using the data to analyze calling patterns in an effort to detect terrorist activity, sources said in separate interviews. The more important question is: What are you going to do about this? ------------ For the people that say this is GOOD because of terrorists! Wake UP! Terrorists aren't the problem, our own government is! Turn off Fox News and find out what's really going on! It isn't a Democratic smoke screen, our privacy is being invaded. This country was founded on basic freedoms, and the main one was privacy! I just don't subscribe to the idea that this administration has my personal best interests at heart. So saying I have nothing to worry about if I've done nothing wrong is naive at BEST. But that would be the reason this corrupt group has attained and maintained power. Thank you all for answering, you've confirmed my worst fears.

A: not me, i use qwest! :p

Are three free website where we can find men and women for nsa? by Q: Are three free website where we can find men and women for nsa fun or even friendship. My preference is British girls only. I am smart youn 27 year old working lad, but alone as I am a but shy with women. Thanks a lot for answering

A: I believe you have Craig's List in the UK? Best place I can think of. But remember: since prostitution is legal in the UK (provided you too only meet behind closed doors and no pimp/madam or other 3rd party is involved) you need to be sure that she isn't expecting a "tip" at the end. And please remember to wear a condom no matter what. Cheers!

Are there any real girls on Craigslist looking for NSA (No strings attached) Relationship? by Luis G. Q: I've been searching through Craigslist for a girl who will have some NSA sex with me, but everytime I reply, they send me a link to join some adult dating website (like adult friend finder) which usually requires a subscription to view their profile. Are these people real or just bots then, since most of the responses have been like this.

A: Had the same problem. I gave up on craigslist, went to bars and just had sex with drunk chicks nowadays.

Is the NSA or the CIA (or other) responsible for storing and keeping classified information regarding UFOs? by Jeka Q: Such as the Roswell case, where is this information stored? I know the NSA does the presidential briefing.

A: SETI and Area 51.

What is the difference between the FBI, CIA and NSA? by Dont mess with the S. Q: I'm a junior in high school considering going into criminal justice, and if I do, I want to have one of the cool higher jobs of investigating big murder cases. I was focussing primarily on the FBI, but was wondering what the CIA and NSA do in comparison to the FBI…? Not that I'll be getting into one of these programs any time soon, but I'm just wondering. Thanks in advance.

A: CIA and NSA have nothing to do with law enforcement. FBI is the investigative arm of the Justice Department. Unlike on TV they rarely make an arrest without getting approval from a justice department lawyer, called an AUSA. CIA gathers intelligence about foreign countries and their political and economic systems. Again unlike in the movies most work near Washington DC in offices at a desk. Lots of reading and report writing. NSA runs the intelligence gathering operation for the Feds. They, mostly using computers with later human review, gather info from the airwaves, the internet and other forms fo communication. The agents spend their time listing and analyzing the information and writing reports.

Suppose the nodes on your network have been used as a zombies in an attack against NSA Website? by roadrunna2k1 Q: Suppose the nodes on your network have been used as a zombies in an attack against National security agency (NSA) website and the attacks originated from a known terrorist group from a hostile country. What information would be needed from the FBI to assist in the investigation?

A: ALL GOVT Agency's have a cyber crimes division that is next to none other that monitors more than you can possibly imagine. These people are the best in the world, and if there is a threat they are already monitoring the IP's and probably 24/7 There is technology in place that you can only dream of that isn't available to the general public.

Would u have a FWB or NSA with someone who is attached/ open relatonship? by Q: Okay, so meet this woman and we go to talking and we both said we want a FWB or NSA. I was like cool, but he has a boyfriend, and she said he is okay with us hooking up. So i think thy are in an open relationship. But i feel weird about hooking up with a woman that is attached. Could you give me some perspective, and insight as to how it real isn't about there relationship, but what e are doing? What you think about all this?

A: Hmmm Thats kind of asking for trouble I think... Because if EITHER of you develops feelings for the other - and so many FWB's end up that way - no one wins and everyone loses out of it. I wouldn't do it.

Would u have a FWB or NSA with someone who is attached/ open relatonship? by Q: Okay, so meet this woman and we go to talking and we both said we want a FWB or NSA. I was like cool, but he has a boyfriend, and she said he is okay with us hooking up. So i think thy are in an open relationship. But i feel weird about hooking up with a woman that is attached. Could you give me some perspective, and insight as to how it real isn't about there relationship, but what e are doing? What you think about all this?

A: Go for it! Don't let emotions get you attached.

The Obama administration has decided to proceed with a classified Bush administration plan to let the NSA moni? by Q: The Obama administration has decided to proceed with a classified Bush administration plan to let the NSA monitor traffic going to and from government civilian networks to protect the networks from malicious code and activity, according to a Washington Post story. What do you think of this decision? Is it a violation of personal liberties or a necessary measure to protect the nation’s security?

A: This is just one more step at eroding personal freedoms, just like the so-called "Patriot Act" (National Eavesdropping and Wiretapping Act) was. Soon government will have closed circuit TV cameras in your bed room.

How hard is it to join the FBI or NSA or something? by drew Q: I just want to know how hard it is to get a job in the FBI, DEA, NSA, Home Land Defense or any thing like that. Count the CIA out becaues those are the smartest people in the US and I'm not on that level. What kind of degree, I'm assuming you need a Bachelor's. Any information you have is good. Damian, I was actually thinking about looking into some sort of summer internship next year. Good ideas!

A: You need a bachelor to apply for a job in there just as any other private company for a good and grow-option job. Just see it as if you were applying for any enterprise; only that these are not funded by sales but taxes. Most importantly you must relate to the agency. You just can't shot into the dark and expect to hit the target. Enter their websites and learn what they are looking for new talents and then look for a summer internship or something if you are in high school or in the middle of a major so you can get a better idea of what it is working where you want.

If you work for the NSA would you be in the milliatry? by Colt66 Q: 1. Is every one in the NSA in the army, navy... 2. If everyone is in the army, navy... Do you have to wear your uniform to work? 3. Are NSA workers issued side arms? If so what kind? 4. Does the NSA do any cyber warfare or computer hacking?

A: When I came back from Nam I was assigned to the NSA and I doubt things have changed drastically since then , so to answer your questions : 1 . No, the majority of personnel are civilians 2. Most military personnel wear uniforms . I was one of the fortunate few who did not. 3. The only sidearms allowed at that time were worn my Marine Guards. 4. Computers were just being introduced into NSA operations when I was there ( 71 and 72 ) , but I would not be surprised at anything they can or will do.

Why did they relocate the CIA and NSA to Denver, CO? by Z3 Q: There have been a lot of websites and youtubes on the Nubiru / Planet X story. And it appears that the U.S. Government is quietly running to the hills so the elites and government would survive a global catastrophe. What purpose does it serve to relocate the CIA and NSA to Denver, Colorado "The Mile High City"? Do we have anything to worry about?

A: No one suspects Denver ;)

Does it help to be ex-military to get into the CIA or NSA? by Michael E Q: I would like to get involved in the intelligence community, namely the CIA or NSA (National Security Agency). I heard that being in the military, especially in the special forces, increases your chances of getting a job in intelligence.

A: Special forces doenst qualify you for NSA. It "might" give you a leg up. You will get your veterans preference. Job Title: Intelligence Analysis Location: Fort George G. Meade, MD Reference: 290417 Responsibilities: INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Intelligence Analysts at the National Security Agency (NSA) are part of a multi-faceted Cryptologic discipline that involves research, analysis, and the presentation of findings that enable us to provide the fullest possible SIGINT picture to U.S. policymakers, military commanders, and other Intelligence Community members. RESPONSIBILITIES: While the unique responsibilities of our Intelligence Analysts are not easily defined, we can say that they work in diverse environments that deal with a range of different issues of key Cryptologic significance. The individual assignments and opportunities that are available are varied and highly specialized, but all share one important and exciting quality: they help protect the Nation's security. Positions may be available in Maryland, Hawaii, Georgia, and/or Texas. A UNIQUE IMPACT As an Intelligence Analyst, you may find yourself preparing written and oral assessments of current events based on the sophisticated collection, research, and analysis of classified and open source information. In your role, you may be requested to solve difficult technical problems ... work independently in analysis and research ... protect vital oral and written information ... apply new techniques to solve analytic problems ... demonstrate a knowledge of the communications environment and signal trends of targets ... and assess intelligence that can help predict the likely course of action of a specified target. NSA Intelligence Analysts demonstrate an understanding of world history (its past and current relevance) and the geographic, social, economic, and political aspects that have influenced steady global change. Our Intelligence Analysts also expertly write reports that reflect outstanding critical thinking and a comprehensive grasp of world events. Qualifications: Desired Education Level: Minimum BA or BS, preferably with an internationally-focused degree (e.g. International Affairs, Intelligence/Security Studies, Regional Studies, Geography, Anthropology, Political Science (not U.S.-focused). Some foreign language capability preferred (particularly in the critical skill languages). Minor in Computer Science, computer networking, telecommunications helpful but not required. Minimum 3.0 overall GPA. EXPERIENCED INTELLIGENCE ANALYSTS: Looking for: Minimum of 5 years proven IA SIGINT experience and skills (either reporting or SIGINT development); Degree preferred; Some foreign language preferred (particularly in the critical skill languages); Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills and experiences; Advanced research skills; Excellent oral and written communications skills and experiences; Strong interest/knowledge in world/current affairs (internships preferred but not required) U.S. Citizenship is required for all applicants. Reasonable accommodations provided to applicants with disabilities during the application and hiring process where appropriate. NSA is an equal opportunity employer and abides by applicable employment laws and regulations. All applicants and employees are subject to random drug testing in accordance with Executive Order 12564. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a security background investigation and polygraph. Please apply before: 06/30/2008

Which girl shall I choose, a NSA sex girl or Longterm relationship with the future marriage? by PatYaMay Q: NSA girl is young and sexy attractive, longterm for marriage is a bit older and not very sexy. I like sexy girls but I also like a long term because NSA sex is a bit risky for STDs because I don't like condom neither she is. I am stuck.

What are the classified manuals that the FBI and NSA learn cryptology from? by Alexander Fox Q: I'm curious about learning cryptology and I just want to know if any body has trained with the FBI or NSA and can tell me any classified training manual...

A: I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

Would a network security specialist working for the NSA or CIA be able to carry a gun? by Nick Q: I'm in college now working on my IT degree with a concentration in network security and I was just curious if I would be eligible to carry a gun if I worked for the NSA or CIA. Just something that's been in the back of my mind about the job. I just think it would be awesome! =D How about in the FBI?

A: Yes anyone can carry a weapon with a CCW permit.

When are people going to trust agencies like the NSA and the CIA more? by Garrett Q: I keep seeing stuff about people being worried about Terrorism and Muslim take over. Don't you think the NSA and the CIA know what they're doing? Or, are they really that bad that they can't protect us?

A: Like that time they saved us from the Twin Towers being attacked with air planes? Or anthrax? I don't actually think they know what they're doing, or rather...I don't think they're interested in 'protecting USA civilians from terrorism.' But I'm not worried at all about any kind of 'Muslim takeover'. That's just bait for the bigots. The corporations already took over.

Can an NSA agent carry a gun and make arrests? by A.J A Q: I saw on the show numb3rs how two NSA agents are investigating stolen missles and they go along with the FBI and have guns and bulletproof vests and raid some place. Can they do that in real life?

A: NOTHING you saw on Numb3rs resembled reality. I liked the show too, but in real life Charlie Epps would never see the field.

Can city police or the FBI use information intercepted by the NSA to make an arrest? by Ducati 996R Q: Just to clarify I said to use that info to make an arrest not to prosecute, as they can always get evidence to prosecute after the arrest. And I'm not talking about some misdemeanor either I'm talking about if the city police or FBI were after a drug cartel or serial killer could they secretly "borrow" info if they wanted to intercepted by the NSA like cell phone calls, satellite images, emails, texts, all that stuff the NSA tracks everywhere.

A: If the basis for the arrest warrant is unconstitutionally acquired, a judge should deny the warrant for lack of constitutional "probable cause."

what is the difference between the CIA and NSA? by maxamus Q: im thinking of getting a job at one of these. and should i? im thinking more intelligence work and not in the field. im only 14 so just thinking of the future. both of these agencies i like. i reviewed the NSA and as i percieve it, it is field and intelligence. thanks.

A: CIA is international, NSA is domestic.

How much does NSA pay internet trolls? by Silver's better than Green Q: I read that NSA pays people to go on websites to debunk conspiracy theories and call Ron Paul supporters "nut" and promote globalization and leftist politics. So I wonder how much they pay. Surely somebody here would know. So how much? Well I flushed 3 of them out right here.

A: 750$USD and you can work from home.

can local police protect an innocent person from NSA? by Lenawee Q: Lets say a person sees a classified document that incriminates certain government agencies from hiding something very important from the public that has to do with international security. This person might have said something online about it, then strange things started to happened: phone calls when picked up there is someone there, then they hang up, a dark suv in the neighborhood that doesn't belong, and helicopters over the house at night. Could this be intimidation from NSA? If it is intimidation, can the local police protect this person since this person hasn't committed a crime?

A: if the NSA or FBI was watching you, you would not see any of that

Why do you need a security clearance to work for the NSA? by Math Q: I just want to do math research and cryptography work for the NSA. I don't want work with classified documents that are a threat to national security, therefore, I don't want a security clearance. Besides, I'm not a politician and shouldn't be working with classified documents in the first place. Is it possible to work for a branch of the NSA and do math research+cryptography without a security clearance, that is, without ever being requested to work on classified projects?

A: A lot of top secret stuff goes down there and unless you have it, you will not get in.

Does everyone get an email from the NSA to join? by William Gallardo Q: Every time I check my email I have a message from the nsa to join, anyone else get these emails?

A: NSA only sends emails to people chosen by them.

How old do you have to be to work at the NSA? by Damion Q: OK, so i'm 15 right now and i'm a computer programmer, I love programming and I want to do something with security,and also kinda wanted to work with the government, and i was looking and found out several months ago that the NSA deals with a lot of Technical Security, and I was wondering how old I have to be to get a job there?

A: try this one http://www.nsa.gov/careers/ if you could not figure that out yourself, you are not ready for the NSA or any other employer.

What are the limitations for NSA's surveillance in foreign countries? by piggyfromdahood2468 Q: I know that NSA's limitations for surveillance in United States households are strict to protect the people's rights, but what about the limitations for other countries? Are they allowed to survey anyone not protected by the 4th Amendment?

A: In theory, they have no right to survey any country unless there is a seriously suspected threat. In reality, they survey who they please without justification.

Does the NSA take navy Cryptos (CTT) after they leave the navy? What other education would be required? by Luke B Q: Do you need to take the Homeland security courses? What can I do to help my chances getting into the NSA after CTT in the navy? Lastly has anyone gone from CT to NSA?

A: if you don't have a 4 year degree to go along with the Clearance, NSA won't take you.

How do I verify a close relative works for NSA? by Grant L Q: My Step-Dad is a pretty cool guy, we got along from day one. My siblings hate him but I think he's cool. He says he works for the NSA but shares stuff that doesn't seem to fit with what NSA people do. Just wondering if ya'll know how to check if someone works for the NSA?

A: Call up the DSN operator number of that facility and ask to be connected to him by name. They will connect you if his number is listed. If his department or the personnel of that department is classified or undisclosed to the general public, they will tell you no one there works by that name. PS...what exactly do you think NSA people do and what does he tell you he does(I hope none of it is confidential or classified material as he would undoubtedly be committing a felony and subject to years in prison and a hefty fine should he be convicted).

How does the NSA know who to spy on? by Christine H Q: Surely the NSA is not tapping every phone conversation and internet search. They simply don't have the time and resourses to watch everyone in the US. Where do they start. I have a theory that where criminal records come up short, they send people to infiltrate mosques, schools, and community centers. Where do you think the spies are?

A: Black helicopters,man. Black helicopters.

How many women actually go to Walmart to find NSA sex? Where do women go in general to find NSA sex? by madeucum49 Q: How many women actually want NSA sex? Is that common? How many lonely wives look for Red Ball caps? Does a red ball cap actually work?

A: You have so got to be kidding me. My answer for you. Get a life.

Do many people get jobs with the NSA straight out of college? by kbrooke Q: I'm a freshman getting my bachelors in mathematics, and I know it's a long way off, but I've been thinking a little bit about my career options. A job at the NSA sounds great, but is it common for undergrads to get hired there straight out of school?

A: it's not a long way off. if you're what they want, they will find you sophomore, junior year. this happens for those who go beyond just perfect grades....get As and work closely with profs while applying to NSA internships in the meantime.

What was the NSA job before 9/11? Why did they knew terrorist were going to attack but did nothing? by ♣B↕g Br♀ [email protected] Q: In a NOVA documentary last night they interviewed an NSA agent who knew that terrorist were going to attack on 9/11 and all he said was that he did not know why he said nothing. The NSA has been spying on all phone call prior to the Patriot Act using high tech surveillance. Wow this is just so good to be true the lid came off what many all ready knew and that is big bro was already here.

A: If they told you then they would have to kill you.

How come the NSA seems so much better at secrecy than the CIA? by michinoku2001 Q: There are exposes about seemingly every exploit of the CIA in every bookstore, they obviously haven't been using the cone of silence. On the other hand the NSA actually does seem like an organization that might have an actual secret or two. Why is this so?

A: Perception.

What is the main difference between the FBI and NSA? by Andrew Q: I am thinking about going into the FBI or NSA after college and I want to know the main differences between the two agencies.

A: The NSA is inherently more secret. It was put together after WWII to continue work on cracking codes, espionage, and local or international matters of national security. Their role is much larger with the blanket terrorist labels, things that wouldn't have fallen to them now do. That's why so much of the FBI and CIA hates them. The FBI is a police force, like any other, on the Federal level instead of city, county, or state.

What is the best way to find women for NSA sex? by Winston Q: I've tried craigslist and some paid specialty websites. So far I've got nothing to show for it other than some robo-letters. Is there somewhere with real women who actually want to have NSA sex?

A: Just google "nsa sex websites" and you will find lots of them. Most charge a monthly fee, and have many fraud members between the good ones. The free sites are full of fraud members, with some good ones. The best filter question I have is to ask where they are located, and say, Your State ? USA ? Overseas ? etc. You will find the ones overseas are total frauds looking for your money. If in USA, find out where and recommend coming to their place. If they can't do that, you know they are frauds too and want to work online only. After all those questions, you may be able to find a few that fall through the filter to you. Good Luck !

What is the difference between The NSA Surveillance Program & The Patriot Act? by Greg Q: I am currently writing a report over the NSA Surveillance Program and it seems to be very similar or the same as the Patriot Act. Little info about the history and differences between these two would be most appreciated.

A: The patriot act is a fairly new initiative it was created in a time of hot headed thinking it basically takes your rights away as a human being the govt created a mandate to get information about anything at any cost and not be held accountable for the actions it took to get said information

Why do you need a security clearance to work for the NSA? by Math Q: I just want to do math research and cryptography work for the NSA. I don't want work with classified documents that are a threat to national security, therefore, I don't want a security clearance. Besides, I'm not a politician and shouldn't be working with classified documents in the first place. Is it possible to work for a branch of the NSA and do math research+cryptography without a security clearance, that is, without ever being requested to work on classified projects?

A: You don't want to work at the NSA ... you want to work at some kind of Math think tank. The nature of the NSA is that virtually everyone (including the janitors) have the potential of seeing classified material. It is not reasonable to expect that you will never be exposed.

can devry university train you in computer science good enough for the NSA? by maxamus Q: and i also heard that the NSA has a building in augusta. true or not? and what computer classes should i take from devry?

A: DeVry does not offer degrees in Computer Science. If you want a degree specifically in Computer Science or Information Technology, make sure the school's CS/IT program is CAC/ABET-accredited. Not all NSA computer-related jobs will require Computer Science degrees. DeVry does offer a respectable and TAC/ABET-accredited Computer Engineering Technology degree. Southern Polytechnic also has a good Computer Engineering Technology degree program.

What does NSA/CSS approved mean when looking at a paper shredder? by stevester1 Q: I keep seeing things about security levels with paper shredders and I also keep coming across this thing called NSA/CSS approved? Before I buy one I want to make sure I'm getting the right paper shredder.

A: That's interesting that you keep coming across NSA/CSS. That title should only be applied to "authorized" high security paper shredders. Unless you need a high security shredder for top secret documents, don't worry about it. NSA/CSS stands for National Security Agency/Central Security Service. For more information on the various security levels, visit: http://www.abcoffice.com/shredder_guide.htm#security

Does the NSA recruit for it's Red Teams primarily from a specific branch of the military? by Jon W Q: I have read online that the NSA's Red Teams, which handle high level cyber security threats, are comprised mainly of active duty military personnel. There are some civillian members providing support, but the military personnel are the ones conducting the actual operations. I am curious if they tend to recruit more heavily from one military branch more than the other, such as the Army, Air Force or Navy. I was also curious in general which branch of the military is most heavily involved in cyber security. I was thinking about enlisting as an officer after completing my computer science degree, and was curious which path I should take. Thank you for reading.

A: let's put it this way. DH works at NSA ( Navy Officer) currently in a Joint Billet. his office has ALL FIVE branches represented as well as civilians. yes even the Coast Guard. you DO NOT enlist as an Officer. you apply for and are granted a Commission

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