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Novi Sad

Radicals reveal election ambition in Vojvodina
NOVI SAD -- The deputy whip of the opposition SRS in the Vojvodina assembly says the party's goal in the provincial-level ballot is to win at least one third of seats. Another goal, Saša Šantovac said on Monday, was to "resolutely oppose the growing ...

Coaches appeal for calm before Belgrade derby
Novi Pazar fans then caused trouble during Wednesday's 2-1 home defeat by Vojvodina Novi Sad. The incidents prompted UEFA president Michel Platini to warn the Serbian Football Association during last week's two-day visit to Belgrade that the body ...

"Fuel prices will be stable unless there's war in Iran"
NOVI SAD, BELGRADE -- NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko said on Wednesday that the price of fuel will stabilize at the current level - "as long as there is no war in Iran". This is a big risk and the price of oil and fuel could go up, he told reporters in Novi ...

"Vojvodina should have its own police"
NOVI SAD -- Vojvodina Assembly President Sandor Egereši says Serbia's northern province "has to be granted internal autonomy and the possibility to form its own police". "Vojvodina needs to have internal autonomy, first of all in the domain of economy, ...

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novisad_vreme 10:00 20.03.2012. Novi Sad - Temperatura 16°C, vlažnost 34%, pritisak 1025mb - http://t.co/WCZEDD07

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mmichael0 Going to Poundland (@ Novi Sad Friendship Bridge) http://t.co/1mnV6XTy

tamarakostro otvorim blic online, vidim medju najnovijim vestima - novi spot milice todorovic i sad ja moram da guglujem WTF is milica todorovic?!

bravowm9 @novel_novi_sad http://t.co/mAlQzSmc

Majuschna I'm at Caffe Scenario (Novi Sad, Vojvodina) http://t.co/KVsjEfNU

bhportal Novi Sad: Ubio ženu nožem pred djecom i gostima http://t.co/XwxBJqo5

bastijan Trening prodaje 3,4,5 april RPK Novi Sad http://t.co/P0lIeu16

smederevonavezi Novi Sad: Pritužbe na mrrtvozornike http://t.co/TDW3rrn1

Radio_NoviSad Nakon svađe muž presudio ženi http://t.co/wdyqxduo

novisad_vreme 09:00 20.03.2012. Novi Sad - Temperatura 14.2°C, vlažnost 40%, pritisak 1025mb - http://t.co/WCZEDD07

bodordamir I'm at Most Slobode (Novi Sad, Vojvodina) http://t.co/APfAjZEM

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MessNScrewup I'm at Fakultet Tehnickih Nauka (Novi Sad, Vojvodina) http://t.co/mRHT1klK


Will you visit the Adem Jashari exhibition in Belgrade? by FREEDOM -Down with Russia. Q: Adem Jashari is a great hero to the Serbian people. At it's opening the exhibition was so popular that there was a riot of people trying to get in! I saw it in Novi Sad but I plan to go again in Belgrade =) http://www.b92.net/eng/news/society-article.php?yyyy=2008&mm=02&dd=08&nav_id=47 He is loved by all. He is a great hero!!!

A: I THOUGHT ADEM JASHARI WAS LOVED ONLY BY ALBANIANS . but i will visit in novi pasar and belgrade. i saw ur city ( velika plana ) on google earth. it was beautiful

Who is most famous detective in a planet Earth? by Q: Who is a Nick Sloter and why he came in Serbia,why he play guitar with Serbiand band Atheist Rap,in city Novi Sad,and what festival is there. I dont know.are you look a serial Tropical heat,where is Nick Sloter is a decective,that is a chocholate serial,but,somethig is hapend,one day,some wrote Sloteru Nice Zarkovo ti klice,Sloteru Nice Beograda stanovnice,and tahat grafit was wrote all over the Belgrade in Serbia,means that we say,acters who play Nick Sloter is already our man,the Canadian who solve every problems,in decective job,so we say,how solw our problems with anyone on planet,now,what,hapened,he is in Serbia,making a documentary movie about phenomen Nick Sloter,yes i agree with you about Sherlok Holms,also read every book,about him,but Nick Sloter is came in Serbia and take they brother also,he know some people in Serbia,maybe be on EXIT festival and what ser Artur Conan Doyle do,they make Sherlok Holms on a fiction as writer,diferent is tahat,Nick Sloter is real pearson,just tray to find TV serial Tropical heat,look them,find something in that,what thing conection as Serbian with them,find Serbia is finaly.

A: Explain your question a bit more.. I have no idea how the description matched your question. The most famous detective I have heard of though is Sherlock Holmes.

How can I uninstall oblivion mods? by Q: OK, I started modding the other day on oblivion(and I wasn't having any problems.) Downloaded OBMM and OGE. Downloaded death knight spells which modifies jojjos lich king stuff. No problem there. Problems started when I downloaded the northrend worldspace. When I went in game, it immediatly started lagging(not my pcs fault as it ran smoothly before and its an alienware m15x). So I deactivated the mod and the game still lags. I deactivated every mod and deleted every mod. Still lags. So i went into data and started deleting everything i thought to be associated with any mod, then I uninstalled and reinstalled the whole thing. And you know what? still lags. All i wanna do is to have the normal oblivion installed without mods, then remod from scratch. please help me. the mods i downloaded are as follows(and I dont have shivering isles which is one of the problems for the northrend worldspace. wasn't paying attention when i read the description on TES nexus. huge mistake.)any way, here are the mods: deadly reflexes 5 CM partners Death Knight spells Castle Ravenpride Bartholme Fort Novi Sad Fort Nova Varos Castle Hoarfrost Raiders of Cyrodiil OBSE OGE NifSe(or whatever is is) It still shows files from all the mods, including meshes and junk. I just wanna clean oblivion out, and uninstalling and reinstalling isnt working. I even uninstalled oblivion mod manager. Please help. I just found the folder, deleted EVERYTHING, uninstalled, and reinstalled, and it still lags. Everything associated with mods is gone though, but the lag doesn't make any sense. Would patching the game help? Used to run smoothly before I installed the northrend thing. It isn't my graphics card. the mods are gone. It just lags like crazy, especially outside or with dust effects (at the beginning when the rats bust through the wall).

A: Go into your Bethesda folder, Oblivion, and where the game would have put those mods. (Probably something like mods) Then just delete the crap out of them. Try looking up where the game would have put them online.

Help me identify this spider! Any arachnologists out there? by ForPony Q: I came home yesterday and found a spider on my coat rack. I've never seen one like it before, so I want to find out what kind it is and if it's dangerous, because I've been freaking out since then, shaking every item of clothing before I put it on, taking a good look at every piece of furniture before sitting on it, wondering if there are any more. My boyfriend and I we're so panicked when we found it, that, even though it showed no inclination to running away, instead of thinking logically and taking a photo of it, we just squished it with a broomstick as fast as we could. So, since there is no visual evidence, I'll describe it for you and maybe you can help me out. Here we go: Location: I live in Novi Sad, Serbia, which is a country in Central Eastern Europe, surrounded by Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro. I don't know if the spider I saw is native to my country, or if it might have somehow been carried here. Anatomy: It had a relatively round body with no distinctive head. I think I just saw a pair of black eyes on the front of it. It's front legs were folded close to it's body and cerrated in the back. Couldn't see it's hind legs. Colour: Milky white with no markings present. The legs and pincers were light brownish. Size: It's body was just under 2cm (which is about 4/5 of an inch) in length and width. Couldn't tell you how long it's legs were, because they were folded so close to it's body, but I don't think they were much longer than the body itself. The pincers, I think, were about 4mm. Other info: It was sitting perfectly still on a black coat (not the most ingenious of camouflage) when we found it. There was just one thin strand of web between it's sleeves. I haven't found any more. When we squashed the poor thing, it's body squirted out a thin, gooey substance. From what I could tell, it was about the density of human spit, perhaps a tad thicker, beige in colour with the tiniest elements of red. I've looked at lots of spider photos online and none of the spiders I've seen fits this description. Crab spiders come close, but their eyes extend above the head - this one had them in it's head/body. Is this creature a spider at all? If anyone can help, please do!!

A: Well I did entomology at University...but I am not a spider expert and I don't live in Eastern Europe, but are you sure it was a spider, most of what you said sounds more like a tick (I'd say parasitic tick) except for that comment you made about "thin web". Crab spider would be the next likely culprit but without having a visual I couldn't say for certain. As long as it didn't bite you I wouldn't be worried and it's fangs seem rather small to do any real harm, Most spiders are NOT aggressive so I wouldn't worry about it. Also I found a book called "spiders of Serbia", here is an intro from it "The territory of Serbia is home to 618 spider species, belonging to 36 families. The number of species was established after a critical review of the existing literature and intensive faunistic research for the accumulation of new data. This makes possible a critical taxonomic and faunistic review, together with a zoogeographical analysis. The number of species is comparatively high in relation to the number of species recorded from other countries of the Balkan Peninsula. The highest number of species are recorded for the territories of Bulgaria (910), Greece (810) and Croatia (615). This biodiversity depends on the size of the regions, their variety, as well as on the degree of exploration by researchers. According to their current distribution, the established 618 species can be relegated to 25 zoogeographical categories categories, grouped into 5 complexes (cosmopolitan, widely distributed, European, endemics, Mediterranean). The largest number of species belongs to the widely distributed complex and the most characteristic species are the endemics. The number of endemic species established (21) is comparatively high and reflects the local character of the fauna. This phenomena can be regarded as a result of the relative isolation of the mountains on the Balkan peninsula compared with the lowlands in the context of paleo-environmental changes during the Tertiary"

I have a few questions? help :)? by Q: okay, first of all: I'm traveling to the US on Monday from Serbia, and it's a 20-hour-long trip. My family and I are going there for Christmas. My dad is American, so I have a lot of family there. :D 1# when I was younger, I used to get sick on the planes. We go from Novi Sad (the city i live in) to Belgrade by car. Planes: Belgrade-Frankfurt (about 2 hours), Frankfurt-Chicago (10 hours), Chicago-San Antonio (about 2 hours).. and then there's the waiting at the airport, security checks... How can I stop myself from getting sick? the pill my pharmacist gave me doesnt work 2# My mom already bought presents for my female cousins, but i have a cousin and he's a guy and he's 25 and i have no idea what to get him. I hardly now him, and i dont know what he likes and his interests. Last time I was there he was dating this stuck up girl and he was trying to impress her being all sophisticated. But before that, when i saw him he was dating this really cool girl with tatoos and piercings, she was punk, and so was he. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. :( help please? by the way, are there any fun activities in San Antonio this winter?

A: You will probably outgrow your motion sickness. Dramimine sold over the counter works too but it will probably put you to sleep. For your male 25 year old cousin---he probably lives by himself or with roommates. He probably Rarely gets a chance to eat any baked goods. Bake him a cake or cookies or even give him a tub of frozen cookie dough so he can eat fresh baked cookies any time he wants. My sis is in the Dallas area so I have only heard of things that you can do there. Maybe your family will take you to some places that are fun.

Please translate this text from English to German...many thanks? by Neutrogen Q: My class had a road trip to Prague and Wien.We traveled by the bus.The trip was long and difficult but when we got there we could see the lovely sights of Prague.We saw many nice buildings(structures) and many nice cars.I enjoyed the Chech drinks, and the people there are very nice.On the fourth day we went to Wien. The capital of Austria has many nice streets and stores. Later we went back to Novi Sad. I had a nice time on the trip and i wish to visit the two countries again. Thank you very much for the translation. It would be best if the answers came from native speakers, because the web/computer translators are not as reliable. Thanks for the understanding

A: My class had a road trip to Prague and Wien. Meine Klasse machte einen Ausflug nach Prag und Wien. We traveled by the bus. Wir fuhren mit dem Bus. The trip was long and difficult but when we got there we could see the lovely sights of Prague. Die Fahrt war lang und anstrengend, aber als wir ankamen, besichtigten wir die schönen Anblicke Prags. We saw many nice buildings(structures) and many nice cars. Wir sahen viele schöne Gebäude und viele schöne Autos. I enjoyed the Chech drinks, and the people there are very nice. Ich genoss die Chech Getränke und die Leute waren alle sehr freundlich. On the fourth day we went to Wien. Am vierten Tag fuhren wir nach Wien. The capital of Austria has many nice streets and stores. Die Hauptstadt Österreichs hat viele schöne Straßen und Geschäfte. Later we went back to Novi Sad. Später fuhren wir zurück nach Novi Sad. I had a nice time on the trip and i wish to visit the two countries again. Ich hatte Spaß auf der Fahrt und mein Wunsch ist beide Länder noch einmal zu besuchen.

Can anyone make this into poetry ? HELP :(? by Q: Well, teacher gave us an assignment, to translate one of our songs from our language into english language... so I did that, but it's, as he says, 'prime translation' ... it's like literally... So I was wondering is anyone here good with poetry, writing songs, to turn this song into something poetic and dreamy with fancy rhymes .. :D You can add your own words, lines ... I'm having so much trouble with this.. Here's the text: Another Day Without Her Through mist and rain, surprised by morning a dream is quietly fading. Like a snowflake, when it falls on the palm of your hand. Phone wakes me up, and I open my eyes, „ Is there a hope for us ?“ some girl asks. Above Novi Sad, the wind is moving clouds on the sky Another day without her is passing by. While I wait for the bus on the square of Freedom, I confuse myself for a moment: Wide step, though it's not hers At the pos office, four eyes waiting for me Father and son: A gentleman who sings : „ Forgive me Caterine.“ Above Novi Sad, the wind is moving clouds on the sky Another day without her is passing by. At „“ is crowded in the night I often stop by. There's many familiar faces, but I don't see her. And, suddenly, somebody says to me: „ Your basketball team song is really good. I've heard you know Kica, introduce me to him.“ Novi Sad is a city in Serbia :)

German help. How bad is my translation? by Q: I know I suck at German and it's bad enough I'm left with the task to write formal mails to native speakers. Oh well I'm supposed to say this: "I would like to ask you once more to send us the materials, so we could present the successful twenty year long activities of your museum. You may send the material to the address XXX. Thank you in advance. The Bread Festival will take place from September 20 - 26 in Novi Sad. If you are free, it would be a pleasure to have you as a guest. It would be good if you could send us the material as soon as possible." I translated it like this: "Noch einmal wollte ich Sie bitten die Materiale uns zu schicken. Dann koennen wir die erfolgreichen zwanzigjaehrigen Aktivitaeten Ihres Museums vorstellen. Die Materiale koennen Sie an die addresse XXX schicken. Vielen dank im voraus. Das Brotfest findet Platz von September 20 - 26 in Novi Sad. Wenn Sie Zeit haben, freuen wir uns wenn sie als Gast besuchen. Es waere gut wenn sie alles so fruh wie moeglich uns schicken." What do you think?

A: not to bad... I corrected the mistakes and changed some things to make it more naturally sounding. And I put the "Thanks in advance" at the end of the letter. I find it weird to have it in the middle of it. Dürfte ich Sie noch einmal darum bitten, uns Ihre Materialen zukommen zu lassen, sodass wir die schon seit zwanzig Jahren erfolgreichen Aktivitäten Ihres Museums präsentieren/vorstellen können? Sie können das Material an die Adresse XXX schicken. Das Brotfestival findet vom 20. bis zum 26. November in Novi Sad statt. Wenn Sie Zeit haben, wäre es uns eine große Freude, Sie als unseren Gast bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen. Es wäre sehr nett, wenn Sie uns alles so bald wie möglich schicken würden. Vielen Dank im Voraus.

A possible visit to Serbia by a U.S. citizen? by Ian C Q: A friend of my family's went on a trip to Serbia and he told me that it was great; but when I asked him about it, he didn't go into any detail because he was in a hurry to get somewhere, so I was left pondering. I would say that I somewhat know about Serbia (geographically, politically, etc.), but I would like to know more about the country by seeing it myself. I tried to research the country and see if I would enjoy the trip, but the Internet is so vast that I cannot find specific information. This is where my question comes in; I would prefer that Serbian nationals or non-Serbs that have traveled to the country answer this question, but everybody else is welcome. First and foremost, I am a 20 year old male (this information might be relevant for your answer). I'm interested in history (always have been) and I am anxious to know about any historical attractions that I could visit in Belgrade and Novi Sad (museums, monuments, etc.). I also have a party-loving side and I am eager to know your recommendations for nightclubs, bars, festivals, and similar events in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The reason why I would go to Belgrade and Novi Sad is because they had the most information on the webpages that I visited, so I figured that they are popular destinations since they are being written about quite frequently. The last part of this question is regarding the general Serb treatment of U.S. citizens in their country; should I expect resentment during my travels? Thank you for your time and insight.

A: First of all and most important.You will not be resented just because you are US citizen.There are many tourists,many US basketball players that are loved and respected etc..and most of all Serbs are good hosts,even were to the enemies in WWII etc... The only way you can get in trouble is,and that is in some cases only, if you start praising US government,politics,army etc..or you start hitting on someone's girl. You are basically dead then ;) You will see the ruins of the US bombing raids in 1999 in the downtown Belgrade,so understand that many of them still carry the hatred towards your ARMY AND GOVERNMENT,but not the people.And when you see the city of Belgrade itself you will understand why..it is old and glorious European city and not some Muslim mujahideen stronghold. That is all.Serbs were never bad guys,in any of the wars,and when they were as in 1991-1994 there were no good ones. So just forget what you heard in CNN and enjoy you staying. Secondly Belgrade is the capital city so it is quite large and interesting.Novi Sad is the biggest city in the north part of the country but not that big as Belgrade..It is more of a cultural center and people are much 'slower and softer' as Serbs say. If you like history. Be sure to check out all Medieval and Roman fortresses.Belgrade is maybe the most interesting one,Novi Sad,Smederevo (city not far from Belgrade) also..as it will surely be interesting to you..Check the weapon museum in Belgrade fortress,it has weapons from many famous Serb battles including Kosovo battle of 1389,a very important event for Serbia and Europe..And a big part of Belgrade fortress outside the museum is filled with heavy weaponry from last 2-3 centuries. Be sure to taste all available Serb foods,and beverages.They are unique.Be sure also to check some of the sport events since sport (soccer and basketball games) in this part of Europe(Italy,Greece,Turkey,Serbia) is very different experience than in USA. If you like mountains and nature see the Western Serbia as there are many impressive tourist centers and places like mt Tara and Zlatibor,all very unique and traditional.good food also...And as always more history.Almost every city has some major war fought over it,and many have WWII museums. And if you are Christian you will enjoy many monuments,though Serbs are Orthodox Christians.Many of the monasteries are distant but beautiful.And in the city center of Belgrade you can see an enormous temple,the largest Orthodox temple in the World. I can not however say much about night life in Belgrade but it is rich,some say richest in Europe so you will have no problem acquiring info. for starters check http://www.tob.rs/en/index.php and http://www.serbia.travel/

Is anyone coming to the music festival EXIT this year? by gaca_faca Q: I'm from Novi Sad, just wondering...

A: I'll be there like every year!!1 can't wait!! pozdrav

Will RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have a concert in Serbia?? by lenny_kiedis Q: I've herad that RHCp will have concert in serbia and montenegro somewere near Novi Sad and i dont know if its trye..I HAVE TO GO!! TELL ME PLEASE

A: Yes, they're going to have a concert in Inđija. It's half way from Belgrade to Novi Sad. It'll be on 26th June, so plan make no plans for that day other than going to the concert.

Where is Lisine, Serbia? by Gina P Q: I just saw a picture of a waterfall in Lisine serbia. Even though I am from Serbia I never ehard about this waterfall but would like to visit. Where is this place exactly? How far from Novi Sad? There is a picture: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=29379338

A: Lisine waterfall in close to Despotovac, some 3-3 1/2 hrs from Novi Sad to the East. http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/563133060vLiXfm http://www.sunshinetravel.co.rs/lisine.htm Edit@ jaker: your map is not of the waterfall Lisine, but of another place with the same name on the border with Montenegro, much further south, and not the one in question.

Does anyone cams on EXIT-music Festival???? by ester Q: EXIT is the biggest music festival in South Eastern Europe. EXIT has taken place at a beautiful and magical fortress in Novi Sad, since 2001. Year after year the number of visitors is getting bigger; young people come from different parts of the country and Europe. Apart from quality music program that it offers, the festival is a place of wild fun, and you can enjoy the cool atmosphere of the fortress and the positive energy of the city. http://eng.exitfest.org/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

A: It sounds like an awesom place. I suppose you've been there, must've been really nice. I wish I went there, I looooove music and looooove parties and meeting new people. Thanks for the info.

On which date is Sinisa Mihajlovic playing his goodbye game? by Q: I just wanted to know. I know its in Novi Sad, a big Serbian city. thanx

A: Ciao ! I write to You from Italy. Sinisa will play his good-bye match on 28th May, in Novi Sad at 20.00.

I am unable to contact with my children,how could I meet them? by Srbo Sutaric Q: I have spent time since 24.4.2003. untill 26.5.2003. on Psychiatric Clinic in Novi Sad. On 26.5.2003. I was expelled from my wife's flat...in condition which in medical terms could be named somnolency (caused by overdosed psychiatric medicaments?). Finnaly I have the Court's decision which exists only on the paper. Also I want to get an insight in my psychiatric files. I hope that we will be able to face ourselves with unpleasent memories...

A: I do not want to pass judgment on you. I just find it difficult to believe that you have been institutionalized for that long based on one isolated incident of an overdose. Unless this was a suicide attempt in which they feel you may still be at risk for suicidal tendencies. There would more than likely have to be other reasons involved. If you have an illness that could cause you to act in a harmful way toward your children that is why you are not to see them. However, if this is something that can be treated then you should comply with the treatments your doctors have set for you. If you can become stable and no longer considered unfit to see your children then the court can over turn the decision and visitation could be established. If you do not feel that your condition poses any threats to your children then make an attempt to set up some type of supervised visitation. A case worker can sit there in the room with you while you visit your children. You should focus on the future and get the medical treatment that you need regardless. Good luck to you.

what to do? by Srbo Sutaric Q: I should have to send money to known account but the physical address Fruskogorskog odreda 71 does not exist in the phone book and the data source,ex wife, exists on Fruskogorskog odreda 7,Petrovaradin ,21000 Novi Sad,Vojvodina ,Serbia

A: Why don't you send the money directly to her bank account? Bank to Bank transactions offer more protection.


A: And what have you done to help yourself? The mexicans have soured middle-class Americans on the "poor, pitiful me" concept!

Why are people saying that Novak Djokovic is the first Serb to win the Grand Slam...? by Maradona Jr. Q: .... what about Monika Seles??? Monika Seles, born December 2, 1973 in Novi Sad, SFR Yugoslavia (present-day Vojvodina, Serbia)!!!

A: MJ, these people in here don't know that you know everything- be easy on them

I have to choose for specialization? by amon Q: I would ask serbian students and professors please, which is better dermatological department of belgrade university or of novi sad uni

A: Ahww, fawk that!. I'd just listen Nicco Belic on Grand Theft Auto IV to get a taste of the state of Bulgaria.

How can I contact Yahoo e-mail administrator? by Slavisa Belic Q: I work in Erste Bank a. d. Novi Sad, Serbia (www.erstebank.rs). We are member of Erste group. Our server send e-mail to our clients for confirmation of e-transaction. These e-mails ONLY Yahoo clasified as spam. So we recommend our clients to change e-mail. How can we contact Yahoo e-mail administrator to put our e-mail adress out of black list?

A: Mail the yahoo answers team......

Is it worth going on this trip? by Konstandina M Q: I want to go to Novi Sad ,Serbia but it takes 5 hours to get there I really want to go but I am scared i might get too tired should I go?

A: It'll be an experience. Do it!

how could i get underwent to an psychiatric diagnostic observation? by Srbo Sutaric Q: I wanted to be observed, it was also asked from my wife,as she had sueed me for something...I have agreed over my lawyer to get observed...but it was disappeared from any reason...who and why avoid to face it...I shall put the blame on my lawyer and to the judge...it is huge temptation for me to not to edit detailed informations about them... certain dimension of problem is given from the reason that it happened in Novi Sad (serbia and Montenegro), and I actually live in Croatia

A: There are a couple of ways to have a diagnostic assessment done. 1) you can go to any major hospital where there is a psychiatric ward. If they have a ward then they will most likely has a PES center (Psychiatric Emergency Services) where you can be admitted on a 24 to 72 hour basis for observation. From there they will refer you to a Mental Health Treatment Center where a DAF (Diagnostic Assessment Form) will be completed and you will be set up to receive treatment through that facility. 2)You can schedule an appointment with any psychiatric doctor who will set of a series of meetings with you in order to accurately diagnose you. From there they may treat you themselves or refer you to a Mental Health facility depending on your wishes and ability to pay or lack thereof. 3)You can go directly to a Mental Health Treatment Center and request services. From there they will set you up with a Psychiatrist who will meet with you and then diagnose your mental illness if you have one.

Where can I buy Xbox 360 in Serbia? by Zika Q: Does anyone know where can I buy Xbox 360 in Novi Sad, Serbia?

A: your best to go on ebay or something and check if they ship internationally Ben :)

Pls can you check whether is this correct? by Robbenita Q: "This certificate is based on the registration form and is iusseud to regulate apply for visa for Malta." "We certify that Anna from Novi Sad is a regular student, class II4, school year 2008/9"

A: The second half of the first sentence is confusing. I think what you mean is "This certificate is based on the registration form and is issued to regulate applications for a visa to Malta." The second part is fine.

What is the difference between a church and a cathedral? by kikirriki Q: I need an answer because in my city, Novi Sad, we have a church on town's square and everybody calls it the cathedral but most people say it's just a church. http://www.donesi.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/novisad.jpg

A: The cathedral is the seat of a bishop, who is the head of a diocese. So, the cathedral is the head church of a diocese. So as a little extra info, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome is NOT a cathedral. Basilica of St. John Lateran is the cathedral of Rome.

What is Leskovac in Serbia like? Has anyone ever been there? What are prices like for going out,eating out etc? by Irish 313 Q: Thinking of going to Serbia for a holiday and wondering about Leskovac? Don't really like capital cities so avoiding Belgrade, thought about Novi Sad the second city but it seems to be a little pricey for the Balkans. Is it true southern Serbia is cheaper than northern Serbia? Any info appreciated. Thanks.

A: Why do you hate capital cities? Belgrade is probably one of the most important places you could visit in Serbia, especially the Kalemegdan fortress. Leskovac is a place that has seen better times. It used to be the major textile center in the Balkans and made high quality textiles before WWII. It was destroyed by Allied bombing in 1944 and post-war Communist mismanagement and then the 1990s wars. They have a famous "grilled meat" Oktober-festish thing in September: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rostiljijada Nis is the 3rd largest city in Serbia (in the south, so probably cheaper) and has some interesting Roman sites there (Constantine the Great was born there) as well as the skull tower. Other things you could see are castles (Maglic, Smederevo, Bac, Uzice, Golubac, Manasija ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fortifications_in_Serbia ), national parks and mountains such as Zlatibor, Kopaonik, Stara Planina, Tara, Djerdap ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_parks_of_Serbia ) or medieval monasteries such as Zica, Mileseva, Sopocani, Djurdjevi Stupovi, Studenica, Manasija, or the churches of Kosovo. Check this page out for cool pics and that might help you decide: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=706754

Did you've been on the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia? by someone Q: It's fantastic, on one of many Exit stages we could see Moloko, White Stripes, Garbage, Slayer, Tricky, Apocaliptica.. And this year, in july, there will be Franc Ferdinand, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Suzane Vega... There are main rock stage, house, classical, grange, ... dj stage with Underworld last year, and many, many more... Check on Exit web site.

A: Ne nisam bila, ne mogu imam obaveze, ali volim Novi Sad, osobito Dzole.

Help me to find someone e-mail address, who lives in Novi Sad, Serbia. My e-mail: [email protected]? by Ines K Q:

A: Try http://www.searchpersons.info/ Good luck!

is somebody going o the EXIT festival, in Novi Sad,Serbia????? by stefan:))) Q:

A: I'm not, but I went last year and it was absolutely fantastic :) if you have any questions I'll be glad to help you :)

Have you heard of Exit festival in Novi Sad? by Bellatrix Q: Is any one of you going this year?! visit the site if interested www.exitfest.org

A: I'd kill for the chance to get a life...I'll take a look at it and make plans for sometime in the future, I hope. Thanks for giving me something to mill over.

Anyone of you going to Novi Sad, Serbia for the Exit festival in July? by mikamou_caridwen Q: I'm going for sure, I just have to pick up my ticket! See U there!! It's going to be crazy!!

A: Hi ! I bought my ticket about a mount ago . I live in Kikinda ( 100 km from Novi Sad ) . I know about 100 pupils who are going to visit the festival only from my school :) So i thing about 600-900 people are going from Kikinda . It is the biggest event during summer holiday ! So if you can please do come ! It is an unforgettable feeling ! Pleasure guaranteed :P

Anyone here went to EXIT festival in Novi Sad this year? by tyrox Q: How good was it!!!

A: It was great as always! I've been to every night of EXIT festival since the first one and it just keeps getting better and better... Hope you all enjoyed your stay in our charming little town... :) See you all next year!!!

Do you know where is city of Novi Sad? by brankas24 Q: Culture

A: Znam zbog ja sam bila tamo :-) Novi Sad is in Vojvodinja. Serbia Novi Sad (Serbian: Нови Сад or Novi Sad; Slovak: Nový Sad; Hungarian: Újvidék; Croatian: Novi Sad; Romanian: Novi Sad; Rusin: Нови Сад; German: Neusatz (an der Donau); Latin: Neoplanta) is a city located in Serbia and Montenegro; it lies in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina and is located at 45.25° N, 19.85° E, on the banks of the Danube river. It is the capital city of the Vojvodina province and a large industrial and cultural centre. Its name means "New Planting" (noun) in Serbian. Novi Sad City is divided into two municipalities: Novi Sad and Petrovaradin. Between 1980 and 1989, the city was divided into seven municipalities: Stari Grad, Podunavlje, Liman, Slavija, Petrovaradin, Detelinara, and Sremski Karlovci. The city's population was 215,659 in 2002 and 298,139 with the surrounding inhabited places of the municipalities included. An unofficial estimate of the current city's urban area population is approximately 400,000. The urban area of Novi Sad comprises Novi Sad proper and the towns of Petrovaradin and Sremska Kamenica. The metropolitan area of Novi Sad also comprises Futog, Veternik, Bukovac and Ledinci. There are also several other settlements in the municipalities, but these settlements are not connected to the city. Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia and Montenegro (after Belgrade) and the administrative centre of the South Bačka District of Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the population of the municipal area of Novi Sad (including both municipalities) is composed of: Serbs (75.50%), Hungarians (5.24%), Yugoslavs (3.17%), Slovaks (2.41%), Croats (2.09%), Montenegrins (1.68%), and others. Most of the inhabited places in the municipalities have an ethnic Serb majority, while the village of Kisač have an ethnic Slovak majority. The population of Novi Sad city (excluding municipal area) is composed of: Serbs (73.91%), Hungarians (6.03%), Yugoslavs (3.69%), Montenegrins (2.23%), Croats (1.84%), and others

where is novi sad? by mp3bre Q:

A: In Vojvodina, Serbia, Serbia and Monte Negro, Europe

Do you know Novi Sad, Serbia? by Tlana Q: If you know about it can you tell me how is it? I am going there for a vacation

A: Sure, but never been there... Although I intend to, cuz many ppl say it's very beautiful

Have you ever been on EXIT-music festival in Novi Sad (Serbia)??? by ester Q: ....any coments???!!!!

A: nope. i've heard it's great, so i'm sure going there next year regards

When I want to apply for a Yahoo! jobs, there is allways same error, it don't want to accept my city (Novi Sad by milan b Q:

A: Why don't you contact customer service and see if they can direct you to what you need to do. Yahoo! Customer Service 866-562-7219 408-349-3300 The E-Mail address for Yahoo! customer care is [email protected]

When will it snow in novi sad (Belgrade)? by Q: I want to know

A: whenever it is ready to

Does any one know any cheap airlines that travel from London to Novi Sad, Serbia? by josietheninja Q:

A: Cheap airlines haven't arrived as far as Serbia yet :( There were rumours of Ryanair coming to Nis (in the South of Serbia) but it has not happened yet. And since Novi Sad is only a domestic Airport..So there are no direct flights from London anyway..... 1)The best way to get to Novi Sad would be to get a flight to Belgrade and then catch a train or bus to Novi Sad Currently JAT have return flights including tax from £130 return from London Heathrow. http://www.jatlondon.com/ BA have flights from £150 return including tax from London Heathrow. http://www.britishairways.com/findaflight/europe/gb/flights/from/london-to-belgrade.html And Alitalia have return flights via Italy at £123 including tax if you book before the 28th of Feb http://www.alitalia.com/GB_EN/special_offers/INZ_offer.asp?WT.srch=1 There are cash machines and banks at Belgrade airport so that you can exchange your money.. JAT run a bus into the centre of Belgrade that stops in front the train station for 40 dinars (35p). http://www.airport-belgrade.co.yu/code/navigate.php?Id=106 I would avoid taxis because they are expensive from the airport. You could use a bus or train to Novi Sad.. But I would use a bus because as there are much more frequent than the train. There are about 100 buses a day to Novi Sad. The journey takes about 1.5 hrs and costs about £2.60 by bus and £1.80 euros by train. The bus station is next to the train station. 2) You could alternatively fly to budapest with easyjet http://www.easyjet.com/en/book/index.asp and catch a train down to Novi Sad.. This how to get to the city centre from Budapest airport http://www.bud.hu/english/transport The trains to Novi Sad leave from Keleti at 13:25 and at 23:20. And takes just over 5.5 hrs. It costs about £18 Or there is a bus that goes daily at 14.00 'fudeks' http://www.fudeks.co.yu/content/redVoznje.htm

Where can I buy The Game of Life Board Game In Serbia (Novi Sad)? by Aca Q:

A: Have you tried e-bay? Good Luck!

Should novi sad serbia have an international airport??? by nela s Q: I have been debating for a while now, cause its a big city... Give me your opinions!!!

A: It's not a question whether it should but if it could obviously. Why wouldn't a city have an intnl. airport if it could? Try sending the results of your debate and your answer to the city authorities. Or better still, ask the business community in the place itself what their view is on this. They'd know better than the Y!Answers community.

Have you ever been to Novi Sad ? by Q: If yes, how did you like it ?

A: no

weather, evropa, rs novi sad? by ART klinika Q: wether in evropa in novi sad

A: http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/YIXX0006.html cao, dobro dan Ive been close to novi sad belgrade! beautiful...looks like the weather will be nice as well!

I live in Novi Sad (Serbia). I am married and have sun. How can we go to Italy to live.? by Ines K Q:

A: Ostani bre u Srbiji, je*eš Italiju!!! ŽIVELA SRBIJA!!!

A good game store in serbia, Novi Sad? by Tylosaurus Q: Does anyone know any good game stores that have the newest games in Serbia, Novi Sad?

A: Like I've said :P

Have you been to EXIT festival in Novi Sad and what do you think about it? by Tanya Q: I live in Novi Sad and would really like to know what people think about EXIT, Novi Sad and the people they've met here.

A: Never been there.

Why are most(if not all) girls in Zagreb(Croatia) and Belgrade and Novi Sad(Serbia) so good looking? by Q: Few months ago I've visited these cities, girls are beautiful. I must say that I've traveled the world, lived in 4 countries, nowhere have I seen so many beautiful and sexy girls. Is it something in the water? Please explain.

A: You should check Dalmatia, in Croatia.. Probably something with water ;)

What is the quickest way for me to travel from Novi Sad to Dubrovnik? by tessa c Q:

A: There is a seasonal flight from Belgrade to Tivat but that would mean getting a bus to Bg and then another one from Tivat to Dubrovnik - too much hussle! You can take the train to Montengro and then the bus. most ideal case, if you only want to go to Dubrovnik as fast as you can, is taking train or bus from Belgrade. Get from Novi Sad to Belgrade (some 80 minutes by coach), and then if you want to take train to Montenegro, there are trains in the evening/night (departing at 22:00, 23:00, 23:15) that arrive in Podgorica in the morning hours (around 7,8,9 or so). In Podgorica, just cross the street from train to bus station, and take bus to Dubrovnik, or if there's no bus to Dubrovnik, then take one for Herceg Novi. From Herceg Novi, take bus/minibus to Dubrovnik. In most ideal case, if you arrive really early in Podgorica (before 7), there's this bus to Herceg Novi which should be there in about 9am, and bus to Dubrovnik departs Herceg Novi at 09:30am. That's almost impossible to achieve, but in theory, could be done :) Anyway, you can allow some time in Montenegro instead of mad mad rush, as it's the same seaside after all, equaly beautiful and interesting. There are many places to be recommended there, just browse the web a bit. Second option to Dubrovnik is by bus. There is Belgrade-Split bus (Lasta) departing belgrade at 20:30 every day except Sunday evening. Doesn't run through Bosnia nor Hercegovina, arrives in Split at 9am. From Split, it should be easy enough to take some of very frequent buses to Dubrovnik. pricing... only rough estimations here.. Novi Sad to Belgrade is mandatory in both cases (to be correct, in any case) ;). If you have that Euro<26 id card, or ISIC one, you can even get some local overcrowded train for about 1 euro =] Belgrade - Podgorica in 2nd class compartments (not a sleeping one, but one with 6 seats) used to be about 23 euros per person in February/March 2007. I remember there used to be some bus from Herceg Novi to Podgorica, and some guy paid about 7 euros for the ticket.. hm, something like that. Belgrade - Split is about 3100 dinars, 82 dinars ~ 1euro, so it is about..... 38 euros?

How can I get from Croatia (probably Split) to Serbia (Novi Sad)? by Jay Q: I have found a train from Split to Belgrade but it's a 17hr journey and it goes around bosnia! Is there a route through Bosnia? Flying is also a possibility! Thanks

A: You can fly from Split to Zagreb and then take a train to Belgrade. The train part of the way is around 6 hours, and the flight is around 45 minutes. You can check the price of the tickets and the timetable on these two sites. http://www.croatiaairlines.com/Default.aspx?alias=www.croatiaairlines.com/hr http://www.hznet.hr/ Hope this helps

Has anyone ever been to Serbia (particularly Novi Sad)? What's it like? What are prices like in Serbia? by Irish 313 Q: Thinking of going to Serbia (Novi Sad) on holiday and wondering what to expect? I've travelled in eastern Europe before so have an idea what to expect but any first hand info is appreciated. How much are things in Serbia, ciggies, alcohol, transport, nightclubs, eating out etc? Thanks.

A: Novi Sad is best known for the Exit Music Festival - http://eng.exitfest.org and for the Petrovaradin fortress, often called as the Gibraltar on the Danube - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petrovaradin_Fortress

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