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j_ocampo37 @edencalibre50 Me tomo un café con tu ausencia y le enciendo un cigarro a la nostalgia le doy un beso en el cuello a tu espacio vacio

JEDkoewrar Fucking nostalgia.

_muitoamor @belindapop estoy muriendo de nostalgia por ver nuestra foto. cuando regresa a brasil mi amor? te amo y te extraño. :(

oxfordsandswag Nostalgia / Ultra.

naomariana cabo nostalgia cabo

GenesiisReyes Me encantaan las gaitas pero me dan una nostalgia

Archon47 Interval. Awesome so far. Managed not to break from sheer nostalgia at You're Not Alone. Clash on the Big Bridge was epic. #DistantWorlds

DominiqueNAllen Watching Hook #nostalgia

PrOnInvPlaylist On air : nostalgia (tobias remix) by Two Armadillos at http://t.co/6Sk21uh0

Ikaro35 Nostalgia.Somos el recuerdo que deshabitamos

nachiket Kick ass speaker phone conversation with @balag4u and Mudit and Ankur and @Mobaboym #nostalgia

DedellyGaah Pictures Nostalgia http://t.co/7kmLPWJl

muymatrera David Sylvian - Nostalgia (Remastered edition) - YouTube http://t.co/W7bHMsdF

_luvsux enfim, deixa eu ir lá sentir a nostalgia me tomando :3

stephaniemaiia Nostalgia irada!


Where can I find a replacement part for the Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker? by thatcaseychick Q: I have lost the spinning head (insert for the sugar) for the Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker. I can't seem to find a replacement part for the machine. Does anyone have a reference for buying the replacement part?

A: Why don't you look up the product on the internet....once u find the company that created the product maybe you can request the part from them. If the product is too old for that try looking on ebay or a site like that for a new one.

How to induce nostalgia for my girlfriend? by Amo Q: Is there ANY way to get her to feel nostalgia for music from a game/movie that she hadn't ever played/seen when she was little?? The nostalgic feeling from The Sims 1 music is so intense that I really want to share it with her. It's such a beautiful feeling, innit?

A: no it is a personal experience. try doing stuff together that you will feel nostalgic about later. or try finding things that are in a wider area of understanding for both of you. you can describe this nostalgia though and she can describe her own experience

How do you shake off a feeling of nostalgia? by S Q: Lately, I've seen some movies and some videos from when I was growing up, and it all left me feeling nostalgic. How do I rid myself of that feeling of nostalgia? All it's doing is making me feel sad.

A: Learn to appreciate nostalgia. The music that brings back a memory of a dance, the perfume of a lost love. You are where you are now because of where you were yesterday. A toast! To yesteryear!

How can I represent the theme of nostalgia in a photo shoot? by ivegotyoux Q: I have to do a photo shoot in Art on the theme of nostalgia, and I'm really stuck for ideas.. I have to do at least 10 thumbnails

A: an old man sitting in a rocking chair shot slightly from behind ... in sepia tone

What is the movie that the Nostalgia Critic critiqued that all the scenes were on a slant? by HereWeDivide Q: I can remember that the Nostalgia Critic critiqued a movie that all the scenes were practically all on a slant, and he even mocked it by going on a slant himself and making fun of the slants. I can't remember the movie name, and it would help if anyone could tell me which movie he critiqued.

A: Battlefield: Earth. It was notorious for being filmed on a slant.

Is it possible to feel nostalgia for future possibilities? by Alexander K Q: Nostalgia is often defined as longing for something past, but most of the times I feel nostalgic for things that have not been realized yet. What is your opinion on that? Serious answers only. Thank you.

A: I think it's totally possible...maybe the word nostalgia should be more defined, i found this definition : A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past. but i think it should also refer to the future, like you long for tje things that havent happened yet. I do it too. All the time! But is that really nostalgia or is it daydreaming?

Is there a nostalgia factor when old games are enjoyed by the original video game generation? by Jason Q: Games like Super Mario Bros. and Space Invaders will always be my favorites; I know many other people who would say the same. Is this because they were simply awesome, newer games are more complicated, or is there some kind of nostalgia feeling associated when we play them?

A: Both awesome and nostalgia. I remember playing Mario and Legend of Zelda when I was little and they are still my favorite games of all time. I have all the originals including Space Invaders, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc on my Wii right now and play them more than my newer games :)

What kind of video editor does the Nostalgia Critic use for his latest videos? by Hardy M Q: Does anyone now what kind of video editor that the Nostalgia Critic uses for his videos? I would also to make videos the same way he does.

A: You could send him a message through his YouTube channel and ask him. Many popular YouTube posters like those kinds of questions as opposed to insults, etc.

nostalgia ? by alastriana Q: i have a progect to do so please help me. whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word nostalgy??

A: Dried flowers, old love letters, a hazy golden memory, the smell of my mother's cologne...

Nostalgia? by Vikes Q: What makes you the most nostalgic? And also, for those of you who smoke pot, do you think that smoking makes you more nostalgic? and what about nostalgia as a metaphysical concept?

A: I just drove to the ranch where I grew up and that made me so nostalgic. I'm mourning the loss of my mother and needed to force a little. The memories that brought back were amazing. Music brings back so many memories. As much as I dislike 80s music, it takes me to that time. Especially early 80s. 90s music brings back the trauma of high school. The smell of horses always makes me nostalgic. So much of my past was wrapped up in horses and riding. I miss that more than anything.


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