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Norfolk va

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how many hours do you need to become a hairstylist in Norfolk VA? by mamas28 Q: I'm moving from St. Louis. I work in a hair salon....I need to know before I move what's the hour requirements for Norfolk, VA

A: I haven't the slightest clue but by the way you asked that question you sound unbelievably sexy.

Dental Hygienist in Norfolk, Va? How do you become a dental hygienist? by derae0800 Q: How do you become a dental hygienist in norfolk, va? What school do you have? Im very interested in becoming one and just want to know what is the best approach and school to attend to become one. Thank you for your time

A: To become a dental hygienist in United States you must complete a two-year program that awards an associate's degree or certification in a dental hygienist school that is accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). Dental hygienists school programs usually require both general education courses and courses specific to the field of dental hygiene. General education courses important to dental hygiene degrees include college level algebra, biology, and chemistry. Courses specific to dental hygiene may include dental pharmacology, radiography, and periodontology. All dental hygienists in the United States must be licensed by the state in which they practice, after completing the minimum of two years of school to become a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH).

Any good bars to go on a sunday in Norfolk Va? by princerobroy Q: I am here only for one nite in Norfolk VA..... leaving tomorrow. I am trying to find a good spot to go to. Anyone know or heard of any bars in Norfolk that have a lot of people on a Sunday?

A: Goodness gracious. It is a Navy town. Plenty of bars, just look around you

Where is a sports bar near Norfolk airport in VA? by gobabygo Q: I will be laying over for the night in Norfolk,VA and need to find a good sports bar to catch a cab to and from.

A: Well there is a Hooters on military hwy at 1160, or there is also Prime Time Sports Box at 3574 N Military Hwy. Both are great for a layover.

What is the distance between Norfolk VA and Virginia Beach VA? by Narang Q: What is the distance between Norfolk VA and Virginia Beach VA?

A: By Car: 18.6 miles (About 25 minutes) By Public Transport: Suggested trips leaving at Jan 6, 2009 4:28pm: 1: 4:21pm - 5:28pm (1 hour 7 mins) 2: 4:37pm - 5:49pm (1 hour 12 mins) 3: 4:41pm - 5:49pm (1 hour 8 mins) Walking: 17 miles (5 hours 36 minutes) Head southeast on US-58/E Virginia Beach Blvd toward Tidewater Dr/VA-168 Continue to follow US-58 - BillyZhuk * Liked my answer? Please put it as best answer!

Where do most military families live when stationed in Norfolk, VA? by slb2009 Q: We are being stationed in NORFOLK, VA and looking for info on what areas are best. Please help! Looking to rent and spend no more than $1000. Would prefer a house or duplex with a fenced in yard.

A: The house(it was listed as a cottage because it was so small) that I rented was teeny tiny, about the size of an apartment but with a fenced in yard. One bedroom,one bath, kitchen the size of the bathroom. It wasn't a total dump, but it did lack central air and heating and other luxuries of nicer, newer homes.. I paid $650.00 a month. Rent only. I had to pay utilities, gas, and trash pickup on top of that. You might have to cave and rent an apartment! But if you're truly looking to find nice rentals in the $1000 price range, you'll have to look in Norfolk or Newport News, and like the other poster said, these places are booming with crime. Virginia Beach is a lot more upscale. It has the nicer restaurants and shopping areas. The only gripe you might find about living in one of the cities by Norfolk is the commute to Norfolk to work everyday. The bridges and tunnels are backed up or closed off almost everyday, and are definitely backed up at the "peak" hours. I remember times when a normal 20 minute commute took 7 hours. That was extreme, the normal wait time in traffic during the peak hours is 30-45 minutes. That might not bug you so much when you're going home, but when you're trying to get to work on time it's really frustrating.

about the poorest and riches neighborhoods in Norfolk va? by Caramel B. Q: I was wondering is any one who is a resident of Norfolk VA can give me about 5 locations of very low income areas in Norfolk VA? I need street locations please. Also I would like to know can you also give me about 3 of your popular universities and the most expensive neighborhoods in Norfolk VA. Thank you so much. Best detail answer gets 5 stars. Thank you.

My Mom had a stillborn baby in1959 or 1960 at a naval base in Norfolk, VA. Where could this baby be buried? by tammy b Q: I believe she was stationed at a base in or near Norfolk, VA. The Red Cross helped with the burial arrangements and casket. Any help with leads will be appreciated.

A: Contact the County Health dept and see how they handle the births on the naval base. If the baby was stillborn, it could have been put to rest in many different ways. There would have been a Certificate of Stillbirth filed either with the county or through the Naval base with the Pentagon (there are a couple different ways that it's handled depending on the status of the base). On the certificate it will tell where the baby is buried or if it was cremated and where the ashes were put to rest.

Where is a good place to live in Norfolk VA? by nmpooler Q: I'm moving to Norfolk VA in about 2 months because my boyfriend is in the navy and is currently stationed there. We're trying to find an apartment or a condo to rent and we are having a hard time. We're not sure where to look and don't know what neighborhoods are safe. So far the apartments we looked at around the base are very questionable and we're not sure what to do. Please help! If you live in Norfolk or know a lot about the area I would greatly appreciate the advice. Thank you!

A: try a surruonding city like Hampton or Suffolk

How is Norfolk, VA as a good city to spend the summer months? by Joan Q: I am looking for a nice city without much crime where I can get a part time job that is cool during the summer. How about Norfolk, VA?. Also, the city must have a pretty good transit system. I will not have a vehicle.

A: Look elsewhere. The transit system in Norfolk, as in much of the south, is horrible. The city also has a lot of crime. And it's ridiculously humid there in the summer. Think 90 degrees and 90 humidity on a regular basis.

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