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Norad santa tracker

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QuickNewsX New blog post: Norad Santa Tracker and Google answer the where is Santa right now question: http://t.co/7eYBkdvY

priya12dec Norad Santa Tracker and Google answer the where is Santa right now question http://t.co/eGbM0YOk

VivianMay3 Countdown Begins to NORAD Santa Tracker http://t.co/OKFBJhoQ

GeneKim15 Countdown Begins to NORAD Santa Tracker http://t.co/UiPzxTwW

westonmillswant norad+santa+tracker http://t.co/GouBVHqU

CalvHectiger http://t.co/2fUWzgSk norad+santa+tracker

Roseannomyrx RT @BlkPhoenix66: Michelle Obama helps NORAD break Santa tracker Christmas Eve record - http:tcoWsHZiewi Christmas

Curry_April NORAD Santa Tracker 2011 official site: Where is Santa Claus right now? http://t.co/lfOsqSqn

Renee_Clayton ATandT U-verse Santa Tracker Borrows Page From NORAD http://t.co/8vyigFI7

Marie_Ramos8 NORAD Santa Tracker 2011: Track Santa Claus Christmas Eve, where is Santa now? http://t.co/N9v7pkQ5

LivingFoodsUbee norad+santa+tracker

nxppru Norad Santa Tracker and Google answer the where is Santa right now question http://t.co/sAoy0gPd

Asiasno Norad Santa Tracker and Google answer the where is Santa right ...

fun_christmas Michelle Obama helps NORAD break Santa tracker Christmas Eve record http://t.co/SodejCnh #christmas

caseyvercruys NORAD Santa Tracker's Record Holiday: Best Google Videos Tracking Santa [VIDEO]


Is there any kind of Santa tracker besides "NoRad"? by kracker3977 Q:

A: No because there is no Santa.

things to say when prank calling norad santa trackers? by Q: Title says it all

What's with the I-rate people here, are parents abandoning the santa tradition? by Chibi Oka-san Q: I asked a question about the NORAD santa tracker and got nothing but hate. Does ANYONE believe in santa anymore? (I mean have the kids believe in santa?) BTW my question was whatever happened to the part of the tracker where you can put in your state and it will tell you when santa will be there?

Santa tracker??????????????? by Q: Ok so if santas not real then for the NORAD Santa tracker do they just pick random places to make Santa look real

If NORAD has a cartoon Santa tracker,should I be worried if another 9/11 happens? by Secret Asian Man Q:

A: I hope not. NORAD is five minutes from my house here in Colorado Springs. It sure would be ideal for them.

Santa Tracker - Will I See the Sleigh In the Air?!? by ♥ meme ♥ Q: Hurry ! santa is almost at my state !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm using the norad santa tracker.. will i get to see his sleigh ????? my friend said that the people fly a helicopter around with lights on it ? i don't believe in santa by the way......

A: Due to recent intelligence, Homeland security believes that Osama bin Laden has either hijacked Santa's sleigh or created a replica to infiltrate U.S. soil. Any form of reindeer-propelled sleigh is to be immediately shot down by order of the president.

Norad Santa Traker 2008 help? by melissa.haines14 Q: I need help with the Norad Santa Tracker 2008 because I have google earth and the special Track Santa file but I can't see it the way that you can watch it on Youtube when the reporters see it and I really want to so any help would be thankful and thanks in advance. Oh yeah and Happy Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Holidays.

A: Try this: http://www.noradsanta.org/en/home.html He's in Tutong, Brunei now (wherever that is) Good luck!

Google earth santa tracker help? by pingu Q: I downloaded google erath but how do you EXACTLY download the NORAD santa tracker?

A: http://www.noradsanta.org/

NORAD tracker says Santa is in New York, when will he arrive in Florida/? by Secret Asian Man Q:

A: He was already in Florida, I have been tracking him, on NORAD website. I seen him coming over the Kennedy space center, earlier. click Santa>> http://www.noradsanta.org/en/default.php

What time does santa get to California on the NORAD tracker? by Q:

A: Shouldn't be too long. He's in New England now. http://www.noradsanta.org/en/index.html

Have you heard of NORAD's Santa Tracker? by Q: In case you haven't, Google it or look it up on AOL, MSN, or Yahoo. What do you think of the santa tracker?

A: yeah, i guess it's cute for kids and stuff

Is anyone else following the Santa Tracker? by Q: Santa is on all the homes that have times of 11:35 I am at 9:35 I want to stay up so I can see when Santa gets here you can see where he is at this link http://www.weather.com/tv/tvshows/epic-christmas/article/norad-santa-tracker_2011-12-14

Is this Santa Tracker that says where Santa is Real? by Q: It says he is in Atlanta, does anyone know that if it is real It says he is going to South Carolina next http://www.weather.com/tv/tvshows/epic-christmas/article/norad-santa-tracker_2011-12-14

Is this Santa tracker that says where Santa is real? by Q: it says he is in North Carolina and he is going to Tennessee next Does anyone know if it is real You can see it here http://www.weather.com/tv/tvshows/epic-christmas/article/norad-santa-tracker_2011-12-14

is there another santa tracker besides norad? by Q: like that but better?

A: I found several by keying santa tracker into google. Good luck.

NORAD Santa Tracker?????????????? by ChristmasExperts Q: FINALLY HE MOVED! Is it just mine or is everyone else's on the Goose Green? Just making sure Now in Santa Cruz!!!

A: Mine moved too! NORAD was nice enough to use jet planes and Santa CAMS so we can track him. EVERYONE GO HERE...http://www.noradsanta.org/ --------------------------------------- MERRY CHRISTMAS

is NORAD santa tracker fake? by i dont want a nickname Q: http://www.noradsanta.org/en/whytrack.html read that just wondering

A: nope,,, sounds as if some good intentions were and are at play

anyone useing norad santa tracker today? by BIG JOHN Q:

A: I am. I think it's good for kids to know where Santa is and the countdown to Christmas. The celebrities page is kind of fake because when you look at the videos you can tell they have cue cards!!

do you use the norad santa tracker? by Guliana Q:

A: Actually I did. I remember Santa coming to Canada at 2:02 am. I pretty much stalked Santa. When his first trip began, I was shouting at my sister. I know that Santa doesn't exist, but I find it funny how a group of people basically made a route for Santa to follow. Sometime the Santa Tracker actually made me look out the window looking for Santa with his reindeers. Hope you had a Happy Christmas!

Ever do the NORAD Santa Tracker with your kiddos? by Bella Q: I remember the first year this came out, my son was very young and we had dial-up so things were reaaaaaaly slow but it was just such a fun experience. Aaron Carter was there special guest and my son was over the moon about getting to hear him talk about Santa and where he was at the moment. Have you ever heard of this? Have you done it with your kids? www.noradsanta.com It's such a heart warming thing to do with your kid, I think even non-believers will have fun. My boy is 14 and we still do it. Cuz everyone knows non-believers only get socks and underpants for Christmas. Sorry. dot ORG not dot com.

A: We did it last year with our then 2 yr old daughter and it was a lot of fun. I plan on using it again and again until she and her future sibling(s) get tired of it. The official address is: http://www.noradsanta.org

what do u think of the norad santa tracker? by Q: http://www.noradsanta.org/en/

Is there a better Santa tracker than NORAD's? by toby b Q: NORAD's Santa radar looks very fake. Is there a more convincing one?

A: NORAD's Santa tracker is as real as there is.

what do you think about the "Norad Santa Tracker"? by be nice, i like to report people Q:

A: I think it is fun. And I like the story about how it started. Basically, in 1955 a store ad to call Santa misprinted the number and the calls ended up at what is now NORAD. Instead of telling the kids to bug off, they went along with it and have ever since.

what do you think of the Norad santa tracker? by Q:

Do you like to track Santa on NORAD Santa Tracker? by Q: I do :) .... Not like I believe in him or anything ... *blush*

Is the NORAD Santa tracker thing real? by B23 Q: is it real or just something made up

A: Do you want it to be real? I think it is real

Geek Kids Question: Is there a place to download Previous NORAD SANTA TRACKINGS? by kailord Q: I realize santa is a Fictional Character, But does any site have logs of a previous NORAD Santa Tracker to show when he: Departed from the North Pole? Reached City A,B,C etc.? Returned to his starting point? If not, what would be a good way to approximate the travel times?

A: I never heard of all that

What is the point of the Santa Tracker from NORAD? by TALLguy18 Q: Does it just waste $$$?

A: It is for kids...to track santa so they can see where he is .... My grandchildren watch it every Christmas eve here....they get very excited.

Do Fox Spews Viewers really believe the Norad Santa tracker? Would you believe Up is Down if Beck said so? by Google350ppmCO2 Q: or if Hannity said that night is a government plot by the Liberals? http://www.alternet.org/media/149193/study_confirms_that_fox_news_makes_you_stupid/comments

A: People still believe the earth is flat - http://www.alaska.net/~clund/e_djublonskopf/Flatearthsociety.htm

What are your comments ect. on the NORAD santa tracker ~10POINTS!~? by Emo Ninja Q: what do you think of it? by the sounds of it i dont think i will like it but what do you think! BE NICE AND ~10POINTS~!

A: I've watched it on Christmas Eve for the last 2-3 years. My husband would make fun of me because we had no kids and I was tracking Santa...but it was fun and gave me the feeling of "magic" on Christmas Eve. This year my daughter's a little bit older(she'll be 20 months right before Christmas) so I'll let her watch Santa go across the screen on Christmas Eve too

Does the NORAD Santa Tracker actually work? by Q:

Prier Question ~NORAD SANTA TRACKER~? by Emo Ninja Q: I know this is al little well a lot early but what is norad santa tracker about and does it show australia i am very very confused!! Please be nice!! :) Merry Very Early Christmas! hehe lol :) And another question how would u react when he is in ur state i would freak otu and hide cuz i would be freak out like if he sees me lol hehe haha so it starts the first day of December??

A: it allows you to follow santa as he delivers pressies around the world find it here http://www.noradsanta.org/ Starts December

Norad santa tracker? by squishy Q: I cant get norad's santa tracker to work, anyone out there know why It was working last year

A: Have you looked here??? http://www.noradsanta.org/en/help.htm

Norad santa tracker + google earth? by rUFAS Q: Hey pplz. Happy christmas! mY QUESTION IS, i how do i get the norad santa tracker on google earth if i already have the latest version installed? My lil sibblings want to see where santa is on my laptop. Thanks!

A: http://www.noradsanta.org/en/track3d.html

NORAD santa tracker ((Christmas)) 10 points best answer!? by Vyce Q: around what time do you think "santa" will hit florida???? (using the NORAD santa tracker at noradsanta.org)

A: I think that in all the countries he's been to so far, it's around midnight when he arrives. I can't wait, either! happy holidays!

NORAD santa tracker????? (plz answer) (10 points best answer!)? by Vyce Q: around what time do you think "santa" will hit florida (using NORAD santa tracker at noradsanta.org)

A: He just hit London a few minutes ago and it's now 11:55 pm there, so I would guess between 11:30 and 12 midnight Eastern time. Have a Joyous and Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

NORAD SANTA TRACKER prior question 10 points guarentee!? by Emo Ninja Q: THE ANSWER HAS TO BE NICE AND TRUE! with the NORAD SANTA TRACKER does it tdo asutralia apart for Sydney so does it do smaller cities such as cairns ect. 10 POINTS! an if it doesnt it just proves it is fake doesnt it!!!

A: Yes it does do all the major cities in Australia and some of the larger towns. Last Christmas we watched it trek from the South Island to the North Island of New Zealand and then over to Australia. Santa sure does fly fast, LOL

How does the NORAD Santa Tracker work? by Q: http://www.noradsanta.org/en/index.html It's a well known site which 'tracks' Santa each Christmas Eve But if Santa's not real, how are they doing this? Is it made up? This is a genuine question by the way, people take 'tracking Santa' seriously, and I'm confused..

A: im as confused as you are, my best guess was that they are making it up

What is this Norad Santa Tracker? Does that mean he's real or what? by ­ Q: I mean, I see that on MSN and I'm speechless but does that mean that it's actuallly Santa flying on a sled with flying reindeers or what? I'm really confused.

A: It's for kids and hallucinegenic substances.

Who's gonna use the Norad Santa tracker today? by Deleted Q: I'm already using it.And Santa's recent video clip indicates he's in China.

A: Using it right now! Got 2 young kids!

Who is Santa Claus, who funds him And what is Google's Official NORAD Santa Tracker all about? by Q: Santa Claus is a mystic fairy tale for children or is he a saint ? Who really is Santa Claus ? From where does he get money to buy all those gifts ? Also, I just found a Google endorsed site which claims to track Santa on Google Earth and Google map. http://www.google.com/landing/noradsanta/index.html What is it all about ?

A: Basically, Santa Claus is a relatively original American conglomeration of various folkloric beings from Finnish mythology, Dutch folklore, and a smidgen of a lesser saint known as St. Nicholas. The Santa Tracker is what we call in the English language a publicity stunt. Also, from what I've heard, the older Santa depictions give him a green coat, apparently the red coat is an invention of the Coca-Cola corporation. However, there might be something sinister behind the guy, as Santa, though a Spanish word for saint, can also be an anagram for Satan, the Judaeo-Christian personification of evil. You have been warned.

Is the Norad Santa tracker real im 15 but i found this website for my little bro.? by Q: Just wondering It looks fake.

A: Yes it's real, go enjoy your childhood

can you tell me how to get to the new norad santa tracker site and veiw things? by gabe o Q: can you tell me how to get to the new norad santa tracker site and veiw things

A: Click on the link! (((hugs)))

Who is going to follow the NORAD Santa Tracker? by ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ♥ Q: http://www.noradsanta.org/en/index.html I've started! I know! It's fun.

A: Yes i will be hehe, i'm so excited! Even my dad tracks santa on NORAD haha. Merry christmas! :-)

Why do they have NORAD (Santa tracker) if he is "supposedly" not real? by Italy2013 Q: i'm confused whether or not to believe in Santa. there are things that make me thing he is real such as having NORAD but then i realize how crazy i sound. please help me with answering this question. i'm being serious, so thank you to all those who will give me good and honest answers!!

A: there are so many youngsters on yahoo looking at these questions, and i dont like being the one who will dash their hopes and dreams but so many others will do it in a nasty childish and spiteful way. they have NORAD to keep the dreams of children alive, its essential for growing up that a child has a healthy imagination and a worldwide belief in father christmas, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy keeps many children happy and sheltered from the death and pain of this world. i am sorry to say, but im sure others will tell you in a much nastier way, that father christmas doesnt exist, but there was once a saint nicholas who gave gifts to all the poor children, he was a true person and we still give and recieve to this day, so the spirit of togetherness and giving of gifts IS saint nicholas. in a way he does exist, but not as a physical entity

Whats up with the NORAD santa tracker! How stupid is that? Is it suppose to make us believe its real? by I like cookies Q:

A: IK!!!! so my bro went on to NORAD and found out that santa was in NY and then he checked on a different santa tracking website and that site said santa was in Cuba so now my little bro knows santa's not real!!!! AND HES ONLY 6 YEARS OLD!!! so his x-mas's are practically over!!! ugh what the heck?!

So is the whole NORAD santa tracker thing totally made up? by Q: because one the website they make it seem so real, but are they just making it special for little kids?

A: Yes, Emma there is a santa claus...

How many of you watch NORAD santa tracker? by Q: If you want to add details then what part of the world do you live in? Do you watch with your kids and how old are they? Do they believe in Santa and enjoy watching? Me, my preschooler, and my toddler are loving it! http://www.noradsanta.org/en/index.html

A: I live in America, and I watch it by myself, and I'm 18 haha. Merry Christmas!

My Norad Santa Tracker for Google Earth wont work? by Q: Its said i could track Santa on Google Earth if you installed the plugin but it was already installed but then I cant find Santa. The Norad worker people said that there was a button in the bottom right corner and there isent??!??! Can someone help me please?

Why did Santa skip over Iran on the NORAD Santa Tracker? by Ryan D Q: According to NORAD's Santa tracker (http://www.noradsanta.org/en/home.html), Santa completely skipped over Iran, a country with over 70 million people, about 0.2% of whom are Christian. He managed to visit every single country bordering Iran though. Something's not right. Is NORAD politicizing Christmas?

A: Dude. Seriously. You Don't think Santas gonna use stealth mode in that airspace?

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