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Noaa weather

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How does NOAA weather radio work? by Be my fan Please! Q: And, is there always someone operating it? And Is there always people at the local NWS office 24/7?

A: In addition to the above, yes, people are always on staff at the NWS 24/7/365. Much of NOAA weather radio is now an automated voice which runs continuously, but people on staff at the NWS can override the automated voice and do recordings and live broadcasts as needed.

Do NOAA Weather Radios notify you of Hazardous Weather Outlooks and Special Weather Statements? by Z Q: Do they notify you if your area has a Hazardous Weather Outlook advisory and Special Weather Statement?

A: They mention them on there if you listen to the radio but when they issue them, they don't issue an alert.

If I get a NOAA Weather Radio, will it wake me up at 3am to tell me it's issued a Winter Storm Warning? by Z Q: Or is it only for severe thunderstorms?

A: Yes they do. They issue an alert for any watches or warnings at any time of the day. But there are some weather radios where you can select what it alerts you about and where you want alerts from. I don't have that feature on mine. I live on Long Island,NY and when we get heavy rains, I sometimes forget to turn off the alarm and I get woken up in the middle of the night because they're giving the forecast for the levels of the rivers in New Jersey.

Can NOAA weather radio still be heard on older radios? by Mooky Q: With the new HD digital format, I was not sure. I cannot get the signal any more on my Sony radio.

A: NOAA weather radio operates in analog FM. Any radio capable of receiving analog FM in the VHF band is capable of receiving the NOAA weather radio broadcasts. If you can not receive the signal anymore, try moving the radio to a different location or if it has an antenna, move the antenna around in different directions to get better reception.

Do you really rely on the sirens or tv stations or noaa weather radio for tornado warnings? by Max Q: I personally don't rely on the sirens. They can malfunction and don't always go off and also don't tell you where the storm is headed.

A: The best and most effective way to stay informed and updated on any weather related issue is right here on the net. There are numerous web sites that regularly post and update conditions on a continuous basis. These sites also offer RSS feeds so that you may get the information sent directly to your E mail or your Home Page faster than you can receive it on the television or radio. The television and radio personnel get the information directly from the same source and so can you. For an example, The National Hurricane Center and the US Geological Survey among others, offer subscriptions to their mailing lists. Once registered these organizations will send you periodic updates of any threatening environmental conditions in your area as well as all around the world. You can also have them send you a direct feed. I myself have direct feeds being sent to My Yahoo from organizations globally to include the following: The National Hurricane Center The National Weather Service The US Geological Survey The Joint Tsunami Warning Center The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (Japan) The World Meteorological Organization National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA) All of the above agencies provide these feeds for the public and it is the same organizations television and radio receive them from. You can also receive them perhaps, before they do. If you would like I could show you how to do it. Just E mail me and I can direct you as well as instruct you as how to get started. Great question by the way!!

How in the hell do you make a noaa weather rado work? by ^_^ Bow Tie Boy ^_^ Q: i just bought a noaa weather radio and the damn thing is sooo effing complikated i dont know what the hell to do! Hellllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppp MEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A: It may be working and there is nothing for NOAA to report. Does it scan or do you have to program it?

Where can I hear a Noaa Weather Radio tornado warning recording? by Storm Chaser Michael Q: Also, where can I hear the old voices that used to be on NOAA weather radio? Thanks

A: i hope you can find it in here: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/stationlocator.html http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/ http://www.weather.gov/warnings.php it said that the archive available since January 23, 2003.. but i dont think its a radio broadcast.. sorry if i couldn't help you much

Is it possible to pickup NOAA Weather alerts on a cellphone? by Race Tech Q: My cell phone has a FM tuner on it and I was wondering if I could pick up NOAA weather alerts? And if so,How can I do it?

How do I tune my NOAA weather radio for my specific area? by I know, I know!!!! Q: I cant remember how to set my NOAA radio up to pick up alerts for my area. Does anyone know of a website with this info? Help, we have severe storms and tornados heading this way and I'm at work with no television, or any other way to hear the weather.

A: First you will need the FIPS codes for your area. If you don't have the operating manual for your NOAA weather radio, you might find a copy on-line to download. From my experience, most are fairly simple to program and would only take a few minutes. Another source you might try if you are having problems programing the radio is to contact your local Office of Emergency Management. Usually, there will be someone that knows how to program the radio.

How come my NOAA weather radio alarm doesn't sound on heat warnings? by Bully Killer Q: There's been a heat warning in my area for the past week and it's going to last to at least through next weekend. But my NOAA weather radio alarm never sounded. I thought the weather radio alarm suppose sound off on all watches, warnings, and advisories?

A: Because a heat warning/advisory/watch is not part of the suite of products which triggers an EAS (Emergency Alert System) tone alert via NOAA Weather Radio. The tone alerts are generally reserved for faster, short-fused, rapidly evolving events, such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flash flooding (watches and warnings) and many others. Long-lived events such as heat waves and cold spells are not alerted. Here is a list of the products alerted for: http://www.weather.gov/os/eas_codes.shtml

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