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NikeStore.com Air Yeezy 2 Launch Announcement
If you've lost all hope by now, maybe you will be pleased to know that NikeStore Insider has reported that both colorways of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 will release on Nike's online store. The only thing is that neither the day or time will be announced in ...

LAKE ELSINORE: 3 accused of credit-card rip-off at Outlets
Riverside County Sheriff's deputies were called at 7:21 pm and directed to the Nike store, where two people were detained. The third person was detained near his vehicle, a sheriff's news release said. The investigation revealed the three suspects ...

Nike Revamps Online Checkout Process
NikeStore.com has evolved to give you more time in checkout to verify your information and complete your purchase of new releases. Customers who are first to add their size to the cart and get to the payment step (screen shot below) will have a ...

TGL Group Opening New Sports Shops in Georgia
The presentation of a Nike store will be held in autumn of this year in Tbilisi Mall. As for Batumi, a new Giordano store will soon be opened there. It is also planned to bring Reebok to Batumi as well. The reason for the expansion is that the ...

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The_Fresh2def @nikestore Did the checkout problem this morning delay the "random" Yeezy drop at all?

4evaUGK @nikestore what would HOV do? #JsutDoIT

COOLASFUXXX @nikestore whenever yal release the yeezys n they sellout how long will it take to restock them

siviqafeh nikestore: ... http://t.co/PMzkvSx9

mathew_rohan @nikestore WHERE ARE THE YEEZY'S !!!!!

SteezyClass @HAM4KingJay @nikestore that shit would be weak !!!!

Richroze22 @nikestore what will be the size run for the yeezys online ? Cause I see size 7 and people say that there is no size 7

NateGipson @nikestore what time will the air Yeezys drop?

GMOcito Yo @nikestore I ordered the day u guys announced it and now I receive this!! Explain now!! http://t.co/I3DLDzX5

BadaBadaBoom92 @KicksDeals i think nikestore just restocked their military iv

jusflodel @nikestore any information on the yeezy 2s ??

PaulMaal @katty12whopper @nikestore They just cancelled mine too.

GMOcito Wtf what kind of fuckery is this!!!!!!! Smh fuck u @nikestore http://t.co/nLunqw55

PaulMaal @nikestore Why was my order (0817847209)cancelled?

Fucc_Em #MentionYourCutestFollowers @nikestore


In which store can i buy the nike treadlock vapor football reciever gloves ? by mcballinn Q: which store in manhattan or brooklyn sells the Nike treadlock vapor reciever gloves? http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore&sitesrc=USGR&re=US&co=US&la=EN#l=nikestore,grid,_grid,f-10002+12003+26015+4294967165,_pdp,cid-1/gid-173829/pid-173827&re=US&co=US&la=EN thanks

A: try hibbsports, foot locker, email nike direct for store that are selling, jcpenny usually have great nike products

What do you think of these NIke Sneakers? by Tatiana Q: Theres the link tell me if it doesnt work http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,pdp,_pdp,cid-/gid-136782/pid-176711&re=US&co=US&la=EN#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-136782/pid-176711,_grid,s-6%2E0&re=US&co=US&la=EN

A: Personally thats not my style , but if you can wear them nice w| a nice matching outfit , I think it can work .

What do you think of these shoes (i have heard they are comfortable)? by C Q: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-162095/pid-162094,_grid,s-zoom%20bb&re=US&co=US&la=EN brandon roy of the portland trailblazers wears them in games, also.

A: I am a girl and I think that they are okay for a guy. Alot of my guy friends that play basketball wear them and I don't think they are that weird. If they are comfortable, get them!! They aren't that bad! But, another thing, it depends on hot tall you are.... I have a really short friend and sometimes he looks funny in them! So, if you are shorter than 5, 7", I dont reccomend them!

Are these good pants for running/working out? by lol o Q: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-148665/pid-164911,_grid,f-10002+12002+4294967248&re=US&co=US&la=EN I have a pair of these, but because they are mesh they have that annoying sound when one leg touches the other... Should I buy new ones?

A: yes its really good for running and workouts too

How can I get these shoes?? by Zachary Ryan Q: I want to get the shoes that nike has on their website: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,home#l=nikestore,grid,_grid,f-10002+12001+4294967131/so-finalPrice1&re=US&co=US&la=EN (we'll use any of the shoes as an example) I don't want to buy it online, is there a way to find out if their at a store or not??

A: footlocker probably has the most supply of nike. so go there. major department stores have some but u should really go to footlocker:)

What do you think of these shoes? easy 2 points!!!? by I ♥ ♫! Q: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?sitesrc=USLP#l=nikestore,cart,_pdp,cid-1/gid-168285/pid-168283&re=US&co=US&la=EN i've been asking for a while and have finally narrowed it down to these. what do you think?

A: Oh! How cute! I love the grey and the little bit of purple. I don't think it's for me, but I'm sure you could totally rock it!!!

Can you find me some shoes like this? by ♥↔♥ Q: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,home#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-161259/pid-161257,_grid,f-10001+12001+4294967131/pn-2&re=US&co=US&la=EN I need them to be less expensive. They can be another brand and diffrent colors. I just want something like this please. :) thanx and yes i do give my 10 points.

A: Well honestly i think $65 is actually a resonable price, but i would try going to Ross, Marshalls or T.J.Max. They usaully have really good deals on name brand items.SOo.. im sure you could probally find you a pair of CUTE sneakers for around $30...

What does Pending Delivery Mean? by Joe C Q: I purchased shoes from nikestore.com and when I look at the order status, it says Pending Delivery. Does that mean that its being delivered?

A: Pending Delivery means that your package is waiting to be sent. It's sitting in a warehouse somewhere getting ready to be loaded up but has not yet been shipped.

How many Nike Dri-Fit socks? (basketball)? by T.M.S. Q: I am going to order Nike Dri-Fit Socks online but I just had a question. If i order them online at nikestore.com, how many pairs will there be? 1pair,2pairs,3pairs, etc.? Thank You

A: ask them before you order there should be an 800 number there

I just bought new white shoes, and today I stepped in mud. How do I clean them? by .:Blair:. Q: Being as rainy and muddy as it was today, I stepped in mud which got all over my brand new white sneakers. The fabric on the shoes have holes, so the mud is on the second layer under. I have a nice washer, what settings on the washer? Or how else should I clean them? Here is the shoe, if you need it. http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,women&sitesrc=USWO#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-115938/pid-115936,_grid,f-10001+12001+4294967130/so-finalPrice1&re=US&co=US&la=EN

A: I would be careful about sticking this type of shoe in the washing machine. Most shoe stores carry a cleaner designed for sneakers that works pretty well. If you don't want to spend extra money, try hand washing them with soap and water. An old toothbrush is great for scrubbing through the mesh. You can also try a little bleach mixed with water and an old toothbrush to get the bright white back, just be careful of any non-white parts of the shoe.

Where can I get lebron 9 insoles? by Q: I want to return my lebron 9 but the sticker is coming off the sole and I've tried nikestore.com but I don't know what section they're in help please

A: Nike should have worked, but try Foot Locker

Where can i find shoes like these but cheaper? by ♥↔♥ Q: it can be any brand i just like the style http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,home#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-161271/pid-161272,_grid,f-10001+12001+4294967131&re=US&co=US&la=EN

A: footlocker or finishline.

Which colorway of these shoes do you like best?And also does black shoes match with anything? by Anthony Q: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-138272/pid-138271,_grid,s-jordan&re=US&co=US&la=EN do blak shoes match with anything and if not are thereany jordan shoes that match with anything,

A: the black ones are niceer. yeah black goes with pretty much anything, except i don't like black with brown, but that's just my opinion.

No one seems to answer my question-- What pair of sandals should I buy??? by musicluvr9879 Q: Either a pair of rainbows which I can get locally for a discounted price of $36 http://www.amazon.com/Rainbow-Sandals-Womens-Premier-Leather/dp/B000KJ65IC/ref=sr_1_2/102-5791788-4237730?ie=UTF8&s=apparel&qid=1182800535&sr=1-2 or these Nike Free Sandals, which my aunt owns and says they are really super comfortable (i would get them in pink or blue) http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml#l=nikestore,grid,_grid,f-10001+12001+4294967192+35001+36005+4294967187&re=US&co=US&la=EN

A: I think that the Rainbow sandles are much cuter than the other pair. But if you are choosing comfort over looks, I would get the Nike sandles instead. Edit: Actually, the Nike ones in pink are adorable!!! So I would TOTALLY reccommend them instead! Hope I helped!!!

I need more indepth information on these tights.? by Blapdok Q: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?sitesrc=USLP#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-164866/pid-164865,_grid,f-10002+12002+4294967241&re=US&co=US&la=EN I would like to know if they would be good in running and also if they have drawcord to make it tighter. I am planning to buy these for running. You didn't tell me if it has a drawcord or not.

A: They look more like a layering tights (elastic waist and stitching at the gusset/front panel). I'd wear these under my boarding ski pants... These are designed for under jerseys and uniforms for football players/skiiers/etc. during cold weather training/sports. . Don't buy these as outer wear for running. here are some better choices: http://www.nbwebexpress.com/detail.asp?style=mrpt7301&s1=postech&s2=proddf&s3=mrpt7301 http://www.brooksrunning.com/dyn_prodlist.php?k=26482 http://cgi.ebay.ca/NWT-NIKE-PRO-MENS-FITDRY-LONG-RUNNING-TIGHTS-MEDIUM_W0QQitemZ280248387299QQihZ018QQcategoryZ137084QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Does anybody know any promo codes for nike store? by Q: Hey i was wondering if somebody knew a promo code for nikestore.com...im trying to buy this soccer shoes but i need some coupons they expensive LOl ..anyways thanks ;)

A: Nike doesn't usually issue promo codes. If they do they're probably one time use after you buy something online. This is the only thing they at the moment: Free Shipping for Members Everyday on $100+ orders! Details: Login or sign up to be a Member.

Could this work as my packpack in high school? by Anna Q: I know this is supposed to be a sports or computer bag, they don't really say how big it is, but do you think it could work well as my backpack/book bag in high school? http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-154069/pid-154069,_grid,s-bag&re=US&co=US&la=EN

A: lol..this makes me laughh. Almost every kid in my school has this bag.

Are these good shoes for a track field and concrete/aspalt? by dc123 Q: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?sitesrc=USPL&l=nikestore,nikeplus,overview&re=US&co=US&la=EN#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-100701/gid-155779/pid-143396,_grid,f-12001+26025&re=US&co=US&la=EN so on the street too then right?

A: Yes these would be sufficient for you to run on track and field and concrete/asphalt. Keep in mind though, that if you want to run on asphalt/concrete with these shoes you will need to put blanks in those spike holes. This will keep rocks and sand from ruining the threads inside the shoe. Here is a link to an example of what blanks look like: www.everythingtrackandfield.com/detail.aspx_Q_ID_E_3161_A_CategoryID_E_369 - 58k - Also, XC shoes tend to be a little heavier than regular track spikes. If you are looking for more support, this is a good thing, because XC shoes tend to weigh more because of the added padding and support. Also, if you are looking for the best type of shoe to race on the, look into light-weight trainers. They have the look and feel of your everyday running shoes, but are much lighter. Light-weights provide much more support and absorb much more of the pounding, than racing flats and spikes. This reduces the increased risk of injury when racing fast on hard surfaces. With light-weight trainers you can accomplish having a light shoe without losing support. Light-weight trainers are the most popular type of racing shoe that professionals use on the road, but bare in mind that these shoes never have a spike plate. I hope that helps.

What do you think about these nike dunks? by poohbeargurl323 Q: i already bought them but i was just wondering heres the link ;; http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-161898/pid-161898,_grid,s-nike%20dunks&re=US&co=US&la=EN

A: they're really nice! but i think they'd be better if they weren't so bland brighter or darker colors may have been nicer! but i still like them!

Does anyone know where i can get a shirt to match these shoes by Keira T Q: i've look in a lot of places and i've given up does anyone kno where i can find a white and green shirt or a white and dark gray shirt. the shoes are white gray and green. heres a link to the site if u wanna c them http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,pdp,_pdp,cid-1/gid-167893/pid-167891&re=US&co=US&la=EN#l=nikestore,pdp,_pdp,cid-1/gid-167893/pid-195659&re=US&co=US&la=EN

A: you could just wear a plain white, gray, or green shirt. your shirt doesnt have to match you shirt completely.

Does any have tips on how to get LeBron 9 South Beaches because it'll be hectic to get em.? by shabana k Q: lebron 9 south beach june 2 2012 is the release date any tips on how to get them through footlocker or nikestore etc. websites?

A: Hit up your local shoe store; ask them how many of the sneakers they'll have in stock. If they have a good quantity of the shoes you're looking for, then camp out. If you're not willing to camp out, you'll have to try your luck online. If you can't get your hands on them online, which will probably be the case, then you'll have to pay the outrageous Ebay re-seller prices.

How well do Nike spikes work for Cross Country races? by i <3 pink Q: I have these shoes ( http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,pdp,_pdp,cid-100701/gid-122896/pid-122895&re=US&co=US&la=EN#l=nikestore,pdp,_pdp,cid-100701/gid-122896/pid-122897&re=US&co=US&la=EN ), and if I use metal spikes, these shoes can be used for XC. Do you think Nike spikes will be good for a 5K? How much faster do Spikes make you?

A: spikes in general are amazing. i have these adorable pink nike spikes and they made me drop 40 seconds!

Where did you buy your national team soccer jersey to watch the UEFA Euro 2008? by Monica 08 Q: I'm looking for the Portugal home jersey but still don't know WHERE to buy it at-- ONLINE at Subside, World Soccer Shop, ProSoccer, Eurosport, ESPN shop, NikeStore OR at a store like Nike, Champs. http://fanoffutebol.blogspot.com/2008/05/did-you-buy-your-jersey-to-watch-euro.html

A: Any online sports store should have good deals. Wait till the early stages are over, you'll get it cheaper after the second round matches..they'll fail to perform..just wait and see.

People can you help me decide what to buy? by Nike P Q: I want to give an insulated jacket/pullover to a guy friend of mine who's going away to a cold country. He's 28 and I'm 23. Anyway I'm deciding between these two can you help me decide which is best and what's the best color? He has blonde hair and blue eyes. I have to keep it under a hundred bucks because that's my spending limit on my debit card. Tell me why you picked what you picked. 1. http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?cp=USNS_KW_0611081618&l=nikestore,grid,_grid,s-veracruz&re=US&co=US&la=EN&ef_id=1778:3:s_0c3b867496e9031aef9aabf1ba966b0e_860703670:EJPxcUo-JyoAAFJfPbcAAAAF:20080909200600#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-174755/pid-174756,_grid,f-10002+12002+4294967258/pn-2&re=US&co=US&la=EN 2. http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?cp=USNS_KW_0611081618&l=nikestore,grid,_grid,s-veracruz&re=US&co=US&la=EN&ef_id=1778:3:s_0c3b867496e9031aef9aabf1ba966b0e_860703670:EJPxcUo-JyoAAFJfPbcAAAAF:20080909200600#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-142026/pid-177719,_grid,f-10002+12002+4294967258&re=US&co=US&la=EN He's worth the money.

A: If you're going to get one of those, I would definitely get the second one. The first one is just ugly! But why would you want to spend that much? You shouldn't go right up to your spending limit. Why not get him a cheaper going-away present...? He'll appreciate your thoughtfulness even if you don't spend an arm and a leg on it...

When does the new Nike Zoom FS and CT soccer shoes come out in the US? by ConnorWilhem3 Q: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,zoom&re=US&co=US&la=EN#l=nikestore,zoom,menssoccerCT&re=US&co=US&la=EN They don't have any dates on the US premiere.

A: Check Eurosport

Where can I buy Nike gift cards? by jsb Q: In this case I don't mean online - I mean which stores excluding Nike stores obviously. The gift card should be able to be used to buy stuff on the nikestore website. By the way I am in the Miami area. Thanks!

A: child labour.com, plenty of gift cards there

How can shipping on eBay be like 30+ dollars while the item might be 10 dollars or something?is this right? by fanofthegame(ofbasketball) Q: 2) If you want to buy several items do you have to pay all the shippings? I guess you have to. It's not like the NikeStore online where you pay once and order several items at once... HELP?? From the US to europe..

A: International shipping dude. Costs more.

Whats the real lebron viii south beach nationwide release date? by shawtond Q: Ive seen and heard several different things about this and i wanted to know if itll be releasing at nikestore.com. Id like to see a link in your answer that confirms it. Thanks!

A: November 19, 2010

Where can I get a nike bandana in New York City? by harg g Q: I can't find it at the NikeStore and I don't know where to go. I would like to get the blue and white Nadal one, the black and white ones, or the federer charcoal one. when i say nikestore i meant nike town thx for the response anyway though

A: I don't know if by the nike store you mean the same as nike town but here is the address of nike town 6 E 57th St New York, NY 10022-2502 hope this helps

Nikestore.com Coupons/Promotional Codes? by conn11 Q: hey can ya please hit me up with some codes that can help bring my price down, I already got free shipping and I have been looking and the codes I found are expired! My luck, but please help I would appreciate it! :-)

A: http://www.discountwild.com/Apparel/Nike.com-money-off-codes/index.html

Nikestore.com promo codes? by $k¥Wå£k∑r Q: Please help I'm 2 dollars over budget...

A: try http://www.couponrampage.com

What websites will be selling nike galaxy foamposite online ? by Q: nikestore.com will not be selling them i know that for sure

A: Nike Galaxy Foamposites will not be available to purchase online due to "extremely low quantities". They are not available online from NIke.com or House of Hoops or Nicekicks.com I am very disappointed by this because I live approximately 300 miles away from the nearest HOH location and was counting on NikeStore.com to have them, it sucks to be from Nebraska :( Source(s) http://www.kicksonfire.com/2012/02/21/nike-com-will-not-be-selling-the-nike-air-foamposite-one-galaxy/ My Brain

NikeStore.com Product Voucher? by RAMBO Q: I received a $400 Nike Voucher after sending my mercurial superflys and I was wondering if I can sell the voucher and get cash. Is it allowed to sell the voucher for cash. Does anyone know where I can sell it without getting ripped off?

A: Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash. But yes you can give the voucher to some known friends and relatives and exchange with cash.

Where can I get bright basketball shoes? by Q: Does anyone know where I can get some bright basketball shoes? Preferably nike. When I say bright I mean like neon colors, bright yellows, greens and oranges. Anyone have any clues? I've been on nikestore, eastbay and finish line and can't really find anything. To give an example I would say something like the KD IV Weatherman colorway. Anyone got any TRUSTWORTHY sites? No fakes please. To the gay boy comment - your avatar is Kobe, who wore bright purple and neon yellow shoes on Christmas day. That comment is irrelevant.

Nikestore.com return question? by C.M Q: i bought some shoes from nikestore.com, when i got them they were pink. so i want to return the item. the paperwork says to return it within 30 days. ive only had it for 4 days. i printed the return label and filled out the return authorization form. just wondering what i'm supposed to do after that. i have the shoes in the original boxes? Do i bring it to the post office and send it on its way, and what should i keep for records.

A: Take it to the PO. Send it registered mail. Then you will have a receipt for it.

What are some good online stores for athletic apparel? by Q: Hey! Im playing club soccer this summer and I was wondering what are some affordable online retailers for sports clothing (besides nikestore.com and eastbay.com etc.) Thank you!

A: soccer.com I live on that website.

I want to get this shirt on nikestore.com but i don't have the money for it can anyone please get it for me? by agha_kawa Q:

A: yep

what should i wear with these shoes http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,home#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid by FireGurlwhoa Q: link to shoes http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore,home#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-154711/pid-154711,_grid,f-10001+12001+4294967131&re=US&co=US&la=EN

A: cute just wear them with jeans and a normal top they are just sneakers

Buying shoes from Nikestore.com? by bop Q: I want to buy a pair of shoes from nikestore.com, but it only ships within the US, and I live in toronto, canada. Is there anything I can do to still be able to buy the shoes other than shipping to a friend in the US? thanks

A: try another site my man or go to a store

Can anyone get me this shirt that i want on nikestore that i can't afford? email me if you can? by agha_kawa Q:

how long does it take for my stuff to come when i order stuff of nikestore.com? by Q:

A: Depends on how long it takes to process your order, if the items are in stock, AND which shipping option YOU pay for.

how long does it usually take for my shoes from nikestore.com to get to my house? by air Q:

A: i got my nikes yesterday and i ordered them last thursday

Which one should I shop at: www.footlocker.com or www.nikestore.com? by capswifey1 Q: I wanted to buy some new sneakers but don't know which store has better service in terms of good delivery condition.

Anyone Know the Promotional Code for The NikeStore? by Yeah Dude I Rock Q: anyone got the promotional code for checkout for free shipping?

A: http://www.discountwild.com/Apparel/Nike.com-money-off-codes/index.html

What happened to NikeStore.com? Why can't I access it? by Q: I visited NikeStore.com and it cannot be accessed. Why is it so?

A: Yeah. There must be something wrong with the website itself.

Will the Jordan 4 Retro Military Blue release on nikestore.com? by Q: I need to cop these and the only place is online at nikestore.com so i was wondering if they will be dropping there. Someone please help!

What CAD software does Nike use for all its designs? Are product pics on NikeStore.com made by CAD or Adobe PS? by AZH Q: If Nike is using CAD, can those product pics be created with Adobe Photoshop? And how to create apparel / garment product pictures like Nike's with any of Adobe programs? (Please include any tutorial and reference with your answers) Thank you very much...

A: Most likely, if the "pictures" are graphics, they are created with Adobe Illustrator, a vector base program. If the "pictures" start with a photograph, probably Photoshop. I have no idea what it is that you want to do. There are thousands of tutorials --- I suggest that you search for them yourself. If you would like to see what a vector base program can do in creating graphics take a look what this reasonably priced software can do: http://www.xara.com/us/gallery/ Just keep in mind that nothing shown here is a photograph. Adobe Illustrator can do the same thing -- at a higher price and steeper learning curve.

How long does shipping from Nikestore.com to L.A county? by Super Guitar Q: I bought my shoes sunday morning because i know processing orders take up to 24 hours but I just wanted to know how long it took for you guys (that live in the la county)to get it. thanks

A: that week you should get them

So i work at a nike store, how can i use my employee discount on the nikestore website? by Q: coz i registered and all but i cant find the employee id thing to get me 30 percent discount on the shoes....

A: I guess the customer service would help you.

Why Can't I order the Clash Series soccer cleats ont he nikestore website? by Q: They aren't available there for pre-order or order? I have a voucher for enough money a pair on that site and really want those cleats.

A: You can get them - http://go.nike.com/ClashCollectionUS

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