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NatalieeeAnnnn RT @SoVeryAwkward: That awkward moment when everyone is united by their hate of Nickelback.

JoanneCofton SOME FACTS ABOUT ME 10) Nickelback are my favourite band. ADTR 2nd favourite. BMTH 3rd Favourite. The Wanted 4th favourite

bbyblu_eyes22 Peeing myself with excitement that @Nickelback is going back on tour! Fuck ya!!!! #dreamcometrue

wayd0wn Nickelback are so shit, omg

liowende #nowplaying savin me - nickelback

Juanitacoi Silver Side Up: http://t.co/9t1MZizA

Cat__silver Nickelback. I think I should download their discography right now.


VictimCJ Liking 1 Nickelback song is liking all Nickelback songs. They only have 1 song, they just give it a new title every time they re-release it

LaurenHoward13 RT @TomDelongesGirl: is it just me or is the lead singer of Nickelback quite good looking..

BatmansUnicorn RT @TomDelongesGirl: is it just me or is the lead singer of Nickelback quite good looking..

1RoyalMedia #detroit say no to #NickelBack video on http://t.co/Xhdktuuh watch if u're #bored

willianeduardu @aipanjp Música premiada,you make me feel - cobra starship/saveme-nickelback/sol da meia noite-capital inicial.

TomDelongesGirl is it just me or is the lead singer of Nickelback quite good looking..

Nivikk RT @MensHumor: Dear Nickelback, that's enough. Sincerely, everyone.


Why are Nickelback and Creed known as 2 of the worst bands? by John M Q: I'm not the biggest fan of either band but i do like certain songs each band plays. I was wondering why they are known as the 2 worst bands. This is what I think- Nickelback- are known as a very bad band because of some of the lyrics they come up with Creed- Are one of the worst bands because their lead singer makes that funny noise with his voice when he sings (like he's trying to make it deep or something). Anyway am i correct or incorrect? Please tell me why each band is sooo bad below.

A: I don't know why so many people hate Nickelback. Personally, they're not my favorite band but some of their songs are pretty good. I really like "If Today Was Your Last Day", "I'd Come For You", and "Saving Me". Creed - well, I just don't really like any of their songs. I listened to two of them and I just never listened to that band again.

Does Nickelback play songs from different cds at their concert? by Ms.Carter~RIP Momma. Q: I'm kinda embarrased but I have never been to a concert. I am 18 years old and im finally goin to my first Nickelback concert. I havent really listened to this cd that much i only know a few songs. My question is do they play song from other CD's?

A: Yes, they do. I am going to their Dark Horse tour in May, can't wait!! I also saw them last September which was their 'All The Right Reasons Tour.' They played most off the songs off the All The Right Reasons CD plus some of the older singles like 'Someday' and 'How You Remind Me' and 'Figured You Out'. Have Fun!

What is the easiest song to play on acoustic guitar by Nickelback? by mattabatta Q: I am getting a acoustic guitar next month and am wondering which is the easiest song by Nickelback to play. Thanks for all answers ;) xx

A: I would say that most of them are fairly easy to play. I'd recommend starting with tablature with the most views as they tend to be the most popular (and easiest to play).

How is it possible that Nickelback is so good? by Fish Sticks Q: I mean seriously, they're obviously the best band of all time, but how are they so good? How much brilliance can one band create in such a short amount of time. Thinking about the music genius of Nickelback truly sends shivers down my spine.

A: It isn't possible, really. It is just a matter of opinion and my opinion runs contrary to yours, especially since they took a song from a previous album and put it on the next one note for note but just changed the lyrics. That is a screaming lack of artistic integrity, to say the least. Also, there is an unwritten law which states that only two Canadian rock bands can occupy the world stage at any given time. The Arcade Fire is due to release an album soon, so Nickelback will fade away, as they so richly deserve. And did you now how they got their name? Someone went to a show in their early years before they settled on a name and after the show was over, that person yelled "I want my nickel back!"

What is the second microphone that Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman use? by Luckyzach Q: Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman use a second microphone, I was wondering what kind it is... Nickelback use it during the song "Follow You Home" during the bridge. You can hear it in Theory of a Deadman song "Bad Girlfriend", right before the solo of the song. The microphone distorts or does some effect to the voice. I would like to know what kind of microphone it is or what they do to make it.

A: Nickelback doesn't suck. -.- But i think you're asking about Shure520DX.

Is Nickelback a good band to listen to while trying to get rid of a meth addiction? by jssl2234 Q: I know someone addicted to meth and he listens to Nickelback all the time. I don't think its good for him, and I wonder if something as simple as not listening to Nickelback anymore will be a step on the way to recovery.

A: You should try and get rid off as many habits that relate to the addiction(no matter if it´s drugs,drinking or quit smocking) even just if you used to sit in a specific spot while doing meth it would help to sit somewhere else to minimize the urge. With that said i don´t think Nickleback is ever a good band to listen to:)

NickelBack???????????? by Country Gal Q: i want easy listening songs like Far Away and Gotta Be Somebody. Any body know any good ones?

A: dunno if these are that easy listening but Savin' Me and How You Remind Me are both good. they're not like hard rock songs, but maybe not quite easy listening.

NIckelback? by Chris T Q: ok Iam in love with the band nickelback and I just wanted to see who likes them and there favorite song by them

A: I am IN LOVE with them! I have been to their concerts, and they are hilarious! Although you say you are in love with them, trust me, I love them more, especially the guitarist, Ryan Peake! My favorite song is probably a tie between Too Bad, and Breathe. I love Nickelback!!!!!!!!!!

nickelback? by 258963 Q: whats that new song called from nickelback? (the one where the music veido has like a guy in it and he is walking down the street and u c like "time" on everyone's head like how long till they "die".) please also could u give me a list of all the songs that r recent from nickelback? thanks!

A: Animals Another Hole In The Head Because Of You Believe It Or Not Breathe Cowboy Hat Curb Deep Detangler Diggin' This Do This Anymore Falls Back On Far Away Feelin' Way Too Damn Good Fight For All The Wrong Reasons Figured You Out Flat On The Floor Fly Follow You Home Good Times Gone Hangnail Hero-Main Version Hold Out Your Hand Hollywood How You Remind Me I Don't Have If Everyone Cared Just For Just Four Leader Of Men Learn The Hard Way Left Little Friend Money Bought Never Again Next Contestant Not Leavin' Yet Old Enough One Last Run Pusher Rockstar Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) Savin' Me Sea Groove See You At The Show Should've Listened Side Of A Bullet Slow Motion Someday Someone That You're With Throw Yourself Away Too Bad Where Do I Hide Where? Window Shopper Woke Up This Morning Worthy to Say Yanking Out My Heart savin' me is the song that you're talking about.

Nickelback? by bubblegumluver88 Q: Name all the New Nickelback songs that you can? i'm trying to find a certain song, I don't know the name of it. But it starts out something like prison gates, and gates of heaven or something. I know that it is one of his newer songs. Thanks!

A: Is it "Savin' Me" ? it's one of my favorite songs. u got great taste YOU GO GIRL!

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