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SimplyyP @BallLykFstamina niacin worked for me.. took one a light for like 4 nights & stopped smoking for that whole period. Drank water..

SimplyyP @BallLykFstamina there's a drink at GNC, cost $50 but it works. So does niacin, if you stop & take like one a night for a couple nights.

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How well does Niacin work when attempting to remove THC from one's system? by 4NICK8 Q: My job started urine testing again, and I want to be prepared if they pop me within the next few weeks. I've already stopped smoking (well, since tuesday anyway). The test that is used only detects up to 14 days, but I know it can take as many as 30 for some people. Any other suggestions to make me permanently clean would be appreciated. I will be starting on Niacin suppliments very shortly. Can anyone help with this?

A: The only way to make you permanently is to stop smoking. You can check the many online sites that will offere all knids of suggestions to help you pass a drug test, but the only way that is sure is to be truly clean.

What brand niacin gets thc out of your system? by JEA(!) Q: I weigh bout 180 at 5'11 i play soccer, i used to smoke a bunch stopped and then i slipped, havent smoked since and its been 2 to 3 weeks. Just wondered what brand of niacin i should get should i choose to go that route.

A: legistically, any type of niacin will do the trick. But keep in mind niacin on its own will NOT clean your system of thc. However, it will do so if accompanied with plenty of water and exercise. To clean your system of thc for a urine test do the following: stop smoking at LEAST 5 days before the day of testing and take nightly visits to the gym. When you go to the gym, take between 500 and 1000 mg of niacin before entry and run a few miles on the treadmill (the more you sweat the better) and top it off by sitting in a dry sauna (if available) for 15 to 30 minutes. And also be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and while at the gym so that all the thc that your work off by taking niacin and running has a chance to escape your body. Good luck! THE PERSON BELOW ME IS RIGHT ABOUT THE ASPIRIN THING BUT THAT IS THE ONLY THING HE/SHE IS RIGHT ABOUT. YES, DRINKING SO MUCH WATER WILL DILUTE YOUR URINE, BUT IT DOES NOT LOWER THE AMOUNT OF THC IN THE URINE. IT JUST MAKES IT SO THAT WHOEVER IS TESTING YOU CANNOT DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE THC (OR ANY OTHER DRUG) IN YOUR SYSTEM. DO NOT DRINK A LOT OF WATER ON TEST DAY LIKE THE PERSON BELOW ME SAYS WILL SIMPLY DILUTE YOUR SAMLE SO THAT EITHER YOU HAVE TO RE TEST OR THEY CONCIDER IT DIRTY. AND ALSO YOU DO HAVE TO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAYS BEFORE THE TEST (LIKE IT SAYS IN MY ANSWER ABOVE) AND TAKE AS MANY PISSES AS POSSIBLE (DON'T FORCE YOURSELF TO URINATE IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO). ALSO, YOU DON'T NEED TO STOP WORKING OUT 2 DAYS BEFORE TEST DAY. JUST DON'T WORKOUT THE DAY OF THE TEST. BECAUSE IF BY THE TIME TEST DAY COMES, AND SOMEHOW THERE IS STILL THC IN YOUR SYSTEM (WHICH WON'T HAPPEN IF YOU FOLLOW MY STEPS ABOUT) IT WON'T MATTER WHETHER OR NOT YOU RELEASED MORE THC INTO YOUR SYSTEM BY WORKING OUT BECAUSE IF ITS THERE, EITHER WAY YOUR GOING TO PISS DIRTY. Just do what I said above and by the time you test you won't have any thc in your urine sample

What is the difference between B3 and Niacin and Niacinimide? by dancush7 Q: Niacin and niacinimide have the same root, but whenever I see niacinimide, Vitamin B3 is always beside it in parenthases. Are they one in the same? What does it do anway?

A: Vitamin B3 is the same as niacin. However, when you stick an amide group on it, you get niacinamide (reference 1). Vitamins have a long and colorful history; some have been discovered several times, and given different names. Others have several forms, and ingestion of one form may be enough to allow the vitamin to do its job. Hence, when you buy B3 and it says "niacinamide," the form in the bottle has the amide group on it, but it provides B3 in the body, fulfilling its essential requirements. It is, very roughly, equivalent. Mild deficiencies of B3 result in an inability to tolerate cold. Severe deficiencies result in pellagra (reference 2), which used to be quite common in the southern United States. To quote the satirist Tom Lehrer: I'll go back to the Suwannee, Where pellagra makes you scrawny, And the honeysuckle clutters up the vine.1 I really am a-fixin' To go home and start a-mixin' Down below that Mason-Dixon line

What do cocain and the vitamin b3 niacin have in common? by Aday Q: I had a bottle of b3 niacin vitamins and got searched at school and the cop tested the niacin and somehow it came up posative as cocain. I swear it was nothing but niacin. I just got out of jail but I'm trying to get information so I don't get a felony and so I an get this worked out. Please help! Any information helps. Thanks!

A: Maybe there was contamination or mix-up in the testing process? That's all I can think of, though I could be wrong. Ask your lawyer about it -- maybe you could get them to re-test or do a more sensitive test on it.

Does Niacin work for cleasing your body quickly, and how do you use it? by Julia S Q: I need to know if niacin detoxifies your body. How long it takes, and how to use it properly to make it work.

A: yes i have done it mant times..it helps because it is a fat burner and marijuana store itself in fat.......dont listen ti idiots

How fast does niacin clear out your system of unwanted toxins? by Chase L Q: So I have a drug test for a job tomorrow and i haven't smoked for about a week or 2 and it wasn't that much. I have a bottle of 750mg Slo-Niacin which is time released capsules. I have been taking 2 of them before bed very night for about a week and drinking water. Am I good to go or should i find an alternative route.

A: Not really that fast, there are some better ones on DaddySave.com under the health and diet category. They have some better cleansers.

How much Niacin does it take to clear drugs from your system? by Jay Q: Im trying to keep my system clean but still be able to smoke every once in a while, like every couple weekends? But i don't know how much Niacin it will take to get me cleared of the drugs? And how long it will take!

A: BTW good question: May I email you a few things that will offer some help in this area? I didn't just want to without your permission Phy/21 years

Is a niacin flush good for any conditions? by Biofreak Q: Those familiar with niacin will know it causes a powerful "flushing" reaction, a warm, tingly, sometimes very itchy sensation all over much of the body if you take a large enough dose, due to the niacin dilating the capillaries. Aside from what niacin is good for(lowering cholesterol, among other things), is the flush good for any conditions? I have heard some people recommend it for dry skin, since it will increase circulation to the skin due to the dilating of the capillaries. Anyone know anything about this?

A: One of my guru's who was a Dr. Rammurit S. Mishra, M.D.(he was a published author)said that the flush indiciates that the niacin is reacting with your anatomophysiology at its optimum when the flush occurrs. For a number of years(way back when) I was on a medically prescribed dosage of 9 grms.(1,000 mlgs.) and the same for Vit.-C daily for a few years; the term for this type of medical modality is popularly known as "Mega-Vitamins", and is clinically, professionally referred to as "Orthomolecular Medicine - here's a link: http://www.orthomed.org/ My understanding is that an equal amount of Vit.-C should be taken with that of the Niacin. There is a form of Vit.-B-3(Niacin=Vit.-B-3 essentitally)termed Niacinimide, biochemically which does not produce that flush and is suppossedly equally as effective as the Niacin. I would caution you against the unprescribed usage of Niacin without medical supervision; as I recall, it can be harmful to the kidneys if not taken with an equal amount of Vit.-C. Sorry couldn't answer your specific question - "is the flush good for any conditions" - but thought the above comments and link might be helpful. TAKE CARE, and good luck, Alberich

What is the best niacin used for flushing the body? by tyler Q: I heard that niacin flushes all the toxins out of your body making you feel rejuvenated and I would love to feel like that again. Please I would like information regarding the best or fastest working niacin flush.

A: You heard wrong.It doesn't flush out anything, especially drugs. The "flush" of niacin is a feeling of heat & itchiness from the medication.

Is niacin plus a lot of Water and Cranberry Juice enough to Detoxify your body? by dillbryce0702 Q: If I start taking 100 mg(or a higher doesage) of niacin plus start drinking ALOT of Cranberry jucie and water for around 1 week enough to cleanse your body of THC. I AM trying to pass drug tests but I have approxiamtley 1 week or more before i am tested.

A: No, it will not help to clean THC out of your system and aside from the water, that's not going to detox at all. Niacin is a simple B vitamin that gives a "flushing effect" to your skin... not to your body. It makes your skin turn red (it makes your skin flush) because it helps with circulation. It won't burn your intestines (unless you're highly allergic to it), especially in that low of a dose... but it might turn your skin bright red. Cranberry juice just helps to make your urine a bit more acidic so it can help to cleanse out a Urinary Tract Infection... it doesn't specifically detox your body.

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