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NHL playoff schedule

NHL playoff schedule released - USA Today
The NHL released its first-round playoff schedule on Sunday night. Five of the eight series have back-to-back nights for Games 6 and 7. A series-by-series look: EASTERN CONFERENCE. No. 1 Pittsburgh Penguins. vs. No. 8 New York Islanders. May 1: at ...

NHL playoff schedule: Eight first-round matchups set as Senators beat Bruins
Thanks to the Ottawa Senators 4-2 win over the Boston Bruins on Sunday night in the NHL's season finale, all eight matchups in the first round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs are set. The Montreal Canadiens are the Northeast Division champions and ...

NHL playoff schedule: Kings and Ducks
Not only are the Kings and the Ducks both in the Stanley Cup playoffs, they will be playing almost all of their first-round games on the same days, according to the just-released schedule. The defending Stanley Cup champion and fifth-seeded Kings open ...

2013 NHL playoff schedule: Matchups, TV times
Posted: Mon April 29, 2013 12:41AM; Updated: Mon April 29, 2013 12:41AM. 2013 NHL playoff schedule: Matchups, TV times and more. Facebook Share. Share. Tumblr; StumbleUpon; Reddit; Digg; Delicious Del.i.cious. Email. Print. Facebook Share. Share ...

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Telovision 2013 NHL playoff schedule: Matchups, TV times - http://t.co/ygiGD4m1mJ: Bleacher Report2013 NHL playoff schedul... http://t.co/iScwPw9uJ3

SammyHudes RT @bookofloob: I really wish the NHL would release the playoff schedule so I can see when the Flames

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ell_somers “ The #NHL has released the schedule for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. http://t.co/ODsKhPOdoj” so it's #bruins vs. #Leafs ehh

KevinStott11 RT @dantalintyre: The schedule for the 2013 #NHLPlayoffs has been released. Check it out here via @BR_NHL — http://t.co/Zc21VPWR4G #nhl

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dantalintyre The schedule for the 2013 #NHLPlayoffs has been released. Check it out here via @BR_NHL — http://t.co/Zc21VPWR4G #nhl

BentleytheGreat RT @TSN_Sports: Canucks-Sharks highlights TSN and TSN2 playoff schedule: Go to TSN.ca for details. #TSN http://t.co/lXKqiNrurL

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hockeythisweek NHL playoff schedule released http://t.co/RLx5ZLmgaM via @USATODAY

howbona_bot The answer is "NHL playoff schedule"!

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dignsms2 2013 NHL playoff schedule: Matchups, TV times … NFL Draft grades,NASCAR,White House Correspondents Dinner 2013... http://t.co/N1TdpoCCnT


If Matt Sundin comes back to play in the NHL ,What team will he play for? by James G Q: If you think Toronto ,I think that's a bad move for Toronto .

A: He won't be a Leaf if he's waited this long. The only reason he would be coming back is to get a Stanley Cup. It's one of the few team awards he's never won. I'm still of a belief he's going to be a Hab and that his talk with Gainey in the off season was about him not being able to take a full schedule and a long playoff run as well at his age. Going to Vancouver would be a mistake. That club is not a serious cup contender as it stands. The only other places I could see him go are Detroit, New York (Strangers) or maybe Ottawa (long shot).

Why does the CBC HNIC schedule have 26 Laffs games on it? Is this a typo or something? by formerlysuspendedguy Q: Well, technically they have two 7 PM EST games listed most days, but the Laffs games will usually shown nationally, with the exception of the Ottawa/Quebec regions at times. Which brings me to my question, "Why do we tax-payers in Western Canada (Flames, Oilers, and Canucks fans) have to watch the f--king Laffs 26 times in one year?" What I'm trying to say is the Laffs clearly lick balls. They haven't even come close to a cup in 40 years. Yet CBC insists on shoving their crap down Canada's throat year after year. Personally, I'd say both the other teams in the East are better than and also much more intriguing than the Laffs. The Sens are one of the best offensive teams in the NHL (finalists last year), while the Habs were serious contenders last year until the flu killed them. Carey Price would've been fun to watch this year, but thank you CBC, no chance of that happening now. In conclusion, I want to say that CBC runs on federal tax money and all teams should be shown equally. OK, Mario Lemieux, when were they close? Last time I checked they hadn't even gone to the final the last 4 decades. Also, don't tell me this crap about 14 cups. No one was around to see them, and there were only 5 other teams to compete with. You had a 17% chance to win the cup every year. Also, there was no player movement, so it was easy to keep a team together. If the Oilers dynasty had played back then, they would've easily reeled off at least 12-15 cups in their dynasty, with Gretz, Mess, Kurri, Coffey, Fuhr around for at least 20 years. So, in reality, 14 cups in 100 years isn't that impressive at all, considering NONE of them have come in the post-expansion NHL. 288- Yes, absolutely CBC runs on 100% federal tax money. It's not a privately owned organization, but rather government funded. And as you know, the trademark characteristic of the government is to hire idiot, over paid people (Don Cherry). You saw that for yourself last week, when the most watched CFL game of the year was on CBC, but got delayed by a thunderstorm. CBC cut to a movie, but when the game resumed, they never went back to it. So all the people watching missed the end of it and were stuck watching a gay movie, waiting for the game to resume. Another idiot move by an idiot Toronto- based corporation. Puckdat- Isn't it funny how the Teacher's Pension Union mentality is rubbing off on the Laffs fans? They, too, care about nothing else but the bottom line. The Laffs management has been corrupt and suffering from a constant internal power struggle since the days of Harold Ballard, but their ownership (old teachers) can't be bothered to try to fix it, because they couldn't care less about winning a Cup. All they care about is the bottom line and raking in big dough every year, which they do thanks to idiot Laff fans paying through their noses for a losing product. Anyways, looks like CBC is the same way. Just keep the suits and the bigshot corporations happy and screw all the rest. Well, I'm glad you agree with this mentality. Now you can go watch the Laffs management backdoor JFJ like they love to do while the team s--ts all over the ice. But they will make a lot of money, that's for sure. Hope you enjoy filling up their pockets, Puckdat. 288- Yes, the commercials are all paid for by the major companies who advertise on CBC, and then there is also the companies like LaBatt Blue, who sponser certain aspects of HNIC like the pregame show, and Moores, who provides all the clothing. But at the end of the day, the government writes the cheques to all the CBC employees, and collect all the revenue generated from the programming. It's just like any other business, except for the fact that the government runs it with tax dollars, instead of a private owner or ownership group running it with their own money. HNIC makes money, no doubt, but they need to at least be reasonably fair with showing all the Canadian teams. For example, they could maybe show Leafs games 50% of Saturdays, and then split the Habs and Sens the other 50%. But right now its basically Leafs on the first half of the double header EVERY Saturday. ss98- I know what you mean. Just listen to the great Don Cherry himself insult French people. He's the one who can't speak English...seriously. Unfortunately, Toronto people can't see anything outside of their own city and their own best interests. You might say they're Americans.

A: Great freaking point. I live here in the west and I get to watch 10 Oilers games at most during playoffs!! It is so unfair. We even bought the channel that oilers games are on in Edmonton and they are blacked out here. It is a crappy system. It is because the East has all the people down there and the majority says they want Toronto because 5 million people are in Toronto. Even in general the East gets more advantages than the west like voting, the elections are already over by the time Alberta and BC's votes are counted. There was an Eskimo-Rider game on CBC and the connection went faulty so they switched to a movie while they were trying to out the game on the air, then they got the game running and CBC decides to stay with the movie because the ratings were higher. Great freakin point my man.

how would you feel if the NFL puts a franchise in England? by Derek Q: Should other countries be apart of America's Sport? If so what European cities should have teams? Obviously London would be the first European city to have a NFL team. What do you think?

A: Oh its definately coming down the line, whether americans like it or not. To compete against rival leagues for worldwide revenue the NFL will absolutely need to expand overseas. The disadvantage that the NFL has against the NBA for example is that basketball is popular as a sport to play worldwide, whereas only small groups of people in select locations (like universities) play american football outside north america. London has a stadium capable of hosting 8 matches a year + possible playoff games - Wembley has demonstrated that it is definately up to the task of an NFL schedule with the international series of games (yay i'm going this weekend!). The fanbase is also ready to go. Yes, I said the fanbase is ready to go. The international series games sell out in under an hour every year, the last time I looked at the numbers there were around 90,000 tickets available and over a million people applying for them, and that is without any mainstream media advertising for the ticket sale at all. NFL europe did fold, but that was for two reasons: 1. the product was second rate, we all knew that it wasn't the real thing and 2. It was a down period for sports in europe in general (other than soccer). Now interest in the NFL, NBA and NHL is exploding in europe, the NHL opens their season in europe with 8 games a year, the NBA is bringing the nets and raptors to london in march for their first regular season game in europe and of course there is the NFL international series. I'll be the first in line to get season tickets for the new london team (monarchs again?)

what is a good fantasy hockey league to join? by Mikey D Q: me and my brother are looking for a good fantasy hockey league that has a schedule and playoffs. i cant remember if we used the nhl one or yahoo one last year but we didnt like it, i think it was called the keepers league. were thinking of using the espn one cause thats what our neighbor uses.

A: I used the one on Yahoo! last season and didn't struggle to like anything about it. But if you use ESPN you may receive free live scoring. With whichever way you decide to go have fun and GL.

Why in NHL standings is a team with less points 3rd place when teams below have more points? by evan Q: The Florida Panthers are 3rd place in the Eastern Conference when they only have 91 points, but the Penguins have 102. Why are the Panthers 3rd place

A: Because of the unbalanced schedule, teams play more games against teams in their own division than against teams in other divisions. With that in mind a team with the best record in each division is in the playoffs. With that in mind they should have home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs thus a third place finish. The NBA is similar but the top four teams (including three division winners) are seeded. Using the MLB or NFL analogy think of the non division winners as wild card qualifiers. Then all falls into place.

Why does each team play 18 games with the other conference in NHL regular season? Why not 15? by A P Q: I know that they play 15 games (1 game vs each of the other teams...) but then they play 3 teams 2 times, home and away... why are there those 3 teams? Why not just have the 15 games (1 game vs each team). And how are the 3 teams to play 2 games determined?

A: It has to be an even number. If they played 15 games out of conference then half the league would play 8 home, 7 away, while the other half would play 7 home, 8 away against the other conference. Besides the fact that you'd have to make up the difference by creating an unequal schedule within a team's conference, hypothetically the teams playing one extra home game against conference rivals would also have an advantage. As they are the teams they're battling with for a playoff spot. Conference games matter more. So it has to be an even number of games and every team in the same conference must have a balanced schedule. It used to be 10 inter-conference games. One division home, one away. 8 games against divisional rivals, and 4 against the rest of the conference. The league wanted to increase inter-conference play particularly so the West would see stars like Ovechkin and Crosby more. In their building every other year. 16 isn't enough and 20 games would create an unbalanced conference schedule. So 18 just makes the most sense. I don't know how it's chosen but I assume its based on rivalry. It changes each season, but it's probably no coincidence that this system means all Canadian teams play each other at home and away every other year. Such as this year.

It seems I can't find tv/cable listings for most of the scheduled hockey games this year. Know why? by xxxamazedxxx Q: It seems I can't find tv/cable listings for most of the scheduled hockey games this year. Even on the NJ Devils game schedule, where the tv listings are shown next to each scheduled game, only about half have channels. Seems Versus is showing only a few and most of the cable hockey channels aren't active this year. Does anyone know why or know where I can find them this year?

A: That is really odd. This is from the offical versus site....."VERSUS’ 2007-08 NHL schedule highlights some of the most exciting hockey games of the season and every U.S.-based team will be featured on VERSUS at least once during the regular season, with teams like the New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Colorado Avalanche, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Philadelphia Flyers making a season-high eight appearances each. In total, VERSUS will present 57 regular season games, All-Star weekend, wall-to-wall playoff action and the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final. " That is bunk. What the hell kind of T V exposure is that? You will get to see your team at least once??!! The hell? Well Thank you. Those other 81 games did not really matter did they? Thank you Gary f*&^%$#g Bettman. That is why i am so glad I am now Canadian and do not have to rely on cut rate crap like that. I would tell you to check out Centre Ice from your cable provider, but that is no good if you live in your teams viewing area. I truly am sorry for your pain.

Should the NHL go to a best of 5 for the fist round of the playoffs? by ned s Q: Is seven games to many to determine the winner? It seems to me most series are decided in 5 games anyways so why not adopt a best of 5 in the first and second round then the best of 7 for each confrence finals. This would shorten the season and give the finals teams more time to chill in the off season and give them a chance the following year. See what happened to the Canes last year and the rigorous schedule the Ducks had to put up early this year. Is this fair or am I wrong?

A: in a way it is a good idea and i see your point for the players to rest and have more time off in the offseason but it wont happen because they need the revenue considering the NHL is the least watched sport in the U S they want more Telivison cvoverage to draw more viewers Also correct me if i am wrong but i believe the players get more money not part of their regular season salary or counted against the cap the more playoff games that are played so i would think that the players or at least some might be against the idea

Are you satisfied with the coverage on Versus? by Howe #9, Klima #85 Q: Do you think they show enough games during the week? Do you miss ESPN's "NHL2nite"? Do you think VERSUS should show a nightly show dedicated to the NHL? I heard the ratings have been better on VERSUS, but ESPN seemed to show more games and gave better coverage. Bonus Question: What's better, Sportscenter or FSN Final Score?

A: Alright, speaking as a fellow Wings fan, and I am a die-hard Wings fan, I loved ESPN hockey coverage so much more than Versus. I liked the announcers like Gary Thorne and Bill Clement and the analysis of the games. The current contract with Versus is up after the 2010-11 season. After that, I am really hoping the NHL will do one of two things: One, get a contract back with ESPN. Then you have ESPN and ESPN2 on which you can broadcast two games at a time, instead of just one on Versus. The second option, if ESPN doesn't want to start over with the NHL, I would like to see the NHL bring TSN to the States. TSN is pretty much Canada's ESPN. I would love to be able to watch hockey games on off nights the Wings don't play, or even before or after Wings' games when the Wings are on the West Coast. Fans would be able to see so much more hockey and see how the other teams really play. But what is especially upsetting about Versus is their Playoffs Schedule and that's where my point really kicks in. Last season's Playoffs schedule in the East Quarterfinals pinned Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Montreal vs. Boston, Washington vs. New York (R), and New Jersey vs. Carolina. I remember vividly turning on Versus and seeing Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, which was fine. But then, I turned on CBC, and I saw the same game with different announcers. That's what irritates me the most. I'm 19 and I can figure this out, but it will only work if ESPN signs a contract with the NHL or the NHL brings TSN to the States. Let's say the NHL signs a contract with ESPN after the 2011 season, and this is the 2012 NHL Quarterfinals(If the Playoffs Started today, these would be the Matchups). Eastern Conference 1 New Jersey 8 Florida 2 Washington 7 Boston 3 Buffalo 6 Atlanta 4 Pittsburgh 5 Ottawa CBC draws Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa because Ottawa is the only Canadien team to make it in the EAST. ESPN draws Washington vs. Boston because this would be the matchup that most fans want to see. ESPN2 draws New Jersey vs. Florida except in the local markets of Buffalo and Atlanta because they want to see their team over any other game. And remember, in those markets, they would still receive PIT vs. OTT on CBC and WSH vs. BOS on ESPN. I believe this would increase ratings for the NHL because you have hockey on ESPN, ESPN2, and CBC. I don't believe this schedule would interfere with the NBA Playoffs because they have TNT and ABC. However, I guess it could become a problem, at which if I was ESPN, I would think about the idea of an ESPN3, which would solve all the conflicting schedules that could potentially occur between the NHL and NBA. But plain and simple, Hockey was so much better on ESPN than it is on Versus. And for the exact reason that I just talked about. Also, there should be two games from each conference everyday, or every other day. That should be up to the Number 1 and Number 2 seeds in each conference to decide if they want to open on Wednesday or Thursday. If the 1-seed chooses to start Thursday, then the 3-seed starts Wednesday, and if the 2-seed chooses to start Thursday, then the 4-seed starts Wednesday, or vice versa. Then whoever plays Game 1 on Wednesday plays Game 2 on Friday, and whoever plays Game 1 on Thursday plays Game 2 on Saturday. Also, I think FSN Final Score is better because it's informative and tells the fans what they want to know, while being only a half-hour show. I also like how they have the rundown that tells you what's coming up in the next five minutes. Sportscenter takes double the time and double the commercials to tell you the same thing, and that's why I like FSN Final Score more.

8th seed with lowest the points ever in an 82 game season? by shadow Q: What is the lowest overall points by a team that has clinched the playoffs as an 8th seed?? anybody happen to know the answer?

A: 1995-1996 was the first time the NHL had used a 82 game schedule. The answer to the question is the Montreal Canadiens. The lowest total in the 82 game regular season format is a tie between the the 1996-97 Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators of the same year, both of which had 77 points (note that was the last year before the first of four of the newest expansion teams joined the NHL). In this season, the Canadiens were the 8th seed on a tiebreaker. The lowest in the post-lockout era, which saw the introduction of the OT/SO loss point, is also a tie, between the Montreal Canadiens (again) and the Philadelphia Flyers, both of which had 88 points in the 2009-10 season. In this season, the Canadiens were the 8th seed once again on a tiebreaker. 1995-96: Winnipeg Jets 78 points 1996-97: Montreal Canadiens*(8th seed)/Ottawa Senators 77 points 1997-98: San Jose Sharks 78 points 1998-99: Edmonton Oilers 78 points 1999-00: Buffalo Sabres 85 points 2000-01: Carolina Hurricanes 88 points 2001-02: Montreal Canadiens 87 2002-03: New York Islanders 83 2003-04: Nashville Predators/New York Islanders/St.Louis Blues 91 points 2004-05: LOCKOUT 2005-06: Tampa Bay Lightning 92 points 2006-07: New York Islanders 92 points 2007-08: Nashville Predators 91 points 2008-09: Anaheim Ducks 91 points 2009-10: Montreal Canadiens*(8th seed)/Philadelphia Flyers 88 points 2010-11: New York Rangers 93 points

Should the NBA and NHL switch to a 2-3-2 format for playoff scheduling? by Spanky Q: Of the three major sports that have seven-game playoff series (baseball, basketball and hockey), only MLB uses the 2-3-2 format. The NBA uses this format only during the Finals. The 2-3-2 format would reduce travel time/fatigue for players, coaches and staff involved, and would also cut costs for teams and media.

A: LITY- I'm curious as to why the NHLPA would oppose the previously used 2-3-2 format. From a player health issue, I'd think the travel impact (not so much for the Eastern Conference with the current setup, but for the Western teams for sure) might be a greater issue. Again...MLB uses it and has for years (and remember- the NHL was using it for a while). But I don't play in the NHL, so presumably these guys know what works best for them.

What are the rules for high school hockey 10 points best answer? by Ryan Resendez Q: i have been looking online for the high school hockey rules with nothing being found if anyone can help or tell me if there same as the nhl rules please that would be very appreciated thanks but what if its in america

A: Here's the rules for my rink in California: Each player is required to bring the following items to register: - Copy of Player's Birth Certificate - Student Identification - Proof of Minimum 2.0 GPA Requirement - Proof of USA Hockey Membership All teams are required to carry 20 players on each of the eight team rosters. PLAYING RULES: The Ice Station High School Hockey League will use the "Official Rules of Ice Hockey" 2010-11 Edition from USA Hockey. Specific issues that are not covered by the USA Hockey Rule Book are: Game Length: Each High School game will consist of three 15 minute stop-time periods. In the event of a six goal spread at the 10 minute mark of the third period, the clock will be running time. Tied Games(Regular Season): If at the end of regulation time, the score is tied, there will be a three minute stop-time sudden death overtime period. Each team will play with 4 skaters and a goaltender. If at the end of the overtime period, the score remains tied, each team will be awarded one point. If the tie is broken during overtime, the winning team will receive two points and the losing team will receive one point for the initial tie. Tied Games (Playoffs): There will be 2 three minute overtime periods (4 on 4) followed by a 5 man shoot-out. Four Penalty Rule: Any player receiving four penalties during a game is subject to an automatic game misconduct penalty. This will cause a player to sit out the next regularly scheduled game. MODIFICATION TO USA Hockey Rule RULE #404 (d). Third Man-in Rule: Any player receiving a penalty for "third man into an altercation" will be given a game misconduct penalty unless otherwise indicated by the referee. EFFECTIVE MARCH 20TH, 2010 - Major Fighting Penalty: Fighting/Game Misconduct: Any player receiving a Major Penalty for fighting will be handed a mandatory 5 game suspension. Any subsequent occurrence(2nd offense) will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season including playoff games. Any player suspended in a subsequent occurrence will have to submit a written request for a hearing to the Ice Station Hockey Department. This hearing will determine if the player will be reinstated for the following High School Hockey Season. Any Game Misconduct occurring with less than 5 minutes remaining in a game will result in an automatic 3 game suspension. This suspension can include playoff games. Penalty Minute Maximum: Any player receiving 35 minutes in cumulative penalties during the regular season will be subject to an automatic game misconduct that will be served at the next scheduled game. Any player reaching 50 minutes in cumulative penalties will be ejected from the league. Off-Sides: If an attacking player precedes the puck that is shot, passed or deflected into the Attacking Zone, the Linesman shall signal a delayed off-side. The off-side violation will be nullified if all attacking players in the Attacking Zone clear the Attacking Zone by making skate contact with the blue line. The Attacking Zone must be completely clear of attacking players before a delayed off-side can be nullified with the puck still in the Attacking Zone. No Icing during Penalty Kill has been eliminated for the 2011 Season. USA Hockey Rules apply. 15 Penalties Rule: Any team receiving 15 penalties in a game will subject their Head Coach to a Game Misconduct to be served at the next scheduled game.

Why are there 14 american league teams and 16 national league teams in baseball? by freewainwright Q: Sorry, but this seems dumber than dumb. Why don't they just move one of the national teams to the american side to even up the divisions? And, please, don't bother and bore me with comments about "tradition." It is dumb to keep it this way because the national league central division is at a big disadvantage in relation to the american league west. It seems like they could work something out between inter-league play to fix the schdule.

A: Unfortunately, it's all about scheduling. If there isn't an even number of teams in each division, one team will always have no one else to play. Which would drag the season on much longer than it needed to. However, I've always been a fan of having 15 teams in each league, and having one interleague series going at all times. All other major sports have interleague games all year (NBA, NFL, and NHL). I don't see any problem with baseball doing the same. I mean there just has to be some way to even up the divisions in baseball. Just doesn't seem fair and "traditional" to have one division with 6 teams competing for one playoff spot, and another with only 4 teams. Let's get it together MLB.

How many hockey medals did Canada win in the olympics? by Questioning Character! Q: Since the very beginning of the olympics or whenever hockey joined the olympic sports, out of all of those years how many times did Canada win the golden metal?

A: Hey bud. I think this is an overkill in info :P Most of it was copied off of Http://ProIceHockey.About.com 1920 - Canada wins easily in Belgium 1924 - The first Olympic Winter Games are held in Chamonix, France. The Canadian hockey team wins all five of its games, outscoring opponents 110-3. 1932 -Needing a win or a tie to secure another gold medal, Canada plays the United States to a draw in a marathon final game. The match is called after three scoreless overtime periods. 1936 - After four consecutive gold medals and a 20 straight victories, Canada loses to Great Britain and finishes second. 1948 -Canada and Czechoslovakia finish with identical 7-0-1 records, with Canada winning the gold medal on total goals scored: 64-62. 1952 -For the last time in the 20th Century, Canada wins the gold medal in hockey. 1956 - The Soviet Union enters its first Winter Olympics, winning more medals than any other country, including the gold medal in hockey. Canada finishes third, behind the United States. 1960 -The original Miracle on Ice unfolds at Squaw Valley, California. An unheralded American team defeats Canada 2-1, the Soviets 3-2, and the Czechs 9-4, winning the gold medal. It is the USA's first Olympic gold in ice hockey. 1964 -he Soviet Union wins gold, beginning an era of internationl domination that will last nearly three decades. From 1964 to 1992, the Soviet hockey team will win seven Olympic gold medals in eight tries. 1972 -Canada refuses to send a team, having withdrawn from international hockey to protest the definition of amateur athletes. International hockey is restricted to amateur athletes, but the Canadians argue that the Soviets and other eastern bloc teams are amateur in name only. After winning the gold medal, the Soviets play a team of Canadian NHL stars in an exhibition series several months later. Shocked by the excellence of the Soviet players, the Canadians win the series by the margin of a single goal in the final game. 1976 -Sweden joins the Canadian boycott, also protesting the use of sham "amateurs' by eastern bloc countries. 1980 -The Miracle on Ice becomes one of the defining moments in American sports history. An unheralded Team USA closes the tournament by beating the Soviets 4-3 and Finland 4-2 to win the gold medal. 1988 -As the amateur era draws to a close in most international sports, the Olympics are opened to professional hockey players. But the top professionals remain unavailable due to a conflict with the NHL schedule. 1992 -With the USSR having dissolved a few months before, the Soviet Olympic team competes under the banner of the "Commonwealth of Independent States." The hockey team wins its eighth gold medal since 1956, a final victory in one of the greatest championship runs in any sport. In future Olympics, former Soviets republics will compete seperately. 1994 -In one of the all-time great gold medal games, Sweden defeats Canada in a shootout to become Olympic champions for the first time ever. In celebration, Sweden issues a postage stamp bearing the image of Peter Forsberg's winning goal. 1998 -Women's ice hockey debuts at the Olympics. The United States wins the inaugural gold medal by defeating Canada. For the first time ever, the NHL takes an Olympic break, allowng its players to join their national teams. The Czech Republic wins a thrilling playoff round, defeating Canada in a shootout and shutting out Russia 1-0 in the gold medal game. Canada and the United States both finish out of the medals 2002 -Canada sweeps gold in the men's and women's tournaments, with the United States winning both silver medals. The Canadian men's victory comes 50 years to the day after its last ice hockey gold at the 1952 Winter Games in Oslo, Norway. The NHL continues its agreement to shut down for the Olympics, allowing national teams to use players from NHL rosters. 2006 -In an historic upset, Sweden defeats the USA in a women's semifinal match, and go on to take the silver medal. Sweden defeats arch-rival Finland in the men's gold medal game. The victorious Swedes are welcomed as heroes in Stockholm, where thousands gather for a massive and memorable celebration. 2010 -One of the most dramatic final games in Olympic hockey history sees Canada beat the USA 3-2 in overtime to win gold on home ice in Vancouver. The USA mounts a spirited comeback to erase a 2-0 Canada lead, before Sidney Crosby's overtime goal clinches the gold medal. I think everyone will remember USA's last goal and comeback, and then Crosby's last goal right? Haha, well hope that helped. Btw in overall Canada's mens team has 8 Golds, and 20 Medals. Canada's Womens has 3 Golds, and 4 Medals.

What is the process to win the stanley cup? by dream_catcher_83 Q: How many games does each team play and such to get to the point of winning the cup?

A: All 30 teams in the NHL play an 82 game regular season schedule. The division winners plus the top 5 non-division winners get into the playoffs (seedings among division winners and the top 5 non-division winners are determined by points). They then arrange the seeds for each conference like this: 1 vs 8 2 vs 7 3 vs 6 4 vs 5 After the first round, they reseed and have the top remaining seed play the lowest remaining seed. So, if the 1, 3, 5, and 7 seeds remain, they would be arranged by so: 1 vs 7 3 vs 5 The winners from the series move to the conference finals. Then the winners from the conference finals move on to the Stanley Cup finals. The winner of that series wins the Cup. Each series is a best of 7 series, which means that a team has to win 4 games in order to move on to the next round. After a team wins 4 games, the series is over and the winning team moves on.

Can anyone explain why the Chicago/Vancouver series has a different home-and-home sequence? by Awesome Bill Q: The game sites SHOULD be VAN - VAN - CHI - CHI - VAN - CHI - VAN. I checked the NHL and Blackhawks websites and see that only six games are scheduled (which is understandable) but the game sites are scheduled as VAN - CHI - CHI - VAN - CHI - VAN. The other three series are scheduled with the "normal" seven game, home-and-home sequence. Does anyone know why the Chicago/Vancouver series is different?

A: here's the schedule http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/playoffs/secondround/chivan;_ylt=AnxYmwGWL5UAS3cM6HjJ6vykxMEF must have been a mistake that has been corrected because everywhere I look now it's correct. Just pulled this off NHL.com GAME 1: @ Vancouver, Thu. 4/30, 9 p.m. ET GAME 2: @ Vancouver, Sat. 5/2, 9 p.m. ET GAME 3: @ Chicago, Tue. 5/5, 8 p.m. ET GAME 4: @ Chicago, Thu. 5/7, 8 p.m. ET *GAME 5: @ Vancouver, Sat. 5/9, 10:30 p.m. ET *GAME 6: @ Chicago, Mon. 5/11, 9 p.m. ET *GAME 7: @ Vancouver, Thu. 5/14, TBD

How does the mens olympic tourny work? by chuckpuck2002 Q: I wanna know which teams are in which divisions, and i need to know the format and rules of an olympic tournament like this. tHaNk YOu...

A: Group A: Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Group B: Sweden, Slovakia, USA, Russia, Latvia and Kazakhstan. Rules: In the Olympics, tied playoff games are followed by ten minutes of sudden death overtime. If the game remains tied, it is decided by a shootout. An Olympic hockey shootout uses five shooters from each team. The international ice is 210 feet long and 98 feet wide. Goal lines are 13 feet from the end boards. Goaltenders can play the puck anywhere behind the net. International hockey uses "no touch" icing. Sponsored Links The play is whistled down as soon as the puck crosses the goal line. When a penalty shot is called during Olympic hockey, any player on the shooting team may be selected to take it. Players fighting in Olympic hockey receive a match penalty and are ejected form the game. Most of the rest of the rules are similar to the NHL. Format: Round robin play within each group. Then the following playoff schedule: Wednesday, Feb. 22 Quarterfinal (A1-B4) Quarterfinal (A2-B3) Quarterfinal (B1-A4) Quarterfinal (B2-A3) Friday, Feb. 24 Semifinal(winner A1-B4 vs. winner B2-A3) Semifinal(winner B1-A4 vs. winner A2-B3) Saturday, Feb. 25 Bronze Medal Game Sunday, Feb. 26 Gold Medal Game

Do you think the Dallas Stars going to make it to the playoffs? How important is this next game? by JC is the MAN Q: Dallas Stars Next Game. Sat. 2/28 Ducks @ Stars Thanks for any information you can provide because I haven't been watching the NHL as closely as I said I would this year. Also, please explain your answers. :))

A: Are you kidding? This next game is big. So are the rest.... The Stars are in some serious trouble. Key injuries have enabled other teams to narrow down the number of players they have to really focus on. That's why players like Neal, and Brunnstrom and Eriksson have had such a rough go of it lately. Turco has been playing a lot, and he has gotten a bit more consistent in between the pipes, but like last night, he is prone to have a huge gaffe at least once a game. How long can the coaching staff continue to ride this guy? If by some stroke of luck we make the playoffs, he will be so physically and mentally drained it will be another one and done! The trade deadline is looming, and if the small transaction they completed the other day is the only thing we do, this season is going to be pretty much a downer. No Morrow, no Richards, and no Zubov for the rest of the year? Come on.... I'd love to be wrong on this, but I am not going to hold my breath. By the way, I will STILL watch every last one of our games. I am not a bandwagoner. GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: Well, after this weekends games, every remaining game on the schedule needs to be thought of as a playoff game. Now, Petersen has been placed on IR, too. We can't afford anybody else getting hurt. Or suspended, Ott is out pending a hearing for what hapened over the weekend. This is it for us, what happens in the next week or two will make or break the season for us.....

Rumors Experts: What NHL team is most likely to move the soonest? by Rutgers Student Q: I'm very curious about what team might move, as a fan for only about 10 yrs, I never experienced a NHL team being moved. Which team will move the soonest? ...Columbus Blue Jackets? ...New York Islanders? ...Nashville Predators?! ...other!? And what are the top city choices? i know Kansas City is a choice, and a few Canadian areas...what about Seattle?

A: Okay, I'm not going to use an article placed in dozens of papers. Gary bettman did say that he would expand before he relocates a franchise, but in all honest opinion, that's not what should happen. Moving a team is a difficult task, but if the market is made for a team of this sport, it would be a good option. Out of the teams that you have listed, the preds are the most likely one to be moved just because the team has not ever had a dominant season, so they are overshadowed by the music industry every year. The isles have tavares filing seats, and the jackets are reasonably good now with Nash and Mason. In my opinion though, moving a team out of florida, or atlanta would be the best choice. There is no demand for hockey down there, and the total demand is only enough for one team. Atlanta just has never really sold tickets. Moving to a new city is the next part. KC isn't a bad idea, but it would have to compete against the chiefs, although with their bad years, it could be competitive. Seattle isn't a bad thought, but it is far away from other teams, so there would be a chance at losing profits due to travel. Yes it is close to vancouver, but colorado, calgary, edmonton, and san jose are all a distance away. But then again it is bettman, so it could happen. I think that Salt Lake City wouldnt be a bad place to throw into the mix either, as it has the venue, and it's a relatively good sized market, plus its weather is not going to interfere if the team goes to the cup, unlike florida and dallas. Canadian markets always have high demand for hockey. The only problem is, CHL teams are everywhere, and to put a team in a city with one would kill off that team, unless it was a large city. Hamilton is a good idea, and it would not hurt the leafs one bit. From my point of view it would actually help. A rivalry always helps teams do better, and in the end, the leafs could make the playoffs. Saskatoon/Regina, not sure which one, would be a great place too. If Saskatchewan was to hop on a team like they do the roughriders, that would just be incredible. Winnipeg has to be put into the mix, along with Quebec City, as they both had solid teams there that just got messed around by bettman. The one thing that has to be kept in mind, is the size of the city, and the type of market it has. It's hard to compete with another team that competes at the same time, because schedules have to be perfected, and with strong support, it may be hard to fill the stands. Coming from me, its a lot of logistics, but it is a viable option to move a team, more so than expanding, Gary just hasn't done enough economics to understand this.

What do you think about realignment in the NHL? by Evan Q: Personally, I despise the idea, especially since there will be only four divisions, and they won't even have an equal amount of teams! The simple way to do it would be to move the Predators to the Eastern Conference and the Southeast Division, and move the Jets to the Western Conference and the Central Division.

A: I agree, horrible idea. I think they should just get rid of divisions and have 15 teams per conference, and the top 8 make the playoffs. That's it. Nobody cares about division titles anyway. The schedule should be that you play a home-and-home with every team in the other conference, and have a balanced schedule with the 14 teams in your own conference to add up to 82 games.

Should the Calgary Flames have made it to the playoffs over the Montreal Canadiens? by Miikka Q: The Calgary Flames are an all round good team. They got 3 place in their division, and the Canadiens were the same. But the Calgary Flames were better then the Canadiens. If you look at the stats. So why do you think the Canadiens made it over the Flames?? BQ* What is your favorite player on the Calgary Flames

A: Calgary played in a tougher conference. In reality, only the top three or four from the Eastern would have made it if the NHL used a balanced schedule and eliminated Conference playoff seedings. But it is what it is, some years it goes the other way.

How does it feel like playing NHL hockey in June? by King Henry the 2nd Q: After a 7-8 game preseason, followed by a 82 game schedule, and 4 grueling minimum 16 games Playoff series? Once, Steve Yzerman said after a heavy favor Stanley Cup winning Detroit team was eliminated in the 1st round by San Jose " at least we can enjoy the summer, because lately we usually play into late may or early June, and have to come right back to camp in September"

A: Not to mention BOTH teams went through the same process last year......Stevie Y must have said that later in his career because he certainly had plenty of tee times in the early going. Atleast Crosby, Lidstrom and Datsyuk got the all star break rest (LOL...oh, that can of worms!).

Why can't I watch Ducks Vs Sharks nhl playoff games on Versus? by dancinshoes76 Q: It is scheduled on Versus but when i watch at that time its showing something else and says that this game cannot be broadcasted in my area in small writing at the bottom of the screen. WTF??!! Every other nhl plays when scheduled besides the only games i want to watch, Ducks vs Sharks. I live in Los Angeles if that helps. What do I do?

A: The Ducks game was on FSN West-Prime Ticket tonight. The game was blacked out on VS because of this. Not Versus's fault this time. If FSN chooses to show the game, then it will be blacked out on Versus. This happens with Center Ice during the regular season as well.

How do I get NHL Playoff Tickets? by BostonDomination! Q: I wanted to try and get some playoff tickets to a Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lighting Conference Finals game in Boston assuming the Bruins win tonight but I have no idea how. Will tickets go on sale tonight if the Bruins win right after the game or are they already on sale or what? Also, where am I supposed to buy them right when they come out for ticket value and not for like $300 on stubhub... thanks!!

A: They will go on sale tomorrow, assuming the team wins tonight. You should know two things: the first is that current schedules allow for all series to go 7 games, so you would be buying tickets to a game over a week away, and this may be changed if all series end soon. The second thing is that you're not going to get a lot of change back from your $300 per ticket. Prices rise with each round.

Is there any where I can listen to the preseason games? by Patrick Q: I live in Nashville, I have tickets for the home games, but are the games gonna be broadcast on radio, More specifically The NHL Radio network?

A: The Predators games this season will be broadcasted by 104.5 The Zone (WGFX 104.5-FM) here in Nashville TN. However, I'm unsure if the pre-season games are going to be broadcasted: '... WGFX will carry all regular season and post-season Predators games that do not conflict with its previous broadcast commitments, while Nashville’s Lightning 100 (WRLT 100.1-FM), which carried a number of Nashville’s games last season, will broadcast the balance of the schedule. All regular-season and playoff games on either station will include a post-game show, with those following home games emanating from the Sommet Center’s Suite Level Club. ...' Nashville Predators Radio Network: '... regional affiliates continue to join the radio network, a number that have confirmed include:Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF 1370-AM), Cookeville, Tenn. (WHUB 1400-AM), Loudon, Tenn. (WFIV 105.3-FM), McMinnville, Tenn. (WAKI 1230-AM), Decatur, Ala. (WWTM 1400-AM), Huntsville, Ala. (WUMP 730-AM), Bowling Green, Ky. (WBGN 1340-AM), Glasgow, Ky. (WCDS 1440-AM) and Hopkinsville, Ky. (WHOP 1230-AM). ...' Listen via Internet from 104.5's website: http://www.1045thezone.com - Bob http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GrandOleNashville/

when will the 2011 nhl playoffs start? by Tom Q: specifically when will the sabres play their first game? if you get this info from a website please add link so i can check it out. THANKS!

A: The playoffs are set to begin on April 13th. However, it is impossible to say when the Buffalo Sabres (or any other team for that matter) will play their first game. The actual schedule for each of the series will not be set until the playoff match-ups are finalized. Yes the regular season is almost over, but there's still plenty of uncertainty. In the east 4 teams have clinched playoff spots but none have clinched a division so nobody's seeding is set yet; in the west the Canucks have clinched the conference but nobody else has even technically clinched a playoff spot yet. The Sabres are not one of the 4 teams in the east to clinch, although something monumental and crazy would have to happen to knock them out. Anyways, what it boils down to is that the Sabres (assuming that they make it, which as I've said they should) will play their first post season game on either April 13th, 14th, or 15th, but the actual specific date and the rest of the schedule will not be decided until all of the seedings and thus all of the 1st round match-ups have been finalized.

What are you thoughts about the NHL Lockout is now over? by staggmovie Q: All that is left is for the deal to be approved by the Board of Directors, and the players, and I can't see from what I have been hearing, that the deal will be declined. But what are your thoughts of it son to be over, and a schedule of somewhere between 48 to 50 games will begin on January 19th. At best I would like to hear from people on both sides that are happy to see it back, and those who aren't happy to see it back, since the two big games the Winter Classic and the NHL All-Star game have been canceled. Are you happy or not happy to see this meaningless season get played and why?

A: First, a minor correction: The CBA has yet to actually be written. All of the big picture parts of it are done, but now Bettman, Daly, the Fehrs, and their staffs will get to work on calculating the minutae. That'll probably take a day or two before the thing even gets sent out to the owners and players. There's still plenty of time for one of those jackasses to ruin this. That said, I'm happy that it looks like there will be a season this year. It's not meaningless at all. I'm not sure where you're getting that. 48 games is enough to pick out the best teams, and the winner of the playoffs will have their name on the Stanley Freakin Cup!! If that's meaningless to you, I'm forced to wonder how the extra 34 games in a season add meaning. And the All-Star Game and Winter Classic are only "big games" to the casual fan who doesn't watch much hockey anyway. The Winter Classic is cool and all, and it's great that we have a New Year's Day tradition now, but it's just one outdoor game of many. As a Toronto native who holds two degrees from the University of Michigan, I'm as bummed that I didn't get to see the Wings and the Leafs in the Big House as anyone, but that game will happen soon. Probably next year. Losing the Winter Classic for a year probably means almost nothing to people who aren't Leafs or Wings fans. And oh no, there's no All-Star game, the season is meaningless! Are you serious with that? C'mon! The ASG may be fun to watch but it's the most meaningless thing in hockey. There's a beer league game going on right now in an arena none of us have ever heard of that means more than the NHL All-Star Game does. In short, I'm very happy that I probably won't have to wait long before there is hockey on my TV every night again.

Who decided on the current NHL schedule? by Zam Q: Correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming that this decision came under vote by all NHL teams, at least I would assume that every team would get a vote in such an important decision. I ask this because every day on here there are people who moan and whine about Detroit playing in an easy division, as if they somehow planned it that way. I admit that Detroit's division is currently the worst in hockey and provides them with a healthy point cushion in the west, but you only have the greedy owners (of your favorite team) who don't want to pay the travel expenses of a balanced schedule for that. Also, It seems to me that Detroit playing in a "soft" division is not near the advantage that most claim that it is, coasting into the playoffs is clearly not the way you want to enter the SCP..... Thoughts? I think the Detroit-Edmonton series 2 years ago is a direct indication of what can happen when a team that has been comfortable for weeks runs into a team that has been fighting it out just to make the playoffs. I think that Detroit's playoff success last year had a great deal to do with Nashville's strong push to overtake the division lead all the way to seasons end. The Wings had something to play for and not just the President's Trophy. Mike- it, unfortunately, is not just you. I just wanted to point out that, 1.) I don't think playing in a weak division is an overall adavntage when it comes playoff time and 2.) If you want to be mad about it, blame your team and others in the west who don't want to pay for the travel to even out the schedule. 3.) Detroit may not have been as high of a seed, but there is no way that they would struggle to make the playoffs in ANY division in hockey.

A: The owners and players association both agreed to the current schedule and current divisions. While it may be an easy division now, it may not always be that way. 6-7 years ago, the Southeast division was ridiculed because whomever won that division was basically being boosted by the fact that winning it meant you were 3rd seed whether your record was that good or not. Well guess what? The Southeast division boasts 2 of the last 3 Stanley Cup winners in Carolina and Tampa Bay and an exciting young team in Atlanta. Washington looks like they are re-loading as well.. So, while Detroit DOES have an easy schedule today. 3-5 years from now, it may not. As far as coasting into the playoffs? It has it's advantages and its disadvantages. We all want to go into the playoffs relatively unharmed. But getting into the playoffs without really being tested can also mean you aren't ready. I think the road to the playoffs is easier for Detroit than it is for Dallas/San Jose/Anaheim and Calgary/Colorado/Vancouver/Minnesota. They don't have the bruising that goes along with those battles. However, they also haven't played with the intensity those other teams have had either. I think this has been evident the last couple of years for Detroit, but Babcock can get them through this. Once St. Louis and Chicago get the young kids in gear (and maybe Columbus), it won't be so easy anymore. Wildmick Bettman has no say in the schedule. Each team provides the league with 'desired' home dates. The league then does it's best to accomodate each teams home games. As far as geography.............the divisions have been geographically based since 1981. The 8 games against division opponents has been around since 1981 as well (7 if you were in the Smythe in 81 and Patrick from 82 onwards). I think Zamdriver's issue is that Detroit plays 8 games a year against some weak teams...and Detroit fans didn't ask for that (but they aren't going to apologize for it either)

What is the point of the divisions in the NHL? by Q: I know in football the winner of the division automatically gets a spot in the playoffs, but what is the point of it in hockey? I know that the first 8 teams with the best record in the CONFERENCE make it in the playoffs how do the divisions affect anything ?

A: Teams don't play a balanced schedule. Each team plays 6 games against the other teams in their division. 4 games against the other teams in their conference and 1 game against each team in the other conference plus 3 other games against the other conference for 4*6 + 10*4 + 15*1 +3 = 82. Any other combination wouldn't work. With this distribution the team with the best record in the division makes the playoffs. One of the proposals for redistribution deletes the divisions and the top 8 teams in the Conference make the playoffs without the division breakdown In order to achieve this breakdown there will be 5 games against each team in your conference and 1 game against each team in the other conference. This will result in 85 games. There are two problems with this. It requires agreement with the NHLPA and the 85 games is 43 home and 42 away or vice versa. not really fair especially when the eighth place team beats the ninth place team by 1 point and had the extra home game. Anything else creates the NFL rating the schedule difficulty.

Why are the NBA Finals and the NHL Finals scheduling two of their games opposite each other? by David M Q: The Thursday, June 4th Finals games and the Tuesday, June 9th Finals games are on the same night, although the Stanley Cup Finals game starts an hour earlier. This makes it impossible for fans of both sports to watch both games live. Many people like both basketball and hockey, and I think it shows a gross sense of disrespect by both sports for each other to do this.

A: Why does the NHL wonder why their ratings suck? What genius said "oh lets put hockey on at the same time as the NBA Playoffs." Hockey sucks especially against basketball.

How do you play AHL games in BAGM NHL 13? by Zachary Amend Q: I have a Be a GM going as the Buffalo Sabres in NHL 13. I want to be able to play my AHL games in the playoffs because both the Sabres and Amerks are going. How do I do this?

A: when you look through the main schedule menu, press RB to switch.

Where can I get a playoff schedule for the second round? by Jenna Q: I need a schedule of who will play who and when they will play for the SECOND round of the playoffs! I WILL GLADLY PICK YOU FOR BEST ANSWER IF YOU GIVE ME ALL THE INFORMATION!!!!!! IT IS HOCKEY!!!!! IN THE HOCKEY SECTION! NHL!!!!!!!!

A: NHL.com, but it won't be released until all series' are completed. EDIT: East Match-Ups -> Sabres vs Rangers, Devils vs Senators

When do the Pittsburgh Penguin’s play the Detroit Redwings? by Bob B Q: So far this whole hockey season of 2009-2010, the Penguins have not yet played the Detroit Redwings or the Washington Capitals. When are they going to start playing them? They usually play repeat teams all the time. Are they going to wait until the playoffs again to play the Redwings if they make it to the cup? Including the Washington Capitals?

A: go look at the schedule on nhl.com

Can NHL officials officiate in the playoffs if they are set to retire? by jay k Q: Kerry Fraser Dan Marouelli Lyle Seitz Mark Pare All retiring this season, but looking through the NHL officials for the first rd of the playoffs, none are participating. Is this just a coincidence, or is there a rule about this?

A: There's no rule but in the past (Bruce Hood excepted), most officials retire at the end of the regular season because if gives then some finality in the date. In the playoffs, officials are re-rated after every round so it would be rather embarrassing to schedule a 'ceremony' for an official and have him not make it to that round. Fraser will be missed...Marouelli, not so much!

Do you think that the NHL will change the seeding for the playoffs? by Sweety Singh Q: We all know that they need to be changed because it's not fair that team from the Southeast has less points than teams from other divisions but they still make the playoffs. But do you think the NHL will change this system?

A: They won't be changed. Until someone can prove beyond a doubt that the schedules are equal, (and that is an impossibility) than the division winners deserve to have the first three seeds. For now, winning a division is what is required to guarantee a playoff spot. The divisional schedule negates any equality among divisions, rendering re-seeding a dangerous decision. besides, the NHLPA wouldn;t go for it. SHO I wrote that earlier this week.

When was the last time an NHL team played a game three consecutive days? by -closed- Q: three different games of course- not including one playoff game that lasts until the next day and a game the following day. Has this ever occurred? What is the record for most consecutive days playing an NHL game?

A: Playing 3 games in a row is actually forbidden in the CBA. It has happened a few times in NHL history, usually due to weather forcing cancellation of a previous game. As the previous poster stated, San Jose and Colorado played a rescheduled game on March 20, 2003 in Denver to replace a snowed out game from November 2002. San Jose was actually scheduled to host Anaheim on the 20th, but that game was moved to the 21st. Prior to expansion, games were held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with each team playing a game during the rest of the week (NHL teams used trains until Los Angeles joined the league). Starting with airplane travel era, came the CBA era, and playing 3 games on 3 days became forbidden. Beginning in 1972-73, the NHLPA demanded that teams get Christmas Day off as well (Christmas Eve came the next year giving us the present 2-day break), meaning that the last Christmas Day game in NHL history was between the Los Angeles King and the California Golden Seals on December 25, 1972 (Seals won 3-1 if anyone cares)

What times or wht times have the NHL quaterfinals been played ? by Jacob Y Q: I wanna buy tickets for the Caps quaterfinals game 1 but i can only go at night , so I wanna find out if the quaterfinal playoff games are usually at night, or what ?

A: It depends on how the schedule works out. The Caps will have home ice in the first round. The playoffs usually start two or three nights after the season ends. I would think that this would work out to a Thursday or Friday night but that isn't set in concrete. They COULD start in Saturday afternoon. for a nationally televised game. It depends on what the league does with the schedule.

With the realignment of the NHL conferences, do you think theyll add 2 teams to make all 4 conferences have 8? by Landshark93 Q: The realignment puts the NHL with 4 conferences, 2 with 8 teams and the other 2 with 7. I think it could be possible that they add another 2 teams to even it out? What do you think? If they do, when and where do you think itll be?

A: This is not the NFL, where all teams divide the money evenly to have 32 teams and have them all equal in money/chance into the playoffs. Plus if we are going to add 2 more teams, they would have to put 2 more teams in the Western USA to force Detroit/Columbus to the NE conference, and move Tampa Bay and Florida to the Atlantic Conference. If you add Quebec City and another team, we would have a complicated way to find a solution to realignment. Just adding one, would make scheduling hard.

What are your thoughts on the NHL starting the season again in Europe? by Joe B Q: "Bettman said he expects the league to again kick off its regular-season schedule in Europe with games in Stockholm, Sweden, and Prague, Czech Republic. And an announcement will be forthcoming on the participants and venue for the second Winter Classic outdoor game, he said" Thoughts?I love going to home openers is anybody else with me on this?

A: I am with you on the home openers. Using our Flyers as an example, going to their home opener next season should be a blast. The fans are going to be pumped following this season's playoff run and with that, their expectations are going to rise. I thought the start in England was a bad idea last season and I think that Sweden and the Czech Republic this year is an equally bad idea. The hometown fans of those teams get cheated of a game and the players absorb quite a bit of unnecessary travel. The NHL has not allowed teams to play a minimum of a home and home citing travel issues/expenses as a primary concern. It's just another gimmick which will lose it's appeal after a few more seasons. The teams they should invite are the Kings and the Ducks (the players and coaches, not upper management). If both of those teams agree to start another season the way they did last season then they should continue consider doing it again.

How does the player situation work in NHL Fantasy Hockey during playoffs? by adrian Q: Im in a yahoo hockey pool, and this is the first year we've decided to use the head-to-head scoring system. I'm curious how exactly it works come playoff time. Do we have to start dropping and adding players accordingly to what teams make the playoffs, or is there some sort of re-draft? No one in the league really knows, so were treating the end of the regular season as the end of our pool, and just taking the playoffs for a test drive. If anyone has any info, would be much appreciated. thanks!

A: Your fantasy hockey league "playoffs" occur during the last couple weeks of the regular season. Look at your team's schedule, notice how it ends before the season does?

When do NHL playoff Round 2 Tix go on sale? by Jared Walters Q: I want to get tickets for round 2 of the playoffs if my team gets in. I know you can get tickets on stub hub for the second round of the nhl playoffs, but I can get tickets much cheaper if I get them through the team right? When do second round tickets go on sale?

A: jaw... See below for the complete hockey post-season schedule and playoff tickets for all venues, including Conference Finals, Conference Quarterfinals, Conference Semifinals, Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals -- even the All Star Game. Note the "(If Necessary)" by many of the games, which allows you to buy playoff tickets safely. Or securely online or over the phone (see "Company Info" link at the bottom of any page). http://bit.ly/HockeyPlayoffTickets

When does the NHL playoff schedule get announced this year? by Phillip Q: This question is for the 2012 season but I'm curious if they announce it the same time every year also?

A: The season has to end first, they announce it a day or so later.

Why does the NHL put playoff games on during the day on weekends? by brian_cam Q: its almost May, the weather is beautiful, there is outdoor work to do around the house and places to go and the NHL puts these great playoff games on during the day when even the most serious fans aren't even home. Then they wonder why they can't get any money for a TV contract and why pro bowling gets higher ratings. Gary Bettman has been so bad for hockey. They are ruining the worlds greatest sport. This isn't the NFL and its not January where people will plan their day around watching a game.

A: I couldn't agree more.Got a million things to do around the house,it's nice to take advantage of the nice weather especially in Canada.Ratings would be alot higher for evening games and it would be great to go to a patio bar after the days chores and watch the playoffs.I'm a serious fan but I also have a family life.If they schedule a Bruins game in the afternoon,I guess I'll make an exception lol.

Does anyone know what the NHL Center Ice Playoff schedule is? by Captain Charisma Q: Playoffs start tomorrow but NHL Center Ice isn't showing any games. When you go to the channel it says they will show the playoffs. So when do they start showing the games?

A: nhl centre ice will present you the first and second round of the playoffs dont worry

What is the Intricate NHL Playoff scheduling? by markit87 Q: I need to buy tix for playoff games and the tix go on sale on 4/6. I would naturally buy whatever but I cannot since I go to school 300 miles from my fav. team. So i need to know when each game will fall because i can only go if it is a weekend game. I figure if my team is a top seed they will get games 1,2,5,7 @ home. So the season ends April 8th. I think in the past the first playoff game is 3 days after the season ends with 8 teams playing and then the other 8 start the next day. So that makes it a Wednesday and thursday start dates. Can anyone confirm this? Also, it appears that games have intervals of 1 day between them except for a few games at the end of the series, which i cant figure out a pattern to. So I figure if my team is a top seed I can for sure attend game 2(fri/sat). If they are a lower seed, I would have to bet that there would not be a 2 day break in the series and that they would play game [email protected] Sat/Sun. Does anyone have superior knowledge to the system?

A: You got it mostly figured out. Yes, games start Wednesday April 11th. They should schedule a game every second day. The reality though is the biggest unknown is arena availability. They sometimes shift schedules based on the home arenas being booked. This is especially true in arena that also host NBA basketball teams who also start their playoffs. It also seems to me teams in the south or haven't made the playoffs for a couple years, etc. tend to have more scheduling problems. But it can happen to the best of them. If you are doing that much planning I would check the venue to see if they have concerts or other things booked. So what happens is if the average is a game every second day - they all end in about 14 days. They get a "must finish the series by date" and a date that the next series starts. If you have scheduling problems and stretch out the beginning games, that is when they cram in all those end games with no break and just hope they finish off the opposition by then. The other factors are US TV. They tend to slip some games to be Saturday and Sunday so the game can be ignored by US TV. If it is 2 US teams matching up, you are more likely to run into this. Good luck. I live about 5 hours away from Vancouver. I have to take a ferry, so it is an overnight trip. I will try to get tickets, BUT it will be next to impossible. If I get anything I will be happy and fit my schedule to fit theirs. So my bet is game 2 is Saturday, and game 5 is the following weekend. But if you are looking for SJ tickets, you do realize they currently DON'T have home ice advantage? That would currently go to Nashville. And you might be thinking SJ has what it takes to move up in the final couple of days, but it might not be a priority for them. I would say 3 teams are racing for the number 4 position so their chances are 1/3.

Where can I get a full NHL Playoffs schedule? by craigb12426 Q: Does anyone know the schedule for the playoffs? I'm trying to get tickets, but I can't get a schedule for the dates the games on on.

A: 1. Type in www.nhl.com into the URL box. 2. Hover your mouse over the menu choice which says "standings". It will bring up a couple more options. 3. Click on the option which says "playoffs". That will give you the Playoffs and the dates in which they take place. I know the Penguins play on the 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, and 27th.

How can I know when the Bruins playoff games will be scheduled? by Mahmoud MC Q: I am deciding on travel plans and would like to know now when the Bruins would play Games 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the 2011 NHL Playoffs... Chances are they will meet the Canadiens, but how can I know if Game 1 will be held on Wednesay 13 or Thursday 14? Same for Games 2, 3 and 4...

A: I agree with previous answers that it will not be officially determined until the season is over. But I strongly suspect the Montreal series will start on Wed April 13th. On Thurs April 14th is the French language Prime Ministers debate for the Canadian election and its doubtful the Habs game would be on TV the same night.

What does the "JIP" in "Versus (JIP)" stand for? by ram32589 Q: On the NHL Playoff schedule, it sometimes lists the network as "Versus (JIP)" instead of just "Versus." Now, I think I've figured out why as "JIP" is only listed there when games overlap. But I just want to know what "JIP" stands for.

A: Joined in progress. It means that the game starts before the regulation-time conclusion of the early game.

When is the first round of the NHL Playoffs? by puck91 Q: I need to plan a vacation for the first round of the NHL playoffs and need the possible date ranges for home and away games for the series.

A: At this point the exact dates are still to be determined but according to NHL.com: "The regular season concludes April 18. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are scheduled to begin April 21 and conclude no later than June 19." Home and away schedules will be determined by Stanley Cup playoff seeding of the top 8 teams in each conference.

when the heck is the playoff schedule going to be announced? by bobbyo222 Q: Don't they start in NINE DAYS? how can the NHL not have the playoff schedule (at least for round one) released? I know the TEAMS aren't set yet, but why can't they tell us the DATES and matchups? ex: West #8 at West #1 April 9th, etc.....????

A: Because they still have to compete for buildings with the NBA No point in dictating who plays where until you know exactly who is in what place, and which arenas are available on such and such a night. It's like saying East #8 at East #1 thinking that Montreal will be #1 and it turns out to be the Rangers and the Knicks have a game that night...or there's a Perry Como concert or something.

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