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NFL Draft Tracker

Live: NFL Draft pick-by-pick draft tracker
Live: NFL Draft pick-by-pick draft tracker. By SportsDayDFW.com · [email protected] · 3:57 pm on May 8, 2014 | Permalink. Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, owner Jerry Jones and and Executive VP Stephen Jones, at a pre-draft press ...

Full NFL Draft Results
Day 3 of the 2014 NFL draft is underway at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Encompassing four rounds, the final leg of the draft is where contenders build the bulk of their rosters with quality depth, while pretenders bring on training-camp fodder ...

NFL draft trade tracker
Washington Redskins: Acquire pick No. 47 overall in 2014 and Dallas' third-round pick in 2014, No. 78 overall. -- At No. 47, Washington selects Trent Murphy, LB, Stanford -- At No. 78, Washington selects Spencer Long, G, Nebraska ...

Updated NFL draft tracker: Bears' picks and their impacts
The Bears headed into this weekend's NFL draft owning seven picks and with their eye on continuing their roster upgrades. It has long been figured that general manager Phil Emery would keep his focus on defense. Here's a look at what the Bears have ...

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Free 2009 Fantasy Football? by Q: I am nineteen years old and would like to participate in a free fantasy football league just for fun. I don't even know if there is such a thing and am VERY knew to fantasy football. If anyone knows where I could join a league and draft a team up for free please let me know.

A: Your in luck, just about every website has a free version. Yahoo, Espn, and Nfl.com all have free and pay sites. Yahoo really stepped up this year by adding free stat tracker which will track the points and stats of your team during the game and also how well your match up is going overall. Espn has always been a fan favorite but Yahoo has really stepped up. Also Yahoo offers free mock drafting, which is an important part of Fantasy football because you can practice taking the players you know you want at different spots. Lets say you want Kurt Warner and you think you have to get him 2nd round, well by mock drafting youll see he usually falls to the 4th round than you can save him and pick a rb or receiver in the 2nd and 3rd. Hope this helps

What is the best site to host a fantasy football league? by Jim C Q: I am starting up a fantasy football league (my first as commish). What site should I use? Are the pay sites worth it?

A: I've used all the following: Yahoo ESPN CBS Sportsline NFL.com AOL Fleaflicker Sandbox, NBC Of those the only one I really don't like is CBS Sportsline. They have a clumsy draft interface, cheesy roster limitations, and it's just cumbersome to use. Sandbox was my favorite before they were acquired, followed by Yahoo. ESPN's is easy, but we found it suffers from server traffic and is locked up more frequently. In short, none is perfect, but Yahoo, Fleaflicker and Sandbox (in that order) each are just fine. Pay sites really aren't worth it unless you want to go for a cash prize as in CBSSportsline. A $12.95 upgrade in Yahoo gets you a decent draft kit and Stat Tracker which I really enjoy. Yahoo's free leagues are adequate for most people.

What is the best website to use for a fantasy football league and why? by horizonwnw Q: Ideally, we'd like to find a site that has a free live draft, among other things. Thanks in advance for the help!

A: Yahoo is one of the best free leagues. They offer live drafts and real time stat tracker during the game. Yahoo Plus is not free, but is very good, however, terrible prizes for winning the league. They now give out plaques to the winners of the league. In the past they gave out your choice of NFL team jersey. CBS sports & NFL.com free leagues are ok. They have nfl analysis giving you information on players each week Espn leagues are ok -pay leagues a little better. They use to give out t-shirts and trophy to winners. Good before game time information. Open chat on Thursdays durning the season. You can ask the Espn sports associate football questions about your team players. "who to start' USA Today offer this service for free every Thursday Fox leagues are ok - they also have a chart each week on who to start and sit The Sporting News legue is ok, however the pay league is very good. Lots of information and updates on players before game time. Very good information about your team players durning the week. You will get a newsletter on what players to start and sit each week. All leagues offer live drafts if you join early, except The Sporting News. If joining a free league, I would go with Yahoo. "The Best" You can always get football information from espn, the sporting news, nfl.com and cbs sports.com If joining a pay league, I would go with CBS or The Sporting News. I hope this help

What do you like about Yahoo! Fantasy Football? by Yahoo! Sports Q: It's never too early to start thinking about Fantasy Football. You either have to defend your title or be the new champ. This is your year to dominate your league. Fantasy Football is open! So tell us, what do you like about Yahoo! Fantasy Football? We'd love to hear from you. And that's not all… The community member with the Best Answer AND signs up for Fantasy Football could win a Fantasy Football package: mini cooler, pub glass and koozie. See PRIZES: http://bit.ly/13A1K4t Sign up for Fantasy Football today: http://bit.ly/14TvKWU **No purchase is necessary to participate in the promotion. The contest is subject to the full Official Rules: http://bit.ly/11U01Th

A: I like the camaraderie,ERR,I like stomping on pansies like these other answerers! I'm already in a league this year,and I've been playing Yahoo fantasy sports year round (MLB,NBA,NFL) for about 15 years;Since back when Yahoo wanted us to pay for live stat tracker (What a joke,I never paid for that!)..Yahoo fantasy sports is ADDICTIVE,I can't get enough of it! (Before I played Yahoo fantasy football I knew very little about NFL football teams;Now I could probably name every teams starting offense off of the top of my head!) Yahoo has the best live football draft boards PERIOD,I LOVE talking SMACK to my opponents during drafts,and Yahoo experts rank players better than ESPN,CBSsports.com,and NFL.com..Their live drafts pale in comparison to Yahoo. I also like Yahoos' mock draft set up.,and I've done about 20 NFL mock drafts already this year.I hate to lose in fantasy sports,and I rarely do,which is evident in my Yahoo fantasy sports trophy case.That is a really unique & attractive part of Yahoo fantasy sports.I've won lots of leagues at other websites,but they didn't have trophy cases,trophies,or written records of former leagues & teams.I think that's what I enjoy the most about Yahoo fantasy sports;Looking through my Yahoo trophy case,and remembering all of my former teams,friends,foes,and contacts I've made over the years through my Yahoo fantasy leagues.The teams & leagues are there in black & white;The trophies are there in bronze,silver,but mostly GOLD!

Free Program for Fantasy Football??? by southfla34 Q: Does anyone know of a program that exists for Fantasy Football that is free? I am looking for something to help with the draft along with a draft clock, draft tracker, so on and so on... I have always just plugged stuff into Microsoft Excel and kept it on my own, but I was wondering if there is anything else out there? I am not looking for a site to play at or on, I am looking for a Owners/Managers program that helps me keep up with my league outside of Yahoo...

A: NFL.com has a free Fantasy Football League but it has not started yet I play it every year along with Yahoo Fantasy Football

What were the 2013 Indianapolis Colts draft picks? by Mark R Q:

A: 1st Round - With the 24th pick they grabbed up defensive end Bjoern Werner from Florida State, he will help fill in for Freeney who was let go. 2nd Round - no picks traded that away to get Vontae Davis last year 3rd Round - picked up offensive guard Hugh Thornton from Illinois, he's big and agressive and will add to the offensive line. He's versatile and can play a number of positions. 4th Round - picked up center Khaled Holmes from USC to strengthen the offensive line 5th Round - (from Browns) picked up defensive tackle Montori Hughes, for his size this guy is fast and mean 6th Round - picked up strong safety John Boyett from Oregon. This guy has some knee problems but he's super fast. His 40 yard time was fast even with the injury. If it wasn't for his injuries he likely may have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He could be a great add on once he fully heals. 7th Round (first pick) - picked up running back Kerwynn Williams from Utah State. He's small but speedy kind of like Mike Hart was. Not really a guy that can break tackles. 7th Round (Mr Irrelevant Pick) - picked up tight end Justice Cunningham from South Carolina. This guy is big, fast and aggressive. He reminds me a lot of a mix of Allen on the Colts and Gronk on the Patriots. This guy is anything but irrelevant. Look for Pep to line him up opposite of Allen when they need a better pass blocker than Fleener or when they run some spreads with more than 2 tight ends. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2013/tracker#dt-tabs:dt-by-team/dt-by-team-input:ind I watched the whole draft. The Colts mainly focused on the offensive and defensive lines with some attention to the defensive secondary. After the draft they picked up some good free agent wide receivers and corner backs.

Is there a site where I can practice drafting players for Fantasy Football (NFL)? by Bob Q: My drafts are in a couple of weeks and I think it would be nice to practice first. Maybe get an idea of who the sleepers are. Thanks!

A: yes espns fantasy football has mock drafts all the way up till start of the regular season. and their leagues have better settings and you get stat tracker for free on espn. you have to pay for it after the first week on yahoo's fantasy league.

will any nfl teams sign ray small? by kevinstamper14 Q: WR OHIO STATE

A: According to the following website: http://www.nfldraftbible.com/NFL-Insider-Insider-info/2010-draft-priority-free-agent-tracker.html The Vikings signed him.

Where is the best place to follow the 09 NFL draft online? by Julio A. (Dom. Rep) Q: I Have speed problem with the internet... which blog,tracker,site is better to follow the draft. thanks. Julio.

A: ESPN bitch....http://scores.espn.go.com/nfldraft/draftCast/index

did you relaize not one alabama player was drafted? by One X Q: not even dj hall http://www.nfl.com/draft/tracker#tab:dt-by-college|college-88 realize* sorry for the misspelling

A: Damn, there goes my sleep tonight!

Players in the Nfl out of Stanford? by lilcurly Q: Which current Nfl players went to Stanford?

A: Cool little thing called NCAAF alumni tracker Stanford Jon Alston (57)St. Louis RamsLB O.J. Atogwe (21)St. Louis RamsFS Brad Badger (70)Oakland RaidersG Colin Branch (28)Carolina PanthersSS Greg Camarillo (82)San Diego ChargersWR Kerry Carter (39)Washington RedskinsRB Chris Draft (52)Carolina PanthersMLB Jason Fisk (96)St. Louis RamsNT Amon Gordon (94)Denver BroncosDE Kwame Harris (77)San Francisco 49ersT Eric Heitmann (66)San Francisco 49ersC Julian Jenkins (91)Tampa Bay BuccaneersDE John Lynch (47)Denver BroncosFS Justin McCullumCarolina PanthersWR Jared NewberrySan Francisco 49ersLB Baba Oshinowo (96)Cleveland BrownsDT Brett Pierce (88)Dallas CowboysTE T.J. Rushing (34)Indianapolis ColtsCB Alex Smith (81)Tampa Bay BuccaneersTE Donnie Spragan (59)Miami DolphinsOLB Will Svitek (71)Kansas City ChiefsT Leigh Torrence (29)Washington RedskinsDB Troy Walters (86)Arizona CardinalsWR Bob Whitfield (70)New York GiantsT Tank Williams (25)Minnesota VikingsDB Stanley Wilson (31)Detroit LionsDB Coy Wire (27)Buffalo BillsDB Kailee Wong (52)Houston TexansLB Timi Wusu (43)Oakland RaidersLB

Can I watch the 2008 NFL draft on NFL.com? by Scottie c Q: I know they have draft tracker though Thanks!!!!

A: As far as live video, you mean? I don't think so. You'll see the draft on both ESPN and the NFL Network. Online, I think the ticker is all we get.

WHO DID THE PACKERS DRAFT?!? by packers54 Q: omfg soo confused! please help worth 10 points!!

A: B.J. Raji Clay Matthews T.J. Lang Quinn Johnson Jamon Meredith Jarius Wynn Brandon Underwood Brad Jones http://www.nfl.com/draft/2009/tracker#dt-tabs:dt-by-team/dt-by-team-input:GB

Eric Brock from auburn, alabama did any NFL Team Draft him? by Erik Q:

A: just scanned thru names, didnt see his any where, seen groves but no brock hes in list b and insiders only can see, may get picked up free agent thou check here http://insider.espn.go.com/nfldraft/draft/tracker/players?name=b&draftyear=2008&action=login&appRedirect=http%3a%2f%2finsider.espn.go.com%2fnfldraft%2fdraft%2ftracker%2fplayers%3fname%3db%26draftyear%3d2008

Who did the titans pick in the 2011 draft ? by Charity Q:

A: Here you go: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2011/tracker#dt-tabs:dt-by-team/dt-by-team-input:ten/dt-team-tabs:dt-team-tab-picks

Why won't Chance Warmack be drafted 1st overall? by Hay Q: According to NFL.com, he has the best draft grade and he's .1 away from being classified as Future Hall of Famer? http://www.nfl.com/draft/2013/tracker#dt-tabs:dt-by-grade

A: I read Warmack's entire draft profile, and the author doesn't predict to him to be a future HoFer. He likens him to Carl Nicks, a 2x probowler. At any rate, if the Chiefs need a guard and feel as if Warmack is the best available player in the draft, they should take him. For some reason, there's a stigma attached to guards and defensive backs that they shouldn't be drafted that high. Let's put it this way, though: If teams, knowing what they know now, can re-do the 2007 NFL draft, I'm sure Revis will be a top 3 pick, alongside Megatron and Adrian Peterson.

how many palyers were selected from oklahoma in the 2010 nfl draft? by MXC Q: i wanna know the total number of players from oklahoma were selected for the 2010 nfl draft

A: Seven: Sam Bradford (QB), Keenan Clayton (LB), Brody Eldridge (TE), Dominique Franks (CB), Jermaine Gresham (TE), Gerald McCoy (DT), Trent Williams (OT). See Draft Tracker on <http://www.nfl.com/draft/2010>

is There any texas tech players in the 2008 nfl draft? by switchblade 07 Q: can you tell me who all have been picked but mainly if there was any texas tech players and who please

A: Danny Amendola, WR, Texas Tech is the only player listed by the NFL.com Draft tracker. He has not yet been selected.

Michael Mitchel taken in the 2nd round by the raiders IS THE 73RD RANKED SAFTEY IN THE DRAFT NOT PLAYER SAFTEY? by Samer Q: hahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahah hahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahah hahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahah hahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahah hahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahah hahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahah hahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahah

A: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2009/tracker#dt-tabs:dt-by-round/dt-by-team-input:sea/dt-by-round-input:2 Scroll down to the raiders second round pick, good luck finding is weight,height, college etc LMAO 0-16

name me all the qbs that are taken and by which team they are taken (nfl draft 2008)? by ****Mr.LOL**** Q: anybody pick andre woodson yet?

A: http://www.nfl.com/draft/tracker#tab:dt-by-position Andre Woodson was taken by the New York Giants in the 6th round, 198th pick.

How do I find out what the draft trades are? by Tarv Q: I just want to know what teams are trading for to get these picks in first round? Is there something I should google? Is there anyone reporting on it? A website?

A: Go to ESPN draft tracker or NFL trade tracker

Is this the longest NFL Draft ever? by nick m Q: i just got back from the draft but when I left there was still people there.

A: the first round set the record for the longest at about 6 hrs and 20 minutes. the draft overall also set a record for the longest ever at baout 11hrs and 15 men. there were a ton of trades. just check out nfl.com's draft tracker

Where can I watch Round 1 of the 2010 NFL Draft? by Mutz Q: Me and my friends were on ESPN around 5 times, but I can't find a repay on any ESPN channels or any clips of the internet. Does anyone know where I would be able to find it so I can watch it? Thanks in advance. Thanks Detroit Lions, but I'm looking for the ESPN one =/

A: NFL.com > News > Draft > Draft Tracker > Round > 1 > Video

How do I print out the 2011 NFL Draft? by Liz Q: I went onto espn.com, but I cant seem to figure out a way to print it out with all of the rounds, and all of the teams picks. does anyone have any idea how to do it??

A: Go to nfl.com then scroll down and go to Draft Tracker. That has it all.

quick sumary of chargers draft? by Abby Normal REPRISE Q: hey, can someone give me a quick run thru of how the chargers draft has gone? thx

A: Expert analysis. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2009/tracker#dt-by-round-input:7/dt-tabs:dt-by-team/dt-by-team-input:sd

Who have the packers drafted today? by the sandman Q: I missed rounds 4-6

A: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2012/tracker/by-round#dt-tabs:dt-by-team/dt-by-team-input:gb

Does anyone know the Cowboys full draft board? by LvLFlxxxn Q: I heard Dez was top 10 and Sean Lee was top 16. But does anyone know a link to their draft board?

A: www.nfl.com/draft/2010/tracker#dt-by-round-input:1/dt-tabs:dt-by-team/dt-by-team-input:dal

Ravens drafts 09???? by brian Q: Would someone tell me who the ravens drafted and the positions they play

A: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2009/tracker#dt-by-round-input:1/dt-tabs:dt-by-team/dt-by-team-input:bal

National football league draft? by N Q: I missed it, could someone give me a link to a sum up or tell me? I really wanna know where those north carolina receivers went too.. Thanks everyone, hicks was the receiver I was interested about. Not a big giants fan though.(Carolina already has a good set if receivers)

A: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2009 Bottom of the page has a simple sortable list called DRAFT TRACKER. And for the record, Hicks went to my New York Football Giants!

Where to see NFL Draft picks 2010? by Q: Hi! Where to see NFL Draft picks 2010? Tell me, please. I FOUND interesting latest video about NFL Draft picks 2010 HERE: http://trunc.it/3xy7u Enjoy people!

A: 2 good places here http://www.nfl.com/draft/2010/tracker#dt-by-round-input:1 http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/draft/rounds

where can i watch the nfl draft online? by Joel Q: the draft is on nfl network this year and it pisses me off. but i have to watch it somewhere.

A: espn.com or nfl.com have draft trackers and if you're interested I could set up a web cam so you can see the live draft, but of course I will have to contact NFL Network and the NFL. Or, you could go to somebody's house who has NFL Network

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