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TIMJNZ Videos: On a big Wednesday and 'a sad day': Stern, Fisher spin their stories: By Dan Devine NEW YORK — We'll hav... http://t.co/MVaikqCi

Mets_Sigs Backman to remain with Mets: Wally Backman will stay with the organization and accept their offer to manage Tri... http://t.co/ldmDls2p

stepinrazor Not sure how wise it is to post an ad that reads "FIRST YOU FEEL LIKE DYING" at the start of the New York City Marathon.

AllOccupyNews Occupy Wall Street: Did The New York Post Instigate An Attack In Zuccotti Park? http://t.co/RNoLPKrP

Asiacm01 Spanish smugglers molded cocaine into Manolo Blahnik replicas - New York Post: http://t.co/GLhNOXLp #shoes

JNSim Not totally tropical . 26 Fruits blog http://t.co/pLa4BD5i Latest post about Barbados before I fly off to New York. Cue "broadens the mind"

NickSpano YESSSS!!! [email protected]: Report: Wally Backman has decided to remain with #Mets organization. Details: http://t.co/auVJWdRD

tameelf RT @WinWInWinNews: Occupy Wall Street: Did The New York Post Instigate An Attack In Zuccotti Park? http://t.co/YYcXanr3 #ows #OccupyTogether #OccupyUSA

thahang Occupy The New York Post By Russell Simmons | Global Grind http://t.co/XY21Wq9a dont sleep on this

stvsmith2009 A seminarian’s New York Post op-ed on the new, corrected translation http://t.co/Wo21cBRu Via @fatherz

catholicbloggs A seminarian’s New York Post op-ed on the new, corrected translation http://t.co/vb4AAY2V via @fatherz

jimweibo New blog post: John Terry, Tiger Woods, the Archbishop of York, and a lot of asterisks. http://t.co/4R9ghEah

BR_NYMets http://t.co/QTH792yl - Backman to remain with Mets: http://t.co/dyXXXevh

justin1083 New York Post declares war on Occupy Wall Street http://t.co/cwgP2mQ5

taxgirl RT @ESPN_MLB: Backman to remain with Mets - http://t.co/ma4PhmZz


What was your reaction to that racist cartoon published by the New York Post last Tuesday? by Proud Mary Q: Will you be following the advice of Spike Lee and boycotting the post? Was Al Sharpton over reacting to this racist attack against the President of the U S A?

A: Rupert Murdoch has always been a racist pig

What time will the Daily News and the New York Post get to my house in the morning? by smart ass Q: I leave for work really early in the morning, and I read the news and the post every day. I don't get it delivered because I'm worried that It wont come in time for me to get it. Is there any way that I can punch in my address and find out what time it would come every day! THANKS!

A: It is dependent on a human being as to what time they get it to your door. Some delivery people run their route like clock work others less so.

Which is better, the New York Post or the New York Times? by Igot Q: I'm from Europe and I'm going to be living in New York city for a year and want to get a subscription for a newspaper. Which do you think is better/more important/relevant/etc., and why? The New York Times o The New York Post. Thanks!

A: The New York Times has best national/international coverage as well local New York news. It's an all-around great publication. I got my subscription at http://www.subscription.com/new-york-times/ and it was fiarly inexpensive.

Is Plaxico Burress a giant idiot as reported in the New York Post? by GOPsucks Q: for carrying a loaded firearm into a nightclub. That other dim bulb Antonio Pierce who accompanied Plaxy needs to be given his unconditional release also by the New York Giants.

A: yes,he has body bodyguards you dont need a gun when you have bodyguards,that just how idiotic he is.

Does this conservative New York Post endorsement of Obama depict his ability to bring people together? by Chi Guy Q: New York Post January 31, 2008 We urge them to choose Obama - an untried candidate, to be sure, but preferable to the junior senator from New York. Obama represents a fresh start. http://www.nypost.com/seven/01312008/postopinion/editorials/obama_for_the_democrats_261880.htm

A: It is the lesser of 2 evils. They have to pick someone, but not Hillary; and so: Obama.

Is the New York Post the stupidest newspaper ever or what? by J-Far Q: In todays baseball preview in the New York Post, they have predictions for both the New York Mets and New York Yankees. In the Yankees section it says "The Yankees will finish 92-70 and defeat the Phillies in the World Series. In the Mets section it says "The Mets will finish 93-69 and lose to the Red Sox in the World Series" I was unaware that the world series was played twice. Jersy Joe, please, give me a break. The New York Post is nothing more than the National Enquirer with a few pages about sports. That newspaper is always pathetic, thus why I refuse to by it, a copy of it happened to be laying here at work today, that paper is impossible to read. I realize thats it different writers, but its just stupid to have that in print, the Daily News had much better predictions today.

A: ROTFLMAO. That's the worst newspaper of all times. You should read the Daily News. That's the newspaper that I used to read when I lived in New York.

Yankee promotion with new york post for 2008? by sum41ant27 Q: Ok so last year the New York Post had a promotion with Yankee pins, but I haven't heard anything yet with the New York Post doing anything with the Yankees. Does anyone know if there's going to be something this year with the New York Post and the Yankees?

A: They just aired a commerical on YES. Its going to be a six issue magazine series on different eras of the Stadium. First is being released on Sunday (Ruth-Gerig era)

Is the New York Post a decent and reliable newspaper to use for a school assignment? by Gina Q: I just wanted a little insight on whether or not i should use the New York Post for the Op-ed/ Opinion section of the paper.

A: The post is a bit of a rag and rather sensational, but you can use the Opinion section, if it leans in your political or whatever direction.

What are the new york post news paper monopoly scratch and match number for march 21, and the 22? by blackbible1 Q: What are the new york post monopoly scratch and match number for march 21, and the 22?

A: Wednesday, 3/21: 2 5 9 4 1 Thursday, 3/22: 8 10 2 1 4 http://www.nypost.com/contests/monopoly_win.htm

What are the new york post monopoly scratch and match number for march 21, and the 22? by blackbible1 Q: What are the new york post monopoly scratch and match number for march 21, and the 22?

A: Wednesday, 3/21: 2 5 9 4 1 Thursday, 3/22: 8 10 2 1 4

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