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New york knicks

NY Knicks in 107-93 NBA win over Washington Wizards
WASHINGTON — Red-hot Jeremy Lin posted a "double-double" of 23 points and 10 assists to help the New York Knicks to a 107-93 NBA victory over the Washington Wizards. Lin, the first American of Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA, had captivated tough ...

Wizards lose to the depleted New York Knicks, 107-93
By Carla Peay It was a game the Wizards had high hopes of winning, as they faced the New York Knicks Wednesday night at the Verizon Center. Yet, even without Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks pulled off an improbable 14-point victory, ...

Final: New York Knicks 99, Utah Jazz 88
Knicks guard Jeremy Lin was the one-night MVP of New York City, and Utah scored 22 points or less in three of four quarters on its way to a humbling 99-88 defeat. “We can't afford to get away with some of those things that other teams might be able to ...

MSG profit falls due to lockout
As a result, the New York Knicks only played a combined six preseason and regular season games during the quarter, compared with 40 in the same period last year, cutting into its revenue. Madison Square Garden, which owns several sports franchises, ...

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cristian_bonet RT @solobasket: NY Knicks, el basket sigue siendo un juego de equipo http://t.co/drItVwju

Cherrylmfcxl RT @Omardlrsnchz1: Uno de los NBA que más me ha gustado últimamente es el chino Jeremy Lin base de los New York Knicks: en los últimos...

WendyPrice3 Utah Jazz: Humbling loss to New York Knicks marks start of road stretch http://t.co/0IZFzSJi

NYKnicksMag #TwitNewsNow New York Knicks: Jeremy Lin Has Saved Mike D'Antoni's Job This Season http://t.co/nVVisLdK #NBA

hallowcarlo Still almost dazed, Lin stared at his news conference and said, "It hasn't even been a week yet." http://t.co/7X2tksJZ

fans_knicks Jeremy Lin Starts, Scores 28 Points and Leads New York Knicks to Improbable Victory: Fan's View (Yahoo! Contributor Network)...

Omardlrsnchz1 Uno de los NBA que más me ha gustado últimamente es el chino Jeremy Lin, base de los New York Knicks: en los últimos 3 partidos, ha..(sigue)

Kenchsden 今季のシンデレラ・ストーリー、ティーボウ化するジェレミー・リン。—From Unknown To Phenom In 3 Games: Harvard Grad Jeremy Lin Saves The New York Knicks http://t.co/MG5yzUid

bkwm_j Cool! ^O^ RT @ESPNNewYork: LINSANITY! Jeremy Lin: From novelty to #Knicks star http://t.co/O8E58J3U

solobasket NY Knicks, el basket sigue siendo un juego de equipo http://t.co/drItVwju

Peoples_Kicker Demain, un match qui oppose deux clubs légendaires. Les Knicks de New York reçoivent les Lakers de Los Angeles au Madison Square Garden à 2h

minte1974 New York Knicks, el baloncesto sigue siendo un juego de equipo http://t.co/i53Tulgs

Tpasiondeportv NBA: Otro gran juego para Jeremy Lin, 23pts, 10asis, 4rebs y los New York Knicks derrotaron 107-93 a Wizards

mollybeatthern adidas New York Knicks Black Vibe Wristbands: http://t.co/FpwCc300


Should the New York Knicks change sports and start playing handball? by Q:

A: they just got together, they have to build around melo and amare next year, they knew that making the trade,it was forthe future

If the New York Knicks make the playoffs should coach Mike Dantoni win the coach of the year award? by Suns1234 Q: I think he should, he's already starting to turn this team around. Do you think he'd deserve the coach of the year award if they get to the playoffs?

A: only if they are in the top 6

Is the New York Knicks Vs Chicago bulls on 2/17/2010 an important match? by Q: My friend and I are traveling to New York from the UK and this is the match which is being played while we are visiting. Will the game be a sell out or is it a friendly? I have no idea about the NBA league so as much information about this match and the teams would be very much appreciated.

A: this isnt soccer and we dont know what a friendly is the NBA is the best basketball in the world and that is a boring game to see see any of these teams play each other and it will be fun Lakers Cavaleers Celtics Hawks Suns Magic

How good can the new york knicks be? by Q: I watched our team tonight i acknowledge while the loss was annoying it was pretty expected since we were without our best player and facing the leagues scoring champion i question how good we can be. Our coaching staff is atrocious, and we lack a play maker. But we do have a pretty good core of star players so i wonder just how good is this team?

Is there still the possibility of the New York Knicks going to the playoffs at this point in the season? by Q: I am a huge knicks fan, and i need some hope for then. May you also list what are the possible free agents that the knicks can get.

A: no, the playoffs don't start until AFTER the season. it is impossible for any team, even the very best, to go to the playoffs at this point in the season. all teams have to wait until the season is over because that is when the playoffs is. FA's the Knicks may sign: LebRon Bosh Wade Boozer Soudamire

If you guys had to like a basketball team who would it be Chicago Bulls Or New York Knicks? by Bullsfan1 Q: I mean I am a Bulls fan but I have been thinking of the knicks because I am a Carmelo Anthony fan and a Derrick Rose fan. But the thing is I like Carmelo a lot that i would like to be a Knicks Fan because of him. What do you guys think?

A: Knicks. I was born in NY.

New York knicks defensie still sucks even with Tyson Chandler their? by Beastyt Q: Past three game knicks give up, 54 points in da paint I though having Tyson going to help out? I guess not I think being in mike where he don't teach defensive will expose tyson chandler a bit.

How to watch NBA Washington Wizards vs. New York Knicks live on the internet ? by Q: NBA Washington Wizards vs New York Knicks

A: ADTHE best website for watching sports!

Carmelo Anthony, for the New York Knicks, would it work? by Q: Well he's contract ends in 2012 and i was wondering, is it possible that he goes to the New York Knicks? I mean he's was born Brooklyn, NY. He went to College in Syracuse, New York. But he grew up in Baltimore which is his home and NY Knicks is the closest B'ball team to his home, would it be possible for Carmelo to go to NY? Seeing as how LeBron is most likely to stay in Cleveland and Wade is most likely to go to Chicago or stay in Miami?

A: It would work for the Knicks, but not for Carmelo Anthony. He's on a very good Nuggets team and believe he's going to resign with them.

Will the New York Knicks make the Playoffs? by Lαndre (Rose for '12 MVP!)™ Q: They've added Stoudemire, but do they have enough to actually make the playoffs? I don't follow the Knicks, so did they make anymore aquisitions? If not, why are there people saying they will make the playoffs?

A: i think they have a good shot this year, probably the 7th or 8th seed the following teams are just about locks to make it in the East Orlando, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Milwaukee so that leaves 2 spots open... the remaining teams of course being New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana. Charlotte & Washington out of those teams, you have to think the Knicks are the best because they made the best off season moves (signing Amar'e & Raymond Felton & bringing Anthony Randolph, Azubuike & Turiaf) so yeah i have the Knicks as my 7th team while the 8th spot is up for grabs, most likely to be fought out between the Sixers, Cavs, Bobcats & Wizards

Is there anybody else around here sick and tiredd of hearing about the new york knicks? by Cubano Kid Q: Its pretty annoying with the knicks, i can understand that they suck but people are always talking about them like every minute. There were teams like the memphs grizzlies last year that were absolutely horrible and no one said anything about them but people are always talking about the knicks. Its getting pretty annoying and Im tired of hearing about them. Does anybody else feel this way?

A: Well, that's the way it is in New York. The Knicks are on a big market and many people demands them to play well. So if they don't play well, the fans will let them know, LOUD AND CLEAR.

Where can I buy a cool Lebron James New York Knicks shirt? by Q: Im a big Knicks fan and i really want a cool Knicks shirt for the summer with Lebron on it.

A: http://www.google.com/products?client=safari&rls=en&q=lebron%20knicks%20shirt&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wf

Can the New York Knicks get both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard? by Q: We all know that the Knicks will probably get at least one superstar. Most likely this is Chris Paul. But do you think they can get both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard? Why? What percentage do you give this?

A: No, unless they both take major paycuts. With will not happen.

When were the New York Knicks good and what went wrong? by Spacecowboy Q: Did you ever expect the Knicks to do well by acquiring Marbury and Z. Randolph?

A: isiah thomas

Do the new york knicks have a first round pick in the next draft? by Q: i read an artcile abt steve nash and it said the knicks dont have the picks. Whered they go?

A: every team gets a first round pick depending on if there was a negotiation during a past nba trade....i'm pretty sure the knicks will be a playoff team next this season......so if they do get a nba draft in the first round its not going to be in the top 14 picks...or if they gave up their first round draft picks for a past nba trade they did....which i'm not to sure about...they might not have a first round draft pick if they do trade for carmelo anthony which will require the knicks to give up a lot for the all star small foward

Breaking News:LeBron has eliminated the New York Knicks? by LeBron for MVP Q: The Knicks have been virtually eliminated from contention for LeBron James, according to a report from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. James' camp categorized New York's presentation as 'lacking preparedness and organization.' Aspects of the Nets' presentation earlier on Thursday were similar in nature to New York's and were 'sharper' and 'edgier'. James has reservations about the possibility of his earning potential being greater in New York than in Cleveland to make up a $30M difference in salary.

A: Did anyone really believe James would end up in the big Apple?

Jimmer Fredette to the New York Knicks what do you think? by Glenn T Q: Knicks should not waste money on Chauncey Billups, they should draft Fredette so Billups can teach him. Good idea right, after all, Fredette is a New Yorker.

A: Home > All Categories > Sports or Home > All Categories > Entertainment & Music > Polls & Surveys

What do the New York Knicks have to do to win? by Lowell Q: This season looks like it could be another bad one for the Knicks (sigh). What do they have to do to win?

A: Although I like zach randolph, I think he and eddy curry cannot mesh. They are two of the same kind of players who think offense first and have no shot-blocking capability. Isiah needs to save his team and season, go get some defense, bring home Ron Artest already.

How much does it cost for a New York Knicks NBA ticket? by Q: The Knicks are going to face the sixers on march 16 how much would the tickets cost? (I know the ticket are more expensive and gets cheaper as every flooryou go up can you tell me how much the first floor-last floor would cost? I know its 50-1000$ im saying be specific!

A: March 16? Stubhub doesn't show a Knicks game on the 16th, but they have the Sixers in New York on the 19th. Ticket prices range from $15 to $10,001. http://www.stubhub.com/new-york-knicks-tickets/

How Much would it cost the New York Knicks To buyout all contracts? by v10stangeater Q: The Knicks are trash, n they are heavily over the cap limit. How much would it cost to buyout every single player, with exception of Lee,and Frye??? They should just start out from scratch, pick up old vets , im sure they'll do a much better job than all the so call stars NY has.

A: That won't work. Just because you buy out the contract doesn't mean it doesn't count against the salary cap.

Where can I watch NBA Toronto Raptors vs. New York Knicks game live online ? by Q: Where can I watch NBA Toronto Raptors vs. New York Knicks game live online ?

A: You can try the following site : http://top-tv-online.com The best way that I have found how to watch NBA live online is Satellite tv software. Download and install it on your computer, It has over hundreds of channels from all over the world, including lots of sports channels: Sky TV, TNT, ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FSW, FOX, BBC, CBC, CTV, Local... With it, you could enjoy NBA games and worldwide tv channels live online. Hope it's what you are looking for.

When are the New York Knicks competing with the Miami Heats in Madison Square Garden? by Q: Because I live in New York and me and my father want to know when they are both going to play in Madison Square Garden.

A: They play Sunday in Miami.....not New York. I think that the last time both teams will meet in the regular season. You will have to wait for the playoffs or next year. http://www.stubhub.com/new-york-knicks-schedule/?gcid=C12289x486&keyword=20890022&creative=5908435262

During the last couple of seasons the New York Knicks have been awful how can I look foward to October? by Mindfreak Q: I Live in New York and it is very dissapointing to see your basketball team like that. They get paid so much too lose!

A: They are still tied for first place. Don't despair until the season's out of reach.

Calling all people who know anything about the New York Knicks!? by .... Q: Ok I want to become a better new york knicks fan so couls anybody here tell me any importants info or not so important. Such as starters, players numbers, historical events. Dont just leave a comment like "fire Issiha" or something like that. Thanks!

A: well isiah and stephon marbury have never gotten along to well, eddy curry is the big man in the middle who played for the bulls before he went there. they play in madison square garden which is one of the oldest nba arenas (pay attention to the "horn" after quarters, it is more like a high school buzzer0

Why do the New York Knicks always get more media coverage than the New York Rangers? by Beer Farts Q: Even when the Knicks were the laughing stock of the NBA, they still got more media coverage than the Rangers who were a playoff team. Now that both teams are good again, it seems as if the media coverage for the Knicks have expanded tenfold. Rangers fans, how do you feel about this? How about you hockey fans in general?

A: It bothers me that there isn't enough hockey coverage, but on the other hand I like our little somewhat underground society of crazed hockey fans. We don't need everyone following hockey because they'd probably ruin it anyway. People who understand hockey like us, are far and few between. Also some people like constant scoring, When you turn on the hockey game, how many goals can we expect, but turn on the basketball game, we will see scoring left and right. I actually get kind of annoyed when someone is watching hockey(our sport) and has no idea what they are watching. In that case leave hockey to us and they can have the mainstream NBA, NFL, etc

Where can I find cheap New York Knicks tickets? by Ohi A Q: Where can I find cheap New York Knicks tickets?

A: People always sell some outside of MSG.

What is so great about the New York Knicks? by shmee Q: All i heard was that New York is a great basketball city. They have won 2 championships. What makes them so great?

A: Nothing

What is the name of the song played during the New York Knicks commercial? by m Q: The song goes: Take me home, take me home to a place where i was born New York City....

A: It's a remix of John Denver's Take Me Home sung by rapper Doug E. Fresh for the 2001 playoffs and was finally allowed to be played outside the arena this year. You can order it as an mp3 file on knicks.com.

In NBA 2k10 why do they say New York Knicks Arena instead of Madison Square Garden? by Aaron H Q: in nba 2k10 i noticed that they say new york knicks arena instead of Madison Square Garden and several other teams are like that to. They use a generic name for it instead of the actual arena name. In past nba 2k series, they had the MSG logo on the court. anyone else notice that?

A: 2K didn't have permission to use the Madison Square Garden name because it spoils the trademark on the name. Some arenas give permission to 2K but NYC didn't.

If you were the new york knicks GM right now and you got to choose these players who would you choose? by zM8 Q: With the same New York Knicks Roster right now who would you add ot win champions Michael Jordan in his Prime or Shaq in his Prime. I dont know bout you guys but i would take Shaq

A: i would take michael jordan and i would waive malik rose

does the nba lockout mean my new york knicks camp will be cancelled? by Q: i have signed up for new york knicks basketball camp in the last week of july, but now that there is an nba lockout, will it be cancelled? it says in here http://www.nba.com/2011/news/06/30/lockout-statement/index.html that the teams will not be able to do anything including run camps.

A: Well if the site is saying all NBA teams can't run camps then your camp will be cancelled I'm sorry to say

What adidas jackets are the new york Knicks cheerleaders wearing? by Q: I've been looking for this jacket can someone tell me where to find it? http://images.sneakernews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Celebrity-Feet-New-York-Knicks-Bowl-2.jpg

A: Those are custom warm up suits. you can't just buy them. notice the knicks logo is on them. You can either get them made custom from a specialty shop for around $200 OR You can find something similar in here at the Addidas online store. http://www.shopadidas.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=jacket&origkw=jacket&sr=1&f=GenericColor%2FADUS%2FBlue

How can the New York Knicks rebuild their franchise? by Ugyatag Q: Isiah Thomas has been given the chance to turn the franchise around this season as the new head coach. Is there a way for him to turn the team around or will it be a slow rebuilding process? How can the Knicks become a competitive team again and how long will it take?

A: The Knicks are boned for a few years. They have too many guys that no one else will really want to take in any kind of trade b/c of their salaries and questionable attitudes. So it's a waiting process for some contracts to run out. Guys like Frye, Lee & Ariza are the only ones that could have any real future playing for the Knicks as Frye can be a productive starter and the other two can be solid off the bench types. Thomas I think actually helped the team by drafting a crappy player. That way he won't have to worry about finding the guy playing time. One less headache for him. If somehow the Knicks could unload Francis, Rose, James & Mo T (maybe Crawford too if both he and Starbury don't want to play the point still) and get some picks/cash/veteran role players then they could turn it around immediately if everyone buys into Thomas as a coach. Now they wouldn't be contenders, but they'd be a 30-40 win team with that talent playing together. That'd make the starting 5 something like: PG - Marbury SG - Q Rich SF - Lee (or whoever else can play some D at the 3) PF - Curry/Frye C - Curry/Frye Bottom line though is that they just got too much crap, and not enough shovels in the MSG locker room right now.

Can the New York Knicks actually compete in the east next season? by MGK Q: New York has added some key additions to there squad, Amare Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf, Kelenna Azibuike, Timofey Mozgov. They also have young talent in Danilo Gallinari, Toney Douglas, Bill Walker and Wilson Chandler. Im not saying they are good enough to make it to the Finals, but are they good enough to compete in the east and possibly get out of the first round of the Playoffs?

A: Knicks fan for life, and they will contend after 10 years of playoff drought.

How will the New York Knicks do next season? by rooTs 929 Q: How do you guys think the knicks will do next season with the new acquistion of Zach Randolph (20 and 10)? The knicks are looking for a small foward in Artest and i know that Randolph and Artest have some criminal history but i think as wierd as it sounds that Isiah can make this work. They're both extremely talented players we all know and if they can just play without causing drama we all know the knicks would be a serious threat. They could trade Richardson, Robinson, Dickeau, or Jones make a combination that would look good for the Kings so they wouldn't have to give up their young talent and would free up some space to sign athletic free agent Wilson Chandler. I would even offer a draft pick not a first rounder though. Imagine the lineup of PG - Marbury SG - Crawford SF - Artest PF - Randolph C - Curry and Lee, Balkman, Collins, and Chandler comming off the bench. I think with this lineup if everything works out how Isiah planned, the knicks will be contenders for years to come.

A: Don't let the haters get you down. Some seem to forget how weak the Easter Conference is especially for those last couple of playoff spots. The Knicks showed signs of improvement this season and Zach Randolph is a far better player than anyone they had last season. If he and Eddy Curry can co-exist and both be productive, then the Knicks have one of the best front courts in the league. They will also benefit from having a guy like Dickau who is a true point guard and not a shoot first guy. If they do get Artest he improves them some but is too big of a question mark to count on. I think they can make the playoffs. Probably a 7 or 8 seed.

I want to bring my son to see a new york knicks home game in october from britain but cant see schedule? by Q: I want to take my son on holiday in october to new york and fit in a new york knicks home game at same time but cant find any schedule for when there home games are then

A: The 2010-2011 schedule has not yet been released - you can probably find it during the summer sometime (the current year's schedule was released on August 4, 2009). The 2009-2010 season is still in progress. That said, if you're here for a week or so, you're almost certain to be around when there's a Knicks home game. If not, there are the New Jersey Nets across the river...maybe they'll win one of their first 15 games next year, who knows. If all else fails, seeing a hockey game at Madison Square Garden is an epic experience (I say this even as an Islanders fan).

Ron Artest to The New York Knicks a Done Deal? by Mr.? Q: Knicks may have a chance to sign Artest to a five-year, $30 million mid-level exception, if he opts out of the last year of his contract with the Sacramento Kings. Artest once said he would love to be a Knick. Will this Help New York make the Playoffs? Would Artest learn to play Mike D'Antoni style of play or bring anOther Jerome James Problem?

A: dont think it will work. he is from there and usually the home town hero doesnt flourish(stephon). mike d'antoni is big on defensive players and ron artest isnt much of a transition player.

New York Knicks and the Golden State Warriors? by Kenton C Q: Recently, the Knicks and the Warriors have swapped a power forward for a shooting guard. Al Harrington went to New York, and Jamal Crawford is now in the bay. How do you think they will benefit their current teams, and will they make a big enough impact to help the teams surge?

A: about knikcs,yeah this is a good trade! they get harrington,strong big man who can shot and post up! with al,david lee and curry knicks front court now is strong! about warriors,yeah maybe jamal is a good player but i don't think this is a good trade for warriors because warriors have too many guards! example:ellis,CJ watson,demarcus nelson,belinelli and anthony morrow!

How did the New York Knicks not perform that well this season? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: The New York Knicks are being coached by Larry Brown who won the Detroit Pistons back to back Eastern Conference Championships in 2004 and 2005 and one NBA Championship in 2004.

A: too many players who needs ball to play good.there is no balance in team. bad management(read I.Thomas). they need trade some players this summer to be better next year

Is Donnie Walsh a genius for The New York Knicks? by Q: The signing of Mike D'Antoni knowing that Amari Stoudamire will be intrigued by reuniting with his coach. With a solid inside presence, something the Knicks lacked for a while, Carmelo Anthony said he might want to play in New York next season. Steve Nash will be available as well. But for now, once Amari signs, The Knicks future looks bright for once in a decade.

A: Donnie is a genius if he ends up getting Lebron or Carmelo Anthony and/or Tony Parker. Otherwise, it is too early to call him a genius since Amare Stoudemire is an overrated player whose knee will become a big question mark again down the road, when he could be making max dollars.

Whats the better choice for lebron james to go to New York Knicks,Chicago Bulls or stay in cleveland? by Bullsfan1 Q: Look I am a Bulls Fan do i really want lebron james there no but i want chris bosh more than anything but if we get james what is the team going to be like? So where do u think he is goiing to land i think chicago bulls or new york knicks?

A: Well i actually think it would be better for lebron to go to the New York Knicks. My reason is: 1. Its New York you have MSG and arguably the greatest fans that support them no matter what. also lebron has many friends in New York. 2. Most people are talking about young talent though the knicks have a decent group of young talent. Danilo Gallinari a rising star in my opinion similar to Dirk Nowitzki(maybebetter with time) has developed a little and with the off seasonan make some noise next year. 3. Knicks have enough cap space/money to sign ANOTHER max contract free agent. this means that Lebron can come to NY with another superstar maybe a joe johnson/chris bosh/dwayne wade(if lucky). 4.Knicks have a good coach that is known for his more free type of offense which will attact people. 5.also T-mac make also come back for the knicks if 2 good players are signed. i dont know if this is a good or bad thing its more of gamble but if he can be healthy that is another good player to have on your team. these are the 5 reasons i can think on the top of my head =D possible line up PG- Tony Douglas- great scroing and defensive point gaurd SG- T-Mac(if heathy) or Joe Johnson(another all star) SF- Lebron James( name should say it all) PF- Danilo Gallinari (possibly a rising star) also a SF C- Chris Bosh or any other center we can find bench Bill walker- great back up player Wilson Chandler- another great player 2 draft picks and then hopefully we can find another center or defensive player if needed we can get some filler players for mininmum

Can I buy New York Knicks tickets on the day of the game at Madison Square Garden? by david p Q: I know its hard to say as not all games are as popular as others but can I generally buy New York Knicks cheap (section 412, 414 etc) tickets on the day of the game at Madison Square Garden? The game I have in mind is against Houston on 26th of Jan 09. Thanks

A: Of course, my friend, you can buy ticket at MSG. Good luck

What Would It Be Like If The New York Knicks Had An All 7 Foot 7 Lineup? by Jack J Q: Let's Say That All Of The Players On The New York Knicks Were 7 Feet 7 Inches Tall.What Would That Be Like?

A: that would be awesome, we may one day see an all 7 ft lineup

where can i find new york knicks city dancer outfits? by mike s Q: im trying to find new york knicks city dancer outfits for sale. does anybody know where i can buy them?


Where can i buy an new york knicks jersey in the UK? by George M Q: Ive looked everywhere and i can find a place that sells an NBA New York Knicks Jersey! Got any ideas?

A: Not being from UK I wouldn't know any local stores. But online would be a good option. Amazon or Ebay are excellent for online shopping.

Do the New York Knicks have a chance of winning the championships this year? by Q: Now that we have tyson chandler #6 which would have been Lebron James number if he had not decided to take his talents to south beach and come to New York. With Melo and Amarie on our side do the New York Knicks have a chance of winning?

A: Yes, the Knicks have a chance. They have two superstars. They added Shumpert and Chandler for defense. Baron Davis gives the Knicks more depth at guards. I don't think the Knicks will win the championship, but they certainly have a chance.

What would the new york knicks record be if they got lebron??? 5-4 like the miami heat? by Q: My opinion lebron James might accomplish many championships with the heat. But to me all he had to do is give the New york knicks 1 championship and that would of been better then winning 6 with the heat. His legacy belonged with knicks

A: The record would be about the same but I do agree that 1 chip with the Knicks would have made him a legend. They would have put a statue of that fool outside the garden.

Is it difficult to get New York Knicks home tickets? by Stu Q: I'm going to New York in October and want to go to the Knicks Celtics pre-season in Maddison Square Garden.Should tickets be difficult to buy?

A: Probably not because the Knicks are not good. Maybe the game might be more crowded than other because the Celtics will be playing, or maybe they will be easier to get because it will probably be a blowout. My bet is on the tickets being pretty easy to get.

How hard and expensive would it be to get New York Knicks playoffs tickets? by writeboy Q: I'm going to be visiting New York between the 9th and 24th of April and I want to get tickets to watch the Knicks play. I know they play the Bulls on the 12th but I'd really like to watch a playoff game. Does anyone know how I can buy playoff tickets in advance? How much would cheap tickets cost? The playoff tickets need to be for home game number 1 as i will not be there for the second home game

A: i haven't ever bought tickets from ebay before.. but the seller does have 100% feedback and it's up to you. http://cgi.ebay.com/2-New-York-Knicks-Playoff-Tickets-Round-1-Home-Game-2-/180618674740?pt=US_Tickets_all_in_one&hash=item2a0db64234 it says it's for home game number 2 of the knicks playoffs. but the opponent and date is still to be decided.

How funny is it that the New York Knicks are entitled to and own the rights to Lebron James? by Carl W Q: nobody carea about Cleveland or has ever cared about Cleveland, Lebron James wants to be in NY, he wants to be the King of New York and not the King of Cleveland. The Knicks own Lebrons rights for 2010. Its not as if he cares about his hometown, what he cares about is New York and playing for the Knicks. the Knicks own Lebron in 2010, how long before he brings the Knicks a title?

A: NYC assumes that Lebron wants to play in their town. Be serious, what player would want to play in that cesspool? The writers are so vicious and no one is exempt. Everyone wakes up with a chip on their shoulder from their misery, this includes fans and writers, that they need everyone else to be miserable as they are.

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