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New World

NYC Dog Wedding Sets a New World Record
Tina Fineberg/AP Photo In one extravagant, over-the-top affair held in New York City on Thursday night two dogs said “I do” (sort of) and simultaneously broke the Guinness World Record for the most expensive pet wedding in history. The pooches – Baby ...

Discover's Nelms finds a new world in banking
David Nelms has done what is supposed to be impossible—build a national bank without branches or acquisitions. Using the Internet, a strong brand name and a reliable customer base, Mr. Nelms has turned Discover Financial Services from a one-trick ...

Julia's brave new world
THE Great Navigator, Columbus embraced the New World in 1492 and returned to Europe with everything from corn and potatoes to tomatoes, chillies and vanilla, peanuts and cashews, quinine, tobacco - and the clap.

A world of flavors, right here
With the growing number of international and ethnic grocery stores in Sioux Falls, you can travel far beyond the city's borders to explore a whole new world — all during dinner. The small grocers serve dual audiences — those who want familiar food ...

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How safe would you feel if China was the new world superpower? by Profile Q: I believe its not so much of an if, but a when ( 10 - 20 years probably). But if the world was being ran by china would you feel safe? I think the U.S. is being too relaxed and nonchalant with its power. China is most likely quietly waiting for the opportunity to become the new world power while we argue over "health care reform"?

A: lol@ outlawz

Is the Bilderberg Group really planning on creating a New World Order? by Liberato P Q: Is the Bilderberg Group really planning on creating a New World Order? Are they really wanting to create an oligarchy and dominate the world? I've been told that it doesn't matter whether we have a Democratic or Republican president ... that they're all puppets of the Bilderberg Group. Is this true?

A: very true, ive looked up everything about it..its been planned for like 50 years, they are all puppets, even obama.. i don't think it will be over night but the first step is taking over private businesses then nationalize the banks and healthcare.. bush and obama already started taking over the private sector and obama is wanting to nationalize healthcare and banks

Why do so many people think the term new world order means crazy evil conspiracy? by Q: Yes, leaders of the world have been talking about a new world order, but when they say that, they are talking about a new order, meaning a CHANGE. Why do so many people think it means some evil conspiracy to create a one world government and destroy our lives???? It's just so ridiculous.

A: really? like who?

Was the common ancestor of Old World monkeys & New World monkeys a type of extinct monkey? by ... Q: If the most recent common ancestor of Old World monkeys and New World monkeys was not any type of monkey itself, then why exactly isn't it considered to be a monkey, even if it is extinct? If it was not a monkey of any kind, then what exactly would it be instead, and why would Old World & New World monkeys both be considered monkeys if they don't share a monkey ancestor?

A: "Monkey" is not a formal scientific term. We call certain primates 'monkeys' based on some observed physical characteristics, but genetic studies have shown that the "Old World monkeys" (parvorder Catarrhini) are more closely related to the apes than they are to the "New World monkeys" (parvorder Platyrrhini). So, the last common ancestor of the two "monkey" groups is also the common ancestor of the apes. The next taxonomic level up is infraorder Simiiformes. It's likely that the common ancestor of these informal groups contained all the traits common to all simians: a mostly hairless face, a rounded head, reduced olfactory bulbs, a mobile upper lip, small external ears, forward-facing eyes, vertical lower incisors, more-developed tactile sense, a larger brain to body ratio, and only one pair of pectoral mammae (i.e., one pairs of teats on the breast). These traits are opposed to tarsiers and lemurs: two classes of still-existant primates that are not simians. Relationships with those primates are even further back in the evolutionary tree. If you call those traits enough to be called a monkey, then call it a monkey. If not, then don't. Science can't help you because, as stated, "monkey" is not a scientific term. It has no "official" meaning. What probably happened was that explorers to the New World came across the primates there and called them "monkey" because that's what they would've reminded them of. Similar experiences still happen (albeit much more rarely) when scientists catalogue new species for the first time--mistaking never-before described legless lizards as a type of snake is a rather common one. When all you have to go off of is what you can visually see, you're going to use a name that seems to fit, rather than refuse to call it anything until you have an opportunity to map out its genome to see where on the evolutionary scale it seems to fit (nor would it help that much--we've only mapped the genomes of a tiny fraction of the known species in our world). And, back when explorers were first seeing the morphological similarities, they couldn't have even conceived of such research.

What are some examples of Old and New World monumental architecture? by Mike Lo Q: What are some examples of monumental architecture in the old and new world and their functions.. I already have Stonehenge, Monks Mound (cahokia) and the Pyramids. Also, what do these structures tell us about the social organization of that particular city?

A: the Statue of Liberty

Why is everyone talking about the new world order lately? by Bergrand341 Q: Are people going crazy? Or am I missing something? Every yahoo comments, market watch comment, wall street journal comment pages are swamped with New World Order this and New World Order that. What the hell is going on?

A: wat

Was Christopher Columbus a hero for the New World or a villain? by Q: Was Christopher Columbus a hero for the New World or a villain? Did his "discovery" open up unprecedented opportunities or did it spell the doom of the native inhabitants?

A: Columbus was a slave trader, and he allowed his men to go on rape parties. Oh, he's responsible for genocide too.

What's the difference between "old world order" and "new world order" ? by Q: So whats the difference? There is theory, that illuminati is actually good guys. They represent "New World Order" (NWO) which is against "Old World Order" (OWO) and all that comes with OWO, like religion etc.

A: the new world order is the old world order,its the same thing they have been working towards for a long,long time,since 1766 they have been moving at a fast rate to build the one world government as we can see with the U.N and council on foreign relations,not to mention obama and other world leaders now calling for a new world order.Prince EA sais in one of his songs" there is no new world order just the same old one"

Do you all believe that the New World Order is getting close to establishing their one world government agenda? by Danny Q: With the way how things are, it seems so. It will be a sad moment in history when martial law is declared and Americans will be forced into FEMA camps. When this happens, then the Bilderberg Group, which is part of the New World Order (Illuminati & Freemasonry), will exterminate 80% of the world's population.

A: Yes I do believe this is going to happen unfortunately. The bad thing is that many people are not aware and many of the people who are aware dont spread the word for fear of being ridiculized. And just so you know this NWO wants to keep the human population under 500million so it will be 90% of the entire population gone :(

how was the new world before christopher columbus discovered it? by Girl Q: i've been looking EVERY WERE and i cant find any information on how it was before christopher columbus . I have to do a before and after essay on The New World , can anyone give me some links? or briefly explain to mee ?

A: This is JUST my question. The "New World" was already inhabited by millions of people before Christopher Columbus first came. Most people don't know that Native American nations occupied virtually every part of the America. Native Americans aren't all the same culture, that is very important to understand. Each nation has their own beliefs, politics, culture and society. Think of a Native nation as a country. There were over 500 nations living in North America. There were so many nations living in so many ways. There were cities that held thousands of people! Apartment buildings! Pyramids! Medicine! Trade routes between nations, merchants, craftsmen, agriculture, architecture, jewelry. This was not an uncivilized land, only different from Europe. Some nations were mainly hunters (the plains nations of Nothern America) who lived in teepees and hunted buffalo, making their clothes, food, and tools all from the animal. These are the nations with the feather headdresses and horses (horses weren't introduced until Europeans brought them over). There were agriculture based people that lived off the land (the 6 nations people) that lived in houses (long houses) made of wood that could house many people. There were trade economies who crafted turquoise jewelry and thrived in agriculture (Pueblo people). Here is one of the cities they build, made of masonry, wood, and clay, It housed over a thousand people. The circular kivas you see are what you would call their churches. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Ul32bTkghBq1k7HVIAXHRw The Haida nation has beautiful artwork. They live off the coast of western Canada and survived from ocean food and hunting. They made beautiful decorative houses out of cedar wood, with no nails at all. They are the nation of the totem poles. Of course, I'm sure you're familiar with the Incas and the Mayans. If you want to find information for your essay, look for books on Native culture.

What are the fashions of brave new world? by Paola Q: I'm trying to recreate the fashions from the novel brave new world by huxley. The character thats hardest right now is that of lenina crowne. the outfit in which she wears the green shorts? the belt that bulges? she's about to go on a date with henry. does any one have link to outfits you think are very similar to that which is describes in brave new world??? please help! if you can also get links for outfits you think other charactes would wear?

A: Here is a page from Shmoop Lit with links to movies and photos from Brave New World

How did Rice make its way to America and impacted the New World? by J. R Q: I am doing a report and every search that I enter either has recipes of rice dishes or just how its cultivated. Can anyone help me find a source or two on how it impacted society in the New World.

A: I typed in "history of rice," but I had to make sure I had the food and not a person or the university. http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/food/rice.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice [see the United States section] http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/sci/A0860733.html http://www.indepthinfo.com/rice/history.htm This site tells the value of rice in feeding the world. Check the Food Aid links on the left side of the page for more info. http://www.usarice.com/industry/foodaid/overview.html

What's the difference between the Old World and the New World in terms of perspectives? by Throneguard Q: Old World comprises of Asia, Europe and Africa while New World refers to the Americas.

A: Old World: more history of mass country takeovers & religious fighting New World: more history of coups and political fighting

Is the new world order something to be afraid of? by Q: I think you and i and pretty much everyone has a suspicion of the new world order. What i am asking is, is the new world order something to be afraid of, what exactly does it entail.

A: Don't be afraid, something like this most likely won't happen at all, and if it did the process would be real long anyway, oh and the NWO is when all the governments will form to Create one government but I doubt that would happen. Some countries are too stubborn to try and form one government.

How would you relate our world to the Brave New World? by Q: Our teacher says that some stuff of the Brave New World are here, but how would you relate it? The only thing I can think of is soma=drug=overdose on soma=bad What other stuff are there?

A: Control of ideas, the control of history. I think as I remember of the book.

What are the comparisons between Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and Dolly the sheep? by horsegirl7800 Q: Brave New world is about human cloning. What are the similarities/comparisons between the 2 types of cloning?

A: Aldous Huxley's novel "Brave New World" is both one of the best science fiction books and one of the most brilliant pieces of satire ever written. BNW takes place on a future Earth where human beings are mass-produced and conditioned for lives in a rigid caste system. As the story progresses, we learn some of the disturbing secrets that lie underneath the bright, shiny facade of this highly-ordered world. l

What was the population of the new world when the Europeans came in contact? by Elijah's Mommy!! Q: What was the population of the new world when the Europeans came in contact?

A: I don't think anyone conducted a census then...besides, there were so many tribes of Native Americans, and none of them kept any records of their population, only generalities like "as many as the leaves on the trees".

What are some good italian resteraunts near New World Stages? by Q: Me and my girlfriend are going to see a play at the New World Stages in New York. We wanna go to a nice italian resteraunt afterwards, but aren't sure about the resteraunts in that area. Anu suggestions?

A: BIG T the best

Who was the first person to utter the words New World Order in public ? by B Q: We have all heard about the New World Order ? But who was the first person to say the words New World Order in public ?

A: NWO Hulk Hogen kevin nash and RAZOR ROMONE

Comparison of John from Brave New World to Caliban from The Tempest? by Q: Hi all! We are reading The Tempest in class and I read Brave New World last year. Looking back, I see a lot of connections between them. My teacher told us there are a lot of similarities between Brave New World and The Tempest, and I thought it would be interesting to compare John and Caliban. So, what are some comparisons? Thank you so much!

A: i think huxley would love your idea ;) but i am not that sure you're right about comparing john who had - unwillingly but still - standing for 'old values' such as family and love and other junk the society left behind, to caliban. On the contrary, his conservative ways are remind me of prospero... restoring order and such... an unsuccesful prospero, not a really smart one, but still...

What is a new world order I remember Pres Bush 41 gave a speech on sept 11 1991 about the new world order? by Melissa Heiland and Kenneth Q: What is a new world order I remember Pres Bush 41 gave a speech on sept 11 1991 about the new world order? What does it means?

A: You have got to go to Infowars.com! Go to Google Video and watch Alex Jones' documentary called ENDGAME! Alex has a lot of documentaries, but you should start with this one, and also watch "Loose Change" the 2nd edition...

How does the book Brave New World fit the definition of science fiction? by minifinny Q: I need to write a paper on how the book Brave New World fits into the definition of science fiction and I am looking for some examples as to how it is science fiction, if that makes sense.

A: Oh my God, the entire BOOK is science fiction!! Take the begining, how the babys are all identical twins of one cell, some producing thousands of babys. Or how they are brainwashed in their sleep by class to hate other classed "im so glad im a beta, the alphas work so hard. I dont want to play with the gammas, theyre stupid." Or the sirens and screams that go off when an epsilon would touch a flower or a book. Or the insanity of the idea of Parents, or a family living together in One House, how disgusting. One of the most important books that has even been written.

Do Old World cichlids and New world cichlids have different fighting styles? by awesome. Q: I am just so curious because i am researching the behaviour of malawi cichlids compared to that of new world cichlids,so can someone give me a good answer.

A: They fight like any fish, with their mouths. They have many other behavioural differences though. Different cichlids of the same world can differ too.

Why would somebody want to sponsor voyages to the New World during the Renaissance? by Q: Please be descriptive as to why nobles/people with money would want to sponsor voyages to The New World during the Renaissance.

A: I personally believe there are three principle reasons why investment into exploration occurred. Firstly, and most importantly, money. The bottom line is that The "New World" represented what is often referred to as a high risk high reward investment. If I have 500 florins(Florentine currency during the renaissance) and invest it in a company that is attempting to explore the new world, should they be successful I stand to make a huge amount of money on my investment. The exotic valuable goods that the explorers bring back to the thriving Italian market not to mention the huge market they have just discovered would lead to enormous profits. Secondly, there is a human fascination with exploration people today give huge amounts of money to the physics departments of various universities in the hope that their money might go some way to furthering our knowledge of the universe. Thirdly there would have been a huge amount of guilt attached to being rich during the Renaissance, the bible is not very comforting for those who are wealthy.Many rich nobles of the period tried to absolve their sins through philanthropic action. The San Lorenzo basilica in Florence, for instance, was entirely bankrolled by the Medici family ( a powerful dynasty of bankers). Rich noble men may have seen the exploration of the new world as a way of spreading God's word and, as such a suitable investment to absolve their souls. sources:http://evainterviews.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/isdcpaper2006.pdf The above is a paper i found on the subject.

How can Britain find its way in the new World with China as the dominant power? by Q: We have been the one major power in the globe since about 1921 but have been reduce to a small World power with the emergence of America. With this new World how successfully will we be able to adapt with China as the number one World power. For hundreds of years we have managed to stay in the top 5 power nations because of our ability to adapt and long military history.

A: britain can try working for once instead of leeching off of other countries

What was the new world that Christopher Columbus found? by Q: I am doing research on christopher columbus and it said he thought he found the indies but he actually found the "new world". Was the new world the americas (NORTH AMERICA)? if im right say yes if wrong then tell me the right one.

A: You're right that he discovered the Americas but not North America. "Christopher Columbus landed on an island in what we know today as the Bahamas, but he called it San Salvador (meaning Holy Savior). He then discovered other islands in the Bahamas, including Cuba. In all of the four journeys that he made to the "New World" he discovered parts of the Bahamas, Hispaniola, Cuba, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Central America, and South America." "So in other, words he discovered just about all of the Bahamas and the coasts of some of the surrounding land. But he never discovered North America."

How is everyone feeling about the many references to the New World Order by World Leaders? by blinkybill95 Q: The financial crisis seems to be the trigger for the full introduction of the New World Order, with many leaders openly asking for it. Are you concerned? Do you care? If you are a Christian, are you telling non believers?

A: Those who are able to spiritually discern the times have seen this coming for many years. I believe this financial crisis was deliberate, and done in order to hasten the New World Order. I also believe that there will be one man, the Antichrist, who will step forward to take control of the mechanisms now being put in place for total world control, and that this will be done according to what God has spoken. And yes, I am telling everyone I can, because I don't want anyone to be deceived. God bless you!!!

What if the new world trade center got bombed? by Q: As you all know the world trade center got bombed by angry pissed off Muslims but what if the new one they are currently building gets bombed by Muslims on 9 11 again? What would you do?

A: One World Trade is THE strongest building ever built, and it's not even complete yet. It's about halfway. The design of the building is more safe, the materials are more safe, the construction is more safe, and the procedures will be more safe. In addition to all of that, the new transportation center will help ensure its safety. In Manhattan you cannot build a low building with enough office space for all the businesses that have space in the skyscrapers. There is not enough land for buildings of that size. That's why buildings have grown up all over the world. You must also take into consideration that that entire area is sacred ground where thousands lost their lives. A significant portion of the real estate that used to have the multiple world trade center buildings is now dedicated to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

If people are successful against the new world order what will happen to the people who wanted it? by Three Gems Q: If people were to successfully rise up against the New World Order and stop it in its tracks, what would we do to the members of the New World Order? If we were to execute them then we would be no better than them and if we were to seize power, we could become corrupted like in most revolutions (Animal Farm). Who would lead everyone? Nearly every politician seems to be a part of this new world order.

A: Face the music

How did the colonialization of the New World help speed the processes of capitalism and industrialization? by Rob Q: Modern World History Question 2.How did the colonialization of the New World help to speed along the processes of capitalism and industrialization? I believe it has to do something with the exploration of the native population, but I could use some help

A: Short answer: the mindset of the oncoming Europeans. Especially, the French and their influence over the native peoples with their French Fur Trade. They introduced the idea of killing beavers and other animals solely for their fur to use for fashion, a superfluous concept to the Native Americans who used every single part of the animals they hunted in order to survive. The French introduced the Fur Trade to the Natives and got them involved. The Natives were thus introduced to profit and finances and individual financial gain. This helped the spread of capitalism.

Why does the New World Order want depopulation of the world? What does it hope to achieve via depopulation? by Q: The New World order wants to reduce the world's population, why is that so? Why do they want numerous people killed and thus depopulated?

A: Because Earth is over populated? We are using resources too fast and will run out eventually. End of the world type stuff y'know. If we don't get control of the human population soon, mother nature will.

What objects are babies conditioned to dislike in Brave New World? by Q: In Brave New World: What objects are babies conditioned to dislike? Why does the World State condition the masses to dislike the country?

A: answer to first question: trees. answer to second question: the world state conditions the masses to dislike the country because that is where trees and freedom are. they are trying to brainwash everyone into staying home and watching tv

new world? by Dragonfire445644 Q: if we had a new ice age and inly hundreds would survive would you start thinking more about the enviroment or would you careless because it might take 200000 years till the next one?

A: The Earth is currently stuck in an Ice age pattern where we spend ~100,000-120,000 years in an ice age followed by brief inter-glacial periods of around 25,000 years. The last ice age ended ~10,000 years ago and a new one should start in another 15,000 years or so. During the previous interglacial warm perion, known as the Emian period, both polar ice caps completly melted, only to re-freeze again at the start of the last ice age. I believe that it is clear that there WILL be another ice age in about 15,000 years from now. There is nothing you and I can do to change this fact. All the people in the world can happily "care about the environment" all they want to, but we will still have another ice age in 15,000 years, so get used to it.

How does Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and how advertisements effect how consumers shop relate? by Q: I have a research paper the end of this sememster, We are going to begin to read the story in a week and I just want a little info now on how these two relate before I get into the story so I know what to look for. How does Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and how advertisements and subliminal messages in advertisements effect how consumers shop relate?

A: Manipulation.

Why does the New World Translation sound like the translators used a Greek-English dictionary on Google? by TheWatchtowerIsLyingToYou Q: The original 5 translators of the New World Translation had a combined 2 years of college in ancient biblical language. Read some of the garbage in there, its like they typed in greek words in Google Translate and copied them onto paper and printed!

A: They actually didn't even do that much. It was never an attempt to translate. It was always them serving the interests of the Watchtower, truth be damned. The NWT translates the Greek word "kyrios" as "Jehovah" more than 25 times in the New Testament (Mt 3:3, Lk 2:9, Jn 1:23, Acts 21:14, Rom 12:19, Col 1:10, 1Thess 5:2, 1Pet 1:25, Rev 4:8, etc.). Why is the word "Jehovah" translated when it does not appear in the Greek text? Why is the NWT not consistent in translating kyrios (kurion) as "Jehovah" in Rom 10:9, 1Cor 12:3, Phil 2:11, 2Thess 2:1, and Rev 22:21 (see Gr-Engl Interlinear)? The Watchtower Society teaches that the 144,000 of Rev 7:4 is to be taken literally. If chapter 7 of Revelation is to be taken literally, where then does the Bible say that the 144,000 will come from? (See Rev 7:5- 8). HINT: It ain't any Watchtower organization The NWT translates the Greek word "esti" as "is" in almost every instance in the New Testament (Mt 26:18, 38, Mk 14:44, Lk 22:38, etc.). See Greek-English Interlinear. Why does the NWT translate this Greek word as "means" in Mt 26:26-28, Mk 14:22-24, and Lk 22:19? Why the inconsistency in the translation of the word "esti"? If the NWT was consistent and translated the Greek word "esti" as "is" in these verses, what would these verses say? # If Christians are persecuted for the sake of Jehovah's name, why did Christ tell the first Christians that they would be persecuted for the sake of his (Jesus') name instead of Jehovah's (Mt 24:9, Mk 13:13, Lk 21:12, 17, Jn 15:21, and Acts 9:16)? # In Col 1:15-17, the NWT inserts the word "other" 4 times even though it is not in the original Greek (see Gr-Engl interlinear). Why is the word "other" inserted? How would these verses read if the word "other" had not been inserted? # In 2Pet 1:1, the NWT inserts the word "the". Why is it inserted? How would the verse read if the word "the" was not inserted? What does scripture say about adding words to the Bible? (See Prov 30:5-6).

How does one start earning money AFTER setting a new world record? by Q: I am 99.9% sure I can set this new record. I need this in order to support my family (honestly! It's difficult times at the moment). But I did some research and I found out that Guinness World Records don't pay record breakers, so how does one earn at least a few bucks from this?

A: It will get your name in the papers, so people will be familiar with who you are. Potential employers may see you as someone who sets a target and goes for it. If you are planning to do something with any sporting (or other) connection, there could be advertising endorsements possible. But it may be necessary to consult an agent to scout around on your behalf. Without knowing what you plan to do, I can't offer other suggestions.

Whats the difference between old world monkeys and new world monkeys? by 909_ Q: besides the NEW and the OLD what are major characteristics between the old and new world monkeys....what should i know about the differences? any other information regarding the question, is highly appreciated thank you

A: old world: from Africa and Asia, have narrower noses and larger bodies, spend more time on the ground, have opposable digits and some don't have tails at all and none have prehensile tails (work as 5th limb) new world: from Mexico, Central America, and South America, do not have fingernails or opposable digits, all have prehensile tails hope that helped :)

What year will the new world trade center be finished? by Q: In New York City, The New World Trade Center "The Freedom Towers" what year will they be finished at Ground Zero? I meant to ask. What year will they be completed, and by what year will they be opened?

A: 2013 hopefully if there is no delays Completion:Early april 2013 Opening:Late april/early may 2013

How long to see a new world cup champion? by D_Wanted Q: As you see the world cup winners are Brazil 5 titles Italy 4 titles Germany 3 titles Argentina 2 titles Uruguay 2 titles France 1 title England 1 title and Spain 1 title the most recent one. Now how long do you think it would take to see a new champion. So far we have the Netherlands, Russia a competive team but somehow they don't make it to the world cup. Portugal their competive i think this world cup they would of done better if they had Nani. And the U.S even tough many people disagree on this one.

A: I think next world cup champion will be Germany or SPAIN but it depends what squad and players they have then I hope BRAZIL or ENGLAND because you english need another title ;)

What is the difference between Brave New World and The Island? by Kelly Franan Q: Brave New World is a novel by Huxley and The Island“ by Michael Bay is a movie. I'm sure many of you know there are similarities between the two medias. But i'm having some trouble doing a film analysis. I have to write an essay on it and I need help. Thank you.

A: Well, there are many tiny differences here and there, for example, in The Island everything is mostly computer operated. Also, the clones serve a different purpose. In Brave New World the clones are created and conditioned to benefit society, they are also separated by classes. In the Island the clones are used to gather body parts when the "owner" of the clone gets sick and is in danger of dying. The clones in the island are motivated by winning the "lottery" which, if won, will get them to the island. The clones in the island also believe that the world is contaminated and they have to stay inside or else they will die. In Brave New World the clones are made to serve a specific purpose and they dont have a choice on what. Also promiscuity is not embraced or encouraged on The Island they have strict contact rules in place. Well, thats almost all I have at the moment, hope it helps :)

What is really a new world to the Europeans when they discovered the Americas? by Danny Q: When the Europeans discovered the Americas for the first time, was it really like discovering and experiencing a new world to them?

A: I'm not sure what you mean. The Europeans knew that they were on the planet Earth. But they had never seen this part of the World before. They must have been very excited. They saw natural wonders never seen before. They saw resources, land, sometimes people, etc. It was all very new. I guess you can compare it to discovering a different planet. When I travel to a different country, where the land looks different, and the people have what to me is a strange culture, it's very exciting for me.

How many people believe new world order is about to take affect? by Q: To those of you who understand and are familiar with new world order do you believe it has began ?

A: yawn

How far along is New Zealand in the New World Order and Police state compared to America? by baba Q: In America, there is very little freedom left, and is very advanced in the so called New World Order, turning the citizens into slaves. Look at how BP is arresting folks for taking pictures of the Gulf Disaster for instance. How far along is New Zealand in the New World Order compared to America and how does it treat its citizens, especially free speech. Thanks

A: I have to disagree with the person above me. Firstly, NZers think they have a right to obtain secret information. Now I don't know what you think, but how well do you think the CIA would function if it had to tell everyone its secrets? For example, NZ tried to setup a secret force to deal with terrorism threats to the Rugby World Cup. How ever under the "official information act" one news published this, told everyone, and the agency is basically useless. Some where in NZ's history people decided that name suppression was in fact unfair to the society. This is due to a fairly low level of IQ - name suppression is to protect the identity of certain humans until they have been found guilty of their actual crime. Imagine being posted on the news as a paedophile, only to find after a court case, the court actually ruled you didn't do anything wrong and were falsely arrested by the police. You would never get your rep back. I believe the above post is from a fairly extremist person. Their are a couple of angry NZers who run blogs like his/hers. NZ has been consistently voted one of the least corrupt, peaceful and safe countries in the world.

How to make a new world on a minecraft server? by Jimmy L Q: i want to make a new minecraft world on a already existing server.I want to download a new server and then save my old world if i want to play on it again.How?

A: Simply drag the files that have to do with the world (these are located in the spot you put the MinecraftServer.jar) into a safe location, like your desktop. Then, open the server properties and change the world name to something different, like World1 or MainWorld. When you start the server, it will generate a completely new world with the name you specified.

Help with school work about a brave new world compared to today? by superstarsweepstakes Q: I need recent circumstances that support that A Brave New World is the likely outcome of our society. Recent as in the last 10 years or so and it can be any event or invention or anything.

A: Well now a days scientist are trying to clone more and more animals until they eventually get to humans. Maryland almost passed a law to legalize cloning. It only lost by 2 votes. My professor predicts that in the next few years it will be legal here. I think it is already legal in New Jersey. Over in China they have already started experimenting with it.

How to go about setting a new world record? by ozymandias Q: Suppose, I want to set a world record in a new category. How do I get the Guinness World Records to verify that category and approve my attempt?

A: Well, the only way you can do that is by contacting Guinness World Records I have listed their address below that you can contact them at. Send them a letter to ask them about it! This is their contact information: Guinness World Records Limited 184-192 Drummond Street 3rd Floor London NW1 3HP United Kingdom When contacting Guinness World Records please specify which department your enquiry concerns so that we can respond as quickly as possible: Editorial/Publishing Licensing Press Office Records Management Team Sales and Marketing TV Production Website Good Luck!

Do I have to start a new world to have the new minecraft update apply? by Q: There was a new update today at around 5 in the morning. I've been reading online that in order to have the update work you need to start a new world which would suck is this true and if so do you think there going to fix this. Thanks!

What's the difference between old and new world chameleons? by Kitsu Q: I'm doing a project on chameleons, and this has been puzzling me for awhile. I know veiled, jackson's, and panther chameleons are often considered old world species, but what are some new world species? What would be some other old world species? How do you tell the difference between old and new world chameleons?

A: Most chameleons are found in Madagascar, Africa, Yemen, and Arabia......to my knowledge, I cannot currently think of a New World Species. Chameleons are part of the Iguanians (Chameleons, Agamas, Basilisks, Horned Lizards, Collared Lizards, Fence Lizards, and True Iguanas). Anoles are closely related and are often called "chameleons", but they are not true chameleons. Also, Jackson's Chameleons are now introduced to Southern Florida and Hawaii, but they are originally from East Africa.

How is the new world trade center going to be safe or protected? by Q: I've been trying to keep updates on the progress of the new world trade center and I'm just curious what is going to be different this time cause I would be scared as hell to go in there. What is going to be improved and what is going to keep another 9/11 from happening? Surely they wouldn't rebuild it without any stronger protection or security right?

A: The dumbly named "Freedom Tower" isn't a center of trade for the world. It would have little symbolic value as a target of destruction for an anti-US organization. For such terrorists the idea will be "been there, done that." It is a smaller building of minimal interest to most of the world.

How did New World societies view themselves and their relationships with other tribes, nature, or the world? by Q: How did New World societies view themselves and their relationships with other tribes, nature, or the world? How did they view the Europeans who arrived after 1492? Discuss.

A: Not everything was peaseful and naturloving as common legends make us believe about indians. Surely most did not use nature like europeans did but a main reason for this is that they simply lacked the technology to do it propperly. Some of those who managed, managed to extinct themselfs by using up all natural resources - see Anasazi for one example.

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