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New black panther party

New Black Panther Party offers reward for 'capture' of Florida shooter
Members of the New Black Panther Party are offering a $10000 reward for the "capture" of George Zimmerman, leader Mikhail Muhammad announced during a protest in Sanford on Saturday. When asked whether he was inciting violence, Muhammad replied: "An eye ...

Black Panther House Sold In Oakland: Owners Sell Home Where Party Was Founded
The Black Panther party preached "power to the people," but in the San Francisco Bay area's thriving real estate market, the power is in the property. Realtors expected to close a deal Friday on the Oakland home where the militant black power group was ...

Why are 'racial justice' advocates silent on other 17-year-old?
Yesterday afternoon at a press conference, the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense circulated a “wanted dead or alive” poster for George Zimmerman for shooting to death a Florida teenager four weeks ago. “Minister Mikhail Muhummud…told the group ...

Home where Black Panther Party founded flipped
The Black Panther party preached "power to the people," but in the San Francisco Bay area's thriving real estate market, the power is in the property. Realtors expected to close a deal Friday on the Oakland home where the militant black power group was ...

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servicebz cheney heart transplant, dick cheney, michael oher, ryan madson, new black panther party, mega http://t.co/DVwMIAeP

darkbeerman It seems that the new black panther party is taking a page out of the kkk handbook and is planning on having Zimmerman lynched. #war

EmilyGreger Black Panthers target Zimmerman: SANFORD, Fla. (WOFL Fox 35) -- The New Black Panther Party came back to Sanford... http://t.co/fxCy2cgZ

DeeVah86 New Black Panther Party Offers 10K Reward For Zimmerman's Capture - http://t.co/m3DMgWh2

J_Kane New Black Panther Party inciting violence with $10,000 bounty, I wonder if Obama's DOJ will investigate.

ChildCareUSA Pastor says violence isn't the answer in Trayvon's case http://t.co/zsB2qbsi #trayvonmartin #georgezimmerman #nancygrace #foxnews

GunRu_G [email protected] Wow, the New Black Panther Party put a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman, SMDH.”

ChildCareUSA Trayvon Martin update: $10,000 reward for capture of George Zimmerman http://t.co/zsB2qbsi #trayvonmartin #georgezimmerman @ac360 #hln #cnn

PortlandORrss New Black Panthers' bounty for Trayvon shooter draws criticism: Members of the New Black Panther Party are drawi... http://t.co/PXVM3v3a

RobertAbenoja The new Black Panther Party offers $10k bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman. http://t.co/810TzEYz

jfvincent Why is a racist act by the New Black Panther Party news?

ArchbishopYoung RT @OSTrayvonMartin: FIRST ON OS: New Black Panther party offers $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman. #TrayvonMartin http://t.co/7CzB3rWm

Snuk2Real [email protected]_ [email protected] S/O New Black Panther Party””

BACFA RT @623Sis: George Zimmerman: Wanted Dead or Alive by the New Black Panther Party - HUMAN EVENTS http://t.co/k7EIvUPd


What kind of group is the New Black Panther Party? by undying Q: After seeing the breaking news about the endorsement of the New Black Panther Party of Obama, I went to their website and started reading. It really bothered me what I found. If you have time read over their 10 point platform.... http://www.newblackpanther.com/10pointplatform.html What do you guys think of this?

A: Definitely racist. But I can't imagine that Obama realizes this. After all, he rejected the endorsement of Minister Louis Farrakhan. That speaks volumes. Anywhoooo.... As I said, the New Black Panther Party is definitely racist- nothing at all like the original Panthers. Furthermore, the New Black Panther Party has no legitimate basis by which to use the Black Panther name (which I mention because it's a total insult to the original Panthers). I'm posting one of my previous answers below. (The question was concerning what happened to the original Panthers, but my answer addresses differences between them and the New Black Panther Party.)..... Good question. First, to comment on what others have said- They didn't reactivate the group, and they were never a racist group. However, the New Black Panther Party is a racist organization that can in NO WAY be compared to the original Black Panther Party. I realize the names cause confusion. And another thing that causes confusion is the fact that one of the former members of the original Panthers, Michael McGee, created the Black Panther Militia which later became the New Black Panther Party under the leadership of Aaron Michaels. However, neither the name nor Michael McGee's involvement is reason to believe that the two groups are the same. Michael McGee himself stated that he was, "not advocating what the Black Panthers were advocating. Our militia will be about violence. I'm talking actual fighting, bloodshed and urban guerilla warfare." The original Panthers operated on love for "black" people, and all other people as well. In fact, they even united with "white" revolutionary groups. They didn't advocate hatred for "non-blacks" and never declared war on "non-black" society or the "white" establishment. Their goal was to uplift "black" people, fight racism/discrimination, and practice self defense. They were role models who believed in the unity of all people regardless of color. They initiated breakfast programs, they led door to door health service programs, and they encouraged gangs to end their activities and participate in the fight for equality. At one time, the Panthers were responsible for feeding THOUSANDS of children each day throughout this country. The original Panthers were not only concerned with the problem of "racial" inequality and discrimination but also the huge gap between socioeconomic classes. They were very much in keeping with Malcom X's desire to unite the working class, including people of all "races" and genders. On the other hand, the New Black Panther Party is, as I said, a racist organization. They are in complete agreement with "white" racist groups on the topic of "racial" separatism and support achieving this by any means necessary. They advocate anything that they believe will accomplish their goals, including violence. The late Khallid Abdul Muhammad, the New Black Panther's former leader, was so notoriously racist and hateful that Louis Farrakhan removed him from the Nation of Islam's leadership. Concerning what happened to the original Panthers: In my opinion, it's unfair to make the vague statement that some of the Panthers became criminals. (I know that you, the asker of the above question, didn't say this. I'm referring to others.) Dependency on drugs did become an issue for Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver. And Stanley Tookie Williams was a member of, and believed by many to be, the co-founder of the Crips (which gave rise to the common misconception that the Black Panther Party later formed the Crips). I'm not negating either of these facts. However, according to the FBI's bogus accusations, the Panthers have always been criminals.... This is one reason for their "split". They understandably became disillusioned. Law enforcement continuously assaulted the Panthers by employing false accusations / charges / and convictions, murder, and giving birth to (and feeding) public doubt as to what their purpose was. Many Panthers, as I said, were murdered. Others were forced to flee the country. And there were those who simply gave up. Another reason for the "split" was the fact that there was some disagreement about whether or not to embrace "white" people in the fight for equality. The issue was NOT separatism. It was regarding differences in opinions as to whether or not to wholeheartedly accept "non-blacks" in the fight for equality. The argument was basically about whether or not "blacks" could achieve their due respect by "standing on their own two feet", so to speak, or by accepting the help of others. But this was a MINOR issue compared to the constant harassment by the FBI and other law enforcement. The Black Panther Party will, and always will, be a testament to what love and devotion truly means- the polar opposite of the New Black Panther Party.

Why does Hamas and the New Black Panther Party support Barack Hussein Obama for President? by Terry H Q:

A: Oh no, that can't be true..Why Obama is a wonderful person without any ties to underworld figures. (sarcasm)

Should the New Black Panther Party be considered a terrorist group? by Barack The Magic Jackasshole Q:

A: If one wanted to hypothesize, one could say any group who has made the same comments and threats could possibly be labeled as a domestic terrorist group. Let me ask this. If a group of white supremacist were saying the same things and making the same threats, would they be considered a domestic terrorist group? Donna

Is it ethical for the New Black Panther party to post racially discriminatory hatred on their website? by spag Q: This is a link to their party platform stating some very racially charged items: http://www.newblackpanther.com/newsite/102.html

A: A hate group is a hate group is a hate group

The New Black Panther Party is the fastest growing Civil Rights group in USA, is this why teabots dont like us? by Q: @ Marisol Deluded do I look like a 60yo cracka to you? Stop haitin on Ludacris! You cant rap like taht.

A: They (just like the majority of people) don't like you because you are a bunch of freaking racists.

What date is the New Black Panther party going to take over the U.S.? by Mr. Wolf Q: If there is no football games on I'm going to flatten the tires on their bus. If they act up too bad I will take their little night sticks from them.

A: The NBPP is an antiquated ideology that has long lived out it's purpose. They tried the "political" avenue and that failed, just as their "tough, in your face" activist routine did. Why would any black youth join an ideology based "reactionary" group, when he can easily join any of the 1,123 "gangs" in the country, where there is BIG money to be made ? Answer: Not this century.

why is the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party more active than ever when (see details)? by Krazy Kinky KOOL Q: there is a Black president in the White House, affirmative action is in effect almost everywhere in America, the KKK is almost unheard of, and there is widespread talk of a "post racial" society especially in the white community.

A: Beacsue now they feel they are in power and can accomplish more. Like passing more govt aid programs or threatening voters outside voting booths that if they dont vote a certain way they will beat them because they know Eric Holder will not launch an investigation into it.

I specifically remember seeing the New Black Panther Party on TV.? by E.N.D. Q: The Leader of the Party said he and his brothers were going to show up at the Restoring Honor Rally and "Keep it real". They didn't show up, what happened? Were they afraid that they would be the only ones who would show violence and racism or what?

A: They missed the bus....slept in.

Do you think Huey P. Newton would approve of the way Malik Shabazz is leading The New Black Panther Party? by Q: The New Black Panthers have nothing to do with the original.

What is Eric Holder hiding regarding dismissal of a civil complaint against New Black Panther Party? by Obama - Wimp in the White House Q: http://washingtontimes.com/news/2009/oct/01/justice-department-chided-in-panther-probe/ Pastor - While Paul and I are friends, I guarantee you we are two seperate accounts.

A: He is hiding his personal prejudiced and his secret funding by left wing radicals

Why is the black caucus in congress morphing into the new black panther party? by MG B Q:

A: Your lack of a source to support your view point is the answer to the question. Every day on this site there continues a string of racist questions.

What will you do when Obama militarizes the New Black Panther Party? by Me Q:

A: I am more afraid of his plans to force middle and high school students into servitude, which happens to be against the constitution, please answer my question: "Obama will call on CITIZENS OF ALL AGES to serve America, by developing a plan to REQUIRE 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year" http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AqdUFQVboTbutyWxCPFigHDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081106203059AAgvXYi

Will 0bama ever claim that certain members of the New Black Panther Party acted stupidly? by shootsmyownfood Q: For threatining to kill crackers and cracker babies.

A: Obama does not have the backbone to go against radical muslim extremest or his own kind (Democrats)

How do I contact Eric Holder about joining the New Black Panther Party? by Obama the Great Q: I'm interested in joining

A: Office of the Attorney General http://www.justice.gov/ag/ Before you join the NBPP you might want to consider this: What does the original Black Panther Party think about the New Black Panthers? Several members of the original group as well as members of the Huey P. Newton Foundation (named after the co-founder of the original party) have registered their repugnance of the new movement. The Newton Foundation released a statement, which denounced the new party, stating that the new group took on the name of “Black Panthers” when they had failed “to find its own legitimacy in the black community.” If the original members are denouncing the New Black Panther Party, why should the Justice Department give them acknowledgement and even, favor? Eric Holder needs to uphold the justice he has sworn to maintain. This justice is in the best interests for all the people - both black and white. This group has a history of aggression. During the late 1960s, this group was involved in a series of violent confrontations with the police and numerous court cases. One of the most famous trials was that of Huey Newton for killing a policeman in 1967. In addition, Bobby Seale, one of the “Chicago Eight” was charged and convicted of conspiracy to violently disrupt the Democratic National Convention of 1968 (conviction later overturned). The Black Panther ideology of hate is at the very roots of the organization. For example, two of its leaders, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who led the Black Panthers from 1993-2001, and Malik Zulu Shabazz, his successor, have made numerous anti-Semitic statements. They have spoken hatefully, laying the issues of the Holocaust, slavery, and even September 11th events at the Jews’ feet. The Party holds to a conspiracy theory that states that 4000 Jews called in “sick” that day as they had advance knowledge of the attacks. o_O

Liberals: Do you condone the racist actions of the New Black Panther Party? by Q: There are no "elements of racism" within the New Black Panther Party. It is a Racist Organization, everyone in it is Racist. Being a Racist and hating White People and Jews is the only requirement. As far as the Racists at the Tea party, I will admit that I have seen some Liberals at the Tea Parties with ridiculous signs that they made to cause trouble.

A: I am not a liberal, but would like to add a point about this question. Most liberals will deny that racism against whites exists, which is ridiculous when considering the statistics of black on white crime in the United States.

How do I join the New Black Panther Party? by Q: I be tired of da white man holdin down da beauty of Black skin!

A: Vote for obama!

I want to know where i can find the new black panther party clothing? by Q: I am in middle school and its predominately white and i don't like it but anyway i hang around a variety of people so don't think im a "racist" or anything but i want there clothing so me and my friends can create a group similar to that.

A: you could be asked to leave the school for wearing hateful clothing such as panther wear, you would`nt want people wearing KKK robes would you?

Is the New Black Panther Party the 'KKK' for black separatists? by You Are Dry Shaving Me Q: I watched a documentary on the History Channel last night about the history and current NBPP. WOW! The one founder was giving a speech saying that black people should invade white houses, kill the white man, then stab the white children. The whole auditorium was cheering. Groups like the NBPP and the KKK seem to keep racism thriving. Your thoughts...

A: I saw that too. I would agree that they are.

Why is it people can't see Bush dropped the charges against the new Black Panther party? by Q: Obama wasn't even in office and Holder wasn't attorney general.

A: Perhaps the media kept it quiet, just like when Bush flew the Bin Laden Family from the U.S. back to Saudi Arabia within 2 days after 9/11, but that was most likely done because of their ties in the oil business.

Why do people in moder culture beleive that the New Black Panther Party is Rasist ? by Kurious Q: I am aware of the anti-semitic accusations but first watch the video on youtube and decide for yourself after you watch it. for youself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXEEm480_jU. If this doesn't work type New Black Panther Party in the search engine and look for the one mentioning Hashim Nzinga and Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz on bill O' Reilly's show. Shabazz's inerview is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_FJSgnV2D4 Well if that's true how can you beleive that they are racist ? I guess it was also racist for the officer to stop Huey and shoot him in the leg while the white police man's partner also tries to subdue Huey and Huey shoots the cop back in self defence but they never say Huey was shot first Bobby Seale had to come out and say it. Then When Huey was in a coma from a severe beating did they tell you the cops rushed the hospital and beat him while he was in a coma, I guess that's just fair punishment huh? The Panther's are not Racist! You have only been told some things they have done not the whole story just one side. Watch the video before you judge them , then give me your opinion.


Is it true that the new black panther party threaten to murder glenn beck and then shred him into pieces? by amazon dot com buyer... Q: my friend told me he heard glenn, bill o'reilly and geraldo rivera talking about it.

A: Probably. Glenn is snitching them out. And you know how criminals hate snitches ..... ... "a New Black Panther chiding African-American passersby: "You want freedom? You are going to have to kill some crackers. You might have to kill some of their babies." The "New Black Panther" didn't mean anything bad .... he was just explaining Obama's new Health Care Plan.

Why do people poo poo the New Black Panther party as a couple wingnuts when they are on the list of the DHS? by Loosid Q: hate group list? If they were a couple white wingnuts calling for the death of blacks and their children; this would be met with outrage, right? Why isnt inciting murder by a group on that list not being discussed or investigated by our government? Isnt it the *lone wolves* that we are supposed to be worried about; just takes one? Where is the disconnect here?? Serious question.

A: actually i would love to poo-poo on the panthers... sorry could not resist...

why is the NAACP going to denounce the Tea party as racist but not the New Black Panther party? by Q: when the Black panthers have been all over the news for voter intimidation and calling for the murder of all whites and their babies?

A: the NAACP is racist

what are your thoughts on the new black panther party? by Q: I think they are a bunch of douchebags, but I realise some may not agree with me. what do you think?

A: I don't agree with what they stand for and we'd have some serious words with one another because i'm in an interracial marriage.

Are Membership numbers to the "New Black Panther Party" dramatically increasing thanks to Fox news? by King Samir Shabazz Q: Why have our requests for membership suddenly increased so much is it something in the air or is it because of all the free publicity Fox News has given us?

A: NO. They can join without fear of prosecution thanks to Obama and Holder.

What does the New Black Panther Party actually DO? by Q: ...In 2010? Why are they still around? Back when Huey Newton founded it in 1966, they had a legitimate purpose. Institutionalized racism and segregation was rampant. They actually had meaning then. But what the hell are they doing in 2010? And how did their ANTI-racist sentiment somehow spawn actual racist sentiment? I just don't get why they still exist as an organization.

A: Knitting, bake sales, some quilting, church socials, etc.

Is Obama a member of the New Black Panther Party? by I Might Be Showing Her My O Face Q: I saw a documentary about those guys the other night on National Geographic, was wondering if Obama is a member.

A: new member? I thought he founded it with Reverend Repulsive. Him, that manatee in pumps he drags around can stop humiliating me any day now. He can go back to bowling and basketball bracketts now and keep his mouth shut.

Should the State Department designate the New Black Panther Party & the KKK as terrorist organizations? by Okla State Alum (Nacho Victory!) Q: Since the NBPP shares almost identical view to Hamas & the KKK the views of the SS.

A: both are groups that use terrorisism tactics to get what they want. so i see no problem in declaring them as terrorist organizations. They have no place in our government.

Why does Barrack Hussein Obama hide his membership in the predominately Muslim New Black Panther Party? by PepsiOne Q: I am curious as to why I am supposed to provide proof. My proof is that Obama sealed this membership as well, with his birth certificate and college transcripts. Then why is he so cleverly protecting the New Black Panther party from federal prosecution? How can liberals be so certain that their goat herding Messiah is not a member of the Black Panther Party?

A: You are mistake. Obama was a member of the Socialist, New Party, not the New Black Panthers. However, you are correct that the Obama Justice Department declined to prosecute the New Black Panthers for a clear case of voter intimidation. Go to Fox News to watch the Megan Kelly interview with the honorable whistle-blower, J. Christian Adams. PJM Exclusive: Unequal Law Enforcement Reigns at Obama’s DOJ (UPDATED: Adams Discusses this Article on Fox News) http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/j-christian-adams-you-deserve-to-know-%E2%80%94-unequal-law-enforcement-reigns-at-obamas-doj-pjm-exclusive/ Earlier this month, I resigned from the DOJ after bringing the New Black Panther voter intimidation case. Longstanding biases within the Civil Rights Division are hostile to a race-neutral enforcement of some civil rights laws. (Click here for Adams on Soon after his confirmation, Attorney General Eric Holder labeled us a nation of cowards, a people supposedly unwilling or afraid to discuss race. Based on my experience as an attorney at the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, Holder has far more to fear from that discussion than do the rest of us. If we had that frank, truthful discussion about race, we’d learn that the Obama administration doesn’t believe some civil rights laws protect every American. The Bush Civil Rights Division was willing to protect all Americans from racial discrimination; during the Obama years, the Holder years, only some Americans will be protected. Americans have a right to know and judge the racial policies of the administration they elected in 2008. The dismissal of the voter intimidation lawsuit against armed New Black Panthers in Philadelphia is the most prominent example of this hostility toward race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws. But that dismissal is far from the only manifestation of the beliefs infesting the Department. Many other cases and decisions — some of which I will detail below — are in question and deserve scrutiny. Exclusive: Race Was Reason Holder Dropped Black Panther Case http://www.thefoxnation.com/justice/2010/06/30/exclusive-race-was-reason-holder-dropped-black-panther-case

Should the New Black Panther Party be put on the terrorist watch list? by Wouldn't you like 2 know Q: Have you ever listened to one of their members, they spew the most anti-American racist hate. Why is this racist group not being investigated by Home Land Security?

A: Yes, but they won't. They will not even be prosecuted for hate crimes or real crimes like voter intimidation

How long do you believe the New Black Panther Party will last? by Q: before the U.S. Government wipe's them out? They are already making plans to exterminate the white race.

A: I agree with a previous answer: 2012. This is one of my biggest pet peeves or whatever. Securing our borders will lead to "racial profiling", saying the "n" word means you must be a racist, being a minority gives you a tremendous advantage in earning scholarships, and the list goes on. Where is all the political correctness now? I don't like being called a "cracker" anymore than I like the new black panther party calling for extermination of the white race. I'm tired of the double standard. There's more racism towards caucasions than any other denomination, yet caucasions are always the "racist".

How to i join the new black panther party? by Q: i am not a racist i just want to be apart of something big i have nothing going for my life i am in college. no friends i just want to do something big that is going to make a big change in the world so how can i join

A: wanting to join them is like wanting to join the Crips why don't you join Habitat for Humanity?

What do you think about the New Black Panther Party? by Smooch The Pooch Q: And their new tirade against Obama? Oopsie--he made them mad now. Thoughts? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/you-should-have-listened-to-farrakhan-when-you-were-at-his-table-new-black-panthers-turn-on-obama-in-an-n-word-uncle-tom-tirade-content-warning/ They are a hate organization whether they support Obama or not. But this begs the question of those that have excused their behavior based on Obama only. Do they support this organization when they trash Obama?

A: They supported his election. Obama even touted their endorsement on his website, even though the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled them a hate group. Overall, they are a collection of racist scum, which is why I wasn't surprised that they endorsed Obama (birds of a feather). I'm not surprised that they turned against Obama since he is bombing his Muslim brethren.

Why do you think that a representative of the New Black Panther Party (Shabazz) is saying their comments are? by Obamatopia Idiocracy! Q: Misunderstood? Do they think we are gullible enough not to interpret the audio and visual tapes that are available?

A: Without racism, the panthers are nothing. So they must keep it alive or they will dissappear. Hate drives black panthers unfortunately. They could be the most positive influence in the United States when it comes to black white relations. Leaders of the panther party do not want that because the true patriotic black person would rise to power and the ones that spew hate would be dethroned. Black leadership needs to take the riegns and raise the people up with positive thinking. Do you really believe a racist country would have ever elected a person of color if it was racist. The panther movement cannot survive on positive messages so they must spew hate.

Should we as citizens demand an investigation of the New Black Panther Party? by Obamatopia Idiocracy! Q: Because of the racial hatred they spew publicly? Should they be classified as a national security threat such as other groups portraying hate and intent to kill Americans?

A: Yes, no question about it. We must demand the charges against the Black Panthers that were intimidating voters be reinstated and the laws of this land be upheld. This is a hate filled group and their agenda is toxic to all Americans. Obama and Holder, why did you let these lawbreakers go free? Where is the justice here? Voter intimidation will NOT be tolerated and you are accountable to the American people to uphold the law ! What is going on?????? Shall we rename the Department of Justice to the department of INJUSTICE ? Your motives are painfully clear ! We must take America back !!!

Why do news stations give quacks like the new black panther party and david duke air time? by raye Q: Why can't they just ignore these idiots? Since when do these hate mongering fools contribute anything valuable to society?

A: Bottom line? Because MONEY is still king! Controversy like these causes people to listen in, and viewership/listeners numbers sell advertising space/time, the life blood of TV/radio.

Why is the party with guns and God on their side so afraid of one member of the New Black Panther Party in an? by Q: eastern city that it apparently kept 10 million of them away from the polls? Surely illiterate conservatives aren't that afraid of one black guy at the polls thousands of miles away to lose an entire election, right? So you're saying you're too fucking illiterate to understand the question - Shovel Ready?

A: You neglected to tell us what you think of an Attorney General who does not enforce federal law based on racial reasons.

How many libs will be running out to join the new Black Panther party? by Obama the Great Q: Now that they are coming out in the daylight, kind of like a roach when you shine a flashlight on it?

A: just the ones that defend them!!! oops that seems to be all of the racists libs!!!!

How do I go about joining the new Black Panther party? by Obama the Great Q: I like there message and Im sick of white racism and the hard working black man being held down

Why did they have to make a New Black Panther Party when the old one worked fine? by Q: Do ya think the feds monitor the new one, or are they good guys now?

A: It's new and improved. The afros had to go!

How can the left claim the hate racial supremacists when they defend the New Black Panther Party? by Rocky Q: The NBPP is not connected to the 1960s Panthers. The older Black Panthers want nothing to do with the NBPP, which is basically the black KKK.

A: The New Black Panthers are frauds that are destroying the legacy of the original.

What do average Black people think of the New Black Panther Party and other Black Supremacist Groups? by Q: Does the average Black person in the United States support or identify with them? Believe me I am all for freedom of speech but why is it socially acceptable for a Black person to support the NBBP yet a White person cannot stand up and say they support White Nationalist/Separatist organizations without being labelled a "racist" or a "bigot"? The NBBP is the New Black Panther Party.

A: difference between black and white nationalism whites want every race besides their race out of the country [they also want to ally with asians for a tad bit of help] but the main idea in that sentence is they think they own america and they want it for themselves EVEN THOUGH THEY WERENT THE 1st ONES HERE..-cough eherm- black nationalist want to stay seperated from whites and classify all non white and non yellow people as allies

What's the New Black Panther Party doing to stop illegal Mexicans from taking? by Your Puppet Q: they babies mama's Section 8, food stamps, gas allowance???? Nothing... Black Panther, rather black pussy cat, de clawed and spayed. Mandingo Warrior defeated by Taco Vendor. Whitey loves to play them poor ignorant colored folks against one another.... Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg, aka White Men.

A: some people are only alive because it's against the law to kill them.

Has the New Black Panther Party been involved in any murders? by amadeus j Q: I am doing some research on violent race hate groups like the kkk and the old black panthers. I am trying to find any information about the new black panthers and any murders or attacks. I know that at the million youth march and the fact that there were some injured police. The problem is that any searches either turn up the old black panthers, or the voter intimidation. Thanks for the help

A: If they have we wouldn't know about it because with the way the F.B.I operates they wouldn't be around for long if they drew any attention to themselves especially if it were a group or orginization and murder were involved?

Should New Black Panther Party racist Eric Holder be impeached and arrested? by Q: Eric Holder is a racist New Black Panther who purposely gave guns to Mexican drug cartels, and ordered them to shoot and murder a white Border Patrol agent. Eric Holder hates the Border Patrol and is trying to start a war between the Mexican Cartels and the Border Patrol because he hates White People.

A: Well from what im reading hes not the only racist. Thanks for your contribution.And conformation.

Is Obama A Member Of The Racist New Black Panther Party? by Q: Now that photos have surfaced of Obama marching and sharing the podium with New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz in Selma AL, White House records show a Malik Shabazz visited the White House and DOJ Eric Holder dismissing charges of voter intimidation against the NBPP, suggest Obama is a part of the racist NBPP?

A: Yes he is a founding member

Why is the new black panther party allowed to use the "black panther" name? by Q: I understand that they are not related at all and i plan to learn more about them......but why?would some people be confused and think the original black panther party was the same way?

A: The new founder claimed that it was a "revival" of the original Black Panther Party...Although the original founders claim that there "is no new BPP." I don't know what the laws are on re-using a political party nomination.

Is Obamas Attorney General encouraging the New Black Panther Party 2 intimidate voters in New Jersey tomorrow? by demhater Q: if serious allegations of fraud emerge, you can also expect less-than-vigorous investigation by the Obama Justice Department -- which showed just how seriously it takes such allegations when it walked away from an open-and-shut voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia earlier this year. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703932904574511612622116146.html

A: Absolutely. Anyone objecting to the voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers ("NBP") will be labeled a "racist", and violent actions taken by the NBT will be rationalized as "self defense against racists" by the Obama (swt) administration.

How do you feel about the new black panther party supporting osama bin laden? by Californias Independent Conservative Q: I was watching fox news today bill o reilly showed a clip of the new black panther party praising this guy who want american to corrode form the inside out how do you feel about the black panther party and there support for osama bin laden

A: In light of all of the threats coming from the New Black Panthers, along with the obvious case of voter intimidation committed by the group, and now evidence that they have aligned themselves with al Queda and bin Laden, the question we need to ask the federal government is…Are the New Black Panthers considered terrorists? This group should be infiltrated and broken up, just as we did with the Ku Klux Klan in the 1960’s. Watch the sickening video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8uMM58a6SE&feature=player_embedded You’d think that would be a pretty easy thing to denounce, right? I mean, who could really support a man like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN67KJdd6Mw Oh, right! The Attorney General of the United States! Of course! Because this case should totally have been dismissed. Nothing to see here, folks! Meanwhile, the New Black Panther Chairman Malik Shabazz can’t even bring himself to denounce the killing of white babies. Check out this Mediaite interview. http://videos.mediaite.com/video/New-Black-Panther-Chairman-Mali o_O

How do you feel about the New Black Panther Party? by Darkness4 Q: I'm black and I believe that they are doing more harm than good to our race. Also, I believe that they are no different from the KKK except for the difference in skin color and what each represent. They(New Black Panther Party) are not the successors to the Black Panther Party of the 60s and are comprised of former members of the nation of Islam. I think that the NAACP should spend time on this issue than worrying about the Tea Party because the New Black Panther Party is really getting out of hand with there comments and protest. What do you think?

A: I tend to agree with your comments. I'm not Black, I'm Hispanic, and a frustration I have about questions like yours is that readers will automatically call us racist if we have any negative comments about Black organizations. I think as bad as the KKK was and is, the New Black Panther Party do almost as much harm. Any polarizing element will only bring people further apart instead of helping people come together. There are horrible and lazy Black people out there. But, there are also horrible and lazy Hispanics, whites, Asians and Middle Eastern people too. We are not all a perfect race, but we should at least attempt to live together in harmony. (No, I'm not trying to write a song!) I think what happens with these polarizing people is that they can't get acknowledgment or fame in the mainstream of America, so they gravitate to these fringe elements to get their glory. They are more concerned with themselves instead of being loyal to any one group or people.

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