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Neti pot

Louisiana Warns About Neti Pots After Fatal Brain-Eating Amoeba Infections
By Sora Song | @sora_song | December 16, 2011 | + The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals is warning people against the improper use of neti pots, following the deaths of two people who were infected with Naegleria fowleri — the so-called ...

Neti pots are dangerous if used improperly, DHH warns
By AP Louisiana health regulators warned residents Tuesday about the dangers of using neti pots improperly. A neti pot, which looks like a genie's lamp, is commonly used to irrigate sinuses. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals issued its ...

Must-Know Tips For Neti Pot Newbies
Whether it's a nasty cold or allergies causing your congestion, it may be time to give a neti pot a whirl. This teapot-looking device may seem a little odd at first glance, but it's recommended by ear, nose, and throat doctors to relieve nasal ...

Louisiana Regulators Warn of Dangers if Neti Pots Used Improperly
A neti pot, which looks like a genie's lamp, is commonly used to irrigate sinuses. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals issued its warning following a second death this year caused by Naegleria fowleri, the so-called brain-eating amoeba. ...

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VicMaundrell Noooooooooo! @CagNinja: @VicMaundrell Guess my days are numbered! I love mine RT Neti Pot Deaths Linked to Brain-Eating Amoeba in Tap Wa ...

MichelleLKent RT @stephanieodea: holy cow, internet. Warning about Neti Pots-- http://t.co/BrmY55LC

PClikesfood I fill my neti pot with Mountain Dew. #ExtremeNasalCleansing

stephanieodea holy cow, internet. Warning about Neti Pots-- http://t.co/BrmY55LC

ElGhostoPigo Does our Louisiana tap water contain brain eating amoebas? Yes. Yes it does. http://t.co/UNkMCxTs

TheBostonChow Sounds like a sci-fi movie http://t.co/SmxuHXoN #ick

sn92 RT @TIME: PSA: Louisiana warns against improper neti pot use after brain-eating amoeba infections cause two deaths | http://t.co/2dP8WOK6

CagNinja @VicMaundrell Guess my days are numbered! I love mine RT Neti Pot Deaths Linked to Brain-Eating Amoeba in Tap Water http://t.co/IqkrTPQs

lfreischlag @angelamtoth @JakeRinehart neti pot. Yucky.

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BigGoalieDan #waterboarding RT @amalthya Also, the Neti Pot feels awful to use because it is AWFUL for you! http://t.co/fO7t8Ek6

BestMompreneur Neti Pot Deaths Linked to Brain-Eating Amoeba in Tap Water http://t.co/SZFRP0ds

Queshirazsarah RT @TIME: PSA: Louisiana warns against improper neti pot use after brain-eating amoeba infections cause two deaths | http://t.co/2dP8WOK6

snbrdchick Louisiana warns against improper neti pot use after brain-eating amoeba infections cause two deaths http://t.co/AIBicMH9” @RevBrianBritton


Adding Echinacea to Neti Pot nasal rinse? by Bliss Q: I got a couple inner ear infections from previous use of Neti Pot. My naturopath told me to put in some drops of Echinacea but I don't remember how much. How many drops is good per neti pot treatment? Thanks!

A: One eye-dropper full should be good to use, especially since it will be diluted with the water in the neti pot.

Can I overuse my neti pot? Could it cause blood in nasal mucus? by jbrokeri Q: I have been using my neti pot 2-3 times per day, one whole pot in each nostril each time, with a homemade solution (admittedly more than comes in pre-mixed packets). Recently when I use it and blow my nose afterward I have a small amount of bright red blood, only in one side of my nose, often with some thick nasal discharge. Could too much salt in the mixture several times per day cause this?

A: Salt will cause some drying but it sounds like the infection is coming out. You might want to try a product called Alkolol if you can get it in your area. http://www.alkalolcompany.com/ It's extremely soothing and very affordable.

What is wrong here? I was using my neti pot and it didn't go through my other nostril..? by david j Q: I was using my neti pot and it didn't go through my other nostril, I think it went through my p***s because my pants was wet before I douched? I can't remember. OMG. There's a gay spider on my wall.

A: Was it just regular salt you put in it or some other chemical..?

Can I use sea salt in my neti pot? by jusmex Q: Neti pot salt is kind of expensive. What other kind of salt I can use instead of neti pot salt? Can I use sea salt in my neti pot ? Also, how much salt do I add to my neti pot?

A: Yes, I use grey sea salt from the health food store in my neti pot, just a pinch. I swear, it's the best thing I've ever found. I havent had a cold or sinus infection in 2 yrs. I used to have chronic sinus infections, alway on antibiotics. Too bad more people didn't know about the neti pot.

Questions about neti pot and sinus problems? by Spidey555 Q: I am using a neti pot which helps greatly with my sinus pressure. I have really bad allergies and I got dizzy too all the time from them. Sometimes hard to concentrate. I also get a ton of sinus pressure around my face and jaw. Anything else that helps besides the neti pot? I really want to get rid of this dizziness and sinus pressure. My doc gave me flonase which helps but not that much as well as allegra, but nothing seems to get rid of the pressure or dizziness.

A: You may actually need to have your sinuses drained, which helps for repetitive problems. What do your doctors think about that? Other than that, a Neti Pot does help move the gook out. I take Allergra AND Sudafed-D. Sudafed-D is a bit of a pain to get these days because of all the federal laws restricting its use, but there's nothing like a decongestant for minimizing allergies. You can get it at any pharmacy, but you'll have to sign all sorts of forms and show an ID to get it. Debbie

why does it feel like the water goes straight to my brain when I use my neti pot? by Q: I have used the neti pot for almost a year.... I love it! Lately, when I use it, it feels like the water goest straight to my brain and hurts. It makes my eyes water. I can't stand the pain. I can't use the neti pot.

Can you use a neti pot while on antibiotics? by Q: I am on antibiotics for a sinus infection. I was wondering if it is safe to use a neti pot while i am on the amoxicillin? I just want some releif for the prolem. Thanks

A: It definitely is...it'll help clean out your sinuses, while the antibiotics you're taking fight the infection inside your body. Hope you feel better soon! =]

Will a neti pot help with pet dander related allergies? by npo1026 Q: Just curious if anybody with expereince can tell me if the neti pot product will help at all with pet dander allergies, or is it mainly intended for other types of nose problems?

A: I'm sure a neti pot would help. If you find it hard to use, there are also other sinus irrigation systems you can try. achoo! Allergy has both neti pots and another system called SinuPulse that washes out, irrigates, and moisturizes your sinues. Check them out at: www.achooallergy.com. Good luck!

A few questions about using my Neti pot? by Q: I'm fighting off a sinus infection, and I use my neti pot two times per day, once in the morning and then before bedtime. Can I use my neti pot more than 2 times a day? This infection is being rather stubborn! I prefer to use NO medications. I do everything as naturally as possible.

A: I use netipot only once a day at bed time. And it has helped me lot. But your case may be severe, and I dont see why not try it as many times as you want, it is like brushing your teeth after every meal.

anyone drown when using a neti pot? by hoganc1983 Q: I've seen people use them on youtube and they're all just smiling away with water running out of their noses. I try it with regular tap water and I feel like I took a snoutful up the nose on a water slide. It burns like a sonovabitch. Anyone have any tips of comfort when using a neti pot?

A: I can relate! I once tried to use a neti pot with plain old tap water, and it was a TERRIBLE experience. But thankfully, when you use the right kind of water (filtered, boiled, or distilled), and the right kind of salt (pure, non-iodized, without anti-caking agents), you barely feel the water going through your nasal cavities. The recipe I use is this: 1/4 teaspoon of pure non-iodized salt plus 8 ounces of lukewarm pure water. I usually run the water through my Brita pitcher, but you can purify your water almost as easily by boiling it for five minutes. (Just remember to let it cool first, or it will REALLY burn!) I hope you give the neti pot another try. My family and I swear by them. Good luck to you!

Have you ever used a Neti-pot and if so do you have any advice or tips to give to make it work its best? by desperatehw Q: I am having sinus issues, and today a rotten cold. Ugh. Hate this stuff. Someone told me about these neti-pot things which I had never heard of before, surprising since I have heard of practically everything that exists under the sun, haha. It sounds promising, if a little weird, but I'd like to hear from someone who had real success with it (or not, if that's the case.) Thanks.

A: I use my neti pot daily in the winter. Winter dry air compounded by the fact that I burn wood for heat makes the air in my house extremely dry and the neti pot keeps my sinuses clear and moist and I have less congestion and less sneezing. You can buy packets to add to the water that contain the right amount of salt or you can just add plain sea salt to the water. It's safe and effective to use, my 9 year old son uses the neti pot almost as often as I do. If you choose to try one remember to breathe through your mouth while using it so that you don't swallow the solution. You will feel your sinuses fill with water and you will feel the pressure from that but it is only a little uncomfortable the first couple of times that you try it. Also don't use it just before going to bed or before you have to be somewhere because you will have some dripping of the nose for a little while after using it. GOOD LUCK!!

What is a good recipe for a neti pot? by Jason Q: I hear some people just use salt, some mix in baking soda, so what is a good recipe for the solution that goes into a neti pot?

A: I just use the little premixed packets the came with it (I ordered refills). I think the brand is sinu-cleanse. I'm pretty sure they have salt and baking soda, but it doesn't list proportions.

What is the history behind the Neti pot or why it helps clear out sinuses. ? by Lala O Q: I'm getting my b.f. a neti pot for Christmas since he has really bad allergies and sinuses. Usually when I give a gift, I like to give a little back ground history of it besides the usual basic facts (It relieves a stuffy nose) So does anyone know why its helpful, how it works, and the history behind it>)

A: I'm surprised you haven't gotten a more specific response about the usage or history. You can find out more about the history at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neti_pot#Jala_neti Similar devices have literally been used for centuries in the Ayurveda tradition. With current science, we can see how it helps to cleanse out irritants and allergens, plus with the small amounts of salt in the saline solution, it can help to moisturize the nasal cavity to help prevent it from getting inflamed. I hope he likes the Neti Pot... oh, and you should be aware that it can take a few tries to use it right. Just breathe through your mouth and loosen up the back of the nasal area... it takes time to get used to the odd sensation, but it works VERY well when it's used daily. Good luck to you both!

Has anyone used a Neti Pot to relieve sinus headaches? by Q: Sinus pills dont help me...and rather not take them anyhow...thinking of trying a Neti Pot...I really dont get colds or congested...I can actually breathe through my nose fine..but still get the pressure..which causes headaches...if that makes sense...thanks for your answers.

A: I used one but it didn't help much. It just made my nose run until it was dry.

Has anyone used a neti pot? I just bought one & tried to use it. I did like it said, breathed thru my mouth? by C M Q: I breathed through my mouth but it felt like the solution was in the back of my throat & I couldn't do it. Any suggestions for using a neti pot.

A: I dont have the pot but i have somthing like it and your not supposed to breathe while doing it. Put it at your nose and open your mouth leaning forward. Most of the solution will go through the other nostril but some will drain down and go out the mouth. Try not to swallow any of the stuff cus it could make you sick.

Clearing sinuses: does neti pot work? How about alkalol? by A W Q: I get allergies and colds quite frequently and easily. A friend recommended using a neti pot regularly to clear my sinuses and prevent colds and mucus buildup. Does it really work? How about just rinsing out the nose with some alkalol instead?

A: I have been using a neti pot for 15-20 years. As bad as it sounds it feels wonderful. Make sure you follow the directions on how much salt to use in the water, too little or too much will burn, you want to keep it the same pH as your body. When I am home I use it up to 4x a day. It's wonderful for allergies because it washes out the debris that gets caught in the hair in your nose. The saline is soothing to inflamed tissue. An alternative is to use a saline nasal spray which I find less effective but I use it when I'm not home. Alkalol is a product that uses a device similar to a neti pot to rinse the sinuses. I prefer using sea salt and water because its cheap and works fine. The key is to keep the sinuses open, once you are all clogged up it will be difficult to get the solution to flow through the sinuses. I was just thinking, if you have allergies to begin with, you might just want to stick with saline as opposed to the alkalol since saline is naturally in your body whereas alkolol has added ingredients. Edit: In my quest for better breathing I just ran across the the Sinupulse Elite, It has great reviews, it's like a waterpick for your nose haha. I just bought one, I can leave a comment on how it works after it is delivered.

is using a neti pot like blowing your nose? by thestateoforegon Q: I have some snot waaaay deep in there and blowing isn't helping, would a neti pot clear that stuff out?

A: Mud flaps

Can a Neti Pot be used by more than one person? by LifeLove&Acceptance4All Q: Or is it like a toothbrush? Also, have you used a Neti Pot before, and has it worked for you?

A: Well, if you boiled your toothbrush for 15-20 minutes you could probably share it. But the thought of it would still probably be uncomfortable. Same thing with a neti pot. I occasionally boil mine. You can do this with stainless steel, ceramic, and some plastic ones. I use the stainless steel neti pots specifically for it's ease of sterilization. Also, bleach and alcohol could be used but be sure to thoroughly rinse before using. I personally would avoid sharing plastic neti pots as studies have shown that plastic bottles promote bacteria growth. Lastly, it's probably not a good idea to sharing the same neti pot back and forth regularly, but if you just want to give someone a neti pot you're not using, then sterilizing is a reasonable option.

Could I use a water gun instead of a neti pot? by NaginiPotter Q: This is an awkward question, but I've broken my neti pot and I'd like to clear out my nasal passages before I leave in a little while or I'll be uncomfortably congested for the rest of the day. I've got at my disposal a little toy watergun and I've seen people use a sqeeze-bottle version of the neti pot. Would it be an efficient temporary replacement for my neti pot?

A: You can use saline nasal spray, that works well. Or go swimming. :-) I would not use the squirt gun as it's not sterile. Of course I have no idea how you maintain your neti pot either.

Can I use a Neti Pot if I have high blood pressure? by kimpenn09 Q: One more neti pot question: I have high blood pressure and the saltwater in the neti pot concerns me. Since I'm not actually swallowing most of the water, should I be concerned?

A: No, not at all. Neti Pots should only be used with an effective Saline solution, which is 1% salt water concentrate (the same concentration as human tears). It's 1 gram per 100 mL of water, which is just under 1/4 tsp per 3.33 oz (just under half a cup). To give you a point of reference, that amount can last 1-2 applications, plus most of the salt drains out through your other nostril.... you would only absorb maybe a pinch of salt a week from using a Neti Pot. Even on a salt-restricted diet, you still get some minor amounts of salt (which is healthy for you), and this is way less than the "desired minimums" that are typically recommended for low-salt diets. Don't worry about it

Is the NeilMed Bottle reusable when you buy the kit? Is it better than the Neti Pot? by charmbracelet79 Q: I heard about the Neti Pot on Oprah and Dr. Oz was the guest and he said it was the best. But after I checked it online some say the NeilMed Bottle is much better but I am not sure if you can use it over and over again.

A: I use the Neil Bottle and I find it more convenient. You can reuse it, you just have to clean it after every use. I highly recommend purchasing the nasadock so when you clean it it will dry properly without having to be laid down. What is nice about the Neilmed Bottle is you just fill it up and you can gently squeeze the entire contents in any position that is comfortable for you, It has been very helpful and I sincerely believe it has helped me avoid sinus infections.

Is it possible that the Neti Pot can make you feel worse? by aivlys_marie Q: I've been congested and I decided to use the Neti Pot for the first time. It seems to work great for a few mins and then i'm congested again. I decided not to use it today after a friend used it and she said she felt worse. I seem to be doing a little better but just wondering if it could have an opposite effect.

A: Scientific studies have shown that the proper use of a neti pot can be beneficial. However, if you have a concern or if the use is making you feel worse you should consult a doctor to make sure there are no other issues that might be causing a problem

what can i use to substitute a neti pot? by Q: my nose is all stuffed but i dont have a neti pot. what can i use as a substitute? turkey bastor? probably not.

A: Umm… I guess you *could use a turkey baster…but only if it was brand new and cleaned with soap and water. I wouldn’t risk using a used turkey baster (even if it was washed)..there could be some ugly stuff in there and you don’t want that to get into your sinuses. You could boil water and put it in a bowl with salt and vinegar and lean over it with a towel or blanket over your head (holding in the steam from the bowl) and breathe in that steam….that should help loosen things up and encourage drainage. That’s the only substitute I can think of at the moment, but buy a Neti Pot asap. And I also keep one of those nasal squirt things of plain saline solution. It says it’s ‘moisturizing spray’…any kind of salt water mist/steam/stream/etc…. will help you. I had a killer sinus infection right before vacation one year and once we got to Florida and I breathed in that sea air (salinated air) I felt better by the evening of day 1.

Using a "Neti pot" (Sinus Pot) to help with a Sinus Infection. How do I do this? by Q: I've never used a Neti Pot before and after reading descriptions online, it sounds more like water-boarding than healing. Am I missing something here? How can I pour something into my nose and not end up drowning in my bathroom?

A: You lean over the sink and tilt your head down. It doesn't drown you. It goes through your sinuses out to the other side of your nose.

What does using a neti pot feel like? by Em Q: My doctor said that I should use a neti pot, but what does it feel like?

A: It's a bit weird for the first few seconds until the water starts coming out the other nostril. Just keep relaxed and it is fine. Plus it works great. I'd recommend making sure the water is nice and warm though or it might be more uncomfortable.

Why won't the "neti pot" work for me? by Q: I believe that I have a sinus infection from bad allergies, so I bought a neti pot. I followed the instructions and everything, but when I try to use it, none of the solution leaves my nose. If anything, it all drains down my throat. Maybe my nose is just too clogged for it to escape?

A: It's salt water squirted up your nose, what kind of miracle cure were you hoping for really? If you really have a sinus infection (a doctor will tell you, you don't just guess at these things) then you're probably going to need antibiotics.

Should my neti pot be draining through my throat so much? by Rachel T Q: I bought a neti pot for the first time today and when I tried it out, it was more uncomfortable than I had been led to believe it would be. It seemed like over half of the solution was dripping down my throat rather than going through my nose. Maybe this is normal, but it caused me to choke several times! What can I do to fix this?

A: Be sure to tilt your head so that your ear is parallel with the floor. If your head is too upright, gravity takes over and causes the mixture to go down the back of your throat. Not a pleasant feeling. Also don't hold your breath, be sure to breath through your mouth and not your nose. Use a salt saline (the packets it usually comes with are very good - be sure to follow the directions exactly) and make sure the salt completely dissolves in the water. This will help any stinging sensations. I tend to use a cup of distilled water and also warm it up for about 15 seconds in the microwave. Makes it a little more soothing.

Did using the neti pot make my sinuses worse? by Tina Q: I used the neti pot for the first time today and it worked great the first time. However, after an hour, my nose started running again and got really stuffy so about 3 hours later, I attempted to use it again but this time the water didn't drain out. I would tilt my head and I can feel the water go in but it's not coming out of the other nose. What should I do?

A: Using a neti pot once is not going to clear out all the built up mucous and gunk in your sinuses. As the gunk loosens you will get a congested feeling. A neti pot is safe to use multiple times per day. I use mine up to 4x a day for the last 15 years or so. The water didn't drain properly because of the congestion, as long as its going in it will continue to break up the mucous to a degree. Make sure you read the directions that came with it to get the saline solution right, any burning or discomfort means the pH is not the same as the tissues in your sinuses and will irritate it. Keep trying, it will get better! Laura: Please check into the use of colloidal silver..from Mayo clinics website: Colloidal silver is not considered either safe or effective in any of the health claims manufacturers make. No studies to evaluate colloidal silver have been published in reputable medical journals. Thus, all the claims for health benefits are based on manufacturers' opinions and anecdotes. The Food and Drug Administration does not consider colloidal silver safe or effective to treat any disease or condition. Taking colloidal silver could have serious side effects, such as: * Argyria — an irreversible blue-gray discoloration of your skin, nails and gums * Seizures and other neurological problems * Kidney damage * Indigestion * Headaches * Fatigue * Skin irritation * Drug interactions with penicillamine, quinolones, tetracycline and thyroxine medications

Can neti pot cause permanent ear or eustachian tube damage? by Q: I recently used neti pot to help with sinus pressure and headaches. I followed the directions correctly and made sure not to back water up into my head or ears. It worked great for my headaches but I've been experiencing much pain and discomfort, especially in my left ear, for more than a week. My ear cracks every time I swallow and now my throat is starting to hurt really bad. Is this problem ever going to get better?

A: I get the same prob with the crackling of the ears. I think it has do with the fluid or mucous behind the eardrum due to sinus problems. Not the neti pot. Go see an ear nose throat dr.

Safe to use colloidal silver in neti pot? by n2it Q: Is it safe to use colloidal silver mixed in a Neti pot solution? I am allergic to sulfur and penicillin if it makes a difference.

A: Safe? Yes. Effective? No, except for the usual clearing which could be done with simple saline. It might sting a bit, but nothing you can't handle.

What brand or model/kind of neti pot would you recommend? There's a lot in the market, want to get feedback. by pinayinpenn Q: There are plastic, ceramic etc. And there are different models or kinds and brands of neti pot out there, I want to try this for my sinus problems and Im hoping to get feedback from actual users of it. Thanks!

A: I have a couple sisters and a niece that use them and just love the results. I bought one and haven't used it yet...I got "NeilMed" Neti pot and it has a really informative brochure with photos inside. It says that the regular squeeze bottle--"Positive pressure flow mobilizes and removes thick mucus and crusts." and the Neti pot "Gradual flow benefits users who cannot tolerate positive pressure flow. It is still a good system for cleaning....." Under "Disadvantages"--it says none for the Squeeze bottle, and for the Neti pot--"Not as effective in nasal cleansing and displacing thick mucus". Inside the box is a coupon for a free squeeze bottle, that I'm going to send for. Hope this helps.....! *** Sorry, not personal feedback, but I bought it because of their great feedback. They said don't blow your nose for a little bit afterward. I didn't personally talk to the niece, but her mom (an above sister) said it helped her with alot of runny nose problems.

Is it safe to use a Neti pot if you do NOT have sinuses? by mahakhalas Q: My sister was in an accident that resulted in surgery. They were unable to keep her sinuses that connect to the nose. She now needs to be very careful about colds because they could be fatal. So would a Neti Pot be a good thing, or not so good for her?

A: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, that would be best asked of the doctor that did the surgery or the doctor that recommended it. From here, we have no idea how extensive the surgery was or how much of a nasal canal she has, much less how much more or less the Neti Pot would help in a situation like that. Granted, without that surgery, it would be a clear answer of yes, she should use it... but the surgery plays a key role in the answer now. One of the doctors that can access the surgery's specifics would be the best one to ask. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Is using a neti pot like blowing your nose? by thestateoforegon Q: I have some snot waaaay deep in there and blowing isn't helping, would a neti pot clear that stuff out?

A: Yes!

when using a neti pot what happens if the salt has not disolved? by Q: what happens if I used iodized salt instead of non-iodized salt to make a saline solution? Is it bad for my nasal passages? the salt was not dissolved into the water when I used the Neti Pot, is that dangerous?

A: It will just be more abrasive. It won't hurt you, I would just recommend obtaining the proper solution for chronic use of the neti-pot .. using NaCl with water a few times isn't going to hurt you however.

What's the difference in using a neti pot or a nasal spray? by Horse Up Q: Aren't they both used the same way? What kind of neti pot is best? There are so many. Where can you buy one?

A: The Neti pot is deeper cleansing. You can get them at Walgreens. I have been using mine every night for allergies.

Has the neti pot helped anybody that catches sinus infections? by oregoncheeto Q: I get sinus infections like ounce every 2 or 3 months so I'm trying the neti pot.Have'nt got one in about 2 months.Has anybody else have bad sinus problems and turned to the neti pot?

A: Better than a neti pot. The only things that really helped me was when my Dr. told me about a sinus wash that will kill bacteria. you need distilled water sea salt liquid chlorophyll and colloidal silver from the health food store. in a glass mix 1/4 cup water with a pinch of salt and heat to body temperature. add 5 drops each silver and chlorophyll and mix. using a large dropper (like one used for infant medication) drop 2 full droppersfull into one side of the nose while laying down. Turn the head and let it drain out the other nostril. Be sure to have paper towels handy. The silver kills the bacteria and there are several hundred kind that can live in the sinus cavities and anti biotics don't get rid of them all. Do this twice a day for a week, mixing up the mixture fresh each time. Then do it once a week for maintenance. There is nothing in this that will hurt you, and it cured me. I do not have to take claritin, or antibiotics anymore. best wishes

Can you use a neti pot if you have an ear infection? by ♥sick n tired♥ Q: I took my son to and urgent care facility yesterday and he was diagnosed with severe sinusitis and an ear infection. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and told me to use saline nasal spray or use a neti pot. I bought a neti pot and the directions says not to use it if you have an ear infection. So, should I follow the doctor's advice or the directions for the neti pot?

A: i wouldn't use it because neti pots are used soley for the purpose of cleansing your sinuses and to help eliminate dark under eye circles. and if u use it wrong the solution could get trapped in your ear canal , only making the problem worse. plus if it says not to use with an ear infection. i wouldnt use it. i hope i have helped!

How do you make a homemade Neti pot? by Lupe Q: Hi, names Lupe. I was wondering how to make a homemade Neti pot. See I had gotten one when I was in Los Angeles a few years back, and it worked wonders on my nose. Recently my lil' brother broke it by accident, and since I live in a backwoods part of the U.S., it is very hard to come by. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for a homemade version. So far my ideas are using a sports bottle(idea 1), a oil funnel with hose(idea 2), or a turkey baser(idea 3) for a quick fix until I head back to the city. Any other viable options?

A: A big ear syringe works really well. You can buy them at a drugstore, or they sell cheap plastic ones on Ebay for a couple of bucks if you wanna buy one, or a turkey baser does work great....

Is it okay to use a neti pot after I blew my nose and there was a bit of blood in the mucus? by Q: I have a cold. I've been blowing my nose pretty hard all night and I noticed a little bit of blood in the mucus just now. I want to use my neti pot. Can I still use it?

Is it okay to use a neti pot when you are sick? by Ritalin Q: I have a sore throat and one nostril is stuffed up. On the few occasions I do get sick, would using a neti pot be benficial or detrimental?

A: Yes, that would actually be beneficial. The only time a Neti pot really isn't beneficial is when your nose is too plugged for it to work, but aside from that, a Neti pot used properly helps to wash out your sinuses and nasal cavity, plus it helps to moisturize which helps to fight against the bad stuff and keep the tissues healthy. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Does the neti pot that you stick up your nose help sinus pressure? by girly Q: My brother in law suggested i use a neti pot when i complained of severe sinus pressure. From what I understand it is basically a teapot and you pour a solution up your nose and it comes out the other side of your nose and drains your sinuses. Does this work? Have you all used it? Did it make you feel better?

A: I can't manage a neti pot, but I do this.My husband uses this to keep from getting bronchitis when he gets a sinus infection, and I use it to cure sinus infections. THere are many kinds of bacteria that live in the sinuses, and this gets rid of all the bad ones!.This is the only thing that really helped me --- my Dr. told me about a sinus wash that will kill bacteria. you need distilled water sea salt liquid chlorophyll and colloidal silver from the health food store. in a glass mix 1/4 cup water with a pinch of salt and heat to body temperature. add 5 drops each silver and chlorophyll and mix. using a large dropper (like one used for infant medication) drop 2 full droppersfull into one side of the nose while laying down. Turn the head and let it drain out the other nostril. Be sure to have paper towels handy. or just use a neti pot, I like this better. The silver kills the bacteria and there are several hundred kind that can live in the sinus cavities and anti biotics don't get rid of them all. Do this twice a day for a week, mixing up the mixture fresh each time. Then do it once a week for maintenance. There is nothing in this that will hurt you, and it cured me. I do not have to take claritin, or antibiotics anymore. best wishes

Can you use a neti pot with a new nostril piercing? by tessi b. Q: I suffer from allergies and frequently use a neti pot. Is it safe to continue to use the neti pot if I have recently had my nostril pierced?

A: Yes, often people wash wounds with saline solutions and I dont see a difference in a wound or a piercing (the piercing probably is healed).

Can I use a neti pot with a prescibed steroid nasal spray? by Q: I use the nasal spray every morning. I use the neti pot twice a day. Once in the morning, before using the nasal spray, and once at night before going to bed. Will using a neti pot make the steroid spray less effective?

A: it should not have any significant effect

How often should you use a neti pot to help get rid of a sinus infection? by rainbowbright Q: I just got a neti pot and the salt that goes with it. Does anybody know how many times a day you should use the neti pot if you have a sinus infection?? thanks

A: Since a neti pot is a non-drug approach to your infection, you don't have to worry about "over-dosing" per se, but you can irritate your nasal passages. Based on my research into these, your best bet is 2-3 times a day. See how you feel after using the neti pot, and see how your body reacts to using it morning, mid-day and before bed. This approach should give you the best results, and also keep your nasal passages from getting irritated. I've heard of people using neti pots even more frequently, but I personally wouldn't do that until I saw how my own system reacted.

How long before I start seeing results using the Neti Pot? by celestrialvision47 Q: I just started using the Neti pot. I have used it twice now, and I still feel like one nostril is a bit plugged (it still alternates in 1 nostril being plugged). Does it take some time before you start seeing complete results from the neti pot, or should I be feeling them right away? (If I'm suppose to feel them right away, should I see a doctor about any anatomical blockages?)

A: Yes, see a doctor because the Neti pot is suppose to provide a salt wash of the nasal canal causing drainage and relief. If that is not happening you maybe suffering from and infection and swelling. I have the same issue. I always have swelling so the nasal passage is almost always blocked. Go to the doctor. Good Luck.

Will using a neti pot to rinse my sinuses make flonase less effective? by Q: I'm taking flonase steroid nasal spray every morning. Before doing it, I always use a neti pot. I also use the neti pot in the morning, and at night. Can using the neti pot any time after using the spray, affect how the steroids work? I hear it takes a week for the spray to start working. Could I be rinsing it out with the neti pot?

A: I suggest you do them at intervals or at least a few hours apart. Good luck.

How can I clean a plastic neti pot thoroughly? by Mei Mei Q: What is the best way to make sure my plastic neti pot is 100% clean and sterilized. It can't be cleaned in the dishwasher, by the way.

A: u better search google

How long does it take the average Neti Pot user to flush out their sinuses? by rebeccalynnrocks Q: I used the Neti Pot for the first time and found it interesting that it took so long--about 10 to 15 seconds for the liquid to begin to flush out the other nostril. And then it only drips slowly. Is that typical? It also seems to take longer going one direction that the other which seems weird to me. If the sinus is open to allow drainage to happen in one direction, why wouldn't it be open the other direction as it takes the same path only in reverse, right?

A: Your sinuses are located on both sides of your nose and so while they are all on the same "path" one side may be more blocked than others. Most sinus infections are located on one side an not the other. When I am completely healthy I usually flush one side for about 20 seconds, then alternate for same time, alternate again, etc. until the pot is empty. During times of congestion, allergies and illness, it is a much less pleasant experience and sometimes it won't flow at all do to swollen and congested sinus paths. At that point I apply hot compress to the affected side and drink lots of clear fluids until the mucous breaks up. It's a great tool that has finally resurfaced in main stream health. I do it often for a few years now and have seen a decrease in sinus affecting ailments.

How long should it take a neti-pot to help my sinus infection? by Q: I was using a nasal wash, rather than a neti-pot for the last couple days and it seemed to make the infection worse. So yesterday evening I started using the neti-pot and although some of it IS draining, it doesn't feel ANY better. It barely drips out of the other side of my nose because everything is SO clogged.... How long should it take to feel better? My doctor recommended that I use it 3-4 times daily. Any suggestions or words of wisdom?

A: its supposed to work right away if your using it right. once your feeling a liottle better use it because it will not work if you use it when you are too clogged. then blow your nose after using the neti pot on each side.

neti pot..? by Jess Q: I decided to try using a neti pot because I have really bad sinus problems. I started using it yesterday and my sinus seems the same, if not worse. I know results don't come right away, but if there's anyone out there that has used a neti pot, how long was it before you started feeling that your sinus problem was gone? nope

A: i tried the same thing using a bulb syringe. My sinuses didn't feel much different but the scratchy throat and cough I had from sinus drip was gone within a few hours

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