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Ncaa Basketball Tournament 2013

NCAA Tournament 2013: Final Four live score updates, analysis
The NCAA Tournament's Final Four is here, with Louisville vs. Wichita State (6:09 p.m. ET) and Syracuse vs. Michigan (8:49 p.m. ET) on the docket. Track the scores live on Sporting News' live scoreboard, and follow Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy, Ryan ...

NCAA Tournament 2013: Schedule for Final Four
NCAA Tournament 2013: Schedule for Final Four. By Peter Woodburn on Apr ... It has been a wild ride to Atlanta as Wichita State, Louisville, Michigan and Syracuse will battle in the Georgia Dome to take home the NCAA championship.  Share on Facebook ...

NCAA Bracket 2013: Best Potential Individual Matchups in National Championship
The best player in college basketball is quietly having a poor shooting tournament (34.9 percent from the field), but his ability to conduct Michigan's powerful offensive attack and his propensity to hit the big shot have been the stuff of legends. If ...

2013 NCAA Tournament: Final Four Are Here
This week has been far from the NCAA's best. Between scandals involving the Rutgers Scarlet Knights' basketball team, the Auburn Tigers' football team from 2010 that won the national championship and the Pac 12 conference's basketball referees, it's ...

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WhatRULooking4 - Final Four - Rick Warren - ray j i hit it first - Ncaa Basketball Tournament 2013 - Evil Dead - Halle Berry - Kurt…

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pck0ln #hotRosa Ncaa Basketball Tournament 2013: http://t.co/NPJlaB243x

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jmoneylai4 RT @AceAnbender: Wow. RT @BTNBrentYarina PHOTO: Look at how HIGH #Michigan's Glenn Robinson III can get up - http://t.co/j3aK8FUFsR.

wolvesboy12 RT @AceAnbender: Wow. RT @BTNBrentYarina PHOTO: Look at how HIGH #Michigan's Glenn Robinson III can get up - http://t.co/j3aK8FUFsR.

GuoBlue RT @BTNBrentYarina: PHOTO: Look at how HIGH #Michigan's Glenn Robinson III can get up - http://t.co/pyBJWPJfsK.

thatcjking I'm watching 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament, Memphis vs. Michigan State #MarchMadness @marchmadness @intonow http://t.co/paanR7FJww

HavensTy Too bad he missed. RT @BTNBrentYarina PHOTO: Look at how HIGH #Michigan's Glenn Robinson III can get up - http://t.co/ibj2alLG1M .

AceAnbender Wow. RT @BTNBrentYarina PHOTO: Look at how HIGH #Michigan's Glenn Robinson III can get up - http://t.co/j3aK8FUFsR.

BigTenNetwork RT @BTNBrentYarina: PHOTO: Look at how HIGH #Michigan's Glenn Robinson III can get up - http://t.co/pyBJWPJfsK.


origin of ESPN? by dianaazimova Q:

A: Based in Bristol, Conn. "ESPN: Launched: September 7, 1979 as the flagship network. Households: Surpassed 90 million households on June 1, 2005. ESPN2 Launched: October 1, 1993 in 10 million households. ESPN Classic Launched: May 6, 1995 (as Classic Sports Network) with 6,500 subscribers in Ada, Okla. ESPNEWS Launched: Nov. 1, 1996 with 1.5 million subscribers. ESPN DEPORTES Launched: Jan. 7, 2004. Check the link out lots of interesting things. ie ESPN MILESTONES Sept. 7, 1979 ESPN launches at 7 p.m. ET April 1983 ESPN begins distributing programming internationally. April 30, 1984 ABC completes acquisition of ESPN from Getty Oil. Later sells 20 percent to Nabisco, which is later bought by Hearst. January 1987 ESPN airs the America's Cup live from Australia; overwhelming response proves impact of cable and ESPN. Mar. 15, 1987 ESPN awarded NFL's first cable contract; begins fall '87. Mar. 31, 1988 ESPN International debuts in Central and South America Jan. 5, 1989 ESPN and Major League Baseball reach a four-year agreement to begin in 1990. March 31, 1989 ESPN International launches its first network, ESPN in Latin America. Jan.1, 1992 ESPN Radio launches. Oct. 1, 1993 ESPN2 launches in 10 million homes. May 9, 1994 ESPN acquires Creative Sports (now ESPN Regional Television). Nov. 7, 1994 ESPN acquires SportsTicker. April 1, 1995 ESPNET SportsZone (now ESPN.com) launches. Feb. 9, 1996 The Walt Disney Company completes acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (which owns ESPN, Inc.). Nov. 1, 1996 ESPNEWS launches. Oct. 9, 1997 ESPN, Inc. acquires Classic Sports Network (now ESPN Classic). March 11, 1998 ESPN The Magazine launches. July 11, 1998 First ESPN Zone, in Baltimore, opens. Sept. 7, 1999 ESPN, Inc. celebrates 20th anniversary. March 14, 2001 ESPN2 reaches 75 million homes faster than any other network - 89 months. April 1, 2001 ESPN Deportes, a year-round block of exclusive Sunday night Spanish-language programming, premieres. April 4, 2001 ESPN acquires the business and assets of BASS, Inc., the largest fishing organization in the world. June 5, 2001 ESPN Today launches. Oct. 22, 2001 ESPN announces an 11-year agreement with the NCAA to televise every game of the Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament. Jan. 22, 2002 ESPN reaches agreement for multimedia NBA coverage, becoming the first network to televise all four major professional sports-NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA. Mar. 4, 2002 ESPN Classic Sport in France debuts. Later that year, ESPN Classic Sport launches in Italy. March 30, 2003 ESPN HD, a high-definition simulcast service of ESPN, launches. June 2003 ESPN Pay-Per-View, a new service based primarily on pay-per-view events, launches. Jan. 7, 2004 ESPN Deportes, a 24-hour, Spanish language sports network, launches. June 7, 2004 ESPN's state-of-the-art Digital Center opens. SportsCenter is the first studio program televised on ESPN HD. Sept. 7, 2004 ESPN, Inc. celebrates its 25th anniversary. Dec. 1, 2004 ESPN announces it will launch Mobile ESPN, a new wireless phone service target to sports fans. Jan. 6, 2005 ESPN2 HD, a high-definition simulcast service of ESPN2, launches. March 4, 2005 ESPNU, a 24-hour network devoted to college sports, launches. April 18, 2005 ESPN Acquires Monday Night Football for eight years, beginning in 2006. June 1, 2005 ESPN, along with the Discovery Channel, becomes the first network in cable television history to pass the 90-million subscriber mark in the U.S. Sept. 14, 2005 ESPN reaches agreement with Major League Baseball for eight years, through 2013. Nov. 2, 2005 ESPN acquires rights for multiple Men's and Women's World Cups. Dec. 7, 2005 ESPN announces eight-year agreement with NASCAR, 2007 - 2014. "

March Madness Game Times? by JP Q: i know the final four games are on april 6, and the final game on the 8th, but what exact times are the games at (at least the finals) I need to know if I'll miss it or not!!! Thanks

A: http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/7823505/2013-ncaa-tournament-schedule-key-dates .. All we know so far is right here...............................................GO CUSE:)

Will Notre Dame Sr. Forward Jack Cooley have an NBA career? by Grayson B. Q: POSTED at Basketball -- Yahoo! Answers from Notre Dame SMC Student Observer NEWSPAPER coverage of Friday 3/22/2013 game -- at www.ndsmcobserver.com/ No. 7-seeded Notre Dame (25-10, 11-7 Big East) claimed an 18-14 lead with 11:18 remaining in the first half on a jumper by senior forward Garrick Sherman — the Irish frontcourt scored 15 of the team’s 23 first-half points — and mustered just five points the rest of the stanza as one turnover followed another for a total of 14 by halftime. “With 14 [turnovers] in the first half, it’s hard to stop them from scoring easy ones with that many turnovers,” senior forward Tom Knight said. Fellow senior forward Jack Cooley, playing in his final collegiate game, struggled to make a meaningful impact for Notre Dame, a trend that began earlier this month at Marquette and culminated in a temporary second-half benching by Brey once the contest was out of hand. After recording 18 double-doubles in the first 28 games, Cooley notched just one in the season’s final seven games to close out his Irish career. The loss to the Cyclones (23-11, 11-7 Big 12) marked the third consecutive year that a 10-seed has eliminated Notre Dame from the NCAA tournament _____________________________________________________________________________________ 10 points for best analysis and prediction

A: maybe he needs to start in European Basketball Leagues first -- did he study any foreign languages at Notre Dame?

NCAA men's basketball? by Tyler Q: Are any of the NCAA tournament games going to be played in Indianapolis this year? Thanks!

A: Not this year. Maybe in 2013 or 2014 they might have some first/second or third/fourth round games. But, in 2015, Indianapolis is going to have the Final Four!

Does anyone have predictions for the 2013-2014 college basketball ncaa tournament all 64 teams? by kathleen Q: first answer ill put as best answer

Who will win the 2013 NCAA Tournament (Basketball)? by Flugruger Q: Try to give an elaboration as well. For me, I choose Louisville because practically everyone is coming back.

A: hmmmm yes louisville and florida state.no one from FS got drafted so theyre all coming back.plus alot of these high prospect highschool kids are going to UCLA

If the 2009-10 UConn womens' basketball team were a WNBA team, how would they fare? by Special nobody Q:

A: They would be the Nets of the WNBA. The WNBA is a lot more physical than the college game, and because of the small roster sizes (11) and competition for those spots, it's probably overall one of the most talented leagues in sport. They have the two top college players in Maya Moore and Tina Charles, and Kalana Greene is most likely a first round draft this year. However, their last two starters are both sophomores, and while both are very talented and have potential, they are still young and have a lot of development left; Caroline Doty especially, who is playing her first full year of basketball having lost her senior year in high school and freshman year to two torn ACLs. Doty has also been predominantly running the point for the team, which is a new position for her this year, moving from shooting guard, and it takes a substantial mental shift. Both she and Tiffany Hayes likely to be drafted, but a lot can happen, and needs to happen, in two years, one of the biggest issues probably being consistency - when they play well, they play *really* well, and while on an off-day, they're still better than a lot of players out there and they still work just as hard, ultimately the ball has to get in the net to win. The bench, while not as weak as many have suggested, is no where near the level of WNBA play. It depends on need, but overall, Kelly Faris is probably the best player on the bench and she's just a freshman. If she continues her development like she has done this year, she'll probably be drafted in 2013, but right now, she won't be able to match up with against even the 11th person on a WNBA team. Against the right team, at the right time, they probably would be able to win a few games. If all the starters are all clicking on all cylinders (like the first half of the 2nd round NCAA tournament game against Temple this year), then they would have a good chance of winning. Charles and Moore would both need to stay out of foul trouble, and would probably play close to, if not the entire 40 minutes. They'd probably be most successful against a team without a strong low post presence, where they can continually pound the ball into Charles. The major mismatch would be in guard play, against players like Diana Taurasi or Sue Bird. Geno has said his guards now wouldn't have been able to deal with the Taurasi/Bird back court when they were still in college, much less with how they play now (although to be fair, not many guards at all could deal with them in college) They have great team defense, and if they were able to match that effectiveness, the 24 second WNBA shot clock would definitely work in their favor. They'd probably be involved in low scoring games on both sides, but most WNBA teams will have a greater offense than the Huskies and also, can go 11 deep into a bench of talented players to wear them out, which would then lead to defensive lapses which the WNBA team can then exploit. They'd probably fare better in the Eastern Conference over the Western, but still would be at the bottom. I think that they'd win a couple, and you could look back and point out how they did, and they'd probably also have a couple of unexpected wins that would be "How did *that* happen?" They'll play hard and with heart for the entire 40 minutes like they do now, but they just don't have the overall talent and depth that a WNBA roster has.

Should The WWE select Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas for Wrestlemania XXXI? by "Jim Crockett Promotions Fan" Q: It would appear that 2013 and 2014 are out of the question. WWE might want to lock in 2015 while they still can. The massive Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tex. is currently being considered for a future WrestleMania, but the NCAA basketball tournament could affect plans in the next two years. The Dallas-area NFL stadium will host a Regional Finals in 2013 the week before an anticipated WrestleMania 29 date, which could cause a scheduling conflict. However, WrestleMania 30 in 2014 is certainly out of the question due to Cowboys Stadium hosting the NCAA Tournament Finals, which occurs the same weekend as WrestleMania. Unless WWE can squeeze in a WM29 date, the earliest Cowboys Stadium could host Mania would be WM31 in 2015

A: Hey, we're talking about a venue that could hold over 100,000 people. I don't think WWE have ever gone into the six digits before. If they can get it for next year or for 2015, you better believe they should go for it.

Who will win the 2013 NCAA Basketball tournament? by Nick Q:

A: Kentucky. Oh wait.

Does the #1 of the world play against the number #3 or #4? by weet Q: Wimbledon 2012: Federer#3 had to play against number #1 djokovic, but Australian Open 2013: Federer#2 against Murray #3. So is it 1 vs 3 or 1 vs 4?

A: Unlike the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament each year during March Madness, the Seedings and Pairings in a major tennis draw do not follow a form or pre-set protocal. It is totally random. There are only a few givens when a tennis draw is created: * The #1 Seed can only play the #2 Seed in the final; which conversely means that the #3 Seed and #4 Seed also can only meet in the final. * The next four seeded players (#5,#6,#7 & #8) can only play each other in the semifinal round of a tournament but are placed in the draw to meet the Top 4 seeds in a tournament at the quarterfinal stage. * Which means that the next group of seeded players (#9 through #16) are drawn to complete the Round of 16 part of the draw and are randomly placed to meet the Top 8 seeded players but can only play each other in the quarterfinal stage of a tournament. The philosophy of a random draw allows for fairness and variety.

Who is going to win the ACC tournament Basketball? 2013? by pokemon kid Q: Any teams that are going to win the atlantic coastconference tournament this year? Basketball sorry i am a duke fan.,,, dont worry if you hate duke

A: hate to say it but I think Duke will. Ugh, that was hard to say.... and im a Duke hater dammit haha anyways, the return of Ryan Kelly is huge for Duke which will help tremendously not only in the ACC tournament but the NCAA tournament too

Does anyone have predictions for the 2013-2014 college basketball ncaa tournament all 64 teams? by kathleen Q: First answer ill select as best answer


When does college basketball start? by curry n rice Q:

A: The 2012-2013 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball regular season will begin on November 15-16 with some early season tournaments to get the year going, as well as other tournaments throughout the month and even some in December. 2K Sports Classic November 15-16 Puerto Rico Tip-Off November 15-16 Charleston Classic November 2012 Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic November 15-16 Hall of Fame Tipoff November 16-18 Paradise Jam Tournament November 16-19 CBE Hall of Fame Classic November 19, 20 Legends Classic November 19-20 Maui Invitational Tournament November 19-21 Cancún Challenge November 20-21 NIT Season Tip-Off November 21-23 Great Alaska Shootout November 21-24 Battle 4 Atlantis November 22-24 Old Spice Classic November 22-23,25 Anaheim Classic November 22-23,25 Las Vegas Invitational November 23, 24 South Padre Island Invitational November 23, 24 Hoops for Hope Classic November 23, 25 Las Vegas Classic December 22-23 Diamond Head Classic December 22-23, 25

are there any HBCUs basketball teams in the ncaa tournament 2013? by hudhayfah Q: I just want to know

A: Hampton University and Prairie View Women played Sunday. They both lost Hampton lost to Duke & Prairie View lost to Baylor. In Men NC A &T played Louisville and lost Thursday. I'm sure it was more but these are the one I saw.

Where is the 2013 ncaa men's basketball tournament east regional going to be held? by tdty123 Q:

A: They still dont know

Which NCAA Men's basketball team that did not get into the 2013 NCAA tournament , deserved to be in it? by Nicholas Q: And why?

What is Mike and Mike's bracket wager for the 2013 NCAA basketball tournament? by Peter Q:

A: It has something to do with an obstacle course of some kind.

What will be college basketballs top 5 teams for the 2013-14 and who will be the final four teams? by kathleen Q:

A: This is solely based on recruitment: KENTUCKY: Because John Calapari is a great coach and so far Kentucky has signed 5 of the top 11 NCAA recruits in the land. Also the #1 recruit, Andrew Wiggens, is undecided with Kentucky as an option. I would not be surprised if Nerlens Noel holds off on the NBA draft because of his ACL injury but it is not likely. LOUISVILLE: Only one senior will not be returning next year. Unfortunately that player is Peyton Siva. However there is Russ Smith who has been putting the team on his back throughout the tournament. OHIO STATE: Their recruiting is doing pretty well. Also DeShaun Thomas and Aaron Craft are returning for one final season. Finally the Buckeyes are always in the mix and they will this year. DUKE: Duke will need a great recruiting class if they even want to be know as the best. Well they have that. Not to mention some unknown bench warmers getting the call to start. Seth Curry, Ryan Kelly, and Mason Plumlee are all leaving. Duke has some bright talents in Josh Hairston and Quinn Cook. Jabari Parker of Chicago's Simeon High School will join the Blue Devils as a freshmen next year. He is ranked #2 on the ESPN 100. INDIANA: The Hoosiers have most of their stars returning. Players such as Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller. Indiana will most likely be in the top 5. Final Four Teams: Louisville, UNC, Michigan St., and Kentucky. The chances of the final four teams making it are very slim. You can't decide without even watching the season.

Where can I find Jay Bilas 2013 ncaa mens basketball bracket selections? by tom Q:

A: http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/tournament/bracket your welcome

Why is Oregon a 12 seed in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament (2013)? by Nicholas Q: They won the Pac 12 tournament and had a 26-8 record. I don't understand.

A: The committee seemed determined to put some mid-major teams in relatively high seeds this year. Also, the Pac-12 isn't the best conference this year which didn't help. They seem to be punishing teams who are in conferences that are normally good but aren't this year. Strength of schedule is also a big killer these days. You're better off getting blown out by 5 top-10 teams than blowing out 10 teams that are terrible these days. I don't know enough about Oregon to make a judgment there but my guess is their nonconference schedule isn't that great to get a 12 seed with results like that.

If I am not paid in full from a basketball bracket pool can I sue? by Blake M Q: Ok, here is the background. I am a huge college basketball fan and every year I enter into a basketball 'capture pool' for the tourney. The cost is $25 per team, and there are 64 teams. Each participant is randomly assigned a team. The way you move on in the tournament if your team is the favorite, they must cover the spread for you to win. If your team is the underdog, then they must beat the spread or win. For example, this year I got Louisville. In the first round, they were favored by 26.5 points. They won by 30+ so therefore I moved on. In the second round, they were favored by 11 points. They won by 26, so I moved on. Participants in the pool get paid if you make it to the sweet 16 and prizes increase if you go farther. If you don't make it to the sweet 16, you don't win anything. So today, I asked the guy who runs the pool (I don't personally know him - he runs it through a website; he is a friend of my parents) what the prizes are for each round if you make it there (I asked anonymously through the chat on the website) and he said this: "Some have already asked where the payouts are located. The answer is that they are not posted at all. Payments are not posted as they may change based on collecting money. As noted in the rules, payouts may be reduced if all monies are not paid in accordingly." To me this means that if someone doesn't pay, the prizes are reduced. About half of the people have paid for their teams (he has the paid entries highlighted in green) and that includes me. I paid before the tournament even started. Will I be able to sue if I end up winning and don't receive all of the money I am entitled to just because some of the entries didn't pay? Please help! Thanks! it is not illegal if 100% of the paid entries are given out in prizes to the winners. it would be illegal if the guy running the pool kept a profit from it. since all of the proceeds are being paid back to the winners, it is legal.

A: Well...your problem here is that these pools are illegal. So suing for not getting a payoff from an illegal enterprise is kind of like suing for not getting your cut of a bank robbery. Edit: http://www.slate.com/blogs/crime/2013/03/21/march_madness_office_pool_yes_your_ncaa_office_pool_is_probably_illegal.html Not so much...

Who is going to Win the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2013? This year? by pokemon kid Q: I want duke to win,,,also JMU but do you think underdog teams would win this year?

A: I would love to see Duke win, but I think that Florida will be an underdog if they were able to win the close games...they've been having a problem with that. Also, I think Indiana is a powerhouse that has one of the best chances to win. I would love to see some cinderella teams make it to the sweet 16

Is there a way for me to have video copy of how the 2013 Syracuse Orangemen play their 2-3 zone defense? by Justin C Q: I've read how good they are at it. In fact, as of this day, their defense has gotten them into the final 4 of the NCAA tournament already. So I really think this version of the zone defense is really special. However, I am not sure if there is video or tutorial or clip of some sort that discusses it specifically? I'd really want to see their exact rotations and all that. I'd like to be able to apply it to my own basketball team. thanks!

What time on Thursday, March 21 is the CSU vs Missouri basketball game? by Nicholas Q: NCAA Tournament. March 21, 2013 - CSU vs. Missouri

A: 9:20 pm EST

Does the University of Denver Men's basketball team, have a good chance of making the NCAA Tournament? by Nicholas Q: NCAA Tournament 2013. If no, why not? If no, why not? Denver lost in the conference tournament

When do Pac-12 basketball tickets normally go on sale? by Sandy Q: I want to buy tickets to the NCAA pac-12 basketball tournament for March 2013, when do they traditionally go on sale? And typically how much do they go for? Thanks.

If I buy a ticket for the sweet 16 (west regionals) is that good for both games or just one? by Ryan Q: I am going to buy a ticket for 2013 NCAA Men's basketball tournament. I want to attend the West Regionals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. There are two dates to attend: March 28 or March 30. I know March 28 is the sweet sixteen so there will be two games after another I believe, while March 30 is the elite eight with just one game. If a ticket is for both games for the sweet sixteen I would rather purchase that one. Does anyone know if this is the case?

I bought a ticket for the ncaa sweet 16 (midwest region) - do I get to watch both games? by Jacqueline Q: I just bought two tickets for my bf and I to go watch the midwest region semi finals in the 2013 ncaa basketball tournament. They are held in Indianapolis, IN. I know this sounds dumb but I really couldnt find a direct answer. All I care about is the Louisville game, but since its in the same arena do I get to stay for both games ( lou vs oregon and msu vs duke)? Edit: nvm, found out that "session" tickets cover all games from that region during that day

A: Yes

Get Ready for the Madness! 2013 NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament [Preview 2013] Mix March Madness 2013: NCAA Tournament Bracket Analysis 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket - Bracket 1 Oregon Ducks 2013 NCAA Tournament: Men's Basketball Post-Game Saint Louis Celebration MARCH MADNESS 2013 NCAA BASKETBALL BRACKET PREDICTIONS TOURNEY CHALLENGE ESPN 68 TEAMS NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament 2013 Predictions Illinois Basketball Sights & Sounds 2013 NCAA Tourney 3/20 Predicting the NCAA Tournament - WSJ Sports Retort 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket - Episode 2 2013 NCAA Tournament bracket Dark Horses and Surprises 2013 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament Bracket - Episode 3 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket - Episode 4 - Final Bracket Bucknell Men's Basketball - Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament (March 19, 2013) Boston College vs Miami Highlights: ACC Men's Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals 2012-13 Lobo Men's Basketball | NCAA Tournament Post Harvard Press Conference Justin's 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament Bracketology - East Region Odds to Win 2013 NCAA Tournament 2013 Big East Championship Game - Louisville vs. Syracuse (Full Game) NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks - East Region - March Madness March Madness 2013: Nate Silver on the N.C.A.A. Basketball Bracket Illinois Basketball NCAA 3rd Round Postgame Presser 3/24/13 NCAA Sweet 16 Brings Surprises: Syracuse Beats Indiana 27 Best Buzzer Beaters of 2012-13 College Basketball Season Illinois Basketball Sights & Sounds at NCAA Tourney Open Practice 2013 Justin's 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament - Elite 8, Final 4, Championship Game My 2013 NCAA tournament bracket Tournament predictions 2013 NCAA Tournament Round 1-North Central College Men's Basketball vs. Centre College March 2, 2013 2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions 2013 NCAA Tournament Round 2-North Central College Men's Basketball vs. UW-Whitewater March 9, 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes Warm Up for 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament at Dayton with Dunk Show Kid President NCAA Tournament Bracket 2013 Georgia Tech vs Boston College Highlights: ACC Men's Basketball Tournament - First Round Florida Basketball: Postgame Celebration - NCAA Round of 32 2013 NCAA March Madness Bracket Predictions! My Top Ten Greatest Clutch Shots and Buzzer-Beaters in NCAA Basketball Tournament History President Obama NCAA Tournament Bracket 2012 2013 NCAA Tournament Challenge Pick'em March Madness NCAA Tournament Bracket 2013: Link for PRINTABLE Basketball Match-Ups Sheet 2013 College Basketball Betting Odds - Big East Tournament Preview College Basketball where amazing happens 2012-2013 Michigan State - 2013 NCAA Tournament Hype Video 03/09/2013 Florida vs Kentucky Men's Basketball Highlights NCAA Basketball Tournament 2013 Bracketology: West Region Best block in NCAA basketball tournament 2013 Harvard Men's Basketball NCAA Tournament Selection Show Press Conference Liberty basketball's 2013 NCAA Tournament Pairing NMSU Aggie head to the 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament Louisville vs colorado state 2013 Ncaa tournament Men's Basketball Is Going Dancing! Explorers Draw Boise State In First Round
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