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veronica_on RT @CircoVulkano: Igual para ti bro!! RT @SkatePeppers: al son de #BajoGuitarraMeodicayBateria les deseo Feliz Navidad sigan triunfando locos @CircoVulkano

OscarAlvarez8 RT @fmejial: Dicen que a @OscarAlvarez8 en su 1era Navidad le regalaron el juego de Nintendo "Duck Hunt" el de la Pistola! Que nivel =S

YeniWhitlock @SandyASK_ Feliz navidad *-* te quiero muchotee ;*

yolanda_garza 🎄Feliz Navidad Corazon nuestros mejores deseos p ti y tu fam RT @MARKYSILVAR: Feliz Navidad para todos, los mejores deseos y gracias por su

alexaenacapulco @Politiconsultor feliz navidad q t la pases bien

LaRanaiRene RT @DavidBangTheory: Feliz Navidad a mis panitas del alma @Injusto_ y @GianSparano y por supuesto a mis amores @Aleeatoria @LaRanaiRene, son ustedes perritos.

Huvi91 jajaja me regalaron un celular nuevo de navidad ... XD

KaryLoving ahora sí, ya es NAVIDAD!!! =) .... cachorro esas fotos fueron el mejor regalo, te adoro vida mía!! GRACIAS por ser parte de mi vida!!

Pierro96 @SoofiaaP @PECHOCHA11 @aalddii_ @MarisaToconas @FlorVillanueva_ @justlivetoparty @itsallineed Feliz Navidad♥ :)

Desvestida Ya vi que ustedes no tienen vida ni navidad

nosotrosomos El prodigio de la navidad emblematizado en un típico elefante rosa. Yeah. La magia de Antigua y unas buenas chelas... http://t.co/5fuPHA27

robertomhs Una Navidad apagada sin mucha ilusion, solo de comer algo y a dormir...

MondragonLore Bueno esta chica guapa se va a dormir, que andado de vaga todo el dia y hoy sera un dia largo :D Buenas Noches y Feliz Navidad a Todos:)

armengoljm @elmartinx @PilarikH @molotovmx @Hernadez23 @Lepera_da @AliciaParada @saintgermaint @zaratustran @ohhenryvas FELIZ DIA DE NAVIDAD

acerghm @regybonita muchas gracias y muy feliz navidad. :-* besitos:-*


How do you spell felice navidad? by keℓsey<3 Q: got these so quick thnx

A: Feliz Navidad : )

What does '¿QUE DESEAS PARA NAVIDAD?' mean? by Q: Someone told me that on twitter and have NO CLUE!! What it means lol THANKS!

A: It means "What do you wish for, for Christmas?"

What does Feliz Navidad translate to english as? by Q:

A: Merry Christmas

Happy 65th birthday today to "Feliz Navidad" blind singer Jose Feliciano...do you like the Christmas song? by marybuko Q: ....I do

A: Yes I do. I have it on my computer, my I Pods, Yes I have more then one and I have one dedicated to Christmas. Each member of my family have their own and I put it on all of them. It's a great song, and anybody that doesn't like it need their head examined.

Who wrote that song "Feliz Navidad" and made it popular? by Q: 'Cause he lives in my city and I wanna make sure before sending myself naked in a cake.

A: Jose Feliciano "I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas ( sung 3 times) From the bottom of my heart"

I'm looking for FREE piano sheet music for Feliz Navidad ? by Q: Free means downloadable or printable.

A: Composers have a right to earn a living from their work; that's why copyright laws exist. Do yourself and the composer a favor and purchase it legally. Only $3.95 from Sheet Music Plus - http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/Feliz-Navidad/2924973

why r people mean to john felix navidad anthony marine sgt cena? by Mr. wwe fan12. Q: hes a marine show some respect or he will shoot you i saw his marine documentry he is too a marine quit being a bunch of commies my new girlfriend bring back dawn marie likes him so you have too to

A: Are you being sarcastic or do you actually believe he is a marine?? :S Also people dont like him as many dislike his style of wrestling due to the five knuckle shuffle etc. Many guys also are jealous of the fact that all the girls love him and all the kids want to be him. Also mate 'The Marine' is NOT a documentary!! You want a real marine?? Randy orton was one before the WWE, John Cena has never even been in the armed forces.

How do you pronounce Navidad? by hlmallory Q: I'm a teacher and our class is doing a Christmas program. One of our songs is Feliz Navidad, some are leaving off the 'd' at the end and some are saying it. Which is correct?

A: The correct way to say it is including the "d" at the end. The people who don't pronounce it are illiterate, that's way they mispronounce some words. Nah-vee-dah-d

Funny Christmas song about sister bringing mexican guy to Christmas. Think says feliz navidad sounds country? by Q:

A: Merry Christmas From The Family - by Robert Earl Keen Great song.

What does feliz navidad mean in english? by Marie Y Q:

A: merry chistmas

how to answer this question ¿Pasaste una feliz navidad? by Q: how would you reply to this? thanks! :)

Quien escribió la poesía No vengas navidad? by Q: Me la podrían completar, sólo tengo algunos parrafos aislados Gracias.

A: It was written by Dr. Alfonso Zuñiga Aleman. If you want the whole poem use the web search ( Spanish )

translate to english please: Si en navidad ves que Santa claus te persigue a donde quiera? by dangelo07 Q:

A: Hmm, the Spanish seems a bit off here to me. It sounds like they are trying to say, "Don't you see that during Christmas Santa Claus will find you where ever you are?" It is literally saying, however "Do you see at Christmas time that Santa Claus pursues you where ever he wants?"

Does anybody know any real CHRISTmas songs in Spanish? By REAL I mean, not Feliz Navidad or "Mamacita"? by laprincesshousegirl Q: I need appropriate CHURCH songs for Christmas 08 and I want to do a Spanish language song. Our auditions are in September so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Basically, I need songs about Jesus, love, peace, etc, etc. Not about reindeer or jingle bells, etc.

A: 1) "Venid, fieles todos" (the Spanish version of "Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful") 2) "Noche de Paz" ("Silent Night" in Spanish) 3) "Los Peces en el Río" (traditional Spanish "villancico" or Christmas carol) 4) "Las Posadas" (sung re-enactment of Mary and Joseph asking for lodging) 5) "La Marimorena" (a rhythmic Christmas carol about the Virgin Mary and the birth of Christ) 6) "Campana sobre Campana" (another Spanish "villancico" about the bells announcing the birth of Jesus)

What are the piano letter notes to feliz navidad? by catlover9803 Q: like ABCDEFG Thanks:)

A: Feliz Navidad sheet music - http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/Feliz-Navidad/2924973 How to read music - http://www.datadragon.com/education/reading/

Any other Spanish speakers here hate the song "Feliz Navidad"? by Q: I speak Spanish and I hate that song with a passion. What are your thoughts/opinions?

A: Well I dont speak spanish but I'm sure your hate for Feliz Navidad is the same kind of hate (or strongly dislike, I prefer to say) that english/american ppl have for all the same old christmas songs that get overplayed year after year after year! (Like "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" *barf* or that drummer boy song is sooooo annoying!! ")

What would "la chocha es papa navidad" mean in Spanish? by boogiewoogie1993 Q: someone wrote it on my facebook wall and won't tell me what it means. i think he wrote it incorrectly, because i have no idea what it's supposed to mean.

A: Well, "chocha" could have more than one meanin: If it's an adjetive (chocho) it could mean: stoned (a stoned female). If it's a noun, it could have a number of meanings: chocho: a quite small candy, with the shape of little balls II it could refer to a durg adict one. chocha is another noun (it's nothing to do with candies) and could mean vagina, altough it also sounds like a nickname Papá means "dad", but only when there's an accent over the "A", like this: "á". If the "á" is missing, Papa could mean both "potato" and "popa" (a catholic popa) "Para" = to So: la (the) chocha (vagina) es (is) papa(i'm sure it's wrong spelled, I think the second "p" was supoused to be an "r", so that would mean: to/for) navidad (christmas)

Why do I always like to hear "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Faleciano and nobody else does? by JIM Q: In my mind, it has been required holiday listening since it was released many years ago. I seems so sincere and uplifting. It is right up there with "White Christmas" in my book. What about you? Yes Debi, there is a Santa Claus.

A: Thank you for that, I'd actually never heard it before so I had to go and look it up. I like that, nice and happy sounding, though it would get annoying if left on repeat for an hour or so but then so would most things.

In the song "Feliz Navidad", shouldn't the lyrics be "año próspero y felicidad" rather than "próspero año..."? by waaaaaac Q: Isn't the adjective supposed to be AFTER the noun it describes?

A: In Spanish, the descriptive adjectives that are subjective (depending on your point of view) go before the verb, while those that are objective (not open to debate) go after the verb. Examples: red t-shirt-- camiseta roja (the color "red" is NOT dependent on your point of view) bad weather-- mal tiempo (One man's definition of bad weather may be another man's definition of good weather. I personally love cloudy, cool weather, while to others it is abhorrent.) In a sentence like yours, "prosperous" is a subjective word. To a bum, $40,000 in a year would be prosperous, but to a successful lawyer $200,000 would be prosperous. That said, the adjective "próspero" can and should be placed as it is. Hope this helps you!

What are the English Lyrics to Feliz Navidad? by Nicky G. Q:

A: happy Christmas (feliz navidad) happy Christmas (feliz navidad) happy Christmas have a happy and prosperous year (feliz navidad prospero ano y felicidad)

what does es el dia tradicional para dar regalos de navidad en los paises latinos mean in spanish? by poohbearluvr21 Q: its for Spanish class and my Spanish teacher is french teaching Spanish! weird i know! =]

A: It's the traditional day to give gifts for Christmas in Latin countries.

how many spanish words can you make out of the phrase "feliz navidad"? by Q: And what are those words?

A: I love you Brendy Bear!!

How old is the Corona "Feliz Navidad" commercial? by pieter682000 Q:

A: I saw the palm tree with the lights in Puerto Rico that to me was the best part to me about Puerto Rico other than that I was disappointed.

Is it polite to greet Latino people with "Feliz Navidad" even though I get sick of that song? by Secret Asian Man Q:

A: feliz navidad means merry christmas in spanish............. that is what it is ! YOU ARE USING A FORM OF HELLO / GREETING !! just like hello. aloha. guten tag. etc. it is a sign of respect.

Can anyone give me a summary of Navidad para Carnavalito? by <3<3<3<3<3 Q: I can't find any online; I would really just like a basic summary to know the gist of what happens in this story, with a little detail

A: Since it's a spanish book, I haven't read it and cant find a summary anywhere sorry

How does "feliz navidad, los pero anyo felisidad" litteraly translate to english? by SqU!Rr3L Q: i tried bablefish but i fust be spelling it wrong. i know feliz navidad means happy christmas, but what about the rest. acording to the words i think i know in spanis its the dog years something but that cant be right.

A: It is actually "Feliz Navidad, Próspero Año y felicidad" "Merry Christmas, Prosperous Year (because New Year is coming) and Joy"

What words can you find in the word Feliz Navidad? by Q: Spanish or english.

What Are The Lyrics to the parody song, "Police Took My Car"- sung to the tune of "Feliz Navidad"? by Not Razz Q: Not "Police Stop My Car" by Bob Rivers, this is another one I heard. Also, I've searched Youtube a bunch, but couldn't find it being played. Anyone have a link to where I can here it?

A: http://musicformaniacs.blogspot.com/2005/07/arthur-one-man-band.html

Does anyone know where I can find the english translation of the story "Enero tortas de navidad"? by heygirlhey Q: It is a Spanish story by Laura Esquivel I believe it is part of Water for Chocolate.

A: "Enero tortas de navidad" = "Christmas cake in January" Have a nice day! :)

What's that song with Spanish lyrics that sounds kind of like Felis Navidad but isn't? by Q: It's like, como blank blank blank, note NOTE notenote como blank blank blank. I don't even like the song, but I'm trying to remember what the words are in Spanish. @William I was born in New York and I'm a monolingual English speaker, but tons of people in America speak Spanish and that's a painfully stupid viewpoint to have about people who speak a different language. I'm ashamed to be the same species as you.

What is the strumming pattern on the guitar for Feliz Navidad? by spencer_tracy Q:

A: Hi I found this video on YouTube where he is playing Feliz Navidad on guitar. You can observe how he is strumming it and also take a look at the comments under the video to see the chords and corrections and extra information http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJPQlRroUek&feature=related

What are the exact lyrics to the song 'Philippians Navidad'? by Q:

A: lol. Maybe you mean Feliz navidad= a happy birthday song? google it. lyrics to feliz navidad

Where Can I find a Snow Globe or Snowdome that plays Feliz Navidad music? by curiousfunbobby Q: I think it's good Holiday gift for my Latin friend's family... I've tried Ebay... no help.

A: San Francisco Music Boxes, google it.

whats the difference between feliz navidad and christmas? by Taylor C Q: i need to knoo by tonightt. pleasseee heeelp. ttthaaaanks*(: sorry guyss i meant likee what are some differences and some comparisons that they both celebrate?

A: Feliz Navidad is Spanish for Merry Christmas Christmas is....Christmas

Which is that one recent car commercial that has a little girl singing Feliz Navidad in it? by Q: The little girl is sooooo cute and i really want to watch it please. :)

A: Uhh, there are many more than that one car tv ad. Itt was sung by Jorge & Alexa Narva. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L64c5vT3NBw even have some in HD. Also on iTunes. and a facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jorge-Alexa-and-Eliana-Narvaez-Fan-Page/142284429163445

Is it just me or is "Feliz Navidad," "I wanna wish you a merry christmas," our best christmas song? by Q: Honestly it is a bad-ass song, and I feel it is the coolest and most uplifting-happy song of the season. Jose Felicano made a great hit! Who's with me?

A: I don't like that song at all. I never knew or even heard of it was the best Christmas song either. Yeah the song writer and singer probably made a big fortune out of it and - myself really don't like that song at all...

In Spain what do they eat during Dia de la Constitucion, Immaculate Conception and Navidad ? by Hinata28 Q: I'm doing a Spanish Holidays in December project for Spanish, and I did Spain (obviously). I got how they celbrate it but not the foods so does anyone know what they eat for... Dia de la Constitucion-December 6 Immaculate Conception-December 8 Navidad/X-mas-24/25 P.S. If you know others holidays thrown in Spain during December would be great too. Thank You!

A: Día de la Constitución and Immaculate Conception are national holidays but nothing else........ I mean, it's not like 4th of July or Thanksgivings. They're just bank holidays and because they're really close people that are able to takes 3 days off so they get the whole week free plus the previous and the next one..... 9 days!!! Obviously, if you did not spent all the holidays you have for the year and if you can do it because it might happen that it's a really busy time for your company. In most families this 2 days are spend decorating the house for christmas, doing the nativities http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nativity_scene In Christmas' Eve depending on the region families take pork, plump chicken, turkey, mutton, lamb and for sure prawns are mandatory. In Christmas Day you just eat the leftovers........

What are some websites about Navidad in Venezuela (english please)? by Q: Or can you tell me music or dances or is there interesting/important things I should know about it? And what hey might wear? Thank you! :)

A: You may see: hallaca (food) gaita (music) this is for xmas

Does "Feliz Navidad" have any marks, such as with a ~ over a letter? by נα¢є ωαуℓαи∂ Q: Is it just Feliz Navidad, or are there apostrophes or symbols on the letters? Is this wrong: Felíz Navidad

A: Nope, there's nothing in it ;)

What are must see places in or around Isla Navidad? by EG1012 Q: Im traveling there at the end of july for a week and i am interested things there is to do.

A: Here you can find more information. http://www.islanavidad.com/

What should i put on my christmas cards besides feliz navidad? by Sarah44 Q:

A: Try Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year Hope your holidays are all frosty and full of fun. May Christmas bring everything you wish for and more. Happy Holidays. May the holiday season bring you warm memories to treasure always. :D hoped these helped! HAVE A MEERY CHRISTMAS!

What - besides "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano - you think is your favorite Christmas song in Spanish? by alactasic Q: This is more a matter of curiosity than anything else. Are there are some Christmas songs in Spanish which are favorites among mainly English-speaking listeners? If so, please let me know, and Merry Christmas, everyone!

A: Fum, Fum, Fum which is a traditional Spanish carol that Manhiem Steamroller redid. It is a really good piece of music.

How is Navidad/Christmas celebrated in Cuba? by jus jaz Q: What do families do leading up to the day and on Dec 25, what do you do/cook/drink? What is your Christmas music called?

A: Christmas was eliminated from the calendar since 1969 by ( not president, but dictator ) fidel. He said that in Cuba, the holidays should not be in December, but in July. Last Christmas was in 1968. When Juan Pablo II visited Cuba, as a courtesy to him, Christmas was officially reinstated As Caicos said, in a comunist country Christmas is not encouraged, but eliminated as it was for so long We cook what we can get. Traditionally we cooked pork, black beans, rice, yuca, turrones, wine. But now is what we can obtain By the way, I don't remember seeing fireworks. At least not recently

Where can I buy a Feliz Navidad singing turkey? by Coolness Q: I looked everywhere for one and all I could find was this one for like 30 bucks on eBay. UGHHHHHHH.

A: G.W. pardoned him and sent him to Gitmo'

How do you play Feliz Navidad on the guitar? by Josey Q: I want to learn to play it on the guitar but I'm not very good at the chords yet. I want it to be one of my warm up songs. Please only post serious answers

A: www.ultimate-guitar.com all the tabs/chords/help you need free and amazing guarantee you'll love it.

how are christmas in america and navidad in spanish countries different ? by Q: pleaseeeeeee ! give me at least 2 or even more examples . ineed help asap , pleaseeeee ! yess , iknow , but ineed examples on how they are celebrated differently .

A: Ok, in Mexico we celebrate Christmas dining with our family, we eat turkey, salad, "romeritos", bacalao, we drink wine or cider. Before of Christmas we go to the "posadas" are 9 of them before the big day, in the posadas, we pray and something very traditional is break the piñata.

What was the name of the father and daughter from the Hyundai commercial that sang Feliz Navidad? by Q: I know I've seen them on youtube or somewhere but I just don't remember how to find them.

Can someone please help me find songs that our in spanish for christmas besides feliz navidad? by Patty F Q: Like fun christmas songs,in english or spanish. I know regular christmas carols. But im looking for more spanish songs than english.Can someone please help me.

A: Mi burrito sabanero. Pero mira como beben los peces en el río. Ya viene el niñito. All of them u find in youtube... feliz navidad y venturoso año nuevo..

What country did Feliz Navidad originate in? by Q: I am doing a Spanish project, play a Christmas song on an instrument, and I need some back up info. The only thing I really could not find is the origin of this song. I need to make sure it is a Spanish origin or at least widely sang in a Spanish country. The only answer I found said Mexico, but obviously you can't rely on one single source.

A: It has to be Mexico where else!!!

Difference and similarities between la navidad and the American Christmas? by Q: I need to know three differences and three similarities between la navidad and the american christmas. I know that la navidad means "merry (happy) christmas." Thank you. (:

A: Well if that means merry (happy) christmas then idk what you mean. Anyway ive googled this info but im not sure if it is what you are looking for but it's info on navidad christmas. http://holidays.kaboose.com/christmas/traditions/mexico/xmas-around-mexico.html

Navidad, Navidad - Mother Goose Club Holiday Christmas Songs - Canciones de Navidad Thalia y Michael Buble / Feliz Navidad [LIVE] - 'A Michael Bublé Christmas' Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona. Nadal / Navidad / Christmas 2011 The Coca-Cola Magic Machine Feliz Navidad Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad | Playing For Change VEN A MI CASA ESTA NAVIDAD - LUIS AGUILE - Una navidad sin Pluto - Español latino - Parte 1 Michael Buble ft. Thalia - Feliz Navidad (Mis Deseos) Navidad Arcangel - Feliz Navidad 3 (Original) Feliz Navidad - Jose Feliciano Acoustic Cover (Jorge and Alexa Narvaez) Thalia & Michael Buble - Feliz Navidad/Mis Deseos [LIVE] REGALOS DE NAVIDAD Michael Bublé | Mis Deseos / Feliz Navidad (Duet With Thalia) La Fábrica de Sueños - Anuncio de Lotería de Navidad (2011) Cancion de Navidad - Silvio Rodriguez Los memes te desean feliz navidad OPERACIÓN NAVIDAD Casting Navidad! FC Barcelona: Merry Christmas! / Bon Nadal! / ¡Feliz Navidad! Condones de navidad? 4 ♥maneras de poner la navidad en tus uñas! Celine Dion - Feliz Navidad (These are special times) LA NAVIDAD Cuento de navidad - disney 1/3 Coca-Cola Argentina - Navidad Arbolito de NAVIDAD 2011 ((Origami)) En Navidad, Rosana feliz navidad mi burrito sabanero Buena suerte, Charlie: ¡Es Navidad! PEINADO: Recogido fácil Romantico para Navidad North Point's iBand - Feliz Navidad 'Es Navidad', el villancico de CADENA 100 Canción De Navidad - Serrat & Sabina Cocinamos facil esta Navidad o que♥? Navidad en Panama - Gilberto Santarosa Feliz Navidad, villancicos de Navidad. Merry Christmas en español Feliz Navidad Navidad Rayada 2011 Noche de paz, villancico de Navidad Arcangel - 'Feliz Navidad 3' con Letra ★New Reggaeton 2011★ Tarjetas para Navidad - 3 estilos: Pop-up, 3D y Sencillo ¡¡Maquillaje para Navidad!! Ojos rasgados cobrizos. FELIZ NAVIDAD! (Canción de John Lenon cantada por Celine Dion- con subtitulos en español) BATAMANTA ESPECIAL NAVIDAD Los Simpsons - 1x01 - Sin blanca Navidad Arcangel Feliz Navidad 3 & Las Maravillas del AutoTune SALVADOS - Miedocracia, pesadilla antes de Navidad (18.12.2011)
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