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National kissing day

National Kissing Day: Generation xxxx sends four virtual kisses a day
Survey reveals Britain's virtual kissing trends and how they relate to reality.

Happy National Kissing Day! Here's 11 Artistic Kisses
Yes, National Kissing Day. That wonderful day in the calendar when dental hygiene and the love of your life (or latest fling) become wildly important.

Go ahead: Kiss and tell
Yet that's where this kiss-crazy trend began: National Kissing Day in the U.K. In 2005 Brits held the world record for longest kiss (31.5 hours), but a Thai couple took the title last year with an unfathomable 46 hours. A sigh may be just a sigh, but a ...

Prince William, Kate Middleton kiss most memorable of last ten years
The royal couple's intimate moment on their wedding day in April 2011 picked up 63% of the vote in a poll launched by romantic social network Zoosk to celebrate National Kissing Day (July 6). Kate Middleton, Prince William, wedding, kiss. © PA Images ...

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kaitkinsellaa it's national kissing day #muah

TakoyakiRie RT @GG_quotes: Happy National Kissing Day http://t.co/xHtuphzn

ThaUnchangeable U brush u teeth 4m morning? RT @EmpressRanelle: National Kissing Day :* @ThaUnchangeable

jean_losloso RT @pacoevangelista: I love #FRIDAYS and guess what, it's National Kissing Day (according to twitter) I'd very much like to be part of this national event! :p

OfficialKimmieO National Kissing Day :*

Pameeey RT @pacoevangelista: I love #FRIDAYS and guess what, it's National Kissing Day (according to twitter) I'd very much like to be part of this national event! :p

gss2004a National Cashiers Week National Kissing Day :) http://t.co/lM1xnhJk

s3cretmermaid RT @HornyFacts: it's national kissing day :*

couthwedged424 No way! Federer National Kissing Day http://t.co/d8TK7qiE

VictorVeryCute Hey I'm #foreveralone , remember? RT @HornyFacts: it's national kissing day :*

the_AMANDAshow1 RT @GG_quotes: Happy National Kissing Day http://t.co/xHtuphzn

AMPd_To_The_Max RT @oddfuckingtaco: Its National Kissing Day?

xFallen4Rkox National Kissing Day @RandyOrton , Kiss Me.. <3

ChloePill RT @Nic0le31: National Kissing Day? Come at me

iAFEEQEVANS RT @GG_quotes: Happy National Kissing Day http://t.co/xHtuphzn


does he seem to like me? by Monochrome Q: What he does: - He always hugs me, and when he does, his hands are lower than they are to others that he hugs. - He always tells me to stay next to him during free times in the class period. - He slaps my butt sometimes - He smiles when he hugs me a lot - He told me, "Yesterday was national kiss day, and i didn't kiss anyone. Can you give me a belated kiss?" - We were talking about Amber Cole, and i was like, "ima amber cole your face" and he replies as, "will u amber cole my face on my lips?" - More weird replies like the last that has to do with kissing. - He tickles me every time he sees me at my locker, and sometimes wait for me to get done so we walk together. - He held me today, and got me to sit on his lap. We been friends since 7th grade, but didn't really talk then, this is now our junior year in high school and we're talking a lot more often now. does he seem to like me ?

A: Aww sounds like he likes you a lot.

Was it really all my fault? Should I go back? by Q: Hello there...thank you for clicking on this question.Before I begin I would like to state the fact that I am Bisexual..So please keep that in mind...Thank you. Well-at the start of the school year I got into a relationship with a French man,named Francis. (He is 18 and I am 17) He had a reputation of being..well..unfaithful,I guess. We had been friends for the past year so I thought I could trust him well enough.My twin brother didn't want me going into a relationship with him,but he (Francis) had assured me that he would stop messing around with everyone. So I trusted him. For the first few months it was great,He didn't flirt or kiss anyone but that began to change..He started to flirt,I dropped hints for him to stop but he did not..then apparently it was 'National Kissing Day' so he went around and kissed everyone in our year group,including me..I asked him to stop,so he said yes. in fairness a girl came up to me and pecked me on the lips quickly,but it was a childhood friend-and shes a close friend too..and it didnt last over 1 second. It was fine up until (around the 8th) Christmas time..people had put mistletoes,I was down one side of the hall,talking to a friend of mine about an important project that was due in Janurary-when down the hall Francis was standing kissing another student,right in front of me. It was awful..I broke up with him on the spot,and we said some hurtful things to eachother. I know I should of expected this from the beginning..and I know its mostly my fault for setting myself up to this.. But he says it was all my fault because I never told him to stop (Which I did..once. -Maybe not enough?) And that i am too clingy..Does it sound I am? I really do not know what to do anymore. He had a girlfriend a few years ago..In which she died in a car crash,is he still not over her? I tried to help him through it when it was the anniversary of ehr death..Would I be able to live up to her? He says he still loves me,but..I dont know if i should go back,I think i should move on..There is this friend I have who has had a crush on me for a few good months...is it too soon to move on? should i move on? I'm so sorry this is so long-im just so confused!

should i bring this out if i hang out with my crush tonight? by Q: so i've like this guy for a really long time. yesterday was "national kissing day". idk if he likes me though. i've asked my close friends and they say he does because he always teases me, uses winky faces, and flirts. i am supposed to hang out with him later tonight when he gets out of work just us two. i want to kiss him so bad but i feel like he is a little on the shy side.. if i bring up conversation should i say that yesterday was national kissing day or whatever? that sounds wicked dumb (because it's not today) or is that not a good thing to say? should i just take it slow and see what happens?

Now that the Health Care debate is finished and it is the law of the land, the brick throwing seems to have? by Reverend Jules Winnfield Q: stopped and the cries of Socialism diminished, can we just kiss and make up now? I declare tomorrow National Kiss A Republican Day. I know. I know. Their women are covered in makeup and the men use after shave but can't we just be nice and do it anyway?

A: I like women in a moderate application of make up and of course I use Old Spice. But alas I'm no republican. Oh well better luck next time. Good luck to you

GUYS: how can a girl show u that she likes u without telling u? by <3 Q: i know the best way is to just say it but i dont wanna cuz i just met him & dont wanna scare him..on "national kissing day" he was like hey u know its national kissing day why dont u give me a kiss on the cheek on the cheek but i said no cuz i had lip gloss on (but in a flirty way). idk how can i show him i like him? if possible how can i get him to ask me to homecoming?

A: Give him head and he's yours for sure!

is this a bad thing to bring up? helpppp? by Q: so i've like this guy for a really long time. yesterday was "national kissing day". idk if he likes me though. i've asked my close friends and they say he does because he always teases me, uses winky faces, and flirts. i am supposed to hang out with him later tonight when he gets out of work just us two. i want to kiss him so bad but i feel like he is a little on the shy side.. if i bring up conversation should i say that yesterday was national kissing day or whatever? that sounds wicked dumb (because it's not today) or is that not a good thing to say? should i just take it slow and see what happens?

what other national days are there? by Q: like there is national kisses, hookup, weed, hug, days but what are some others i know there is a lot :)

A: Here is a list of all the national days at this site. http://www.louderbacks.com/home/dict/days.html

What are you going to do for your boss tomorrow? by Holly Q: Its National Butt Kissing Day!

A: I am probably going to send him an e-card or buy him a card -- maybe some M&Ms. I doubt he even knows what day it is, haha.

Could we help with our political divisions by declaring National Hug A Republican Day? by Q: On National Hug A Republican Day, we would cruise the malls and other places Republicans frequent and just walk right up and give them a big hug. And say, 'I'm a Democrat and I love you". And if we hug another Liberal,Socialist or Libertarian by mistake, no harm done. Just don't try to kiss them on the mouth. A big hug will do.

A: Well, that would be one way to get Democrats either shot or stabbed to death.

August 25 is National Kiss-And-Make-Up Day, do you think Liberals and Conservatives could get along for 1 day? by Aunt Acid Q:

A: Hmmm, I dont know of one single Lib who would be worthy enough to receive a kiss from these lips.. so I gotta say, No, probably not.

Di you know that today is national KISS your car day? by ღOMGღ Q: and or father in law which had you rather do "did:...sorry

A: i had rather kiss my truck..thank you

did u know that tuesday september 8th is national kiss your crush day so do it kiss that special person? by Q:

when is national kiss a lesbian day? i wish to show my support? by zellparis Q:

A: probably the same day as 'national punch the guy that randomly kisses you' day.

When are the days/holidays that are like "hug a _______ day"? by Q: Is there a list of one of the "hug a (blank) day"? like Hug a Ginger day, Hug an Asian day, or National Kiss day. Cute little mini "holidays" is there a list of each of them and what day they are??

A: its just random days people make at random times

what are some national fake holidays?? such as national kiss on the cheek day...? by Domo Q: or like national grab ass day,or national cup check day, or national i love you day

A: Nurses Day on the 12th May. No one ever buys me a present or sends me a card :(

is tomorrow national kiss day? 11-30-11? by Q: is it? thanks(:

A: thats what i heard but i also heard it is multiple other days like november 13th or july 6th september

IS tomorrow NATIONAL KISS DAY? by ROBERT BACZIK Q: CUZ thats what people been sayin...

A: look it up on the internet

is today (november 13) national kiss day? by punkk Q:

A: Lol good question =) Nope today is not National Kiss Day It doesn't exist in the U.S. National Kiss Day only exists in the U.K. on July 6th

is september 8th 2011 national kiss day? by Q:

A: Yes it is. No kisses for me though :(

So if I kissed you on "national kiss day"? by Li$$a Q: Would you kiss me back? National kiss day is like National hump day.... Where you walk around and kiss everyone that you think is hot. So if you are hot and do not want to be kissed, stay inside. lol. It is this Monday December the 8th!

A: ??? O_o Yes? WTH is "national kiss day" anyway?

when is national kiss day? by Q: my boyfriend tells me its tomorrow

A: National kiss day is July 6th. :)

Is tomorrow National Kiss Day? by Q: This is what I been hearing from some people..

A: Nope it was on tuesday or wednesday.

When's national kiss day in America? by Q:

National grab ass day? by Savannah T Q: Where do i find the calender that shows you what day is what like national grab ass day, and national kiss day stuff like that

A: idk, but if you find out please let me know =)

TOMORROWS NATIONAL KISS DAY who do u want to kiss? by Q:

A: Everyday is national kiss day ;)

Can we say there is a national kiss day in the US? by Beth B Q:

A: Eww, I hope not. I don't want any of the freaks I encounter in a day to have any excuse to try to pucker up to me. ICK!!!

When is national kiss day & chocolate, rose, friendship day ? ? by everything changes Q: So I've been hearing about chocolate day & earth day. . etc. So interesting & would like to try it. I just want someone to list the dates. (In the united states btw) if anyone knows other days list them also. And the purpose of it, if you can. Thanks (:

A: march 15 I SAY THE IDES OF MARCH so plan ahead und build a wardrobe.

What is National Kiss day in America? by Q: I don't know what the heLL it is and people says it's tomorrow.what is it??

A: It pretty much means what the title says its kissing day! Lol. It isn't really any other day other than the rest of the days it isn't actually like an actual holiday because they have cupcake day, nut day all of that kind of stuff. People in America only celebrates the holidays that have days in them like Labor Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King day, St. Patricks day stuff like that.

Tomorrow is national kiss day...but? by Q: So tomorrow is national kiss day but Im not sure who would be the right person to give that simple kiss too and I don't know the signs he would give. So I'm basically asking what are the signs a boy gives when they wanna be kissed?

A: wellll, national kiss day is actually july 6th. hahaha. But if their feet are pointing towards you, they look you straight in the eye, they have a small little smile on their face and they take time out of their day to talk to you, then kiss him! hahaha. who cares if it's not national kiss day. (;

Is national kiss day tomorrow? ? by Q: theres been alot of talk about national kiss day is tomorrow. is it true? I thought it passed..

A: No it on July 6 somebody on facebook made it up saying it on thursday to show proof go on wiki and search up national kiss day!! it will show where that name came from and what date

when is national kiss day and national hug day? by Stoner Q: I love these two days they are my favorite days of the years, cause we don't get in trouble for celebrating them at school.

A: any day should be a welcome day for a kiss or a hug and there is no reason that you should get in trouble at school for it

Do people celebrate national kiss day? by Ran A Q: so you just come up to a stranger and be like "yo, wanna make out?!" really?

A: Next month there is a National Hug Your Boss Day.

When is national kiss day? by Q: I was on fb and people have been saying its national kiss day for 3 days so far, alot said it was tomorrow. Is it?

A: on my fcbook people are saying it is tomorrow

What is national kiss day? by Q: I'm not too sure about this but I saw everyone on Facebook that it National kiss day! Now I'm not sure what that really is can someone explain it to me and by the way I have a girlfriend what should I do about that?

A: July 6th is National Kissing Day in the United Kingdom. This holiday has recently been adopted worldwide making July the 6th the International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day. The idea behind the International Kissing Day is that many people may have forgotten the simple pleasures associated with kissing for kissing's sake, as opposed to kissing as mere social formality or prelude to other activities. Kissing can be an enjoyable experience in and of itself. It is an expression and experience of intimacy. International Kissing Day is not as commercialized as Valentine's Day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Kissing_Day

what are holidays like national hugging day ? by beautyzone23 Q: i know theres national kissing day and national hugging day and national slap ass day whats more ? and the dates too

A: there are so many of these weird reconized holidays... did you know tomorrow is.... bla bla bla day ellis island family history day ford mustang day get to know your customer day world hemophelia day *my fav* HIGH FIVE DAY> heres a fun website.. to check out.. http://www.brownielocks.com/month2.html

It's national kissing day! Who will you be kissing today? by kaz Q: It was on TV today.

A: yea I saw that in the paper this morning. I will be kissing my arm since my boyfriend lives 2,000 miles away.

It's "National Kissing Day". Who are you gonna smooch to mark the occasion? by Alec the Dalek Q: I am blowing kisses to all of my Contacts and Fans as I write this....except for Buk. He gets his after I eat my Egg McMuffin with sausage (his request).

A: I didn't know that it was national kissing day then I blow a big kiss to all my contacts with a big breasty tight hug... here's a kiss for you too.. S.W.A.K and a (./\.) (((HUG))) (Mauh) everyone enjoy the national kiss day and have a wonderful weekend... chat with you later. i holla ;O

when is national kissing day 2009? by SophieF Q:

A: In britain it is July 6th

National kissing day? by Q:

A: today

National Kissing Day, November 6th ? by [ Twilight Obsessive ! ] ♥ Q: Is this really, a day ? Really, I would love this, I was just talking about it with a guy friend, and well me and him have a date for that day, we just decided it. ha ha. I was like, ooh well that's like 8 months away, and he is like we can make it 24 hours. ha ha ! Source:: http://www.interflora.co.uk/catalog/category.xml?category_id=2003013;pcid1=0;pcid2=0 OOPS, SILLY ME ! JULY 6th !! I AM SO PARTICIPATING IN THIS !

A: You mean July 6th?

When is national kissing day? by Q:

A: July 6 is National Kissing Day :D

where can i find a calander for things such as national kiss day? by Q: where can i find one for holidays like that? National grab an Butt day National kiss day National Makeout day

A: First off -- why? Secondly: http://www.brownielocks.com/month2.html

Is today really National Kissing Day? by Q: I have never heard of such a day!!! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AkUc06M9tOazF15i2aIiZEDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110311073051AA3gNmN

A: We have much more important things to worry about then swaping germs via saliva JAPAN WAS ROCKED BY AN EARTHQUAKE!

Today is National Kissing Day? by ~Lilbit~ Ready for Racin Season Q: I've never heard of this.... *kisses* to all of my contacts!

A: Awesome! Now when is National Topless Hug Day???

is national kissing day a real day? by Q: i have heard that it was real and then i heard that it was fake so is it?

A: Yes. It's actually today, July 6. It's not like a national holiday but it's certainly real.

Is tomorrow really national kissing day? by Q:

A: Yes, it's all over facebook .

Today is National Kissing Day, Who would you like to kiss? by wolfkiss Q:

A: There's only one.Brace yourself and pucker up babe.

Ok, so I was talking to one of my friends and she told me that tomorrow is National Kissing Day..? by Q: I asked her why she wanted me to know and she said she thought i should be aware. We dont go out or anything and we are good friends. She also called me "boo"

A: OmG. She wants to do you!!

Is it strange that I had my first kiss today and it is National Kissing Day and Friday the 13th? by Q: Anyone else find that strange? Lol. Tell me about your first kiss. I'm bored.

A: It's a coincident. But congratulations anyway. I've never had a first kiss.

What should be the rules for the new National Kissing Day? by Coach E! Q: I'm introducing legislation that would make Nov. 18 National Kissing Day, encouraging Americans to kiss friends and even strangers during the day (by consent, of course). What rules should I include in the bill?

A: they must exchange numbers as well ;)

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