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arekbee I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/YeF8S9RD 7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine

westhallmedia Augmented Reality for National Geographic Channel by Appshaker http://t.co/ENOLaDOa brought to you by @theinspiration

GrupoVultesa Unas preciosas fotos de National Geographic, para alegrar esta mañana del sábado. Disfrútenla. http://t.co/Zbp6aFV0

Shancu525 Rattan trays, 'Lemon Vortex' (pair): NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, offers thousands of limite... http://t.co/zIeqAhaR

ipadfanatix Golden Gate Fog for Motorola DROID 2 by National Geographic http://t.co/j93LVq8a

BnBStar_com Top 10 Places to #Eat #Ice Cream -- National Geographic: http://t.co/jG3hftvH via @AddThis

maya0520 Contact Juggling presented by National Geographic http://t.co/cyszZ4if 日本のコンタクトジャグラー「おこたんぺ」さんがナショナルジオグラフィックに取り上げられた時の映像。美しいパフォーマンスです

April_Bowman Iceland tops 2012 travel polls in National Geographic and Lonely ... #travel #insurance http://t.co/EDRFKdH5

Notifikasiku Alam Indonesia Hasil Jepretan National Geographic http://t.co/ugaCwXM1

_ItsKella Nw national geographic

ArianaG4MyLife Check this video out -- 7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine http://t.co/Ai4K3vXS via @youtube

Lindsynzx Coffee and dessert set, 'Himaphan Mountain II' (for 2): NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, offers ... http://t.co/CYIrqvyS

afikikuk #NowWatching Megastructures "Worlds Biggest Tent" in Kazakhstan only on National Geographic Channel.

Notifikasiku Alam Indonesia Hasil Jepretan National Geographic http://t.co/9yfRMcLe

danielhaddad RT @buzzilla_no10: Buzzilla's Blog: Awesome augmented reality installation by #NationalGeographic http://t.co/FDOePj4N #AR


Where can I get information about National Geographic reporters? by Contradictoree Q: I'm doing a report on what National Geographic reporters do and all the places they travel and the dangers they face. I remember watching a documentary on it ages ago, but I can't find anything about it now for the life of me. Help, please?

How to become a photographer for National Geographic? by Ryan Q: I've recently decided that I want to go to art school. I want to know what it takes to become a photographer for National Geographic.

A: "How to become a photographer for National Geographic?" years of experience in their style of photography. NG tend to use mainly freelancers and will not give commissions unless the person is very very experienced in that field.

how can I become a national geographic photographer? by subjugater Q: Is the salary pretty good? I am mainly worried about not getting a job with national geographic and working at walmart ]: Can somebody here tell me how I can become a national geographic photographer?

A: The vast majority of Nat Geo photography is done by freelancers who either submit or are commissioned. To get noticed you need to be excellent at the type of photography they like and you need to submit images to the picture editor. 99.9% of submissions get rejected. Set your sites lower and work towards that.

How much is worth my National Geographic Magazine collection? by Luis Sanchez Q: I have a total of 197 national geographic issues, from the year 1942 to 1981. I do not have all 12 issues of the month of every year, but in some years i do. Thanks a lot for looking into it.

A: l doubt that they have any really large value, I donated the collection that my father had to a small local library,

How do I become a National Geographic photographer? by travel Q: My dream has always been to photograph for National Geographic. How should I approach this ambition? I'm still in my teens and studying, what can I do now, and what can I do when I graduate to become a photographer for NG? Please help and give as much information as possible from college to job application. Thanks a lot! Nope I'm not in university now I'm still in high school Thanks Ruth51, I don't mind even if it takes 20 years to get to the top

A: I admire the fact that you know what you want to do with your life and are starting to set goals to achieve that early on. With your attitude, you WILL make it! A very well-known photographer, Jim Zuckerman, did exactly what you want to do. If you do a google search for his name, you will find a lot of information regarding professional, state of the art photography, and information on many classes that he teaches online, along with a team of excellent photographers from around the world. I started out taking my first online class with Jim Zuckerman, and I cannot say enough good things about the man. He loves photography, and he loves teaching and mentoring others. Once I emailed him a question, and he actually took the time to call me on the telephone to have a lengthy discussion about the subject. You could very well start out right now with taking some classes online to get your career jump-started. Start out with a Fundamentals of Photography Course, then perhaps move into learning about digital photography and Adobe Photoshop. Then you can take classes to learn specific things like lighting, processing camera raw files, etc. Then when it comes time for college, you may decide to go for a degree in fine arts in college or at a university that specializes in photography, or you may decide to attend a school like Brooks School of Photography where that is the only thing they teach. It's wide open for you out there—just do a little research about what is available for you to do now while you are still in your teens. Just think—you could be entering your photography at the county fair, and it's entirely possible that you could have your own online gallery for sales before too very long. Wouldn't you love to be able to take Senior portraits for your friends? Best wishes in your endeavor, and whatever you do, strive to have fun! EDIT: After you google search for Jim Zuckerman, you will be able to email him and ask him the very same question yourself. You will see by his photography that he has been all over the world!

What to do to work for National Geographic? by xbabieblueiceyx Q: I am a sophomore in college from the U.S., living in Spain, at the moment. I have been traveling and taking pictures for many years, and I enjoy it very much;therefore, I would love to pursue photography, but I know that it isn't always the easiest thing to get to, so I am planning to do it on the side for the time being. I would love to work for National Geographic. What do I have to do to work there?

A: Write to them and ask for a job. here is the contact page http://www.nationalgeographic.com/jobs/?fs=photography.nationalgeographic.com

What music is used in the national geographic dfs advert jan 09? by cuba.yams Q: What song is used in the current dfs advert on national geographic? (not meet the dillons, the one before it) It may contain the lyric "you got a great car"

A: I do agree the upstair's.Also you may try to search the lyric in google,You must can get some useful information.Wish that can help you.

What is the oldest national geographic magazine and where can I get a picture of it? by Robob Q: My oldest national geographic magazine is from 1965. I noticed that the cover changes over time. I would like to see how different the earlier ones look. According to the dates and volume numbers, I have determined the first year to be 1811

A: The first issue of National Geographic Magazine was published in 1888, just nine months after the Society itself was founded. This is a link for all magazine covers from 1888 through 2000: http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/national-geographic

How does National Geographic post process their photos? by 4vAtaR Q: I'm wondering how does national geographic process their photos. The photos in their magazines and website are excellent; the colors are nicely done and the quality of the photos are not like the "usual" straight from the camera. I've seen pics submitted to them online taken by point and shoot cameras and its really different in terms of quality.

A: Why is it when a person sees a good well taken picture with good focus, colours and composition that people automatically assume that they are manipulated in post processing? There are just a few photographers (all good ones) who can actually take pictures like that without having to go crazy in photoshop afterwards.

National Geographic? by SAHMOnTheGo Q: Has anyone read May's Special Edition Issue of National Geographic? It is dedicated to China. There are many beautiful photographs in it, and a lot of good stories. Does anyone know of any other good resources to see/read about China? I have several lovely books, and want to add to my collection.

A: I didn't see the National Geographic piece. I read "The Search for Modern China" by Jonathan D. Spence many years ago and it was comprehensive...but it hasn't been updated for a while, around 2000. Great for History, but China is changing too fast for it to cover modern China well, unless there is a newer edition. Check Amazon or my favorite, half.com

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