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Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci still hoping gymnastics will return to old scoring system and ...
LONDON — Nadia Comaneci is hoping gymnastics reverts to the old style of scoring and again give competitors a chance at the “perfect 10” that she made famous. The Romanian great, who amassed nine Olympic medals including five golds, made history ...

Did Nadia Comaneci compete to 'Nadia's Theme' in the 1976 Olympics?
OLYMPIC URBAN LEGEND: Nadia Comaneci performed her floor routine to the song "Nadia's Theme" during the 1976 Summer Olympics. The Olympics have an uncommon ability to take athletes from relative obscurity to international stardom, all in the span ...

Let's support U.S. Olympians
Some of my happiest memories — both as a child and as an adult — involve watching the Olympic Games and cheering on Mary Lou Retton, Nadia Comaneci, Carl Lewis and so many others. I was awed and inspired by those athletes and everything that the ...

Nadia Comaneci takes flame on London tour
London: Former Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci and ex-basketball star John Amaechi will carry take the Olympic flame as it begins a seven-day tour of London on Saturday. Olympics 2012 | Schedule | Medals Tally | Photos. The pair will take the torch ...

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aDnichole @J_F_Grantham Just look her up on YouTube like I've been doing with precious Shawn Johnson and Nadia Comaneci

gail_chambers RT @chmabuurs: I wish I were nadia comaneci #perfect10

taylorhite Nadia Comaneci's routines were beyond amazing. I honestly don't believe any gymnast today could perform her bar routines.

kiaracornish23 There's a famous Gymnastics named Nadia Comaneci from Romania she was really, really good like in 1976!

rabodeajip @JuanitaDuran Ya sé, de ahora en adelante tengo tener muy claro que la mujer 10 es Bo Derek, y el primer 10 fue de Nadia Comaneci. Perdón.

gabip26 Nadia Comaneci ocupa el puesto #2 de mis gimnastas favoritas, obviamente la primera es @sofii_goomez

Krzi4MuZiK #gymnastics just to clarify nobody will surpass Nadia Comaneci! She will forever be the best gymnast ever!!!

zoefoulks Nobody can compare to Nadia Comaneci though.

ladyglenChicago Nadia Comaneci. Greatest of all time. #gymnastics

nadiasthinking So proud to be named after Nadia Comaneci💗 #imissgymnastics

FreshFremp RT @SOSOorgtfo: nadia comaneci will forever be my favorite gymnast

saikezoku Nadia Comaneci Olga Korbut Mary Lou Retton >>> #classic #olympic #gymnasts #inspiration

galaarriola Flawless Nadia Comaneci

wandarful Nadia Comaneci - first perfect t10 in history (1976 Montreal) http://t.co/kbKQA7IT


Name a living romanian personality? by jimi_psblue Q: Gheorghe Hagi, Gheorghe Muresan, Nadia Comaneci and Ceausescu excluded

A: Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase

Your TOP OF MIND things about Romania ? by marianad13 Q: Hagi, Nadia Comaneci, Dracula ? what else ?

A: Future memeber of EU Murandi had a nice song Bukuresht The lanuage sounds much like italian or other latin language

Is Olga Korbut a good role-model? by lindsey Q: Is she as good of a role-model as Nadia Comaneci or Mary Lou Retton? (also why isn't gymnastics a category on yahoo answers?)

A: Olga, Nadia and Mary Lou are all good role models. They were excellent gymnasts and good citizens as well. I have no idea why gymnastics is not a single category, but it's probably due to lack of "popularity".

Whom you like most from the list , and why ? by KripaKaran Q: - Nadia comaneci - Jesse Owens - Pele Nadia - a Romanian gymnast, winner of five Olympic gold medals Jesse - an American track and field athlete. He participated in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany where he achieved international fame by winning four gold medals; one each in the 100 meters, the 200 meters, the long jump, and as part of the 4x100 meter relay team Pele -The King of Football

A: Pele is the best. yea Jesse Owens is cool and i guess Nadia is good at being strong, but Pele is the King of soccer. Pele is one of my favorite soccer role models. His tricks are genius and they work on everyone when I use them. Jesse Owens was a close favorite, but im a long distance runner. For runners i like Noureddine Morceli and Hicham El Guerrouj.

Did you know that Romania was the second nation after U.S.A. at 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games? by numaruul1 Q: Yes, Romania has great sport performance,like Nadia Comaneci at Montreal 1976,Nicu Vlad at Los Angeles 1984,Ivan Pataichin, Gheorghe Hagi at football,Ilie Nastase in tennis,etc.Bella Karoly,the former trainer of Romanian gymnastic team became the coach of U.S.A.

A: Yes and no. Not in the number of medals but in the number of gold Romania won 53 medals (20 gold) West Germany won 59 (17 gold) It helped that the USSR and East Germany had boycotted the games with 12 other countries.

What do you think/know about Romania? by Doomy Q: I want to know what do you people know about Romania ... couse it's know that most foreign people know romania for Ceausescu, Dracula, Hagi and Nadia Comaneci.

A: I think that you probably still want Bessarabia back in the club.

question about NBC's "opening sequence" for the olympics? by Technicolor Rain Q: You know the little opening sequence they had for the olympics, was Nadia Comaneci the gymnast shown before Nastia Liukin? I for some reason always missed the opening sequence, and that part always went too fast when I did see it! does anyone know? Also, is it on youtube? Whoo! Yes, that was it! Thanks!

A: Is this it? Showing Nadia 1976 and Mary Lou 1984? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNv41R41ayU

Who are the A-list gymnasts in any Olympics? by Kme000- Q: Nadia Comaneci is definitely an A-list gymnast, she is never forgotten.

A: Carly Patterson the 2004 Olympic champion, isn't an A-listed gymnast. People have forgotten her during the Beijing Olympics. Only 1/10 know her. So as Hollie Vise and Kim Zmeskal, they aren't on an A-list.

Why are romanian girls so good at gymnastics? by Solvieg's Girl Q: The best gymnastic ever has been Nadia Elena Comaneci, a romanian...and a romanian girl won to Shawn Johnson in the olympics (i don't remember her name ) Sandra Izbasa was her name

A: you must have been watching a different Olympics that I was.

What is your favorite gymnastics? by Meera Q: My favorite gymnastics are Shannon MIiller, Lavinia Milosovici, Kim Zemeskal, Nadia Comaneci , Mary Lou Retton, Vanessa Atler, Kerri Strug, Dominque M, and other gymnastics.

A: My fav is Dominque... u know from the Fantastic 7........i think

When did the same person or event appear the same week on the covers of Newsweek, Time and Sports Illustrated? by fieldresource Q: Here are the ones we have so far: 1- 9/11 2- Secretariat 3- US Hockey win at Lake Placid 4- Mary Lou Retton 5- Joe Namath 6- Reggie Jackson 7- OJ Simpson's arrest and slow motion chase 8- US Women World Cup win with Brandi Chastain 9- Nadia Comaneci We are hoping to find some more. Thanks for all of your help.

A: US Hockey win at Lake Placid.

what you know about Romania?you think it`s an interesting country?you would like to live there? by isabella-bella Q: do you know famous ppl who lived in romania?brancusi ,stefan luchian,nadia comaneci,hagi tell you sommething?

A: I lived there for two years. It's an extremely interesting nation with an engaging people and history. My personal favorite is Stefan Cel Mare! Esti roman? Am locuit la Bucuresti, Arad, si Oradea. Mi-e tare dor de Romania. As vrea sa locuiesc acolo, dar nu cred ca e posibil. Ai noroc!

What are the top 5 or top 10 sports accomplishments? by a_blue_grey_mist Q: Some suggestions: 1. Lance Armstrong - 7 consecutive Tour de France wins. 2. US hockey victory over Russia - 1980 3. 1972 - Football - Miami dolphins undefeated season 4. Gymnastics - Nadia Comaneci - 1976 Olympic games in Montreal 5. Mohammad Ali - entire career 6. Baseball - New York Yankees - 29 World Series Championships 7. Basketball - Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant . . . 8. Baseball - Cal Ripken, Hank Aaron . . . 9. Swimming - Mark Spitz - 7 golds in 1972 Olympics 10. Jesse Owens - 4 golds in 1936 Olympics (in Berlin) 11. Speed skating - Eric Heiden - 5 golds in 1980 Olympics 12. Hockey - Wayne Gretzky

A: 1. Michael johnson (200m world record, 400m world record, 4x400m relay world record, 300m world record, 14 Gold medals in the world championships/ olympics). 2. Kobe Bryant- 81 pts in a game (and all the other stuff he did, we all know) 3. Wilt Chamberlain- 100pts (behind Kobe because Kobe did it in a harder time) 4. Jesse Owens- 4 Gold Medals in berlin Olympics 5. Barry Bonds- 761 homeruns and counting. Even if he did do steroids, they didnt seem to help him much in his old age.

When did they change the age requirements for gymnists? by Rikitikitavi Q: I heard that a Gymnist must be 16 at least by the end of the olympic year. Nadia Comaneci was 14 when she scored a perfect 10 at the 1976 Olympics

A: Age falsification has been a problem in gymnastics since the 1980s after the minimum age was raised from 14 to 15 to protect young athletes from serious injuries. The minimum age was raised to its current 16 in 1997. North Korea was barred from the 1993 world championships after FIG officials discovered Kim Gwang Suk, the gold medalist on uneven bars in 1991, was listed as 15 for three years in a row. Romania admitted in 2002 that several gymnasts' ages had been falsified, including Olympic medalists Gina Gogean and Alexandra Marinescu. Even China's own Yang Yun, a double bronze medalist in Sydney, said during an interview aired on state broadcaster China Central Television that she was 14 during the 2000 Games. At the age of 14, Comaneci became one of the stars of the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. During the team portion of the competition, her routine on the uneven bars was scored at a 10.0. It was the first time in modern Olympic gymnastics history that the score had ever been awarded. Over the course of the Olympics, Comaneci would earn six additional 10s, en route to capturing the all-around, beam and bars titles and a bronze medal on the floor exercise.

Why not put gymnastics age down to 14 yo? by TopGun Q: Since 14yo is best age for gymnastics, even 1976 olympics Nadia Comaneci was 14yo, when did the game push up to 16yo?

A: they pushed the age up to 16 b/c at the age of 14 the muscles are still very soft an flexible and that gives the younger kids an advantage over the older vets. Also they are less afraid to do riskier moves, due to the fact that they haven't "been around" that long! most kids at the gae of 14 are just dreaming about making it to the Senior level! another thing, if they changed the age back to 14, the life span of gymnasts would shorten! and no one wants to see that happen.. then there would be babies ruling the gymnastics world!!! no fun!!! so it best that the age stay at 16!

Nadia????? by Nicoletta Q: My guy friend recently told me his dream girl is a younger nadia comaneci. What should I think of that? I like my guy friend, but my friend says it is a plus b/c I am a gymnast too. What did he mean by it?

A: I think what he means is you should have the traits of that girl your guy friend might admire and like you more that way I hope this helps

Can you name a famous Nadia......? by nisha* TP for my bunghole? Q: I can only think of.. Nadia Comaneci Nadia Bjorlin Nadia Oh Nadia Ali Hi Bj! :))))))))))))) Nadia is my sisters name :)

A: Nadia Ali is it love is it love......

Are gymnasts doing harder stunts than they used to? by Q: I watched the perfect 10 by Nadia Comaneci and it looked lackluster compared to the stellar routines done by the likes of Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson? So, are they really doing harder stunts, or am I wrong?

A: Gymnasts nowadays are in a completely different league than the gymnasts who competed decades ago (not to take away from their accomplishments). To put it in perspective, a gymnast who is about level 8 could easily compete Nadia's routines. Part of the reason that the skill levels differ so much is because we have new and better equipment, new coaching styles and techniques and most of the skills we do now hadn't been invented in their time. That being said, even a gymnast from the 70's still would have had to put in tremendous effort to get to that skill level.

What job can i have if i will take politics and history in school? by knottaty Q: I am preparing for entering in a community college and i would like to take all kinds of interesting classes but I also want the qualifications that will give me a cool nice paid job in a year or 2. I like history, geography, phisics, astronomy, antropology, biology, chemistry, politics, music, dance, gymnastic (Nadia Comaneci), tennis...the bad news is that I don't like very much mathematic or at list because I had wired professors I never got the chance to really get attracted to this subject. Even though I like geometry.

A: Well...all depends on what you call a cool job! You could possibly get an entry-level position in a local government organization in administration or if you find out you do well in school, go on for a bachelors and a teaching certificate and teach. Or maybe become a health instructor at a gym or fitness center? You may need to take some math though once you're decided on a course of studies. Your advisor will probably put you on a specific path for graduation. And you might find you have a teacher who's good at teaching math and learn to do better at it. Geometry is a neat subject...if you like geography and sciences you can become a surveyor or a geologist if you continue your studies.

why is so great Nadia Elena Comaneci? by temo12 Q:

A: Nothing except that she was a little girl that performed some outstanding moves as a gymnast. Believe it or not Romanian's do not like gymnastics. This is a bad misconception of the Romanian people. They are die hard soccer fans. Seeing as how all of my boyfriends have been Romanian citizens I know what I am talking about. For instance today in Romania was a big day for them in soccer. Even though their team lost the soccer match today. The country was pretty mush at a stand still because everyone was watching that game if not at it. But like I said Nadia was just a young girl 13 or 14 I think but I'm not sure, that just happen to master some great moves and create some of her own.

Anyone know of any paintings of Nadia Comaneci? (1976 Olympiads, Montreal, Canada?)? by stringbean Q:

A: I found a painting of her at these website: http://www.nadiacomaneci.com/fans/rbdarbyshire.htm http://hometown.aol.com/lleahbreeze/nadiaindex.html

Nadia Comaneci vs Daredevil / The Beast / Nightwing. Best gymnast? by Nibiru - 3600 Q: It's the perfect 10 vs comicdom's best gymnasts in a test of skills, grit and determination. Who walks away with the gold? (ps: Daredevil, Beast, Nightwing were the best examples of gymnast I could come up with quickly. Feel free to include a top comic gymnast I may have excluded).

A: Nadia is better than they are (because she’s real) but Harley Quinn is better than nadia (because shes’ hotter!) 18 DEC 06, 0131 hrs, GMT.

have you ever heard about Nadia Comaneci? by celia Q:

A: When Nadia was about 14 she scored the first perfect 10 at the Olympics in Women's Gymnastics. She was only 86 pounds and 4 feet 11 inches. That's about the size of a really tall 4th grader! No person, especially such a small one, had ever scored a perfect 10! Nadia Comaneci was born to Gheorge and Stefania-Alexandria Comaneci on November 12, 1961 in Onesti, a factory town in the mountains of Romania. Nadia and her family lived in a small apartment. She was an active child who enjoyed running and jumping. In fact, her love of jumping broke four of her family's couches when the springs snapped. One day, the gymnastics coach of an Onesti sports school, Bela Karoloyi, visited Nadia's school. Noticing Nadia and another girl pretending to be gymnasts, he started to go over to talk to them. Suddenly, recess ended and he lost the girls, for they rushed away quickly and disappeared into the school.

what nationality does Nadia Comaneci (the first 10 in gymnastics) have?? by Danutzky Q:

A: Born in Romania, trained in Bucharest. Has coached in the US for about 20 years now.

Who is Nadia Comaneci? by Q: Is she a Romanian one?

A: She was a Romanian gymnast. She was famous for getting perfect 10s at the Olympics in 1976...unheard of at the time....she was the first. She defected in '89, married Bart Conner, a famous men's gymnast, and settled in the US.

Did Nadia Comaneci overcome/do anything besides gymnastics? by hannah_fan75 Q: for a biography project please help tyvm :)

A: There was a magazine article (Life, I think) in the early 1990s that said she was a victim of the son of the leader of Romania. Basically that he would sexually abuse the female athletes. I believe Nadia denied it, and I haven't heard much about it since. That could be something for you to research, but do more than just finding the article since it's accuracy has been doubted. In gymnastics, she made a comeback and got back to the olympics after her famous perfect 10 run. As this is very hard to do in gymnastics, this could be a good story to focus on as well.

what is the height of nadia comaneci? by ..Infinity.. Q:

A: Nadia Comaneci — Height: 5' 4" (1.63 M)

can you tell me what country nadia comaneci is? by georgia2210 Q:

A: She was from Romania when she won the Olympics. Now she is US citizen.

Who was more supple, Nadia Comaneci or Olga Korbut? by Q: TIAH

A: Neither. Exodus 20:8-11 SDA

Daniela Silivas also got 7 perfect 10.0 in the Olympics. How come people only remember Nadia Comaneci? by tonet Q: She won silver AA (which was a controversy), 3 golds in the individual events and tied Nadia's 7 perfect scores.

A: From my research, she got five 10.0's at the World Championships in Rotterdam, but mistakes in two other events cost her the world title. Still an amazing feat, but AFAIK, seven 10.0's has never been duplicated.

who was nadia comaneci sponsored by? by Answer Goddess Q: I NEED THIS ANSWERED ASAP PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!!!! thanks so much.

A: Nadia Comanenci is no longer competing, she has been retired for a long time, so she has no sponsor in the athletic sense. When she was competing, she had no sponsor either, she was part of Romania's national Olympics team and was taken care of by their program. It was a Stalinist country then.

how old was nadia comaneci when she won a gold medal? by Christina Q:

A: She was 14.

Where is Nadia Comaneci now and what is she doing? by Q:

What was the height of Nadia Comaneci at its peak as artistic gymnast? (In 1976-77)? by Dexter Q:

A: 4 feet, 11 inches

Did Bela Karolyi abuse Mary Lou Retton,Kerri Strug,and Nadia Comaneci? by Marissa D Q: I heard that Bela Karolyi abused Emilia Eberle and more. IDK if I spelled her last name right but anyways, Did he abuse these gymnasts too?

A: Former U.S. Olympian Dominique Moceanu, who at 14 was part of the 1996 gold-medal team, said Tuesday night that USA Gymnastics team coordinator Martha Karolyi once grabbed her by the neck and slammed her face into a phone, and that former coach Bela Karolyi twice berated her about her weight in front of national teammates. But other gymnasts who have been coached by the Karolyis or who were on the 1996 team with Moceanu said they hadn't seen the abuse Moceanu said she suffered. at this point it's unclear if he is a tough coach or a child abuser. only time will tell this story is just getting started.

Have you herd about Nadia Comaneci? by Tinkerbell Q: Do you know Nadia Comaneci? She's a gymnast from Romania (my country:)), and she's pregnant!!!Have you herd about her?

A: Nadia Comaneci 1961- 10. If the world remembers nothing else about Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, it will be this: 10. A perfect score. It was the first the world had seen in gymnastics, and she received seven of them at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Born in 1961 in Onesti, Moldova, Romania, Nadia Elena Comaneci started school in 1968, where she caught the attention of talent scouts for the Romanian National Junior Team. Scout Bela Karolyi saw her playing on the courtyard, pretending to be a gymnast with another child. "I knew I would never leave that school until I found those two little girls," he later said. Nadia was accepted into the new Gymnastics High School, where she spent four hours a day in the gym and five in the classroom. At age 8, she competed in the 1970 Romanian National Championships, and in 1971 and 1972 she won all-around titles for her age group. She won first place in her first international competition in 1971 in Yugoslavia. She arrived at the 1976 Olympics suffering from sciatica, which made strong movements of her legs painful. She was 4'11" tall, barely 86 pounds. She had no hopes of taking home the gold. But then she hit the uneven bars, scoring a perfect 10 -- a world first. She would score six more before the end of the Olympics and became an international media darling in the process. She left Montreal with seven perfect 10s, three gold medals (uneven bars, balance beam, all-around), one silver medal (team) and one bronze (floor exercise). Four years later in Moscow, she grabbed two gold medals (balance beam and floor exercise) and two silver medals (all-around and team). Nadia's last major competition was the World University Games in Bucharest in 1981. She retired in 1984, just weeks before the Los Angeles Olympics. Later she became an international judge, and coach to the Romanian national team. In 1989 she defected to the United States via Hungary and began a career as a model. She currently lives in Norman, Okla., where she is a gymnastic coach at her husband Bart Conner's Gymnast Academy.

how many hour did nadia comaneci practiced everyday? by Q: i heard about 16 hours do u think so 16 hours of practice+4 hours of sleeps+4 hours of theory do u think so.......

A: No, 16 hrs per day is ridiculous. The answer depends on what is meant by practice. She was in the gym for about between 6 - 8 hrs per day for 5-6 days per week. How much of that time she actually spent tumbling and running and jumping is hard to determine because it was not tracked. I would think though that about half of it, with the other half accounting for instruction and coaching. Any good coach or even someone who knows about training will tell you about the 3 important factors to success - practice (i.e. training), nutrition, and rest & recovery. An athlete needs all 3. The higher the level of athlete, the more rest and recovery that is necessary. I would imagine that nadia needed a minimum of 8 hrs. of sleep - that is the minimum though. And, she would need some lay around time too for recovery. 16 hrs of training per day is unrealistic.

Who thinks Nadia Comaneci was, and still is, the best gymnast ever?? by clarendon Q: Nadia Comaneci

A: I really think it was just the old scoring system. If she did those exact routines identical to the way she did them, or even if they aplied the code of point to a video of her routine, i know she wouldn't get a perfect score. I feel like they gave her the first 10, and then it was easier for them to 10 the other ones. If it had been seperate people who did all her routines, i don't think they all would have gotten 10s. It was easier for them to give her other routines 10's after she did it the first time.

What do you know about Romania except Nadia Comaneci and Dracula? by LynX Q:

A: I know a lot about MY wonderful country but what do you know about: George Emil Palade (Nobel price's winner), George Enescu (a great composer), Constantin Brancusi (a great sculpture), Emil Cioran and Mircea Eliade, Sergiu Celibidache (the director of Munchen's Philharmonic), Ioan Hollender (the manager of Stats Opera from Vienna), Eugen Ionescu and so on.. Do you want more?

can i be the next nadia comaneci? by heyyi♥u*____*!!!! Q: i mean, i work with an olympic winning trainer everyday for atleast 10 hours and basically do everything that she did in the gym when she was younger, if maybe even more or a bit less. If i believe it can happen, can i probably become the next nadia comaneci or atleast an olympic winning champion? thanks all!

A: Yes the work ethic is commendable but she was also very gifted as well and hard as nails. I think the competition has evolved and gotten even tougher than back in 1976 meaning everything evolves. The saying athletes are getting stronger going higher and running faster and are better considering the times now and comparing them to 10 years a go. Which is not to knock her outstanding performance merely to highlight the progression sports has come since then.

How many medals did nadia comaneci win in her lifetime? by pretty_odd_713 Q: how many of each?

A: 9 Olympic medals: 3 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze in 1976 Montreal Olympics 2 golds, 2 silvers in 1980 Moscow Olympics 4 World championship medals: 1 gold, 2 silvers in 1978 1 gold in 1979 12 European championship medals 4 golds, 1 silver in 1975 2 golds, 1 bronze in 1977 3 golds, 1 bronze in 1979

What other gymnast in the world has made PERFECT TENS besides Nadia Comaneci? by Solvieg's Girl Q:

A: Nadia Comaneci's record has never been equalled, or broken! Comaneci first achieved her perfect 10 on the uneven parallel bars in 1976 and the judges awarded her the maximum mark seven times during the Games. Comaneci first came to prominence at the 1975 European Championships, at which she won four gold medals. In the 1976 and 1980 Games she won a total of nine Olympic medals.

If young Nadia Comaneci was to compete in todays games, would she have scored those perfect 10's? by violet rose Q: Is the sport more competitive than it was back then and how has the judging changed? By "perfect 10's" I mean a perfect score!

A: Its a much harder competition than it was back then, but I have watched highlights of her perfect performances over the past week and she would come very very close to scoring 10's - even with todays changed scoring system. I watched the finals of the balance beam last night, and the girls pale in comparison to Nadia and some of the other big names in the 80's/90's.

What's the main difference between Nadia Comaneci and Jennifer Sey? by Jasmine Q: I am writing a compare and contrast essay for my Honors English project, and I need to know the main difference between these two gymnasts... HELP! Thanks :)

A: Nadia Elena Comaneci is an Olympic legend she won three gold medals at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and was the first gymnast to receive a perfect score of 10 she then on to win 2 more gold medals in Moscow in 1980 overall she won a total of 5 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. Jennifer Sey was the 1986 National Gymnastics Champion and a 7 time national team member for the United States she did not win any Olympic medals she then went on to publish the book Chalked Up: Inside Elite Gymnastics' Merciless Coaching, Overzealous Parents, Eating Disorders, and Elusive Olympic Dreams, a book about her experiences as a top-tier gymnast. The book details her career as an elite gymnast including her experience training at the Parkettes National Gymnastic Training Center.

I Am Doing A Report for School On Nadia Comaneci. Are there any important facts I need to include? by Callieeee! Q: I know I need to include her major Competition winnings. But what are some other major things I should include? What has she been doing since she retired?(the book i'm reading doesn't tell. she wrote before she retired) I know she currently lives in the u.s. She is my favorite gymnast and I think she was as good as they can get. I can not find any good websites to get information from.

A: Nadia Comaneci type this in to answers dot com

What does Nadia Comaneci do when under pressure? by Danister Q: I would like to get this answered by tonight, so i could get the info right away. If you saw her perform, but you just know what you expected her to do thats ok. Write that down! Thanks for everything

A: Her composure under pressure had a lot to do with how she was trained and the fact that she was just an amazing athlete and competitor, not that she never succumbed to pressure. And gymnastics was very different back then, with a lot more push from the government for the gymnasts to do well and all that.

Who other than Nadia Comaneci have scored perfect 10 in olympics? by Mustafa Q: I want a list of everyone who has ever scored a perfect 10 and the number of times they have scored them. Thanks a lot Harry for the answer. I appreciate it. And if u know please let me know the no of times these people have scored a perfect 10 as well.

A: dont forget mary lou retton at the '84 olympics :)

What do you know about Nadia Comaneci? by Q: I'm not trying to check up on you if you know about Nadia Comaneci. Just wondering how many people have heard of her. She's from Romania and she has been a gymnast. The best gymnast in the world. We are really proud of her. So is this the first time you hear of her?

A: She was the darling of the 1976 Montreal Olympics, only a tiny girl under 5 ft and only 15 yrs old. If I remember she won about 5 gold medals and every event she competed in, she scored a perfect "10". The 1976 Olympics was the first to be broadcast live around the world by Satellite, this made her a house-hold name. Do you remember a tribute instrumental to her on the pop charts in 1976 called "Nadia's Theme "... I think it became the theme music to one of the American soap programmes !! I think in the late 1980s she defected to the USA, just before the collapse of communism it was a surprise to many of her fans to see her on t.v, overweight and smoking cigarettes ! That is the last I heard anything about her, though I think she may have had a child in her late 30s , if I remember a news item in the late 90s (I might be wrong )

What made Nadia Comaneci a good leader? by Q: I'm doing a report on Nadia Comaneci- a very famous gymnast and so far I have that she was a hard worker and kept her mind set on things. I need two more leadership qualities she had.

A: ?? I'm not aware that she had ANY leadership qualities. She was the product of state sponsored athletics, and followed orders from a very young age. Not an environment that breeds leaders. As an adult she has worked as a trainer of other gymnasts, but has shown no special ability in that field, indicating she is not good at motivating or leading.

Nadia Comaneci??? by Anda-ad Q: Does anybody knows something about Nadia Comaneci?Pls tell mee

A: She is a gymnast from Romania that in 1976 scored the first perfect 10 in gymnastics and then went on to score a few more. She was awesome. I remember watching her in the 1976 Olympics. She is now married to fellow gymnast Bart Connor. I think they just had a baby. She should be around 40 years old now.

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