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khennardyStnto RT @harriskrist: Sangat diberkati dengan pelayanan ps @philipmantofa dan tayangan myanmar for Jesus :')

BintoroKTS RT @antaranews: Myanmar berubah setahun sesudah pemilihan umum http://t.co/plOfOkww

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Izzatyoup @shfqemir @FatinAzharr bukan myanmar la emir,lebih kurang dgn si masum

ingeewidjaja myanmar for Jesus.. there's a.. wow.

jirobait Myanmar berubah setahun sesudah pemilihan umum http://t.co/AydIY2In

QuivTravel Myanmar / Burma with Kids: Inle day 4 - Amazing Kakku. http://t.co/onDEqEdq

Clareeun Lonely Planet: Myanmar (Italian Edition): http://t.co/Fr5uCpgV

swaraperempuan #FollowBalik Myanmar berubah setahun sesudah pemilihan umum: Satu tahun berlalu dari pemilihan ... http://t.co/LpsaVvvX #TeamFollowBalik

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thithtoolwin သစ္ထူးလြင္ Myanmar News Now: ျမန္မာ့လက္ေဝွ့မယ္ ဒုတိယအခီ်တြင္ ဒိုင္ပဲြရပ္ျဖင့္ ရံႈးနိမ့္ http://t.co/wEVET3nx

Galeuh_carifun bukan berita basi;d(^_^)b==> Myanmar berubah setahun sesudah pemilihan umum

thithtoolwin သစ္ထူးလြင္ Myanmar News Now: ျမန္မာနွင့္ အေမရိကန္ သမၼတတို႔ ေတြ႔ဆံုရန္ အာဆီယံ ေမွ်ာ္လင့္ http://t.co/k4PUqQXW

jokam_erz Myanmar berubah setahun sesudah pemilihan umum http://t.co/g33MotbK

Bongda360 U23 Việt Nam phải tập giữa trưa: Một ngày sau trận hòa có phần thất vọng với U23 Myanmar, HLV Falko Goetz đổi gi... http://t.co/0KpIvMSV


How come the military junta in Myanmar is not allowing aid? by chrstnwrtr Q: Myanmar is in dire need of foreign aid, i.e. food, medical supplies, etc. Their military junta won't allow foreign aid workers to come in and help out. Why?

A: Hard to say, but I think they are guilty of genocide against their own people. It seems that they are afraid that foreign aid will weaken their stranglehold on the people. Just appalling.

Why is the military in Myanmar not letting aid reach the people that need it? by Tom R Q: I don't understand why Myanmar will not accept the aid and give it to the people that need it. Is it a cultural issue? Does it have to do with the beliefs of their government? Is it a military issue? Please help me understand. Thank you.

A: the tyrant are sick. they worry only stability of their power. that why they don't want anyone to get in and influence their citizen. those with a big influence to the tyrant like thailand goverment and china goverment have also done too little. they all are just worry about the business future with the country, careless on the people life. UN is also just a barking dog. powerless!!!

how can I start my thesis about Myanmar and RMA? by Mr.Military Q: RMA is the one of the latest military strategy. It is used upon different opinions. Some assume it is organizational changes in military while some believe in technological changes in it. Whatever, it is now one popular word in militaries. One thing is here. How can the developing countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, and so on.. catch this level and should they do? It is research problem. Answer it.

A: Its a shame that a student working on a thesis paper (assuming you are a post-graduate student) needs to consult a yahoo forum to begin an essay on the subject you've spent the last 4-10 years studying. Shouldn't you be the expert on this field?

How do I find a reputable organization to donate to help the Myanmar or China earthquake disasters? by jrnl_life Q: Would like to know if there's an organization that will properly dole out the donations given it to help with the people in myanmar or china and not squander the funds as I want to know that practically all that I donate would go to the people it is designated for.

A: The Buddhists have some way of sneaking the money in past the military and leaders by going from temple to temple. Try any Buddhist groups in your area. China is easier. The Red Cross has a fund for them.

How much does it cost to apply for a Myanmar passport? by Gan Woan Q: How much does it cost for a Myanmar citizen with no criminal record to apply for a Myanmar passport to go Singapore and work as a domestic helper?

A: Below is a great site that will walk you through what to do.

What is the history of Myanmar's environmental disasters? by Abdul Q: Please include all the environmental disasters you can think of. Also, include why Myanmar has a bad geographic location in terms of receiving these disasters.

A: Burma suffered terribly in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but the military government concealed the scale of the events. Its location on the Bay of Bengal makes it, like Bangladesh, vulnerable to coastal flooding due to storm surges.

What is the best organization to donate to for the Myanmar disaster relief? by sacabeans00 Q: What is the best organization to donate to (to guarantee that the money gets to the people who need it) for the people in Myanmar?

A: Through the foundation Burma (Myanmar was formerly 'Burma') which you can see at: http://www.foundationburma.org/

What kind of democracy people are asking for Myanmar? by fedup Q: We do not have western style democracy in China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia or Bengladesh. What kind of democracy is the world asking for democracy in Myanmar Aung San Su Kyi grew up in the west. She failed to negotiate with the military for the past 19 years. Please someone enlighten with me what kind of democracy the west and Su Kyi wants to establish in Myanmar. Will it ever happen or not? Meanwhile people got killed and displaced asking for it.

A: Some things are worth fighting and dying for. True democracy (with free elections, freedom of speech and religion) is one of them. The world is not asking, the people are.

How I can help with relief programs China and Myanmar? by Nicole Q: I am in the eighth grade in Texas, and I want to know if there's any way to get my family, friends, and community involved in helping the people of China and Myanmar. Please let me know what opportunities there are for me.

A: I am a Myanmar citizen. I think it might be hard for you to directly help people in Myanmar. What I would suggest you is try to contact local NGOs in Myanmar or, redcross, or Unicef. They do accept different kind of aid and distribute to people in Myanmar. It is a lot better way. Also make sure you do not contact Myanmar Government to distribute any kind of your aid. They will just take away or sell them back to those who are suffering. If needed, please try to contact Hnin Hnin Sett United Nations World Food Programme UNDP Building No. 6, Natmauk Road, Tamwe Tsp Yangon. Myanmar

Myanmar??? by Sdgg F Q: Can anyone tell me the exact location of Myanmar?Longitude and latitude please.

A: From 28* Lat in the north to 16* Lat in the southern part. 98* Lon runs through the center of Myanmar

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