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My morning jacket

Festival Alert: My Morning Jacket to Headline Newport Folk Festival
My Morning Jacket, Jackson Browne and Bright Eyes songwriter Conor Oberst will headline the 2012 Newport Folk Festival at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island on July 28th and 29th. The bill will also include performances by Tom Morello, ...

Flaming Lips Collaborate With Famous 'Fwends' on Record Store Day Exclusive
By Rolling Stone The Flaming Lips have teamed up with a variety of artists including Ke$ha, Bon Iver, Yoko Ono, My Morning Jacket, Nick Cave, Erykah Badu and Chris Martin of Coldplay for The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, a limited edition double album ...

LAist Film Calendar 03/22-03/25: Cinematic Spring Break on the Road
The rest of Fridays screenings include a series of shorts, premieres and musical micro-docs One Big Holiday (about the relationship of My Morning Jacket & their hometown of Louisville) and Randy Parsons: American Luthier (whose titular subject crafts ...

My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst, Jackson Browne to play Newport Folk Festival 2012
This year's bill is topped by My Morning Jacket and Jackson Browne, and they'll be joined by Conor Oberst, Iron & Wine, Arlo Guthrie, The Tallest Man on Earth, tUnE-yArDs, The Head and the Heart, Tom Morello, Deer Tick, Dawes, Sharon Van Etten, ...

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tukquestions "What songs did My Morning Jacket perform on American Dad?" http://t.co/z38rZEAG

FLVTubeTweets My Morning Jacket: #MyMorningJacket #My #Morning #Jacket http://t.co/qj2twBas #google #youtube

qehoqad porsha bought me CD My Morning Jacket, I think it's meticulous.

SamulePhillips Its a moustache kinda morning. I watched the sun rise in my jeans, jean shirt and jean jacket

TodayHotNews1 Festival Alert: My Morning Jacket to Headline Newport Folk Festival http://t.co/nnuOyCG1 #lucid_dreaming #manon_thomas #polio

Ferguson_Sam Good morning sunshine! I've got my spring jacket on...

Rlt1823210 RT @piercethevic: Thank you American Dad for showing me an awesome My Morning Jacket song.

CigarilloGeezus now playin my morning jacket

mmk_shin RT @DoobieNEWS: LJ編集長によるMY MORNING [email protected] http://t.co/u1efOZ0w

mmk_shin RT @LJkikuchi: 来日ライブは来週。みんなでアメリカトップクラスのライブを楽しもう。RT @DoobieNEWS LJ編集長によるMY MORNING [email protected] http://t.co/BuQWaGBl

teacupsngnomes RT @piercethevic: Thank you American Dad for showing me an awesome My Morning Jacket song.

pvinerecords RT @LJkikuchi: 来日ライブは来週。みんなでアメリカトップクラスのライブを楽しもう。RT @DoobieNEWS LJ編集長によるMY MORNING [email protected] http://t.co/BuQWaGBl

pvinerecords RT @DoobieNEWS: LJ編集長によるMY MORNING [email protected] http://t.co/u1efOZ0w


Does anyone know the my morning jacket song? by Q: Centre parks advert has a mmj song on, I think it was also what was playing on American dad when Aran takes his earphones off at the concert. Thankyou to anyone who knows it, it's driving me insane as it's such an amazing song :)

A: emm, i believe, it may be Wordless Chorus... not sure... but on this website there are many songs featured there... so you can listen to them and remember wich was ;) http://americandad.wikia.com/wiki/My_Morning_Straitjacket/References

Does anyone else love My Morning Jacket? by LuvIzLuvIzLuv Q: I'm listening to them right now and just wondered.

A: they are my favorite. they are the best.....

What are your favorite songs by My Morning Jacket? by sunkissed Q: I like Lay Low and I have Rhapsody but they have so mannnny songs, I don't know where to start.

A: I've never heard of them before, but i ♥ Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis :]

Who listens to My Morning Jacket? by owly Q: Good for you. Now if the whole world did? It might be a much prettier place. If you listen to them sparingly, I suggest trying more often. You will be glad you did. Great band.

A: Never heard of it. I'm not American you see.

What are some good songs by "My Morning Jacket"? by And Improved Q: And yes, I just saw that episode of American Dad.

A: American Dad isn't on yet, I'm in California. Got 2 hours before it comes on. I'm Amazed Wordless Chorus Evil Urges One Big Holiday It Still Moves

american dad / my morning jacket, whats the song? by Q: during a recent episode of american dad, stan becomes obsessed with his daughters music. shes listening to the band my morning jacket. whats the name of the song playing while stan is "tripping out" flying thru the air.

A: The song is "Touch me I'm going to scream part II"

Would it be a good idea if Eddie Vedder and the members of My Morning Jacket formed a "supergroup"? by jar blue Q:

A: Um... I'd love to answer this, because I'm a HUGE Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam fan.... but I have never heard of My Morning Jacket... Uh, sorry. "even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies..."

One big holiday by my morning jacket ? by kobe Q: Can anyone give me the ''Guitar Pro''(file) of the song ''One big holiday'' by my morning jacket , i want a whole band Pro,not just guitar. Thanks a lot...........

A: You won't get it.

Is My Morning Jacket a Christian Band? by Q: Is the Band "My Morning Jacket" a Christian Band ?

A: no the genres they belong to are Psychedelic rock, roots rock, country rock, jam band

bands similar to yeasayer, my morning jacket, iron and wine? by Q: my morning jacket is probably my favorite band but i want to try and find some new good music. i also like yeasayer, beach house, the avett brothers, elliott smith, and stuff like that.

A: Animal Collective Architecture in Helsinki Arctic Monkeys Band of Horses Ben Folds Five Best Coast BLIND PILOT Bloc Party Blur Bon Iver Caribou Cat Power CocoRosie Coldplay DAMIEN RICE DEAR AND THE HEADLIGHTS Death Cab The Decemberists DEVENDRA BANHART Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Feist Fleet Foxes The Frames Frightened Rabbit Great Lake Swimmers Grizzly Bear Horse Feathers IDRchitecture Joanna Newson Local Natives Lykke Li Manchester Orchestra Mates of State Matt and Kim MGMT Miike Snow The Morning Benders MUMFORD & SONS Mystery Jets The National The New Pornographers OF MONTREAL Passion Pit PETER, BJORN & JOHN Phoenix Regina Spektor THE SHINS SUFJAN STEVENS Surfer Blood The Swell Season The Weepies WILLIAM FITZIMMONS The XX

What kind of animal is featured in my morning jacket's music video? by Delia Q: in the touch me im going to scream video, what kind of animal is that? ive been trying to recall its name for a couple of days now. for one of my classes, we're supposed to write a book and mine its similar to that of the music video.im looking for illustrations (word art, pics from the web, etc)ive provided the link. thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFFwBA9DO34

A: I always thought it was called a lemur. It's a bit between a loris and a tarsier.

What is "YOUR" favorite My Morning Jacket song? by mudlup48 Q: I'm just curious, saw them live on Saturday May 1st so I just wanna know, I enjoy I'm Amazed myself.

A: I'm Amazed is my all time favorite!

What is the best My Morning Jacket song? by Q:

A: Golden is so pretty so ill pick that today

what was the song my morning jacket played on saturday night live? by rockinthesystem Q: i would really like the first song played and the second if possible

A: This is from Lettterman show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjLFG0i2_AE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrPbhpw4pOc

What are bands similar to Kings of Leon & My Morning Jacket? by julia Q: I like bands like KOL, MMJ, The Killers, Jimmy Eat World, etc

A: I have no real clue, but "Sex On Fire" makes me warm all over. Dallas

What is the significance of My Morning Jacket's owl? by holstonmtnman Q:

A: harry potter

Is My Morning Jacket a good band? by Q: This kid in my band class suggested that I should listen to the songs "Wordless Chorus" and "One Big Holiday". I liked both those songs okay. Can I get some more recommendations from you guys though? What are their best songs/albums? Thanks.

A: 'It Still Moves' is a great album, i recommend... :) i love this tune... 'Golden'... great lyrics... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz8qn1_iQ5w

Anyone familiar with My Morning Jacket, The Greenhornes, Mumford & Sons,or The Black Keys? by Mother Superior Jump The Gun For I Am The Walrus Q: What are your favorite songs by these artists?

A: Sorry but i'm not a fan of that kind of music lol.

Does anyone know the names of the 'My Morning Jacket' songs that came out on American Dad on Nov. 22, 09? by jes23 Q: About three or four tracks from My Morning Jacket were played in this episode. Stan becomes all obsessed with the group after going to a concert with Hailey. Any help will be appreciated. thanks!

A: "Wordless Chorus" "Touch Me, I'm Going to Scream Pt. II" "I'm Amazed" "Phone Went West" "Highly Suspicious" "Remnants"

What was the name of the song My Morning Jacket performed on Conan last night? 6/23/2011? by Q: Episode: What Happens on Krypton Stays on Krypton, guest Adam Levine, what the heck was the name of that song? It f!@#in rocked!!! From their new album Circuital, come on music heads, I know you know!!! PLZ HELP!!!

A: "Holdin' On To Black Metal" Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UYVJ6IraQc

What are some My Morning Jacket songs that are more Rock-like? by Mat Paget Q: In the same vein as Highly Suspicious More upbeat and "heavier"

A: Holiday I'm Amazed ....etc...

What are good songs for the band My Morning Jacket? (Besides lay low, off the record, what a wonderful man)? by Q:

A: just a couple of my favs you didn't already list Lowdown http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMQkIADXC5Y I'm Amazed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEslfjy9HCQ Mahgeetah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdSiIVwyhz4 One Big Holiday (this is actually the first time I saw/heard them on Conan, blew my mind) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0Q9iAcPjzc Golden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz8qn1_iQ5w

What was the name of the song My Morning Jacket sang on Conan friday night? by Q:

A: Holding on to Black Metal

On American Dad, Stan goes to a concert to get Hayley back and My Morning Jacket is playing, What song is that? by Person Q: Its like a recent episode, only like 2 weeks old

A: Wordless Chorus

what are a few good songs by, my morning jacket? by brandnew Q: i've heard of them recently, they seem pretty cool. what do you suggest i listen to by them?

A: I only have one of their albums, but my two favourites on it are Off the Record and I believe the other is Into The Woods.

Looking for more bands that sound like the black keys, my morning jacket, the sheepdogs? by Q: As the title says... Im looking for some new music along the lines of stuff that i mentioned above. Indie rockish with a good old rock feel. Underground bands no trash just some good rock.. Give me titles of songs and artists if possible. Thanks

A: The White Stripes The Strokes? :)

Who writes the lyrics for My Morning Jacket? by doodlebop123 Q: Is it Jim James?

What is the name of this My Morning Jacket Song? by ♫MusicMan♫ Q: I can't remember much of it other than in the chorus it goes "I believe!!" or something like that, please help me out it might not even by my morning jacket, but im pretty sure, any songs that sound like that, i know its not much but yea......

A: Dance Floors...I think Steam Engine?

Where can I find artistic prints or posters for bands like beirut, my morning jacket, tv on the radio, etc? by noonespecial Q: I'm trying to decorate my room, and I need stuff. I saw alot of stuff I liked in stalls at bonnaroo, but I didn't buy any. Where is a good website to buy posters from old shows and stuff?

A: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=posters&x=11&y=16&tag=aor-sale-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957

Time Signature of Lay Low by My Morning Jacket? by baseball Q: What time signature is Lay Low in? I know the chorus is 4/4 but the verses confuse me, sometimes it sounds like it's in 4/4 and sometimes it sounds like 5/4. Which is it?

A: I'm pretty sure the verses are in 4/4, some of the anticipations are probably throwing you off. The whole thing is most likely in 4/4. You can keep a steady beat at 4/4 the entire way through at a moderate tempo.

What song by my morning jacket was played on American dad? by ashkanmalekouti Q:

A: There were a couple like “I’m Amazed,”, “Steam Engine,” and “Remnants.”

My morning Jacket songs on Vampire Diaries Homecoming Episode? by Orange Blossom Q: What were all the songs played during the homecoming episode of Vampire Diaries by My Morning Jacket? (when they were playing live. I believe they played three songs if not more)

A: There were four songs: You Wanna Freak Out" "First Light" "Holdin' On To Black Metal" "The Day Is Coming"

What are the 6 My Morning Jacket songs that are in the new episode of American Dad? by Shan Q: I can't fully hear some of lyrics but I think they're really good. thank youuu!

A: Wordless Chorus Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.2 I'm Amazed Phone Went West Highly Suspicious Remnants

I want to buy a My Morning Jacket album and need advice!? by chris Q: I went on itunes but 30 second clips won't let me know what the album is all about. In your opinion what album should i start with?

A: While all of it is good, Z is the one to go with. It is such a good album. I'm obsessed with it.

Do You know any bands similar to My Morning Jacket? by Stuie (Schwartzman the tripple threat!) Q: I have been trying for a really long time to find someone with a similar sound to these guys. They are kind of like Folk Rock mixed with a Jam Band. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: the closest i can think of would be wilco or band of horses. my morning jacket is a pretty unique sounding band; i'm not sure how close you'll be able to get to their sound.

What is R&P's opinion of the Silversun Pickups and My Morning Jacket? by Exemplars Jr. Q: This is a far cry from my usual listens, but these two groups particularly. I hate how critics go so bonkers over MMJ, but I do believe that Z is a kick booty album. It's very...unique, I think. It's very interesting. Really need to listen to Evil Urges... I have yet to get any Silversun Pickups material, but they seem very interesting, and they serm unique without being crazy weird, so yeah. Anyways, your thoughts?

A: Silversun Pickups are highly derivative of The Smashing Pumpkins, but a solid band nonetheless. Their new album, however, doesn't include anything as vital or awe-inspiring as "Lazy Eye," which remains their best song. My Morning Jacket are also solid. I don't LOVE them, but I always enjoy and am satisfied by their LPs.

Need the name of a song by My Morning Jacket? by justmeish Q: I can't even remember all of the lyrics, only a few bits and pieces of the song. I remember the word bookworm. I also remember a line about a librarian. Does anyone know the name of this song? Please?

A: It's called Librarian, ...simple little bookworm, buried underneath is the sexiest librarian ...

My Morning Jacket Fans? by Q: Hey all, What, in your opinion, is the best album by MMJ? I only have Z, which I thought was pretty good- I'm looking for a good follow up now.

Is there a girl out there who loves my morning jacket as much as this guy? by Gish Q: I am a huge fan of the band, but seldom find many girls who like them. I took a girl I was dating to a MMJ show and she didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did. I love the band and know music is a great common interest. Just curious if any girls out there appreciate this band as much as i do.

A: i wouldn't say they're my favorite band. but i like them

What are your 5 most favorite songs by My Morning Jacket? by Stuie (Schwartzman the tripple threat!) Q: I'll include my 5 in the best answer.

A: 5... huh I honestly can't name 5, maybe because I really only like two, but I'll give a really filling description so it isn't halfassed.. 1. Dondante - First song that got me into them. Sure it was dark, slow, and well something that totally set the wrong standards of what I thought of My Morning Jacket. It's an 8 minute beast of well crafted music. I remember listening to this song and then going to look up more then it was totally different and I was like oh...well at least i found one good song. Still this song is the best from the slow soft tune and then this steam of perfection more like a river. 2. Librarian - I heard it from somewhere... and I said hey I like this one. Not comparable to the attraction I got from Dondante but the folk type sounding bluesy love song was well done and a nice concept. Well sorry, it's only 2.

What is the song by My Morning Jacket on American Dad? by Ben C Q: What is the song by My Morning Jacket on American Dad when the lyrics were "We are the *something* They are the imitators"? I really wanna know so I can get the song. Someone PLEASE Help me out! THANKS! ;D

A: My Morning Jacket Wordless Chorus lyrics Artist: My Morning Jacket lyrics Album: Z Year: 2005 Title: Wordless Chorus So much goin on these days, forget about instinct, it's not what pays. Pleasure, up and down my smile: 1. A carton of eggs think. 2. It's all worthwhile. Tell me spirit, what has not been done? I'll rush out and do it. Or are we doin it now? Wordlesschorus. Fissure is the thrill of the day, forget about feeling, that's not what pays. But you know, all of this can change. Remember the promise as a kid you made. Wordlesschorus. We are the innovators. They are the imitators. Come on, hey don't you know how we started... We forgot about love, but weren't brokenhearted. Wordlesschorus

What are the best songs by My Morning Jacket? by Alexander B Q: I just obtained "I'm Amazed" and love it. For someone new to them, what are their top five (or more) songs?

A: My Morning Jacket are a great band. I love Jim's voice. These are 5 songs I really like: Gideon Off The Record Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2 I Will Be There When You Die Thank You Too

What song was that by My Morning Jacket in American dad? by Samael Flamel Q: the episode was called my morning straitjacket. please and thanks.

A: "Wordless Chorus" from My Morning Jacket's album, Z. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OMpaFvTOFk

What song does My Morning Jacket play prior to Evil Urges on tour? by sn00ch34 Q: They play a clip of an instrumental song as they walk onto stage, before playing Evil Urges. The song is also used during a scene in The Pineapple Express movie, but I can't figure out what the song is, nor who performs it.

A: I believe that the song you are looking for is called "Rock around the Clock." .

What are the names of all the My Morning Jacket songs that were on the lastest American Dad episode? by Q: I know one of them was Wordless Chorus but let me know the others. Also for any people that gets defensive with their music I've heard of the band a couple of years before the episode I just don't know their songs that well.

A: The song most prominently featured is 'Wordless Chorus' from My Morning Jacket's album, Z. The episode also uses the songs 'I'm Amazed', 'Remnants', 'Touch Me I'm Going To Scream (Part 2), & 'Highly Suspicious' from Evil Urges, & 'Phone Went West' from At Dawn. The songs I Will Sing You Songs and Mahgeetah from the album It Still Moves are referenced in dialogue.

What's the name of the 'My Morning Jacket' song that Stan was listening in his car on American Dad? by Q: In the episode where Stan is obsessed with the band My Morning Jacket and wants to meet Jim James, there is a part where he is on a journey, but than wakes up to his boss tapping on the window of his car, he was only asleep listening to MMJ. What was the name of that MMJ song?!?!? Thanks.

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzdoOGUsEKg im amazed-my morning jacket

What is The 'My Morning Jacket' Song on the Vevo Ad on Youtube? by Q: There's an ad running on Youtube right now that features My Morning Jacket, and I can't figure out what song they are playing. Help would be great because it sounds like a great song!

A: It's called Holding on to Black Metal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UYVJ6IraQc

does My Morning Jacket really have a hardcore fanbase like the American Dad episode suggests? by Speed Ricer Q: I've recently been listening to My Morning Jacket and one of my friends is telling me that I am brainwashed and giving me crap every time I specifically choose to turn them on. But aside from the american dad episode i havent seen much of a "brainwashed fanbase".

A: I wouldn't say they have a HUGE fan base, but they have a pretty decent cult following. They're not comparable to Deadheads by any means, but the people who listen to them love them. I think they're ok, nothing amazing though. Monsters of Folk is better. but they do have a pretty hardcore fan base to my knowledge.

What My Morning Jacket song was used in American Dad? by Q: It was that episode where Stan finally listened to music and he heard My Morning Jacket and became totally obsessed with them. That part where he was telling Fransine how awesome they are and he did the whole dream thing and the lead singer was riding on his back.

A: "touch me I'm going to scream".... great episode :)

My morning jacket songs on American dad? by Q: I want to know what were all the songs that were featured on American dad

My Morning Jacket 'Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part II' Bonnaroo Classics: My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday I'm Amazed - My Morning Jacket (Music Video) My Morning Jacket - One big holiday [official video] My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus My Morning Jacket 'Holdin On To Black Metal' My Morning Jacket - Circuital - Out May 31st 2011 My Morning Jacket - Victory Dance My Morning Jacket - True Love Ways My Morning Jacket - Rocket Man My Morning Jacket - 'The Bottle' (cover-Gil Scott Heron) @ MSG 12/14/11 My Morning Jacket - Our World My Morning Jacket - From The Basement - One Big Holiday [live] My Morning Jacket Wordless Chorus Okonokos DVD -- 01 -- My Morning Jacket - Librarian Dave Grohl and My Morning Jacket on the Grammy Red Carpet My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday (Live on Letterman) My Morning Jacket by Scott Compton (Boing Boing Video) My Morning Jacket - I'm Amazed (Live on Letterman) My Morning Jacket - Dondante The Forecastle Festival and My Morning Jacket Announce Special Collaboration My Morning Jacket - Holdin' On to Black Metal (Later with Jools Holland) My Morning Jacket-Wordless Chorus (UNSTAGED) ft. Erykah Badu My Morning Jacket on Letterman June 8 2006 My Morning Jacket - Mahgeetah (UNSTAGED) My Morning Jacket performing 'You Wanna Freak Out' on KCRW Vampire Diaries 3x09 My Morning Jacket - The Day Is Coming My Morning Jacket LIVE @ Lollapalooza 2011 My Morning Jacket - Sooner My Morning Jacket- Circuital My Morning Jacket - Off The Record (UNSTAGED) My Morning Jacket - First Light (UNSTAGED) My Morning Jacket - Off The Record - 10-21-2011 - Charleston, SC My Morning Jacket - Outta My System My Morning Jacket - Smokin From Shootin' (UNSTAGED) My Morning Jacket - Rollin' Back My Morning Jacket - Exclusive: Official UNSTAGED Trailer: Live 5/31 My Morning Jacket - Golden (UNSTAGED) My Morning Jacket - Slow Slow Tune (UNSTAGED) My Morning Jacket - Death Is The Easy Way My Morning Jacket - Circuital - live Greek, August 12, 2010 My Morning Jacket - First Light (Later with Jools Holland) My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges Wonderful (The Way I Feel) (UNSTAGED) My Morning Jacket - Rocket Man HQ (High Quality) My Morning Jacket - Golden (Live on Letterman) My Morning Jacket - You Wanna Freak Out (Later with Jools Holland) My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus (Live on Letterman) My Morning Jacket - You Wanna Freak Out (UNSTAGED) ST. JAMES INFIRMARY BLUES - My Morning Jacket & Preservation Hall Jazz Band @ Carnegie Hall(1 of 2)
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