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Mutual Friends

Mutual friend praises Missouri basketball coaches Haith, Pingeton
"There was a lot of newness there at Illinois State, a lot of excitement, and we became really good friends." Pingeton remembers one moment in their friendship well. She and Moser — a Chicago Cubs fan — went to a game at Wrigley Field.

I willed Timothy to beat cancer
By Shane Spall Shane Baker first met the actor Timothy Spall when a mutual friend took her to see him in a play in London — and she was immediately smitten. Shane was 27 at the time — she's now 58 — and within three months of that meeting she and ...

'Suburgatory' Creator Provides a Timeline for George and Dallas' Romance
There's no telling when the odd couple will act on their mutual attraction – unless, of course, you're Emily Kapnek and you're running the joint. Are George (Jeremy Sisto) and Dallas (Cheryl Hines) this generation's Ross and Rachel from Friends?

Bump Gets Updated To "Totally New" Version 3.0, Includes New Design, Mutual ...
Besides the new UI, Bump has made contact transfer touch-free, enabled the transfer of "as many photos as you want" in one bump, and added an interesting feature that allows users to discover mutual friends by scanning through both parties' phonebooks.

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TepYorke Fuck mutual friends!

JSwag503 #connorjlav123 i feel the love. much apprechiated. the feeling is strond and mutual. best friends for life<3

Germaine21BB When someone with no mutual friends adds you on Facebook http://t.co/MqhaTmAu via @churpSG

JapSoriano024 @rcksprt oo skulmate ko nga. haha. nkta ko mutual friends eh haha

lysg06 Roses are red. Facebook is blue. No mutual friends...who the fuck are you?

stfuzma @Amenanj i dont think so. we have a lot of mutual friends.

Maineiac_Giant Creepy older man trying to add me on fb with no mutual friends how about NO

Shubaybay LOL my Key Club advisor added me and I see no mutual friends... To accept or not to accept.

Anailexz Roses are red Facebook is blue, 0 mutual friends: Who the fuck are you??

xocheha HAHAHAHHA pls lah syida! I was about to reject until i saw the mutual friends. mehehehehe ^^ RT @SyidxOmr

spraggy_ @GuitarsAndHeels Oh I know, I've met him and I have many mutual friends. I know how Fehr works. ;)

Chao_Saii Roses are red, Facebook is blue, No mutual friends, Who the fuck are you? #randompeople

fjayne_grimshaw me and stacey dooley have way too many mutual friends

KevinHornePSU @aGOODman18 Its not right to name names but you can feel free to check my facebook mutual friends if it means that much to you.

ItzMizB2U Just added 50 new People to my Friend List solely based on us having 50 or more mutual friends. I hope this wasn't a bad idea.


How come I don't have mutual friends on facebook? by Aja Walker Q: All I have is like 165 friends but no mutual friends. Is something wrong with my computer?

A: Meaning that you don't have friends of friends. In other words, you don't have friends that your friends have in their list.

What order are mutual friends on facebook? by elleee Q: Is their a certain order that makes mutual friends on peoples profiles, like if it was the last profiles they have visited that you are mutual with or anything like that? im just curious... i know what mutual friends are.. i just want to know if they get put in any specific order, eg. the last profiles somebody has visited that you are also friends with.

A: i think i know what ur saying and its what the name says. if u dont know what mutual is its basicly in common so its friends u have in common with them

How do I hide online, new, & mutual friends on my myspace profile & only have the option to view all? by Q: I don't want people to have the option of viewing my new, online, & mutual friends when they click on my myspace profile. Does anyone have the code where there's only the option of viewing all my friends? I've seen it on other profiles & I would like that feature on mines. If you can help, please write back, & thanks. ;-)

A: Hello. (the code I wrote here before doesn't work (i checked it, i used it a long time ago) but I found something much better.) This code hides online & new, exactly what you are looking for: If you are looking for more to change in the friend section take a look at: www.abrax.us P.S. But unfortunately somebody who is using firefox can still make it viewable.

how many mutual friends do you have to have with someone before facebook starts suggesting you? by Jennifer Q: like you know how there's that friends suggestion at the top right on your home page? if you click see all then a whole list of like 30 to 40 people come up. they suggest those people because of mutual friends you have, but how many mutual friends do you have to have with someone before it suggests them? is like 5 enough?

A: just one u dont need more and sometimes they suggest it cause u both live in the same country of town..

How do i get mutual friends on facebook? by MJ &Me Q: Can you pick who you want as a mutual friend? on some things...all there mutual friends are my friends.Please help!! my freind just started facebook,she has 11 mutual friends.i have had facebook science 1/24/08 help!!! we have the same friends...Not working.Glitch?

A: A mutual friend is someone that your friends with and someone else is friends with.........you can't make a friend mutual unless one of your friends is friends with them.... EXAMPLE: Sarah is friends with Carly You are also friends with Carly So when you go to Sarah's page it will say Carly is a mutual friend on Sarah's profile. The reason she has 11 mutual friends is because she probably has 11 of the same friends you do Understand ? :) *Mutual means : shared in common* Hope i helped =]

How do i get mutual friends on Facebook? by mimilala Q: I had mutual friends before but i went away? how come? how do i get it back?

A: if your mutual friends are gone then those people must have deleted you. it will not say mutual friends on your own profile but if you and your friend have the same friends than it should show how many friends you have in common.

Is there a way to make certain people not see mutual friends on Facebook? by Stewart G Q: I wanted to limit people so they (even people I'm friends with) to not see my mutual friends. Haha I have some questionable friends that I would prefer my family doesn't find out about.

A: aha. me to. i haven't figured that out yet good luck

Can Blocked Friends See Your Photo that a mutual friend tagged from your album on Facebook? by Q: I want to make sure that nobody on my blocked list can see any of my photos that mutual friends tagged from my album.

A: Nope Blocked Friends can not see anything of you they cant even find your profile

What are the mutual friends on myspace for? What does it mean? by juice Q: I have some friends and when I go to people's profiles, it has the option of mutual friends. I think I know what mutual means but I still don't get why those certain people show up! Help!

A: if u clikc mutual on somones elses myspace,it shows the friends that you and that person BOTH have.

How do you add Mutual Friends On Facebook? by Leannee Q: I really wantt to add somee friends to my mutual friends thing on Facebook, but i have no idea howw. :(( Helpp? Thanks!

A: I'm confused by your question. The Mutual Friends thing is how many friends YOU and SOME OTHER PERSON have in common. If you want to have more mutual friends, add friends that your friends are already friends with (that's a mouthful)

Facebook: Is there a way to hide friends but not mutual friends? by G. #2 Q: I mean like you hide your friend's list from you friends, but they still may see the mutual friends. Can you do that?

A: Yes, in fact Facebook doesn't allow users to hide their mutual friends. Since May 2010 Facebook offers again the possibility to stop showing your list of friends on your profile. This guide will show you how to do it: http://romcartridge.blogspot.com/2010/05/how-to-hide-your-list-of-friends-on.html Good luck!

How do I make mutual friends show on my facebook? by sme Q: If I'm looking at my facebook page under one of my friends user name, our mutual friends don't come up on the right hand side. On some other peoples, whether you're their friend or not, can see their other friends or not, the mutual friends still show up. I want everyone to be able to see what mutual frineds we have in common and I don't know how to change that setting! Please help.

A: As part of Facebook’s privacy changes yesterday, the company made users’ friends publicly available. While there was an option to hide your friends completely from any users who was logged in, that option did not also allow users to remove their friend lists from being publicly available. Now, based on heavy media scrutiny and what appear to be a a lot of user complaints, Facebook is changing the functionality of the hide feature to also hide friends from people who are not logged in. The feature otherwise works the same as before. Go to your profile page, click on the blue pencil icon at the top of your friends box list, and de-select the checkbox that says “show my friends on my profile.” There are larger questions here about Facebook’s decision yesterday. While the privacy changes were a relatively aggressive move to make users’ data more publicly accessible, the main method for doing that was through having each user go through “wizard,” or interface where they could choose to leave their settings as is or choose to make them available to everyone. Another other part of Facebook’s changes — to make some profile information unavoidably public, including friends lists — came across as misleading. While logged-out viewers see excerpts of users friends, anybody could theoretically refresh that page and eventually see all of a person’s friends. That possibility has been removed for users who choose to hide friends. So why did Facebook show friends lists in public? The company hasn’t said, but one reason might be to make it easier for new users to see friends they have in common with someone they find through a search result. Another reason might be to increase the search engine rankings of users by cross-linking user profiles. However, there is still a caveat. Friends lists are still accessible, and here’s how: if one of your friends adds an application, they are providing that application with data showing that they are friends with you, as well as friends with everyone else on their list. ズ丂╋乇レノイム

How can I prevent Facebook from posting my wall posts in the news feed of mutual friends? by Q: I can no longer find the "News Feed & Wall" fuctionality on Facebook. I don't want all my friends to see on their news feed what I posted on a mutual friend's wall!

A: The stories that appear on your friends’ home pages are based on the content you publish, the settings of your Publisher Control, and your friends’ filter preferences. While your friends can always choose to hide content that you publish, you can ensure that they have to option to view your stories by changing the settings on your Publisher Control. When you post something you will find a small arrow beside the " Share" button,click on that arrow to control who can see your wall post

How do you block someone who isnt your friend on facebook from commentin your posts on a "mutual" friends page? by Q: My ex can comment on posts that I write to my friends bc they're mutual friends of his too. How do I block him from doing that without completely havin to block him?

A: If your friend is shown as a "mutual friend" on your ex's page, that means that both you and her are friend with him. So if you can post on his wall, so can she.

How do I get mutual friends on facebook? by Q: I know how to, but, see, Ashlyn has a friend that is also on my friend's list. How come she isn't my mutual friend?? I should have like a billion mutual friends on Facebook!! By the way Ashlyn is my friend and in my friend's list.

A: You go to your friend's mutual friend list and add those mutual friends, but make sure that you know about those people!

How can I tell who our mutual friends are? by Tsl19 Q: When I go to someones page, where can I see a list of our mutual friends?

A: go to the other persons page and click on the friends list. where it says "search by name" click on that box and at the bottom there will be a "mutual friends" choice. pick that. if they dont have the friends tab listed or their profile is completely private then you may have to find another way

How to hide mutual friends on facebook? by Q: is ther anyway to hide mutual friends on facebook? i know u can hide your friends but i want to hide my mutual friends also.

A: I myself could not figure it out but i did find this on another site. Quoted from Radek Majer - "Hiding friends from friends is NOT possible any more, unfortunately. The least you can do is to control who sees your activities (posts, viewing pictures etc). Limited Profiles still exist but not as they used to be. You have to create a list of friends (Friends – All Friends - Create New List (name it Limited profile or whatever you feel like)). Add friends who should be on “limited profile”. Then go to Settings - Privacy Settings – Profile Information. There you will find the individual parts of your profile and on the right the (drop down) menus choose "customize". Add the name of list you have created into the “Hide this from” line. This should be the trick. A bit complicated but what can one do...Useful for posts you make, pictures you share, people who are allowed to comment on your posts." I hope this helps some.

How can i hide the mutual friends in face book? by illoo Q: I have already hidden my friends list by "only to me" option.But i dont want to show one of my friends to my family members as she is in their friends list also.when i am accessing my family members profile it is showing mutual friends.please help me.

A: Mutual friends is considered public information like your profile picture They're friends anyway. There is no way to hide them from each other

How can i add someone on facebook when we have no mutual friends? by Q: All I have is her email address but we don't have any mutual friends. How can I narrow down the results to find her?

A: go on google and search "facebook __________(their email)" or try searching their email in the search bar.. GOOD LUCK :)

What happens if I block someone on facebook and then one of our mutual friends adds us both to a message? by Q: I have an ex who I've been having problems with for a long time. Unfortunately we have a lot of mutual friends. We all regularly talk in group facebook messages (messages, not wall posts.) What will happen if I block my ex on facebook and then our friends add us to a message and we both reply? Will we be able to see each others message?

A: I've been in a similar situation, I had a fight with a friend. And she blocks me, but the thing is we were in a message together with our other friends, and every time the friend I was fighting with replied, I could see what she wrote. It's just that there was no picture or name. I think you should just ask your mutual friends to not add you two in the same message. Hope I helped(:

How should I interact with someone that I dislike, but we share mutual friends? by coolio Q: So there is this person that I really hate and we share mutual friends. I could definitely persuade my friends to take my side, however I think this could make me look bad. How can I react to this in a mature way?

A: just say hey and talk as little as possible

On Facebook, what is the difference between Mutual friends and regular friends? by brice114 Q: Mutual Friends is what friends me and my other friend have in common, right?

A: yeah there friends that you share

What is wrong with you seeing your mutual friends on facebook? by ^^ Q: Hi! I was just wondering why you cant se your mutual friends? Whts wrong with getting to know?

A: mutual friends are friends you have in common (same friends) with other people. you only see it on other people's profiles because you can't have the same friends as yourself.

How do I prevent friends from seeing my mutual friends on Facebook? by Evan Q: How do I prevent friends from seeing my mutual friends on Facebook?

A: explained here http://abrax.us/Facebook/PrivateFriends.php

Find someone that shares a lot of mutual friends with me in Facebook? by QuestionMan Q: Is there an easy way to find someone that has a lot of mutual friends (say >5) with me on facebook? A mutual friend being a Facebook user ID that is a friend between two other user accounts. Thanks!

A: Go to your friend list and view each of the mutual lists.

Is there a certain setting that enables you to get mutual friends on facebook? by Glukks4Sale Q: I look around Facebook a lot and I see that almost everybody has mutual friends. I have about 170 friends and 0 mutual friends. How do I get them. There was this one person who had 0 mutual friends as well but then soon after that that person got a new friend and that person got added as a mutual friend. Is there a certain setting that hides or enables mutual friends on Facebook?

A: mutual friends are when two or more of your friends know each other, it might just be a case of that you friends don't know each other, so you have no mutual friends. i hope you get the answer you were looking for.

How can I see mutual friends on facebook? by MHS Q: Here is the scenario: I met someone, lets say Bob Dylan. I search his name on facebook and the search bar reveals I have 34 mutual friends. When I go to their page, however, I cannot see their friends list and therefore the mutual friends profile box doesn't show up. Is there any way to get around this? A grease monkey script, maybe? Facebook has the info and I could do it if I went one by one through my friends but is there an efficient way?

A: His privacy settings are up high. Meaning you can see his mutual friends just like all other people on facebook but when you go onto his profile it must be very private, as in on his profile you can't see mutual friends, friends, info, etc.

Can a blocked person see things you post to mutual friends? by Jenn Q: I blocked a girl who was harassing me but we still have mutual friends. Can she see my comments that I post on a mutual friend's status or on their wall?

A: No, she cannot see it. some girl blocked me and i cannot see her comments to our mutual friends. It just looks as if our mutual friend is talking to herself

How can I show just my mutual friends on facebook? by Q: I'm one for being a private person, and I hate that my bf likes 2 check my friends list and get angry when I have a bunch of guys on my fb. How could he just see our mutual friends, this will avoid so many unwanted arguments.

A: If he cares that you have guys that are friends you should just dump him.

How do I hide someone from mutual friends on facebook? by What the Pho?! Q: My ex girlfriend keeps appearing in mutual friends when I look at other people's profiles. Is there anyway I can make it so that she doesn't appear so frequently without removing her as a friend? :(

A: To do so, you must first, make a friend list/folder and name it (eg. "Everybody"). Put ALL your friends in there. Then, go to Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile > Friends. Click on the box there, and choose "Customize". Then, choose: "Only Me" and "None of my Networks" and then under the last heading, "Except these people", type in the earlier folder (ie "Everybody").

How do I remove mutual friends when people search me? by ihateyou[real] Q: Or come across my profile? I've done it before but can't seem to find out how to do it again. Like when you click on someones profile it shows how much mutual friends you have, I want that gone on mine. Thanks.

A: go to privacy settings, custom, and change the View my friends list to Only Me

How can I hide my friends list and keep my mutual friends visible on facebook when people search for me? by drewman350 Q: I keep my profile private and also, want to keep my friend list private when people search on my profile, but I want them to be able to see my mutual friends though. Theres option that says my friend list on the privacy settings, but i don't know what that does. Does it keep my friend list and mutual friends hidin or does it keep my mutual friends? because i just wanna keep my mutual friends visable. Anyone know how to do it?

A: I don't think you can do that. I know you can have your friends list hidden when you Profile is searched but in order for the mutual friends to visible you can't have your list blocked.

How can I add Mutual friends list on my profile when my friends view my profile? by Q: i notice when i went on to a friends profile the other day it only showed Mutual Friends list. Do you know how I can have that on my profile when people view my profile?

A: You have to have the same friends as your friend. Like for example, Friend A, B and C is in your friend's list. Then Friend A is a friend of you and Friend C, so, when Friend A visits your profile, Friend C will be in the mutual friends list. And vice versa, when you visit Friend C, you will be able to see Friend A in the Mutual Friends list. \ Hope this helps.(:

What determines which of your friends shows up in the mutual friends box on Facebook? by sailorv Q: There is one guy that CONSTANTLY shows up in my mutual friends box with other people, and when i check my own profile he's always in my friends box. Why is this?

A: He's proably friends with a lot of your friends.

How to NOT show my mutual friends on facebook on private profile? by jjhunter83 Q: When someone sees my profile they are seeing just my mutual friends. How do I hide that. I want everything private.

A: You can't hide mutual friends from anyone.

How come on facebook there are less friends thumbnails shown as mutual friends than the amount listed? by elbowhero Q: For example, on one of my friends profiles it says we have 18 mutual friends, however when I click on show all friends it only lists 15 friends. It does that on almost every friends page I've looked at. Is that a glitch or just some security setting? Seems kind of weird.

A: Please call me on 01717724095

What determines who shows up in your mutual friends display? by Kate Q: Every time I check to see who I have mutual friends with on Facebook, the same, oh, twelve or so people show up. Even with people who I have over 200 mutual friends with. I find that hard to believe that's completely random, I'm just curious, what exactly determines who shows up in your or your friend's mutual friend display?

A: mutual friends are like the people you have in common with that person, so its how many people you have in common with that person

How do you get mutual friends on facebook? by random chick Q: I was just wondering, coz everyone seems to hav mutual friends on their facebook, i dont hav any. Do you have to have the same network with someone?

A: No. you do not need a network. This is how mutual friends work. Person 1: You (Alex) Person 2: Your Friend 1 (Joey) Person 3: Your Friend 2 (Bill) Person 3: Friend 2's Freind 1. (Joey) You have Joey & Bill as friends. If Bill had Joey on his friends list too, Joey would be a mutual friend between you and bill. Make sense? Best Answer Plzzz?

How do I get mutual Friends on Facebook? by Q: I have friends that are friends with my friends but there still not under mutual friend list. What do I do?

A: All mutual friends are are friends that are also friends with your friends. So if you have the same friends they should be there. You have to be sure you accepted their request or they excepted yours or else it wont show. If you did this just try logging out and logging back on. Its worth a try and helps by letting it reload and stuff... hope I helped :)

How do I control Myspace mutual friends list? by Jake Larrs Nelson Q: Not Myspace community know everything about us. We may have faked our information or something but how do I control Myspace Mutual like adding my friends to mutual list. But it just control it by itself. But how do I control it? Also why I don't have any mutual list? Lots of my friends have them except for me??? How to I turn it on and control it?

A: Mutual is what friends you and your friend have in common, if you had a mutual list it would be your whole list. You can't control it either its just there unless you just want to hide your friends.

Can a blocked friend on Facebook see tagged photos of mutual friends posted by me? by Q: I blocked my ex on facebook and we share a lot of mutual friends. My questions is, if I post pictures and tag our mutual friends will she be able to see that photo on her end if she is blocked on my account but friends with my friend who is tagged? I hope the question makes sense.

A: Yes she will, but your name wont be anywhere, she wont be able to click your name. If you are in the picture than she will know its you, but everything else is just not visible to her.

how to hide myself from my friends in mutual friends list? by Q: I am trying to figure out how to hide myself from appearing on any mutual friends lists. I have done research, and it says it’s not possible, but some of my friends have done it. For instance, when I click on the mutual friends of a friend of mine, it says we have 5 friends in common, but it only shows 2. How do I hide myself from appearing?

A: it's not possible what you are seeing is something different it says there are 5, shows 2, but doesnt show the 3 that have their profiles currently locked or deactivated

How can I show mutual friends on facebook? by Gujjar Boy Q: I have an account on facebook.And I have many friends on it.my Friend is a friend of my other friend.so it means we are mutual friends.so i cant see mutual Friends in my profile and my friends have mutual but I am not their mutual friends can any on help me how to show mutual friends in facebook.?Please help me.

A: Mutual friends are those friends which are common between you and some other person. So when you go to his/her profile so it shows mutual friends there.You cannot see mutual friends at your own profile.

How do you set people as mutual friends on Facebook? by [email protected] Girl Q: I want to change some of my friends to mutual friends on Facebook but I don't know how. Can someone show me how to set people as mutual friends? All answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A: You don't "set" people as mutual friends. If someone is your friend, and also someone else's friend, then when you view one of those other person's profiles it shows the third person as a mutual friend because they are friends with both of you. It's not really something you can control.

How Do You Get Mutual Friends On FaceBook? by Q: I want to know how to add people as mutual friends on face book. No to a list though. I only have family members as mutual friends, and all my friends have their friends as mutual friends. I jut want to know how to add someone on there.

A: Mutual friends are the people who are Facebook friends with both you and the person whose profile you are viewing. For instance, if you are friends with Chris, and Mark is friends with Chris, then Chris will be shown as a mutual friend when you are viewing Mark's profile. You will never see mutual friends on your own profile page because you cannot have friends in common with yourself.

What is the difference between mutual friends and regular friends on facebook? by *lol* Q: What is the difference between mutual friends and regular friends on facebook? Is mutual friend a person you are in a relationship with?

A: Mutal friends are friends you have in common with another facebook user. Doesn't matter if this other user is a friend of yours or not. You could be surfing people on facebook and come across someone you know in that particular person's profile. It will usually say on their profile...4 mutual friends or however many mutual friends you two may have. And of course...your regular friends are just that...regular friends of just yourself.

How do i check mutual friends on facebook? by Q: On the new profile of facebook, how do i see the mutual friends? If i go to my friends profile, and they have the new profile, how do i see our mutual friends?

A: You don't need to check mutual friends whenever you go to someone's profile so it will show automatically mutual friends.

How to show only mutual friends and not the friends list on Facebook? by Its Me Q: Okay, I have this question; How do I show friends my mutual friends list but still having my whole friendslist hidden from anyone? I can do it the other way, hiding mutual friends and showing friendslist but not the other way. Sorry for my English.

A: i dont think there is a way to do that

Mutual Friends??? by ChaoticWisher Q: Well, I have a myspace and I was wondering what mutual friends are...? AAt first I thought they were like your oldest friends... but yeah i just added this person and when I looked on their myspace it said that my friend (she added him the same time as I did) was one of his mutual friends... Then she got on her myspace and it showed me as a mutual friend... can anybody explain to me the mutual friends stuff??? please

A: When you look at a user's mutual friends, that is the list of friends that both you and that user share in common. So if I go to Jessica's profile, view her mutual friends, and see Adam listed as a mutual friend, that means that Adam is both on Jessica's and my friends list.

mutual friends? by nicolerobin2002 Q: on facebook, my other firends have mutual friends.. how can i have mutual friends , help me

A: ez. Go to your friends friend list and request friendship from one of his/her friends. If they accept, your mutual friends with the friend will be 1. It's pretty simple.

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