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WND Exclusive: Muslims: 'Wipe Christianity from face of earth'
The 23-page booklet, “The Global Islamic Civilization: The Power of a Nation Revived,” is the brainchild of the United Muslim Nations International, a group led by Sheik Farook al-Mohammedi. The document outlines a plan for Muslim world domination and ...

Battle rages between Egypt's Islamists
The election of the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi as Egypt's president temporarily puts to rest the debate about whether the nation will be secul.

Islamic sect has appealing message for US politicians but has global enemies
It's because of that belief that Sunni and Shiite Muslims do not regard Ahmadis as true Muslims. The rift has provoked Egypt to charge Ahmadis with blasphemy, Saudi Arabia to deport them and Pakistan to pass a law that designates Ahmadis as non-Muslims.

Jamaat demands adequate Muslim representation in police to check riots
By TCN News,. New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has demanded adequate representation of Muslims in police and security agencies to check communalism and anti-Muslim riots that are taking place at regular interval. While addressing mediamen at monthly ...

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AnnaMgr RT @ZeeNews: SIM cards free of cost to Haj pilgrims: In Tamil Nadu, the committee would distribute 3,315 SIM cards to Muslims... http://t.co/3OkyTGPz

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SYAHSYOH RT @Farishaadania: RT @istichhh: As a Muslims. I'm waiting for Ramadhan :')

aiishaaay "The racism, disrespect, and hatred towards Muslims these days is surreal. You don't need to like us, but you must RESPECT us" htthmfrths

xRitaOra RT @ZlatanSyedmovic: We are #Muslims and we are not terorists :)

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Why dont the muslims countries around palestine take in the palestinians? by EvolvedApe Q: If the muslims countries are so compassionate and giving they could take the palestinians in. Theres only about 3 million of them. The USA takes more than that in illegal aliens every year.

A: Muslims are not compassionate. They do not share and they do not love their fellow man like Christians do.~

What percentage of Muslims recieve additional security checks in airports? by mtnfball Q: I am doing a class project and i need hard facts about how Muslims do not have equal rights in america, i need websites with these facts please.

A: WRG what ever dream world are you living in??? Of course Muslims or should I say people that are of a certain color and ethnicity are going to attract the attention of airport staff. That is a given, I am not discussing as to whether or not that is right and proper, but human nature being what it is, it is and will continue to happen. When i travel, which is quite often, I try not to be in the same immigration line as a traveler such as I have just described because they are always held up to scrutiny and hold the line up. If a legal resident or citizen of the USA happens to be of the Muslim faith, so be it, as a legal resident on paper they have exactly the same rights as any other citizen. But then, on paper so do Afro-American citizens, need I say more?

How do Muslims treat ex-Muslims who have converted to another religion ? by Phil A Q: I heard someone say that those who had converted from the Muslim faith to another religion were seen by Muslims as far worse than any ordinary infidel. Is this true ?

A: The Qu'ran does not say apostates should be killed. Love how people try to spread lies. Please do show me where in the *Qu'ran* it says so. This punishment is not in the Qu'ran. It was implemented in the days of the Prophet because change of religion was tantamount to rebellion against the state and was seen as treason. This punishment does not apply today and is certainly not in the Qu'ran.

Why do good muslims not speak out in public or in the news against suicide bombers wen they insult thier faith? by mkebrnagn Q: Muhammad's thoelogy is based on the same as Christ and Budda, compasion and Mercy. Then why not speak out against radical terrorist who make the good muslims seem in a bad light by other communities.

A: I'm a Muslim and I have to agree that I don't agree with what a lot of terrorists are doing. Having said that, I'm very selective of who I define as a terrorist and who not. For example, recently a woman blew herself up in Baghdad and killed several pilgrams. That was pure terrorism. If, however, a Palestinian who watches their child starve to death as a result of the blockade placed by Israel, decides to go blow himself up just to kill an Israeli soldier, I could not call him/her a terrorist. Why? Because, in this case, we are responsible for turning a blind eye to someone in dire consequences. What drives a person to such a degree so as to give up their lives? When their own lives are meaningless. I don't know if you're a parent, but watching your child die slowly, day by day, would make me hate the person/people responsible. I place myself in their shoes. Condemning such a person would not stop terrorism. It will only exacerbate the situation. The real problem nowadays is our blindness to people in need. You may not, of course, hold the same views as me, and I respect your right to that, but my aim was to show you the other side of things. Again, there a lot of terrorists out there. Muslim or not, I condemn them all equally.

Why do muslims condone honor killing their daughters or why is their not outrage by other muslims? by Craig Q: Muslims actually are on the side of the father who kills his daughter(s). This is how Fkd up Islam and the Muslim culture is. If you did not agree with honor killings, then where is your outrage?

A: Someone watched the Bill Hemmer special last night..... I did too.... and Said needs founds and executed....

How many Muslims died because of the pilgrimage to Mecca and why don´t muslims call this " a genocide"? by Q: I do not know the exact figures, but thousands of Muslims died during the Hajj to Mecca. And nobody in all the muslim world is worried and nobody screams about "genocide". Why?

A: 1979 November 21: On the first day of the 15th Islamic century, a group of 300 students from the Theological University of Medina take control over the Holy Mosque of Mecca. They keep control for two weeks, when 63 are captured alive and the mosque is recovered. All occupants are executed. 1987 July 31: Riots by Iranian pilgrims. More than 400 people die. 1989 July 9: Two bombs kill 1 person. Shiites of Kuwait are accused, and 16 are executed. 1990 July 2: Stampede leads to 1402 people dead. 1994: A stampede kills 400 people. 1997 April 15: Fire kills 340 people. 2004 February 1: Stampede kills 244 people. 2006 January 13: More than 345 pilgrims die in a stampede near the Jamrat Complex in Mina. So, between 1979 and 2006, more than 3,500 Muslims became victims of the pilgrimage to Mecca. And what is strange: there was no outcry about the "genocide" among Muslims; they seemed to be quite happy that the number was "only" 3,500 people - and not some 35,000.

What where five weaknesses for the Muslims during the crusade take over of Jerusalem? by Q: What were some weaknesses that the Muslims had while defending Jerusalem, and why do the Muslims deserve Jerusalem over the Christian Crusades?

A: Political disunity is the most obvious one. The Muslims were weak and divided by battles among themselves during the decay of the Fatimid caliphate- it wasn't really until they were united under the Ayyubids that they began the reconquest of the Holy Land.

How do you Muslims feel about the way the Libyans are treating the corpse of Gaddafi? by Q: It must sadden you to see Muslims acting like animals in how they killed Gaddafi and how they did not operate in accordance with Islam. They are still showing his body in a restaurant cooler. They are treating Gaddafi's corpse in a parading fashion. How do you feel about how the Libyans are treating Gaddafi's corpse?

A: <> It's sad, the death of anyone, not something to be happy about, ever. <> And just treating his corpse so disrespectfully and showing it off like a trophy? Are we animals or something? <> I didn't know they are still showing his body, and - that's sick, that's just sick. And not slang sick, as in, disturbing sick. <> Even though he might have been bad, they should respect his body, because it isn't respectful or decent or moral. Argument 1: He didn't show respect so why should we? <> Yes but if he didn't show respect that doesn't mean that that makes it OK to not show respect; we're meant to be the civilised ones. If someone lies, for instance, that doesn't make it ok to lie back at them. That isn't justice.

How do you feel about Muslims on Muslims crime and abuse in the name of the Koran? by John G Q: Such as honor killing, many women not being educated, Taliban pouring acid on female teacher's face. All this is in the name of the Koran. But my Muslims friends say they are wrong.

A: Your Muslim friends merely say that here. If you see them speaking amongst themselves, you'd see how deceitful they really are. Muslims are today trying to project an image that only a few of them are like that. Yet, not a single, solitary Muslim will do anything about all the atrocities that the Muslims perpetrate against everyone else. Why not? Saddam Hussein slaughtered the whole family of his own son in law. He even slaughtered Kurd and Shi'a. Did you hear any Muslims protest and raise a hue and cry? Did your friends say that what he was doing was abominable? When Saddam invaded Kuwait, did you hear the Muslims say anything at all? Where were your friends all the time that this happened and when the Saudi Arab King, instead of sending his troops to counter the Iraqis [because his troops were no match to them], and demanded that the Americans intervene and restore Kuwait to it's rightful owners, where were all your friends and the other Muslims? Only when the Americans did get involved did all the hullabaloo begin. When 9/11 happened, your Muslim friends were celebrating the "Glorious Victory for Islam" and Muslims were dancing in the streets. If you don't recall, the Muslims were warning all and sundry to convert to Islam to save themselves from the extermination along with all the other kaffirs which would result when they won their Jihad. If you've forgotten, the Muslims were telling everybody how they would soon be taking over India, UK and even USA, because their growing numbers would give them majority all over the World. How many Muslims have you seen demanding that the atrocities of the Taliban, al Queda and all the Islamic Terrorist Organizations be stopped and the culprits brought to Justice? They say that the "Extremists" are a very small minority among them, don't they? Then, why can't they all get together and apprehend the "Extremists" and hand them over to the Law? Why is it that the mosque collections are a major source of revenue for the Extremists? Why is it that the Extremists always disappear into the Muslim slums ? If you trust the Muslims, trust me, you will rue that day. Because everyone now knows that they practice al taquiyya or deceit and that it is allowed to them in their Koran. The Muslim who does not support the insane Agenda of Mohammad to have all the kaffirs exterminated in their Jihad and have Islam Dominate the World, ... is no longer a Muslim. And, you know that the Apostate, or the Muslim who ceases to be a Muslim is a dead Muslim. Let's not get fooled by these dangerous delusional megalomaniacs. The sooner we clean up our own backyard and get rid of these infiltrators from here, while we wage our War against Terrorism, the better. It's stupid for us to be fighting them in other lands while we let them grow amongst us and give them every opportunity to take us over from within.

What should Muslims do about the E ingredients that contain animal products? by Nawab Q: It is said in a Hadith that anything haram we eat our prayers will not be accepted. then what about these E ingredients which contain animal products? I mean you can's walk into a shop( looking at each and every E (if halal or not), so what mus Muslims do we are not of that much taqwah.

A: So don't eat them

Can muslims, who have committed adultery in the past and then repented marry virgin muslim women? by mtq3691 Q: I want to know that those muslims who committed adultery in the past and then repented are they still eligible to marry virgin muslim women? Does islam allow it?

A: Just to be clear and very shortly ther's is a very very clear rule in Islam Unless u deny the existence of GOD, so Whatever u did in your past life ,if u repented honstly and gave up from all bad things u did b4, for sure ALLAH will forgive u and your repent will be accepted. But with three conditions : (1) To be sorry and regret from your heart about all what u did (2)To stop doing these issues from this moment(3) To intend not to come back and do these things again. If u made (BUT TAKE CARE THIS MUST BE B4 U R DEATH, AS MANY PEOPE SAY THAT THEY WILL STAY ALL THEIR LIFE HANGEING UP HAVING RELATIONSHIPS, DRINKING AND WHEN DEATH COMES TO THEM THE WILL REPENT, NO ALLAH WON'T ACCEPT THEIR REPENT )these three conditions and your mistake wan't DENY OF GO EXISTENCE so u can continue your life normally, and there's more as we learned while we r young that GOD(ALLAH) is being so happy if one fom humans repented and ALLAH supports him in his life to be more straigh " IF YOU ARE WITH ALLAH. THEN ALLAH WILL BE WITH YOU". This what I know and what we are used to,but also it's better if u consulte some scientist in Islam

How can Muslims get 72 virgins in Heaven, if Christians have devirginalized most of the single virgins and? by Q: Muslims have three or four wives per man. That means the world is almost destitute of any remaining virgins, and the demand for virgins in Heaven cannot possibly be filled.

A: "devirinalized" hahahahahahahaahaha I love that word... When I was younger I devirginalized my share. hahahahahahaahaha

What do moderate muslims think about their extremist counterparts? by Q: In light of all this muslim extremism in the world, what do moderate muslims think of this? Do they support it, or do they hate like all other people. I know that most muslims are moderate, but sometimes I really do not know if that's true. Please don't label me as racist, because I have nothing against muslims. I only hate their extremism and vengeance against the west!

A: I think they're rare and of suspicious resourcefulness. Some basic indicators from the Quraan as to where the more zealous sectarians are going wrong. Forgetting these things and listening to their clergy judge and condemn, the more effectively programmed fanatics make a name for us all. The Quraan is what Muhammad taught and followed, not the co-opted justifications of sectarian clergymen. It was by the mercy of the God that you were lenient with them, for if you had been stern and fierce of heart, they would have dispersed from round about you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult with them on the conduct of affairs. And when you are resolved, then put your trust in God. God loves those who put their trust. 3:159 Those who spend in ease and in adversity, those who control their wrath and are forgiving toward mankind, God loves the good, 3:134 O you faithful, stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be rich or poor, for God can best protect both. Follow not desires, lest you swerve, and if you distort or decline to do justice, truly God is well-acquainted with all that you do. 4:135 And if your Lord willed, all who are in the earth would have accepted faith together. Would you compel men until they are faithful?10:99 It is not for any soul to accept faith except by the grant of God...10:100 and so on...from a random reading... ...Then leave them to their play of caviling. 6:91 ...so leave them alone with their devising, 6:112 ...So leave them alone with their devices. 6:137 God's are the fairest names. Invoke Him by them. And leave the company of those who blaspheme His names. They will be requited for what they do. 7:180 Not upon you is their guidance, but God guides whom He wills. And whatever good you spend is for yourselves, and you do not spend except seeking the countenance of God. And whatever you spend of good - it will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged. 2:272 Not for you is the decision whether He should forgive them or punish them, for indeed, they are wrongdoers. 3:128 Those who spend in ease and in adversity, those who control their wrath and are forgiving toward mankind, God loves the good, 3:134 There is no compulsion in way of life. The right direction is hereforth distinct from error. And he who rejects false deities and accepts faith in God has grasped a firm handhold which will never break. God is Hearer, Knower. 2:256 etc. @Architect. 5:33 is describing the reaction to those who make war, attack the community. yuharibuna = wage war, and strive for fasad = corruption/crime. Retaliation is called for.

How do some Muslims justify their alcohol consumption? by Q: I was raised Muslim but I am an agnostic now. The entire time I was a Muslim, I never touched a drop of alcohol. I did smoke marijuana a few times but that was only because another "muslim" friend convinced me that smoking marijuana was not as sinful as drinking alcohol. I never once considered trying it because I was so afraid of going to hell. My question to Muslims that drink alcohol: how do you reconcile that what you are doing is expressly forbidden in Islam? What are your opinions of Muslims who drink alcohol?

A: I've been told it's because abstaining from alcohol is not all that important, which is rather convenient, isn't it? I've seen people break their fast by drinking. :-O I guess people just follow the rules they want to and ignore the rest. For what it's worth, I've never known any fundamentalist types who drink. They may exist, but I haven't met them. The only Muslims I know and have known who drink are more the "spirit of the law, not the letter of the law" types. Edit: What I think of Muslims who drink depends on what they *say*. If they talk about alcohol being evil then I'd think they were hypocrites. If they're rather lax on praying, don't tell others to abstain from what they enjoy, and are generally moderate in their beliefs then I don't hold drinking against them.

What is the main motive behind terrorism in muslims? by nagarjunababu Q: Muslims say that in their quran they should not harm any person, not to take liqour, not to touch any lady other than their wife. But they are openly used to do so. It seams that the terrorism in muslims as they say Jihadi is not meant to help muslims, there is some other reason and motive behind.

A: first... its too easy to paint all muslims with the same brush... the terrorism "rooted" in those muslims dont represent all the community... infact a minute percentage, who hold their opinion true... there are black sheeps in every community...and generally muslims are not like the ones u regularly watch on tv! - perhaps u havent witnessed an islamic household yet. Coming to the question...it would be wise enough to ask such muslims :| but the world knows the motives are not all that foggy, hatred gives rise to hatred... history. - crusaders, nazis, - present jews and their supporters .

What are the things about muslims that irritates? by Maxie Q: I am very confused of the people who call muslims terrorists.I want to know why do they accuse mulims?How can they blame the muslims without knowing anything about them?

A: it's basically that terrorists that happen to be muslim may distort some interpretations of the text, so they feel it is justified to commit acts of terrorism, that would otherwise be against their religion. these people end up giving muslims a bad name, and thus, a stereotype is created.

How would Muslims feel if we Christians built a giant cathedral in Iraq or Afghanistan? by Q: As a monument to our incursions in the Middle East. Muslims building a mosque near Ground Zero is no different.

A: They'd feel a lot better about it than they feel about our military bases and "embassies." We have already crapped all over their countries. Now, even though we've done that, they still want to make a peaceful gesture, and you people crap on that.

How do Muslims make time for their five daily prayers during war? by The Curmudgeon Q: Muslims have to pray five times a day. How do they do this in the middle of a battle during war? Do both sides agree to stop fighting at the same time, five times a day, to pray?

A: Muslims can combine their prayers, when traveling or in case of emergency (be it war). Basically it becomes 1 + 2 + 2. Five prayers, but at 3 times: dawn, noon and after sunset. Prayer is performed five times a day: at dawn (fajr), noon (dhuhr), in the afternoon (asr), at sunset (maghrib) and nightfall (isha'a) (1) + (2) + (2) at dawn (fajr) + in afternoon (dhuhr+ asr) + after sunset (maghrib + isha'a) .

Why does YA delete questions that might be offensive to Muslims, but not to British people? by Q: If I ask why are Muslims are horrible, violent people who follow a backward religion my questions will be deleted within 5 minutes. If I ask why are the British horrible, violent people who invade other countries and have terrible teeth. The question won't be deleted and people will be allowed to answer. So, why are the Muslims entitled to more protection than the British? Does the Yahoo moderation team like Muslims but hate the British? PS: Yes I know Islam or Muslim is not a race or nationality, but they are treated as if they were.

A: You should be deleted. Good job Yahoo. Shouldn't you be rioting in the streets or something?

How do Muslims differ in their view of healthcare? by xx-sunshyne-xx Q: I am doing a research assignment and would like to know how Muslims would define health care. When they would access the medical system, do they use home remedies instead or before seeking care? How they view illness and the taking of meds. How do they feel about assistance? Religious beliefs that would impact their care? Any help is appreciated. Sorry but I am overly ignorant when it comes to different cultures and religions.

A: Muslims generally are fine with healthcare. The only thing that I can think of that most Muslims would probably have a problem with is life support, especially for "vegetables". If they cannot live on their own and especially if they have little to no brain activity, keeping them alive is selfish and unnatural. Try asking this in the Ramadan section of Holidays. That's where Muslims on Y!A hang out and you'll get many answers.

How do Muslims feel about clerics and terrorists hijacking their religion? by Red Diamond Flash Q: As far as I'm concerned, Islam is a religion of peace. However, it seems like a lot of radical clerics and terrorists use the ideaolgy for Islam for malicious purposes. A lot of them seem to eager to kill, beat women. In Saudi Arabia, they beat 13 year old girls for bringing a cell phone to school, or lash women publically for being raped. This is appualing, and I'm pretty sure not all Muslims agree to these practices. How do they feel?

A: there all hypocrits, nd the media blames us normal muslims 4 their actions

How did Muslims combine and preserve the traditions of many peoples and advance learning in a variety of areas? by Q: How did Muslims combine and preserve the traditions of many peoples and advance learning in a variety of areas?

A: the Muslims preserved Roman and Greek teachings and writings, they introduced gunpowder and paper from Asia. Their contributions helped lead to the renaissance which once the Europeans became the center of learning, technology took off, industry is the brainchild of Europe.

How do Muslims that live near the arctic circle fast on Ramadan when the sun never sets? by hmm Q: When ramadan month reaches either in the summer time or winter time, theres times of the day when the sun will never set. Muslims fast when the sun is up and eat when its down.

A: you would probably have to ask a scholar about this ruling :P http://www.askimam.org/ go on this website and ask, they are certified scholars who answer with references.

What percentage of french muslims live in the ghettos in the suburbs of france? by livinglife Q: I've heard that in these suburbs gang violence and even gang rape are all common. What percentage of french muslims live in these areas? Are there any french muslims that live in the city in middle-class neighborhoods or even upper-class neighborhoods?

A: With all due respect to Pascalou his statement is at odds with the facts. Reported crime has risen from 600,000 annually in 1959 to 4 million today, while the population has grown by less than 20 percent In 2000, one crime was reported for every sixth inhabitant of Paris, and the rate has increased by at least 10 percent a year for the last five years. The source of this crime is easy to identify. It is from the suburban areas inhabited by Muslims. This is hardly surprising given, among other things, that unemployment among young Muslims in France is almost 40%. In these areas lawlessness is the rule and the French authorities have largely abandoned efforts to police them. They have created more than 800 "zones sensibles" in which police haver reduced their presence and turned the streets over to the gangs. No wonder that 60% of prison inmates in France are of non-French descent. The plain fact is that the situation regarding crime has changed strongly for the worse in France in the post-war period and the primary source of that distressing trend is the discontented Muslim community in the banlieues. To answer your original question is difficult because the French government forbids statistics to be assembled or kept on the basis of relogion. Therefore there is no authoratative source from which an answer might be calculated. I also would suggest that use of the word "ghetto" may be too strong. But purely on the basis of personal observation and extrapolation from various sources I would be of the opinion that a majority of French Muslims, on the order of 65-70% live in neighborhoods in which there is a heavy concentration of Muslims.

What is wrong with Indian Muslims marrying Pakistani Muslims? by Indian wizard Q: Most of the Indian Muslims go to Pakistan and other Muslim nations. Indian Muslims go to Pakistan and transact business with Pakistani muslims. What is wrong? Indian Government also transacts its business with Pakistani Government. What is wrong? The Indian Constitution permits all religions with equal powers. Under secularism people cannot object any Muslims!!! Are we the Indian people not foolish?

A: You are clearly looking the issue in the wrong prespective. You must be pertaining to current issue of Sania that the media is now blaring. Its not the problem of a Muslim marrying a Muslim. If she chose a groom from e.g. United Arab Emirates or even Indonesia, most people would have been fine with it. Its the pakistan factor that irks the nerves of people. You are applying lofty secular ideals to a country that is clearly fundamentalist and has hostile tendency towards us Indians. Are you not aware of what happened in Mumbai, and they are still ignoring Indian pleas to bring to justice who are accused in the planning and execution of this terrible deed. The wounds are still fresh in the minds of people. Pakistan has increased the support to terrorists, this can be clearly seen in the reports everyday from the state of J&K. And just sometime ago pakistan was poised to start a conflict with India by building up its forces along the border, when taliban were gobbling it up from the other side. And how are we supposed to remain neutral to this terrorist country which clearly has shown hostility to India since it was formed? And despite out repeated attempts for dialog and additional agreements they let us down. As far as I am aware there is a limitation on trade between India and pakistan,it has only a few Indian products that are officially importable. Some people do trade in small volume, but that is it. There is hardly any trade agreement between the governments like we have with US, EU or China. So please rephrase the question, its not an issue of religion. The outcry would have been same if it was a Hindu,Sikh or Christian icon of India choosing a partner from such a nation. How are people supposed to love them when they send boatloads of terrorists to massacre innocent civilians on the street?

Why do Muslims treat each other exceptionally well compared to Christians and Jews? by russian44 Q: When I Muslim talks to another Muslims for the first time it’s like they’ve known one another for a very long time, in other words they are very receptive and respectful to each other. They are also so devoted to each other that if a Muslim is suffering in a distant part of the world, Muslims everywhere volunteer to fight there or send support by other means. Why aren’t Christians and Jews like tha to their ownt?

A: Can't say I've ever heard of a Jewish or Christian father murdering his daughter over an unacceptable date, or selling their children as suicide bombs.....I'd question what you define as "better treatment".

What percentage of Muslims would you say are terrorists or have terrorist sympathies? by Enlightened Liberal Democrat Q: I've known Muslims in the UK and the US, the American ones seemed to be pretty docile, but I saw a lot of British ones were a lot more radicalized and prejudiced against Jews. I'd have to agree with the statement that most Muslims aren't terrorists but a LOT of them are or at the very least have terrorist sympathies or are receptive to Sharia. I have fought against radical Islamists in Iraq and Afghanistan when I was in the US Army, so I know firsthand how barbaric some can be in their natural environment.

A: I'm Muslim, and very surprised at the other answers. My family and I, as well as many other Muslim friends/coworkers/acquaintances were absolutely horrified at not only 9/11, but all the other terrorist attacks as well. It's very sad that as a society we believe that Islam promotes or encourages terrorism. Terrorists are not true Muslims, but very misguided and disturbed people. Jihad itself is meant only to defend your religion in a time of crisis, NOT to kill innocent people, regardless of their faith, in the name of Islam. In fact, in the Quran it says that to kill one person is as if to kill all humankind. To answer your question, I would say that a very small percentage of Muslims sympathize or commend terrorism.

How do the muslims feel about Rick Warren and his attempt to get Muslims and Christians together? by Q: Also about Warren claiming that the Christians and Muslims worshiping the same God. I say this one can not be after reading the Qu'ran and the Bible. The God of the Qu'ran and the God of the Bible is not the same. If you have read the New Testament there is no way you can say Jesus never claimed to be God in flesh, nor can you say the Old and New Testaments never claimed the same. The question is not about that anyway, it's how do you feel about Rick Warren's attempt to get Muslims and Christians together.

A: Warren is a con artist. He tries to take the postion of pleasing everyone doctrinally and sell more books and conference tickets in the process. He's said a bunch of stuff that is heretical by christian standards and trying to cosy up to muslims is just making them sick. He is way too obvious in what he's doing.

How should good Muslims and Muslim nations come forward to condemn and tackle the terrorist nation of Pakistan? by McMullen Q: Today, Pakistan has become the epicenter of terrorism but it started back in 1971 with their murder of 3 million Bangladeshis (most of them muslims)

A: Oh good idea b123153h...let's just let America be policemen of the world, and expend our lives to kill people. We do our best to take care of extremist Christians, but we still have some in Congress (right wing extremists ready to take civil liberties to "protect us"). You can't get rid of them, you can only hope for peace between them.

What are the race differences between north african muslims and arabian muslims? by Q: Are most northern African Muslim brown skinned? Are the Arabian Muslims more light skinned? I was watching a movie about Iran and the common idea that all Muslims are brown turned out to be false and now I wonder which area is the one with the Brown ethnic Muslims and which area has the Caucasian ones? Just curious.

A: None. They're both humans.

What percent of Muslims are terrorists, and what percent of terrorists are Muslim? by Q: I know that most Muslims are great, peaceful people and I am trying to prove that by showing that a very small percent of terrorists in the world are even Muslim, and an even tinier percent of Muslims are actually terrorists. Note: For the first one obviously only like .0000001 percent of Muslims have actually committed acts of terrorism. You can look at this as what percentage (still small) of Muslims support terrorism or have contributed to helping it in some way. For the second one I'm thinking of actual acting terrorists.

A: believe me muslims are not terrorists only terrorists who pretend of being a muslim real muslim acts like mohamed and does his best in that real muslim is peaceful sincere honest and has good manners but about bin laden and taliban are organization to reply on what is being in pakistan and Afghanistan but other terrorists are pretending of being muslim but in real they are not

How do Muslims view someone who renounces the Muslim faith and converts to Christianity? by Often Imitated WEARS XXL tampons Q: And do you think that such a person could bring about lasting peace in areas of conflict where Muslims are involved?

A: They are viewed thru a sniper's scope.

How can Muslims and Christians live together each with their own religious beliefs? by jimnall Q: I am a Christian, a Methodist, living in the state of Missouri in the USA. I have a friend, Dr. Ali Fant, who has told me much about Islam. I have read some of an english translation of the Qu'ran but would like to understand more. My goal is to understand how Muslims and Christians can live together, each with their own religious beliefs, both in the USA and in predominantly Muslim countries. I welcome all guidance.

A: I am also a Methodist, and here is my understanding of the conflicts, obtained from listening and reading many different sources, boiled down to the shortest possible explanation. Somewhat simplistic, sure, but see what you think: A central tennant of Islam is to worship only the one true God (Allah being the Arab translation of the English word "god"). The Christian concept of the Holy Trinity is easily miscontrued as being three gods (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), especially considering that Jesus is described in our literature as a separate entity. The mainstream Muslim view, as I understand it, is to accept our explanation of the Trinity as separate manifestations of Allah's (or God's) attributes, as opposed to actual separate deities. The Muslim concept of "Jihad" (holy war) as I understand it, provides for the use of force to protect Islam if it is threatened by "non-believers", those who do not follow God (or Allah). Jews and Christians are "believers" by definition unless you reject the mainstream view of the Trinity as described above. Of course, there being different versions of Islam (sort of like the difference between Catholic and Protestant), there are groups of Muslims who reject that view. Some Muslims believe that Jihad goes beyond the defense of Islam, creating a license, maybe even a duty, to convert others to Islam through the use of violence if necessary. Some believe it only applies within their own borders; others feel compelled to take their show on the road. The Spanish Inquisition comes to mind. Jews and Christians (for those Jihadists who accept the classic view of Trinity) would still be exempt from death by Jihad, as followers of Allah (or God). Now, for my answer to your question, how Muslims and Christians can live together: First, we all need to understand and accept the fact that there will be some Muslims and some Christians who will never be able to live together because their own thick-headedness and/or ignorant intolerance; civilized nations have laws against violence and those need to be enforced. Second, Christians need to understand that Islam is not "Anti-Christian," and Muslims need to understand that Christianity is not "anti-Muslim." In America, those who can't understand will just have to accept the fact that American Muslims have all the same rights as American Christians -- that's what America is all about. I can't really speak firsthand about other countries.

How do Muslims in America or other non-Muslim countries pray five times a day when they work? by Insert Irish Name Here Q: I know of Muslims at my work but I don't think they are able to take the time to stop for prayer.

A: Most workplaces now accommodate, but if they don't, the employers usually give us a break and we go pray. We have to pray in a clean room and know the direction to Kibla (Mecca).

Why are Muslims prohibited from eating during the day during Ramadan? by Canis Lupus Q: I have a question about Ramadan. I have been told that Muslims do not eat during daylight hours during Ramadan. Is this true? If so, why is the reason? Note, I am a Christian, I am not judging or criticizing the Muslim faith. I am a firm believer in Freedom of Religion. This is a genuine interest in learning more about other cultures.

A: Dear Questioner, This is a common but interesting question which a child may ask his/her parents. Non-Muslim may also pose it to a Muslim. Here are some possible reasons why Muslims observe a marathon one-month fast during Ramadan. (a) To obey Allah's injunction Fundamental to a Muslim's faith (or belief) are six articles: (i) belief in Allah, (ii) belief in Angels, (iii) belief in divine Books of Allah, (iv) belief in all Prophets, (v) belief in the Day of Judgement, and (vi) belief in Predestination. Articles (i) and (iii) demand that a Muslim must believe in, obey and implement, all the words of Allah contained in the Holy Qur'an. This is because ...His (Allah) word is the truth..." (6:73) and ::the truth is from your Lord, so be not at all in doubt" (2:147) and "...whose word can be truer than Allah?" (Qur'an). Thematically, Qur'an contains injunctions for mankind, allegories, stories of past events, accounts of future events, and a lot of lessons especially for Muslims. Of importance the injunctions are sometime directed to all creatures (men and jinns), or sometime to specific gender (men or women), or sometime to specific tribes (eg "Bani Israel"), or sometime to the progeny of Adam (i.e mankind), or sometime to Ahl-ul kitaab (the people of the book), or sometime to Muslims (i.e those who believe in One Allah) etc. In most cases, the injunctions of Allah to Muslims can be regarded as blessing and mercy and when fully obeyed often lead them to His straight path. Without mincing words, there is no compromise with Allah's injunctions: every sincere and God-fearing Muslim must obey them; this is a necessary precondition for being a Muslim. One of His injunctions, directed to Muslims (men and women), is: "O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you..."(2:183) The phrase "O you who believe" is referring to: (i) those who submit to Allah's wills and commands, (ii) those who believe in the six articles of faith, (iii) those who testify that "La ilaha illa llaha Muhammadu-r Rasululla", (iv) those who practise the five pillars of Islam, and (v) those who implement and obey Allah's injunctions in the Qur'an and follow the sunnah of His Prophet, Muhammad (s.a.w). No followers of any religions satisfy these criteria of "O you who believe" except the Muslims. It is they (Muslims) that Allah is directing His injunction in 2:183 to. The injunction prescribed fasting as a compulsory duty for them thus: "...fasting is prescribed for you (Muslims)..." (2:183) and "...whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan should fast through it..." (2:185) Clearly, Ramadan fast is a divine injunction mandatory for all able-bodied Muslims who are free from compelling excuses. Whoever deliberately forgoes fasting in Ramadan, should know that (s)he has disobeyed Allah's injunction and no amount of fasting thereafter can give her/him a reward equivalent to one misssed Ramadan fast as obvious in this hadeeth: Abu Huraira reported that the Prophet(s.a.w) said: "whoever did not fast one day of Ramadan without a genuine excuse or a disease then even if he fasted for a complete year, it would not compensate for that (missed Ramadan) day" (Sahih al-Bukhari, vol 3,p.88) (ii) To practice the tradition, and way of the pious people. Fasting is not new to Islam; it is, indeed, as old as Adam(a.s) who was the first creature and the first Muslim to submit to one Allah. No one knows precisely when fasting began among Adam's progenies but it is the practice of all the Prophets of Allah and their followers. Qur'an mentions that Musa(a.s) fasted for 40 days (see 2:51) (this is what the Jews termed "Jewish Passover") and the Prophet(s.a.w) told us that Dawud(a.s) used to fast for half of the year (this involves fasting on every alternate day). 'Issa (a.s) (or Jesus) was also reported to have fasted for 40 days (this is what the christians termed "the Lent", usually observed before Easter festival). Since these Prophets were Muslims, it can be seen that by asking Muslims to fast, Allah intends to draw their attention to the practice and tradition of those pious predecessors who attained piety (in His sight) through fasting. "O ye who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for people before you ..."(2:183) This verse shows that fasting was observed by the people (i.e "ahl-ul kitaab") who came to the scene before the Muslims and so it is a "sunnat Allah" (i.e a tradition approved by Allah) for those who lived aforetime and for the Muslims who are now the best generation ever raised for mankind (3:110). Qur'an says: "(As for) the sunnat Allah (approved) for those who lived aforetime, no change will you find in (such) sunnat-Allah" (33:43) Therefore, Ramadan fast should be seen as a propagation of the tradition approved by Allah for all those who submit to Him. More on http://www.sunnah.org/ibadaat/fasting/fast.html

How do Muslims think about evolution theory and what are your personal views? by Sindala Q: In Christianity there is much debate among creationists and non-creationists (who do believe in God but also in evolution). How is this for Muslims? What is the general line and what are your personal views as a Muslim?

A: We believe in evolution, but not darwinism: It says "Allah is Al-Khaliq" -(The Creator.) It also says "Allah is Al-Bari"-(The Evolver.) For the Muslim there is no need for separation between religion and science. It is understood from the Quran, revealed over 1,400 years ago, that there is both; "Creation" and "Evolution." And in both instances, it is only Allah who is "Able to do all things." In fact, it was the Muslim scientists, more than 1,000 years ago, who set the stage for the advancement of learning, technology and disciplines in science that we know today. Allah has explained how He created everything in the universe and brought all life out of water. He created humans from earth (not monkeys) and there is no need to attempt fabrications of "links" to the animal world in Islam. The Christian Bible says that Adam & Eve were both created here on Earth, less than 10,000 years ago. The Quran says that Adam & Eve were created in Heaven, and NOT on Earth. When they disobeyed God, He expelled them from Heaven, down to Earth. Muslims believe that souls are assigned to humans 40 days after the human inception. The Quran says that angels retrieve human souls on two occasions. One occasion is when humans die. The other occasion is every time humans fall asleep. When humans wakeup, the angels release those souls back to them: ---------------------------------- Zumar {39:42} "It is Allah that takes the souls (of men) at death; and those that did not die, during their sleep: those on whom He has passed the decree of death, He keeps back, but the rest He sends (to their bodies) for a term appointed. Verily in this are Signs for those who reflect." --------------------------------------... Noor {24:45} "And Allah has Created every animal from water; of them are some creeping on their bellies; some walk on two legs; and some on four. Allah Creates what He wills: for sure Allah has Power over all things." --------------------------------------... The Quran has set a precedent 14 centuries before modern science, explaining in simple and direct terms about his "creation" of animals and their various functions and then assures us it is He who has the Power over everything. This statement includes the fact Allah can if He Wills, reshape and alter his creation as He Chooses. There is clear evidence within many species of alteration and changes within the species. However, there is no concrete evidence to support a cross over in development from one type to another, such as reptiles turning into birds or alligators turning into cows. The statements made in Quran are quite clear when Allah tells us of having brought forth other life forms and then destroying or replacing them with others. This again, does not imply evolution in the sense of one type becoming or changing into another. Allah tells us He is Al-Bari, (The Shaper or Evolver) but once again, this does not mean He has a need to bring about each individual life form all from one kind. Actually, while reading the Quran you learn He has brought many types and shapes and sizes as He Wills. Changes within species occur even as quickly as one or two seasons, not even taking a whole year, much less millions as was supposed by Darwin. Speaking of CHARLES DARWIN, he was only an armature naturalist and had only observed the finches (birds) on the Galapagos Islands for the first time in the mid 1850s. He noticed that on each island the birds had different shaped beaks according to the type of food available on their particular island. For this reason, he assumed, the birds had progressed over millions of years and only the hardiest of the species had survived the climate and vegetation changes. However, this is totally inaccurate and was dismissed as a mere humor in a TV series on the educational channel in October of 1998. According to the scientists’ discoveries in that very same year, the effects of the weather phenomenon known as El Nino, the climate on these same exact islands had drastically changed in a single year within a number of months. And to their surprise, the eggs of the finches on each island hatched open producing birds with beaks already altered to accommodate the changes of their environment. The commentator even said this shoots Darwin's theory completely down and he laughed. There is no DNA research pointing to a connection between apes and humans as was supposed by the scientists and those who had financed them over the years. In fact, the barnyard pig is closer to humans in many aspects, than a monkey or a gorilla. Consider the fact, doctors use the skin from pigs to replace needed tissue on burn victims and the famous movie actor, John Wayne had a pig's heart valve installed in his own heart in a 1977 operation to save his life. It worked, too - until his smoking caused him to die of cancer. The rational approach to the whole subject is rather simple. Just as He is able to Create the universe and brin

How can us Muslims continue to portray Muslims in a more positive light? by holahola-ehh Q: Orchard Park police are investigating a particularly gruesome killing, the beheading of a woman, after her husband — an influential member of the local Muslim community — reported her death to police Thursday. Police identified the victim as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37. Detectives have charged her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, with second-degree murder. …Muzzammil Hassan is the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004, amid hopes that it would help portray Muslims in a more positive light.

A: for a start, you could stop ignoring all of the horrible things that muslim fundamentalists are doing and address them.

Liberals: Is it legitimate to profile Muslims or people from Muslim countries for security reasons? by J P Q: The vast majority of Muslims in the world are not terrorists. However, most terrorism in the recent past is attributable to Muslims. Is it fair to profile and subject Muslims or people from Muslim countries to greater security precautions based on this fact? Why or why not? I am especially interested in the viewpoints of Liberals on this issue. Thank you.

A: It is an interesting question. There are several issues, including security, fairness to individuals, promotion of prejudice, and more. In terms of security, it seems like it would be effective, but for more sophisticated terrorists, it gives them a profile to avoid by using people who can pass as white and having them wear western clothes and use western names. There is something to be said for random searches, even from the standpoint of effectiveness. If there is clear evidence that profiling really is a more effective way to deter terrorism, then we have to balance security with fairness. You also should take into account the long-term impact on terrorism stemming from the perception in Muslim countries that Americans treat them unfairly.

Libstains: Is it legitimate to profile Muslims or people from Muslim countries for security reasons? by Q: The vast majority of Muslims in the world are not terrorists. However, most terrorism in the recent past is attributable to Muslims. Is it fair to profile and subject Muslims or people from Muslim countries to greater security precautions based on this fact? Why or why not? I am especially interested in the viewpoints of Libstains on this issue. Thank you.

A: I agree, most Muslims are as peace loving as the rest of us, even Tea Partiers, but until little old white Christians ladies start strapping on bombs and hijacking planes...

Should moderate Muslims start a new religion that leaves the Neanderthal Muslims behind? by Q: It appears that Islam has been taken over by radicals. Would it make sense for the moderate Muslims, the ones that can live in peace with other religions, start a new religion where burqas, hijabs and atrocious beards are not part of the religion. This way in the future, the Neanderthal muslims can be outlawed or extincted.

A: I find this question offensive to Neanderthals.

Muslims, which parts of the Muslim world are the most oppressed and impoverished? by Jasmin Q: I am asking Muslims only. If you are not a Muslim please say so when answering the question. So what parts of the Muslim world do you think are the most oppressed and impoverished? Which parts of the Muslim world need our help the most?

A: well I wouldn't consider these people real muslims since they are not aryans like us middle Easterners. but I'll definitely would say bangladesh somalia poor ethiopia poor nigeria poor and oppressed urumqi oppressed by communists angola poor ghana poor palestine oppressed by jews and other small african countries that I cannot pronounce, dam black people why do they always have to have the darnedest names.....

How many muslims are living in new jersey? by Q: I am a muslim convert and am considering moving to new jersey and was wondering how many muslims are living in new jersey. I read that approximately 600,000 muslims are living in new york. Also does anyone know the percentage of muslims in new jersey compared to the state's population?

A: Way too many.

How can Muslims deny a connection with backward Muslim nations and Islam? by Q: -The United Nation’s Human Development Index ranks nations by life expectancy, literacy, education and GDP per capita. The top 50 encompass 700 million in Judao-Christian nations; Muslim nations encompass 5 million people (out of 1.5 billion Muslims). -The UN’s Gender Empowerment Measure ranks nations by women’s equality: Muslim nations rank at the bottom.

A: even if they wanted to convert they can't. or if they did it'd have to be secretly and keep it to yourself. they'd persecute you. but i ask the same question. they need to overthrow their leaders.

Muslims burned an american flag, to protest the proposed koran burning, should all americans now protest them? by jeeper_peeper321 Q: . Whats different from muslims burning an american flag, and americans proposing to burn a koran ? Should americans take to the streets to protest the american flag burning ? Are muslims worried about the muslim flag burners inciting americans to violence ?

A: Yeah - why doesn't everyone protest everyone and then we can all feel so smug and proud of ourselves.

MuSliMs!..................? by Zee MOOn MOOn Q: Is it normal after when you pray your heart is beating ya3ni like a few beats more then after lets say 5 minutes it goes back to normal.. i mean to me i think it is like good?.. because i feel good every time i finish praying but im not sure though but this only happens only in the middle and at the end after im done praying. hangnail-noo.. my heart doesnt beat when im leveled to the ground.. i told you after i pray i feel this and while im praying[[standing up]] i feel this when im standing up. fahd_dogg- ehh.. u know some times its called a GOOD feeling. i wonder why you didnt care about it.. guessing that u never felt it b4 eh.

A: It happens if you feel you are making an effort. It may also happens if you feel much deep and you feel what you say much. It may also reach the tears from eyes. It depends on which case you mean.

MUSLIMs???????????????????? by .♥.♥.♥. Q: r u scared to get married??? cuse i no i wud be...i'd probly freak out...and do u think u shud get married at 17 i think its a too yung age and the law is that u can inly get a child at 18...i'd say 19 is a good age 19 and up...do u agree??if u dont state y??...if u wud wat age wud get married at and i'd say gettin married yung is a good thing so wen u grow old u can spend time with ur child if u get married at old age u wont have as much fun and u cant really enjoy ur time with ur child say by the time he/she gets 13..do u agree???am also very scared of havin child although i ♥ children...and how much children wud u like????am just curious....and wanna no if u guys think this stuff is true...thanks...(and am a musim so dont think not)(and eenjoy bein a muslim too) ♥ u can add me as a frend and u can read my profile page.... i agree with all u guys yea i wud like my career goin and den get married...

A: Don't get married, im warning you

mUSLIMS ? by the sun god RA Q: what person on Y/A do you think is the meanest and most prejudiced? plz don't give me long speeches if you aren't going to answer the question. and do you think you are being persecuted especially in america or other places too?

A: person who forget the existence of god..and person who stray from his path... actually, I not hate them, I just feel pity for them...

MUSLIMS !!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........................? by s.fern99 Q: Why the hell is India spared from Muslim rule when the neighboring countries of Pakistan & Bangladesh ; Why are Indian Muslims not breeding as much as possible to make India a Muslim majority by 50 years ; Why are we dormant ; Let us use tactics to cause explosion in Muslim growth rate in India & Soon make it a muslim majority !!; We the hell are we not doing this !!??

A: It was already tried hundreds of years ago. They tried to rule with the sword and break many temples,kill many Hindus, even built a Musjid on Krishna's birth site in Mathura. But it has not worked. Maybe Allah is being kind to them. Aurang Zeb tried very hard indeed, but only ended up dead himself. Why can we not just accept that there is only one God and stop fighting to establish one faith or another. Why does man have to bring his big false ego into Religion, when the real point of religion is to accept the Supremacy of the Lord and therefore give up our own false ego, pride, arrogance, and ignorance, and learn to see everyone as part and parcel of the one God. Your God, My God, Everyone's God, the ONLY GOD. Call Him whatever you wish. But there is only On e Supreme Absolute Godhead. Take care and best wishes always. GOURANGA GOURANGA GOURANGA

muslims....? by wzr5gq20032000 Q: im christian and always will be,your muslim and always will be,ive been on the site about two months now i see all the religion wars and that will never stop.what i see is the small part of muslim fanatics really messing you guys up,they kill, your peace.i really dont think it will slow down unless some political high position muslims start condeming them very outwardly,t.v.,etc,etc..why dont they stand up and say something to the world about the fanatical ones...i really belive it would help the peaceful muslims alot .!!

A: No it's not going to help at all. Unfortunately Christian fanatics are teaching people to hate Muslims and Islam in Churches now.! And look at all the hateful questions and answers against Islam/Muslims. As you know this site is "world wide web" so the people from other parts of world get to see it. You think they will just enjoy all these hates.? Just do your part; 1. stop spreading hate, 2 .stop being racist 3. stop invading other countries 4. stop being oil-vampire than you will see the result.

Muslims.............? by ~♥Black Rose♥~ Q: okay first i wanted to say im back! i left for some school work. anyways i wanted to know how we can get Muslims from other sections to join the Ramadan section? these are not necessarily the best Muslims, but it might help strenghthen their deen. thanks! they know im muslim already ahhhhhhhh the thumbs down virus

A: HEY! I was gonna ask this just now! Not fair!=( Because this girl from polls/surveys sent me an e-mail, she wanted Muslim contacts. I told her about this section and she was happy. You'd be surprised how many Muslims there are here that do not know about this section. I was one of them until I looked around. The most effective way to get them here would be to use a Muslim name so that people will recognize you. My username is Mohammed, so that's easily recognizable as a Muslim name.

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