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Mr. bean

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TurkiishSwagx Mr bean kyken

Dave_Davey mr bean kijke

dana_amerongen mr bean kijken haha, blijft leuk

kevinewalds Mr bean is er op

charley_yates Watching Mr Bean with mum :') Laughing way too much for an 18 year old

MissLFarmery @slip180 yerh all the old mr bean clips are ace! i can remenber watching them with my grandad when i was little lol x

Miiss_Anonymous Aww Mr Bean Had a Hard life Looool

Biillabong Why did I put subtitles on for a Mr Bean movie? Erm..

blutteroom Lol that kid slapped mr bean silly :L

beccatgrainger @Sarahmang u watching mr bean? X

alicebwfc8 Mr bean<3

LouisT_Smile i hate Mr bean so much.

Bigbro1977 [email protected]_Saran: @Bigbro1977 Aww :) I'm watching Mr Bean's Holiday. Lol!” Sofia LOVES mr. Bean #lol

mhairicameron RT @annabrowwn: mr bean looks so much like @lauramackaay when he pulls faces

1Wessel1 op @RTL7nl mr bean


What are the episodes of Mr Bean? by Eric P Q: I really like the Bean episodes from the whole bean series, I have seen the movies but not the animated series. Basically my questions are... 1.what are all the episodes of mr bean that are actually played by Rowan Atkinson? 2.What are the animated series about, how long did it run, and is it funny? 3.Does the best of Bean dvd contain any new material? or is it just highlights from the whole bean series?

A: Episodes of mr bean As rown atkinson 1 Mr. Bean 2 The Return of Mr. Bean 3 The Curse of Mr. Bean 4 Mr. Bean Goes to Town 5 The Trouble with Mr. Bean 6 Mr. Bean Rides Again 7 Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean 8 Mr. Bean in Room 426 9 Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean 10 Do-It-Yourself, Mr. Bean 11 Back to School, Mr. Bean 12 Tee Off, Mr. Bean 13 Goodnight, Mr. Bean 14 Hair by Mr. Bean of London 15 Director's Cut sketches 16. The Bus Stop 17. The Library Mr bean animated series -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 1: In the Wild/Missing Teddy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 2: No Parking/Bean's Bounty -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 3: Artful Bean/The Fly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 4: Mime Games/Spring Clean ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- , Episode 5: No Pets/Ray of Sunshine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 6: Roadworks/The Sofa -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 7: Camping/Chocks Away ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 8: Royal Bean/Young Bean Episode 9: In the Pink/Dinner for Two -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 10: The Ball/Toothache ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 11: Haircut/Neighbourly Bean -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 12: Nurse!/Dead Cat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 13: Super Trolley/Magpie -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 14: Cat-Sitting/The Bottle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 15: Goldfish/Inventor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 16: Hot Date/Wanted -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 17: Art Thief/Scaredy Bean -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 18: Car Trouble/Restaurant -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 19: Gadget Kid/The Visitor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 20: Big TV/Keyboard Capers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 21: Bean in Love/Double Trouble -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 22: A Royal Makeover/SuperMarrow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 23: Birthday Bear/The Mole -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 24: Treasure!/Homeless -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 25: Hopping Mad/A Grand Invitation All the episodes are just crazy and filmmed on our daily routine..... its total fun and with a duration of 10-15 minutes

Youtube, will they still offer me an individual partnership if I use content from the Mr Bean? by Sam Q: I am going to make a highlight video from the tv show mr bean..its coming on great, do you youtube will still pay me, I am worried I may be infringing copyright.

A: I'm afraid you won't be able to get partnership on that video if it as content from Mr. Bean. The rules are very stringent when it comes to partnership

will rowan Rowan Atkinson ever make anymore Mr bean movies or series? by onetwo3 Q: will rowan Rowan Atkinson ever make anymore Mr bean movies or series? What do you think? If not why would he killed Mr bean character?

A: Did it ever hint that he may be fed up doing bean lol

Has there ever been a Blackadder or Mr Bean comic? by Nathan Forester Q: I've got a question, i'm a comic book fan and a Blackadder fan as well and i'm wondering has there ever been a comic featuring Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder or one of him as Mr Bean? I'm not asking if there has been an actual comic about Mr Bean or Blackadder but rather if there has been one where either them has made an appearance. I know about the Mr Bean cartoon series, but there is also a comic relief comic book with Blackadder in it and I want to know where I can find it.

A: Not that I am aware of, but there was a Mr. Bean animated cartoon, did you know? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMUxo1LoJq8

where can I audition for a new Mr. bean ? by firas0123 Q: I’m wondering if you have any information on where best would it be to audition to be the next Mr. Bean! I look similar to him and I think I have the talent to be something like him (and this is not just my opinion, but also the people I’m working with on several drama acts), anyway, I have absolutely no clue on where to audition for such a thing (any where in the world!), I Currently live in Dubai, and I’m seriously thinking of travelling to where ever this dream might come true! Thanks for reading this.

A: Mr. Bean is really no longer funny. If they do make remakes, it'll Rowan Atkinson who does it, but I seriously doubt there will be anymore. Sorry, but there is no demand for Mr. Bean anymore. But if there was, the best place to audition would be London, UK.

What would Mr. Bean do if a giant Britney Spears? by Jerry W Q: Sat on him, and farted out a huge stinkbomb then got up, and bellyflopped on Mr. Bean making the ground shake.

A: lol umm he would probably die?!? idk weird question... but funny =)

Are there any good shows on tv similar to Monty Python or Mr. Bean? by 2k1Toaster Q: I am sick of most of the tv on, but I love the sketches Monty Python did, and the whole Mr. Bean series. Are there any good shows out there with true British humour left?

A: Not that I have found. Only reruns of Monty Python and Mr. Bean.

How much would it roughly cost for us to get Mr Bean narrating our commercial? by Adam H Q: OK, this seems like a very daft question but we are doing a commercial in our media studies class and we need to draw up a rough plan on how much things would cost. We are advertising a TV box and we want Mr Bean to narrate it.. any ideas on how much Mr Bean would want? lol Any help would be appreciated :)

A: Not a good narrator, in my opinion. The issue is that Mr.Bean is famous for _not_ talking, and so voiceover on it's own isn't going to work. On the other hand, Rowan Atkinson, who plays Mr. Bean, has appeared in adverts for Barclaycard (UK branded credit card) as a special agent. Think of Johnny English; you get the idea. You ought to be able to find out roughly how much he got for that without too much trouble (hey, I'm not doing _all_ you work for you ;) ). Start with the IMDB... Good luck. Best, Guy

Mr.Bean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Bootsie Q: I think Mr.Bean is so cute!(the cute as in awwwwww! NOT the hay hot stuff one) (OK maybe a little!)and i think he makes the funniest faces. I also like how he mumbles to him self. woooo! i love him! what would you have to say about him? Dane cook sucks eggs!!! Mr.Bean is way funnier than him. I bet if u were on a stage compared to Mr.Bean,,, Bean would kick ur butt.

A: haha i bet that girl taht posted the first answer is a MySpace whore haha mr bean is awesome!!! i love him he is friggin hilarious lol i liked that one part of one movie[lol woooow im sooo specific] when he was at that amusement park and ghe fell asleep on that roller coaster lol then he woke up and was all like "hmm what?" hahahahaha

Mr. Bean........?? by jenniebee9 Q: so i heard the actor for mr. bean has passed away.. is this true?

A: I did a pretty good search around google and cannot find anything that validates the death of him. His name is Rowan Atkinson by the way... and I found no news articles about him relating a any sort of death. Hope that helps.

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