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4evaThuggin904 @Smeezy_904 who not n da mountain west #AirForce #NorthTexas #Tcu #Utah

Blueskycc Storm Train Continues in the West This Weekend - The latest storm to hit the West with rain, mountain snow and cold ... http://t.co/cggELVyN

NKY_KFTC RT @RaysTLH: #mtr Blair Mountain supporters present petition for historic designation - West Virginia Publ.. ~ @welovemountains http://t.co/JNcQrjdn

Mitch_TX RT @paranoidfanDFW: TCU faces tough Mountain West challenge with trek to Wyoming #tcu http://t.co/wfuvD5Of

guitartabsheet Leslie West: "I'm still a good guitar player!": "The pickup, the Mountain Of Tone, is like a P-90, but it's a hu... http://t.co/FLNijDLM

RaysTLH #mtr Blair Mountain supporters present petition for historic designation - West Virginia Publ.. ~ @welovemountains http://t.co/JNcQrjdn

jobsincolorado4 TCF Bank- Mountain West Region: Banking Sales Rep I - 004UD: Aggressively promote, sell and refer TCF products a... http://t.co/oVd0jfKp

jobsincolorado4 TCF Bank- Mountain West Region: Banking Sales Rep I: Aggressively promote, sell and refer TCF products and TCF s... http://t.co/y6CQ48tt

ryanmgreene @AndyGlockner Taking the team picked to finish first in the Mountain West as your surprise team? Real gutsy there, fella :)

bgazettesports Wyoming soccer reaches title match: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Carmen Blume scored on a header from eight yards out to... http://t.co/dkOeLeh9

Pennikxj Cowboys, Mountain Men, and Grizzly Bears: Fifty of the Grittiest Moments in the History of the Wild West: From t... http://t.co/bkrIXiJJ

L0B0L0C0 RT @UNMLOBOS: Women's soccer advances to the finals of the Mountain West Conference tournament with a 1-0 victory over UNLV.... http://t.co/SlQ72LCn

wpsdude RT @CS360updates: The other spot in the Mountain West final will be top seed New Mexico, a 1-0 winner over #4 seed UNLV (Lobos vs. Wyoming in the final).

CS360updates The other spot in the Mountain West final will be top seed New Mexico, a 1-0 winner over #4 seed UNLV (Lobos vs. Wyoming in the final).

hendersonbuzz Mountain West Conference: Event Name: Mountain West Conference Date: 03/07/2012 - 03/10/2012 Venue: Thomas & Mack... http://t.co/EaTufdpr


Looking for a poster that shows the mountain ranges and passes west of denver mountain ranges? by s1ber1anF0x Q: I was checking out a condo today, and I wish I would have taken more time to look at this print on the wall... I really want it. It looked to be a 3-point-perspective drawing of the mountains west of Denver. It shaded the area of denver and then had all the major passes labeled such as Berthoud Pass. It was really neat and put things in great perspective. Has anyone seen ANYTHING like this?

A: If you're talking about one of those panoramic drawing things, pretty much any gift shop will have one. If it's more in depth try going to an REI, they do a lot of mountain stuff there.

Is the Mountain West going to be a better conference this upcoming year than they were before? by unknown Q: There have been 6 coaching changes that will have to happen most have been filled. Maybe more if it happens. So will these improve the Mountain West to make it a strong basketball conference? or put it back in the ranks of the Mid-majors?

A: I think so. Denver would drastically improve because of Kenyon Martin. If he doesn't injury himself like previous years, they could be contenders because they have two magnificent scorers (Anthony & Iverson) and have great depth. Utah should improve because of Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, and AK. They also have a great bench. Minnesota should improve with the emergence of Rany Foye and Kevin Garnett as usual being the superstar that he is. Portland has suffered so many injuries (Darius Miles, Pryzilla, Zand Randolph, and newly LaMarcus Alridge. If they make successfully regain theur health, Trailblazers could become a better team. Seattle isn't that bad. Ray Allen missed the 15-20 games earlier on and is again injured. Ray Allen is a difference maker that could improve the team.

What's the point of Boise State moving to the Mountain West Conference? by New Super Luigi Q: Boise State will be Moving to the Mountain West conference next year (or the year after..). I thought it was because they were going to play better teams and maybe turn the Mountain West into a Automatic Qualifier, but now that Utah, BYU and TCU are moving on to the Pac-10 (12) and the Big East, the Mountain West is going to have No one in it except Boise (until Nevada and Fresno St. Move there)...I'm confused about the point of all the moves...

A: I think Boise State joined the MWC before all those teams started bolting. They probably were thinking that TCU, Utah and BYU would be there, and that would be strong enough for the MWC to become an automatic qualifying conference. With Nevada, Fresno State and probably Hawai'i moving to the MWC, it's still a possibility, but it's less likely. They can't join the Big 12 or the Pac-10 it seems, either--the Pac-10 cares too much about academic prestige to take Boise State, and the Big 12 is not interested in expanding right now. They didn't even want to take TCU. Either way, it's not as if Boise State can back out now, and neither can any other team. All of these teams are looking for ways to play for the national title if they go undefeated. Utah made the best decision for that, getting into the Pac-10. BYU, I think, made a big mistake going independent and Boise State's being in the MWC probably won't be much help. TCU to the Big East could work out, except nobody respects the Big East. The ACC is more highly regarded than the Big East is and they still have a hard time getting title contenders out of their conference. So, winning the Big East and going undefeated doesn't guarantee TCU anything, but it's better odds than going undefeated in the MWC.

Mountain West Conference is applying for automatic BSC bid, think they will get it? by Quagmire (Giggity Giggity Goo) Q: The Mountain West conference has applied to the BCS committee for an automatic BCS bid. It takes 4 years for this process but do you think they will get it considering they were better than the ACC and, possibly, the Big East this season. And also take into account that TCU and BYU were also in the top 16 at the end of the season. Also Utah had that impressive Sugar Bowl win.

A: No. Their conference has 1 or 2 teams that destroy everyone else in the MWC. If they can show me something over the next 10 years I might agree. The body of work isn't extensive enough.

Is the Mountain West the third best NCAA football conference this year? by hbmiamibeach Q: Obviously, SEC and Big 12 are two best. But Mountain West with BYU, TCU, Utah, etc.. seems better to me than Big Ten, Pac Ten, ACC, and Big East this year.

A: Arguably, yes. The Big 12 is hands down the most dominate conference this year, followed by the SEC. The Pac-10 is another one-team show, the ACC is up and down every week, the Big 10...well, you know. It's either the Mountain West or the Big East. Thye Big East has Cincinatti, South Florida, Rutgers, West Virginia, Pittsburg, but this year, I think it has to be Mountain West mainly because so many schools has impressed me. Utah is still undefeated, and BYU is good. TCU is just incredible, their only loss was to Oklahoma! So yeah I'll say Mountain West.

Does the mountain west conference deserve more recognition as a legitimate conference? by nate15 Q: right now the mountain west has 3 teams in the top 25 and a 4th on the brink of the top 25. I know the BCS is a horrible way of deciding the champion but if the BCS is not removed or revised should the Mountain West be able to have an automatic BCS spot like other BCS conferences do. Utah, BYU, and TCU all have big wins over big BCS schools and i think they deserve more credit. what do u think?

A: Mountain West is a joke honestly.....what happened when Hawaii had their BCS game a year ago? I have no problems with the Mountain West, they have good programs, but to be honest if you put TCU up against Tx Tech, or BYU vs Florida? You honestly want to see what that would look like? Two words....TRAIN WRECK!!!!!!!

Is It time for College Football to give an automatic BCS berth to the Mountain West? by Friendly Ghost to the post (Formerly Shy Guy) Q: The Mountain West is proving that they are a great conference and I think it is time to reward them with a Automatic BCS bid. Even Wyoming is a Pretty good team because they beat Fresno State. I wouldn't have any problem if they were to give them a automatic BCS bid because of the quality of teams in the Mountain West.

A: Texas longhorn guy: Right now TCU would beat Texas, and BYU and Utah would be competitive. Wyoming beat Tennessee not too long ago which I believe is part of the all-powerful SEC. And I do believe our bottom (Colo St.) whooped up on the Big 12's (Colorado). CSU also beat a good Nevada team. MWC deserves an auto-bid more than the Big East but screw AQ lets go with a playoff! Realistically the BCS won't even consider the MWC unless Boise is added and even then its a longshot because there is too much of a market for schools in more populated areas. Get rid of this crap system and let a playoff determine a true champ!

What are the chances of Boise State leaving the WAC for the Mountain West Conference? by Masatoshi-san Q: Well Boise St. does wants to jump to the Mountain West and Boise St. is the best all around sports school in the WAC right now. Since all the other great WAC schools jumped ship a few years back (BYU, Utah, TCU, etc.), how long will it be until Boise St. joins their ranks?

A: there is always the rumor bosie and fresno will try to do it. they will not just take bosie...they need to better balance out the numbers by taking a second school. fresno is the only other good school in the WAC but the MWC was keeping them out due to the hatred of former Bball coach Tarkanian. since he's long gone....it could work this time around. it could happen in the next few years...just expect fresno to be included when it happens. conferences do not like an odd number of teams....even #s work out with scheduling.

Would it be a smart move for the Mountain West Conference to invite Boise State University into the conference? by Cericoe Q: The Mountain West has been pushing for a Automatic BCS Bid. If they invite Boise State, it is yet another team that is consistently in the top 25. Do you think this would increase the MWC's chances of success?

A: I was thinking the same thing. A conference with BSU, BYU, Utah, and TCU would be stronger than big-10, ACC, and big-east... There are 4 at large spots, so why not have one more automatic conference??

What would it take to get the Mountain West an automatic bid in the BCS? by RhymingDemon Q: They gave a lot of highly ranked teams a run for their money last year, but fell just short. This year they have squashed teams flat out. 3 currently in the top 25. Almost every poll on conference strength has them above BCS teams. The BCS is obviously fighting the playoff scenario, so why not bring in the Mountain West? (I think it would help them a lot of they worked out a deal and dropped a couple of their perennial loosers and swipe Boise State, Tulsa, or something like that.)

A: i dont know what it would take but i think they should scratch the ACC from the BCS school list and add in the Mountain West... they are proving to be the much better conference.

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