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EquisLamart @markhoppus SOLO QUIERO QUE ME DIGAS "HOLA" hahaha! SALUDOS DESDE Monterrey, México...

toronto_rt RT @exatito NUEVO VIDEO http://t.co/PDvfq5R1 PARANORMAL A. #toronto #mexico #df #monterrey #mty #guadalajara #tijuana #veracruz #saltillo

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spirit_of_fire1 Al parecer si quieren que sea maestro en el Tec de monterrey campus matamoros porque me mandaron correo de que todo salió bien.

exatito NUEVO VIDEO http://t.co/SCJWwYWe PARANORMAL A. #toronto #mexico #df #monterrey #mty #guadalajara #tijuana #veracruz #saltillo

mg_silveyra RT @tiesto: Tonight I'll be performing at Foro Coors in Monterrey in Mexico!

jskhuesca Escuchando cuentos de terror con los socios IMEF de Monterrey !!!!! @shuy_kamargo

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NarcoNewsMty El Diario Monterrey Narco is out! http://t.co/QB20fdQA ▸ Top stories today via @nell_ita

loops09 Mexican Primera 2011 Apertura, Week 17: Morelia Down Jaguares; Monterrey Must Win On Saturday http://t.co/FCCKslop

CarlosArnal13 @jorgehermo si en vez de Zaragoza hubiera nacido en Monterrey @KevinLacruz llevarïa ya una docena de partidos

centroap Ludopatía en Adolescentes en Monterrey http://t.co/bfdvIyR2

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what are good universities in monterrey mexico? by jojo Q: I'm a high school student that is looking for good universities in monterrey mexico, one that has great medical careers I really want to become a plastic surgeon.

A: Monterrey Tech is really good but it is private and expensive for foreign students, but if your budget is low you can also study at the State University of Nuevo León (UANL) which is also good and very cheap, like 1000 dollar per year. Both are really good universities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monterrey_Institute_of_Technology_and_Higher_Education

what is the cheapest way to travel from Tijuana to Monterrey? by Ty M Q: Hi what is the cheapest way to travel from Tijuana to Monterrey? and where can i stay someplace decent and safe for one night? maybe 60 or 70 bux for a night max. I don't want to spend much money. I want to return back the next day. I live in San Diego, right across the border, but I can't drive, because my car is not that great. ThankYOU. or is flying from san diego cheaper? I don't know. wow. cheapest air ticket is like $687 dollars. Im not flying.

A: Hi, you should try flying Viva Aerobus from Tijuana to Monterrey. Viva is a low cost, Monterrey based Mexican airline, and you can get great deals when you buy your tickets ahead of time. Check out www.vivaaerobus.com I hope this helps.

what time is the latest bus from Monterrey to Laredo? by ladybuglil Q: I'm going to be arriving into Monterrey later on at night (around 8 or 830) and I'm hoping to reach Laredo that night. So far I haven't found any online sites that list a bus from Monterrey to Laredo that late at night. Do any of the sites that don't have online schedules offer a bus around 830 or 9 PM?

A: If you are talking about Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (and not Laredo, Texas), I don't have to look at a schedule to know that the answer is yes. That's a major route and there are frequent buses between Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo. I doubt you'd have to wait more that 30 minutes. By the way, the companies that have online schedules that do not list a departure after 8, may actually have buses after 8. The websites are not well maintained. Fortunately the bus companies themselves are. The Monterrey bus station is huge. But the employees at most bus company counters will be able to direct you to company that can help you. ********** Wait a second!!! Autobuses Americanos lists a bus from Monterrey at 21:30 (9:30pm) arriving 3 hours later in Laredo, Texas. Three hours after that it arrives in San Antonio and continues as far as Dallas. Another headed for Houston leaves Monterrey at 21:00. It too stops in Laredo. The phone numbers of the ticket office in Monterrey are 01(800)714-96-06 y 01(81) 83-31-12-35. Americanos website is difficult to navigate, but it's at http://www.autobusesamericanos.com.mx

How long does it take to fly from Monterrey,Mexico to Cancun? by Kimberly M Q: How long would it take to fly from Monterrey, Mexico to Cancun?

A: A direct flight is approx. 2 Hrs 14 Min

What is the best bus line in Mexico to travel from Monterrey to Piedras negras Coahila? by AJB Q: Long story short, my little sister went on vacation to Costa Rica, and was not able to fly due to her passport. Anyhow, best was was to fly in to Mexico city and she will fly from there to Monterrey and that is as far as the airlines will go. We need to get her to Piedras Negras Coahila but I don't know any buslines down there. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advanced.

A: Piedras Negras is about 600 km from Monterrey, you can go in ADO or Coahuilenses, both are fine, anyway Coahuilenses also travel to USA, Dallas and San Antonio... Good travel!

What was the first song Jimi Hendrix played at the Monterrey Pop Festival? by Kevin Q: I recently watched Jimi Hendrix's performance at the Monterrey Pop Festival, which was apparently his first US performance. I have a lot of his music but I did not recognize the first song he played, which was amazing. Do you know the name, and possibly which album of his that it is on?

A: That I'm not sure of. But i do know that's when he performed Wild things and did possibly one of the most iconic things of his career. When he doused his Fender in lighter fluid and set it ablaze. *Sigh* those were the days man...

How do I go from San francisco International airport to Monterrey California? by pmoliva1 Q: I don't have a car. I am looking for means of transport that take me to my final destination. Monterrey Institute.

A: Take a flight from Sanfrancisco to Las Vegas and then fly to Monterry The toal flying time is 5 hours it would be by continental and then by Delta

What is the best option for traveling from Houston to Monterrey, Mexico by bus? by RobS Q: I plan on traveling to Monterrey and need to know which is the best bus line to do this.

A: You will need to take Greyhound to the border, then a Mexican line. I find it best to go through McAllen, TX. The bus station there is new, great, everyone speaks Spanish and English , and there are many bus lines leaving frequently all day for points in Mexico. Grupo Senda is excellent and has several buses a day from McAllen to Monterrey for about $18.00usd. If you go to Mc Allen, you would have no trouble getting a bus on one of several lines to Monterrey. The Mexican buses are great.

How many miles is it from Chicago, Illinois to Monterrey Mexico? by Amielis D Q: Im planning on moving to Mexico for some time, Ive never driven to Mexico, my husband is going to meet me at the border I would like to know how far is it to drive to Monterrey from Chicago.

A: 1,550 miles. It's a 24 hr trip...all driving, no stops: http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=m&lat=33.77522&lon=-93.967495&zoom=5&q1=Chicago%2C%20IL%2C%2060602&q2=monterrey%2C%20mexico

monterrey!!? by Adri Q: what is there to do for fun in monterrey mexico??? any pictures???

A: Mexico's third largest city. Flickr is loaded with photos.

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