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Monte carlo

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dieuwertje_X zo monte carlo kijken

cassandrebdl Je risque de répondre lentement! Je vais regarder monte carlo. Sms pour ceux qui veulent ! :)

Candiceewn Kevin Harvick #21 Monte Carlo Hershey's Take 5 RCCA 1:24 Die Cast Car: Kevin Harvick has come a long way since w... http://t.co/1X9RFpx3

iamawsm watching Monte Carlo while eating ice cream @-)

itskaarol Vendo Monte Carlo dublado haha @selenagomez

Dear1Direction Gonna watch Glee & Monte Carlo, see ya

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xxamberligthart @EvaVerrijp heb je Monte Carlo al gezien?? da's echt een leuke film!! :)

KARENderiaaa watching monte carlo:))

life_enjoyerx Monte carlo gekeken echt eeen leuke film

Montecarlonews Ed il Circo di Monte-Carlo si apre alla "New Generation": Con la prossima edizione del celebre festival circense... http://t.co/BRfn6vbU

saskiaaland Monte Carlo op pauze

HeyIssaxx After watching Monte Carlo, I became a fan of Selena Gomez ♥

sittakke Monte Carlo duet sama Facing the giants

syen_08 Monte Carlo http://t.co/PoxKIXfV


How long does a 85 monte carlo motor last? by Alejandro Pearce Q: Im looking in purchasing a 85 monte carlo the car looks nice havnt drove it yet but the down fall ot has 160k miles on a 5.0 and he wants 3k. And alson how much would it be to get motor rebuilt?

A: Wiith great care, oil changes, etc that engine could last 250K miles or more It's hard to say. That's like asking how long will my heart keep beating and working? It depends on how you take care of it, how many chesseburgers you eat, hyow much you work out, etc. For a basic rebuild on that engine, parts and machine work around $600 and labor around $800-1400 depending on where you live and what shop you go to That labor price is to remove, rebuilt and re install

Why does my 1976 Monte Carlo shoot out a small flame from the carburetor when I try starting it? by Chris K Q: I recently bought a 1976 Monte Carlo, it seems to have some problems. The carburetor shoots out some gas when starting. It also shuts of while going around turns.

A: it might be out of time. put number 1 piston all the way up and check the rotor under the cap. if it did,nt jump then the rotor should be pointing to number 1 plug wire on the cap. it might be the float sticking in the carburetor too. did you try tapping on the carburetor?

What will cause my monte carlo to stall? by Marci Q: I have a 2000 Monte Carlo that is stalling on me while driving down the road. Acts like I ran out of gas. I hear the fuel pump kick on, and have replaced the fuel filter. Any suggestions to what will be causing this problem?

A: possibly the fuel pump. GM pumps go out slowly and will sputter out and kick on. The fuel pump in my grand am just went out and I could still hear it humming but was very weak. Check your fuel pressure. It should be 45-55psi.

How much does pin striping on a monte carlo cost? by Marissa Q: I'm looking into buying a Monte Carlo. My goal is to get a white one. I want to put red pin striping on it where the lines naturally go, If that makes sense. It will most likely be a 2001-2006. & I want it to fill the lines that are built into the car on both sides. How much would that cost?

A: It depends. Do you want a tape / vinyl pinstripe that you could do yourself? Less that $10 at an auto parts store. If you want a custom painted on stripe, a couple hundred at least.

where can i find a chevy monte carlo emblem? by So [email protected]$ Q: I just pruchased a used car, (2005) monte carlo and in the front where the chevy emblem goes it's gone. Where can I find an inexpensive emblem in georgia?

A: well is actually in the front fascia ,,,,,part# from gm is 10289678 and price is $21.99 dlls. go gm better quality......not a very reliable car....computer problem a lot.

What cars had the same body as the 96 monte carlo? by Q: Theres and olds and a buick with the same or very similar body as the monte carlo and i cant remember what theyre called. Monte carlo had 3100 series 1 engine right?

A: Olds Cutlass Supreme Buick Regal Pontiac Grand Prix All came with either 2 or 4 doors (except the Monte, the 4 door was called Lumina) They came with either 3100 or the 3800 engine.

Are they going to discontinue the Monte Carlo soon? by Nate Q: I heard from a source that the Monte Carlo will be discontinued soon. Is this true? I had the privilege of going to the 2007 Auto Show in Detroit eight months ago and i never saw a model of it at the show. I got turned on to them when i bought one close to two years ago. I was skeptical at first, but after putting it on the freeway and some local streets, i was instantly hooked! They're the best cars ever made and it's no wonder that the NASCAR drivers drive 'em! They're fabulous! I like the old school Monte Carlo that was made in the 70's and the models that go from 2003 to the present, but not the ones that came before '03. Are there any fans of the Monte Carlo that feel the way i do about the fact that it could be discontinued? Why is GM doing this? If you own a Monte Carlo or are just a fan of them like i am, then your opinions are welcome! If this is true (discontinuing the Monte Carlo), can we get a petition going and send it to GM and tell them to keep the Monte Carlo going?

A: well i havent heard anything about monte carlo being discontinued, but it could be a possibility since nascar is going to impala ss next year, cuz theyre goin to the COT(Car of Tomorrow) all next year. i happen to own a 99 monte carlo, it runs like crap right now but thats mostly my fault, need to fix the suspension and get new brake pads, id rather drive my camaro if it ran than my monte, mainly cuz rear wheel drive vehicles are so much funner to drive, but i will admit that my monte does drive good, if my grandmother could drive my car id give it to her, but shes too short. so yea, ill second that petition

2003 03 Monte Carlo SS What kind of miles should i expect to get from this car before it nickles and dimes me? by andrew b Q: I have an 2003 03 Monte Carlo SS Limited Edition Jeff Gordon that i baught brand new in 03. I am curious to know what i should exspect for milage on this vehichle before major repares are needed. I do the normal upkeep and change things at there recommended times. I drive alot of highway miles. Any ideas how many miles this car should get me before its time to upgrade?

A: I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT and they are basically the same car. If you have the 3800 engine then that should last you to 150K miles easily. The only real weakness is the transmission. Is yours supercharged? I know some of the NASCAR LEs are Supercharged(Dale Jr for example), but I'm not sure about the Jeff Gordon one.

Why is my '97 Monte Carlo hard to start sometimes and dies while idling sometimes? by rd6108 Q: I have a '97 Monte Carlo (70,000 miles) Z34, 3.4, that is hard to start sometimes. It cranks more than it should but other times turns right over. It also will die sometimes while idling for a short time. I replaced the fuel pump about 3000 miles ago. Has a new fuel filter and added some injector nozzle cleaner to the tank.

A: Check the following may help (1)Fuel not reaching the fuel injectors.Check the fuel filter and lines (2)Defective spark plugs (3)Intake manifold vacuum leaks.Make sure all mounting bolts/nuts are tight and all vacuum hoses connected to the manifold are attached properly and in good condition. (4)Faulty idle control system. (5)Faulty emissions or engine control systems.

Monte Carlo????????? by alfalfa Q: i'm planning on getting a monte carlo 1981-1988 i want to know what you think about these cars and if you owned one how you liked it and disliked it, were there anyproblem areas or common problems? rust areas? how was your insurance? and how old were you when you had the car? yeah this is not gunna be a daily driver, i love fixing stuff

A: I had one for about five years and it was one of the best cars I have ever owned.

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