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Monster high

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MarylouMercedes Nw; monster high

honightadar > Monster High Draculaura Costume to Bi http://t.co/bRCBFAVG

eslysama watching "Monster High" pequeñas comiquitas de monstruitas adolescentes xD,está original y divertida *everything went better than expected*

TheNinjaera I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/XaIRHJUl Monster High Draculaura dancing

Clauorellana En esta casa ya hay dos Monster high.... todas fascinadas con las muñecas ... me incluyo...

Mariawhathehell Jugando a las Monster high con mi prima.

EHustleNY Anytime "@MiLLie_MiLLZz: Shout out to @Ehustleny for helping me out today ;) .... My house is fully decorated with monster high banners ;)"

TheNinjaera I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/OdTUmLMi Monster High: Fashion Emergency

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AnaIsabelZepeda Mañana de Monster High, me encantan!

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SoniaNeko Me gusta Monster High.

CyberBlackDeals Monster High Accessory Box Set - Clawdeen Wolf Growlicious Fashion Set - http://t.co/jKrSVUY8

gaabifreese RT @v_venom: cadê Monster High? D:


What is the name of the cartoon about a human going to a monster high school? by Brandon Q: the main character is a human who goes to an all monster high school. A bipolar vampire, a crazy succbus, an ice princess, and a little witch all become a part of his posse. But I don't remember the name of the show. What isit called?

A: that anime/manga series is Rosario Vampire and not to be rude or nuthin but it isnt called a cartoon its called an anime lolz

What are the release dates for future Monster High Dolls after Aug of 2011? by Maria Q: A coworker is trying to find out the release dates of all Monster High dolls after Aug. 2011 and the names of the dolls. Can someone tell me where i can go and find this kind of info on the dolls? Thanks

A: I think the new dolls are called Abbey Bominable (abominable snow man girl) and Spectra Vondergeist (ghost)...Hoped i helped :)

Where are they selling monster high dolls in maine? by Angel Q: I live in norway, maine. The closest places are lewiston and portland. The walmart in norway does have monster high but only has the two pack of cleo denial and deuce. I want frankie. I don't want my mom to have to run around blind on monday looking in lewiston so does anyone know any store inpreticualer that has them?

A: u can go online to walmart.com. or try ebay if u dont want to if there is a local halmark they probably have them i suggest online though

How old is to old for Monster high? by Abbey Q: I know someone that is 10 and loves to play with Monster high dolls. Do you think she is to old for them? What age do you think she should stop?

A: Never. Never ever ever. I'm 18 and I love MH. My 60 year old friend in my doll group collects them too. :)

Where can I watch the Monster High episode New Ghoul at School? by Elena Childs Q: The premiere of Monster High was on this morning and I missed it. It came on at 11 pm, but I didn't have the channel to watch it. Do you know where I can watch it online at?

A: well if your a good finder check on nick or nick2 i saw it on at 2 after 11 but if you cant..if you got search look up mh and see the nick showings or go to nick.com and see when it is if you no difference on hours on et to yours it show et time witch sucks.i got the link to nick down there!

How do you unlock the academics and athletics on monster high? by bearpopstar Q: on the monster high website? is there a code, do i need to buy something?

A: you have to earn the codes. or if you play long enough they will give you a code. but for most of the codes you need to buy the MONSTER HIGH™ iCOFFIN™ Handheld Device and that gives you codes too. heres the website to were you can buy that. http://shop.mattel.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4312024

How do you print out your fear book on Monster High? by badger180 Q: I am on a web site called Monster High and I was wondering how you can print it out. Please give clear instructions on how to do this.

A: Just go to the top of your screen and click on the options button. If you have Firefox, then click on the Firefox button on the top left. If you have IE, there is a print icon on the upper right. If you gave Google Chrome, click on the wrench on the top right. Hope this helps :)

Where can I buy a monster high doll named Spectra Vondergeist? by monster high mom Q: My daughter collects monster high dolls and we cannot find the new Spectra doll. We looked at Toys r us, walmart and target every week. Ebay and Amazon have the dol for over 50.00 and they sell them in the UK but do not ship internationally. Any ideas?

A: The doll will be coming out in August in America (which is why she's so expensive on Amazon and Ebay).

How would I describe the monster high book with music? by Myrva Q: You know that book monster high? What would be like 10 songs that describe the book? Please help! Im soooo confused!

A: Haha, I had to do that in 7th grade, put songs that describe the book. Hmm....Thriller by Mj. Kesha take it off.....thats all i can think off.

Which Monster High Doll should I ask for for my birthday? by Ms. M Mouse Q: I like Vampires, Ancient Egypt, Werewolves and Zombies. I really wnat a monster high doll and my B-Day is coming up. Which of the dolls that matches what I ask for is the best?

A: The Vampire one, DracuLaura, is the cutest I think, she has a bit of asian too. This picture is gorgeous http://everydayadollie.wordpress.com/2010/06/23/meet-me-in-the-moonlight/ But if you like ancient Egypt you might consider Cleo de Nile but she comes in a pack with her boyfriend Deuce Gorgon. There's also the AfroAmerican Werewolf girl, Frankstein's daughter (not a zombie) and Lagoona who's somekind of water monster.

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