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Monaco grand prix

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amillavtr My favorite scene in Iron Man 2 : Grand Prix Monaco chaos..

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Monaco Grand Prix? by PC Q: Has any American ever competed in the Monaco Grand Prix and has any ever won the race? When is it held?

A: It's held in May each year - there is an exact reason related to being a certain number of days after a certain religious date, but I can never remember the details. No Americans have ever won the race, but Phil Hill (once 2nd, twice 3rd), Richie Ginther (3 times 2nd) & Masten Gregory (3rd once) have all finished on the podium. American greats Mario Andretti and Dan Gurney both had poor records at Monaco; in 6 starts Andretti only finished once in the points (5th in 1977), in 7 starts Gurney was only classified once, for 5th place in 1961. Other Americans have started the Monaco GP: Eddie Cheever (7 starts, one 5th place), Harry Schell (6 starts, one 5th place), Peter Revson (1 start, one 5th place), Scott Speed (2 starts, no points), Danny Sullivan (1 start, one 5th place), Mark Donohue (1 start, DNF), Michael Andretti (1 start, no points) & Bob Bondurant (1 start, one 4th place) are the ones I have found.

Who do you PREDICT will win the 2011 F1 Monaco Grand Prix today? by - Joseph - Q:

Monaco F1 Grand Prix Help? by pompey's number 1 fan Q: I'm a 14 year old boy and I've up enough for me and my dad to go to the Monaco Grand Prix (flights, tickets, etc), but I've only got enough for the Rocher Sector. Bearing in mind this is mine and his first Grand Prix, what should I expect?

A: I hope you're talking about next year's Monaco Grand Prix!

what is the competition question for win a trip to monaco grand prix? by sathish Q:

A: go to the itv website, the question is on there, and you can answer it too if you like!!!

How much revenue does the Monaco Grand Prix bring into the nation of Monaco? by radiohead5953 Q: There does no need to have a specific year, but a recent year would be most helpful...

A: It is very hard to figure that out. You have to consider hotel bookings, restaurants, taxi fares, all sorts of expenses. Some you could work out, but most would just be wild estimates. Its not like you get asked if you are a Grand Prix tourist when you buy stuff. These events also tend to cost a lot to support, but Monaco might not feel that too bad as they have done it for so long. The mathematics are very complex. You would have to work out the costs which are a bit easier, but to work out what all of the tourists are actually spending is next to impossibe. Generally speaking you would need to consider it to be a big and effective tourism commercial, and if profit is made, then its a big bonus. Take care J. PS obviously I know that costs aren't relevant to your question, but I'mjust saying that working out how much money is coming in is almost impossible. You could even consider black market income, drugs, prostitution. There are a whole range of ways big events bring new money to town.

Where is the best place in Monaco to watch th Grand Prix for free or cheaply? by Mr A Q: Will be in Monaco late May would like to see Monaco F1 Grand Prix without bankrupting myself in the process


Why won't we have a Friday practice at Monaco Grand Prix, Formula 1? by ninsixx Q: I just read that there won't be a Friday practice, there will be one on thursday. To be honest I don't remember if it always happens like that, on a thursday. I remember last year with a friday practice. Can anybody help?

A: i think it coincides with another race(gp2), the first race on friday will coincide with the practices' time. like last yr... it was also a thursday practice... check this out: http://www.formula1.com/results/season/2007/774/6397/

To Those of you who have attended the Monaco Grand Prix? by ryan49321 Q: Any tips, I am looking into the idea of attending the race, now that there is no race in North America. Hows Parking, which is the best of the cheap seats, whats the best value for qualifying seats, hotels, driving, flying? Any information from those who have gone or those very familiar with Monaco, Southern France, and/or West Italy What i am asking is, whats the best bang for a buck, I do understand the cost is going to be high. I only plan to be there saturday and sunday.

A: I did Monaco on the cheap. Cheap flight from the UK to Nice. Hire car from Nice to San Remo in Italy ( much cheaper than the hotels in France). Drove to Monaco on qualifying day ( Saturday ). Absolutely no where to Park. Had to park on a multi storey, inflated prices due to Grand Prix. Had a wonder round Monoca, and found my seating area. These where the cheapest tickets, could not see very much, due to the safety barriers. Decided to leave my seat and watch from the road side. Went back to the car park. Ther barriers where broken so I could not get my car out for over 1 hour. Race day, watched the Grand Prix on the TV at the Hotel. Unless you pay for the best seats, the chances of following the race at Monaco are slim. Because it is a street circuit, they build large safety barriers, which makes it dfficult to get a full view of the circuit. Monaco is more about the experience, than the race.

Is Monaco Grand Prix the most boring race of the entire season calendar? by Zeid Q: Shouldnt they just maybe take it off or something?? Its almost impossible to pass a car in Monaco when the streets are not wide enough at all so what do u think sexy?

A: YES YES YES! It wasn't always this way. I recall the late 60' early 70's before all the down-force cars became the norm. Now it is nearly an unchanging parade of the same, lap after lap. Most passing is done in the pits. BORING It is also the most unsafe race of the year, with such limited access to emergency and safelty personel.

Where can i buy tickets for the 2010 F1 Monaco Grand Prix? by Spence Q: Hi i would like to buy a pair of tickets for the Monaco f1 Grand Prix, but i don't want grandstand tickets. It would be nice to be on a balcony or even a yacht! Can you buy tickets or do you have to have your own balcony or yacht? So if you can get balcony or yacht tickets where can i get them from?

A: Hi Last year when searching for high quality Monaco F1 Tickets me & my wife used a company called http://www.exclusivef1experiences.co.uk who sell Monaco Grand Prix tickets including Balcony & Yachts! We had the most amazing weekend the views were out of this world and we felt like VIP's drinking Champagne watching the best race in the world in luxury! We will never go back to watching the race from general admission or grand stand seats again.

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