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Mitch McGary

Michigan's Mitch McGary declares for NBA draft after positive drug test
Michigan forward Mitch McGary declared for the NBA draft on Friday while facing a year-long suspension after a positive drug test during the NCAA tournament, the player and school announced. McGary, a 6-foot-10 forward who starred during the Wolverines ...

Clock ticking on Michigan sophomore Mitch McGary's NBA decision
122813_UM_Bball_vs_Holy_Cro(2).JPG. Michigan sophomore Mitch McGary averaged 9.5 points and 8.3 rebounds in an injury-plagued campaign before undergoing back surgery in the 2013-14 season. (Courtney Sacco | The Ann Arbor News). Print.

Wolverines' Mitch McGary going to NBA after 'terrible decision' of marijuana use
While many expected Mitch McGary's Michigan career to end early, no one expected this. McGary will head to the NBA after his sophomore year, but not because of his talent alone. He was left with little choice after failing a drug test during the NCAA ...

Mitch McGary Declares for 2014 NBA Draft Due to Failed Drug Test
Michigan forward Mitch McGary was considering a return to the Wolverines after an injury-plagued sophomore season, but a looming one-year suspension from the NCAA after testing positive for marijuana will lead him to the 2014 NBA draft instead.

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Will Indiana add to its 2012 basketball recruiting class? by Q: Gary Harris? Mitch McGary? DSR?

A: http://playoffpulse2011.nba.com/

Why is Mitch Mcgary not in McDonalds All American game? by Q: Mitch McGary top prospect going to Michigan

A: because he is a fifth year student. McDonalds does not allow fifth year students to participate in the all-american games.

Why are all the Michigan fans acting like Trey Burke is the greatest player ever now? by Kobra Q: Yes, he stepped up big in that game tonight... but anyone can do it once.

A: From a Michigan fan, Burke is not the greatest player ever--he's not even the greatest player ever at Michigan. But that "anyone can do it once" nonsense shows you haven't seen too many Michigan games this season. We definitely wouldn't have beaten Michigan State without his plays at the end of the game, and that's just one example. BTW, to this point my vote for MVP of the Tourney is Mitch McGary, not Burke. Burke has not played anywhere near as well as he had during the regular season during the Tourney, despite what he did in the 2nd half and OT last night. LaQuinton Ross at Ohio State, of all places, probably would be my 2nd best vote.

Wichita State Shockers question? by DJ Henry Q: Now they upset Ohio State and are on to the Final Four is it fair to say they are as good as anyone in the country if they play well? Do you view Gonzaga loss differently? I live in Spokane and not a huge Gonzaga fan I had them losing in the Sweet 16, but thought it was unfair criticism they got from ESPN and the country bashing on them for losing to Wichita State. I watched the both games and Gonzaga just got beat by a hot shooting Shocker team that made 7 3-pointers in a row towards the end of the game. Then as Ohio State loses to them it is like OH maybe they are good after all, In my opinion Gonzaga put up a better game, but that is apples and oranges. Just find it funny how the press and the nation cry out thanks for knocking out an overrated Gonzaga team. Granted I didn't think they were the best team in the country, but thought on any given night they can't beat the best and compete with anyone.

A: You know what that's all about, though? Most people talking about Gonzaga and Wichita State don't know anything about those teams. They just look at the conferences they play in and assume those teams are not really that good. Frankly, most people still don't think Wichita State will go any farther in this Tournament. People in college basketball are also namewhores, too. Wichita State is not going to be given a chance against Duke or Louisville in part because their name is not Duke or Louisville...or Kentucky, Kansas, UNC. I am realizing something by the run that my team (Michigan) is going on. I don't agree that Wichita State is as good as anyone in the country--what it more than likely is the fact that other teams/coaches don't know much about them and don't respect them is helping Wichita State win, just as it's helping Michigan. For example, on Michigan everyone knows Trey Burke, so teams come out defensively and focus on him. They don't know what Mitch McGary, GR3, Stauskas can do. McGary smoked Kansas as a result. Every season in the Tourney, you get teams that people just don't know what they are capable of because they don't know their players, their system, etc, and I think that's what Wichita State is benefitting from. That's why they could lose to teams like Evansville and Creighton and beat OSU and Gonzaga--the latter two are just not as familiar with Wichita State and probably underestimated them, too.

Is it still possible to break the backboard like when Shaq did so many times? by Q: Or did they reinforce the backboards to make it more stable and strong.

A: By now, there's a decent chance you've seen a YouTube clip of 2012 recruit Mitch McGary destroying a backboard at the Boost Mobile Elite 24 event in Venice Beach, California. McGary's strength was on full display, but that won't be news to any of the schools -- a who's who of recruiting powers -- currently seeking his collegiate hoops services. More noteworthy was McGary's toughness. As he told ESPN.com recruiting analyst Dave Telep, the Chesterton, Ind. native decided to ignore the deep laceration in his left shoulder and delay a hospital visit -- despite requiring 37 stitches! -- in order to stick around and watch his "boys" play out the rest of the Elite 24 showcase. Dave describes the scene in a blog post , and it sounds about as fun as something can sound when the words "shattered glass" and "37 stitches" are also prominently involved. From Telep's blog: Once McGary decided he wasn't getting into the ambulance to go to the hospital, he re-entered the court to essentially a standing ovation. It was fresh out of a scene from "Gladiator." They loved him. The other kids crowned him king. After the game he strolled around the court with the net from the rim draped around his neck. It was one of those events that's going to be replayed and rehashed for a long time. Amazing "Gladiator" reference! Are you not entertained, Boost Mobile Elite 24 showcase? Is this not why you are here?! The backboards we break in life echo in eternity. The beating heart of college basketball is not the hardwood of the court, it's the concrete of the Venice Beach. He will bring them shattered glass, and they will love him for it. (Seriously, I could do this all day. But yeah, I'll stop now.) The broken backboard is a lost artifact of a bygone hoops era, before engineers strengthened the hoop apparatus enough to prevent players from ripping the rim hard enough to shatter the glass. The days of Shaquille O'Neal's brazen displays of strength are long gone. This is actually a positive development. After all, shattered glass is dangerous. But it's hard to deny how exciting a good broken backboard can be.

Will Mitch McGary, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, or Gary Harris be an Indiana Hoosier? by Q: I know Mitch McGary is far shot, DSR is even less likely, but I think Gary Harris has a shot.

A: Perhaps. It's their choice those, some of them might choose to go to the other schools.

Adreian Payne or Mitch Mcgary??????????? by Q: Me and my friend are arguing who's better in my mind it's clearly Payne he can play lock down D hit 3's and post up Mcgary started out awful but had a good tournament but overall who would do you think is better when healthy?

A: I'd take Payne. Other than being a beast during the 2013 tourney, he was literally a non factor against in conference opponents. It look like it's the same story with him again this year as well. Payne, when healthy, is at least consistent in that you know what you're gonna get from him on a daily basis.

Mitch McGary vs. Gorgui Dieng? by Q: louisville is gonna crushhh tonight!

A: If Dieng doesn't get into foul trouble then he could give Mitch McGary fits tonight

Adreian Payne vs Mitch mcgary?????????? by Q: Who's better me and my friend are having a argument over it i think it's Payne without a doubt way better but who do you think is better when healthy???????

A: I think your correct, He has been getting some good rebounds and has a much better scoring-game then McGary.

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