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Searching the internet for M Missoni Long Sleeve Dress but couldn't find it. Help me? by Anson_American Q: Searching the internet for M Missoni Long Sleeve Dress but couldn't find it. This dress is unavaliable at various malls is checked. Does anyone knows where else can i find it. Help me?

A: You can find it only at : M Missoni: http://frenchcornersoho.com/women-missoni.html There are lot more places but they have a huge collection of M Missoni. Just check it out.

Missoni for Target Ballet Flats-Bonded Leather Sole Destroyed? by Camilla Q: I just bought a pair of Missoni for Target ballet flats today. Walked about a half mile in them and the bonded leather sole is worn away on the toe & beginning of heel on right shoe, leaving the cork bottom exposed. Did some research & Target does not allow worn shoes to be returned. So can anyone give me advice on how to resole bonded leather shoes? I'd like to do it myself but don't what the best materials would be. Thanks!

A: Don't resole the shoes; take them back to Target. They don't allow returns on shoes that have been worn, but with otherwise nothing wrong with them. Yours however, are defective, and you should get a refund. I've heard the Missoni flats are not very well made.

why is Missoni for target popular? by yuppers! Q: I have never heard of Missoni and apparently is going out of stock and people are going crazy for it. Why?

A: Because it's different. Why were Pet Rocks popular? This too will pass, but it might not be for a year or two. Astrobuf

Where can i find Missoni (Home) Outlet in Milan(Italy)? by crystallgreece Q: I'm planning a trip to Milan and i would like to know where i could possible find a Missoni Outlet and Missoni Home Outlet in the centre of Milan or nearby.Thanks!!

A: Contact them at: Missoni Via T. Salvini, 1 20122 Milano Tel: +39-2-76001479 or by email: [email protected]

Where can you get items from last season's collections for Prada, Missoni and Burberry Prorsum? by sweeper 15 Q: What do fashion houses and department stores like Harrods and Selfridges do with the unsold stock at the end of each season? More specifically I'm looking for a feathered sweater and scarf from burberry Prorsum, the shirt with the buttons at the back from Prada for men and the brown hexagonal from Missoni- all are from Fall 2008. Where can i find them!!!!

A: Very most likely ebay. Or online stores?

Where can I find a Missoni headband? by Kimberly Q: I have been looking for HOURS online everywhere and all I can find are two or three that I don't like very much. I have called every department store I can think of and they all say they are either out of stock or don't carry them anymore. I want one that has the Missoni thin zig zags on it, and one that is the thin knit. Are they going to come out with new ones? or are they permanently discontinued? I can't find one anywhere!

A: Check google shops or ebay :).

Anyone else think that the new Missoni Brand at target is hideous? by Cocoa Q: I seriously laughed my butt off seeing the stuff on the website. And to hear people going nuts over it? Its probably some of the most hideous clothes i've ever seen. What do you think?

A: Yesss it's soo hieous!!!

Does Missoni have a main showroom in Italy? Like a flagship or the main design house? by KS Q: I'm planning a trip tp Italy and was thinking of visiting. I like their fashions. My guess is that the main branch would be in Milan. Is that correct? And would there be anything different to see there (I don't necessarily mean different fashions, but maybe info on their design process or history) than in their other boutiques in Italy? Thanks.

A: http://www.missoni.com/ing.html Here you can find their boutiques all over the world. Info => Boutiques I also found out that their press office is in milan, as well as their showroom, so it will probably be one of their best stores in the world~ PRESS OFFICE VIA SALVINI 1/A MILANO TEL.: 02.76001479 E-MAIL: [email protected] SHOW ROOM VIA SOLFERINO 9 MILANO TEL.: 02.8545821 E-MAIL: [email protected] HUMAN RESOURCES VIA LUIGI ROSSI,52 21040 SUMIRAGO (VA) E-MAIL: [email protected]

How much can i get for my $188 Missoni head scarf? by ♫ T o o t Q: I have a Missoni head scarf that I got and it reatils for $188. How much could I ask for it on eBay? What other strores could I sell it to? Thanks

A: You could probably get between $65 - $150. But it depends. I looked up what they are selling for on eBay... and thats the price range I got.

How long will target have missoni stuff? by N M Q: I don't understand why there was so much of a frenzy over these missoni items at target, because as far as I kno they will still carry the items until october. Am I right? :/ I just checked the website, and even now most of the missoni sweaters and things are sold out. Will there be more? Im so confused as to what is going on.

A: since, the Missoni for target collection was sooooo popular like EVERYTHING was sold out super quickly! especially in the stores that are in more populated areas like L.A or something. So i'm pretty sure that they don't have enough items to restock for every store in the country or anything. So besides the stuff that is still available online, I don't think you can buy any of the stuff anymore. (i think...)

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