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Minecraft xbox 360

Critical Reception: Mojang/4J Studios' Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
by Danny Cowan [Console/PC, Business/Marketing] This week's edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to the Xbox 360 version of Mojang's indie hit Minecraft, which reviews describe as "Xbox Live Arcade's richest and slickest co-op ...

'Minecraft' Lands on the Xbox 360 This Week
By Kyle Kennedy After selling nearly 6 million copies on PC, “Minecraft” (rated Everyone) is being released as a $20 download on Xbox Live Arcade. Described simply as “a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine,” “Minecraft” is the ...

Now you can play 'Minecraft' in 'Minecraft'
Stay up to speed with news and reviews on video games for the PC, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Android, iPhone, iPad, Facebook and more. "Minecraft" modders love to recreate things in the indie sandbox sensation, especially other games, ...

The 10 Best Minecraft Mods
Minecraft for Xbox 360 is finally out this week, but one thing it won't have at launch is mod support, so here's a list of the 10 best reasons — including werewolves, explosives, backpacks, lasers and tornadoes — to keep playing Minecraft on your ...

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cheeksdevil Get a copy of Minecraft for Xbox 360 here: http://t.co/drB0rfsS ! http://t.co/4gO2oULb

CraveOnlineUK Minecraft is released on Xbox 360 today - here's our review: http://t.co/aNJw4uwe #XBLA

DolanCZ Líbilo se mi video na @YouTubeod uživatele @antvenom http://t.co/dJXTGdeh Minecraft Xbox 360 - Multiplayer w/ Ch

RIFTleveler Critical Reception: Mojang/4J Studios' Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition http://t.co/pfCflyPv

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Dreamwalker56 RT @notch: Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition should be out today, and the reviews are popping in. 83 on metacritic so far, which is about 0.23 per Xbox.

norakura これがきっかけでPC版人口が(周りで)増えてくれればええんよ:Choke Point | Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 海外レビュー http://t.co/GAiz4rgp

Gingemeister RT @notch: Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition should be out today, and the reviews are popping in. 83 on metacritic so far, which is about 0.23 per Xbox.

WesleyJones_ @notch what time will Minecraft xbox 360 edition be available for download?

SickTwist3d RT @mcnetworksg: A scoop from Microsoft: Minecraft: Xbox 360 to be released in just 10 minutes time!

Noodle_Boots @notch For a moment there I thought you said XBox 360: Minecraft Edition and my heart skipped a beat...

VideoGames_Top Critical Reception: Mojang/4J Studios' Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition - Gamasutra http://t.co/3oqWI1dD #videogames

Yellowglasses RT @notch: Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition should be out today, and the reviews are popping in. 83 on metacritic so far, which is about 0.23 per Xbox.


Minecraft for the xbox 360 how will the multiplayer work? by Q: like the worlds the password and if i can make it private and who will play with me?

A: From what i have heard it is just going to be a list of servers that are up, or you can create your server and your friends or random people can join, you should be able to make private servers as well, but i would doubt it would include passwords, probably just ''Invite only'' sort of things. sorry if I wasn't helpful.

Is their a release date for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 yet? by Q: I heard a rumor that it was sometime in May but i was unsure. Has their been a official release date yet?

A: May 9. They announced that as the release date a week or so ago.

When is Minecraft going to be released on Xbox 360? by Q: There have been lots of videos and news feeds of members of Mojang about Minecraft coming out on Xbox 360 and there has even been a trailer but when is it official out for us to buy?

A: Somewhere during the springtime, not exactly sure when but it's most likely coming out April. But if I were you, I suggest downloading the PC version as Minecraft for the Xbox will have less features (texture packs, mods, etc.) It's cheap (most likely more cheap than the Xbox version) and is out now. Minecraft was designed for PC gaming and therefore will probably be more superior to the console version in controls and features.

When is the minecraft full release for Xbox 360? by Q: Just want to know since I have an Xbox 360 and I have been watching minecraft vids for the last few months and I really, really like it.

A: Minecraft for the xbox 360 release as a xbox arcade game in spring 2012.

Will the Xbox 360 Minecraft allow mods? by Q: The game is just about to release so i was just wondering.

Is Minecraft available for xbox 360 if you have a gold membership? by Q: Someone told me if you have gold, you can buy Minecraft. Is this true? If it is, I'll definitely be getting gold... So you can buy it now - just not play it? Haha, sorry, not sure I understand. :(

A: Minecraft for Xbox 360 is not available now and will be released in spring next year.Only Live’s gold or silver member can purchase and download the game. Minecraft is pretty popular at the moment and almost everywhere. The announcement of it on the Xbox 360 is really good news. Check its information here and get ready!

When does Minecraft for Xbox 360 come out? by Q: And if so will it have Splitscreen?

A: No release date has been confirmed. What the developers want right now can differ in the next few days or months, depending on what resources they, what competition they're going up against upon release, and how the quality of the game will turn out.

How much will MineCraft for the Xbox 360 cost? by Q: I'm just wondering how many Microsoft Points will it cost. Well if its on arcade. If its just a regular game, still tell me.

A: Since it's in beta it will cost about 1600 Microsoft points or possibly more.

Can I play Minecraft with an Xbox 360 controller? by Q: i know u can use the 360 controller as a mouse and for cod games, but can u use it for minecraft?

A: YES you actually can, here's a tutorial I just found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9F70O17ap0 Check out my Minecraft Server: http://mrxfactorgaming.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=334

R there going to be mods for minecraft xbox 360 version? by Q: Plz tell me cause i am going to by it

Will Minecraft for Xbox 360 have multiplayer when it's released? by Q: I want to know because I plan on getting it and I want to play with a friend over Xbox Live. I mean online Multiplayer and not Split Screen. And If I can do two player online I mean on the day it's released and will I be able to play online with a friend so we can survive together

A: Minecraft will have Multiplayer when it is released, for sure. It will offer 2-4 player split-screen. You can save a world onto your Xbox360 and it's yours to play around with. 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 player, it doesn't matter. Onto your full question: They are working with Online multiplayer also. I'm not sure if it's going to be on the day it's released or in a patch. They said It will be released before version 1.3, for sure. Hope This Helped. :D

Is minecraft for xbox 360 coming out December 18,2011? by Q: Is minecraft for xbox 360 coming out December 18,2011?

A: Lol I highly doubt it. It was first predicted for back in November, now it's 'TBA 2012'

Best xbox 360 minecraft-like game out for now? by bob Q: Which xbox 360 arcade came is the best to play until minecraft actually comes out?

A: You should try Pacman.

What is the release date for Minecraft on Xbox 360? by Q: A friend told me it was January, is this true?

A: Minecraft on the XBox doesn’t have a concrete release date, but it will see the light of day sometime in 2012.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition missing on XBL market? by Q: I remembered seeing that minecraft had a version for the xbox 360. And that there was a video teaser of dev's playing the game. I was going to check out the game's price, but the game isn't on there? Not even a trial? There's just some Avatar junk that I'm not interested in. The video was labeled somewhat around "It's finally here" it's ironic. Did they forget to upload the game? I haven't seen it in store's if it's being sold that way. Why wouldn't it be in the market if that's the only place to sell it? Thank's for the info Kenny.

A: Minecraft is not out for the xbox yet. It will be released May 9th 2012.

So minecraft for the xbox 360 can i play with players on xbox who are playing it on PC? by Q: cross-platform playability with the PC version,Thats what they said so does that mean us Xbox guys can play with PC players?And will the graphics and scale be the same?

A: XBox graphics are bound to be a bit better. And, cross-platform means you can I am pretty sure. No source, I just trust what I do, and did a bit of research.

Do you think Minecraft will be supported on the Xbox 360? by Q: I just read the review here: http://www.digitalspy.com/gaming/review/a380461/minecraft-xbox-360-edition-review-xbox-live-building-a-better-game.html and I'm kinda disappointed there is no creative mode, just survival with different level of difficulty. Mojang says they will support Minecraft on the Xbox w/ updates and will catch up with the PC version. I don't own Minecraft because my computer is junk and it cant run it, but I've had my eye on it for a looong time. I have the free version on the ipod (controls are clunky though) and I really like it, my friends convinced me to buy fortresscraft about 4 months ago to satisfy my building need until May 9th rolls around. Anyway do you think Mojang will make good on their promise to support Minecraft on Xbox 360? My brother is gonna die if they don't add the creative mode! BQ: What's the new adventure mode that was mentioned in the review?

A: They'll add creative mode soon enough. I think they'll support it. Adventure mode was announced a while back, i don't know much about it.

How is Kinect going to affect Minecraft on Xbox 360? by Q: Like is it real gestures and movement or just voice commands

A: No Info has been announce at this time sorry

Minecraft Xbox 360 Release Date IS May 9th 2012 Proof!? by Q: Ok so if you haven't heard yet they just announced the release date for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Now this is what i find weird/kinda funny: I uploaded this video on March 15th 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfcGsapTSJ8 It is now March 22nd 2012 A video was uploaded (yesterday but tweeted today by @Tart who is an PlayXBLA.com moderator i guess) called Arcade Next by wwwPlayXBLAcom (this is Microsoft's official XBLA website/youtube channel): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiFDDCWBivk In the description of this video is the Release Date of Minecraft 5/9 So what i find weird is i was the first person on Youtube who actually found the correct release date a week before it was even announced. It's kind of sad that i was actually correct though because i wanted it to come out earlier but i guess we'll just have to wait for Minecraft. I hope the developers work on it a little more since they have the time now(they were going to release it in 1.6.6 beta version so i hope they at least bump it up to 1.8 beta version). But please Share either video (or this post) so people will finally know the Release Date.

A: You were already right, May 9th 2012 is official release date for Minecraft 360.. Thanks to you ppls should be able to stop asking questions about this. now that Microsoft has given confirmation. hopefully it will be as good as PC Version not downgraded port

Will there be breeding on Minecraft: Xbox 360 launch? by Q: I really want to make an industrial farm but I do not know if there is going to be breeding.

Questions about Minecraft (XBox 360 Arcade Version)? by Q: Is the Xbox 360 Arcade version of Minecraft going to be a Port of Minecraft for PC or are there going to be differences (minus kinect)? Is the 360 version of Minecraft going to Release on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the same date as the Official Minecraft(PC) Release(11/11/11)? If the 360 version of Minecraft does release the same date as the version for PC and Mac - will they update the 360 version right along side the PC/Mac version? I Know Notch said he would keep updating the PC/Mac version even after its release but I'd like to know if he's planning on updating it along side the 360 version because I like Minecraft and I'm planning on buying the 360 version and I'd like to see it get the attention it deserves. 5 Stars for Best Answer.

A: 1) Basically yes, as far as they have talked about it, there won't be any differences aside from the kinect features. So, yes it will be a port. 2) Yes. 3) As far as I know, Yes they will be launching updates simultaneously on all platforms. If anything they will launch updates that fix a lot of things and not just one little aspect that doesn't mean a whole lot.

will there be creepers in minecraft for xbox 360? by Q: I know minecraft for xbox 360 is coming out in a few months. I can't wait for it. But i was wondering if anyone knows if the 360 version will have skeletons and zombies and most importantly creepers! I love how fun they make the game and i was cuious if anyone knows if the will be in the 360 version of minecraft

A: From what I can tell from this leaked gameplay I would say yes there will be creepers, skeles, and zombies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StQzKL9_UOs

When will the Minecraft (xbox 360) demo be released? by Q: IM SO EXCITED ABOUT MINECRAFT, IM DEFINATELY BUYING IT =). Please help me because since i live in holland i cant play castle miner z and total forge (minecraft copies). REALLY WHEN IS THE DEMO GETTING RELEASED?!?!

A: 18th april or 7th may not sure though.... try google it! :)

How do i buy minecraft on xbox 360? by Q: Its in the arcade but there's no buy option.

A: Minecraft is not currently available for Xbox 360 the release date is May 9. It will cost 1,600 Microsoft Points or $20. To purchase it when it is released go to games market place on your dashboard and search minecraft by pressing y and it will show you a listing for it and an option to download it.

How do I get Minecraft for my XBox 360? by Q: I was just looking through the XBox game Marketplace, and I came across Minecraft and it wasn't letting me buy it from there. It only allowed me to rate the game, so I was just wondering if it wasn't out yet, or is something going on? Do I have to buy it at a store?

A: Yea it hasn't been released yet. It's coming out this summer I think. What is in the game marketplace is just a preview.

Minecraft for xbox 360 release date? by Q: I saw that the release date for minecraft for the xbox 360 was 12/31/11, Is that true? Also, if not, is there any confirmed approximant date at all? Is it definitely coming out this year?

A: yes probly i hear its coming out 11/11/11 but now i have just heard its coming out a week later then that because 11/11/11 booked or whatnot i hear its gonna be a beta game it might cost 1200msp`s

Minecraft Xbox 360 question? by Q: I saw a picture today of a Minecraft Xbox 360 console and controller, and I wanted to know if it is real. http://m.co-optimus.com/article/7909/minecraft-xbox-360-edition-finally-gets-its-release-date.html Here is a link to the picture.

A: It was suppose to come out this month but I don't believe it has they have had said it was coming out since July of last year so yea I have also been waiting

When is Minecraft for xbox 360 coming out? by da player 94 Q: i head it is coming out tomorrow is this true?

A: It ways nowhere that it will be coming out tomorrow, as far as I and many other people know Minecraft for the Xbox 360 does not have a specific release date yet except it being said that It will release sometime in spring.

Will minecraft-xbox 360 edition be released right at 12:00 am on may 9th on the xbox live market place? by Q: Well I'm really excited for minecraft but I don't know if I should stay up to 12:00 am if it's gunna come out at some random time tomorrow. Thanks for any answers :)

What is the exact date that minecraft is coming to xbox 360? by Q: I would like it if someone could tell me the exact month, day, and year that minecraft is coming out for the xbox 360. Thanks

A: I can't give you the exact date but it has been confirmed to be some time in Spring. Back at E3 this year, the team at Mojang pared up with Microsoft and slated a Winter 2011 release for everyone’s favourite time-sapper, however the team behind Minecraft have now confirmed that the game will be released as an Xbox Live Arcade title in Spring 2012.

When is minecraft for xbox 360 coming out? by Q: I know it's sometime next month, but what day?

A: Minecraft's scheduled November release date is for the PC version, set for November 18th. The console version has an unannounced 2012 date, currently set for Q2 2012

What is the release date for minecraft on xbox 360? by Q: I know it's in the winter, but what's the actual date?

A: Umm, im not sure, but there is an indy game that is almost exactly like mine craft, called total miner. They should be getting an update soon, making it exactly like mine craft, but I'm not sure when its gonna come out.

what time will minecraft xbox 360 be released? by Q: i know its coming out on may 9th (woohoo 4 days) but will it be released according to united kingdom times or what? alll answers welcome

Questions about minecraft Xbox 360 edition? by Q: How many points will it cost? Can you change texture packs and skins? Will you be able to download maps?

Minecraft Xbox 360 information? by Q: Ok all I want to know is when will minecraft come out for Xbox 360? And when it comes out will it have texture packs and be mod supported ?

A: It is coming out december of 2011 and it will not have mod support or texture packs. Microsoft does not allow games to be modded on the console, or have any access to 3rd party repositories. Example: Super Meat Boy for xbox 360 does not have the level portal (aka super meat world, where players can create their own levels and let others play them) while the PC version does.

Will minecraft xbox 360 edition be released at 12 tonight in the us? by Q:

Will Minecraft xbox 360 Edition have Survival? by Terry Q: I herd that it dont have survival? Does this mean Creative only??? :O!

Will you get a discount on the xbox 360 version of Minecraft if you own the PC version? by Q: I plan on buying minecraft this wednesday for the xbox 360, I also already own it on PC. My friend told me today that if you already own the PC version it only costs 1200 Microsoft Points instead of 1600. Is this true and if so how do i take advantage of it?

A: unfortunately, I also thought this was true i just dont remember where i heard it from, But with a bit of research i found that there is not going to be a discount for what you and i thought. Sorry. Also, the other guy who answered is a big d!ck.

Will there be Golems in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition? by Q: I want guards for my house.

A: http://twitter.com/#!/notch Follow Notch on Twitter. He usually posts what he's going to update on there.

Is minecraft for xbox 360 going to be kinect only? by Q: I would like to know if minecraft for xbox is going to be played only with kinect or if kinect is just an option

A: No.

How can you use a USB to bring Minecraft over to your Xbox 360 (slim)? by Q: I wanna play Minecraft on my Xbox 360, and I was wondering if I could use a SanDisk USB to bring Minecraft over to my Xbox. Can I? BTW I have a slim.

What time does Minecraft Xbox 360 edition come out exactly? by Q: i would like to know the date and time of the release date thank you guys:3 i would like to know the EXACT time ie. 12 AM or 2 AM

Anyone else staying up till minecraft xbox 360 edition comes out? by Q: I am too excited and can't sleep and I'm pretty bored so I thought might as well see if anyone else is waiting for minecraft.

Can you use a Wired Xbox 360 controller on Minecraft? by Q: I want a 100% reliable way to be able to use a Wired Xbox 360 on Minecraft. If i have to download it, i want it to also be 100% safe/reliable download then.

A: No

is minecraft xbox 360 only for kinect? by Q: I heard minecraft is coming out for xbox kinect, but I want to use my controler.

A: No. It will be for use with a regular controller too.

Is MineCraft Xbox 360 edition the exact same as the PC version? by Moose Q: I mean this is a sense as will it have all of the elements and animals or will it be like the free PC version where there are not nearly as many materials and there are no monsters.

Which Xbox 360 Minecraft clone is the best? by Q: As far as I know, there are three different Minecraft clones for Xbox (Castleminer, Total Miner, and Fortress Craft). I already have castleminer, and that's ok, but I want to know which is the best one. If one of them makes future updates, that would be better. I also want one that's geared more towards just building what you want to build.

A: Just be patient, at Minecon info was released that Minecraft was coming to xbox this year. Although I am not exactly sure when.

When does minecraft for xbox 360 come out? by Q: When does minecraft for xbox 360 come out? Is it coming out tomorrow or later?

A: Spring 2012, no exact date yet sorry.

When does Minecraft Xbox 360 version come out? by Q: Does anyone know when the Minecraft Xbox 360 version officially releases? They said it would be released March 9th 2012, but it wasn't...

A: May 9th 1600 microsoft points promise u this is legit

Is minecraft xbox 360 being release on march 17 2012? by Q: I read minecraft Xbox 360 wiki and it said that the minecraft had a conference and it they said it might be release on March 7 2012 or later. So if this true. If true should I start saving my money and hope?

A: Well you should have been saving cash ever since. There is no confirmed release date. It most likely won't be released by the end of this month, or else we would have heard something about it already.

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