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Miley cyrus

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Eva_StylesD RT @LauraDrbk: RT si tu veux être listé dans Bruno Mars ♥. ; Demi Lovato ; Lady Gaga ; Beyonce ; Miley Cyrus ; Rihanna !

WhatToDoDemii RT @HoroscopoDisney: #Touro Quem dançaria uma música romântica com você: Miley Cyrus / Liam

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Dennydamara Ada "The Last Song" nya Miley Cyrus gue, walaupun satnite tanpa dia, film dia pun cukup kok.

UnlimitedVirus RT @TeamMileyNY: ● Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth win “Iconic Couple” in J-14's Teen Icon Awards, for the second year in a row! http://t.co/0cfgm9Dy

_shannenloganx @specky_ninja their songs were catchy! I know they were identical, and one of them wis miley cyrus' half brother!

ellis_ag RT @ApenasOpinioes: Me desculpe, eu nunca disse que era perfeita. (Miley Cyrus)

Belieber_gadis Party in The USA "Miley Cyrus"

NadhiraAfianiR miley cyrus - I miss you

LilFrenchSnooki RT @Blairidicule: OMG MILEY CYRUS M'A FAIT UN FF! ♥

lena_love_Miley Miley Cyrus Official Site http://t.co/aEdu87PI

PaulaAnexfi The Climb - Miley Cyrus

Frenchyi RT @LauraDrbk: RT si tu veux être listé dans Bruno Mars ♥. ; Demi Lovato ; Lady Gaga ; Beyonce ; Miley Cyrus ; Rihanna !

DemiMySweet_ RT @HoroscopoDisney: #Câncer Quem te daria o perfume "somebay" do Bieber: Miley Cyrus

oseudelirio Meu problema? Me apegar demais ♫ (Miley Cyrus)


MiLeY CyRuS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? by |E d d i e e | Q: I see so many mean questions and answers about MiLeY Cyrus and i always say something and now I'm wondering if I'm the only one who will stick up for MiLeY or are there some other MiLey fans who will stick up for her like me? In case you couldn't tell I LoVe MiLeY CyRuS♥♥ No i'm not stupid you are for hating her!! And Yes i must pell MiLeY CyRuS this way got a problem with that deal with it!!lol!!!!!!!!!

A: I happen to like Miley Cyrus, and shes just being a kid and growing up, there's just a little bit of a difference, if Miley does something wrong, it's in the papers and magazines, but if an average kid does something wrong they get moaned at by their parents and its over. I think people should realize celebrities are just normal people. They also make mistakes, they aren't perfect.

miley Cyrus? by k Q: does anyone like miley cyrus anymore ever since the pic she took.

A: i used to like her but now she's not worth my time because of her bad choice! ~Fully a weirdo :)

MiLEY CYRUS!? by Jessica P Q: i love miley cyrus i am the same age as her and i wish i could be her friend. does anybody have any ideas how i could be? i think shes a really fun person

A: First you would have to probably be famous you can't just run into her and be friends.

MiLeY CyRus?!!? by surferbabyy<3 Q: who is miley cyrus dating? if you dont care then dont answer.......wastes your time anyway i JUST wanna know cuz i dont know and i feel like knowing this stuff......

A: She is currently not dating anyone. There were rumors that she was dating Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers... but they are not dating, just good friends... So yeah...she is currently single Its okay to ask...i'm curious about this kinda stuff too! :D

MILEY CYRUS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by *So What?!!!* Q: PLZ send me a link to download break out by miley cyrus for free thx. i need to copy it in my psp...so plz send a link keeping it in mind...thx

A: Try Limewire. I got the CD the day it came out. 1st customer, baby!

MIley Cyrus? by Rodney Cyrus Q: Is it wrong for me to be like in love with Miley Cyrus like I warship her?

A: No i think it isn't because other people that say "no" like another celebrity anyway so everyone likes all different celebritys so don't let anyone force you into doing what you don't want to. I love Miley too!! hope this helps!! xx

MILEY CyRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Great googely mooogeley Q: i was wondering how much i should sell 45 miley cyrus posters on ebay . any suggestions !!!???

A: you start at normally $5.00 and the more people that add up and place higher bids will really buy them for that much! Probably go to like $300 to $500!

Miley cyrus? by boogyht911 Q: isnt it kinda stupi that vanessa hudgens toke nude pics of herself and now a couple months later miley cyrus did?well miley cyrus wasnt really naked just alomost but if she becomes like brittney spears would you still like her?

A: She didn't take almost naked pictures. She was in her bathing suit, and she is 15 years old. Last time I checked, she was allowed to have a normal 15 year old girls life, and yeah that means that she can take pictures. It wasn't bad at all, it was normal. I would know, I'm 17 years old and taking pictures in my bikini is not a big deal, so why would it be for her?

miley cyrus? by candigurl901 Q: i need some makeup tips, so i can look like miley cyrus in this picture www.candigurl901.piczo.com thanks requested brands would be appreciated, also could you please (if you know) tell me how to curl my hair to look like it does in the pic. dont say im obsessed w. her cause i hate miley cyrus...i just like her style!

A: She is just wearing black eyeliner really close to her lashline on the top and bottom. You can achieve that look by putting black eyeliner really close to your top lashes and on your bottom waterline, (the is the pink part of your lower eyelid just above your eyelashes). Then she just used a bronzer on her cheeks, temple, and chin. And then a rosy pink shimmery blush. Lots of mascara as well. Then use this video to learn how to curl your hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQk3P3Ylvlc Hope this helps!

Miley Cyrus? by twilight obsessed [iloveedward] Q: I am planning to go to one of her concerts (Miley Cyrus/ Jonas Brothers) and i was wondering if anyone knew how much concert tickets cost. i heard it was 25$-75$ but that seems too cheap. can anyone gimme a range?

A: go to a website where u can buy tickets. then, if says like, help center or something like that, ask what the prices for tickets are.

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