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Mike slive

Mike Slive says he'll stick with SEC at least two more years
Southeastern Conference commissioner's contract was to expire July 31, but he will remain on job as new football playoff format takes shape.

Slive Has Unfinished Business in SEC, Staying Put
July 16, 2012 (AP). Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive has unfinished business and he isn't leaving what has lately become college football's penthouse anytime soon. With two new members, six straight football national titles and a four ...

SEC's Slive to stay on 'for a couple more years'
Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive has unfinished business and he isn't leaving what has lately become college football's penthouse anytime soon. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive has unfinished ...

SEC Media Days: Mike Slive Discusses Penn State And Need For Integrity
At the very beginning of the 2012 edition of the SEC Media Days, it's clear that the ongoing drama, scandal and tragedy of the Penn State debacle is on the mind of everyone. From the outset, then, it's not surprising that SEC commish Mike Slive took to ...

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CinderellamanAU RT @auburnbeat: Mike Slive says Auburn snub in 2004 was an impetus for 4-team playoff, which is "unequivocally" good for SEC and college football.

coachtraugs RT @AdamHogeCBS: Mike Slive shouldn't have been the first commissioner to say those things about Paterno/Penn State. Jim Delany should have been.

chrisbendik RT @AdamHogeCBS: Mike Slive shouldn't have been the first commissioner to say those things about Paterno/Penn State. Jim Delany should have been.

SondraConley5 Mike Slive http://t.co/IwkD3XVD

jtfavia RT @schadjoe: SEC commissioner Mike Slive says "we all need to be vigilant. Out athletic programs must be in the context of higher education."

KaeWhy270 RT @KyleTucker_CJ: BREAKING: Mike Slive says the SEC is real good and stuff.

GetReal54 RT @JHokanson: RT @AUGoldMine: SEC's Mike Slive says league began supporting 4-team playoff after undefeated Auburn denied chance to play for NC in '04

jtfavia RT @schadjoe: SEC commish Mike Slive says in a horrific way PSU situation reminds us all of place athletics should play

MarcieHouston Mike Slive http://t.co/zyPqNu1F

Captcha_Clown RT @charlesf11: I follow too many sports folks lol. My entire twitter feed is about 4-5 echos of what Mike Slive is saying.

MarcyMcpherson2 Mike Slive Who's your avatar figure??? http://t.co/4CxsYH2D

drewcraw @AmyLawrenceESPN @sportscenter and here I thought you were going to say you watched Mike Slive's speech @secmediadays

SBannerSports Video of Mike Slive welcoming to the #SECkickoff12 http://t.co/sojzw6I0

mcdermottm2010 RT @edsbs: Mike Slive about to speak. It'll be some bullshit if we don't get a moment of silence for Andy Griffith.

trentoncole31 RT @bmarcello: SEC commissioner Mike Slive says ESPN will do an SEC "Storied" documentary on former Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom.


Why do people blame the SEC for the BCS mess? by NITWIG Q: I know its popular to hate the SEC these days because a lot of people didn't want an LSU/Alabama rematch in the BCS Natl Champ game & because SEC fans can be kind of obnoxious (yeah, I admit it) but at least lets get the facts straight MYTH #1 The SEC is keeping college football from a playoff. Wrong! THe biggest obstacle to a playoff over the years has been the Big 10 & Pac 10 (now 12) Conferences. Why? Because they didn't want to give up the power & influence of the Rose Bowl. Since Larry Scott became the Pac 12 commissioner the Pac 12 has been more open to a playoff but Jim Delaney of the Big 10 is STILL AGAINST A 'PLUS ONE' formula Furthermore, Mike Slive (SEC Commissioner) propsed a 'plus one' formula to the other commissioners ON TWO OCCASIONS (read Dan Wetzel's column from over the last weekend on Yahoo Sports) and was shot down BOTH TIMES! He tried in 2004 (after Auburn's snub) and again in 2008. MYTH#2 The SEC has the most to lose if the BCS goes away. Wrong! Yes, the SEC has benifitted in the last few years because of the perception of the stregnth of the conference but the SEC actually has the THIRD biggest TV contract. The Largest? The Pac 12 followed by the Big 10 of course. This includes basketball. MYTH#3 A 'plus one' will end the arguments. Wrong! If there had been a 'plus one' this season the first 3 would have been easy (LSU, Alabama & Ok St) but what about the fourth team. Stanford was higher ranked in the final BCS standings and Oregon was 5th but remember, Oregon won the Pac 12 and Beat Stanford in Stanford. Stanford had a better record though and beat USC which beat Oregon. Who should go? A 'plus one' would be better than what we have but it won;t be the end all, be all that people might think. Bottom line is go ahead and hate the SEC for having arrogant fans, go ahead and hate the SEC for winning the title, go ahead and hate the SEC for rubbing the rest of college footballs noses in their on field sucess, go ahead and hate the LSU/Alabama rematch but don't hate the SEC for the BCS. @HogWild - Yes, Roy Kramer the former SEC Commissioner was one of the big movers and shakers of the BCS but in his defense his reign as conference commissioner ended in 2002, long before the BCS became such a lightning rod for controversy. The real disappointment here isn't that Alabama got in the title game over Oklahoma St. Its that BOTH Oklahoma State AND Alabama deserve a chance at a title along with LSU, Boise, Oregon, Stanford, USC and maybe Arkansas, Clemson and Kansas State.

A: Its called jealousy.

Does the SEC really wonder why coaches are criticizing their officials? by Colonel Reb Q: The SEC replay officials are at it again. Now they've taken away an Ole Miss interception that was almost certainly an interception, and definitely shouldn't have been overturned. Yet the SEC replay official still somehow decided to change the call. "Indisputable video evidence" apparently means nothing to SEC replay officials. I can't believe I'm agreeing with a Bulldog, but I'm thinking the same thing MSU coach Dan Mullen said. Why do they even have replay? I'd like to send Mike Slive a memo: if you don't want your officials criticized, get better officials. On another note, anyone hear anything about that Auburn player that got taken to the hospital? I hope he's all right. At least he was moving his arms and legs. What the heck does Iowa have to do with anything? Now Ole Miss had a tipped pass that Auburn ran back for a touchdown, which hit the ground about as much as Ole Miss's earlier interception did. I'm really starting to think there's something to these conspiracy theories that the SEC gives close calls to certain teams.

A: It would seem that the SEC replay official had some money riding on the game... ;-)

What do you think of the SEC now? by ~Buccos~ Q: It was Georgia that started all this BCS mess when they sued the NCAA over TV rights in 1984. Now the SEC back stabs the rest of the big six by swinging a sneaky TV deal with the mercenary ESPN. If I was Mike Slive, I'd worry more about getting the SEC's graduation rate above 50% and keeping the athletes out of jail than sucking up more money from the cable companies' customers. Kvetch? That's Yiddish. Are you Jewish? The Institute for Divesity (sic) and Ethics in Sport , is that Dr. Harry Edwards' group or the enterprise group at USF?

A: I'm pretty sure that every point you made in your question is absolute crap. The BCS was not started because Georgia sued the NCAA in 1984. If you can provide evidence supporting this ridiculous claim pleas do so. I don't think you can. The Bowl Coalition was formed after the previous system produced co-national champions two years in a row. The SEC has had a TV deal with ESPN for several years prior to this current agreeement whicy, by the way, was announced back in 2008. Who was stabbed in the back other than nobody? It's old news anyway. Why you waited this long to kvetch about something that happened a long time is anybody's guess. You can worry all you want about the SEC graduation rates. Why don't you produce any evidence to support your claim that the graduation rate for schools in the SEC is less than 50%? I know why. It's because you can't. You are not intelligent enough to make a valid point or to make a valuable contribution to the answers community so you spread lies and make false accusations. I can support my claim that the SEC's Graduation Success Rate as tracked by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport is over 50% and the NCAA shows that the SEC's Academic Progress Rate is competitive wiht other divisions. Also, you'll need to provide a list of SEC athletes that are currently in jail to support your claim that the SEC should worry about keeping them out of jail. So I'll continue to think that the SEC is the premiere conference for football and maybe the 2nd best for overall athletics. Schools in the SEC have nothing to be ashamed academically either and I can support this with facts. Facts, my friend, you should familiarize yourself with the word and stop the lying. Spreading lies is no way to compensate for a small willy.

Are you upset about the Brandon Spikes eye gouge? by Q: So you are really upset? then complain to the SEC Commissioner Mike Slive 205-458-3000. I did, the commissioner did not call me back. The SEC is one of the foremost conferences in college football. They should be a leader not an embarrassment. Gator fans take over your conference. Everyone else just complain about the eye gouging penalty. One of the tasks of educators is to train individuals to be responsible. The university is still a university and they will probably get beat by Texas. I realize the Ealey said he shouldnt be punished, but that player does not control the actions of other players. What if there had been permanent damage and the Ealey said dont penalize Spikes. The problem is doing to begin with. There are penalties for bad judgement and they should be severe.

A: "One of the tasks of educators is to train individuals to be responsible. The university is still a university and they will probably get beat by Texas." I wholeheartedly agree. Not only that, but these college players are the roll models for up and coming youth players. It needs to be made more clear that this type of play is unacceptable. This article also had a good perspective: http://www.hrsinformer.com/2009/11/brandon-spikes-eye-gouging-practically-unpunished/

WHat do you think of this report that the SEC is hot after not only A&M but Oklahoma as well? by Me again Q: http://www.mrsec.com/2010/06/reports-sec-hot-after-am-and-oklahoma/ "The sources said A&M and SEC commissioner Mike Slive are now working feverishly to convince Oklahoma to join the SEC with the Aggies rather the follow Texas to the Pac-10.”

A: Oklahoma would be a very large increase in the TV market. I can understand the SEC being interested in them for that.

Are the Big Ten and the Pac 10 conferences blocking a playoff? by LSU Tigers Q: While everyone is screaming for a playoff... Mike Slive SEC conference comissioner... and others.... The Pac 10 and Big 10 dont want a playoff because they are scared that the SEC will own them.....

A: It is about money. The big ten and the pac ten have a contract with the rose bowl that gives them a ton of money. Why would they give up that money until the contract is up? As for being scared to the play the SEC, the big ten has most of it's other bowl game tie ins against an SEC team, and they are usually good games. Everyone from the big ten, with the exception of OSU, does well against the SEC. Personally I don't want to see a 16 team playoff or something similar. Some jackass team like georgia last year wouldn't win their division, wouldn't win their conference, and then get lucky at the end of the season and talk about how great they are.

Should SEC commissioner, Mike Slive step in? by JCB Q: Urban Meyer suspends Brandon Spikes for half a game after Spikes purposely jammed his thumb into an opposing players eye. Should the SEC personally hand out a sterner suspension as well as punishing Urban Meyer for this? It's obvious UF cares more about winning games than caring whether or not it's players are thugs. I know the SEC already accepted Urban's decision as acceptable, but it feels like more should have been done. Especially since Oregon suspended Blout for punching out someone. And also it's been said both teams were playing dirty that game. Cheap shots and eye poking the entire game. But for one team to do it "because the other team did it too" is a childish excuse.

A: damn I just asked this about this story...my bad...I did not see yours well honestly, I would suspend him for the rest of the year...he purposely tried to injure another player and on camera...Meyer is now the biggest douche in college football and Tebow basically quoted the bible with his eye for an eye comment. Florida is really a classy football program!!! edit: punching is one thing but to attempt to blind another player is ridiculous but just so we are clear...both are wrong in the sport of football

Mike Slive should suspends Meyer for first half of Vanderbilt game for comments made about SEC officials? by hays101 REVISITED Q: what kinda of a joke is this. They should just can him and send him to Notre Dame. Notre Dame's gonna give Charlie the boot anyway. First half?? I guess this way him and Brandon can shower together. Edit: PP, you have no idea how badly I hate the Gators. It all started with a hot shot young coach named STEVE SPURRIER. Are you old enough to remember? That's why I think it so funny that all these Florida fan's feelings get hurt so easily when Kiffin makes takes few jabs. Do you really think that he, or the coaches, or the players, or the fans give a damn about what Urban Meyer and the Florida fan base think about us. I hate to break this to you but we don't. If your not old enough to remember, this fight started long ago. It is funny how Slive and the rest of the SEC elite get mad when the new kid on the playground don't give a damn who the hell they are. I personally love it.

A: Your hatred for Florida is strong young one Every question is about the number 1 team in the nation Ill make a bet with you on the fact that LSU will beat that overrated mmmmm whatever their school name is this weekend

Mike Slive, a BCS commissioner, is also an SEC commissioner? by vinny_says_relax Q: Anyone besides me see the obvious conflict of interest here? Is there any wonder now as to how an LSU team with two losses makes the championship game? Since hes also responsible for at-large bids, maybe someone can also ask him how Kansas and Illinois received at-large bids (both of which lost to MU) yet still manage to leap over Missouri and into the Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl, leaving Mizzou with the meaningless Cotton Bowl against a #25 ranked team with 4 losses. Sorry Donnie but some of your information is innacurate. And he is directly responsible for at-large bids which affect many games OTHER than the championship game. And thats a fact.

A: You dont know anything about college football... You shouldnt post stupid questions.. The BCS formula relies on 2 human polls and 6 compriter rankings.. Mike Slive has no control over any of the polls... He doesn't have any control over the teams the bowl picks either... Do your home work before you post stupid questions...

What do you think about SEC commissioner Mike Slive's NCAA suggestions? by Norry (AU 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS) Q: •Making scholarships multi-year instead of single-year agreements. •Increasing the minimum high school GPA required for student-athletes to enroll as freshmen from 2.0 to 2.5. •Create an annual academic progress review of high school students, instead of relying on post-graduate transcripts. •As a byproduct, Slive admitted that this could lead to the return of the partial qualifier. He suggested letting those players enroll, receive aid and practice but not play in games until he completes a successful academic year. •Update the recruiting model to not restrict social media and technological advances such as Twitter, Facebook, cell phones and text messaging. •Simplify the recruiting calendar to be days where coaches can or cannot recruit, eliminating gray areas that have led to defining things like the “bump” rule. •Differentiate levels of infractions beyond the current categories of major and secondary violations. This includes putting intentional violations of NCAA rules in its own category and treating them appropriately.

A: Well some I do agree on like simplifying the calender because I am sick and tired of hearing of recruiting violations. Another one I agree on is GPA some High School coaches will lie about there students grade performance and get them on the playing filed. We don't really know there real GPA. Which leads to the first thing you said Scholarships. If your giving a kid a free scholarship he should be at the school playing for 2 years and not go transfer somewhere else. Also I think the social midea is right to a point because I can see how they want to protected the Players because I hear on games how the quarterback or another player is doing bad or getting trashed talk by other teams so much that needs to stop. But then again if the players have free time let them do what they want with it.

Who would win in a fight, Mike Slive or Jim Delany? by Q:

A: When will you stop asking stupid questions?

Mike Slive (president of BCS)>? by rutgersbanana Q: Attendance is up; ratings are up; interest is up; regional games have become national games of import,'' Mike Slive So is the money all the BCS cares about?

A: money is probably all they care about cause they obviously dont care what team should really be in the championship game

Mike Slive told SEC coaches "No more public shots at each other". Who will be the first to crack? by hays101 Q: If your going to say Lane, explain yourself a little more than throwing shots at him then you can throw shots at him if you want. Poor Peter.......sounds like sour grapes to me man. Jealousy will get you nowhere. Only an L.

A: Spurrier. The only thing I like about him is he calls it like he sees it.

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