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Miguel cabrera

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matheus_rocha Mostraram o Miguel Cabrera no 'Catching Hell' #Tigers

djhife82 RT @MariaTZumba: Jan 29,12 Zumba Master Class ,Maria T & Miguel Cabrera along w/ ZIN Wendy,Live Drummers & @djhife82 from @LAtino963 ,ONLY 300 TIX Available

MariaTZumba Jan 29,12 Zumba Master Class ,Maria T & Miguel Cabrera along w/ ZIN Wendy,Live Drummers & @djhife82 from @LAtino963 ,ONLY 300 TIX Available

Sintitulo3 @TELMEXSoluciona @SinTitulo3, carlos miguel cabrera sanchez, 9383816335... el internet falla mucho, se va muy seguido, espero soluciones :D

AndrewsM4 Guzman batea mucho, pero contra el Magallanes como que se cree Miguel Cabrera.

PinstripeHeroes New on http://t.co/8bV8iu23: Miguel Cabrera Autographed Baseball http://t.co/9rgYM5jX

hcrlavoz @ivanarteaga In the Official Site of MLB Miguel Cabrera aint considered a contender for the MVP award. They dont like Miggy at all.

ossleon RT @SEMARNAT_mx: Reconocimiento conservación d la naturaleza Ing. Miguel Ángel d Quevedo, al Comisariado d Bienes Comunales de Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oax

ocumarebolet @TigresdeAragua Miguel cabrera va a jugar esta temporada ?

betosierrasur RT @SEMARNAT_mx: Reconocimiento conservación d la naturaleza Ing. Miguel Ángel d Quevedo, al Comisariado d Bienes Comunales de Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oax

anps_conanp RT @SEMARNAT_mx: Reconocimiento conservación d la naturaleza Ing. Miguel Ángel d Quevedo, al Comisariado d Bienes Comunales de Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oax

SEMARNAT_mx Reconocimiento conservación d la naturaleza Ing. Miguel Ángel d Quevedo, al Comisariado d Bienes Comunales de Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oax

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How long must we wait till we find out when Miguel Cabrera has his H.O.F plaque waiting for him? by Jandy Inner self(R.I.P G.S) Q: I'll say in 2 more years. Miguel Cabrera is on pace for 500+ Home-runs a .300 AVG over 2000+ RBI OH LORDLY LORD!! I'm sure glad the roid sox didn't pull the trigger and traded for him.

A: He's not there yet, but I think he will make it.

Can Miguel Cabrera win the triple crown? by Thomas Q: Miguel Cabrera leads the AL in Batting Average, RBI's, and is tied for home runs. Can he do it?

A: Being a huge Cabby fan, I hope he will. I think he can though. He typically has better second halves anyway, so he has a definite shot.

Why is Mark Teixeira ahead of Miguel Cabrera in the All Star Voting for AL 1st basemen? by untitled Q: Player HR RBI Avg (MLB rank) Miguel Cabrera 19(1) 59(1) .332 (9) Mark Teixeira 10(47) 38(50) .226 (166) Who could possibly think that Mark Teixeira deserves to be an All Star Starter this year?

A: because it's called the "ALL STAR"" game. not all stat games, when are you people going to use what brain you do have and realize that...... it's for the stars not unknows who are playing over their heads....

Is there position eligibility coming for Miguel Cabrera? by Anthony N Q: I am pretty sure he's been playing OF for a few games and now he is starting at 1st base for the injured Carlos Guillen! Does this mean that Miguel Cabrera could be eligible at all these positions when he plays 5 games in each position??? I'm not sure if they have to be consecutive games played but......still multiple position eligibility can let me do some funky things to my lineup with Cabrera.

A: Perhaps. If you click on "Players" and then look along the top for "Position Eligibility" you can see how his (or anyones) eligibility is coming along. So far Cabrera has played no outfield, but did start one game at first base. Batters need either 5 Games Started or 10 Games Played at a position to gain eligibility. Pitchers need 3 Starts to gain SP eligibility, 5 Relief Appearances to gain RP eligibility. Each number displayed is a count-down, so for instance, "5" means "five games remaining to gain eligibility."

I get rid of Josh Beckett and i get Miguel Cabrera. Should I accept this trade? by xsportsx20 Q: Also, what do you think about Miguel Cabrera's Season so far and how do you think his stats will be at the end of the season. I have good pitching anyway. Edinson Volquez, Cliff Lee, Brandon Webb, Ryan Dempster, and Wandy Rodriguez.

A: No question pull the trigger on that deal. Mark my words Cabrera is going to go off, he's overdue for a breakout. I can see the signs of it already, Detroit has a healthy lineup and they've plugged a couple of weaknesses in the batting order. Beckett is tough to lose but you can afford it with Webb and Lee having great seasons.

Is Miguel Cabrera worth takeing in the first 5 picks of my fantasy baseball draft? by Dylan W Q: The others teams in my league think it was a stupid move to pass on matt holliday and chase utley for miguel cabrera with the 5th pick. Are they wrong or have I just made a bad mistake with my first round pick??

A: Well that actually depends on who the first 4 picks of the draft were. If it was A-rod Ramirez Rollins Pujols Yes it was a bad move to pass on Miggy. The ability for Wright to get SB's and his higher average makes him more of a bigger attraction to fantasy baseball players, and I would rather have him over Miggy. If Wright went instead of Pujols, I think it was a good move. Even though Pujols has the chances to put up huge numbers, any injury that has been talked about for this long has to be something to be concerned about. Miggy has a chance to mimic the numbers of Pujols except for probably the avg. Anyway, Miguel Cabrera was a good pick at 5. Maybe just a bit over-valued, but none the less was a good pick. If David Wright was there, I would have went with him first, but if not, its a good pick. Good luck!!

Do the Tigers still have to pay Miguel Cabrera if he has a career ending injury playing winter ball? by Harley3000 Q: We all know the Detroit Tigers just traded for All-Star Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera is currently playing winter ball in his native Venezuela. What if he got hurt? What is the Tigers liability here? Why would the Tigers allow him to play in the first place?

A: Well, all players have insurance on them for career ending injuries, so while the money won't come out of their pockets, he will still be paid.

Who will the Angels get now that Miguel Cabrera has been traded to Detroit? by juan_two_three Q: Now that Miguel Cabrera has been traded to Detroit and ARod has re-signed with the Yankees, who is left for the Angels to acquire? Miguel Tejada? Scott Rolen? Johan Santana? Are any of these players the missing link to a championship caliber team? Is there anyone else the Angels could possible get?

A: its really hard to say, off the bat id say tejada, cause the angels have proffessed an interest in him before, but tony reagins was quoted as saying some possibilites have come up that were totally out of left field (pardon the pun) and who knows what those could be, he sure wont say i kind of doubt we'll go after johan, but who knows, rolen is a possibility, garret atkins, never rule out troy glaus either

What is the song that plays when miguel cabrera walks up to the plate? by devy7y07 Q: Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tiger's walks up to the plate this season to a rap song that the only part of the lyrics that I can hear is the rap star saying "Okay". It is a male rapper, but I can't even figure out who that is. Can anyone help me with this one?

A: The song is "Dancing Queen"

Miguel Cabrera!!? by Shutout105 Q: Hey everyone! I was curious to know.. Does Miguel Cabrera sign lots of autographs? If so, how many on average would he sign in a stop? 2? 10? Also, does anyone have interesting facts on him? Like his nickname or whatnot? thanks!!! - Jay

A: His first name is actually Jose, Miguel goes by his middle name...His wife'e name is Rosangel and so is his daughter's... Miguel Cabrera is the youngest player in Major League history to have back to back 30 homerun seasons... The kid is an offensive machine, one of the best in baseball...Reminds me of Manny Ramirez >"without the attitude" BA-339 OB%-430 SLG-574 OPS-1004 But the thing that has impressed me, is that for the good of the team he moved from right field to third base and has made himself a pretty good defensive player....His .957FLD% and RF of 2.56, 33 doubleplays and 16 errors, these numbers are average for a ML third baseman, but considering the fact he's only 23 and new to the position>on a full time basis...Pretty impressive... On the autographs, one of the best ways to get them is to go to spring training...The players, especially the star players are much less pressed for time in camp...You can actually talk with the players...It's nice if you know something about them, like the fact his daughter's name is Rosangle, "she's probable a cutie"! All daddys are proud of their kids...


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