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Microsoft Office

Google Defeats Microsoft in Epic Battle for Government Contract
The state of Colorado picked Apps over Microsoft Office 365 earlier this year. BBVA Bank and Roche Group also contracted with Google for e-mail and collaboration, totaling about 200000 paid seats. And now the Interior Department will pay Google $34.9 ...

Microsoft Detects New Malware Targeting Apple Computers
By Jeremy Kirk, IDG-News-Service:Sydney-Bureau Microsoft has detected a new piece of malware targeting Apple OS X computers that exploits a vulnerability in the Office productivity suite patched nearly three years ago. The malware is not widespread, ...

Microsoft's Office Live Small Business Closing Today
By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Microsoft is sticking to its plan to shut down its Office Live Small Business (OLSB) suite of cloud-based services on Monday, even though it seems many customers are either unaware of the deadline or are having ...

Microsoft milestones through history
In 1981, computers the size of refrigerators and cabinets of tapes for reel-to-reel computer tape drives lined the walls in the small offices of Microsoft founders Bill Gates, left, and Paul Allen in Bellevue. In 1981 Microsoft employed 85 people.

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What are the most important Microsoft Office skills? by kid_at_heart Q: My mom wants to reenter the work world but she is not proficient with Microsoft Office. If we wanted to help teach her some skills with tutorials, what specifically should she focus on so that she can apply for a wider range of jobs? If you could put together a program of tutorials, what sorts of lessons would be included? She would like a clerical/receptionist position.

A: Clerical and receptionist positions are tough to come by because most executives do their own word processing and most companies have automated switchboards (press 1 for english and 2 for spanish, etc.) She should, however, learn the following MS Office programs in this order: Word, Excel, and maybe Access. In Excel she should learn as many of the mathematical formulas as possible, along with how to create meaningful graphs of data. The data could come from databases created using MS Access. Microsoft provides plenty of tutorials on their website for each of their products. Good luck!

How to delete words from microsoft office word dictionary? by Q: Hi, I've found some errors in my native language glossary consisted in the microsoft office proofing tools pack and i like to edit/delete it. Any clues?

A: This is from Windows 2010; if you have an older one, perhaps you can find something similar in Help (F1). Access, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word 1.Click the File tab. 1.Under Help, click Options. 2.Click Proofing. 3.Make sure the Suggest from main dictionary only check box is cleared. 4.Click Custom Dictionaries. 2.Select the dictionary you want to edit. Make sure you do not clear the check box. 3.Click Edit Word List. 4.Do one of the following: To add a word, type it in the Word(s) box, and then click Add. To delete a word, select it in the Dictionary box, and then click Delete. To edit a word, delete it, and then add it with the spelling you want.

Can I send myself microsoft office from one computer to another using email? by The Calculus Alchemist Q: There is a computer that has microsoft office, can I email microsoft office to the other computer? CAN I ATLEAST SAVE MICROSOFT OFFICE ON A FLASH DRIVE?

A: If you have the install CD you might be able to shrink it using WINZIP, but I dont think office is just one single install file, and is pretty much as big as a 700mb CD-ROM disk

How to keep Microsoft Office after clean install updating OS? by Q: I have Microsoft Office installed on my computer with Windows 7 RC build 7100. I am doing a clean install do update to the full version of Windows 7 because the RC is running out in a day. I do not want to have to purchase Microsoft Office again just because I am updating my OS. So i was wondering how I can find my product key or whatever it is i need so that I can keep Microsoft Office and not have to repurchase it?

A: the box should have the cd key.

Can I delete microsoft office home and student 2007 and have open office? by MERE Q: microsoft office home and student is free trial. I know the free trial will run out. microsoft office and home student is taking up space. I was wondering that open office will not work properly.

A: OpenOffice is a poor substitute for MS Office. It is a large download and then not to mention very slow in running it. You should rather try SSuite Office for free office software. Their software also don't need to run on Java or .NET, like so many open source office suites, so it makes their software very small and efficient. http://www.ssuitesoft.com/index.htm

How do I transfer Microsoft Office from one computer to another? by nick_my_dog Q: I have a computer that has Microsoft Office on it and I wanna put it on my other computer. So I opened up Sonic burning software and browsed in my computer and burned the folder Microsoft Office to a cd. When I tried to open it on my other computer it says " this operating system is not configured to run this application ".

A: Unfortunately, this process you tried cannot work :( You can't transfer an installed program from one computer to the other (there are exceptions, like 1% of apps) by simply copying files... this is because of modifications done in other system files of your computer (registry) when first installing this software. So, basically, in order to install Microsoft Office on another computer, you will need a Microsoft Office installation CD or DVD. Good luck

How do you unistall microsoft office trial version? by mead1973 Q: I just bought a new computer and with the computer came microsoft office trial version. I want to uninstall this program because I already have a Microsoft office home and student 2007 on a disk for download. I tried to go to control settings and uninstall and I got a message that I do not have administrative priveledges for this uninstall. Can someone tell me how I can uninstall so I can install my own software without any conflicting programs running at the same time?

A: Log into the administrator account and then uninstall it as you normally would.

Whats the difference between Microsoft Office 2010 Professional & Professional Plus? by Q: I heard theres two types, but im not sure if i understood right, is there a such thing as those two? Microsoft Office 2010 Proffesional Microsoft Office 2010 Proffesional Plus Thnks!

A: MS Office Professional Plus allows for three licenses in one household vs. one license for MS Office Professional. There are some other features also, but not likely as important as the multiple licensing. Here's a link if you'd care to investigate further. http://blogs.technet.com/b/uspartner_ts2team/archive/2010/09/30/which-are-differences-between-office-2010-pkc-fpp-and-vl.aspx

How do I download microsoft office 2010 onto my macbook? by SomebodyNeedsHelp Q: Recently I bought the 2010 Microsoft Office for home and students online. I downloaded the online link they sent me, but my computer doesn't seem to be able to read the file. I've gotten the backup disk, but the installations aren't automatically starting like they should and none of the applications I have seem to be compatible with reading anything on the disk. Did I buy the wrong version of Microsoft Office, especially since I don't have Windows?

A: Yes, you purchased the Windows version. There is no Office 2010 for Mac. The latest is Office for Mac 2008. Office for Mac 2011 will be coming out soon. If you purchase Office for Mac 2008 now, you will receive a free upgrade to Office for Mac 2011. Here's the link:

I want to get rid of Microsoft Office 2007 and restore my emails back to my school webmail. How do I do that? by southpark Q: I want to delete Microsoft Office 2007. I tried using it, but I just do not like it. I want to go back to using my school's webmail service. I can access that from anywhere. How do I go about getting rid of Microsoft Outlook 2007 and thus restoring emails to my school account?

A: Does your school web mail have a way to import them? If so you can export them from Outlook before you get rid of it.

How do I get Microsoft office to reappear in my programs? by Q: I made a new account on my desktop, but now all of my Microsoft office tools are gone. I know office is still on my computer but how do I make it show on my programs/desktop? I have Microsoft 2007 and Vista.

A: Drag the program icons to your desktop, one at a time, or select a whole group of them, and then select "Create Shortcut here".

How do I uninstall microsoft office 2007 on windows vista? by wyatts momma Q: I got a free trial of microsoft office with the purchase of my computer and my trial is up. I bought microsoft office at best buy but I'm afraid to install it to my computer until I uninstall the trial version I have. How do I do this?

A: +Here is a thought: If you bought the same version that is a trial on your computer, why not just register the trial version using the product key from the one you just purchased? As long as you have a valid license key, it doesn't matter.

How can I download Microsoft office home and student 2007? by Q: I need to download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 (the free trial version) for school, but everytime I log in to download this version, it kicks me to Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, but this is not the version that I want to install. How can I do this?

A: You can download a free Office 2010 trail version from the following link: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Office-tools/Office-suites/Microsoft-Office.shtml or if you are looking for something free and just as useful, you could try the following web sites: SSuite Office for free office software - http://www.ssuitesoft.com :) No trials, no registering your personal information, no strings attached at all. Just free office software. A very small download too! :D http://www.ssuitesoft.com/ssuiteexcalibur.htm http://www.ssuitesoft.com/wordgraph.htm and some others that are online: Google Docs for online work - http://docs.google.com Windows Live for online work- http://www.live.com .............................

How do i share Microsoft office software with another computer in my house without a CD Drive? by Q: My main computer has a copy of microsoft Office 2003. I am wanting to copy this piece of software to a netbook i have in a sperate room. This netbook does not have a CD Drive so am unable to install the software directly onto it. Am i able to copy and paste the entire folder onto a External HDD and then load it up that way?

A: the best way to do this would be to make an ISO file... there's many programs that let you do so: magic iso, power iso, alcohol 120%, deamon tools... the list goes on... once you've made an image of the disc (ISO) and put it on your external hdd, you'll have to also place the program you created it with so you can install that program and use the "mount" function. what these programs do is use space on your hdd to make a "virtual rom" and "virtual discs", your computer will recognize these drives as being physical even if they are not really there (only in data form) recommendation: I use Magic Iso, but to mount the images u create with it, will require it's mounting program called Magic Disc. It's totally free to use and you can make any size image if you use ".UIF" (Universal Image File), but can only be mounted with Magic Disc. there is a slight possibility that you can just copy all the data from the disc to a folder on your external, since it's an older version of office (this would only work if you don't need a key to install)... from that folder you could run the ".exe" from the computer that u want to install it to Ultimately if none of that works, there is a last method of doing this: you need to have the computer with a real physical rom and the netbook connected on a network through a router... both have to be connected using Ethernet cables and then after placing the disc in the rom, you can right click on the drive and share it to the network... once shared, the netbook should be able to see it in My Network Places and do the installation directly from there Hope some of this helped and good luck

How do I reinstall Microsoft Office after a system restore, with the product key but no disc? by Tibor Q: I got microsoft office pro plus 2010 as a download link from my old work. I downloaded it online, and deleted the setup files after it was installed. So I have the product key, but no download link, no original setup file, and no disc.

A: go here http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/try/ and choose your version and download it as a trial. After you install it just type in your product key and let it activate itself online.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel? by let the hate flow through you Q: Hi everyone! So I need to know the difference between Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel. How do they function differently? I've been hired as a personal assistant, but I need to quickly learn excel and office. Is it easy to learn? Thanks for all your help and detailed answers, also if you can provide websites/.videos that can show me how both system operate, that would be a plus. Thanks once again very much! :)

How do i put microsoft office on my usb memory stick? by ljag89l Q: I am restoring my computers to factory settings and i can't figure out how to put my microsoft office on the usb stick so i don't lose it. Everytime i've tried to open it up on another computer it doesn't open. Can anyone give me a step by step? I have a 4GB stick so it should fit. Thanks in advance.

A: Step 1: Dont bother, it has to be properly installed on an OS to run.

Is Microsoft office available to all users on one computer? by Q: I have a guest account and other accounts on my laptop. Will Microsoft Office 2010 be available on all users?

A: yes..the difference will be that each user's custom settings are stored under their profile but yes everyoen can open office

With Microsoft office, How many times after purchasing, can the key code be reinstalled ? by Inquisitive Q: When you purchase a Microsoft Office Program, Does anyone know how many times that the key code can be used? I am not asking how many machines it can be installed on, but after removing the program from a machine how many more times can it be reinstalled? Thanks to all in advance!

A: infinite and beyond? Legally speaking, one. But if you de-install first, you can keep moving it from computer to computer. Although the online activation will fail after two different computers. Then you will need to call everytime afterwards. Take about 1 hour last time i did it.

How can I transfer Microsoft Office from my old laptop to my new laptop? by Q: It gives you 3 keycodes and I have used them all. One laptop crashed and now I need that keycode from the laptop that crashed to put Microsoft Office on my new laptop. Is there a way to get that keycode? And if so, how?

A: If you used all the keycodes there is no legal way. But if you call microsoft they should be able to do it for you depending on your circumstances of how your other cpu crashe.

How do i get microsoft office 2007 without buying or downloading? by Sunset Q: I just got a computer and i dont want to make it slower or anything but i need microsoft office realy badly. I do not want to download it or buy it. My brother already had it on his computer when he bought it but i checked everywhere and i dont. Please help! Just incase you wanna know what type of computer i have i have the hp touch.

A: .... So you're saying you want someone to send you a CD for free? The world doesn't work like that sweetie. You can download pirated copies but this is ILLEGAL, and if you don't know what you're doing, you won't get it to work. You can't get it to be mystically beamed to your computer, you either have to download it from SOMEWHERE or get a CD.. Regardless, there's this free solution that's very similar to microsoft office: http://www.openoffice.org/ Completely free.

How can I transfer Microsoft Office from my old computer to my new one? by alex Q: I got a new laptom, and all my Microsoft Office and Adobe photosop an things like that are on my old one. I don't have discs left I threw them all away. I want all my programs to e on this computer instead of that one is it possible?

A: What version of office was it? You can extract they key and download the install image from Microsoft or one of its digital distribution partners . key viewer: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_cd_key_viewer.html I will link you to the official office installer when tell me what version it is If you have a valid licence for Photoshop you can extract your current key and request new install disks from adobe.

How do I use Microsoft Office 08 (mac) on multiple computers without being forced to exit? by Andy Q: I installed Microsoft Office 2008 on multiple macs, using the same serial number. When both computers try to run Word, one of the computers forces the program to quit. If I turn off the airport, it will allow both of the computers to run it, however this can be inconvenient sometimes if i need to use the internet. Is there some way to run Word on both computers at the same time, with the Airport enabled?

A: If you purchased the Home and Student edition of MS Office 2008 for Mac, it come with 3 licenses, which would allow you to run up to three instances of the app on your network simultaneously.

How do i convert documents from open office to microsoft office? by LapsiApple Q: i used to have OpenOffice. but i recently got Microsoft Office. so i have deleted OpenOffice. but how do i get the files from OpenOffice to open in Microsoft Office?

A: The best way to do it is just install Open Office again since it's free anyway. Then just do this for every file you want to open in Microsoft Office: 1. Open the file in Open Office 2. Click File, then "Save As" 3. Change the file type from a .odt to a .doc (odt is the Open Office format, doc is the Microsoft format) 4. Click Save When asked to keep current format or keep Open Office format, you want to keep the current format. Once you save it with the file extension .doc then Microsoft Office should open it. Try doing it for one of the files you want to convert, then if it works (which it should), just continue doing it for the rest of the files

How do I redeem my Microsoft office product code to download it online directly through the website? by Q: I bought an Alienware laptop that came with microsoft student pre-installed. Recently, I had to restore it to its factory edition, however Microsoft Office wasn't installed. I have the product code for the program, but I cant find where to redeem it on the website to just directly install it. Just a link would be fine. Thanks :)

A: Try the following links: Office 2010 http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/products/microsoft-office-2010-backup-FX101853122.aspx Office 2007 http://www.microsoft.com/office/backup2007/en-us/default.mspx

How to save microsoft office files from a virus? by Q: My computer was infected by a virus and it won't let me open any of the Microsoft office files they never open. I was going to clean my computer but I was wondering if there is a way from the files so I can re-use them when I clean my computer? I don't want the files to get erased as they are very important files. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!! Im planning to clean it by using the system restore CD that comes with the computer to restore it to factory settings.

A: Backup to a flash or thumb drive before using the recovery. You could try to get rid of it ... You can download several (real!) security programs here : http://www.filehippo.com/software/antimalware/ Also as a general suggestion remember the quote "You can never have too many backups!" BTW some of the nastier bugs out there actually ENCRYPT your files and won't let you have them back unless you pay $$.

Can I remove microsoft office from my computer, and still keep all the documents from it? by heyman2543 Q: I have to remove microsoft office from my computer so I can put a new one on. Will all my files be deleted?

A: yes u can remove the office and it wouldnt delete ur saved document files but u have tomake sure ur new word processr recognises the word files or u might not be able to open them in your new program...how ever windows has its own word processer called word pad it can open mswords files, under Start> Program> Accessories> Wordpad OpenOffice is a free word processing program ucan download it and its compatable with ms word. http://download.openoffice.org/index.html

How to activate microsoft office with no disc and just a product key? by armydudesrule66 Q: I have just the product key for microsoft office 2007 enterprise but how do i get that window to pop up where i put the product key in?

A: Open word, click on help, then select activate product. ;->

How to transfer Microsoft Office from a disk to my laptop? by Leia Q: I just bought Microsoft Office from my campus computer store at a student price, so it only comes with the CD-ROM. But my laptop doesn't have an optical drive, and I don't have time to buy an external optical drive. How do I transfer Microsoft Office from the CD to my laptop?

A: Get someone to copy the office disc to a flash drive, copy it to your desktop and run it from there.

How many times can i reinstall microsoft office with the same product key on the same computer? by I'm back Q: I've been hit with 3 pretty bad viruses, causing me to reformat each time. I read on the microsoft office box that the key can be used for up to 3 computers. I've used the key 3 times, but on the same computer. I need to reinstall it again. Can I use the same product key if it is on the same computer? I'm talking about microsoft office 2007.

A: It means 3 different computers, not 3x on the same computer. As long as you own software, you can load it as many times as you want on your computer. Once you activate it with the key, microsoft will detect the same hardware (namely the MOBO). Even if you change MOBO, and it doesn't activate, you can call Microsoft and get it done via phone.

How to download Microsoft office home and student 2010 faster? by Q: Is there any way to download microsoft office home and student 2010 fast. I have had to retry 2 times because it said it fell below 100 or something please help.

A: It fell below 100 or something .... ?? Absolutely NO idea what you mean here. Elaborate with more info and background details. Also, EXACTLY where are you downloading MS Office from?

how do you open microsoft office documents in microsoft works? by Q: I have windows 7 starter. I have microsoft word documents in 97-2003 template that I need to open in Microsoft works. I read your posting to similar questions, but it did not solve the issue. Downloading compatibility download is only for microsoft office. Or is that word document are not compatible with microsoft works word processor. I really appreciate any help.

A: First, Microsoft Works will handle the old 97-2003 .doc document format right out of the box. The Compatibility Pack (which does work on Microsoft Works as well as on Office) enables Works to handle the new .docx document format. But you don't say what's not working for you. Here's how to get Works to open the old .doc format: 1. In Works Word Processor, press the File->Open menu item or press CTRL/O. 2. Set the Files of Type list box to Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc). 3. Navigate to the folder with the Word document. 4. Select and open it. Hope that helps.

How do I stop microsoft office 2007 from freezing? by Q: I have windows vista for the time being and I installed microsoft office 2007 about a year ago. Every time I try to save a document in microsoft word it freezes. I have been searching this problem for a while and have found a lot of useless information that doesn't work. Can somebody please tell me what I can do, my fiance needs to be able to use micosoft word for school and he can't save anything.

A: If your copy of Vista is legit (not pirate) then what you need to do is download the latest software patches and updates for Office 2007. You're missing one of them somewhere along the way that's causing these freezes. You get these downloads from Microsoft's website.

How much does it cost to install microsoft office on a mac? by Q: I am going to buy the new MacBook Pro, which is £999. However I am aware that Microsoft Office will not be included in this price. I know of the equivalents such as Text Edit and Open Office, as they come with the computer. I am just wondering how much it will be to have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) installed? And any other feedback on Text Edit and Open Office?! Thanks!

A: In the UK Amazon.com sells Office for 70.80 including free shipping: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Office-2011-Home-Student-User/dp/B003YCOJA8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1306714242&sr=8-1 TextEdit is a bare-bones, yet still functional text editor (notice I did not say word processor). TextEdit can open and save text in Microsoft Word format (but other aspects of the document are not editable, such as charts, SmartArt, fancy formatting, etc.) OpenOffice is horribly out of date Windows software that's been ported to the Mac. You'd be better off with Microsoft's free version of office at docs.com http://www.docs.com/

How can i reinstall my microsoft office applications onto a new computer? by Q: A few months ago i purchased microsoft office ultimate 2007 online and recieved the product codes and other information via email. I have recently purchased a new laptop and would like to be able to use the Microsoft Office applications on the new laptop. How can I make it so that the product key works? I dont think i can use is for more than one computer, so what do i do? They did send me two back up disks, but im not sure what to do with those or how to use them.

A: go back to the website, and download the files to a thumb drive. make sure you hae the product key, on the old computer press start, control panel, add remove programs. and then remove. take the thumb drive to the new computer, run the install program,enter inte product key. your set to go

How do you install only microsoft office from a windows xp installation disc? by new mama Q: I want to install Microsoft Office onto my Windows XP. My computer did not come with Office but I believe my Windows XP disc from college has Office on it. I do I only install Office and not all of Windows XP?

A: Microsoft Office is separate software that is not included with Windows. You'll need to purchase it, or try many of the free similar products offered, since MS Office is simply not worth the money, in my opinion.

What is the difference between a Microsoft Office dick and a product key card? by Q: I am planning on buying Microsoft Office 2010, but there are two Microsoft Offices. One is a Home & Student product key card and the second one just says Home & Student. What is the product key card and what is the difference between Home & Student and the key card? Can the Microsoft Ofiice 2010 Home & Student software be installed on several compuers unlimited or is there a limit on the instalation? Can the product key card code be reused without limit? I meant disk, not dick. I meant disk, not dick.

A: The Key Card assumes you already installed the trial version of MS-Office 2010 Home and Student, and lets you Activate it on up to 3 computers. The full version includes the DVD, and lets you Activate it on up to 3 computers. But, Open Office 3, and Libre Office, are virtually 100% file-compatible with MSO, and they're both free, and you can freely install them on hundreds of PCs. So, just Google for them, before you waste your money.

How do I get my microsoft office to open? by tomvesey0505 Q: I took my computer to Geek Squad last week to have a virus removed. When my computer was returned, my microsoft office will not work properly. I get the following message "Microsoft Office Word has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application." I have tried to run the setup wizard with my Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 disc, but it will not work. How can I get my Microsoft Office to work again?

A: Take it back to the Geek Squad and have them complete the job. They should have made sure the computer worked correctly after they finished the job.

How do I transfer Microsoft Office from my old computer to my new computer? by Captain Crunch Q: I just got a new laptop but it did not come with Microsoft office installed. I have all of the necessary files on my old computer but tranferring them via flash drive does not seem to work. It does not work because I am only moving the files over to the flash drive and not actually installing the Microsoft office onto the flash drive. I'd really appreciate the advice I'm in a bind.

A: do this and tell me the result : 1- first move all the office folder as you did. 2- search in the drive that contains your windows installed (whether c, d, etc..) for office. you will get files and folders. and you will be able to see their main folder next to them. move the ones which are not in the main office program folder. *for step 3 make a folder to produce the files needed into it. 3- start menu > run > type regedit > ok > from edit menu choose find > write office > click fin next > you will get a highlighted key. if it's in the right side of the window leave it and from edit menu choose find next. if in the left side > right click on the key > export > choose the folder you made for step 3 as a location and write a name > click save > then keep clicking find next from edit menu and doing what is written before until no other files are found > after that move the folder to your new laptop > click on each key choosing yes then ok until you did that with all keys in the folder. don't forget to tell me the results ! EDIT : sorry forgot to write something : in step 2 for the files which are moved to the new laptop, put them in the locations they were in in the old pc.

How many phones will microsoft office pro work on? by Q: I just bought the Microsoft office pro for my android but I have a couple of phones on my account that are androids, can I put the Microsoft office on the other droids without it costing extra money?

A: Microsoft doesn't make anything (yet) that works on Android in the Office Family. There are some prototypes being tested (like Access and OneNote) There are 3rd-party applications that can transfer data or are similar.. DocstoGo, Evernote, and others. There are online versions of Microsoft WebApps, but this works through a web browser, not an installation. Check the product you purchased, and see what the license says. If you really do have Microsoft Office for Android - I'd love to see it. .. I am a low-level MS registered partner, and I own a 'droid

How do you save your Microsoft office after restoring a computer to factory settings? by Q: I need to restore my laptop to factory settings because there is something wrong with it that I can't fix. I can easily reinstall all my programs and software, but i've lost my microsoft office disk. I thought of putting microsoft office onto a pen drive, restoring my computer to factory settings, then reinstalling office from the pen drive, but i would be asked for the serial key to be allowed to install it. Is there a better alternative where i wont need the serial key? Thanks :)

A: magicaljellybean will show you the key if office is installed already,you could download a trial version of the same Office you have and use the key to make it genuine.

How do I Switch Microsoft Office licenses to a different computer? by Q: My father bought Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student, with 3 licenses (was a few years ago). And I want to take off Microsoft office from my laptop, onto my desktop. How do i do this? Because it only came with 1 license product key that you can use 3 times. Do I some how De-authorize the one on my laptop, if so how?

A: I think image creator can solve your problem it is same like the Symantec Norton Ghost and you can create of your installed office there for you will not need and key in the future for that find any image creator software for your solutions

I have microsoft office 2007 in my laptop but bought a microsoft office 2010 program? by Q: My trial for Microsoft Office has recently expired and says i need a product key. I bought a Microsoft Office 2010 program and was wondering if I need to remove Microsoft Office 7 or if I can just enter the product key from the Microsoft Office Program?

A: Yes remove 2007, before installing 2010. Apart from anything else, it's taking up disk space.

microsoft Office? by Easy Mac Q: I brought Microsoft office professional last year,and put it on one of my computers. now the license says that it is only valid for on computer. So i cant put it on my laptop that i recently brought. heres the question: Can i uninstall it from my computer and install it on my laptop without it being illegal and all that other stuff? But on the licensing thing that came with the version on Microsoft professional it says that i can only use it on on PC? so idk

A: If you own the software, you can put it on your laptop as well as your other computer. You don't need to uninstall anything. The thinking is that you will not be using them at the same time. What Microsoft hopes to curtail is people passing the software around to a number of people, instead of each of them buying a copy.

MICROSOFT!... office? by Q: hello all! I am hoping you guys can help, right now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am trying to get a trial download of Microsoft office. Not really sure WHICH microsoft office (student, home, professional...etc) is the best. Any suggestions? PLUS.. I try to download trials and see... my step son downloaded a trial... NEVER USED IT... and its hindering me from being able to try this system out?..really? please help!!!

MICROSOFT OFFICE ;];]? by Demi S Q: hey, im on vista and im wondering how to use microsoft office without paying. I've done the free trail.

A: There is no way...After the trail you either buy it, or uninstall it You can use this for free, forever http://www.openoffice.org

MICROSOFT OFFiCE!!?? by Aiden F Q: I just got a computer from a friend and it needs microsoft office is there anyway to install it for free?

A: www.openoffice.org better then microsoft office , reads all office products and best of all FREE

Microsoft office? by kaymay09 Q: I just got the new Microsoft Office and I like it and all but it is not compatable with the old Office. I've sent people files and made Powerpoint presentations, and I can't send any of this without it becoming completely messed up or not sending. Is there any way for me to convert it to send it? Because this can't keep happening. I *need* to be able to save things to my email and open them at school (which does not work at the moment). What do I do?!

A: First ask those you send files to what version of Powerpoint they have. Then when you go to save the file...you should have a drop down menu in the save box that will let you select older versions of Powerpoint to save the file as. Save it in the version the person you are sending it to. That way they will be able to open and view your file.

microsoft office? by jpearson711 Q: I need a version any of microsoft office. Open office will not upload onto my computer for some reason and I have tried to fix it. Help please..

A: use open office

Microsoft Office? by Steve Q: My school expects all students to type their papers in MLA format, using Microsoft Word. It has to be double-spaced, be indented 1 inch on all sides, have a header with my last name and page number and a bunch of other things that you need Microsoft word to do. What the school doesn't realize, is that not all computers come with Microsoft word preinstalled, and Microsoft Office is a $150 program. (Also that not everyone has a computer) I tried writing a paper with open office word, but when I got to school and tried to open the .doc file so I could print it, microsoft word wouldn't let me open it. It said it was either in an unrecognized format or currupted. So lately I've been writing my papers in word pad, but word pad can't do a lot of the MLA formatting, so I've been only getting half credit. It's pretty stupid that my teachers won't let me write my papers by hand. I don't want to resort to piracy, so is there any free solution? @ teachr That's what I did screw this, I'll just be a pirate argh @ Rose Read what I wrote to teachr

A: Provided that: 1.) You have a USB Flash drive, and 2.) Your school allows you to use them on their computers You can download a portable version of OpenOffice at: http://portableapps.com/apps/office/openoffice_portable If you don't want such a large download (70 MB), you can try AbiWord: http://portableapps.com/apps/office/abiword_portable which is only 6 MB. Hope this helps!

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