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Michigan State Basketball

Michigan State Basketball Gameday: Spartans can slow down Blue Hens 'with ...
When Delaware guard Jarvis Threatt was asked about Michigan State on Wednesday, the first word out of his mouth was 'rebounding.' "They're a team that crashes the offensive glass," Threatt said. "The offensive sets, they run plenty of sets, but when ...

Michigan State basketball bandwagon overflowing, President Barack Obama ...
If you aren't already on the Michigan State basketball bandwagon, you might want to jump on soon. It's filling up quickly. President Barack Obama officially came on board Wednesday, with ESPN revealing that he picked the No. 4-seeded Spartans (26-8) to ...

Bracket Briefing: Is Michigan State-Louisville championship inevitable?
In a year of parity among the best college basketball teams, it seems as though a No. 1 seed doesn't warrant favoritism. That's the case for top seeds Virginia and Wichita State. Both squads were rewarded by the selection committee. but betting odds ...

Obama Picks Michigan State To Win Men's Basketball Title
The nation's "first basketball fan" has Michigan State winning it all in this year's NCAA Division I men's basketball championship. President Obama filled out his brackets for ESPN again this year. The sports network aired the president's pre-recorded ...

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What day do the Michigan wolverines replay Michigan State in basketball March 02 or March 03? by Seth Q: I have checked multiple websites some claiming the game is on March 3rd at 4:00 and others claiming the game is on March 2 at 5:15. just wondering if anyone can confirm exactly what day the game is on.

A: Its March 3rd at the Crisler Center at 4:00 vs. Michigan State.

Who Thinks that we can have a Bradley Basketball upset against Michigan State? by A Q: Could Bradley become ranked after a win like this? Will Bradley be ranked at the end of the year?

A: The Missouri Valley Conference is really good this year. The Bradley win over Iowa was a good one. Michigan State is good but erratic. Bradley has a fair chance playing at home.

Will I get into Michigan State? by Rico E Q: I am about to be a senior, next school year, and I plan on applying for Michigan State in August/September. I currently have a 3.59 through my 9th and 11th grade years. I have recieved a 22 on my ACT and dont plan on retaking it. My 10th and 11th grade years were my best academic years, which I hear is the grades colleges look at the most. Freshman year I played basketball, and took part in helping a local chess club. Sophmore year I played basketball through a league outside of school and same with Junior year...I have been accepted in to National Honor Society. Also I plan on making an official visit to Michigan State this summer before I apply. So what do you guys think, with this criteria, can I get into Michigan State?

A: WOW lucky haha... thats good 3.5 well i think if u want to continue ur senior year in Michigan than that would be fine.... but u have so much opportunities like the national honor society but then again if you go to Michigan you could get more things.... but you would get into Michigan i think its definite.

NCAA basketball question? by mitch w Q: what school is the most intimidating place to play for road teams.(loud fans,school spirt ect.)

A: Michigan State Spartans GO STATE!!

NCAA Sports Poll again anyone? by Bucky Y!A Iz Яun By Nazis Q: Who is your favorite team for.... Football-Wisconsin Basketball-Marquette Hockey-Wisconsin Baseball-None Lacrosse- Johns Hopkins for Div 1 but I like Marquette most overall and they're going D1 in a few years That covers it for the main sports K Dawg- Thats because the Big Ten has not made lax yet, OSU and Penn State have division 1 but everyone else is clubs, but if Marquette is going D-1 the Badgers should too Sam- Funny story, one of our players parents played for Wisconsin when Shembeckler was coach for Michigan football, and he told his players to do lax, so he told us how he was 170 going against a 300 pound midfielder haha

A: Football-Michigan State Basketball-Michigan State Hockey-Michigan State Baseball-Michigan State Lacrosse- N/A Michigan State doesn't have lax and they don't show enough of it on Big Ten Network or ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU.

Anyone remember the first name of the Michigan State basketball player years ago with the last name White? by bootersclub Q: He was one of their star players, I just can't remember his first name. I think he played either late 90s or early 2000s

A: According to the Michigan State media guide the only players named White that have played for MSU are Benny White who played 1973-1976, Curtis White who played from 1935-1936, and Oliver White who played from 1943-1947.

Where can I get Michigan vs. Ohio state Mens Basketball tickets for under 40 dollars? by GoBlue!MikeHart! Q: The game this Saturday in Ann Arbor.

A: If you do the "close to gametime or after tipoff" approach, you should defnitely get tickets for around 20-40 bucks. Sure it is a big game, but Michigan isn't even ranked (yes it is a huge rivalry and OSU is number 1). I have found this method to work almost every time for some really big games. Don't even think about ebay or craigs list, they will be sky high on there. Just take your 80 bucks down to the arena this weekend and wait till about 10 minutes till tipoff. Someone will have a bunch of average tickets left and they will be ready to go in and watch the game. You should be able to get some for face value. good luck!

Which is better? State prison or federal prison? by Pho Nlgger Q: I was watching the tv show American greed and scams. It was about were Bernie Madoff is locked up. They have tennis courts and a indoor basketball court. Is all federal prisons like that? Madoff said its like a retirement community.

A: the michigan state prison in muskegon has free cable, workout stuff, basketball counts, and an ice cream shop. prisoners cost taxpayers between 29-40 k a year on average

Michigan or Michigan State? by adam m Q: which college do u like more

A: i like michigan more but thats only because i was born in michigan and raised there and i was always a wolverine fan when it came to sports any state expesually agianst ohio state we hate them! sadly lost but michigan state does have a great basketball team! and there college is so much bigger but ill always back up my wolverines

Is MSU undefeated in tourney games played in Indianapolis? by Durant Durant Q: I've heard this stat before, last year especially, when we beat Kansas and Louisville in the regional at Indy. But I've always wondered how detailed it is. We played a few games there last year, won a title there, played there in 1979 when Magic won his title. But are we truly undefeated in every game ever played there? That would have to include all 6 rounds of the tournament. It's possible that whenever Indy was the site of a regional or Final Four we either won the region, the tournament, or dropped off early. But I'm curious as to the total number of games won in Indy. How valid is this stat?

A: Michigan State basketball has been selected for 13 consecutive NCAA tournament bids (1998–2010) as of the end of the 2010 season. Overall, Michigan State has been to the Final Four a total of eight times in its history (1957, 1979, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2010) and has made 24 NCAA Tournament appearances. Only six schools UCLA, North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and Ohio State) have more total Final Four appearances.[1] you have to look up those 8 final fours and see where they were played.

how will michigan state do in the NCAA BAsketball playoffs? by Q: Any thoughts?

A: they have a hard draw- the winner of ku and west virginia- both very good teams, gotta think they are rooting for KU to win that one as they seemed to have matchup advantages the first time KU and MSU played- but on the other hand that was at michigan state, then they are stuck with the winner of louisville wake- both very good teams... but if they can get to the final four its in detriot- you have to think that bodes well for them... but they have to get there first.

What'd you think of #2 Michigan State avoiding the upset to beat Gonzaga 75-71 for those who watch NCAA? by King Of NJ Q: Michigan State trailed most of the game and even with 3 minutes left in the game. They didn't take the lead until under 3 minutes left. Michigan State was able to pull it out at home. This was a great game to watch. What are your thoughts on it?

A: Michigan State looked a little timid at times; even moving the ball around too much to find the better shot. Certainly this isn't a totally bad thing. Also looked to me like MSU had problems scoring inside, something in which they thrived on at times last year. Gonzaga is a very capable team year after year, and I'm not shocked they turned this into a game. In the end, MSU prevailed barely. I'm very glad College Basketball is back, I find it more exciting usually then the NBA, and the KU/Memphis and this game are further proof of that. While, I don't think its by any means time to panic; Gonzaga could see themselves rise into the top 25 with a loss, albeit a very close loss.

Will the underdog Michigan State win, simply because the championship game is in Detroit & because Michigan's? by Poyzin Q: economy is in the toilet so they deserve to have a winning basketball team to make up for having the worse economy in the entire U.S.? wow, MSU is losing 22 to 7 already.

A: North Carolina. Michigan State isn't really an underdog, you have to admit it one way or the other. They knocked off--- Robert Morris- Easy Southern California- Medium Kansas- Hard Louisville- Very Hard Connecticut- Very Hard And even though it is placed in Detroit (92 miles away from the Michigan State University main campus), North Carolina has the biggest fan base in the whole nation. We've traveled to so many places when needed. X-Factors: North Carolina- Danny Green, Wayne Ellington Michigan State- Draymond Green, Delvon Roe Guys you can't forget about- North Carolina- Ed Davis Michigan State- Chris Allen North Carolina- 65 Michigan State- 55 Most Outstanding Player- 1. Tyler Hansbrough 2. Ty Lawson

what is the all time series record between the University of Michigan and Michigan State in basketball? by kmsnoyl Q: other stats also welcome ... thanks!

A: I wasn't able to find the all-time series record, but I was able to find some other stats that all involve football for U of Michigan -University of Michigan holds record for total wins with 880 -University of Michigan holds record for win percentage with .747 -All-time record against Ohio State is 57-40-6 -All-time record against Notre Dame is 19-14-1 -All-time record against Michigan State is 66-28-5 -University of Michigan has not had a losing season since 1967 -University of Michigan has not missed a bowl since 1974 -University of Michigan has 11 national championships, most recently in 1997 -University of Michigan has produced 3 heisman trophy winners: Tom Harmon Desmond Howard Charles Woodson can you please give me a best ansewer, because mine is better than "who cares", isn't it?

Michigan State basketball? by Mason Q: How good do you think they will do this year? How far in the tourny?

A: They'll lose to Minnesota on Friday. But then they will bounce back and go on a winning streak. They will go somewhere around 11-7 in conference play. Remember... this is a very tough conference! Ohio St. is #2 in the country and they will probably go 13-5 in the big ten this year. They will get to the semifinals of the big ten tournament. Then they will really turn it on in the NCAA tournament but then lose in the Elite 8.

Where do you send fan mail to Michigan State Basketball team? by John Q: I wanted to send the Sports Illustarted (Kalin Lucas) to Michigan State to get autographed. Where should I send it. Thank you!

A: I send fan mail to Michigan state.

Michigan State Basketball 2004-2005 Roster? by Nick O Q: Can anyone give me or send me a site where i can get Michigan State's basketball roster for the 2004-2005 season? It would be much appreciated.

A: I can't find a roster list. But if you go to ESPN you can get box scores from every Michigan State game from the 04-05 season. This list is from the Final Four game against UNC. Starters A. Anderson G-F P. Davis C S. Brown G D. Neitzel G M. Ager G Bench C. Hill G M. Trannon F A. Hamo G K. Torbert G T. Bograkos G D. Naymick C A. Harvey F D. Rowley F

Who is better @ Basketball Michigan State or Michigan? by tylerpaas Q: On the banks of the Red Cedar, There's a school that's known to all; Its specialty is winning, And those Spartans play good ball; Spartan teams are never beaten, All through the game they'll fight; Fight for the only colors: Green and White. Go right through for MSU, Watch the points keep growing, Spartan teams are bound to win, They're fighting with a vim! Rah! Rah! Rah! See their team is weakening, We're going to win this game, Fight! Fight! Rah! Team, Fight! Victory for MSU!

A: Michigan State! Go Spartans!

What is the all time record for the Michigan- Michigan State basketball series? by PJ Q: A link would be nice too.

A: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_all_time_record_between_Michigan_and_Michigan_State_for_mens'_basketball

Everyone is saying the Memphis had an easy schedule, so you people think they won't beat Michigan State? by DeManBobby Q:

A: Michigan State is playing good basketball but i think memphis will still win the game.

How Many Years since Michigan State and Duke respectively won the NCAA Basketball Championship? by AGM Q:

A: The last time Michigan State won a NCAA Basketball Championship was ten years ago and the Last time That Duke Respectively won the NCAA Basketball Championship was nine years ago.

how far is Michigan states basketball team going to make it this season? by 247709 Q:

A: Michigan State is one of the top teams in the countyr. They have high expectations this year.

How well will michigan state do in the ncaa basketball tournament? by rudy431999 Q:

A: Final Four Kentucky vs Michigan State Kansas vs Syracuse Championship Kentucky vs Kansas WINNER Kentucky MVP DeMarcus Cousins

Get into Michigan State? by C.O.O.L. Q: I have a 3.1 gpa, a 30 on the ACT, and I start for varsity football, varsity basketball, and varsity track. What are my chances of getting into Michigan State?

A: You'll get in without a problem. Average GPA for state is between a 3.3 and 3.5 and ACT between 23-26. You have the extracirriculars and grades. Have fun. Good Luck

Who are Michigan State's basketball starters this season? by ☼WHITE HOT☼ HEAT Q: Mens

A: sorry couldnt get the starters but here is the entire roster 3 Allen, Chris G 6-3 205 Jr (2V) Lawrenceville, GA (Meadowcreek HS) 25 Crandell, Jon F 6-8 230 Sr (3V) Rochester, MI (Rochester Adams HS) 22 Dahlman, Isaiah G 6-6 195 Sr (3V) Braham, MN (Braham Area HS) 23 Green, Draymond F 6-6 235 So (1V) Saginaw, MI (Saginaw HS) 40 Herzog, Tom C 7-0 250 Jr (3V) Flint, MI (Powers HS) 44 Ianni, Anthony C 6-9 260 Jr (2V) East Lansing, MI (Grand Valley State University) 20 Kebler, Mike G 6-4 205 Jr (2V) Okemos, MI (Okemos HS) 1 Lucas, Kalin G 6-1 190 Jr (2V) Sterling Heights, MI (Orchard Lake St. Mary's HS) 34 Lucious, Korie G 5-11 170 So (1V) Milwaukee, WI (St. Pius XI HS) 2 Morgan, Raymar F 6-8 230 Sr (3V) Canton, OH (McKinley HS) 50 Nix, Derrick C 6-8 280 Fr (HS) Detroit, MI (Pershing HS) 10 Roe, Delvon F 6-8 230 So (1V) Euclid, OH (St. Edward HS) 41 Sherman, Garrick C 6-10 235 Fr (HS) Kenton, OH (Kenton HS) 15 Summers, Durrell G 6-4 205 Jr (2V) Detroit, MI (Redford Covenant Christian HS) 13 Thornton, Austin G 6-5 220 So (2V) Sand Lake, MI (Cedar Springs HS)

Is Michigan State like the Yankees of college basketball? 6 final 4's in the past 10 years? by SK Q: For the past 10 years, the Yankees have made the playoffs with only 1 title to show for it. I'm talking about how they constantly make and go deep into their playoffs

A: No, because talent is more evenly distributed in college basketball. In other words, everyone has a shot at making it to the playoffs, and Michigan State has fought its way in so often through great effort and coaching. In the Yankees' case, however, championships are bought. They have the best players because they have the most money. Talent is NOT evenly distributed, because players want to go where the cash is, and in the MLB that place is New York. This is why basketball is and always will be my favorite sport. EDIT: Oh, I see what you're asking. Sorry 'bout that. Yeah, you've definitely got a point there, since Michigan State always makes it pretty deep into the playoffs, only to fall short each time. Their fans must be dying, getting so close to a championship so many times.

Colleges that have won national championships in basketball, baseball, and played in major football bowl? by JohnnyB Q: Can you name the 7 colleges that have won the national championship in basketball and baseball, and played in a major football bowl game (e.g. Orange, Sugar, Cotton, & Rose)? University of Florida was the runnerup in 2005 but not the national champion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_World_Series

A: Michigan NIT:1984,1997,2004 / NCAA Basketball:1989 / NCAA Baseball:1953, 1962 / Rose: & others Ohio State – NIT: 1986 / NCAA Basketball: 1960 / NCAA Baseball: 1966/ Rose & others Stanford – NIT:1991 / NCAA Basketball:1942 / NCAA Baseball:1987, 1988 / Rose & others California – NIT:1999 / NCAA Basketball: 1959 / NCAA Baseball:1947, 1957 / Rose & others Arizona: 1980 Baseball, 1997 basketball, 1994 Fiesta Oklahoma State: 1959 Baseball, 1945-46 basketball, 2003 Cotton Holy Cross – NIT:1954 / NCAA Basketball:1947 / NCAA Baseball:1952 / Orange:1946

Does Michigan State have a chance to win the NCAA tournament as an underdog? by Andsen11 Q: I really think if Michigan State gets healthy they can be one of the most dangerous teams in the tourney. I think they can be a national championship sleeper team that no one will pick. They are a quality final four team with expereince, and great players. JUST THINK ABOUT IT, IF THIS TEAM REACHES ITS POTENTIAL AND GETS HEALTHY, THEY CAN BEAT ANYONE. What do u think college basketball experts?

A: Michigan State 62 Maryland 80 Michigan State 63 UNC 95 Not to mention they lost to both Northwestern and Penn State at home. They also got blown out by Purdue. Championship caliber teams don't get blown out 3 times. Sure, if they reach there potetial they could beat anybody but you could say that about a lot of teams. I think they'll make the Elite 8 but that's it.

What do you think of Michigan State? by svsuteke57 Q: As a whole, when it comes to College sports... where does Michigan State fit. How relevant are they to the rest of the country..... and not just to their pathetic, bandwagon fan base? Also...How do they compare to the rest of the Big 10 when it comes to an all-around athletic program?

A: Michigan State is one of the elite teams in the Big Ten (in Basketball and Football)

Good Division 1 basketball colleges in/around Michigan? by DerekV Q: I am looking to make it to and play in the NBA when I'm older and I need to know which college(s) would give me the most exposure. I also need to know which college(s) in and around Michigan receive the most attention from teams in the NBA. I also need more choices for an alternative. (Yes I know about Michigan and Michigan State but I also need some alternatives.)

A: Obviously Michigan and Michigan state would by far give you the most exposure nationally. But other Division 1 schools in and around Michigan that you could also consider are central Michigan, Detroit-Mercy, Butler, Akron, Purdue, Possibly Indiana, and then there's Marquette and UWGB right across the lake in Wisconsin. There are probably many more I did not cover, but those are the ones that were at the top of my head. Hope I helped and good luck :)

Who is Michigan State Universities biggest basketball rival? by Babi Q: Please help im in denial

A: Of course Ohio State , and also Michigan U . - Wiz Khalifa

who won the ohio state vs. michigan basketball game? by tennnis. Q:

A: Ohio State Buckeyes: 74 Michigan State Spartans: 67 http://espn.go.com/ncb/boxscore?gameId=300520127

Chances of getting accepted into Michigan State? by C.O.O.L. Q: What are my chances of getting into Michigan state with these credentials: 3.1 gpa freshman year 3.7 gpa sophmore year (2 honors classes, 1 ap class) 3.7 gpa junior year (2 honors, 1 ap class) 28 ACT 100 hours community service 3 varsity sports (basketball, football, track) I know I screwed up freshman year. But I heard that colleges look for an upward trend and that since I did a lot better junior and sennior year freshman year won't reallyeffect my chances. Is this true? What are my chances of getting into either college?

A: i wanna go to michigan state too!!! i actually toured that college the other day isnt their gpa like 3.4 or something im sure you will get in they love community hours i dont think they look into sports that much as compared to honors classes and gpa but i think you will make it im going for Grand valley now as for an upward trend i never heard of it but good luck =)

I have a Michigan State Spartan Jersey is it football or basketball? by FilipinoKid15 Q: or is it both? I don't want people calling me a bandwagon I watch basketball... not so much football

A: if it just says STATE on it then basketball and has no sleeves. if it says something else and has sleeves then it is football.

michigan michigan state basketball all time series score? by SPARTY ON Q: Does anyone know what the score is all-time for michigan v. msu basketball ?

A: The all time record between the two is Michigan leading Michigan State alltime 91-71

what is michigan state university basically known for? by xo rME08 Q: theres always that one college why people want to there... example : arizona state university.. ^ PARTPARTYPARTY school :) what about michigan state?

A: Michigan State does have a party school reputation, but that is partially because of an active greek system and the 7th largest student enrollment in the U.S. Michigan State is nationally known for it's agricultural and veterinary programs. The law school and Eli Broad Business School are also nationally ranked and well-respected. As far as sports, the Spartans are nearly always national contenders in hockey and men's basketball.

Michigan State vs. Robert Morris collage basketball? by hotpinkchic1510 Q: March 20 there was a collage basketball game it was Michigan State vs. Robert Morris. What stadium was it at?

A: It was played at the Metrodome in Mineappolis and Michigan State won

For the 2010 NCAA basketball tournament, who will win in the game with butler against michigan state? by dog luver Q: At school, we could fill out an NCAA bracket and whoever had the most teams correct wins. Its me against another person, and i rooting for butler and the other person is for michigan state. The only way that i could lose is if butler loses today. Please give me your feedback! Thanks!

A: Michigan State

Michigan State vs. Louisville Men's Basketball? by Kyle Q: The Spartans are good down low but the Cardinals are great shooters and an explosive team. Please help!!!

A: Louisville is an amazing team. In the past four years, the Big East Tourny winner made it to the final four three times, and elite eight the year they didn't make it to the final four. History says that Louisville should win. I have Louisville losing to Michigan State though, just because I don't want to be predictable, and Michigan State is a great team (and they gave Izzo).

Better basketball school. Michigan,or Michigan State? by Hog Wild Q:

A: Michigan State by far.

MICHIGAN STATE VS. PURDUE.. COLLEGE BASKETBALL? by Aubrey Q: Who's gonna win tonight!?!?!?!? GO GREEN!! OH and does anyone know if Kalin Lucas is in or out tonight?

A: MICHIGAN STATE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a Michigan State Spartan Jersey is it football or basketball? by FilipinoKid15 Q: or is it both? I don't want people calling me a bandwagon I watch basketball... not so much football

A: Unfortunately it's both. Michigan state's mascot is the spartan named sparty I think. Michigan state spartans represents all 25 of the universities athletic sport teams which include basketball and football. I hope I helped

why is michigan better than michigan state? by DBBaller Q: I need facts not opinions and even some educatonal reasons would be helpful thank u

A: Michigan is bigger. Studies are bigger majors. And Michigan is known for it's Sports. ex: football, basketball. I will always feel that Michigan State is better. That college has put out some awesome Teachers, Veterinarians, Lawyers, just to name a few. The campus is friendlier in my view. I had a chance to visit both campuses. Since I lived in the Detriot area. But I choose neither. I went to OU instead. That Oklahoma University, not Ohio. They had a better nursing program. Check them both out.

Who won the michigan, michigan state basketball game last night? by cvntlbrg1 Q:

A: Michigan won over Michigan State 72-67.

michigan state? by krish j Q: im a senior in hs and sent my application to msu in september. i just want to know if i have a chance of getting in. i have a 3.2 gpa, i got 23 on my ACT. my subscores were good tho. in english i got a 28, math 24, writing 10, etc. im v. involved in school. volunteer at the hospital, internships, clubs at school, basketball and baseball team. im takin AP chem and got A last semester. i had a 3.5 gpa for the semester. MSU asked for my semester grades so i just had those sent. i had pretty good recommendations written from 2 teachers, and a counselor. i mailed my admission officer a thanks card for coming to my school and givin info about msu. my counselor also wrote a update letter to her also,saying how ive improved overall, etc. anyone from MSU or anyone that has went there? i really hope i get in. this is the only college im waiting to hear from. i got into some hard colleges too. with ACT avg. of27. and soem out of state schools. im also a minority. im instate. im also taking extra classes at a community college. last semester i took 8 credits.i took molecular biology and an anatomy class. i got credit for both of them, this semester im taking 6 credits. i have a pretty good workload. and i still manage to get v. good grades in the classes im in now. the transcripts from this college have been sent to MSU. ive also been emailing MSU and calling them, to show i have a lot of interest in their school. i kno they send out replies late. ill prolly be hearing from them at the end of this month. im also a part of youth group. i'm the treasurer. ive done lots of things to make sure that i'm veryy interested in michigan state. ive emailed, sent things through mail, etc.

A: My wife and I both went to Michigan State. Based on your description above, it sounds like you are a little below the average entering GPA and ACT, but I would say that it sounds to me like you should get in, especially with all the extras. Good luck and GO STATE!

Which is better Michigan or Michigan State? by tjrush06 Q: please add facts!!! No opinions,FACTS!!!!!!

A: Football - Michigan Basketball - Michigan State Baseball - Michigan

who are the strength coaches at michigan state basketball? by kenneth g Q:

A: Strength & Conditioning: Head Strength & Conditioning Coach:Ken Mannie Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach:Tommy Hoke Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach:Mike Vorkapich Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning/Olympic Sports:Tim Wakeham Graduate Assistant:Ben Grinnell Graduate Assistant:Richard Jacobs Graduate Assistant:Chris Stewart Men's Basketball: Head Coach :Tom Izzo Assistant Coach: Mark Montgomery Assistant Coach: Dwayne Stephens Video Coordinator: Kevin Pauga Assistant Video Coordinator: Doug Herner Director of Basketball Operations: Richard Bader Executive Secretary: Lori Soderberg Secretary: Beth Marinez Women's Basketball: Head Coach:Suzy Merchant Assistant Coach :Shane Clipfell Assistant Coach :Mike Geary Video Coordinator: Monique Govan Director of Basketball Operations: Julie Pagel Director of Basketball Operations intern: Patrice McKinney Secretary :Margaret Selasky Hope This Helps!!!

Who is a better overall school in the following sports , hockey, football and basket ball? by wazzz uppp Q: Michigan State Spartans or Not re Dame fighting Irish, i think MSU

A: Michigan State is better in football and basketball but Not re Dame is number one in hockey this year.

Basketball: Are you watching North Carolina vs Michigan State? by Flash D3 Q: What do you think about the game?

A: michigan was no match for unc in the 2nd half..although michigan bigs had dominated inside but the overall talent level of unc is just too much for michigan state to handle. henson was pretty much the game changer on defense and barnes looked so much bigger and stronger, more patient, moves very well without the ball, and looks for contact too, he's going to help UNC win alot of games this year. Zeller struggled against the big but it wasn't his night usually he'd score tons. marshall is the same, didn't see much diff from last year..., the freshmen did so so..., but good depth though. good game overall.

Michigan Basketball help...? by Vampire girl Q: Can someone just list the names of Professional Michigan Basketball teams..? Obviously there's Michigan State but are there others? Thank you!

A: You asked for PROFESSIONAL Michigan Basketball teams, right? Michigan State is college, NOT professional. The only professional basketball team in Michigan is the Detroit Pistons. The bigger college basketball teams in Michigan are Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans, Western Michigan Broncos, Eastern Michigan Eagles, Central Michigan Chippewas, Detroit Titans, and Oakland Grizzlies.

Michigan State Basketball claims the 2014 Big Ten Tournament Championship #1 Kentucky vs #2 Michigan State 11-12-13 (Full Game) Michigan State Basketball vs. Kentucky Highlights: November 12, 2013 Michigan State vs UConn - 2009 Final Four Michigan State Basketball 2013 Season Highlight 2014-2-23 Michigan vs. Michigan St. Michigan State Basketball: Michigan State Basketball vs. Grand Valley State University Michigan State Basketball vs. Michigan Highlights Michigan State Basketball vs. Iowa Highlights 3/6/2014 Michigan Vs Michigan State Basketball Trailer (2014) Michigan State Basketball 2012-2013 Highlight Michigan State Basketball Locker room Celebration Michigan State Basketball vs. Virginia Tech: November 22, 2013 2014 Big Ten Men's  Basketball Michigan at Michigan State Highlights Michigan State Basketball: #5 Spartans down #3 Ohio State Michigan State Basketball vs.McNeese State Highlights Michigan State Basketball: #2 Spartans Downs Indiana (PA), 83-45 in Exhibition Finale Michigan State Basketball vs. Iowa: January 28, 2014 Michigan State 2012-2013 Hype Video Nebraska Basketball vs Michigan State Highlights Michigan State Basketball: Practice Update Sept 27,  2013 2009 NCAA Basketball National Championship - North Carolina vs Michigan State 2009-2010 Michigan State Basketball Michigan State Basketball vs. Portland - Highlights Michigan State Basketball vs. Northwestern 2011 11 11 CARRIER Basketball Classic Michigan State@North Carolina Ohio State vs Michigan State Mens Basketball Highlights #6 Michigan State @ #18 Indiana 2-28-12 (1st Half) Michigan State Basketball - Great Dunks Michigan State Basketball: Highlights vs. Minnesota 1/11/2014 2014 Big Ten Men's Basketball Michigan at Ohio State Highlights Michigan State Basketball Izzone Campout 2013 Michigan State Basketball: February 13, 2014 vs. Northwestern Michigan State Basketball vs. Illinois: January 18, 2014 2014 Big Ten Men's  Basketball Michigan State at Wisconsin Highlights Tom Izzo - Michigan State basketball inbound play late game situation Spartan Basketball All Access 2014: Episode 1 Michigan State Basketball 2014 signee Javon Bess Michigan State vs Wisconsin - Basketball - Amazing End To The Game!!! (HD) Michigan State Students Daniel Bryan YES! Chant 2013 Big Ten Men's Basketball Ohio State at Michigan State Highlights 2000 NCAA Basketball National Semi-Final - Wisconsin vs Michigan State Michigan State Basketball vs PennState: February 6, 2014 Wisconsin Men's Basketball vs. Michigan State Highlights Michigan State Vs Michigan Basketball Trailer (2013) Michigan State Basketball Senior Night - 1995-2011 2013 Big Ten Men's  Basketball North Carolina at Michigan State highlights Michigan State Spartans Basketball Highlights | March Madness 2013 2008 NCAA Basketball Regional Semi Finals - Michigan State vs Memphis
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