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Michael sweetney

Sweetney not giving up on NBA return
Michael Sweetney won't give up on the NBA if he's cut from the Celtics. BOSTON -- Michael Sweetney has been around the world and back since the last time he played on the Celtics training camp roster in 2009. He's played in Erie, Pennsylvania, ...

Raptors-Celtics live updates
Fourth quarter, 3:17, Celtics 78-65: Michael Sweetney, once a lottery pick, scored his first preseason bucket as the Celtics are pulling away. E'Twaun Moore has 11 points off the bench. Fourth quarter, 8:20, Celtics 74-58: The Celtics are again going ...

Pregame: Pavlovic starts vs. Raptors
Barring a move to add a body from outside the organization, the Celtics have two roster spots for four camp invites (Greg Stiemsma, Gilbert Brown, Jamal Sampson, and Michael Sweetney). Could one of them make a late push in Wednesday's game? ...

Celtics invite 4 to training camp
In addition to former Pitt swing man Gilbert Brown, the Celtics have invited ex-Georgetown center Michael Sweetney, former Wisconsin and current Sioux Falls (NBADL) big man Greg Stiemsma and NBA journeyman Jamal Sampson to training camp that begins to ...

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baviquejt RT @darcymaine_espn: Fairly certain Michael Sweetney ate Glen Davis. #celtics

HotBoySoup RT @Ur_future_ex: As a knicks fan hearing the name Michael Sweetney makes me wanna throw up

Rob_Yee Take a seat Michael Sweetney. You sure look like you need it.

DManthetruth Damn, Michael Sweetney looks like he swallowed Michael Sweetney after he just finished eating Michael Sweetney.

DevinHemeon13 RT @Pat_Sears_: How does Michael Sweetney run up and down the court

ProBskbllTalk @Anniup320 Michael Sweetney

Ur_future_ex As a knicks fan hearing the name Michael Sweetney makes me wanna throw up

JWFoss This concludes my tweeting of the #Celtics preseason. We hardly knew yea, Michael Sweetney. Night all.

MPetersTerp #Michael Sweetney should have played Biggie in Notorious.

tuckfalley Nah..... Michael Sweetney is not on my Celtics

MrClarkafella Michael Sweetney looks like he ate Big Baby #celtics

TomDetora RT @cnez7496: Michael Sweetney >>>>>

IllWIll41 Starting this michael sweetney bandwagon tonight #celtics #60


Do you agree? by spurs9123 Q: fastest player-Leandro Barbosa smallest-Earl Boykins strongest-Dwight Howard fattest-Michael Sweetney hes 300 pounds on a 6'9" frame ugliest-Sam Cassel smartest offensive wise-Tim Duncan smartest defensive wise-Bruce Bowen best clutch shooter-Chauncey Billups, Gilbert Arenas, Robert Horry 3pt shooter-Ray Allen FT shooter-Steve Nash best blocker-Marcus Camby best stealer-Chris Paul best assistor-Steve Nash best rebounder-Dwight Howard funniest-Shaq slowest-Yao Ming most all around athelitic-Lebron James most determined-Kevin Garnett most energetic-Ronny Turiaff

A: Yao isn't the slowest. It is either Shaq or Dikembe Mutumbo.

some not-so-well publicized draft busts since 2000? by yahoo avatar is so hot Q: 1999: trajan langdon, aleksander radojevic, cal bowdler, will avery, quincy lewis, leon smith, frederic weis 2000: stromile swift, dermarr johnson, chris mihm, joel przybilla, jerome moiso, mateen cleaves, dalibor bagaric, mamadou n'diaye 2001: desagana diop, kedrick brown, kirk haston, michael bradley, jerryl sasser, brandon armstrong, joe forte 2002: mike dunleavy, drew gooden, nikoloz tskitishvilli, dajuan wagner, jared jeffries, marcus haislip, curtis bochardt, ryan humphrey, chris jefferies 2003: darko, mike sweetney, jarvis hayes, reece gaines, troy bell, zarko cabarkapa, zoran planicic, ndubi ebi 2004: emeka okafor, shaun livingston, josh childress, luol deng, rafael arajuo, luke jackson, robert swift, sebastian telfair, kris humphries, dorell wright, pavel podkolzin, sergei monia, viktor khryapa 2005: andrew bogut, marvin williams, martell webster, channing frye, ike diogu, fran vazquez, yaroslav korolev, sean may, antoine wright, johan petro, ian mahinmi, wayne simien 2006: andrea bargnani, lamarcus aldridge, tyrus thomas, adam morrison, shelden williams, randy foye, patrick o'bryant, mouhamded sene, jj redick, hilton armstrong, cedric simmons, thabo sefolosha, rodney carney, shawne williams, oleksiy pecherov, quincy douby, marcus williams, shannnon brown, sergio rodriguez, mo ager, mardy collins, joel freeland 2007: greg oden, al horford (role player), yi jianlian, mike conley, corey brewer, acie law, joakim noah, julian wright, marco bellinelli, sean williams, jarvaris crittendon, jason smith, daequan cook, morris almond, alando tucker, arron affalo, jared dudley, petteri koponen, tiago splitter 2008-russ westbrook, kevin love, danilo gallinairi, jerryd bayless, brandon rush, anthony randolph, roy hibbert, alexis ajinca, courtney lee, dj white, jr giddnes so? any random big can avg. 10-10

A: you just called horford role player? he nearly averaged a double double in his rookie season

all unemployed team who are still young enough to play? by ... Q: PG-Stephon Marbury SG-Latrell Sprewell SF-Glenn Robinson PF-Chris Webber C-Zydrunas Ilgauskas Bench: Ricky Davis, Allan Houston, Ruben Patterson, Keith Van Horn, Steve Francis, Larry Hughes, Isaiah Rider, Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones, Jamal Mashburn, Michael Finley, Wally Szczerbiak, Mike James, Antonio Daniels, Desmond Mason, Donyell Marshall, Rashad McCants, Kenny Thomas, Brevin Knight, Gerald Green, Mark Blount, Speedy Claxton, Jeff McInnis, Greg Buckner, Salim Stoudamire, Cedric Ceballos, Austin Croshere, Travis Best, Robert Horry, Othella Harrington, DerMarr Johnson, Malik Rose, Mike Sweetney, Raef LaFrentz, Greg Ostertag, Jay Williams, David Wesley, Kerry Kittles, Sam Cassell, Aaron McKie, Jumaine Jones, Marc Jackson, Kendall Gill, LaPhonso Ellis, Elden Campbell

A: Haha thats a big bench. My Starting 5: PG- Tyronn Lue - He is only 31, and can still keep up with guys at the NBA level. SG- Rashad McCants- He is 25 and averaging double digits in his career, he really needs to work out his attitude problems. SF- Desmond Mason- Recently cut by the Kings, I think he still has the skills to contribute as a bench scorer. He is only 32. PF- Antoine Walker- He is 33, probably could score a few points, and we all know he needs the money, haha. C- Zydrunas Ilgauskas- Wont be unemployed for long, but he is a solid center.

What does your team need? by CrunK Q: Here is a list of FA. What does your team need and who do you want from this list? FREE AGENT POINT GUARDS Troy Hudson, Andre Barrett, Gary Payton, Randy Livingston, Orien Greene, Eddie Gill, Guillermo Diaz, Darius Washington, Dee Brown, Jay Williams, Corey Williams, Frank Williams, Gerry McNamara, Yuta Tabuse, Mateen Cleaves, Troy Bell, Moochie Norris. FREE AGENT SHOOTING GUARDS Brent Barry, Gerald Green, Dahntay Jones, Julius Hodge, Luke Jackson, Keith Langford, Tarence Kinsey, Allan Ray, James White, Desmon Farmer, David Wesley, Richie Frahm, Qyntel Woods, Dajuan Wagner, Dion Glover, Penny Hardaway, Doug Christie. FREE AGENT SMALL FORWARDS Ira Newble, Marcus Vinicius, Bobby Jones, Ruben Patterson, James Singleton, Sean Banks, Kasib Powell, Carlos Powell, Ronald Dupree, Jiri Welsch, Kedrick Brown, Stephane Lasme, Justin Reed, Eddie Robinson, DerMarr Johnson, Chris Crawford, Josh Davis, Zarko Cabarkapa, Tremaine Fowlkes, Dijon Thompson, Darius Rice, Brian Hamilton. FREE AGENT POWER FORWARDS Justin Williams, Elton Brown, Mike Sweetney, Antonio Davis, Alan Henderson, John Thomas, Samaki Walker, Sam Clancy, Lonny Baxter, Marcus Haislip, Jerome Moiso, Danny Fortson, Chris Alexander, Chris Taft, Maurice Taylor, Scott Padgett, Marcus Fizer, Wayne Simien, Robert Traylor, Rod Benson, Lawrence Roberts. FREE AGENT CENTERS Dale Davis, Jelani McCoy, Loren Woods, Rafael Araujo, Michael Olowokandi, Zendon Hamilton, Maciej Lampe, Luke Schenscher, Ben Handlogten, Jackie Butler, Lance Allred, Kelvin Cato, Peter John Ramos, Pape Sow, James Lang, Andrew DeClercq, Ha Seung-Jin, Wang Zhizhi, Vladimir Stepania, Keith Closs NBA free agents are players not signed to a contract. They're jobless. These are the best NBA free agents that i can think of who are currently playing in the D-League, some other minor league, overseas, or nowhere at all, hoping an NBA team will sign them. Also, im listing them in somewhat general order in regard to how much they'd help this season, and maybe next. Im thinking short-term, which makes sense since if any of these players get signed there's a good chance it'll be for a short-term contract, maybe for a season or two, or less. Note: I got this from a good friends blog, and it was made late season, some of the players might have moved on. I was to lazy to check.

A: The bulls needs are plenty. First they need to lose a couple of guards. We need to get Elton Brand back. Combine him with Heinrick and Gordan and we will make the playoffs next year.

how will this 2 teams fare? by yahoo avatar is so hot Q: i propose nba start 2 expansion teams right now pg: damon stoudamire, smush parker, darrel armstrong sg: bonzi wells, fred jones, salim stoudamire sf: ruben patterson, darius miles, ira newble pf: antonio mcdyess, juwan howard, robert horry c: alonzo mourning, dikembe mutombo, pj brown 2nd team pg: jeff mcinnis, dan dickau sg: derek anderson, allan houston, doug christie sf: michael dickerson, dermarr johnson, penny hardaway pf: maurice taylor, slava mevedenko, mike sweetney, alan henderson c: dale davis, danny fortson, michael olowokandi

A: these teams would be terrible. your talking about taking a bunch of players that would be role players on normal nba teams and making them into a teams primary option. and would they be able to take the wear and tear of an 82 game season? their age i dont think that their bodies are built fo nba seasons.

who should the Suns sign? by Quazzi (#1 Suns Fan) Q: Who should the Suns sign if none who should they trade for? Michael Olowokandi Leon Powe Esteban Batista Slava Medvedenko Martynas Andriuskevicius Malik Allen P.J. Brown Mike Sweetney Anderson Varejao Dwayne Jones Scott Pollard Kevin Willis Austin Croshere Pops Mensah-Bonsu Jamal Sampson Dale Davis Chris Webber Zarko Cabarkapa Dikembe Mutombo Chuck Hayes Jake Tsakalidis Paul Davis Ronny Turiaf Earl Barron Marc Jackson Kelvin Cato James Augustine Alan Henderson Pat Burke (Re-sign) Luke Schenscher Vitaly Potapenko Melvin Ely Danny Fortson Pape Sow Rafael Araujo Michael Ruffin Calvin Booth Bo Outlaw Brian Skinner Jared Reiner Cliff Robinson James Singleton

A: I'm with the suns on releasing Thomas, he wasn't that great in Phoenix. He was alright, but nothing that the suns were able to benefit off of. Off that list, id say the suns should draft Pj Brown, or Chris Webber, leaning more towards Webber. Even though hes aging now, he would be a nice fit for the suns. The only question is, whether he can keep with their fast pace style of game. I'd go with Webber, still has it in him.

If you could re-do the 2003 NBA Draft lottery or first Ten picks by D.J. (We messed with Texas!!) Q: how would you do it how it went down(top 10 picks) 1.)Lebron James 2.)Darko Milicic 3.)Carmelo 4.)Chris Bosh 5.)D-wade 6,)Chris Kaman 7.)Kirk Hinrich 8.)T.J. Ford 9.)Mike Sweetney 10.)Jarvis Hayes best players not taken in the top 10 David West Michael Pietrus Sasha Pavlovic Boris Diaw Josh Howard Leandro Barbosa Kendrick Perkins Kyle Korver http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_nba_draft


big name unsigned: cheap owners? by Q: i see a lot of undeserving players on nba rosters, especially for bad teams while a lot of proven players with solid track records are unsigned. this year we have 1. wally szczerbiak: the guy used to be a borderline all-star. he's not even that old. last year's he was underutilized by the cavs. inconsistent minutes led to a drop in production and shooting percentage (affected his rhythm). he can definitely be a starter for over half of the team in the league or at least a 6th man. 2. starbury: okay so the man sat out for over a year then shoot 34% in limited action. big deal. with a full month of training camp, marbury can certainly be a top 10 point guard in the nba. 3. jamaal tinsley: tinsley was hailed as a steal in the 2001 draft. he dishes out assists in bunches. his character issue was way overblown. 4. jerry stackhouse: he averaged more than 10 points the season before then picked the wrong time to get injured. he chose to be a team player with the mavs when he could've started and average 20+ points per game and then got screwed. that's what it's like to be a team player. 5. rashad mccants: he averaged 15 points a game less than a year ago and he can't even land a minimum contract. what's wrong with the nba? sure, he doesn't do much else, but production is production. 6. gerald green: former dunk champ averaged 10 points a game at age 20 then suddenly fell out of favor. he's definitely better than martell webster out of the last class of prep-to-pro players. he could be a star. 7. keith bogans: dahntay jones landed a 4 year contract with the same skillset: defensive stopper while no one wants bogans. 8. brevin knight: can dish out dimes in bunches. takes care of the ball 9. juan dixon: can provide a scoring spark for any team 10. bobby jackson: still has something left. others: stromile swift (shot blocking), damon jones (pinpoint shooting), tyronn lue (ballhandling, defense), donyell marshall (spread the floor, 3 point shooting, size), kareem rush (3 point specialist), raef lafrentz (size, rebounding, shooting), malik rose (dirty work), jarron collins (size), stephen graham (proved he belongs last year), chucky atkins (ballhandling, shooting), austin croshere (size, shooting) not to mention last year's free agents who sat out last season but can still play: bonzi wells, steve francis, antoine walker, ruben patterson, dan dickau, salim stoudamire, jeff mcinnis, dermarr johnson, robert horry, scot pollard, othella harrington, mike sweetney, michael dickerson

A: There are several factors behind this, not just the owners being "cheap", although that is certainly a factor. Let's just start with a general decline in the economy in general. The superstars will still get the biggest contracts, but many mid-level FAs will suffer in a down economy - it has happended before and is happening now. Also, keep in mind that the CBA expires soon - too many big money contracts to mid-level players will give the idea to the union that the owners have money to burn. So, the owners don't want to play their hand before hard negotiations even start. Finally, look at some of the names you listed and how good they are NOW, or how much of an attitude that player has. Do you really want a Marbury or McCants in your locker room? Please. As for some of the others, yeah, maybe Bobby Jackson has something left - but when would he get any playing time? For the guys who do "dirty work" like Malik Rose - c'mon he couldn't get minutes for a bad Knicks team to do "dirty work" - where else could he go? Some of these guys just have to realize they have to move on.

What NBA Team has the best roster since 2000? by DMR122 Q: Now restrictions, they can't play with team at the moment (So LeBron wouldn't count for Cavs) It could be a draft pick that they traded immediately ( see mine below at PF) Mine is the Bulls PG Jay Williams SG Ron Artest SF Elton Brand PF LaMarcus Aldridge C Tyson Chandler Bench Ben Wallace Eddy Curry Jamal Crawford Andres Nocioni Chris Duhon Michael Sweetney J.R. Smith Drew Gooden Larry Hughes Thabo Sefolosha HC Scott Skiles Also, don't be a dick and use mine Okay name people on roster and NO CURRENT PLAYERS!!!!!

A: I'd say spurs

Which NBA/NCAA Team Would Reign Supreme (What will their records be?)? by Anthony E.M. Q: Team Duke: PG. CHRIS DUHON SG. COREY MAGGETTE SF. GRANT HILL PF. CARLOS BOOZER C. ELTON BRAND 6. Luol Deng 7. Shane Battier 8. JJ Reddick 9. Mike Dunleavy 10. Dahntay Jones 11. Josh McRoberts 12. Shelden Williams Team North Carolina: PG. RAYMOND FELTON SG. VINCE CARTER SF. MARVIN WILLIAMS PF. ANTAWN JAMISON C. RASHEED WALLACE 6. Jerry Stackhouse 7. Rashad McCants 8. Brendan Haywood 9. Brandan Wright 10. Sean May 11. David Noel 12. Jeff McInnis Team UCONN: PG. MARCUS WILLIAMS SG. RAY ALLEN SF. CARON BUTLER PF. CHARLIE VILLANUEVA C. EMEKA OKAFOR 6. RIP Hamilton 7. Ben Gordon 8. Rudy Gay 9. Josh Boone 10. Donyell Marshall 11. Kevin Ollie 12. Hilton Armstrong Team Georgetown: PG. ALLEN IVERSON SG. JEFF GREEN SF. PATRICK EWING JR. PF. ROY HIBBERT C. DIKEMBE MUTOMBO 6. Michael Sweetney Team Wake Forest: PG. CHRIS PAUL SG. JOSH HOWARD SF. DARIUS SONGAILA PF. TIM DUNCAN C. LOREN WOODS Team Florida: PG. JASON WILLIAMS SG. MIKE MILLER SF. COREY BREWER PF. DAVID LEE C. AL HORFORD 6. Udonis Haslem 7. Matt Bonner 8. Joakim Noah 9. Marreese Speights 10. Anthony Roberson 11. Taurean Green 12. Matt Walsh Team Syracuse: PG. JASON HART SG. DONTE GREENE SF. CARMELO ANTHONY PF. HAKIM WARRICK C. ETAN THOMAS 6. Demetris Nichols Team Georgia Tech: PG. STEPHON MARBURY SG. THADDEUS YOUNG SF. MATT HARPRING PF. CHRIS BOSH C. LUKE SCHENSCHER 6. Jarrett Jack 7. Anthony Morrow 8. Javaris Crittenton 9. Mario West Team Kansas: PG. KIRK HINRICH SG. BRANDON RUSH SF. PAUL PIERCE PF. DREW GOODEN C. NICK COLLISON 6. Mario Chalmers 7. Darrell Arthur 8. Raef LaFrentz 9. Julian Wright 10. Jacque Vaughn 11. Darnell Jackson 12. Scot Pollard Team Arizona: PG. MIKE BIBBY SG. GILBERT ARENAS SF. RICHARD JEFFERSON PF. ANDRE IGUODALA C. CHANNING FRYE 6. Jason Terry 7. Jerryd Bayless 8. Luke Walton 9. Damon Stoudamire 10. Salim Stoudamire Team Texas: PG. TJ FORD SG. DJ AUGUSTIN SF. KEVIN DURANT PF. LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE C. CHRIS MIHM 6. Boobie Gibson 7. Royal Ivey

A: Where is the Team High School?

If you had the 2nd pick in the 2003 draft. Who would you take? by aP Q: If you were Detroits GM and were on the clock with the 2nd pick, who would you take? 1st Pick - Lebron James - Cleveland 2nd Pick - ? Actual top 10 were: 1 LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers 2 Darko Milicic - Detroit Pistons 3 Carmelo Anthony - Denver Nuggets 4 Chris Bosh - Toronto Raptors 5 Dwyane Wade - Miami Heat 6 Chris Kaman - Los Angeles Clippers 7 Kirk Hinrich - Chicago Bulls 8 T. J. Ford - Milwaukee Bucks 9 Michael Sweetney - New York Knicks 10 Jarvis Hayes - Washington Wizards

A: Chris Bosh. Considering the Pistons situation at the time. They had a back-court written "Billups & Rip" in stone(still do). They could have turned Chris Bosh into a center coming off the bench for Ben Wallace. Then when they traded Big Ben, Bosh could have moved into the starting job, and they could now have a lineup of: C - Bosh PF - Sheed SF - Prince SG - Rip PG - Billups With McDyess coming off the bench. Melo wouldn't have been a bad choice, but Wade wouldn't have fit into the Pistons offense at all, and would start off his career with the dreaded chemisry-killer label. But honestly, was Darko that bad a choice from the Pistons standpoint? They won the championship the following year, and are currently second in the east and still NBA title contenders. So maybe by drafting a scrub (Darko), they were simply not messing up what they already had.

Thank you Chicago Bulls? by Anthony E.M. Q: For, giving my Knicks Chris Duhon. He is the perfect fit for this system and has an all-around game and is one of the only defenders we have. We do need to get him help @ point though cause all those minutes took a toll on him down the stretch of the season and Nate Robinson is a moron in it's most simplest terms. Unlike, CD he is a terrible defender and he does not know how to orchestrate an offense,which is bad for a player of his stature being that hemakes too many mental mistakes to be a PG and is too short to be a SG. His inability to make smart and crisp plays and make boneheaded ones instead during the most crutial of times because he likes to force the action shows the lack of basketball IQin his game and the fact that he shoots at a low % taking 18 + attempts a game does not help his case. While, Hughes is a serviceable combo guard for nowhe is also inconsistent and his contract will not be in NY passed it's expiration cause of the 2010 FA aspirations, so CD needs help, but thanks again Chicago he is a blessing in disguise. I know you let him go cause he was an off-court menace partying up a lot and it freed up space for Rose todo his think,which he has done by the way quite impressive. However, the main reason you made that move was to keep Thabo Sefolosha cause he seemed to be a good player he was, but you let him go regardless - which makes letting go CD foolish after the year he had where he played D.Rose great this year mano 2 mano. Getting rid of Hughes was alright for both of us he is serviceable for now and his contract will do us wonders.While Thomas's contractcan help you out and it may keep Hinrich w.Rose. Hinrich is a great player who has posted D.Rose #'s for most of his career except for last year's poor showing and this year being regulated to the bench. If it was me I would let free agent Gordon walk this summer cause yes he is clutch and can score,but can not create his own offense and works under great passers, like Rose and Hinrich for most of his career. He reminds me of Nate in that he is a poor FG shooter shooting just above 40% for his career and is 1 dimensional. Salmons is much better and w. Rose gone Deng and Salmons can be inserted together w.Hinrich at SG he can give offense,passing ability, and tough d. To me Hinrich is the 2nd best PG in the NBA after Billups on the defensive end. PG. ROSE SG. HINRICH SF. SALMONS PF. DENG C. TYRUS THOMAS Also,what gives w.Knicks-Bulls franchise and trades over the years. You have killed us w. trades overthe years. 1999: Knicks failed to takeopportunity to draftRon Artest and then the next pick in the draft after NY, Chicago takes him and we are stuck w. Frederic Weis We exchanged the services of rugged,physical,and talented big Charles Oakley for years. You gave us the fat contract in equally fat merely offense no rebounding, d,and lack passion big in Eddy Curry for Antonio Davis, Tim Thomas,and Michael Sweetney.Putting us in salary cap woes. And finally now you decide to help us and give us CD and Hughes(for now).

A: always a pleasure trading with the Knicks lol. the Eddy Curry trade was my favorite though lmao jk. Duhon does fit the Knicks system and is a defensive PG that they need with the poor defense that they play. The Thabo Sfveolsa trade wasn't bad after recieving John Salmons and Miller for Nocioni and Gooden. Salmons is already a good scoring G/F which made Thabo expendable and the Bulls got a 1st Round pick for Thabo which I dont think he is worth. All these trades and we never had to trade a 1st Round Draft pick so I like this. Infact we gained an extra 1st Round Draft pick this year from all the wheeling & dealing. We're just giving back in return for the Draft picks we got in those Eddy Curry and Jamaal Crawford trades lol. The 1st Round picks have done us good just as Duhon in the system will do you guys well

Who get the most championships from the class of 2003 by the end of their careers? by LaDrey Q: 1 LeBron JamesSt. Vincent-St. Mary's H.S. (OH)Cleveland Cavaliers 2Darko MiličićSerbia and MontenegroDetroit Pistons 3Carmelo AnthonySyracuseDenver Nuggets 4Chris BoshGeorgia TechToronto Raptors 5Dwyane WadeMarquetteMiami Heat 6Chris KamanCentral MichiganLos Angeles Clippers 7Kirk HinrichKansasChicago Bulls 8T.J. FordTexasMilwaukee Bucks 9Michael SweetneyGeorgetownNew York Knicks 10Jarvis HayesGeorgiaWashington Wizards 11Mickael PietrusFranceGolden State Warriors 12Nick CollisonKansasSeattle SuperSonics 13Marcus BanksNevada–Las VegasMemphis Grizzlies 14Luke RidnourOregonSeattle SuperSonics 15Reece GainesLouisvilleOrlando Magic 16Troy BellBoston CollegeBoston Celtics 17Žarko ČabarkapaSerbia and MontenegroPhoenix Suns 18David WestXavierNew Orleans Hornets 19Aleksandar PavlovićSerbia and MontenegroUtah Jazz 20Dahntay JonesDukeBoston Celtics 21Boris DiawFranceAtlanta Hawks 22Zoran PlaninićCroatiaNew Jersey Nets 23Travis OutlawStarkville H.S.Portland Trail Blazers 24Brian CookIllinoisLos Angeles Lakers 25Carlos DelfinoItalyDetroit Pistons 26Ndudi EbiWestbury Christian H.S.Minnesota Timberwolves 27Kendrick PerkinsClifton J. Ozen H.S.Memphis Grizzlies 28Leandro BarbosaBrazilSan Antonio Spurs 29Josh Howard

A: Luke Walton...............

What Were the Worst Trades Your Team Made in the Past Decade? by Anthony E.M. Q: And are they worse than what the Knicks have done? Only good trades Knicks have done in the past decade where. 1.) John Starks, Chris Mills, and Terry Cummings for Latrell Sprewell. 2.) Steve Francis and Channing Frye for Zach Randolph 3.) Zach Randolph for Tim Thomas/Jamal Crawford for Al Harrington ------------------The worst.... 1.) Trading Patrick Ewing a Hall of Famer who should have retired w/ the team he made contenders for 15 years for an over the top Glen Rice and scrubs, like Travis Knight, Luc Longley, Vladamir Stepania, and an over the top Vernon Maxwell was truly an insult. 2.) Latrell Sprewell for one of the most 1 dimensional players to have ever played in Keith Van Horn. In a 4 team deal that sent Spree to Minnesota. 3.) Traded Marcus Camby and the draft rights to Nene after we just drafted him to the Nuggets for Antonio McDyess. Who was an All-star back then, but suffered a career ending injury that forced him to play 5 games in his brief 3 years in NY. 4.) Traded Charlie Ward - whom I would take over the All-star Marbury any day cause Ward knew how to lead a team @ PG and Antonio McDyess who found himself for Stephon Marbury and Penny Hardaway. Hardaway was done and Marbury turned into a headcase. 5.) Traded Tim Thomas and Michael Sweetney for a fat and talented slob in Eddy Curry and an old Antonio McDyess 6.) Traded Penny Hardaway and Trevor Ariza for another headcase in Steve Francis 7.) Renaldo Balkman traded for a bag of peanuts in Bobby Jones Me 2 I always will go Knicks!

A: Kwame for Butler and the other guy.

Does Isaiah Thomas get too much blame for the Knicks' demise? by Gully God Q: I mean if you didnt know it was Scott Layden who ran the Knicks into the ground by trading Ewing, then bringing in Shandon Anderson and Howard Eisley and Michael Sweetney. Those guys were way more terrible than Isaiahs rosters. O and lets not forget him bringing in that fool Don Chaney. Layden passed on Amare, Caron Butler, Ron Artest ( a guy he had more access to as he stayed home and played for SJU) and so many others. I think Thomas did some good for the Knicks but he just overindulged and overpayed players. He brought in two of the best coaches in basketball but ddnt realize that they needed more talent. I think he kinda wasnt given a fair enough chance to try to turn that team around.

A: The Ewing trade wasnt bad for that time, Ewing was already past his prime look at how he folded in Orlando, and at least Andreson was a decent player. And I really cant blame GM's either, they cant read the future, Artest and Butler were just ordinary college players, Amare maybe but still. Thomas deserves so much blame, for how he went about it, he built a team mainly out of guards, overhyped, showboating egos and bad characters, Marbury, Francis, Jalen, Crawford, and Hardaway and severely overpaying each. Payed Coach Brown I think nearly 50 million for a still rebuilding team, later still gets another headache player in Randolph. He only went after supposed big names, ignoring character and skill. Even once he left, he left the Knicks burdened with lack of skill and big contracts, its ridiculous. Edit: Isiah Thomas the player is still one of my favorite players of all time.

if you could re-do the 2003 NBA draft? by Mr. T Q: Original Draft Order 1st round LeBron James Darko Milicic Carmelo Anthony Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade Chris Kaman Kirk Hinrich T.J. Ford Michael Sweetney Jarvis Hayes Mickael Pietrus Nick Collison Marcus Banks Luke Ridnour Reece Gaines Troy Bell Zarko Cabarkapa David West Aleksandar Pavlovic Dahntay Jones Boris Diaw Zoran Planinic Travis Outlaw Brian Cook Carlos Delfino Ndudi Ebi Kendrick Perkins Leandrinho Barbosa Josh Howard My Draft Order LeBron Wade Bosh Melo David West Josh Howard TJ Ford Hinrich Kaman Barbosa Travis Outlaw Diaw Hayes Pietrus Perkins Milicic Collison Pavlovic Dhantay Jones Carlos Delfino Marcus Banks Carbarkaba Sweetney Gaines Troy Bell

A: 1. LeBron James - Cavs no brainer, He is from the Ohio area and has great potential. 2. Chris Bosh - Detroit coveted a big man, well this is a good candidate. 3. Dwyane Wade - Denver definitely needs a boost a Wade can offer. 4. Carmelo Anthony - I guess Toronto will settle with him. He would never fall down from the top 5. 5. Kirk Hinrich - Miami Heat, I think everybody is underrating Kirk but he has been good for my Bulls, I like him as a player and he defends well. 6. Chris Kaman - Clippers needed him that time, IN CASE Brand becomes absentee again. 7. TJ Ford - good point guards are rare and I think the Bulls will settle for him anytime. 8. David West - Next best option, Milwaukee have to take him. 9. Nick Collison - well he is a better big man than Sweetney as it turned out. 10. Luke Ridnour - could have been a great compliment to Agent Zero with Gilbert shifting to his natural SG position. 11. Josh Howard - Golden State 12. Leandro Barbosa - Seattle Supersonics 13. Boris Diaw - Memphis Grizzlies 14. Jarvis Hayes - Seattle Supersonics 15. Mickael Pietrus - Orlando Magic 16 . Kendrick Perkins - Boston Celtics 17. Darko Milicic - Phoenix Suns, Mike would have loved a center who could run the floor and has Euro blood in his offense. 18. Michael Sweetney - New Orleans Hornets 19. Sasha Pavlovic - Utah Jazz 20. Jason Kapono - Boston Celtics 21. Marcus Banks - Atlanta Hawks, who direly needed a PG. 22. Keith Bogans - New Jersey Nets 23. Travis Outlaw - Portland Trail Blazers 24. Carlos Delfino - Los Angeles Lakers 25. Zaza Pachulia - Detroit Pistons 26. Kyle Korver - Minnesota Timberwolves 27. Matt Bonner - Memphis Grizzlies 28. Steve Blake - San Antonio Spurs 29. Luke Walton - Dallas Mavericks Hope this helps.

are you related to,Live in the same town, Have phone number to any NBA/WNBA player current or former? by BOSS OF DC-VISA187-M.O.B 4 lyfe Q: A few live in my neighborhood: Delonte west,robert parish,michael sweetney,jaun dixon,dominic mcguire,steve " The bear" sheperd, Alaina beard Im not related to any. I only have 1's phone number I live in fort washington..... I obviously dont live in the ghetto. Delonte only lives here in the offseason

A: Where I live, it's all Redskins. At least a couple live in my neighborhood, but I don't know exactly where since it's not my business. Visa, you prob know the area where I live from my answer. The closest Wiz player to my house is prob DeShawn Stevenson, then Darius Songaila though he probably moved out now to Minneapolis, then a tie between Gilbert and Caron. Not sure about Mystics players who live in our area because they are often in Europe or Asia during the NBA season, but Marissa Coleman may live near you, and she is fine. Speaking about other team's WNBA players, Kara Lawson of the Monarchs is from the DC area since she was a star at West Springfield, but she probably lives in Connecticut for the off season because she's an ESPN reporter during college season, and that's about all I can think of, for now.

Do you agree? by spurs9123 Q: fastest player-Leandro Barbosa smallest-Earl Boykins strongest-Dwight Howard fattest-Michael Sweetney hes 300 pounds on a 6'9" frame ugliest-Sam Cassel smartest offensive wise-Tim Duncan smartest defensive wise-Bruce Bowen best clutch shooter-Chauncey Billups, Gilbert Arenas, Robert Horry 3pt shooter-Ray Allen FT shooter-Steve Nash best blocker-Marcus Camby best stealer-Chris Paul best assistor-Steve Nash best rebounder-Dwight Howard funniest-Shaq slowest-Yao Ming most all around athelitic-Lebron James

A: Agree...

nba draft busts: lottery picks only? by yahoo avatar is so hot Q: 2000: k-mart, stromile swift, darius miles, marcus fizer, mike miller, dermarr johnson, chris mihm, joel przybilla, keyon dooling, jerome moiso, etan thomas, courtney alexander, mateen cleaves. some are role players. some are out of the league. only jamal crawford is not a bust, but he's no franchise either. horrible draft 2001: kwame brown, tyson chandler, eddy curry, shane battier, eddie griffin (r.i.p.), desagana diop, rodney white, kedrick brown. pau gasol, jason richardson, joe johnson, richard jefferson and troy murphy are legit players (again no franchise). radmonovic is a role player but he isn't picked that high. 2002: jay williams, mike dunleavy (he's soft), drew gooden (draft too high), nikoloz tskitishvilli, dajuan wagner, nene hilario, chris wilcox, jared jeffreis, melvin ely, marcus haislip, fred jones are all busts to different degree. hilario and wilcox are solid but drafted way too high. yao ming, caron butler, and amare stoudemire are stars but not top flight ones. 2003-darko millicic, chris kaman, kirk hinrich, t.j. ford, michael sweetney, jarvis hayes, marcus banks, luke ridnour, nick collison are busts. kaman, ford, hayes are solid but drafted too high. lebron james, anthony, and wade are superstars while chris bosh is also a legit star. 2004-emeka okafor, ben gordon, shaun livingston, josh childress, luol deng, rafael arajuo, luke jackson, robert swift, sebastian telfair, and kris humphries are busts. okafor and gordon are one-dimensional players who are drafted too high. dwight howard, devin harris, iguodala, biedrins panned out. 2005-bogut, marvin williams, raymond felton, martell webster, channing frye, ike diogu, fran vazquez, yaroslav korolev, sean may, and rashad mccants are busts. some are also vastly overpaid. chris paul, deron williams are top flight point guards. charlie v has been solid and shows signs of breaking out. 2006: lamarcus aldridge (can't rebound), adam morrison, tyrus thomas, shelden williams, patrick o'bryant, mouhammed sene, jj redick, hilton armstrong, thabo sefolosha are busts. bargnani seems to figure it out. brandon roy is the go to guy for the blazers, randy foye seems to put injury behind him. rudy gay is solid but not a franchise player. ronnie brewer is solid considering his draft position. 2007-greg oden, al horford are solid but drafted way too high. conley, yi jianlian, corey brewer, joakim noah, acie law, julian wright, brandan wright are busts. kevin durant is a decent player. jeff green and al thornton have been shooting a lot but wildly inconsistent. spencer hawes, thaddeus young are solid but not spectacular. 2008: it's hard to see michael beasley, kevin love, danilo gannillari, joe alexander, jerry bayless

A: I agree that Marvin Williams and Raymond Felton are busts

These players were all...? by The Chose One Q: 9th overall - dirk shawn marion joel pryzbilla amare iguodala t-mac michael sweetney rodney white samaki walker ed o'bannon

A: SORRY i left the 9th overall part on there

2003 NBA Draft? by Devin Harris < Roddy Beaubois Q: 1. Cleveland LeBron James 2. Detroit (from Memphis) Darko Milicic 3. Denver Carmelo Anthony 4. Toronto Chris Bosh 5. Miami Dwyane Wade 6. LA Clippers Chris Kaman 7. Chicago Kirk Hinrich 8. Milwaukee (from Atlanta) T.J. Ford 9. New York Michael Sweetney 10. Washington Jarvis Hayes reorder the top 10 your way other choices: josh howard leandro barbosa david west boris diaw sasha pavlovic

A: Cleveland LeBron James Detroit (from Memphis) Carmelo Anthony Denver Chris Bosh Toronto Dwyane Wade Miami josh howard LA Clippers david west Chicago Kirk Hinrich Milwaukee (from Atlanta) leandro barbosa New York boris diaw Washington T.J. Ford

OMG>>>>>............? by washingtonwizards187 Q: Does michael sweetney still play in the NBA? because i just moved to fort washington MD and I saw him jogging he does it everyday. I thought he played for chicago Then why is he out here in maryland. I heard rumors about he was too fat and his parents live down here. is it true?He used to be a decent player about 10ppg 10 rpg.

A: Michael Damien Sweetney (born October 25, 1982 in Washington, D.C.) is an American professional basketball player who played most recently for the NBA's Chicago Bulls, in 2006-07. He was traded to the Bulls after a two-year stint with the New York Knicks, which selected him with the 9th overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. Sweetney went to Oxon Hill for high school, where he was named Washington Post All Met Basketball Player of the Year. He continued the tradition of highly skilled big men at Georgetown University, averaging 18.2 points while shooting nearly 55% over his 3 year collegiate career. He was especially dominant over his junior year, in which he was named Honorable Mention All-America by AP, as well as being a Naismith College Player of the Year finalist and a candidate for the John R. Wooden Award. That year Sweetney was the only player in the nation to rank in the top 20 in scoring and rebounding. Despite playing only three seasons, Sweetney ranks seventh on Georgetown's career scoring list (1,750), fifth in rebounds (887) and sixth in blocks (180). Sweetney also has battled weight issues throughout his life and career. It was reported in The Chicago Tribune that if Sweetney did not lose a certain amount of weight, his career could be in danger.[1]

Time for some more NBA comedy brought to you by TWANBBAJ (AKA ME)? by TWAS Q: NBA things that are unlikely to happen. Karl Malone magically becoming a vampire and sucking the aids infected blood of Magic Johnson. Lebron James shaking the hands of Kobe Bryant after a 4 game Lakers finals sweep. Q-Rich staying in a city for more than a day. People on Yahoo answers stop asking questions that involve Kobe and Lebron. Michael Jordan tells the dealer at a Vegas casino that he is done with gambling for good. The Clippers become the NBA's next 3 peat dynasty. Dwight Howard learns a refined post game Wilt Chamberlain rises from the dead to sleep with 20,000 more women. David Stern admits that he had a gun to his head when the Magic beat the Cavs stopping his Kobe-Lebron finals. Big Baby Davis seeks counseling for the abuse suffered at the hands of KG. The fans of the Knicks come to the reality that they will get neither James or Wade in 2010 Yao Ming plays a full season of Basketball Phil Jackson gets really angry at Ron Artest for taking bad shots and burns all his Zen books Tom Heinsohn will final admit that the Celtics do commit fouls and there is not a conspiracy against Boston. Pao Gasol lets brother Marc Gasol dunk on him as a favor to mom. Jameer Nelson learns to step up on guys who can make 3's Kobe admits he really doesn't speak Italian and he only does it to attract ladies. Isiah Thomas become the GM of the Grizzlies and leads them to the championship. Jamacian Man doesn't turn every question/answer into Dirk (Jamacian Man I have nothing but love for you. I respect that you admire Dirk) I finally get back to work and stop messing around on Yahoo Answers everyday. Mehmet Okur beats up Hedo Turkoglu in a street fight of who is the real Michael Jordan of Turkey Shawn Bradley and Manute Bol play a game of one on one for the amusement of the Yahoo fans. Wow what laughs that would be. The Following players lose over 50 pounds on the biggest loser - Stanley Roberts, Loy Vaught, Michael Sweetney, Oliver Miller, and Sean May Allen Iverson stars on his own VH1 love reality show with all 30 NBA teams and the winning gets his worthless services. (but he still refuses to practice) People on yahoo answers know who Michael Cage is without looking him up on Wikipedia or basketball reference.com Gerald Wilkins, Dominique Wilkins, and Damien Wilkins star in the remake of my two dads. It is called why can't my Uncle be my dad. Brad Daugherty gets everyone who is watching nascar to switch over to the NBA on espn. (Kudos if you get this one) Reggie Miller openly admits that his sister is a robot made from his own DNA. Don Nelson and Mark Cuban come out and admit that all their problems stem from a sexual encounter they had during the 2003 western conference finals. The executive brass of the Timberwolves admit that have no clue about basketball and admit drafting 16 PG's was a mistake. The Yahoo answers basketball section gets over run by Toronto Raptor fans who replace the Kobe-Lebron questions with Calderon-Paul questions. Kareem will punch Andrew Bynum in the sack everytime he doesn't listen to his advice. Patrick Ewing will pour jars of his sweat on Dwight Howard to repell opposing team defenders. Actually Cookie Man, do your research and check my profile to the questions I ask. Most of them have nothing to do with Kobe nor Lebron. RESEARCH BEFORE YOU ANSWER Just checked Cookie man's profile and notice that he nevers answers any question I ask or that we have a common question that we have both answered. So how could he make a blanket comment without any research. For those who don't know Brad Daugherty does Nascar commentary on ESPN and he used to be a former NBA player. thanks for the feedback Big Rob is Back. I appreciate all people's opinions

A: Nice. You had me at Tommy Heinson foul calls. Check, check, is this thing on? Here we go. Ladies and Gentleman Michael Cage "Just let You SOUL GLOOOWW!! Oh so silky smooth. Let all your Soul Glow, Flow right over YOU" Sad I know the lyrics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPZn7WxuATI&feature=related Shawn Kemp and Calvin Murphy get a sitcom called 2 and 52/2 Men. Now with Soul Glo on my mind, here it comes, check the Q's. And it looks like somebody missed their Laxative today.

Where are these NBA players? by Dustin K Q: Walt Williams, Damon Stoudamire, Gary Trent, Bob Sura, Jason Caffey, Lamond Murray, Eddie Jones, Michael Sweetney, Voshon Lenard

A: Walt Williams: retired Damon Stoudamire: director of player development for the guard-heavy Rice University squad under head coach Ben Braun. Gary Trent: retired Bob Sura: not playing Jason Caffey: He is currently in bankruptcy court "seeking protection from creditors, who include eight women with whom he has had ten children." Lamond Murray: not playing Eddie Jones: not playing Michael Sweetney:? Voshon Lenard: free agent i couldn't really find much about anybody except damon stoudamire and jason caffey. sorry im not very much help.

there still is that big-guard issue hanging over the bulls and the fate of Ben Gordon??? by john w Q: 35 Malik Allen F 15 Martynas Andriuskevicius C 11 Andre Barrett G 42 P.J. Brown - C F-C 9 Luol Deng F-G 21 Chris Duhon G 7 Ben Gordon G 44 Adrian Griffin G-F 12 Kirk Hinrich - CAPTAIN G 38 Viktor Khryapa F 5 Andres Nocioni F 2 Thabo Sefolosha G 50 Michael Sweetney F 24 Tyrus Thomas F 3 Ben Wallace - C This is the bulls lineup who would u trade ,release, trade for and draft with the 9th pick? What will they do with ben gordan ,since skiles has came out and said he wants bigger point guards? or pick up in free agency

A: The Bulls are generally concerned with two issues: first, the lack of a post scorer; and two, the lack of big guards and no true point guard. With PJ Brown likely to retire, the post scorer is the bigger need right away. The problem is, at No. 9 the likely draft picks are defensively oriented, real athletic power forwards and the "great white hope" centers. With Wallace and Thomas, the Bulls don't need another defensive, athletic power forward. And they don't have a great deal of luck with the "great white hopes" - see Will Perdue. As a result, I foresee a trade down with Nocioni (on a sign & trade) and No. 9 for a post scorer and perhaps a low 20's draft pick. The post scorer then fills the Bulls primary need. The draft pick, then, can go for a big guard/wing who can score, such as Alando Tucker or Morris Almond. And then in the second round the Bulls, at 49 and 51, can take a point guard - maybe Jamal Tatum from Southern Illinois, or Nate Funk from Creighton - and a scoring power forward - maybe Glen "Big Baby" Davis or Nick Fazekas if they fall that far - to fill in the holes. Maybe package No. 49 and Khryapa or Sweetney to trade up for one of the scoring PF's (Khryapa, Sweetney, Andriuskevicious, Barrett, Griffin can all be traded as part of some package). Gordon and Hinrich aren't going anywhere, even if they are both tweeners - not true points, not big shooting guards. Duhon is a solid backup. The Bulls have a nice core - they just need a couple of solid complementing pieces.

which five on five nba team will win? by Q: Team: 1 C:Kwamie Brown- PF: Sheldon williams- SF: adam Morrison- SG: Josh Childress PG: mateen cleeves- Team #2: C: Eddie Curry PF: Michael Sweetney SF: luke walton SG: Martell Webster PG: Juan Dixon

A: they both suck

Does anyone remember PJ Brown? by Bugatti Veyron Speed Q: I thought he was pretty important to the Celtics title run. BQ: Does anyone remember Michael Sweetney? BQ2: How much did Eddy Curry weigh at birth?

A: I remember him best during his "Heat" days and when he played for the Bulls BQ : I remember him as a Bull too, but have no idea what happened to him. BQ2 : about the same as a baby hippo

What Do You Think of This Trade? (The Dream Trade of Many Chicago Bull Fans)? by Q Will Q: Chicago (gains) - Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett Chicago (loses) - Ben Wallace, Andres Nocioni, P.J. Brown, Chris Duhon, and Michael Sweetney Los Angeles (gains) - Gilbert Arenas, Ricky Davis, and Randy Foye Los Angeles (loses) - Kobe Bryant Minnesota (gains) - Ben Wallace and P.J. Brown Minnesota (loses) - Kevin Garnett, Ricky Davis, and Randy Foye Washington (gains) - Andres Nocioni, Chris Duhon, and Michael Sweetney Washington (loses) - Gilbert Arenas

A: yep, pretty much every team gets raped in the @ss except chicago, LA to a lesser extent but arenas is not on the level of kobe at all. the bulls dont really lose anything valuable and they get 2 hall of famers, wow isnt that fair. minny trades KG and foye and they get 2 30 something year olds, wow great. wasington loses their superstar and get 1 role player, a back up PG, and the most overweight player in the league. wow cool.

Why didn't the knicks keep their draft picks? by ballislife Q: This is a solid team: Jordan Hill, Gallinari, Danilo, Wilson Chandler, Renaldo Balkman, Channing Frye, David Lee, Trevor Ariza, Michael Sweetney, Nenê. Just add a point guard and thats a .500 team. Also include free agents.

A: Fail troll is fail? Those are all busts and I think you know it too. You;re just bored and messing with the internet. Go ask questions with more sense.

What happened to Michael Sweetney? by GIRISH Q:

A: I believe he's signed on with the Bulls but he was too fat to stay on the roster. Seriously the guy is like a Tractor Traylor downgrade if that's even possible. He sucks.

people compare me to michael sweetney when i play basketball is that good or bad or shaq? by Orlando S Q:

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Sweetney

Michael Sweetney - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-2011 Michael Sweetney Pre-Season 09 Edit.mp4 Michael Sweetney, 4th Qtr (pt1) - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-11 Michael Sweetney, 1st Qtr (pt1) - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-11 Top 10 Celtics Media Day moments Michael Sweetney, 4th Qtr (pt2) - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-11 Michael Sweetney, 2nd Qtr (pt1) - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-11 Michael Sweetney, 1st Qtr (pt2) - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-11 Michael Sweetney, 3rd Qtr (pt1) - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-11 Michael Sweetney tocando conga con los niñ@s de Boys & Girls Clubs En la canchapr Michael Sweetney Michael Sweetney, 2nd Qtr (pt2) - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-11 Emilio habla con Michael Sweetney Michael Sweetney, 3rd Qtr (pt2) - (Atletico Biguá) - 02-17-11 Michael Sweetney Amazing Putback WIZARD'S JOHN WALL [ @John_Wall ] w/ Joe Conelly [ @JCplayerdevelop ] ATHLETIC EXTRAORDINAIRE Iverson throws ball at referee, gets T'd up Contest Winner- Mike Sweetney Signed IP Card- CC SAN 78 - GBO 76 @Santurce 5-3-11 Chris Paul's huge triple double against the Bulls (December 1, 2006) Rookie Ariza blocks Iverson & scores an and-1 En la canchapr Conf Prensa Juego 4 Michael Sweetney Tim Thomas's 27 points vs. 76ers (2005) Isiah Thomas excited about Malik Rose, Mo Taylor trades Georgetown Hoyas sing Silent Night Rookie Iguodala's behind the back assist to Dalembert Reverse alley-oop by Dalembert from Iverson SAN 88 - BAY 86 @Santurce 6-9-11 SAN 111 - GBO 110 @Santurce 5-25-11 Georgetown Hoyas sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer NBA Pretemporada 11/10/2009 - Boston Celtics 91 Vs New Jersey Nets 88 Georgetown Hoyas sing Jingle Bells SAN 91 - SGE 88 @Santurce 5-23-11 Maryland beats Georgetown in 2001 Sweet 16 SAN 68 - ARE 66 @Santurce 4-28-11 SAN 102 - COA 74 @Santurce 5-20-11 GBO 90 - SAN 87 @Santurce 6-29-11 Highlights: Cangrejeros 82 vs. Mets 74 @ Caguas GBO 83 - SAN 74 @Guaynabo 6-27-11 Highlights: Cangrejeros 100 vs. Indios 88 @ Coliseo Hector Sola Bezares Highlights: Cangrejeros 97 vs. Caciques 90 @ Hector Sola Bezares HUM 95 - SAN 83 @Humacao 6-4-11 COA 86 - SAN 70 @Coamo 6-11-11 HUM 85 - SAN 79 @Humacao 6-15-11 SAN 96 - GBO 85 @Santurce 7-7-11 SAN 92 - QUE 64 @Santurce 5-12-11 basketball cards SAN 91 - HUM 73 @Santurce 5-31-11 GBO 82 - SAN 80 @Santurce 6-3-11 SAN 95 - SGE 82 @San German 4-23-11
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