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Mia super bowl

MIA creates a stir with Super Bowl halftime performance
Rap artist MIA ruffled some feathers during the Super Bowl half time performance Sunday night, flashing her middle finger while saying the s-word as she sang onstage with Madonna and Nicki Minaj. The foul language appeared to have been bleeped out, ...

Not just MIA: Super Bowl political ad using Asian woman decried
It wasn't just rapper MIA who got into hot water for her actions during the Super Bowl. Republican senatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra stirred the pot with a political ad that featured an Asian woman speaking broken English, sparking immediate protests ...

MIA's Super Bowl Middle Finger And More: A Career Of Controversy
By James Montgomery (@positivnegativ) MIA's middle finger may currently be the most-discussed digit in America, dominating the post-Super Bowl chatter and earning swift rebukes from NBC and the NFL. But for those who've covered her career from the ...

Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Cee Lo, MIA: Who was the best Super Bowl performer?
Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Cee Lo, MIA: Who was the best Super Bowl performer? By Jen Chaney MIA, pre-flip-off. (Christopher Polk - GETTY IMAGES) MIA and her middle digit may be getting the most attention for their Super Bowl performance during last ...

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SamMason7 Super Bowl XLVI: MIA's Bird Is The Word http://t.co/5EILe1LM

megspptc Bwahahaha Anderson's ridiculist about MIA Super Bowl middle finger is hilarious just saying @spants5

rrrchica80 Personally Janet Jackson wins the Super Bowl award for showing her titty on TV. But, cant knock MIA tho

SlabOnMyKnab RT @NotBillWalton: NBC apologized for MIA's middle finger during Super Bowl halftime, but they never apologized for keeping Jay Leno on the air for 20 years.

cantarellideli RT @NotBillWalton: NBC apologized for MIA's middle finger during Super Bowl halftime, but they never apologized for keeping Jay Leno on the air for 20 years.

alexmstudios RT @NotBillWalton: NBC apologized for MIA's middle finger during Super Bowl halftime, but they never apologized for keeping Jay Leno on the air for 20 years.

gpeters418 http://t.co/Xgv73oA1 @_M_I_A_

MVBTown RT @NotBillWalton: NBC apologized for MIA's middle finger during Super Bowl halftime, but they never apologized for keeping Jay Leno on the air for 20 years.

TracyElliott4 Not just MIA: Super Bowl political ad using Asian woman decried http://t.co/haonfJOq

yhainny Siempre gustan las songs de Madonna (Super Bowl XLVI) Peformance 2012 halftime show ft LMFAO, MIA, N...: http://t.co/bUkDpxkq vía @youtube

adelphi_oracle RT @NotBillWalton: NBC apologized for MIA's middle finger during Super Bowl halftime, but they never apologized for keeping Jay Leno on the air for 20 years.

edutzy RT @NotBillWalton: NBC apologized for MIA's middle finger during Super Bowl halftime, but they never apologized for keeping Jay Leno on the air for 20 years.

SnyderAndrew RT @NotBillWalton: NBC apologized for MIA's middle finger during Super Bowl halftime, but they never apologized for keeping Jay Leno on the air for 20 years.

ChavezChavis MIA - who is that again? No, don't tell me - I don't care. I didn't watch the Super Bowl or half-time show. #CountdownKO

CTJDorsey RT @NotBillWalton: NBC apologized for MIA's middle finger during Super Bowl halftime, but they never apologized for keeping Jay Leno on the air for 20 years.


What should I change my name to? Input please!? by Q: OK so I absolutely hate my name right now. It's not really a bad name per say, but whenever I hear it, it just reminds me of my horrible and disgusting father. My name's Lana, and I was named after him- Lance. So I'm changing my name. Period. But I don't really know where to begin. I want something that pops (lol if that makes sense), and preferably something long and elegant that can be shortened to something cute and quirky. Here are some that I've been considering... Anita (Anna) Tallulah (Lula) Piper/ Pippa Victoria (Tori) Amelia (Lia/Mia) Delila (Lila) But none of these are "it" if you get my drift. Some info about me: I'm shy, quiet, and nervous. I love learning. I love books. I love music of all kinds as long as it has artistic quality (i.e. Beatles, Cornershop, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Bjork, Beck...). I have dark golden blonde hair and am currently sporting a bowl cut :P I plan on keeping the thick straight bangs and growing it into a sort of long shag. I'm really pale. I have hazel eyes. I hate sports. I love art. I love everything vintage. My favorite subject is Psychology. My other interests are Art History, Anthropology, and Literature. So can anyone point me in the right direction here? Any name ideas that would suit me? Or any input on finding my perfect name? Cos the latter would be super amazing (P.S. I've seen a million lists of name suggestions that people would like for their kids lol. I'm talking about ME here). Thanks!

A: The first name that came to mind was Penelope! it's very pretty and has TONS of cute nicknames. Penny, Poppy, Nell, Nelly, Pippa. So cute!

Shouldn't BURKE, ROBERTS, and IMMELT be investigated? by Q: In order, CEO OF NBC UNIVERSAL, CEO OF COMCAST, CEO OF GE.... Did anyone else happen to watch the SUPER BOWL on an analog signal and notice the subliminal message for OTFLMAO during the half time show? I'm sure everyone knows about MIA's (paid by NBC) "foul play" as an added "in plain sight" subliminal messaging attempt. PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT HE HAS TO SAY.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjROjkR6sKc THIS ONE IS ACTUALLY MORE DIRECT TO MY QUESTION... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf6_yMn_ZRo .... **** THAT'S FUNNY.... YOUR STUPIDASS ACTUALLY WASTED TIME TYPING A RESPONSE... I'll LEAVE THIS UP FOR A BIT.... THEN DELETE IT. KEEP YOU FROM POINTS.... F...A...G

What do you think of my PRESEASON NFL standings.? by All Sports Fan™ Q: Way off with STL and MIA. AFC North 1.CIN 12-4 (4 Seed) 2.BAL 12-4 (5 Seed) 3.CLE 7-9 4.PIT 6-10 AFC South 1.IND 12-4 (3 Seed) 2.JAX 9-7 3.HOU 6-10 4.TEN 4-12 AFC West 1.SD 13-3 (2 Seed) 2.DEN 10-6 (6 Seed) 3.KC 7-9 4.OAK 1-15 AFC East 1.Patriots 14-2 (1 Seed) 2.Dolphins 9-7 3.Jets 9-7 4.Bills 6-10 NFC North 1.CHI 10-6 (3 Seed) 2.GB 8-8 3.DET 6-10 4.MIN 3-13 NFC South 1.NO 14-2 (1 Seed) 2.CAR 12-4 (5 Seed) 3.TB 3-13 4.ATL 1-15 NFC West 1.STL 10-6 (4 Seed) 2.SEA 9-7 (6 Seed) 3.SF 8-8 4.ARZ 7-9 NFC East 1.DAL 11-5 (2 Seed) 2.PHI 8-8 3.NYG 6-11 4.WAS 4-12 NFL Wild Card Round AFC 3. Colts-34 6. Broncos-21 AFC 4. Bengals-24 5. Ravens-20 NFC 3. Bears-24 6. Seahawks-13 NFC 4. Rams-21 5. Panthers-34 NFL Divisional Round AFC 2. Chargers-31 3. Colts-27 AFC 1. Patriots-27 4. Bengals-21 NFC 2. Cowboys-31 3. Bears-20 NFC 1. Saints-31 5. Panthers-28 NFL Conference Championships AFC 1. Patriots-31 2. Chargers-34 NFC 1. Saints-31 2. Cowboys-20 Super Bowl 1. Saints-31 2. Chargers-42

A: I like your outcome!! Very good!!!

Running up the score and cheating? by BAGOFSWAGS Q: Why did the '72 Dolphins do it? Nov 12, 1972 NE 0 @ MIA 52 "By JIM LITKE, AP Sports Columnist November 7, 2007 If Shula believes that, then he ought to negotiate a twofer and paste the other asterisk next to his own undefeated team. He was still the coach of the Baltimore Colts at the end of the 1969 season, when then-Miami owner Joe Robbie approached him and signed Shula to a contract. The NFL charged the Dolphins with tampering and awarded their first-round pick to the Colts. Undaunted, Miami reached the Super Bowl in 1971, then rebounded from a loss to the Dallas Cowboys by winning the next two, including the perfect 17-0 campaign. " "Okay the "running up the score" thing has more to do with HOW the scores are made not WHAT the actual score is. That being said, you are an idiot " Open Mouth, Insert Foot, this was like taking candy from a baby. 51 yard pass in the 4tha qtr up 45-0?: Nov. 12, 1972 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NFL FINAL 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH TOTAL --- --- --- --- ----- NEW ENGLAND 0 0 0 0 -- 0 MIAMI 17 14 7 14 -- 52 FINAL SCORING SUMMARY MIA - TD, Morris 4 run (Yepremian kick) MIA - TD, Morris 4 run (Yepremian kick) MIA - FG, Yepremian 16 MIA - TD, Csonka 3 run (Yepremian kick) MIA - TD, Morris 6 run (Yepremian kick) MIA - TD, Briscoe 16 pass from Morrall (Yepremian kick) MIA - TD, Briscoe 51 pass from Del Gaizo (Yepremian k

A: Okay the "running up the score" thing has more to do with HOW the scores are made not WHAT the actual score is. Secondly, what the Dolphins did to obtain Shula as their coach in 1969 had no bearing on the outcome of the 1972 season, other than Shula became their coach. BUT one could argue the Dolphins could have done this in a fashion that the NFL did not deem to be tampering and achieved the same result. That being said, you are an idiot and you need to stop.

08-09 nfl season predictions? by buckn@$ty Q: nfc north 1. min 10-6 2. gb 8-8 3. det 6-10 4. chi 4-12 nfc south 1. no 10-6 2. tb 9-7 3. car 8-8 4. atl 3-13 nfc east 1.dal 13-3 2. nyg 10-6 3. phi 7-9 4. was 6-10 nfc west 1.sea 10-6 2. ari 8-8 3. stl 8-8 4. sf 4-12 afc north 1.pit 12-4 2. cle 9-7 3. bal 5-11 4. cin 5-11 afc south 1. ind 12-4 2. jax 11-5 3. ten 10-6 4. hou 9-7 afc east 1. ne 13-3 2. buf 8-8 3. nyj 6-10 4. mia 6-10 afc west 1. sd 12-4 2. den 9-7 3. oak 6-10 4. kc 5-11 nfc total 1.dal 2.no 3.min 4.sea 5.nyg* 6.tb* afc total 1. ne 2.ind 3.sd 4.pit 5.jax* 6.ten* wildcardnfc min over tb nyg over sea wildcardafc sd over ten pit over jax divisional nfc dal over nyg no over min divisional afc ne over pit ind over sd championship nfc no over dal championship afc ne over ind super bowl nfl ne over no first day posting...what do you think??? didnt even notice the thing about the afc seeds being the same :P it doesnt change my answer though and fyi im not a revenge seeking pats fan(all though i am a saints and vikes fan)

A: NFL Predictions: NFC North Minesota: 10-6 Green Bay: 9-7 Detroit: 7-9 Chicago: 4-12 NFC East Dallas: 13-3 NY Giants: 10-6 Philadelphia: 9-7 Washington: 8-8 NFC South New Orleans: 11-5 Tampa Bay: 8-8 Carolina: 6-10 Atlanta: 5-11 NFC West Seattle: 10-6 Arizona:10-6 St.Louis: 7-9 San Fran: 6-10 AFC North Cleveland: 10-6 Pittsburgh: 10-6 Cincinnatti: 6-10 Baltimore: 5-11 AFC East New England: 13-3 New York Jets: 8-8 Buffalo: 8-8 Miami: 6-10 AFC South Indianapolis: 13-3 Jacksonville: 12-4 Tennessee: 9-7 Houston:8-8 AFC West San Diego: 12-4 Denver: 7-9 Oakland: 6-10 Kansas City: 3-13 NFC Seeds: 1. Dallas Cowboys 2. New Orleans Saints 3. Minnesota Vikings 4. Seattle Seahawks 5. New York Giants 6. Arizona Cardinals AFC Seeds 1. Indianapolis Colts 2. New England Patriots 3. San Diego Chargers 4. Cleveland Browns 5. Jacksonville Jaguars 6. Pittsburgh Steelers Playoffs: Sat. Seattle vs New York Giants: Seattle Jacksonville vs Cleveland: Jacksonville Sun. Minnesota vs Arizona: Minnesota San Diego vs Pittsburgh: SanDiego Week 2 Playoffs: Sat. Dallas vs Seattle: Dallas Indianapolis vs Jacksonville: Indianapolis Sun. Minnesota vs New Orleans: Minnesota San Diego vs New England: San Diego Week 3 Playoffs Sat. Minnesota vs Dallas: Minnesota Sun San Diego vs Indianapolis: San Diego SUPER BOWL 43 Minnesota vs San Diego Super Bowl Champs San Diego Chargers!

Cleveland Browns 2011 schedule realistic Wins & Losses? by Q: Best case scenario heres my realistic predictions for the browns 2011 season (schedule not posted yet but theyve released the teams theyll be playing H=home A=Away. Balt H LOSS 0,1. Cinci H WIN 1,1. Jax H WIN 2,1. Mia H WIN 3,1. Pitt H LOSS 3,2. Stl H WIN 4,2. Sea H WIN 5,2. Tenn H WIN 6,2. Ariz A WIN 7,2. Balt A LOSS 7,3. Cinci A WIN 8,3. Hou A WIN 9,3. Ind A LOSS 9,4. Oak A WIN 10,4. Pitt A LOSS 10,5. San Fran A WIN 11,5. Give or take the 2 or 3 games the browns pull out of there asses vs. teams who are projected to win the super bowl and 2 or 3 games they lose to teams like the bengals and the bills. what do you think if we get a good Right Guard we may be able to pull one game off vs. the ravens... your opinions please.

A: Well I can't find their exact schedule anywheres, but based off of what I did find... Here are their home games - Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tennessee, St. Louis, Seattle, Miami So, I'll say a Win against Balt, Win against Cinci, Loss against Pitts, Win against Jax, Win against Tenn, Loss against St Louis, Win against Seattle and Win against Miami... so that's what 6-2. Here are their away games - Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Houston, Indianapolis, Arizona, San Francisco, Oakland Loss at Balt, Win at Cinci, Loss at Pitts, Loss and Houst, Loss at Indi, Win at Ariz, Win at San Fran and Win at Oak... so that's 4-4... So finish about 10-6?

New 09-10 season predictions? by gammonnicholas Q: I'm doing it again. NFC East: PHI...13-3 (After McNabb got going last year it was clear who the better team in the division was.) WAS...10-6 (With all the money they spent this offseason tdouble digit wins are required.) NYG...9-7 (With Plaxico gone Eli will have to work with so-so recceivers.) DAL...8-8 (A team too full of themselves. 8-4 before Dec. 8-8 at the end.) North: GB...10-6 (A team that should've benn at this spot last year. They can get it done this year.) CHI...10-6 (The Bears have a good quarterback this year. And a good TE as a target. They have the tools to reach the playoffs now.) MIN...9-7 (AP can only do so much. As with the Defense.) DET...2-14 (Even if they go 0-16 they can double their wins) South: NO...11-5 (A great passing attack and offense. A good defense.) TB...9-7 (If you were hearing the same things I was hearing about Tampa. you might agree.) Car...8-8 (Strengths and faults.) ATL...7-9 (I think they got a little ucky last year.) West: SEA...9-7 (Hasslebeck is back.) ARI...9-7 (Division is getting tougher.) SF...8-8 (Singletary is amking lemonade out of lemons and the team just needs a solid QB to be playoff contenders.) STL...3-13 (............Rams............) AFC East: NE...12-4 (Tom Brady being back. I don't think he'll be afraid to take a hit.) MIA...9-7 (A pretty easy schedule last year.) NYJ...6-10 (Who's the QB?) BUF...4-12 (A good receiving core but whate else?) North: PIT...14-2 (Offense and Defense.) BAL...10-6 (Not many offseason losses.) CIN...7-9 (Carson is back and if he satys healthy the Bengals can be a threat.) CLE...2-14 (Faults:Everything.) South: HOU...11-5 (An underrated football team with many weapons.) IND...10-6 (No Tony.) TEN...9-7 (An older Kerry Collins and a missing Albert Hayensworth.) JAC...6-10 (Slowly but surely trying to get back.) West: SD...13-3 (Healthier.) KC...9-7 (They hit the goldrush with offseason moves.) DEN...4-12 (They tried this offseason.) OAK...3-13 (They gave all that money to Heyward-Bey and Walker. Come on!) Playoffs: Playoffs: Wild Card: Chi vs. Sea (w) IND vs. NE (w) (w) BAL vs. HOU (w) WAS vs. GB Division: Sea vs. NO (w) NE vs. SD (w) Bal vs. Pit (w) (w) Was vs. Phi Conference: SD vs. Pit (w) Was vs. NO (w) Super Bowl: (w) No vs. Pit MVP:Drew Brees (NO) OPOTY:Drew Brees (NO) DPOTY:Jon Beason (CAR) ROTY:Matthew Stafford (DET) DROTY:James Laurinitus (STL) ok. well old man moore. Kansas city's getting better with a new coach. Yeah I overrated them. Pittsburgh I overrated. Most dominat defense in NFL and some big playmakers on offense. Houston has a growing defense and the rushing and receiving are great with Slaton, Walter, Johnson, and Daniels. Raiders. Running game ok. Raiders, Russell (Good some day) and back up Garcia (as a tampa bay fan) is not the savior. They just traded one of their only good players (Burgess) and they're throwing their money at has beens and busts. At least they traded smart and got draft picks but they have poor ownership. Sorry Raiders fans it may take awhile. Cowboys I may have underrated them a bit but they did lose T.O. who is a big difference maker. Tampa Bay I overrated but will maybe be at that spot next year 6-10. Philly has-McNabb, Westbrook, a great defense but they are missing 2 safeties. Redskins have Portis, improving Campbell (did I spell that right), A much improved defense, moss, and a good o-line, as for falcons one hit wonders, carolina would be up if it weren't for mister 5 Delhomme.

A: NFC North Packers 12-4 Bears 9-7 Vikings 9-7 Lions 2-14 NFC East Eagles 11-5 Redskins 10-6 Giants 7-9 Cowboys 4-12 NFC West Seahawks 10-6 Cards 8-8 49ers 7-9 Rams 3-13 NFC South Saints 13-3 Panthers 10-6 Falcons 8-8 Bucs 2-14 AFC North Ravens 13-3 Steelers 12-4 Bengals 8-8 Browns 6-10 AFC East Pats 14-2 Jets 7-9 Fins 6-10 Bills 4-12 AFC West Chargers 11-5 Chiefs 7-9 Broncos 6-10 Raiders 2-14 AFC South Titans 12-4 Colts 11-5 Texans 5-11 Jags 5-11 MVP - Adrian Peterson Defensive MVP - Lofa Toputu Rookie Offensive - Michael Crabtree Rookie Defensive - Orakpo

Which 1 of these 2 NFL careers as a starting QB would you rather have? by Q: 1. #1 overall draft pick (drafted by a small market team like GB, Cin, or indy) 16-year career Franchise player (missed 3 years with injures on 5th, 9th, & 13th year) MVP, and rookie of the year Rookie year Super Bowl Finalist, 6th year SB finalist, 8th year SB finalist, 10th year SB finalist and 11th year SB finalist Hall-of Famer 2. Undrafted (spend 2 years as 2nd string) (Large market NYJ,NYG,CHI,MIA) Average stats, (not bad enough to get benched, not good enough for a raise) 8 year career (no injuries) 35%-60% chance of winning SB every year

A: I want the career of the guy who actually wins a Super Bowl. In this day and age of the NFL everyone is consumed with fantasy football like numbers. Who can put up the biggest and most gaudy numbers. Fans forget about the reason these guys are placed on these teams in the first place. Not to rack up big passing numbers, but to lead a team to and win a Super Bowl. Dan Marino has some of the all time quarterback records, but no ring to show for it. If you ask Dan Marino im sure he would trade all of those numbers for a ring.

is their any truth to this rant??? by serchilyn r Q: shit go try n move to indiana n see what a dump it really is. n what r ppl gonna do days before the superbowl in indianapolis just stay in their hotel rooms n watch tv. there is nothing but to eat corn in indiana trust me. do u know how dangerous it would be to drive to indiana in february the coldest month of the year? you could get in a major car accident driving in the snow genius. yea it rained in superbowl 41 so wat? did u see all those people walking around in sunny south beach they actually closed ocean drive for pedestrians. u think ppl r gonna be walking around n going to the beach in indiana? oh sorry it doesnt have a bach. n the colts won who fuking cares except indiana ppl. indianapolis isnt a world class city. its a skid mark trust me. i lived there for 3 years got my degree n moved back to da MIA. NYC or Chicago has never hosted a superbowl n a small town is gonna host 1 in 2012 that is just idiotic. might as well do it in alaska. the nfl should consider doing it las vegas that would be pretty awesome like the nba did in the all star game. superbowl 2012 is gonna be the whitest super bowl ever with the 50 feet of snow everywhere n the thousands of indiana rednecks walking around thinkig their city is hot shit. n if u think indianapolis ppl r nice trust me their not their racist condescending asshole truste me.

A: frankie says relax

2007-08 NFL Predictions...? by Yahoo Man Q: Wild-Card: DAL vs. SF (DAL) ARI vs. CHI (ARI) OAK vs. CLE (OAK) MIA vs. HOU (HOU) Divisional: NYG vs. ARI (NYG) MIN vs. DAL (DAL) NYJ vs. OAK (NYJ) CIN vs. HOU (HOU) Conference: NYG vs. DAL (NYG) NYJ vs. HOU (NYJ) Super Bowl XVII: NYG vs. NYJ (NYG) What do you think of this? Also, make your own predictions on the playoffs. Hey, you never know! The teams get either harder or easier schedules each year based on their performance in the previous season.

A: Wait...Houston, Oakland, Cincinati, Minnesota, Cleveland, and New York(Giants) have playoffs in their future? Yeah right....I can't even answer this question after seeing your predictions......how can New England and San Diego miss out on the playoffs to Oakland and Houston? Come on, be serious.

NFL Early Predictions 2011-2012? by gammonnicholas Q: Ok I know there's a lot of debate about how we haven't even gotten to free agency, we probably won't have a season and all that, but I'm eager for some more football. Here's my predictions with explanations. AFC East NYJ 13-3 (I believe this will be the one season the Jets are consistent throughout) NE 13-3 (New England's been a powerhouse for a long time they won't be going down anytime soon) Buf 10-6 (This team showed some life in the second half of the season and with a good draft will surprise many) Mia 2-14 (This team just doesn't have a good offense at all. But if you know the Dolphins they could go from worst to first in 2012) AFC North Bal 12-4 (This year Ray Lewis will be hungrier than ever) Pit 12-4 (They're obviously a very good team that won't have their usual Super Bowl Hangover since they didn't win) Cle 8-8 (This team has a lot of young talent, but Mangini just couldn't coach them well.) Cin 5-11 (So if you get rid of all the Superstars you get rid of the drama, but lose all the playmakers. This year will be a necessary step to rebuild and they'll be a contender in the AFC North again) AFC South Hou 11-5 (I really think this is their year, with Wade Phillips as Defensive Coordinator, it seems as though all the pieces are in place.) Ind 9-7 (Peyton Manning and the Colts finally fall off, like they almost did last year.) Jax 5-11 (Jack Del Rio just isn't that good of a coach. But when they finally decide to fire him the Jags will be an AFC South Contender.) Ten 3-13 (A rebuilding year before the Titans are back to being contenders.) AFC West SD 11-5 (San Diego just got real unlucky last year. They'll take control of the West again.) Den 9-7 (I think with a stable coach like Fox they'll be more motivated, and they are a talented team.) KC 7-9 (I think this will be an up and down year for the Chiefs. But in 2012 I expect total dominance.) Oak 5-11 (I'm not sure about this Hue Jackson guy, I don't know much about him so Oakland fans, fill me in, but honestly I think if the Raiders are going to go back to domination, and I know it's a terrible thing to say, but Al Davis needs to die or the stubborn old man can just retire.) NFC East Dal 11-5 (They're back.) NYG 10-6 (Another season where they play good but just not good enough.) Phi 9-7 (I think this will be a year of inconsistency but they'll be fine down the road.) Wsh 3-13 (God is this place a train wreck. It's a shame all this good talent's going to go to waste, with Shannahan and his pampered little son.) NFC North GB 13-3 (This team's going to be a dynasty. Winning the Super Bowl with 16 players on IR? Ridiculous.) Det 11-5 (Matt Stafford stays healthy and the losing era ends.) Chi 8-8 (A Pretty difficult schedule, and I think Jay Cutler will have another mediocre year.) Min 7-9 (I'm a strong believer in Leslie Frazier.) NFC South TB 12-4 (Ok this pick might be pretty biased, but with the right players, this young team will be one of the best teams in the NFL.) Atl 10-6 (It'll be hard to match up to the success with the huge targets they have on their back, particularly with the Bucs and Saints.) NO 9-7 (It'd seemed as though they weren't as motivated in the second half of the season.) Car 5-11 (I hate the Panthers, but I believe in Ron Rivera, and unfortunately for me the tough NFC South gets tougher in 2012.) NFC West SF 10-6 (Jim Harbaugh knows how to coach, and with a good QB and a better OL, this team will be dangerous.) Stl 9-7 (Another heartbreaking year for the Rams as they just miss out.) Sea 6-10 (This team got so lucky last year.) Arz 5-11 (If they get Donovan McNabb it'd be awesome and they could maybe, maybe make the playoffs next year, maybe.) Playoffs Wild Card Pit [email protected] SD NE [email protected] Hou Atl [email protected] Dal Det [email protected] SF Divisional Hou [email protected] NYJ SD [email protected] Bal Atl [email protected] GB SF [email protected] TB Championships Hou [email protected] Bal TB [email protected] GB Super Bowl 46 TB 16vs.20 Bal Alright those are my picks, and I can't wait to hear all the negative feedback by people who don't take into account surprises. It's hard to predict the NFL so don't give me too much crap, just take into account this. KC 4-12;10-6 TB 3-13;10-6 Car 8-8;2-14 Sea 5-11;7-9 (Playoffs) Stl 1-15;7-9 Chi 7-9;12-4 Min 12-4;6-10 Dal 11-5;6-10 SD 13-3;9-7 Unpredictability Alright Eric, you can say my AFC predictions are terrible, but when you question my Bucs that's when we have problems. If you want a detailed description the Packers dominate Tampa Bay in the regular season, this therefore motivates Tampa Bay and they go on a win streak. A huge upset in the championship game for redemption. Believe it or not, in Tampa they know what they're doing. In Kansas City they know what they're doing too, I just expect them to be very unlucky, and with the tougher schedule there might be more games like Baltimore. The Broncos have a good defense and Tim Tebow could have a great Sophomore campaign, he could bomb as well. The Texans have a good offense not great but good, and I think Wade Phillips will turn the defense around. The Colts head coach is a loser. Giving up perfection, then he didn't win 12 games, I'm noticing a pattern here. Back to the Chiefs and Bucs. The Chiefs played a decent AFC West, the crappy NFC West, the decent AFC South, Buffalo and Clevela

A: AFC East: NY Jets win this division AFC North: Steelers win division again AFC West: Chargers rebound and win their division AFC South: Jaguars win their division NFC East: Cowboys win the division NFC North: Packers win I guess...They are the champs NFC West: Rams win NFC South: Falcons win again I don't wanna guess the playoffs yet

Now that the NFL Playoffs are set, how do you see the rest of the 2008 season heading? by The Bay SFFL Q: ...and who do you believe will be the Superbowl champions? Here are my play-off picture predictions...(I forget how the top seed divisional teams determine who they face from the wild card pool so I'm just going to wing what the schedule may look like following the wild card games. But if someone knows how the bracket would officially look like I'll be more than glad to edit my predictions accordingly) [AFC Wild Card] [Outcome] IND/SD..................IND BAL/MIA................BAL [NFC Wild Card] PHI/MIN................PHI ATL/ARI................ATL -------------------------------------- [AFC Divisional] TEN/BAL..............TEN PIT/IND.................PIT [NFC Divisional] NYG/PHI...............NYG CAR/ATL...............ATL -------------------------------------- [AFC Conference Championship] TEN/PIT.................PIT [NFC Conference Championship] NYG/ATL...............NYG -------------------------------------- [Super Bowl XLIII] PIT/NYG............the Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl XLII sorry, i caught this one early "XLIII" not "XLII" aka Superbowl 43.

A: I agree with most of your choices... except the Giants part. I hope irrationally that the Eagles can fly and beat those Giants, before being clipped by the Falcons... Or Panthers, if inexperience is factored in (let's hope this is not the case though) And Titans vs Colts... unimaginable, but the Colts can expect to win. Colts vs Falcons... Judging by recent records, Colts will wrap up their 2nd title in 3 years.

What do you think of these NFL predictions? by moss89attack Q: PIT (11-5) 4 Seed CLE (9-7) BAL (7-9) CIN (5-11) IND (11-5) 3 Seed JAX (11-5) 5 Seed TEN (7-9) HOU (6-10) NE (15-1) 1 Seed BUF (10-6) 6 Seed NYJ (10-6) MIA (6-10) SD (12-4) OAK (8-8) DEN (7-9) KC (3-13) BUF def. IND loses to NE PIT def. JAX loses to SD SD def. NE MIN (10-6) 2 Seed GB (8-8) 6 Seed CHI (7-9) DET (6-10) NO (10-6) 3 Seed TB (7-9) CAR (6-10) ATL (2-14) DAL (14-2) 1 Seed NYG (9-7) 5 Seed PHI (8-8) WSH (7-9) SEA (8-8) 4 Seed ARZ (7-9) SF (7-9) STL (3-13) NYG def. SEA loses to DAL NO def. GB loses to MIN DAL def. MIN Super Bowl XLIII SD def. DAL Super Bowl MVP=LaDainian Tomlinson SD (12-4) 2 Seed

A: JAX won't be that high w/o their two starting guards BUF needs a QB to have a winning season nice picks otherwise. My Picks: NE (11-5) 3 Seed NYJ (10-6) 5 Seed BUF (9-7) MIA (4-12) PIT (11-5) 4 Seed CLE (9-7) BAL (8-8) CIN (6-10) IND (13-3) 1 Seed TEN (10-6) 6 Seed JAX (9-7) HOU (7-9) SD (13-3) 2 Seed DEN (8-8) OAK (6-10) KC (5-11) DAL (13-3) 1 Seed NYG (10-6) 5 Seed PHI (9-7) 6 Seed WSH (6-10) MIN (10-6) 2 Seed GB (8-8) CHI (7-9) DET (6-10) NO (9-7) 3 Seed TB (8-8) CAR (6-10) ATL (3-13) SEA (8-8) 4 Seed ARZ (7-9) SF (7-9) STL (3-13) AFC: Wild Card NYJ def. PIT NE def. TEN Divisional: NYJ def. IND NE def. SD Championship NYJ def. NE NFC: Wild Card NYG def. SEA PHI def. NO Divisional DAL def. PHI MIN def. NYG Championship DAL def. MIN Super Bowl DAL 20 NYJ 17

I really need some advice here about what's going on with him.? by Q: I dated this guy for about two months last fall. Eventually he broke it off because he "felt bad that he didn't have the time to give me the time/attention that I deserved". In all honesty, he was working like 60 hours a week, helping his family run two business, working on setting up his own business while working full time and was involved in a sports league. So his time was very stretched. Then when he was free, I wasn't because I'm currently going to graduate school full time and working about 30 hours a week. I told him that was fine and that i appreciated his honesty. However, he would randomly still text me to wish me happy holidays etc. But nothing beyond that for a good two months. We're talking a total of like two or three texts in those two months. Well last week he randomly texts me and apologizes for not responding to my last text (sent like three weeks prior) because his grandmother whom lived with his parents and basically raised him had passed away. We proceeded to text and he then suggested that we hang out sometime soon, if I was comfortable with that. I said that I was because he was honest with me before and that I appreciated that. He then proceeds to tell me that he was still interested in me so it wouldn't be like hanging out as friends. I said that would be great because I was still interested in him as well and to just let me know when he'd like to hang out. Well it's been a little over a week since that conversation and we texted back and forth like the three days after his initial text asking to hang out, then he went completely MIA. I texted him a total of like 4 times in 5 or 6 days and he has yet to respond to any of them. I know that the end of the month is insane for him so I wonder if its that or if it's something else. (This might sound lame, but i also wonder if it its because of the Super Bowl because we both live in the Indy area and he's a HUGE sports fan..so I imagine he's out with friends doing all the things they have set up for that starting this weekend leading up to the Super Bowl next weekend) I should also mention that we were not having sex during those two months because I don't believe in having sex with someone outside of a monogamous relationship. Making out..yes..but not having sex. So I don't think it's a "friends with benefits" situation. Although there is undeniable physical chemistry between us. So what's going on? Especially since he's the one who initiated it and I thought it was made clear that we both wanted to start dating again. I should also add that he admitted when we first started dating, back in the fall, that he's really bad with his phone. Like his friends and family get upset with him for not responding to texts or calling back in a timely manner. So for him to take several hours or a day to respond is unfortunately normal. But he does eventually respond. So for him to completely not get back to me is strange. It's also strange to me that he'd go MIA and essentially blow me off for no reason especially when previously he told me he didn't have the time. So why would now be any differently? Like why wouldn't he communicate with me and say something like "hey, sorry i've been MIA, its been really crazy right now..how does next Saturday look for you?" or "hey, i know i said i wanted to start dating again, but i think i may have been mistaken". I'm so confused and other than this communication issue he really is a genuinely great person and treats me really really well. (And yes I know that sounds cliche but he is the first man in my life that has made me feel insanely special and beautiful) So I'd like to figure out whats going on with him. What should I do? Should I try texting or calling him and directly ask him if he wants to get together tonight or tomorrow and see what he does? Or do I do nothing? What do you think is going on with him? Thank you for reading all of that and for taking the time to respond!

A: Truthfully boys at the moment are bad at giving back the affection that we give for them. Commonly I find myself in the middle of a engaement between my my heart and common sense. Over time ive learned that afliction dissapear but your intelligence almost never Just so when dealing with a man use your guts!

Rate my fantasy football team? by Dude Q: First of all, tell me how you like my logo: http://30708041349.football.nfl.com/images/team-logo/karatekid007-helmet-02-june-100x100.gif Here is my team...rate it from 1-10 and tell give your opinion. My league has 12 teams in it.... I think I'm going to win Super Bowl Suckers: Young, Vince QB TEN Johnson, Rudi RB CIN Westbrook, Brian RB PHI Bruce, Isaac WR STL Smith, Steve WR CAR Wayne, Reggie WR IND Crumpler, Alge TE ATL Gostkowski, Stephen K NE Bears, DST DST CHI BENCH Green, Trent QB MIA Brown, Chris RB TEN Buckhalter, Correll RB PHI White, LenDale RB TEN Horn, Joe WR ATL

A: 8 out of 10

Are you a VICTIM to NBC's mind RAPE? by Q: Did anyone else happen to watch the SUPER BOWL on an analog signal and notice the subliminal message for OTFLMAO during the half time show? I'm sure everyone knows about MIA's (paid by NBC) "foul play" as an added "in plain sight" subliminal messaging attempt. I don't think "TO" or "OF" matters in the case.

A: And you think that it is just NBC? It is not subliminal messages you should be worrying about. It is the content of the media and its successful attempt to numb the minds of Americans so they don't know or care what the truth is and what is going on around us.

Fantasy Football Week 15 QB? by Daniel B Q: Matt Hasselbeck vs TB, Vince Young @ MIA, or Alex Smith @ PHI?? my spot in my fantasy super bowl relies on it!

A: Smith. Hasselbeck is inconsistent at best even with the good match up, I would be hesitant to play him. Young tweaked his hamstring in the last game. It sounds like he'll play this week, but on a points per game played basis, he's the lowest scoring of the three.

Why is the FCC approving of NBC and NFL mind RAPE? by Q: Did anyone else happen to watch the SUPER BOWL on an analog signal and notice the subliminal message for OTFLMAO during the half time show? I'm sure everyone knows about MIA's (paid by NBC) "foul play" as an added "in plain sight" subliminal messaging attempt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3OlF8Z32uU&feature=related

a guy that seemed really into me cancelled our date and went MIA? by Sgrunner3 Q: The first three times we hung out he seemed like he really liked me. After the third, we didn't really make plans for the fourth, but instead he left it at "I'll call you, or you'll call me, one or the other." I ended up texting him to see how he was and a few days later he texted me to see how I was. Then that weekend I didn't have plans so I texted him to see if he knew how long he was working for or if he'd be free. He said I was free to come by but he had to work, and he didn't want me to be bored watching him. So we made plans for a date the next day. The next day (the same day the super bowl teams were decided) he texted me that he didn't feel that well and needed to get work done, so he wanted to know if we could do a rain date. I said that was fine and that he should let me know when he's free. And I haven't heard from him since. Any thoughts?

A: its just your misconception. i've heard of dozen questions by girls like you and dozen boys like him.

Any predictions on the Steelers-Mia game? by [email protected] like Crack...the Hoff Q: Steelers 35 Miami 3 Porter is going to get hurt Super Bowl Steelers 42 Cowboyz 10

A: with key players out with injuries the steelers should still win but it might be closer then people might think . i say the steelers grind this one out under the monday night lights 13-9 !!!

How do you like my fantasy football team? by Dude Q: Say anything you'd like. Good bad, I'll take any advice. Thanks! Super Bowl Suckers: Leinart, Matt QB ARI Johnson, Rudi RB CIN Westbrook, Brian RB PHI Branch, Deion WR SEA Smith, Steve WR CAR Wayne, Reggie WR IND Crumpler, Alge TE ATL Gostkowski, Stephen K NE Bears, DST DST CHI ----BENCH---- Garcia, Jeff QB TB Green, Trent QB MIA Buckhalter, Correll RB PHI Bowe, Dwayne WR KC Graham, Daniel TE DEN I'm in a 12 team league.

A: your team is soild, WR core is amazing, if you need to change anything then trade leinart for another QB, I have leinart on my team but hes a backup, but yea with the bears D and everything else, ur team is great

Now that rosters are pretty much set,who will win the super bowl? by BANG Q: ATL- lol NO- no D CAR- corect TB- maybe PHILL-lol WASH-lol DAL-can they stay out the penn NY-FLUKE SF-see ATL SEA-maybe STL-see ATL ARZ-See ATL GB-with arron rodgers i dont think so CHI-with grossman or orton or griess i dont think so MIN-with travis jackson i dont think so DET-with kitna i dont think so TENN-maybe JACK-JONES DREW IND-OVERRATED HOU-young NE-can they stop spying on ppl NYJ-with chad pentington i dont think so BILLS-young MIA- If they will the superbowl I will swim across the ALTANTIC CLE-NO D BAL-with there qb's? I KNOW they wont PITT-maybe can they beat Jacksonville this time? CIN-can they stay out of jail? DEN-maybe OAK-who will there coach be SD- can rivers stay on the prozack KC-with brodie croyle i dont think so ,but ROLL TIDE As you can see the clear choice is CAROLINA SO JUST SAVE ENEGRY AND GIVE US OUR RINGS NOW

A: the Colts will win

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