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sobrietyaddict What is Methadone? What are opiates? And what are the symptoms of opiate withdrawal? Learn more here... - http://t.co/eKEZT1VH

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Hlth_Literacy #Methadone Maintained Pregnant Patients & Current Mood Disorder: Delivery & #Neonatal Outcomes http://t.co/cFXAhYmX

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What are the effects of taking water pills when you are in a methadone program? by Sunshine Q: I was just reading that you are not supposed to take a diuretic when you are in a methadone program and I wanted to know what happens if you do.Thanks.

A: There is only one that I am aware of but it doesn't preculde diuretic 'water pill' use if you have high blood pressure. Methadone (Dolophine) may interact with thiazide type diuretics causing orthostasis (feeling of lightheadedness when standing). BTW, it has nothing to do with eliminating the drug faster.

How long does Methadone stay in your system? by bnay22 Q: If taken 20mg of methadone, how long will that be out of my system?

A: methadone has a halflife of ~24 hours. 24 horus after dosing, your'll have 10mg. 24 hours after that, 5 mg 24 after that 2.5 24 after that 1.25mg and so until its negligible/gone. if your asking how long will you "feel" the methadone, usually one or two halflifes and no you longer feel it. how is it testable for? that can be weeks...

What other drug can give you a positive on a drug test for methadone? by jakester Q: I tested positive for methadone and I have never taken it. What else can give me a positive for this?

A: Here's a website that may help http://www.askdocweb.com/falsepositives.html

How long can I expect to go through methadone withdrawal? by buck492 Q: I have detoxed from methadone but want to know how long the withdrawal sympts will last? No chance of relapsing!

A: I know people who went from 120 to 40 then down and without at least 10mg's a day after 1 year still have withdrawals % people I know who went off went back to 10 or 20 mg's. I was once on 440 mg's and got off by switching to 300mcg's of Duragesic as whether i took 220 or 440 I got same relief as it has ceiling. I took for pain, not addiction. Tell dr. to let you try at least 25mcg duragesic then withdrawal from there..I never told my Dr. i was with drawing myself off methadone just cutting in half and was off totally in a month without any effects. defiantly worse drug to come off of. 4 days after cold turkey you will wish you were dead. My friend went to e.r and they gave him 2 diliaudid shots and with Dr. approval as hospitals will not give c2 narcs except percs he got 100 mcg patch to use for 1 month and then went to 75-50-25-percocet til off.

How much does Methadone cost when prescribed? by Spritzie Q: Trying to add up something here. In NY, how much would a prescription of Methadone cost at a local pharmacy?

A: It depends on how much so it's impossible to say. I've heard amounts of $15-$45 for a months worth of medication at an average pain management dose.

What is the main difference between Suboxone and Methadone? by Elle Q: From my research it seems that Suboxone is safer, fits into your life better (no standing in line at 5am) and does not have the severe withdrawals that methadone users experience. I would like some real life answers..it is to get off of the roller coaster of pain pill addiction. How expensive is Suboxone w/o insurance?

A: sub is "easier' to get, meaning you only need to see a doctor once a month to get it instead of going to a clinic daily. However, they are both super long lasting opiates and both produce severe and very long lasting withdrawals once you try to discontinue them. Most sub doctors are charging about $200 per office visit (for a 10 minute visit just to write a script) and the pills cost about $7 for an 8mg tablet at a pharmacy. Getting off pain pills is a 30 day roller coaster ride, and getting off sub or methadone is a 2 year roller coaster ride...a very bumpy ride that most can't tolerate. You also will have all the same side effects on sub or methadone you have on pain pills, plus usually some new ones. I would strongly recommend you look at other options. I went the sub route after being filled with lies from doctors about how great it is, and it robbed me of 5 years of my life. If i had to do it all over again, I would go inpatient to detox for 30 days, or less, and be done with it. No one ever wants to go inpatient and be away from their family and loved ones for that long, but compared to sub or meth, 30 days of your life is a breeze. www.subsux.com

how do can i get methadone outside of a methadone clinic? by Lacey R Q: I have gone to methadone clinics but cant afford them.Is there an easy or cheap way to get it in any other way?

A: To answer your quesion, Yes, If you use methadone for pain relief some doctors will give you methadone (most likely if your pain is more severe, because methadone is a very potent opiate)... But if you are using it to come off another drug (as I assume you are, because you said 'clinic') then no, there isn't really any other [legal] way. BUT listen... instead of using methadone i strongly suggest you switch to Suboxone (buprenorphine), this medication is also used to come off drugs, and you can go to a specialist and get the medication through your insurance. (Suboxone is all over a MUCH better, more effective, SAFER medication than methadone)

What is the risk of breaking a methadone in half? by Summer Q: I am just wondering I take 1 methadone 2 times daily, what would be the risk of breaking it in half to make it work faster.

A: It's a very soft pill anyway. Breaking it wont make it dissolve or "work" any faster.

What would be a lethal dose of Methadone for a tolerant 80mg a day person? by Travis Q: I have heard of some people taking hundreds of milligrams of Methadone and being fin. I am an opiate tolerant person taking currently 80mg a day and was wonder just exactly how much it would take to poison me. What is the limit?

What are the long term side effects of being born addicted to Methadone? by Rain0228 Q: What are the long term side effects to being born addicted to Methadone? He is now 3 years old and is very violent towards the other kids at daycare and shows no sympathy for what he's done, he just smiles (like he's proud of what he's done). He also doesn't seem to listen, or maybe it's that he's not able to process what he's being told (I'm not really sure). It's gotten so bad at school that they are thinking about maybe kicking him out, for the safety of the other kids!

A: Mental health may be affected because of any addiction. Child psychology is very difficult to understand. Mostly children learn directly and indirectly. They learn from parents, near and dear friends or relatives in the house. I mean they learn many things from the prevailing, situations, circumstances, environments in the family or in the house. Their mental acumen is fast and sharp. In the presence of children, we should always talk positive things, true things, factual things. It is totally the responsibility of the parents to train or coach the child in right directions. We should display, exhibit or demonstrate exemplary qualities of good habits and behaviors before children. They generally copy what the elders are doing in the house. These days, there are several special books available in Book Shops for child development.

How many days must I wait to start suboxone treatments after taking methadone? by 2NewHips Q: I took a sip of methadone to stop my withdrawl symptoms, will that hinder my treatment?

A: im not sure how many days but to start suboxone you have to be in mild to moderate withdrawl. otherwise youll get sick sick sick believe me ...violently ill isnt the word for it, its bad. if your meth starts wearig off after say 6 hours and your eyes start watering and your nose starts running id wait about 3-5 hours after that just to be sure. I went into the clinic in moderate withdrawls (cold sweats runny eyes, and nose mild stomach cramps and crazy anxiety) and had no problems and about 15 minutes after i took a suboxone i was feeling ok. they moved pretty quick at the clinic becasue you have to be sick. good luck and i hope you like the suboxone better i think its easier no going everyday at the crack of dawn to get right. take care if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me Good Luck stay strong xx

What exactly does the body have to go through when detoxing from methadone? by beece0819 Q: I know what it feels like but I don;t understand what your body has to physically do to get back to normal. I have been on methadone 4 yrs, tapered down to 10mg a day and am fixing to quit. I know it will be hell. Don't really want to do the subutex route if I can avoid it.

A: I stopped taking methadone when I got down to 15 mg. and the worse thing I had was problems sleeping. I was all ready to get off the stuff and expected to feel some of the normal withdrawl symptoms but never did. I think a lot of it has to do with really wanting to get off it. At 10 mg I don't think you will have a hard time at all. You will be so glad you are done with all the crap of dosing and going to the clinic. Good luck and I'm sure you will be very happy with deciding to get off it.

What are the disadvantages of using methadone? by ashlie d Q: If one is using it for the treatment of addiction, would it be okay to just stop using methadone after some time?

A: Methadone can only be prescribed in licensed methadone treatment clinics. This is why patients must constantly have to deal with making trips to a methadone clinic on a daily basis. These clinics are also usually located near or in urban places, thus making it hard for patients in rural areas to obtain methadone daily. The abuse of methadone is also spreading through the Northeast region and has been the cause of some deaths due to cases of overdose. Methadone use cannot be stopped without the supervision of a doctor. Stopping the use of methadone can cause withdrawal symptoms and this must always be done only with the advice and supervision of a physician.

How long does it take for methadone to get out of your system ? by Sunshine Q: I have to go to a job interview in the morning and it requires a drug test somewhere along the line but I go to a methadone clinic and so I am wondering how long it takes to show up as clean.I know I sure don't want to ten day detox,that's for sure.

A: You won't be clean of Methadone if they test for that. If you have been taking it for days on end, it will take maybe a week or more for it to go away. I failed one of these tests. Could you lie and say you take it for pain relief, or would they contact the addiction clinic? MEthadone is perfectly good for fibromyalgia, which you very well may have if you seek out narcotics. I know i seeeked out narcotics for pain i had in my body, not just cuz I wanted to get high. Show them the prescriptions and explain it's for chronic pain and they will havve nothing to say and not be able to deny your application unless there are many other better ones who are more qualiffied...............GOOD LUCK HUN! ..:( And even if you are addicted to methadone and need to be on it, I believe that is a disability and they cannot discriminate against you if you can do the work that needs to be done. I live in Canada an It's a disability to be on methadone maintenance. Drug abuse is a disability which will get you 930$ a month here for rent and food etc, it's still not enough to live but I have my family who make it better by getting me better food. You should just be honest and tell them what the methadone treatment is for, andthat you are able to do the jobs required and that it is a disability and you deserve a fair chance with someone who is not disabled. You will pee dirty most likely and they probably wont hire you unless you can talk up a storm to let them know why you re better than the other person(s) who are applying.

How long does it take a methadone 50mg to hit you? by [email protected]!e Q: I took a methadone 50mg about an hour and a half ago and still don't feel it why? I know that's what it really was cause I checked but why do I not feel any thing?

A: Methadone is a long acting analgesic. The peak effect is typically felt about four hours after taking. 50mg of methadone is a hell of a lot (especially for someone not used to taking opiates) and you took it 3 days ago. I hope you're still alive.

What are the disadvantages of using methadone as treatment for opioid addiction? by catherine_ann Q: There are a lot of other medications available for the treatment of opioid addiction. I was just wondering what makes other people choose those over methadone.

A: Methadone can only be administered in methadone clinics and thus the patients will have to make do with taking some time daily to get their dosage. Aside from this, methadone can also get the patient addicted to it. Addiction to methadone, though, is not as dangerous as getting addicted to other opiates. However, at some point, the patient will have to go through withdrawal from methadone. Withdrawal from methadone must never be done without the supervision of a physician.

What do you think about using methadone for opiate addiction? by jessica Q: It works wonderfully for my herion addiction and I don't want to go off of it since I know I'd immediately start using again. So many people consider it a "heroin substitute". However, I DO NOT get high on it and it is medically controlled so when taken correctly, there is little risk of an overdose. Not to mention all the awful things that go along with heroin addiction like the risk of contaminated needles, drugs laced with deadly substances, doing illegal things to get your "fix", and the fact that you will eventually end up dead or in prison. The problem is that I still have problems with alcohol and cocaine and methadone DOESN'T help with those addictions. I want to get help for all my substance problems but almost all rehabs are VERY AGAINST Methadone. I don't want to be on Methadone the rest of my life. I will eventually wean myself off (VERY SLOWLY) so that I don't get sick (it is addictive like heroin). Any thoughts about this? Please be kind. This is rough!

A: I'm not really sure if you can mix it with the methadone or not but Revia (Naltrexone) can help with the cravings for both opiates and alcohol. You may want to ask the clinic where you get the methadone. And go to an NA and AA meeting. You can find local meetings at www.aa.org and www.na.org One day at a time.

How do you know if someone is smoking crack while on methadone? by Melissa Q: Also what are the signs or effects of someone doing both. Can you find out from the methadone program if someone is also taking other drugs?

A: They most likely would be extra, super hyperactive. Non stop movement and talking, no appetite, temper, most likely. Believe me you can tell. This person better be watched cause he or she could probably have a heart attack any minute now.

If I am taking methadone is it safe to go under general anesthesia? by Lisa B Q: I'm a little worried. I need to have surgery and will be put under general anesthesia. I currently take methadone but I'm embarrassed to tell my surgeon about this. I really don't want to have to tell the surgeon and/or anesthesiologist. Will methadone interact with the general anesthesia? Any information would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I'm absolutely terrified of dying from general anesthesia.

A: You will be fine IF YOU TELL YOUR DOCTORS THE TRUTH. WIthholding information like that can kill you. Your surgeon will be prescribing pain medication for you following surgery. There are two scenarios: either you get doses that opioid naive patients get, and you'll be in pain, or the drugs could interact and you can stop breathing and die. It's extremely important that you tell your surgeon exactly what you're taking, and how much. Same goes for your anesthesiologist. We take care of people on methadone without problems, IF WE KNOW YOU'RE TAKING IT. Otherwise, it can cause problems during the surgery. You might even get a medication that puts you into withdrawal, and I'm guessing you don't want to go there. Do you think you're the first person your surgeon has seen who is on methadone? Quit being stupid, because your life and wellbeing really and truly depend on you telling the truth about this. While we're at it, you should also tell about any other drugs that you've used - many street drugs can interact with anesthetics in dangerous ways. The way to not get dead is to tell the truth about what you're on, and drugs you've used.

Does Methadone Treatment cause you to have a longer time between periods as a women? by Tabitha A Q: You see I started Methadone Treatment,and I have taken it everyday since 6/18/07. About two and a half months of no period, I'm just wondering if there's a connection between the two. I am not pregnant, already checked, and I have never ever used any kind Birth Control(Pills,Patches,Shots,Nothing)!!! I know I should, but I don't even use Condoms or Diaframs!!! Anyway, if you have any helpful Info. I would really appreciate it!

A: I have looked up Methadone's side effects, nothing was mentioned as to periods: http://www.drugs.com/methadone.html http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/Library/studies/cu/CU16.html http://www.medicinenet.com/methadone-oral_tablet/article.htm http://www.healthatoz.com/healthatoz/Atoz/common/standard/transform.jsp?requestURI=/healthatoz/Atoz/ency/methadone.jsp Therefore I think you should either consult a gynecologist or the doctor who prescribed you to the Methadone.

What are the side effects of children born addicted to methadone? by Anna Q: My aunt is pregnant and uses methadone, will it effect the baby?

A: Children's services won't take the baby. The baby will most likely be born addicted to methadone but with the proper care he will be fine. Methadone is actually approved for use in pregnant women. The baby may go through withdrawal I certainly hope not however, methadone has a very long half-life so the withdrawal from it is very extended.

How much Morphine is equal to 10mg of Methadone? by Diamond Q: Does anyone know a site where there is a conversion table for medicine? For my questions like: How much Morphine is equal to 10mg of Methadone? How much Morphine is equal to to 30mg of Methadone? Please help. ASAP Please/ Thank you so much!

A: Here is a website that can convert various opiates between each other: http://www.globalrph.com/narcotic.cgi To quickly answer your questions: 10mg methadone (oral) = 15mg morphine (oral) 30mg methadone (oral) = 45mg morphine (oral) Of course, you can look up more values for yourself.

How do I obtain a methadone prescription through my doctor? by Fred F Q: I have insurance through Kaiser Permanente and would like to obtain methadone for opiate dependence through a regular pharmacy.

A: Your doctor will not write you a prescription for methadone that you can take to a regular pharmacy. You will need to go through a methadone clinic for some time before you will be considered for a 'medical maintainance plan' which will allow you to obtain a month's worth of methadone to self administer.

Methadone & buprenophine are currently being used as the standard treatments for what addiction? Do you feel i? by tyk80 Q: Methadone & buprenophine are currently being used as the standard treatments for what addiction? Do you feel it is effective?

A: HI, Methadone: is a narcotic pain reliever,similar to morphine. It reduces withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to heroin or other narcotic drugs. Taking it improperly will increase your risk for serious side effects and death. Buprenophine : is an opioid (narcotic ) medication similar to morphine , codeine and heroin. It is used to treat narcotic addiction too. Please note that you always consult your doctor before taking either. Hope this helps.

What happens when you mix neurontin with methadone? by jason Q: My girl friend is on the methadone clinic. She takes 145 mg of liquid methadone. She take 5 to 10 600 mg neurontins when she gets her dose. She tells me it extends her dose and that's it. But when she does it she looks high is hell. She nods out in mid converation. Im worried this is starting to be a problem.

A: When in doubt, call your pharmacist. (If the doctor is not available.) They are so smart and helpful, and they know everything there is to know about medications. Your girlfriend should never self-medicate. She's lucky to have you. :)

Is anyone else on methadone? How Long have you been on it? and what are the long term side effects? by stephaniecbillon Q: I have been on 130 mgs of methadone for ten months now. I am constantly constipated and fall asleep easily. But when I don't take it I feel very depressed.

A: You might try asking your doctor about Buprenorphine. Used for many of the same uses as methadone but maybe wouldn't be as bad with the side effects. Best of luck to you!

Can you switch over to Suboxone from Methadone once you have started a methadone program ? by Sunshine Q: I was just wondering if you would be able to do this because the suboxone is easier to come off of than methadone.Thanks.

A: It is very debatable as to whether Sub is any easier to come off of. They are pretty much the same drug. They are both long acting opioids, and are both very difficult to get off of, mainly because of the long term withdrawals. Some people do switch to Sub once they get down to 30 mg's or less of sub daily, and continue to taper down with the sub. i don't think it is any easier though...just a little differrent. www.subsux.com

How likely is it to recover completely from a methadone overdose? by Bunny Q: My son overdosed on methadone. He was taking high doses and is now in a coma in the hospital. He did not get it legal from a clinic. Thank you for your answer. He also had a massive heart attack and an infection in his lungs. The doctors say to watch and wait and take it day to day. It is in God's hands. I lit a candle from the link you sent. That is the why I think it is the best answer.

A: only your doctor and god knows the answer to this question. Being in a coma is not a good sign. It is possible that he will come out of the coma. But there's bound to be a significant change in him as a person, because of the coma. I know that this is terrible for you. I wish I could give you positive answers, but you need to go over this with your medical doctor. Basically it's a wait and see scenario. I've enclosed a link where you can light a candle and say a prayer. I think you will find this comforting. My thoughts are with you, Billie77

How long will 8mg of subutex block methadone? by Gary K Q: I been taking methadone for 4 years. I didnt have any so I took a subutex from my friend, 8mg. Tomorrow I go back to the methadone clinic. Will the subutex block my dose? If so, for how long?

A: No. Subutex has no blocker in it. Suboxone has the blocker "Naloxone" in it.

How long should someone wait after taking last dose of methadone before beginning Subutex? by Lucy*JakeFanClubFounder* Q: If someone has been taking methadone for nearly 4 years, and has been prescribed Subutex and they keep saying they are afraid to begin the Subutex for fear of acute withdrawals but they had their last dose of methadone 51 hours ago and are experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms, would it be okay to begin the Subutex? They keep referring to the half-life of methadone and have a fear of not waiting long enough..any help appreciated.

A: if they wait until they cant bare it anymore then they should be ok.. Most important is what their stable dose of methadone was before they stopped.. they should have been taking 30 mgs or less daily before they stopped, if so then they could take the subutex now... if not, then i would recommend they get some methadone, and get down to a stable dose of 30 mgs or less before stopping then wait 24-48 hours and switch to sub.. if they cant get methadone, then wait until you cant bare it anylonger and take the sub

What are the laws regarding prescription pain meds(including methadone)when driving class A trucks? by treeman Q: I am planning on getting my class A license and a long haul truck driving job. I have had to take pain meds in the past for back pain. Is it legal to take prescription pain meds while driving the big rigs. The pain meds that work for me are oxycodone(percacet) or methadone.

A: I know that it is against the law to use methadone and drive a truck but I am not sure about the other meds. I would call Human Resources and ask what the policy is regarding prescription medications and driving.

How long after taking methadone can I take my pain medication? by edgeman_221 Q: it's been over 24hrs since I took a methadone and I have my other pain medicine. How long if I have to do I need to wait to take my other medication?

A: You should be fine now. The idea is to not overmedicate (you'll be able to tell when you start feeling "high") and to not let yourself come completely off of the medication. I would start taking the pain medication as the doctor instructed you. However this also depends on which pain medication you have, but assuming it's legal and your doctor knew you would be taking methadone, you should have no problems.

How can I get methadone out of my system quicker? by Jenn Q: I know you can get other things out of your system quicker by drinking lots of water, colon cleanse, etc.. Do those things apply to methadone too?

A: You can't speed up the excretion process by any means. You have to let your liver and kidneys do what they do best. Drinking lots of water just dilutes it, doesn't speed anything up. As far as methadone goes, you picked the only opiate that takes longer than 3 days to be undetectable in urine. You are looking at 10 days minimum and could be longer.

Where can I get information on Methadone Therapy? by thibraani Q: I would like to know what is the method used for methadone therapy. Also, which hospital/clinic offers the best methadone therapy?

A: as a member of[JACLF] junkies against crime liberation front.i can tell you plenty about methadone having helped get many people free of this insidiously alleged cure for heroin addiction.this is a classic case of governments giving god like power to a bunch of know it all social engineers who replace a week of heroin withdrawal with a drug that has a 11 week withdrawal period of course the middle classes of society endorse this as 40 percent of this society owes the continual suffering and misery of junkies for there jobs those of us involved in the illegal drug industry refer to the done as golden handcuffs.whilst you can get on the done at any hospital .if you want off from heroin i will work out a program with you to have you cured in a week with minimum discomfort.pH 9858-5409 regards motorcycle messiah.

What is the best way to stop taking methadone? by pink08 Q: A friend of mine takes a very low dose of methadone & really wants to stop taking it for good. The side affects are getting to him. Is there anything he can do to help with the side effects? He has hot/cold flashes, can't sleep at night, and what feels like anxiety & restlessness. I appreciate the feedback.

A: My bf is addicted to methadone. He has the exact same thing as your friend has at night, that's normal to withdrawl from any kind of opiate. Suboxone works for getting off of pain pills it's a non narcotic and takes away those nasty withdrawal symptoms. But honestly, the only way to get away from methadone is rehab.

What are the downsides to using methadone for addiction treatment? by cinthia cb Q: I have a friend who has finally decided to get herself treated for her heroin addiction. I've heard a lot of good things about buprenorphine as a detox option, but I know that a lot of people are still banking on methadone as a good way of detoxing. I just want to know the disadvantages of using methadone so that I can warn my friend as well as help her in making a decision.

A: Methadone does help opiate dependent persons to stop abusing drugs by decreasing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. However, using methadone does have its own disadvantages. Due to the fact that methadone can only be administered in licensed methadone treatment clinics, the patients must deal with making daily trips to a methadone clinic. These clinics are mostly located in or near urban centers, so driving long distances happens to be part of the daily routine of patients in rural areas. Another disadvantage to using methadone is the fact that it can also lead to addiction. Methadone abuse is increasing in the Northeast region, and can result to overdose deaths.

How long is Methadone rehab and what is the process? by September Q: My soon to be x husband is in a Methadon rehab program. I haven't spoke to him in 2 months. I am worried about him and would like to know what he is going through. Is he able to use a phone and can he leave for a weekend. Also how long is this type of program. He had been addicted to pain medicine for 6 years and methadone for about two years.

A: Obviously he is in an inpatient program, cause they do have meth clinics you go to daily. from what you say, 6 yearsof opiate addiction he was probably admitted into a detox first(hospital floor for addicts closed off to everyone else) depending on the amount of pills he was taking and the dose of meth he was on will depend on how long he stays usually 9-14 days they give you the methadone the highest dose they will give u is 40mg and they take you down 5 at a time until u r clear. they hold u a day w/o any meds and release u the day after usually. if u havent spoke to him in 2 mths they probably talked him in to going straight to a 28 day rehab, which is what they try to do with everyone provided u have insurance! its pretty strict when u first go in cause when you leave detox u r still pretty sick. I guess depending on where he went, the rules would vary, but i never heard of a place that didnt allow u to call your family. Im guessing he doesnt want to talk to u. I wouldnt take it personal, hes probably feeling pretty crappy, it takes a good few months to feel better and sometimes almost a year before u can sleep normally and just feel comfortable in your own skin. The rehab is completely drug free and its alot of groups and AA/NA meetings if he went in volontarally he could leave when he wants. If he was mandated by the courts he could get stuck in a program more like a TC, theraputic community which could be anywhere from 6mths to 2 years. some places allow visits 1a week like sundays. dont worry, he is in the best place he can be. methadone sucks, and it really takes a toll on the body. i swear i think heroin is easier to detox off than that crap. it feels like forever. Im sure you will hear something soon. but keep in mind hes in there to fix himself so sometimes the outside world is too much for someone to deal with, hes got enough problems of his own in there to bring in stuff that will mess w/ his head and throw him off track. i hope this was helpful and didnt put you to sleep.

How long does it take to feel withdraw symptoms from methadone? by N. PIKE Q: I have been taking anywhere fro 60mgs to 80mgs of methadone a day for 14 months now. After talking with people I started to worry I may be addicted. I haven't taken any for 20 days now. I feel pretty good, other than a little sore sometimes. I want to know how long till I can expect the withdraw pain to kick in. Or is it over exaggerated for methadone, and the withdraw is really nothing to serious. Thanks

A: If you havent already started to feel anything I wouldnt worry now.

What's the difference between liquid methadone for withdrawel & pill form for pain management? by ChaliQ Q: Also what would be the correct dosage when switching from 60mg oxycontin to methadone. The docs put me on 30mg & that was ok for about the first month. I'm thinking either 60 which would be 2 three times a day or 40 one four times a day.

A: Hello there. I would like to tell you how sorry I am that you are in so much pain. I also take Methadone for pain and was switched to it after oxycontin no longer helped. I take such high doses that they thought the liquid might be better for me. That stuff tasted so gross that I could not handle it so they put me back on the pills. This leads me to believe that there is not alot of difference between the pills and the liquid form. (other than the taste!) I take ten mgs tablets, 3 of them, twice a day. So that is 30mgs twice a day. I do know that you can not compare mgs of one medication directly to another. In other words 4 mgs of one medication might be stronger than 20 mgs of another. It depends on the drug. Just because you needed 60 mgs of oxycontin does not mean that you would need that much methadone. I have been on every pain medication that there is including plain old morphine and the methadone works best for me. I really hope that you can resolve your problem. I might mention one thing that has helped me. My pain management doctor has recently put me on Ultram, 50 mg tabs. I take two every time I take my methadone. It has really seemed to help. Ultram is non-narcotic but it is a strong pain medication none the less. Ask your doctor about the possibility of you taking that in conjunction with your methadone. You might find the combination helpful. Take care of yourself and I hope you can get to feeling better. Love and Blessings Lady T~

What milligram of hydrocodone is equal to methadone? by Ryan L Q: Hi, I have some 10 mg methadone and this is the first time I will be taking them. I was wondering what the equivalent of hydrocodone it would be?

A: I would not screw around with it. It is people like you that HARMD (helping America Reduce Methadone Deaths) thrive on. People that are not prescribed Methadone and just taking it for their own diagnosis.100 Morphine is roughly 10Mg's of Methadone. About 30mg hydro = 5mg methadone. Now this is not based on IV administration. So do the math. I am lousy at it so here is a good word problem for you. And 10 at first is TOO much too take!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you what to do, but take 5! If your just use to Vicodins 10mg's of Methadone might kill you. (HARMD claims one pill can kill;what they mean a 40mg or 10mg; who knows) if you mix it with a beer or something. (I cannot see 10mg's killing anyone but I guess it has happened) People have died eating one aspirin too. And I am going to tell you right now. I don't care if your a Saint, and addictive personality or not, three consecutive days of Methadone in a row, (Giving four for sure) will render you into the most horrible withdrawal symptoms you ever experienced in your life. Even if you never took a pain-pill in your life. I assure you you will be praying for death, and it will last a minimum of a unrelenting two weeks of pure HELL, period! You will have no idea what the hell to do. If you stop right at 20 after three days of it building in you, you might go into a seazure. This stuff is nothing to play with man. This is for the men and the Big Dogs. PS. If you take 10mg's and live, tell HARMD. Go on their website. EDIT: By the way, realize Methadone takes an hour to kick in, you will not get the same feeling you do off these things as you do the Hydrocodone. IN other word's you might not even feel 10 mg's of this stuff for two hours and take more. This is how people die. And realize, whatever you take today. Tommorow exactly half of that is still going to be in you. SO if you take 10 today and ten tomorrow. Tomorrow I am misspelling tom on purpose, my signature) you will actually have 15mg's in you. That might be enough to kill you.

Aside from methadone, what are the other drugs used to treat heroin addiction? by colleen_li Q: I was just wondering since I've heard that methadone is also addictive. What are the other alternatives?

A: The other medications used for treating heroin addiction are naloxone (used for cases of overdose), naltrexone, and buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is fairly new, but is proving to be an appealing alternative to methadone, since a single injection can be effective for up to 6 weeks. It isn't just medication alone that is used to treat heroin addicts, though. There must also be therapy or counseling, or even rehabilitation.

Why do some people become addicted to Methadone if is used to help quit a addiction to opiates? by uabillmeier Q: I have read that many addicts are prescribed Methadone to stop a addiction to opiates such as Oxycontin or Hydrocodone. In turn I have read that Methadone is highly addictive. From my understanding Methadone blocks any euphoric feelings that the opiates can create. So what is a addict feeling from Methadone that gets them addicted to the drug? Could someone try to explain this to me in lay mans terms?

A: People use methadone because it blocks the opioid receptacles in the brain, so people won't feel the euphoric effects of heroin or pain killers. It also has a half life of 24 hours (it lasts a longer amount of time, before you go into withdrawals) It keeps the withdrawals away, unlike a pain killer that only lasts a couple of hours. Also, people on methadone aren't addicted to it, they are dependent on it to have a healthy, drug-free and crime-free life.

Where can I find detailed information on methadone withdrawal? by Mike N Q: My girlfriend has been on methadone for about 2-3 months for chronic pain. At max, she was taking 60-80mgs a day. Everything I read on the internet regarding withdrawal symptoms is regarding people who have been on 200mgs a day for years. She is obviously in a different criteria. Does anyone have a good resource regarding what to expect, and the best ways to get off of short-term methadone use in relation to withdrawal symptoms it will product?

A: DO NOT GOTO A METHADONE CLINIC...only about 10% have a legit program that works.Most clinic are just about the money.I will give you 2 options or advice.If she was taking the methadone for pain and it was prescribed,then the doctor should wean her down...if he/she wont,then another doctor will since it was prescribed.However,if you were getting them off the street,a doctor will refer you to a clinic.I have posted a link to a drug forum and a detox forum with people who have experience.My suggestion to you is KRATOM.Kratom is a great herb that has saved my life.Be aware that kratom can be addicting to,so please do your research before attempting kratom use.I will also post a link to kratom info.Its long,but you can scroll right down to its uses and pharmacology section.Its being considered as a methadone replacement.Methadone is BAD,BAD and by the way 60 to 80mgs of methadone a day aint a cake walk to come off from.It may seem small compared to the other doses...but it definately aint fun coming off 40mgs a day.That was extremely hard for me.Enough to NEVER do methadone again.OH and I was only on it for about 28days...but in fairness I was using methadone to come off hydrocodone SO i already had a dependant to hydrocodone...but coming off hydrocodone was a cake walk in the past compared to methadone.But me being stupid,listened to an aquaintance the recommended methadone to fight my withdrawal symptom...I thought.WHY NOT?Bad choice on my part.I pray that she comes off ok one way or another.All I can say is kratom worked for me.Good luck Oh and BALI strain of kratom is best for opiate withdrawals

What do methadone clinic patients do on snow days ? by Q: I live in the deep south and a little snow or threat of snow closes everything down. In going over the list of closings, I noticed a methadone clinic. What do the patients do when they cant get their methadone ? Just go through DTs ?

A: I live in Ga and we were expecting snow on a monday so the clinic my coworker attends started calling patients the friday beforehand and told them they needed to come in that friday or saturday and pick up extra take home doses for the day.

How do can i get methadone outside of a methadone clinic? by Lacey R Q: How do can i get methadone outside of a methadone clinic? I have gone to methadone clinics but cant afford them.Is there an easy or cheap way to get it in any other way?Who could give it to me?Where and when?

A: well i hope you do find a way but honestly the only other way ive seen em were thru a drug dealer...good luck

How would you feel about a methadone clinic opening up in your neighborhood? by J Miller Q: How would you feel/what would you think if you found out that a methadone clinic was about to open up close to where you live? Would you have a problem with it? If so, why? Would you be okay with it? Why? Do you think it would mean trouble for your neighborhood? I'd love to get people's opinions on this issue. There are methadone clinics opening up all over the place right now. Thanks for your answer!

A: Methadone clinics don't open up in standard residential neighborhoods, so if it happened I would recognize that maybe I wasn't living in the best place.

What happens when youre on methadone maintainence and use methamphetamine at same time? by Melicia Q: i've been on methadone for years and about a year ago i tried crystal meth. i began to notice that when i used crystal, i didnt need as much methadone. why is that? i also wanted to know why after prolonged use of both, i began to loose my strength,muscle.why?

A: Methadone is to replace heroin, an opiate. Crystal meth is speed, an amphetamine. Mixing these two drugs can have devastating effects on your body and the way your brain works (both body and brain will cease to work if you keep doing this)

Can methadone be used to help someone get off pain pills, how does it work if methadone is also used for pain? by mr.margarita Q: My fiance is addicted to pain pills. We have talked about getting her some help from a methadone clinic. I have researched methadone, and from what I am seeing, some people use methadone for pain relief, and some people have even gotten addicted to it. How is this helping a person who is trying to get off pain pills, if their taking something that they could also get addicted to?

A: My father was put on methodone in an effort to "wean" him off of oxycontin. He got off the oxcyontin but became horribly addicted to the methodone. The next step was to wean him off of the methodone. The substitute they gave him for pain relief did not work, withdrawl from the methodone made him severly depressed. He committed suicide. Please don't let her take methodone.

methadone........?????????????????? by me Q: i weight 130 and i have 10 mg methadones.. i messed up my arm and i wanna know how much i cant take without overdosing.

A: Stay the FU*K away from that stuff. I am not joking. It killed my mother 6 years ago. I am sure you can take something like vicoden or loratab. Please reconsider taking that stuff...

Methadone? by D's Gurl Q: Okay short story: mom on drugs, mom goes on methadone..mom has baby..baby is going through withdrawls and ends up in NICU on morphine..they took baby off morphine yesterday to see how she does..and now today they put her on methadone, and want to send her home 2morrow? Why would hospitals let a baby go home on methadone with already known drug abusers?? anything else about methadone babies ect info welcome..

A: If mom is on methadone, she will be closely monitored by the agency that gave it to her. My friends daughter was on methadone with her last and she got to go home with her because methadone is not an illegal drug. The mom has to go to get her methadone and is drug tested constantly. Baby is also monitored closely once they are in the home by CPS, not taken away unless they have reason (ie evidence of illegal drug use, abuse or neglect of baby, etc). She was even allowed to breastfeed (for a month until she had to go back on her lithium).

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