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dearbhlagh_ I need to stay away from #WebMD, it now appears that I have viral meningitis...

rayrsyd RT @RekamMedis: Pada anak dpt mengenai otak(lapisan pembungkus otak)&disebut sbg meningitis(radang selaput otak),gejalanya adlh demam tinggi #RM

coopenf Una nueva vacuna contra la meningitis podría lograr la erradicación total de esta enfermedad en todo el mundo vía... http://t.co/ytMBNUQd

Felicitycicely 28 Weeks Pregnant You Get Pregnant Ultrasound 7 Weeks Pregnant Meningitis In Pregnan http://t.co/Bay7DTpt get pregnant irregular periods

popebrentus @ImaVerb @milk_bottle @soniabobonia WTF! Only #AlysseWatch could involve her thinking she has meningitis & going to emergency. FFS...

josieromerosmal http://t.co/YGGn9ept Va. police: Death of woman connected to Philadelphia basement case was meningitis - Washington Post

plantneem4gud @rudrasekhar @jayaribcm @anjankumaran @Swamy39 i sometimes wonder why MENINGITIS has not affected DIGVIJAY!

ParanormalWorl #LittleKnownFact I had at the age of only 2 Encephalitis & Meningitis with a fever that reached 106+ was packed in ice for days almost died

dana_73 Im going to write a blog:what its like to live with a child that had meningitis as an infant, is deaf, and has a horrible anger problem.

_amandajo @AllieBaggins No.clue. It's either that or meningitis, so I'm hoping for the less severe. Or I'm a hypochondriac.

ChloeMcwilliam @KikoBarraza docs thought I had meningitis. Had to have like a million blood tests, x tray's and had to have a lumber punchier - so sore!!

GeneFleming6062 Such infections lead topneumonia, meningitis or sepsis, three potentially deadlyillnesses

MenulS What is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis? - http://t.co/om6YNkqx

Big71Ben RT @fsmikey: Pic from 1999. Had spinal meningitis. Not the best senior year of high school but I lived so that's cool. http://t.co/bDWwGVif

goldylocks01 No meningitis, but unfortunately a nasty bacterial infection ... Yet still the hospital pursue in treating me as a meningitis patient :(


How long is a person with meningitis infectious? by Hayley R Q: I shared a bottle of drink with a friend on Tuesday, on the friday she was taken into hospital with suspected meningitis. I wanted to know how at risk I am.

A: you're at no risk at all -- for 99% of cases. BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see below................ With the deadliest form of meningitis, meningococcal meningitis, there is a concern for treating close contacts (which really means household contacts, and others like you who might have had saliva contact). About 15% of those close contacts might also come down with bacterial (deadly) meningitis within the 2 weeks after contact with an active case. But in November, you are in the middle of enterovirus season -- almost a guarantee that your friend has viral meningitis. Nothing for you to worry about. Just ask her what KIND of meningitis the doctors said she has. And if she truly had meningococcal meningitis, the doctors would be tracking you down for treatment, as would the public health department.

How important is it to get the meningitis vaccination for travel to Ghana? by Claudine Q: I need several and have appointments for them. I am getting mixed information about which is more important typhoid fever shot vs meningitis shot. Yes, money is a little tight but ofcourse my safety is more important. Just wondering if anyone has ever traveled to Ghana WITHOUT getting the shot for meningitis. Thanks

A: You'll be fine, sweetheart. I just got back from Ghana and I did have the menigitis shot however it really is not that serious of a problem, especially in the city, like Accra or Kumasi. The north has a bigger problem with it and I wouldn't stress about typhoid shot. I didn't have mine and ate at some pretty seedy places and no typhoid. I was there for five months with no health problems. Also, I knew many Ghanaians and no one had ever died or been maimed in anyway other than malaria. I had my malaria pills which I took for the first month then quit because I kept forgetting and I didn't get malaria although there were some foreign exchange students that did get it. It's supposed to suck but it's totally curable. Pure water is okay to drink by the way. If it tastes like pond water (I had one once that was really bad) then throw it away. Try to stick with Mobile water but the vendors will look at you funny if you try to look at the pure water then don't buy it. They'll think you speeding up (acting crazy) a little bit. Don't stress about health. You'll be fine.

What are some homeopathic remedies for meningitis? by ali Q: My 4 year old son is deathly ill with meningitis and treatment is way too expensive for us to afford.. I've been looking into homeopathy and have read it's a safer, and less expensive alternative to mainstream medicine. What are some good homeopathic remedies for meningitis?

A: Homeopathy will do nothing, it is not medicine. It is water. If your child has meningitis, it is essential that he received medical attention ASAP.

How can you tell the difference between bacterial meningitis and viral meningitis? by Log Q: I've been diagnosed with viral meningitis but I'm not sure the doctor was right since I've never gotten a spinal tap to check the fluids. I need to know if I can distinguish between the two kinds of meningitis. The faster and more informative the response, the better.

A: When did you first become ill if it was 3 days or more ago then it is viral otherwise you would be dead. If it has been less then 3 days go to you local ER asap and tell them what your dr told you. Your dr is an idiot for saying that the only way to see if it is meningitis is to do an LP or grow blood cultures. I think what you have is viral because if it was bacterial you would not be able to be sitting on the computer. For all you know you don't have Meningitis at all. Good luck and i hope your feeling better soon

What's the difference between meningitis and lyme disease? by paige rocker Q: I was recently diagnosed with lyme disease and my symptoms fit it to a T, headache, stiff neck, and all. However, my mom is worried because lyme can turn into meningitis and my neck/head are hurting worse than ever. Both have the same symptoms. Is there a way I can tell if it is meningitis without getting a spinal tap (major fear of needles...) Thanks!

A: Meningitis is inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, known collectively as the meninges. Meningitis may develop in response to a number of causes, usually bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, but also physical injury, cancer or certain drugs Lyme disease, or borreliosis, is an emerging infectious disease caused by at least three species of bacteria belonging to the genus Borrelia (such as ticks)

What is meningitis and what are some effective ways to treat it? by Mike E Q: I went to my doctor today and had told me that i could possibly have meningitis. My symptoms are headaches fever, tiredness, and stomach ache with vomit.

A: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/meningitis/DS00118 hope this helps.

What is the testing procedure for meningitis? by Paranormal Princess Q: If a college student comes down with meningitis, would all of the other students who took classes in those same buildings also have to get tested, even if they weren't experiencing any of the symptoms and if so, what exactly would that testing entail? Where I go to college, something's going around that, according to my mother, who is a nurse, a possible precursor to meningitis and I was just wondering what exactly I would have to go through, as far as testing is concerned, should either any of my classmates or another person attending a class in one of the same buildings that I do comes down with meningitis.

A: well someone would actually have to come down with meningitis for everyone to get tested. If you are concerned you can always ask the doc for a test anyway. The doctors usually look for a fever, rash, vomiting, headaches and check your lymph nodes for inflammation and ask you if you have any pain in your neck especially if you turn your neck up and down. If you have any of these early symptoms then they upgrade to a lumbar puncture to test for it. It isnt as painful as it used to be because they use anesthetics and has its risks but it can tell for sure if it is meningitis. Bacterial meningitis is treatable with antibiotics, viral meningitis has to run its course out of the body.

MENINGITiS???? by alex z Q: i got a tetanus shot yesterday and i feel like i have meningitis. I have a slight stiff neck and sometimes when i walk i feel a LITTLE bit dizzy. Are these the side effects from the tetanus shot or do i have Meningits?

A: There are two forms of Meningitis. Bacterial and Viral. I had bacterial and it was diagnosed by performing a spinal tap. Usually the symptoms are: Fever and chills Headache Vomiting Stiff neck (patient may not be able to curl up in bed with nose to knees) Irritability and drowsiness Eyes that are sensitive to light Delirium and confusion (uncommon) Seizures (rare) Coma (rare) As far as your symptoms they may be a reaction to the immunization, but in lieu of the above, perhaps it's not Meningitis, but rather your reaction to the shot itself. If you truly believe you have contracted Meningitis, then you may have to submit to a spinal. Not fun because the side effects can be long term Migraines. Think twice and don't react as a result of what may be a hunch.

meningitis? by Rachel Q: do you know if you are susceptable to meningitis if you have had someone in your family die of it...like my Dad died of it, so does that mean that I am able to catch it too? because like I've heard that some people like aren't affected by it.

A: Meningitis is caused by a virus (which isn't serious) or a bacterial infection (which is a serious medical emergency). It is not hereditary. You're still susceptible to meningitis, and you should definitely see a doctor if you show symptons, but you aren't necessarily more likely to contract it. Common symptoms (of both types) are a sore neck, a severe headache increased sensitivity to light and sound, a high fever (usually accompanied by chills), nausea, and twitching. A minority of people also develop seizures during the time, and children sometimes become delirious. In regards to your last sentence, while many people go their entire lives without contracting meningitis, there's no evidence that they have an actual immunity.

Meningitis? by Becca R Q: I think I have meningitis, and I'm planning on going to the doctor ASAP, but I was just wondering... If I had bacterial meningitis, would I know within 3 days? From what I've heard, most people with bacterial meningitis and lying in bed sick as can be within 1 or 2 days of the symptoms first appearing. I don't feel so hot, but I'm still out and about doing my daily routine. I know viral meningitis normally clears up on its own and isn't very serious, so if I were to have meningitis, I would probably have that, correct? I just don't want to waste hundreds of dollars on a doctor appointment if I can pretty much guarantee I don't have a life threatening disease.

A: Presence and duration of a High fever (Over 103), Head ache, Stiff neck when looking up and down, Upper respiratory symptoms, such as runny nose, cough or other cold symptoms, Lethargy. All symptoms of Meningitis. If you really had it you wouldn't be going about your daily routine you wouldn't want to move anywhere.

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