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May day protests

Seattle May Day protest marked by vandalism, arrests
Protesters smash windows of businesses in downtown Seattle after breaking off from the main May Day demonstration. (Joshua Trujillo, Seattlepi.com / May 1, 2012) By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times SEATTLE — Downtown Seattle erupted in chaos Tuesday as ...

Occupy May Day protests across US as activists and unions link up
The Occupy Wall Street movement has attempted to breathe new life into its campaign against inequities in the global financial system with a series of May Day protests around the United States. Thousands of people turned out in New York for a day of ...

May Day protests: Hundreds gather at Pershing Square as night falls
A few hundred people gathered Tuesday evening in front of the outdoor stage in Pershing Square after a day of marching around Los Angeles County protesting over various issues, including labor and immigrant rights, healthcare reform and war.

May Day protests a cry for help around world
(Mary Altaffer / Associated Press) Madrid— On the front lines of the world's May Day protests this year, along with the traditional chants, banners and marches, emotions flowed through the crowds: anger, fear, elation, despair.

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Mukha_Kaloev #OWS May Day Protests Met With National Guard Troops With Machine Guns http://t.co/jOnEWLgq

Orbit_Imagery RT @perthtones: RT @NewsVortex: Occupy movement May Day protests turn violent in Seattle - http://t.co/3AEbolJt ... http://t.co/Tn0Vrwep

Hamfred_UNIX May Day Protests In Europe Focus On Austerity | http://t.co/9jYJlEiq

Back2DaBeat Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S. http://t.co/m4ueq5ND #B2DB

ChristineGinn Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/L5l9Afkt

MusashiSamurai Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/anzvoNfN

jessica88985422 Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/y8zOt9rU

BOBBYDSMITH101 Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/za6Bniqy

DougCrossman1 Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/GDDoBRzS

Kyledavid23 Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/mZn4mR38

4everabundance Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/kFVi5KMT

Steve_Higgin Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/cBlmWt5z

AlJazeera_Live #SNN Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reute... http://t.co/tBEvqEu3 #reuters #MostRead

InNewsNet Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/OQHYs2ea

jimi_jangkrik23 Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.: NEW YORK/OAKLAND, California (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street... http://t.co/02U9cY8z


Culturally speaking, how is your first day of May going? by Q: I just saw an article (and I heard it on the radio) of Occupy people telling other people to not go to work, school, and do no housework or shopping today...and they cannot withdraw money from banks and ATM's...all for some stupid form of protest. Da fuq. I'm having a good May Day. Kinda. @Roxy: Oh, I hate that. I went to a Abercrombie store one time and I fit a size zero...the store was fresh out of them! D: I'm doing...okay. :) @Daniel: That sounds awful! I hope that everything works out for you, and I pray that things will be better tomorrow.

Kent State University protests in May of 1970, do you know? by WinonaGal Q: Why did several students die in May of 1970? What were they protesting? How have protests over the years changed? What makes a current protest much different from those days? http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/news/032109_march_on_the_pentagon2295337 escalating

A: good question...this country was in a lot of turmoil then, the war was the total focal point and protesters ruled the land. it wasn't a pretty time in our history. the events that took place at kent were a tragedy of errors, this is why you really don't see the NG policing demonstrations or riots anymore. it's overkill. the military is trained to do one thing...kill and destroy things...they are not capable of doing police work!!! and shouldn't be asked to...it's not their job. the military is for our countries protection. the governor was totally at fault for this. the NG were not commanded very well either...they should have never fixed bayonets of mags. now as far as the protesters, they got the tail end of a comedy of errors due to the way they had acted for years of protests that had gotten out of hand. the reason they were protesting was another escalation to the war(which in my opinion was warranted, as we knew how to win the conflict and that was another facet that had to be dealt with). protests haven't changed much over the years other than the fact the NG will not be brought in to do police work. if the MSM would do their job and report the news like they should, i think people would see who and what type of people and organizations are more prone to being nasty than others. most of the heavy duty protests are in other countries(watch the G20 summit coming up)that get really violent.

Opinions please on this May 25 as a “Day Without Mexicans? by I'm gonna start another riot Q: As a protest against Arizona’s controversial immigration law, the chambers of commerce from Nuevo Laredo to Matamoros have agreed to set May 25 as a “Day Without Mexicans” on the South Texas border. Business leaders are calling on all Mexican nationals to avoid crossing the international bridges into the United States for any reason, but particularly for shopping, on that day. “Our action will be united and preventive,” said Emilio Girón Fernández de Jáuregui, president of the Nuevo Laredo Chamber of Commerce. As have many Mexican officials, Girón Fernández de Jáuregui criticized Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for criminalizing the lack of documents when “historically, Mexican nationals have left their money in border cities.” He added that business owners and merchants traditionally have rejected and protested measures that violate human rights. Contrary to earlier reports, there are no plans to block the international bridges as part of the May 25 protest, Girón Fernández de Jáuregui said. more @ http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/mexico/Border_chambers_plan_Day_Without_Mexicans_93686374.html?showFullArticle=y

A: If they would only make it 365 days......

Is May 1st, day of another cross country Massive Protest for Immigrants Civil Rights & Immigration Reforms? by IvaNN Q: The USA is OUR Country ; OURS. Moder truckers losing their jobs? Well, some American Truckers need to learn about " Competition" ; and about working without drugs and alcohol. lOL

A: They are not Immigrants or Undocumented Workers- they are what they are ILL-LEGAL ALIENS. As far Liberals are concerned every day is Ill-legal alien rights day.

Has anyone heard of Don't pump gas on May 15th Day? by cancersucks Q: In April 1997, there was a "gas out" conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight. On May 15th 2007, all internet users are to not go to a gas station in protest of high gas prices. Gas is now over $3.00 a gallon in most places and it is rumored that by the end of summer they will sore to over $4.00 a gallon. There are 73,000,000+ American members currently on the internet network, and the average car takes about 30 to 50 dollars to fill up. If all users did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,292,000,000.00 (that's almost 3 BILLION) out of the oil companies pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May 15th and lets try to put a dent in the Middle Eastern oil industry for at least one day. Please forward this to everyone you know so we can make a difference!

A: We could try it!

Will the Mayday hispanic anti Arizona law "demonstrations" be as peaceful as the Tea Parties? by Jimmbbo Q: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1269749/Arizona-immigration-law-spurs-May-Day-protests-70-US-cities.html Or will they be the usual loony left temper tantrum G-20 destruct-athons?

A: They are going to be as peaceful as the liberals in the 1960s and 1970s who threw rocks, bottles, and spit on returning U.S soldiers from Vietnam.

Lib media assaulted by their heroes the OWS, funny, you decide? by Gun Runner Q: Me, I am LMAO Occupy Wall Street protesters attacked some photographers covering the May Day protests today in New York, trying to damage or seize their cameras. There are no reported injuries but one photographer was hit in the face, another got in a "tug-of-war" with a protester over her camera, and another had her camera smashed into her face by a protesters, according to those at the scene. "

A: they attack women. how brave.

Have the illegal alien May Day protesters acquired permits for their demonstrations? by Ride on Q: or is this more diregard for U.S. laws? What is it they are protesting? Tax free income? Lack of immigration law enforcement? Free medical care? Or is it just another , Yay Mexicans , Piss on America kind of protest?

A: Here they have but it's at great tax payer expense. It' going to make traffic a nightmare and messing up the bus systems to accomodate them. They're a tad ticked though.....the police change their route so they're expecting some chaos from those who aren't aware of the changes. These guys have some pretty radical organizations backing them and don't seem to get there wouldn't be such a turn-out if they had to do it on their own dime like citizens do. Basicly it's more demands to not enforce our laws.

May 1st National Communist Day? by Candy Mountain Q: all hell broke loose on National communist day the failed car bomb in NYC the illegal mexican immigrants protest! they threatened to kill Americans with Axes and torches and they say CA is their land they broke windows of business buildings, restaurants and they even set fire on them with people inside of the burning buildings!! and the off shore banksters love it.. National Communism Day May Day Mayhem. wrong dude May 1st is the day Communist goes crazy All hell breaks loose.

A: Those are good news. The winning sides are supported by communists.

why labour day is celebrated in September instead of on 1st may in the us,? (please read details)? by Geyamala Q: SITE MENU: HOME | NEWS | OPINION | ARTS | SPORTS | CAMPUS LIFE | PHOTOS | ADVERTISING INFO | ABOUT Last Published: April 29, 2008Boston Weather: 42 °F | FairVolume 120 >> Issue 23 : Friday, April 28, 2000No PDF Available COLUMN Commemorating the True May Day Guest Column Brice Smith May 1st is International Workers’ Day, a holiday set aside to commemorate the historic struggle of working people throughout the world. It is recognized in every country except the United States and Canada, despite the fact that the holiday began in response to the brutal massacre of workers and labor leaders demonstrating for an eight-hour work day in Chicago. In 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions passed a resolution stating that eight hours would constitute a legal day’s work from May 1, 1886. The Federation called for a general strike to achieve this goal, since legislative methods had failed to yield any results. Support for the eight-hour movement grew rapidly among the rank-and-file despite the indifference and hostility of many union leaders. By April 1886, 250,000 workers were involved in the May Day movement throughout the country. The heart of the eight-hour movement was in Chicago, organized primarily by the anarchist International Working People’s Association. The business and governmental powers in Illinois were increasingly disturbed by the revolutionary character of the movement and began to prepare for a violent confrontation. Financed by local business leaders, the police and militia were increased in size and received new and deadlier weapons. To give a specific example, Chicago’s Commercial Club purchased a two-thousand-dollar machine gun for the Illinois National Guard for use against striking workers. Despite the crackdown on labor and the military buildup of anti-union forces, by May 1 the movement had already won gains for many Chicago clothing cutters, shoemakers, and packing-house workers. When workers went on strike at the McCormick Reaper Works Factory on May 3, 1886, police fired into the crowd, killing four and wounding many others. The anarchists called for a mass rally the next day in Haymarket Square to protest the brutality shown by the police towards the strikers. The rally proceeded without incident, until the last speaker was ready to leave the platform. By this point, it was getting late and it was starting to rain, so there were only about 200 or so protesters left at the rally. It was then that 180 police officers marched into the square and ordered the meeting to disperse. As the speaker left the stage, someone threw a bomb at the approaching police, killing one and wounding seventy. The police responded by firing into the crowd, killing one and injuring many. It was never determined who threw the bomb, but the incident was used as an excuse to try to wipe out all of the labor and progressive movements in Chicago. The police ransacked the homes and offices of suspected radicals, and several hundred were arrested without cause. The anarchists in particular were targeted due to their involvement with the eight-hour movement. Eight of Chicago’s most active anarchists were charged with conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the Haymarket bombing, despite the fact that only one was even present at the meeting, and he was on the speakers’ platform. All eight were found guilty and sentenced to death, despite a complete lack of evidence that any of them had any connection to the person who threw the bomb. Albert Parsons, August Spies, Adolf Fischer, and George Engel were hanged on November 11, 1887, Louis Lingg committed suicide in prison, and the remaining three were finally pardoned in 1893. Rather than suppressing the labor and radical movements, the events of 1886 and the execution of the Chicago anarchists actually mobilized many radicals of the next generation. Emma Goldman, a young immigrant at the time, later called the events surrounding the Haymarket affair her political birth. Lucy Parsons, the widow of Albert Parsons, called upon the poor to direct their anger toward the rich capitalists responsible for the horrible conditions the working class lived with. She later traveled the world urging workers throughout Europe to celebrate May Day and remember the events of Haymarket and the subsequent government-sponsored murder of those fighting for the rights of all workers. Instead of destroying the anarchist movement, the events in the wake of Haymarket served to strengthen the movement, spawning other radical organizations, including the Industrial Workers of the World. By covering up the true history of May Day, and attempting to pass off that day in September as “Labor Day” in this country, the state, business, mainstream unions, and the corporate media have covered up a vital chapter in the legacy of dissent in this country. We must recognize and commemorate May Day not only for its historical significance, but also as a time to organize around issues of vital importance to working-class people today. In that effort, activists, labor organizations, students, and all those outraged by the excesses and abuses of modern capitalism will converge on Boston’s financial district this May 1 to show that we will not forget, and that together we can take back the world. Brice Smith is a graduate student in the Department of Physics. View Previous Issues Something wrong with this page's formatting? 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A: A day off is a day off. It is nice to be aware of history, but our holidays are not spaced evenly enough as it is. It is a wonder the government and big business gives us any days off. I think they still work at Walmart and other stores on Labor Day. Some (all) employers think a day to celebrate work should be celebrated working!

When May 1st, or the day when all those mexicans were protesting about the immigration thing, did you notice? by Jesus_Freek Q: how there weren't any other races protesting? The whole immigration topic wasn't specifically aimed directly towards mexicans...only the mexicans were raising a stink about the issue. Kinda wierd huh?

A: On May 1st, I noticed alot of people were really happy and shopping. Traffic was great. Mexicans take it personally because 65% of the illegal population comes from Mexico. Of course they will raise a stink, they hate America but they love our money.

Illegal aliens and their allies are planing a massive "may day" rally on May 1. Where will you be? by Sheriff Joe Q: In many countries, May Day is synonymous with International Workers' Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations organised by the anarchist and socialist groups. This will be the anniversary of major pro-illegal immigrant protests of 06 and 07. ISABEL GARCIA: We are planning, of course, massive May Day mobilizations across the country. Ours in Tucson, of course, will be very clear. Our demands will be that we, number one, not demand just immigration reform. We want details. We are not in agreement with the four pillars, as spelled out by Senators Schumer and Graham, that continue that flawed analysis as immigrants committing a crime. We have to get off of that and recognize it. So we’re demanding that the enforcement stop, that we stop resourcing the billion-dollar structure that is going along the border, a militarization, of course, that is creeping up into the United States. As many of us all know, May 1 is going to be like 2007 all over again. Will you counter protest? It will be on a Saturday

A: I will if they dare come near New York City

Hows MAY DAY going in Los Angeles ?? by bj_osterhout Q: Hows MAY DAY going in Los Angeles ?? I live in L.A. .. but I'm visiting my parents in Texas.. Please answer only if you live around L.A. .. or if you have a link to pictures or videos about the marches and protests today in L.A. .. I want to know how many people came out to march, were there any arrests, any incidents, and how many places closed? Did you notice? Tell me EVERYTHING.. its torture to miss it.. (( Racist comments WILL be reported ))

A: wow!!!!!! i am not in LA but close by. the schools were completely empty! and every student is worth 40$ to the school, when we are absent, 4 each person, the school loses 40 buck!

Why is it that the Police Department can get away with beating innocent people? Especially Women? by Jazmin Q: even news reporters were caught with beatings with the May day protest of the immigrants wanting to get legal papers to work in the U.S., I just don't understand it was a calm march when these police officers come out of no where and start beating people even women and children and even news reporters. Something needs to be done, and the Chief of Police needs to stop acting like nothings wrong or taking the police side because I hope people file complaints against the racist police department.What do you guys think about this horrible situation?

A: The police were almost certainly justified in taking action against the crowd of young men that was provoking them, but they went way beyond what was necessary. They used it as an excuse to become bullies with badges and sticks roughing up people who were obviously taking part in a peaceful rally. Nothing will happen unless good people stay on public officials and demand that the police be held accountable for their actions and reprimanded.

Why does the left and the illegals chose May1st as a day to protest? by Dana Q: Demonstrations for amnesty for illegals and against the new Arizona are scheduled for May 1st. Every year the illegals and their supporters protest on May 1st. Why does the left and the illegals chose may 1st to demonstrate? Isn't that the day that communists/marxist chose to parade and demonstrate?

A: celebration of this,, 1961 – The Prime Minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro, proclaims Cuba a socialist nation and abolishes elections.

Is the left really concerned about political violence? by JimBad Q: Bill Clinton wrote an editorial in the New York Times criticizing the Tea Parties and saying that we should remember to be vigilant for people like Timothy McVeigh, who bombed a federal building over 15 years ago. The Tea Parties have been remarkably peaceful for their size, causing almost no arrests, property damage or even litter! Also, despite the worst fears of the left, no real assasination attempts have been made on Obama. Meanwhile, 18 businesses were damaged in California during the May Day protests. Where is the outrage from the left over this blatant political violence? Source: http://www.startribune.com/nation/92637209.html?elr=KArks:DCiUMEaPc:UiD3aPc:_Yyc:aULPQL7PQLanchO7DiUr http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/19/opinion/19clinton.html?scp=3&sq=bill%20clinton&st=cse Clinton's editorial, though cleverly worded, obviously tried to draw paralells between Timothy McVeigh and modern day conservatives angry about the president's socialist agenda. To date, the tea party movement has spawned nothing worse than a few unkind voicemails for senators. Meanwhile, a law enforcement officer was shot by illegal immigrants in Arizona, and left wing protestors damage 18 businesses, but they receive scant media coverage. You can be sure that these violent leftists will not merit an Op-Ed comdemning them in the New York Times. I really don't understand how you don't see the obvious media bias. If the Tea party had damaged ANYTHING, it would be the talk of the nation for the next week!

A: Against them, yes. In general, no. In the sixties when armed students would hold up college officials, and mail bombs were going off by the hundreds in the "summer of love" in California, did they care? Sort of. They usually bowed to them to get the heat off instead of becoming outraged that Mommy's little angel turned radical activist pointed a gun at them in the name of the people. They never cared about ALF, ELF, or the other Leftist terrorists. Even though they were on the FBI's number one list for domestic threats. They didn't care about Kenneth Gladney getting beaten, and he was a black man getting racist taunts(from SEIU members..Barry's peeps, remember) and wasn't even technically a Tea Party guy. Oh, that Jindal staffer who got her leg broke in five places and her boyfriend with the broken jaw. I remember years ago when I read that some of the guys from thefire.org wrote a book called "The Shadow University" describing political correctness on campuses...conservative student papers would routinely get stolen and the University wouldn't do anything about it. Things would get defaced, no punishment. One in awhile you might get a case of actual violence, like when a student group left someone to watch over property that was getting defaced and multiple pinko students beat the crap out of him. The conservatives were often naive and unprepared for the radicalism from the student groups(Mommy's little monsters) and the establishment Leftist attitude from the Universities. Now, they cared when threats were made against them over health care, but famous people and politicians especially get lots of death threats. Some of the Republican guys were actually having people arrested for REAL threats(one guy got threatened with dismemberment) but all you heard in the media was about these anonymous people who said frightening things, but never actually did anything. You're right, they have treated the coverage of the non-violent Tea Parties differently from the violent Anti-Arizona May Day(well duh, it's MAY DAY!!! Revolution!) protests. You know, conservatives debate whether judges or spending or the war etc. are the most important threat facing us, the biggest hurdle for the Right. But the biggest problem is the US media. Every problem the Right has goes back to the media sooner or later, how it shapes opinion. Just signing up for the MRC emails isn't enough anymore. But you know, I was listening to a talk show the other night and a caller was talking about his opposition to Arizona and arguing with the hosts over May Day violence. Finally he just said that Arizona made people angry and if violence happened, so be it. He openly said it was okay. It was a hispanic guy and flatly didn't care if anyone got hurt. As long as his will was done.

while many protest today on May Day for immigrant rights, guess where our jobs went? by Q: Some jobs go overseas while many are going to immigrants, both illegal and legal. What do you think about this most important subject, May 1, 2012? What's the solution? Brucec83, very interesting. Mr. Pickle, very interesting. Mother Hubbard, Full employment was a Reality, not a myth, until greedy employers and government sent millions of illegal aliens here to work via NAFTA, and then increased the legal immigrant population as well, putting Americans out of work. We have suffered this especially in L.A. since the 80's, so do not speak for others playing the 'divider card'. Eric, for many years illegal aliens are getting equal wages in big cities and suburbs such as L.A., Florida, NYC, illegal aliens in jobs such as: Construction, gardening, housekeeping, hotel work, restaurant work, nannnies, factory work, grocery stores, etc.

A: The solution is a tariff on imports and deportation of illegals.

What will these recent May Day demonstrations mean to today's hard-pressed unions? by enlightenment Q: The demonstrators were protesting against anti-immigrant attitudes and policies, not in favor of unions; and yet they were presenting themselves as workers, not simply as immigrants. They were saying: If you are going to treat us like criminals, why are you hiring us to care for your sick and your elderly, to clean your offices and build your houses, to cook and serve your food? A few labor unions with immigrant members offered support for the spring demonstrations, but the massive turnout resulted mainly from the efforts of religious and community groups and radio DJs. Playing a less visible but critical role in this historic mobilization were the 140 immigrant worker centers in cities and rural areas across the nation. On this gloomy Labor Day the emergence of these centers of solidarity and advocacy offers hope to immigrant workers and their many allies.

A: Not much is emerging. I understand that AFL-CIO cut a deal with some of the day labor groups, and the Teamsters at the Long Beach Port marched today with the pro-illegal groups, but that is about it. The fact is that illegal immigration or open borders to workers, either one, is bad for unionization. That is why wages are at the lowest percentage of gross domestic product since 1947. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/28/business/28wages.html?_r=1&ref=us&oref=slogin

Latin Americans in the US are calling for a day of protest May 1st, 2006. Do you think this will impact the US by punchline67 Q:

A: I don't know how much good it will do, but I think it is long over due. People tend to look down on Latin, Hispanic, and Spanish Americans, and forget to give them credit for the good they bring to out country.

Did you know May 1st is national Loyalty Day? by MOJADO Q: It's national loyalty day to the United States, yet many people are saying immigrants are doing marches and protests on this day because it is also a communist holiday, wouldn't it make more sense if you want to be in this country to be making protests because it is National loyalty day? Sure some of you may say we hate America because we are trying to get out of our countries which you help to corrupt, but that many people cannot be coming over here to live and work because they hate America. That is completely ilogical and wrong. BOUGHT?! What did you buy, you gave Mexico pity money after you started that war for "manifest destiny". Stealing social security huh? That's exactly why most get fake cards IN THEIR NAME and therefore pay income tax. Did you know that the IRS also easily gives illegal immigrants TIN's but they have to go through all this crap just to be let in on a green card, not even to be a citizen. Here we go again.... ignorant people thinking we hate america... I did not say America was the sole cause of third world corruption, however it is a pretty big factor. Well i'm going to school and to the protests. report us? Good luck with that. We are here mainly because of NAFTA which is proof your governments imperialism and until that stops we will just have to do our best to survive and to live under good conditions.

A: i thought it was labor day or sumthin.

Why do Illegal Immigrants protest America on May Day? by Bill O Q: May Day IS the International Workers Day celebrated by Communists and anarchists around the world. So it's no coincidence the illegals and haters celebrate this day TIGHT HERE IN AMERICA! Are the snotty illegals flipping Americans the bird? Are they inspired by Communists like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Hugo Chavez? Do they really want to be in America, or TAKE IT OVER? WHAT SAY YOU AMERICA? Please opine with pithy comments from anywhere, even the La Raza Headquarters, anytime anytime if so inclined. And when answering....DO IT IN ENGLISH! in the No Spin Zone! GOing....clueless....the "Mexican Holiday" your refering to is ay Fifth...CINCO DE MAYO DUH is spelled with a U....DUH! Rob...get a clue ...or...an advanced degree in HISTORY...like moi'! Che Guevara was a murderous thug that killed thousands of innocent Hispanic people in Cuba and Bolivia before being machine-gunned out of existance...I see! Yes...you should be pround of him...Commrade Mexican

A: Because illegal immigrants hate America and want to turn it into "Atzlan" or some other LA RAZA VIVA racist garbage welfare state.

what is global circulation of immigrant labor? by [email protected] Q: What is meant by global circulation of immigrant labor? how have recent labor demonstrations helped to raise workers consciousness? for example, May Day Protests and Rallies. What exactly is being asked from these protests?

A: I don't think it'd be fair to provide you with the answer but I think there is a good article on it in "Sociology: exploring the architecture of everyday life." Specifically I'd read ""Aquí estamos y no nos vamos": Global Capital and Immigrant Rights," by William I. Robinson. As for labor demonstrations I believe there is some good information on that in said article, as well as some posts on NPR.org. In fact I think your study guide might have the exact links.

DO you think The Mexican immigrants are protesting the wrong thing on May first? by slew Q: I have noticed that alot of Mexicans have been bragging about Slim, A Mexican who was listed by Forbes as the third richest man several months ago and recently when he was upgraded to 2nd richest man. The immigrants use May first, May day to protest Against America and its policies. This day traditionally used to celebrate communism and many of those here told me that Mexicans are protesting to turn USA into a communist/socialist state. Why don't they use that day to protest Mexico into becoming more socialistic instead. There is so much poverty in Mexico, why don;t they try to get Slim to share his wealth rather than us. Our seperation of rich and poor is not as stark as Mexico. I see immigrants here accuse the US as stealing from Mexico, and thats why they're poor, but what I see is people like Slim is the main cause. Instead they put him in a pedistal and deride our rich. Shouln't they demand a revolution in thir home rather than ours? Prefer thought from the immigrants? I like to understand why immigrants feel that there is a greater injustice in America instead of Mexico, especially since they choose to come here and I assume that is because our country is better.

A: It is really hard to overthrow the system of corruption. Did you guys hear of the labor rights leader that recently got assassinated? I will look up his name and post. It is really sad when people are trying to fight for fair wages and rights, only to get slaughtered by big $$$. FOUND IT:Joint Statement by Teamsters and AFL-CIO Regarding the Murder of Teamster José Gilberto Soto The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) and the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) continue to demand a credible and transparent investigation of the murder of Teamster José Gilberto Soto, who was shot to death on November 5, 2004 in Usulutan, El Salvador. Efforts to date by the Salvadoran authorities have demonstrated glaring inadequacies that lead to on-going doubts about the institutional capacity to bring true justice in this case and for all Salvadorans.

why did Obama fail to send in ICE and the National Guard to round up the illegal immigrants during the? by Reality Has A Conservative Bias Q: may day protests yesterday? Why does he hate America and not respect the laws of the land?

A: Because 0bama is a strong supporter of illegal immigration, as evidenced by his own Aunt still living here , after orders for deportation have been issued

What are the pros and the cons of the "A Day Without Immagrants" May 1st protest? by C1N Q: Only answer if you can have a view to pro and con? I do this because there are alot of people who give ignorant answers with no mind thinking support. They answer out of racism I want to hear from people who have a true answer to this who can put themselves in both the pro and the con side because there is always more then one view to a story.

A: The pros are: We know we have a huge problem in America. The cons are: We know we have a huge problem in America.

How did tea partiers have 100's of protests with no arrests and one day protest nets 2 arrests for immigration? by Loosid Q: in AZ. I may be wrong, but I suspect the people against the Republican AZ Governor might have voted for Obama (if voted at all due to age or status) How come we aren't hearing about violent democratic protesters?

A: The Tea Partiers have been treated too nicely. They should have been herded into "free speech zones" just as the Bush administration did with anti-Bush demonstrators. The Arizona protestors are angry with a cause. The hypocritical Tea Partiers have no just cause.

Why are illegals still protesting with the Flag of Mexico ?Many call for immigration reform during May Day? by Q: Thousands of people held union banners and waved American flags during a peaceful march and rally through downtown Los Angeles Sunday, in a renewed effort to press the Obama administration for immigration reform and call on local businesses to boost workers' rights. Holding signs that read "No Arizona. No Wisconsin. We're California," and "Obama, Don't Deport Dreamers," marchers in the annual May Day rally aimed their protests toward Congress and President Barack Obama specifically. They accused them of allowing what many called a patchwork of racist laws against the undocumented to sprout up in states and municipalities. "(Obama's) not doing anything," said Juan Guerrero, sporting a red, white and blue shirt. "I voted for him last time, but I'm not voting for him again. Many Latinos won't vote for him again," said Guerrero, adding he was documented but his brother was not. Accompanied by his 9-year-old son Angel, Guerrero said many Latinos supported Obama for president because of his forceful views on immigration reform. But so far, Obama has disappointed many. Last year's protests were largely fueled by an Arizona measure that gave police expanded powers to question and detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. Twelve months later, many key pieces of the Arizona legislation remain mired in legal limbo, yet other states have tried to enact similar laws. http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_17970946

A: They do not feel like Americans in their heart, only Mexicans, they do this and so much more because they are a take-over bunch when you think about it.... they think we 'owe' them whatever they demand even though they are here illegally. This doesn't make common sense, of course. They vote by the millions now in any election they want to, they get unemployment benefits now too because "it's too cumbersome to check every social security number". If you give illegals as much or more than citizens get, illegals will take it and demand more. Several years ago in L.A. they had signs on freeways that had a new name for CA that made clear it was a part of Mexico in so many words, our governor had it taken down.

Will May 1 become the National Day of Protest? by Q: They have National Days for Veterans, Prayers, Shopping and other capitalist hyper-marketing BS; why not a counter to all that??? As long as people assemble peacefully in a public place, they have all the right in the world.

A: protest is how you draw attention to a problem. Protesting is a good thing.

Are people going to be protesting in London for Occupy movement every day, or is it just targeting May Day? by joshsalloway25 Q: This is for a college project. I was going to go down to London for the day and document it all, but I'm wondering whether they'll be there any day in May, or only on the 1st. Anyone know?

Is Barack Obama going to celebrate MAY DAY with all the protesting Communists? by Leonard Q:

how many people are going to be at the may day immigration protest in chicago? by js Q:

A: Not me.

Will May 29th be forever know as national immigrant day after all the protests? by La Raza Q:

A: Maybe it will be in Mexico but over here we give thanks to our troops and the sacrifices many have made to have the country we have.These protests are doing no good when millions do not have work the last thing we need is 20 million illegals standing in line to take work for very low wages

Do you know what May Day means in the United States? What is your opinion on these protest demonstrations? by robert Q: Loyalty Day is observed on May 1 in the United States. It is a day set aside for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom. Loyalty Day is celebrated with parades and ceremonies in communities across the United States, although many people in the United States remain unaware of it. Although a legal holiday, it is not a federal holiday. Then I found this in wikipedia.com: International Workers' Day (a name used interchangeably with May Day) is a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labour movement. May Day commonly sees organized street demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of working people and their labour unions throughout Europe and most of the rest of the world — though, as noted below, in neither the United States nor Canada. More-radical groups such as communists and anarchists are also given to widespread street protest on this day as well. And also: The United States has its own Labor Day holiday, celebrated on the first Monday in September instead of on May Day. However, in 2006, May 1st was chosen by immigrant groups in the United States as the day for the Great American Boycott, a general strike of immigrant workers and supporters to protest H.R. 4437. Loyalty Day is defined as follows in 36 U.S.C. § 115: (a) Designation.— May 1 is Loyalty Day. (b) Purpose.— Loyalty Day is a special day for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom. (c) Proclamation.— The President is requested to issue a proclamation— (1) calling on United States Government officials to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on Loyalty Day; and (2) inviting the people of the United States to observe Loyalty Day with appropriate ceremonies in schools and other suitable places.

A: may day is a communist/socialist day to have parades, etc. In America we shouldn't have it...the immigrants/laborist (read world workers party, read world communist party) chose it to, as usual, throw it in our face...they can all go to hell as far as I am concerned...get your asses back to work and stop breaking our laws to enter our country illegally.

I was attacked during the MAY DAY march? by Q: I am in support iof immigrant rghts and freedom as I am an immigrant as well but when it comes to illegal immigration I am angered. My friends and I decided to join the protest LA, Cali by holding signs that read: Stop illegal immigration. We also had shirts saying,"No amnesty. Deport illegal criminals. The crowd was mostly Hispanic/Mexican and never in my life have I seen so many Mexican flags and upside down American flags in one place. People at the march looked at us with hostility and hatred and a few people, at least 10 or so, attacked my friends and I. They called us "racists'" and many other insults in spanish. I don't know why these people were upset about me being against ILLEGAL immigration. Illegal immigration is on the rise in Cali and yes, it is mostly Mexicans pouring in to our own backyards and yes, most of illegals are from Mexico but I wasn't blaming any race of people. I am against illegal immigration because it is a concern of mine and it is hurting this country in terms of drug cartels, rape, murders, gangs, graffitti, ect. To end this rant and question of mine, I was seeing why this MAY DAY protest is more about protecting Mexico and Mexican illegals than rights and equality for all. I am no longer in support of MAY DAY as like I stated before....Never in my life have I seen upside down American flags, chants of "This is Mexico", ect. I wish people would stop being racist and putting race before rules of this country and how great it is because of the enforcement of tolerable laws here in the states. Ugh, America is definitely changing and looking different in Southern, California. Seems Mexicans support illegal immigrants from Mexico and hate diversity which is the reason why America is so amazing! Now seeing all these facts and stuff I am worried about Mexicans/Hispanic becoming the majority race of people in 20 years.....Looks like I might go back home to Germany and live with relatives...Arg. America is becoming more and more unappealing to both my family and myself. Illegal immigration is pretty much changing my opinion on the U.SA...

A: Anytime you apear in public with a sign that suggests ill will toward another group of people you can expect to be attacked.

Is May 5th the official day there will be nation wide protests across America for amnesty? by Maricopa County Q:

A: Where do i protest?

Do you think this weekend's May Day Rallies will show that those polls were wrong? by Roger Q: concerning Arizona's immigration law where so-called 45% of Americans support it? What do you think? http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_14987036?source=most_viewed&nclick_check=1 Arizona illegal immigrant law expected to boost May Day crowds in Bay Area http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-may-day-rally-2010,0,4454181.story 100,000 Expected at May Day Rally in Downtown L.A. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/20100429/pl_ynews/ynews_pl1854 Arizona immigration law inspires May Day protests in 70 cities

Will you be attending one of the 70 May Day Marches tomorrow? by Don Q: I'll be there, will you? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/20100429/pl_ynews/ynews_pl1854 Arizona immigration law inspires May Day protests in 70 cities May Day — which has lately become an occasion for U.S. rallies protesting immigration policies — will probably draw especially large and energized crowds this year, thanks to continuing furor over Arizona's new immigration law. According to a Reuters report, more than 70 communities will be hosting protests of the Arizona crackdowns in immigration enforcement. The unofficial slogan for the protests is "We are all Arizona." Demonstration planners say they expect larger turnouts than for the landmark 2006 protests of federal proposals to crack down on illegal immigration. Several cities around the nation continue to call for boycotts of Arizona, with California leading the way. Some Mexican cab drivers, meanwhile, have put up signs saying they will not drive "gringos" from Arizona, Reuters reports, and the government of Mexican President Felipe Calderon has issued travel warnings for citizens intending to go to Arizona.

A: Hell yeah! Arizona just woke a sleeping giant. Thanks AZ!

why did they decide to start protesting on may day in the usa? by Q: in 2006, United States once again saw widespread political action on May Day this year, centering on the subject of immigration reform. Various groups and communities, under the heading of "A Day Without Immigrants," held rallies, strikes, and consumer boycotts to support the rights of those working and living in the United States, and to protest a bill that would deport many illegal immigrants.

A: Who? When? Where?

Do you think that I.C.E. should be present at the next May Day protest to round up the illegal aliens? by AConcernedCitizen Q: The police conduct sobriety checkpoints and drug raids. Do you think they should increase immigration checkpoints and raids?

A: Of course. If the police know criminals are going to be somewhere, they should go round them up. Throw one of those big nets over the whole bunch.

Why did the Communist and Socialist Organizations set up the immigration protests on "May Day"? by mowmowsisi Q: Guess who is pulling the permits, organizing, and passing out the flags........ www.workers.org www.workers.org

A: May Day is actually rooted in US history. On May 1, 1886, workers throughout the United States held major strikes for the eight-hour day. In Chicago, these strikes culminated in the Haymarket massacre (May 4, 1886) and subsequent trial. The next day in Milwaukee was the Bay View Massacre. May 1 was established to commemorate these two events and to remember the eight-hour day strikes.

What is May day about? by Q: What is the May day protests for?

Which had more PEOPLE - The TEA Party Rallies- or last year's Immigrant Worker Rights protests on May Day? by Q: who's counting? and who is counting more than others?

A: The TEA Party group had more voters but the group of immigrant workers had more illegal workers so less voters. Legal that is.

What is the May Day Protest about, what are they protesting? by Shannon B. Q:

Should May Day marchers be on a terrorist watch list due to the violence that erupted during the protests? by Buddy R Q: Will Obama, the Democrat Congress, and Homeland Security call illegal immigration supporters terrorists?

A: Do some research on who sponsored the May Day protests. How did they organize so quickly, what did it take? One week? Oh, wait! It was organized by...... SEIU Working Families Party AFL-CIO Socialist Party USA wsws.org Revolution Communist Party Assosiation of Raza Educators... Scary....

What does May DAy mean or is in Berlin Germany? by Q: I've been reading the Yahoo news and I was reading articles abou May day and protests going on in Berlin,Germany ?

A: May Day is actually a spring festival day to welcome spring and ward off evil spirits. http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/germany/may-day Nothing to do with Hitler like that douchebag suggested. And the May Day protests in Europe are about government spending I think. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6400XL20100501

May Day Protests against GOP/Wall St/Racism. Will it be bigger than the Tea? by stu Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxCCbFzvz4o Has the GOP/Wall Street debacle and the Nazi Racist law of Arizona energized the majority of the American people to rise up march in the largest protest since the Bush illegal war?

A: Of course the May Day protests will be bigger than the Tea Bag protest. The Tea Bags are a small minority.

Europe, have the May Day Rallies and protests against austerity measures, resulted in violence today? by Q: Has anyone got the latest?

Was the Times Square bomb planted by Hispanic Supremacists and Pro-illegal extremists as part of the May Day? by Sci Fi Fan Q: As part of the May Day protests/riots over the Arizona immigration law? It is at least a 50/50 possibility. They were behind it or they were not.

A: it was reported that the explosive (device) inside the SUV was "amateurish", poorly designed, built with little or no skills, using low grade materials that rules out arab terrorists and white supremists draw your own conclusions

Why is the state controlled media silent about the violence at the may day protests? by Reality Has A Conservative Bias Q: http://sfist.com/2010/05/03/white_supremacists_attacked_during.php http://www.mercurynews.com/top-stories/ci_15005022 http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/291517

A: It's certainly no surprise that the media wouldn't cover violence at the May Day protests because it doesn't go with the narrative that they have created regarding illegal immigration. The mainstream media has created a narrative where all illegals are "undocumented" - that they didn't do anything illegal (like entering the country illegally); that all illegals are nice maids, domestic workers, construction workers, and fruit/vegetable pickers. They don't include stories about the tremendous crime wave hitting Arizona and the border states. Phoenix, Arizona leads the US in kidnappings. It's a scary way of life for US citizens in that city and border states. They don't include stories about how the huge number of illegal immigrants are straining hospitals (so much so they have to be closed), schools (some of which had to be closed) and the prison system. The media is not interested in giving us all the facts regarding the problem of illegal immigration - because they don't want to get in the way of the Obama administration giving amnesty to potentially 11-15 million new Democrats. Don't expect honesty from the mainstream media. Shira

Where do you expect more violence, a tea-party protest or this weekends May Day immigration protests? by User Deleted Q: Also, where do you expect more violence, a tea-party protest or an "anti-war" protest? Why?

A: This is a bated question. The answer is obvious. Many protesters at immigration rallies have been known to become violent as have many anti war protesters. Tea Party protesters have never shown violence. A lot of heated rhetoric. But no violence.

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