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Roddy_zn @shaneshaw69 the syndicate is in top form...another big win today...couple more and we meet in Mauritius...all expenses covered

iAdoreJustinDB @hamzamohammad2 im in Mauritius ;)

infomauritius Dry/Night time/Dry/Cloudy with clear patches Temp:24.6°C Hum:77% Baro:1019.1 hpa UV:0.0 Rain: 0.0 mm http://t.co/XjVQyA2Z #Maur

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ziyana601 I like Mauritius actually! She is pretty

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Can anyone recommend a good place to stay in a nice location in Mauritius? by Esteban Q: I've heard that Mauritius is a beautiful island and I want to go there with my girlfriend. However, hotels seem to be very expensive?

A: Hi Esteban, check out http://www.holidayrentalsmauritius.com. It contains information about all the different districts in Mauritius as well as accommodation options such as villas, apartments and guesthouses.

What are some good driving schools/instructors in Mauritius? by supreme_dude1234 Q: I'm going on holiday to mauritius in the summer and I want to take some driving lessons, considering it will cost a lot cheaper than in the UK. Can anyone direct me to some driving schools or driving instructors in mauritius? Also, if you could help with an estimate on how much 1 lesson in Mauritius would cost? Thanks

A: Don Driving School (Auto Ecole- Port Louis, Mauritius) category: Driving Instructor Location: Gayasing Street, Port Louis, Mauritius (ile Maurice,isla mauricio) Phone: 7571865 Description: Don Gayan is the driving instructor par excellence. Our views: Tested and approved by Bouzermaurice.com. Their is also a Driving school in Curepipe next to the Casino, behind lakepoint...near the municipality of curepipe. You have to pay about Rs 900 for 2hours.

Where can I find helium balloons in mauritius? by VKM Q: I need helium gas to fill up balloons for my son's birthday this weekend. Any ideas where I can get it in Mauritius?

A: Look in the telephone book (if there are some around) under balloons-novelty & wholesale or balloons- retail, or under welding supply. Welder's supply has helium. Or look up helium, if that category is in your local listings. Or look it up on the Internet at a web site that is local or find a supply closest to you.

Is Mauritius good for Honeymoon in June 2nd or 3rd Week ? by mark Q: I am planning to go mauritius for honeymoon in June 10 but bit worried about the weather . Will it be enough for beach games and others ? All answers will be highly appreciated. Does any one have experience ?

A: June is winter here but don't worry the winters here are nothing to worry about. Not that cold actually and to your surprise, it can be hot on the coasts/beaches esp. I don't think you should worry much about the weather. It's gonna be okay. I personally prefer the winters here, it feels better. Summers are just too hot anyway!

can some one suggest a good and economical hotel in Mauritius? by Jasmin C Q: I am planning to travel to Mauritius in the coming week. Looking for few cheap hotels but should be good.

A: Hi, Ive been there myself last December. Many of the hotels are expensive, I know that for a fact. However you dont have to stay at a hotel. There are also many affordable guesthouses were you could stay at. For example one good one in Flic en Flac is MK Villas. I stayed there myself. The service was very good and at an affordable rate. I cant name all of the guesthouses because there are many throughout the country. My advice to you is stay at guesthouses. The country is great especially the becaches so you should have a fun time. Enjoy

How much money is enough for good living in Mauritius? by Slash Q: Hi, I am finance professional who might get a job offer with an international company based out of Mauritius. The job pays 60 to 65000USD per year and I wonder if this is enough to live on and save for a family of two. We have a frugal live style nothing fancy but we enjoy eating out at times and traveling. Thanks. Great! This helps!

A: hello, Most Mauritians live within the range 350USD - 700USD per month,therefore the salary which you are expected to have is around 5000USD per month,well here itself we see the difference.If you want you can still live with around 1000USD per month and live with ease,better than many Mauritians and yet you will be able to save plenty of your money. You can easily live up with 15000USD throughout the year and save the rest.

What is the best tourist spots to visit in Mauritius? by Eshlin Vedan from South Africa Q: Hi there During the upcoming summer vacation, i will be visiting Mauritius. Im South African and I hardly know anything about tourist spots in the country. Please suggest some good tourist spots. Any help appreciated. Thank you

A: There is a lot to see, like the other user mentioned. One can divide the island up into 5 parts, north, south east, west and inland: http://www.mauritius.net/what_to_see/index.php Then there are the beaches, and if you like underwater, there is a submarine to look at the sealife. http://www.blue-safari.com/english/profile.htm And more info: http://www.tourism-mauritius.mu/ *Edit* The British foreign office has issued a travel warning: "Due to an ongoing security operation at a military barracks near Antananarivo International Airport at Ivato, we recommend that travel to the airport and its immediate surrounds be limited at the present time. We understand some flights out of the airport are currently being cancelled – you should check with your airline." Perhaps check for more info with them: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/sub-saharan-africa/mauritius And hope you have a lekker holiday. I am sommer lekker jaloers.

Why did the population of Mauritius begin to grow so rapidly in the mid 20th century? by smelly Q: Also, what seemed likely to happen in the future if something wasn't done to solve the problem? What did the government do to reduce the rate of population growth and increase resources? What does the future hold for Mauritius and it's people? (Geography homework!) Thanks.

A: 1) Baby Boom, due to the end of the war, like everywhere else. This was couple with increased prosperity for its people. 2) Seemed likely that there would soon be increased poverty, land scarcity (it is a small island!), and mass unemployment. 3) AGRESSIVE Family Planning incentives. Free community clinics tpo educate the population as to contraception. 4) The future was looking very bright until a few years ago. Mauritius had only functional unemployment (around 3%). However, inflation is causing havoc to its people's buying power. Moreover, the current economic crisis is adversely affecting one of its main revenue sources, Tourism

mauritius? by clairemch Q: what vaccinations are necessary going to Mauritius? and i speak french whereas mauritians speak creole,would we understand each other?

A: none...don't worry most mauritians understand french as creole is almost like french as most word used are french

Mauritius!? by Sweetcorn Q: I am currently in Spain and I want to go to Mauritius as I have family there that I have not seen in years. I was going to go for Christmas but cant find flights cheaper than 1300 Euros return. Does anyone know an airline or company that does deals on flights to Mauritius? Or can anyone think of a cheaper way of getting there?

A: I love Mauritius, and I often go there. But it's true the plane ticket is pretty expensive, especially if you book it directly from airliners ! The trick is to deal with a travel agency that specializes on that destination. They should have enough flow of sales to get you better prices. I usually get France-Mauritius and back at around 600 Euros Good luck

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