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Celestevelep RT @KelleyDebbie: Falcons Vs Colts Update: Matt Ryan Finds Julio Jones For Fifty Yard Score http:tcoLnPeXtjh

virtusolutions Larry Diffenbauch, Matt Jones team up for encore performance Tuesday in Geneva http://t.co/CWTC6xRZ

Francewdwyx RT @BurgessDana: Larry Diffenbauch Matt Jones team up for encore performance Tuesday in Geneva http:tcoWCHFGQZD

BurgessDana Larry Diffenbauch, Matt Jones team up for encore performance Tuesday in Geneva http://t.co/WCHFGQZD

Raymond_Hunter 'Strictly Come Dancing' Alex Jones: 'Matt Baker is my fifth judge' http://t.co/BQsr29tV

virtusolutions Larry Diffenbauch, Matt Jones team up for encore performance Tuesday in Geneva http://t.co/lsB2ZWQd

CarrollApril Julio Jones Injury: Why Matt Ryan Is a Terrible Fantasy Football Bet http://t.co/xO53arzr

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Elaine_Holland Friends ... Matt Baker and Alex Jones http://t.co/uPlsgCwq

awitinmusic Hurry (its five in the mornin) by Gary Valenciano in Unknown @ http://t.co/DuVsrw0w #matt jones

SamBisanz Matt Jones signs up for reddit. Gets fucking 15 000 comment karma for one post. ಠ_ಠ

Lesterqvxne RT @TangoMango: @KySportsRadio Hey Matt Jones I thought you were at CBS Did they can you after one year

Kelley_Debbie Falcons Vs. Colts Update: Matt Ryan Finds Julio Jones For Fifty Yard Score http://t.co/LnPeXtjh

Bush_Jamie Matt Ryan, Julio Jones up for weekly awards http://t.co/zoDBp1Ob


I need a reciever Matt Jones or Breaston? by Dan S Q: I own Fitzgerald and Boldin, and am not sure if going with all 3 in the same game is a good idea. I am also not sure about Matt Jones suspension? Please help I need this week or I am done. Thanks guys...

A: Now that Boldin is back, Breaston's role will be much more limited. I would go with Jones since you already have Fitzgerald and Boldin. That way you won't have all of your eggs in one basket.

Final WR spot for this week, do I start Bernard Berrian or Matt Jones? by Alex G Q: Berrian has had over 15 pts the past 4 games (My league does 1 pt per 10 rec yds, .5 pts per rec, 6 pts per TD) However, Matt Jones plays the DETROIT LIONESSES... see my problem? so who do i start? thanks in advance!

A: NO WAY, GO with Berrian. he hasn't scored under 10 fantasy pts for the past 4 games

Shawn Hill or Hasselbeck? Time to bench Lee Evans and start Matt Jones? by T H Q: Hill against a shaky Dallas D or a hurt Hassellbeck against a pretty good Wash D? Lee Evans sucked the last three games and Matt Jones is starting to become the #1 WR or am I smoking? I say bench Evans because of the QB issue with Edwards and start Matt Jones. Thoughts?

A: yes, start shawm hill he been good.

Matt Jones Suspended for Illegal use of a Credit Card? by HypeBeast Killa™ Q: Word is that Jaguars Matt Jones was suspended 3 games for Illegally using his credit card. Yea I know he was caught cutting up Cocaine with a Credit Card (get it)? Nevermind.

A: lol!You are a very funny man.

Should i play matt jones or donnie avery in fantasy week 10? by fantasy footballer Q: i know matt jones is in detroit this weak who has a weak defense. So jones or avery? i can't find any info on when he'll serve the suspension. so if he is playable this week who should i play?

A: Jones was caught with cocaine, the NFL is considering a suspension of 1-3 games. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/players/7197/news;_ylt=AkAGJuLxkOshU6KyHffivU3.uLYF If he is able to play, definitely Jones. The guy is finally blossoming and he is more consistent than Avery because Ram's offense is inconsistent and they have problems. Avery won't be able to get the production he wants. Plus, Jones is 6'6, a big red zone target for touchdowns.

Should I start Matt Jones or Eddie Royal for week 10? by wallaby311 Q: I am starting Reggie Wayne and Greg Jennings, and want to use a WR as my flex. I have Matt Jones, Eddie Royal, Donnie Avery and Torry Holt. I'm leaning towards Royal, but Jones has been putting up some nice numbers and they are going against Detroit this week.

A: Eddie Royal

Who was the more exciting player in college football? Matt Jones or Tim Tebow? by Tremone21 Q: Keep in mind Matt Jones played at Arkansas about a few years ago and Tim Tebow is a currently player at the University of Florida. I want you to put your bias aside. I don't care who is cute or one has a Hesiman Trophy or not. I want to know who would you pick between the two of them. Personally, I like Matt Jones when he was carving up LSU defense. You just heard that from an LSU fan by the way.

A: Matt Jones!

In week 10, Should i start Matt Jones of the Jaguars or Marques Colston of the saints? by Jaydgs Q: Matt jones has a great match-up against Detroit and has been on a roll so far, but i could see a healthy Colston having a break-out game.

A: I agree, Colston hasn't showed that he's fully back yet so I would continue to sit him until he steps up. Meanwhile, Matt Jones is one of Garrard's favorite targets and he's up against the LIONS THIS WEEK!

Should i start Donald Driver or Matt Jones this week in Fantasy? by Dano Q: Well it looks like a toss up but i just cant decide. Driver is going against a decent vikings team, but with Greg Jennings attracting a lot of attention driver is a good option underneath and could find the endzone. Matt Jones on the other hand wont be suspended for this week so a good option against a soft Detroit team. But with that being said that could leave things open for the Jags to be more run heavy. So Please help me decide, I need a good win this week.

A: Sup. This is James D. aka the fantasy expert. I go to all the fantasy web sites and look at their rankings to compile mine. After my analysis of your question I believe you gotta go with Donald. He has been on a tear the last two weeks and I like him to continue his streak. On the other hand Matty Jones has had an up and down, rollercoaster ride of a season. Sometimes matchups can be decieving. Go with your boy James D. aka Fantasy Expert for the Win. Any other questions you need just holla.

Matt jones? by 00z Q: Should I pick up Matt Jones for bench? Who their number 1 reciever Reggie williams?

A: There is no #1 receiver in Jax...well, as said, maybe Jones-Drew... I expect similar #s from all three of those guys - maybe you should look elsewhere - though 600 Yds/4-5 TDs isn't too bad for a bench points...

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