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Masters golf tournament

The Masters Tournament
Fred Couples hits out of a bunker on the second hole during the third round of the Masters golf tournament Saturday, April 7, 2012, in Augusta, Ga. (David J. Phillip / AP) Peter Hanson, of Sweden, waves after his birdie on the eighth green during the ...

A booming surprise: Couples in the lead at Masters
Tiger Woods reacts to his tee shot on the 16th hole during the second round of the Masters golf tournament Friday, April 6, 2012, in Augusta, Ga. Photo: Matt Slocum / AP Tiger Woods reacts after missing a birdie putt on the 14th hole during the second ...

Masters Golf Tournament Third-Round Leaderboard
Following is the third-round leaderboard from the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Par for the course is 72. ========================================================================== Pos. Player Score Thru Today R1 ...

No more retro look for Couples at Augusta National
By NANCY ARMOUR AP Padraig Harrington, of Ireland, chips to the 17th green during the third round of the Masters golf tournament Saturday, April 7, 2012, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara) Fred Couples tips his cap after putting out on the 18th ...

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Kiel_Vedrode Tee times for the 2012 Masters Tournament http://t.co/xYbla9PV *Happy Easter!!*

Zelmavozva SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Phil Mickelson set up a run Sunday for his fourth Masters Golf Tournament champio... http://t.co/YEQvjQwD

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Majedulmithu http://t.co/6EZLoqT4

MechanismLab The Masters Golf Tournament - Augusta National, Inc. http://t.co/RoJToe6z

Golf_ElPuerto Pinchazo de los Españoles en el Masters Tournament de Augusta. #Golf #News http://t.co/7iWJ9jnJ

Voltbet US Masters at Voltbet, all the money for Oosthuizen at 5/1, Phil out to 16/10 from 14/10. http://t.co/ifaiW2Gx

Hoovertoyota Happy Easter! Have a great day. Anyone rooting for Phil M in this year's Masters golf tournament like me? (;

malenko10 I'm backing Micko in, in the greatest golf tournament. Win the #Masters be a legend.

Golf_Lessons_ Open Question: Why is the masters golf tournament such a coveted prize? http://t.co/dHIUJ8pR

jez_bulldozer The Matt Roff Players Invitational Trophy is upon us. Forgot the Masters this golf tournament is the real deal.

kingsrook3 Tiger Woods made headlines at the Masters golf tournament yesterday when he was apparently unable to play his... http://t.co/HEauKJxK


Where are the masters golf tournament 2011 held? by Q:

A: its held at the same place every year. Augusta National in Gerogia

Who do you think will win the 2007 Masters Golf Tournament? by Walela Q: and What do you think will be the winner's final round score?

A: I'm getting 14-1 odds on Vijay and 7.5-1 on Phil. I'm also getting 11-1 on the Big Easy, so I put 100 each on these three golfers. Tiger is going off at almost even money, so I scratched him. Tiger usually has one bad round, and that comes either Friday or Saturday. If any one of Vijay, Phil or Ernie can keep each round between -1 and -3, then I have no doubt I'll be collecting fairly handsome return on my wager. If Tiger wins, I'm out $300, but Tiger is just not getting off the teebox well enough right now to win a major. My wager is essentially a bet that Tiger does not win. If I'm right, then one of these other three guys will do it. BTW...Chris DiMarco is going off at 50-1...but he always finds a way to mess up in Augusta, so you gotta stay away from that guy.

Why is the Masters the most prestigious golf tournament? by LilyRT Q: I know next to nothing about golf. But, I'm just curious why the Masters is so well respected. Is the course particularly difficult? Is it just tradition? Thanks!

A: There are several reasons: -- it is one of the 4 'majors' -- it is played on legendary course -- it is tough to get into the field (there are several ways to qualify) -- the club runs the event and they control everything.

Who's your pick to win the Augusta Masters golf tournament next weekend? by laidback Q:

A: I want Tiger to win, but I think it'll probably be Phil Mickelson or Lee Westwood or someone else near the top of the rankings.

Can women play at the masters golf tournament? by techmageb5 Q:

A: In theory yes. The Masters extends invitations to the 4 Amateurs every year: :The winner of the USGA Mid Amateur Championship :The winner of the USGA Public Links Championship :The winner and runner up of the US Amateur There is nothing that prohibits a women from competing in any of these events. In fact several years ago Michelle Wie nearly earned a spot by getting to the finals of the US Publinx. The Masters stated at that time that they would extend her an invite if she won.

Where is the Asian Masters Golf Tournament being played at? by mclaren_1205 Q:

A: Check out the links for your answer.

how much did tiger woods earn for playing in the masters golf tournament? by littledog Q:

A: $330,000 dollars, American.

Who will be the top 4 players in this years Masters Golf tournament? by dinocars2000 Q:

A: Tiger Woods Ernie Els Retief Goosen Phil Mickelson

I show the Masters Golf tournament is on at 4 pm Eastern on ESPN the next 2 days.? by tomlawbcs Q: Am I missing any earlier coverage on the golf channel or is 4pm eastern on ESPN it?

A: justintv.com

how do i find the masters golf tournament from april 11 2009 with commercials? by Mervis Q:

A: Not available online. Unless someone that you know recorded it, you are probably out of luck

Since the masters golf tournament was cut short today. When exactly is tv coverage supposed to pick back up? by docjaye1 Q: Just looking to find out when tv coverage starts back up tommorrow. Is it 7:00 A.M?

A: 8:00 on usa channel

Is the Masters golf tournament always held at Augusta? by andywr01 Q:

A: Since 1934 it has and always will be. It is the only major championship to be played on the same course every year on the PGA Tour.

Is Ryan Moore eligible for the Masters Golf Tournament? by Ryanmoorefan Q: Ryan Moore finished 13th playing as an amateur in the Masters in 2005. Last year, I don't think he earned enough money the previous year, because he started so late. Will Ryan get a Masters invite this year? So far he is 73rd on the money list and finished in one top 10 and another top 20 this year.

A: http://i.pga.com/pga/images/events/2007/masters/pdf/invitees.pdf. this will explain the requirements for qualifying for the masters.

Who will be the top 4 players in this weekends Masters golf tournament? by dinocars2000 Q:

A: mickelson 1st, adam scott 2nd, rich beem 3rd, and dont fake the funk on fred funk 4th

How many people attend the Masters Golf tournament? by ben g Q:

A: Augusta National is very secretive about all of their numbers. They never disclose attendance, numbers of members, who the members are, the cost of the membership, pictures of the interior of the clubhouse, who taylors their green jacket, the cost of the green jacket and until recent years wouldn't publish the prize money list. That was done by the PGA.

What is the difference in general admission and grounds tickets for the MASTERS golf tournament? by pharmgirl1us Q:

A: There are four types of badges for the Masters Tournament: * Practice rounds. Anyone can apply for the Monday through Wednesday badges. It's a lottery with no waiting list. * Patron badges. There's a long waiting list for badges that will gain you admission to all four rounds of the Masters. It's worth applying for. * Trophy Room. These will gain you admission to the grounds surrounding the clubhouse, an outdoor bar, and a dining room with a great buffet. Trophy Room tickets are restricted to player's families, the media and special guests of the Augusta National. * Clubhouse. Only members, their immediate families and past Masters champions get these.

Does anyone know where I can download a copy of the Masters golf tournament theme song? by rio180 Q:

A: Asked and answered: http://users.rcn.com/rjparadis/music/Augusta_Dave_Loggins_instrumental.mp3 With vocals: http://users.rcn.com/rjparadis/music/Augusta_Dave_Loggins_vocals.mp3 Is that worth "Best Answer"? Thanks!

What is the ten shot rule that they mention at the Masters Golf Tournament? by Botchie Q:

A: The field will be pared to the low 44 and ties after today's second round. Golfers within 10 shots of the lead will also make the cut.

What do women wear to the masters golf tournament? by Curious Q:

A: A smile.

Who are the players on the waiting list for the 2008 Masters golf tournament ? by rysterr Q:

A: If you mean "alternates," then there are none. The Masters qualifying criteria does not mandate a minimum number of entrants. This year, 93 golfers qualified. Below is the link to the field although Martin Kaymer, Justin Leonard and Peter Lonard are not listed just yet. All three qualified by virtue of their position inside the Top 50 in the World Ranking today. The winner of this week's Houston Open will also gain entry if he isn't already eligible.

What channel is the masters golf tournament on today? by Q:

A: justintv .com

Is Tiger Woods doing fantastic in the masters golf tournament right now? by Q:

A: He's doing ok.... All those applauding for Tiger clearly understand that sex addiction is a major problem! He is a victim!!!

Does the winner of the Masters Golf Tournament get to keep the green jacket? by Karen W Q:

A: Yes, you keep the Green Jacket. For Phil Mickelson, this is his 3rd Green Jacket.

Anybody know that song CBS plays when it cuts to the commercials at the Masters GOlf Tournament? by KT Q: Not Augusta, the one that sounds like the CBS NFL Theme

A: Fanfare by Yanni It was written especially for CBS by Yanni. It is linked here for you on this website under "Golf Miscellanious." http://www.bobmenzies.com/content/links_main.htm

How can a guy get his hands on badges for the masters golf tournament? by noslice2000 Q:

A: http://cgi.ebay.com/Masters-Golf-Badge-2006_W0QQitemZ180111665927QQihZ008QQcategoryZ16122QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Why doesn't the Masters Golf Tournament allow more players? by gerard l Q: If it is truly a major it should have a full field of 156 player like all the other majors. These cronies in Augusta are controlling this.

A: It was never supposed to be a "major". It was just an invitational set up by Bobby Jones. Although, the tournament started in 1934, it was not recognized as a major until the 50's. The invitational nature has permitted them to continue to invite amateurs in honor of America's greatest amateur athlete of all time, Bobby Jones.

What is the song used in the ONE HD commercial of the masters golf tournament featuring "Tigers Back"? by danno Q: Its like classical at the start and then dj'ing comes in with a scratch

A: Your Cheatin' Heart.

How can I become a marshall or work at the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA? by Mike H Q:

A: check the web site. Not to throw cold water on your idea but its virtually impossible, the waiting list is 20 years.

Where one can find the best resource and news about The Masters Tournament golf? by Steve l Q: for me I suggest you try themasters-tournament.com for the The masters tournament latest news.

A: hope this helps The Masters Tournament, which is commonly referred to as The Masters or The US Masters (outside the United States), is one of four major championships in men's professional golf and the first of the four to be played each year. The final round of the Masters is always scheduled for the second Sunday in April. Unlike the other major championships, the Masters is held every year at the same location, Augusta National Golf Club, a private golf club in the city of Augusta, Georgia, USA. The Masters was started by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones,[1] who designed Augusta National with legendary course architect Alister MacKenzie. The Masters is an official money event on the PGA Tour, the PGA European Tour and the Japan Golf Tour. In line with the other majors, winning the Masters gives a golfer several privileges which make his career more secure. Masters champions are automatically invited to play in the other three majors (the U.S. Open, the Open Championship (British Open), and the PGA Championship) for the next five years, and earn a lifetime invitation to the Masters. They also receive membership on the PGA Tour for the following five seasons and invitations to the Players Championship for five years. In 2007, the prize fund was US$7.25 million

Is the Masters Golf Tournament using eastern standard time? by Over60 Q: It appears this is the case. Tee time are listed as EST.

A: Yes, all tee times are Eastern Standard Time (EST). The local time zone in Augusta, Georgia (site of the Masters Golf Tournament) is Eastern Standard Time.

How much money do the top ten winners of the 2008 Masters golf tournament get? by smilinglady1 Q:

A: 1.$1,305K 2. 783K 3. 493K 4. 348K 5. 290K 6. 261K 7. 242,875 8. 224,750 9. 210,250 10. 181,250

How much money does the winner of the masters golf tournament win? by Scott A Q:

A: Zach Johnson won $1,305,000.00 for the 2007 Masters.

Can anyone name all the sandwiches they serve at The Masters golf tournament? by Chet the Body Q: We are having a party and thought that would be a cool idea for the food. I know Pimento Cheese and Egg Salad, but i cant remember the rest.

A: ham Turkey don't forget the Perrier~!

What do you all think of the Masters golf tournament? by Q: I live in Augusta GA and go to the Masters every year so don't give me any BS answers about how I'm jealous or whatever.

A: Its great but I think the networks over do the DRAMA

What time does the masters golf tournament start today? by Q:

A: 2pm on CBS

Where can I see the full Masters Golf Tournament Online? by Bill So Cal Q: I am watching a few holes of the golf tournament on the Masters Website...but where can I see the network coverage online? Thx, B

A: Bill, Great question. I had the same one a few hours ago. I tuned into the Masters website but could only see a few holes but I wanted the full network coverage. Anyway, to make a long story short (got to get back to watching), I found this site that someone recommend called: http://watchgolfonline.biz/ I got setup in about 5 minutes and am now watching full Masters coverage online! Can’t wait for Tiger to start… Cheers and good luck, Jim

How can I watch the Masters golf tournament live online in France? by Q: Masters.com tells me their online video feed is 'unavailable in my area' which I expect means they don't provide the video to service providers outside the US. Help!

Patrons who attend the Masters Golf Tournament must follow certain rules. What are they? by Gary Q: I am planning to go to the Tournament and want to refresh myself on the rules they have for visitors (patrons) at the Masters.

A: If you've ever played a round of golf at a fancy country club, you know how to behave at a professional golf tournament. Additionally, do as you're told by the workers and volunteers. You can tell who they are because they are all dressed alike and are standing on the opposite side of the ropes, keeping distance between the players and the crowds. If they raise their hands or the quiet sign, that means the crowd should be quiet. Cheer at appropriate times, but otherwise be mindful of any noise you might be making. Not every tournament has a stadium-like atmosphere. Be courteous to the players, as they are competing Thursday through Sunday. They're trying to make a living just like you and I do Monday through Friday. To be successful in their line of work, they need to be able to concentrate. A single distraction may cost a player a half a million dollars. If you're interested in getting right up next to the players and chatting with them, tournament rounds are not the right time. I suggest autograph seekers and picture-takers attend practice rounds and pro-ams. Players are generally more approachable and will sign autographs and interact with spectators while playing.

what television network has the masters golf tournament? by fingo18 Q: is ABC doing the Masters golf tournament this year?

A: ESPN has rounds 1 and 2, and CBS has rounds 3 and 4.

What would a 1997 Masters Golf Tournament folding chair signed by Tiger Woods be worth today? by robbowden94 Q: This folding chair could only be purchased at the tournament and it is in perfect condition with the price tag still on it (also in perfect condition). It was purchased by my grandfather at the tourney in 97 and was signed by tiger woods.

A: Wow... that is special. Here's the thing. It really depends on where you sell it and if the right person is there. Some collectors of Tiger Woods memorabilia are willing to pay quite a bit for 97 masters pieces in good condition. signed and unsigned. I would not be suprised if something like that sold for $5-10,000. Again, it could go for much more if the right person were buying. I noticed that there is a 97 masters flag on Ebay right now signed by Tiger going for $16,000. It just goes to show you how collectible this kind of thing is. Make sure you take good care of it. http://cgi.ebay.com/TIGER-WOODS-Signed-1997-Masters-Flag-UDA-Undated_W0QQitemZ120273763441QQihZ002QQcategoryZ27281QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1638Q2em118Q2el1247 (check out the flag!)

How/can i send an email to the masters golf tournament? by [ * a m b e r * ] Q: I would like to send an email to like the president or whatever of the masters. I wont get into detail about the email i just want to ask a question. I can also send my question by mail but i need an address or email.

A: i was upset a few tears ago. a brewery was using the 12th hole to advertise beer. i phoned the club was put through to the president. the club chairman is rarely on the site, the address is on washington Road augusta georgia. they are not snobs. the email address augustanational.com. i would phone first to confirm this. i also did receive a very nice letter, as well as 3 personal phone calls. little unexpected souvenir kit.

Why isn't the Masters Golf tournament only televised for 3 hours a day? What about the other 6? by GisherJohn Q: Why don't they show the whole tournament instead of the last part of the day? I don't get it.

A: usually for the weekend it will be about 6/7 hours of coverage but on Thur & Fri it is limited unrtil the last group completes the course and many people are off on the weekend

How risky is it to sell tickets to the Masters golf tournament on Ebay? by ricosuaveuno Q: The Augusta National Golf Club has stated it will revoke any member on their ticket list if they find that tickets have been scalped in any way. Is there a possible way, aside from purchasing the scalped tickets outright, that the club can find out who sold the tickets? I have been to the tournament many times before and they have never asked for ID once when checking-in. I was more concerned with them identifying me through Ebay. Is that possible since I have a screen name and do not use my real name? I would also be selling them for a relative and not myself.

A: Augusta is a bit......conservative ( thats the only word I could think of that would not get bleeped) I would imagine that not only could they check tickets against a master list ...but also ask for ID upon entry to the grounds. It is after all....Private Property

what is the dress code for spectators at the masters golf tournament? by preston m Q: what is the dress code for spectators at the masters golf tournament?

A: Just wear normal golf clothing. A polo, collared shirt. Slacks, or slack-type shorts.

What are the rules for exemptions to the Masters golf tournament? by Q: How many years are you exempt for a win at the masters? Do you get one for winning other tournaments? If you win multiple masters does it add to the amount of years you are exempt?

A: If you win The Masters you have a lifetime invitation to play in The Masters. You also have a five year exemption from qualifying for the US Open, The Open Championship, the PGA Championship and The Players Championship. You also receive a membership on the PGA Tour for the next five years. Winning The Masters more than once does not enhance your lifetime invitation to play in The Masters but it does reset the five year exemption on the other four tournaments I mentioned and it also renews your PGA Tour membership for five more years.

Why does the winner of the Masters Golf Tournament get a green jacket? by Q: What is the meaning of the green jacket that the player wins after the Masters Golf Tournment?

A: Q. Why Are Masters Champions Presented with a Green Jacket? Each year, the winner of The Masters is presented with the famous "Green Jacket." Slipping on the green jacket is the golden moment for many winners of the tournament. But how did a green jacket come to be such a big deal? What is the story behind the vaunted Green Jacket? A. Let's face it: if you saw someone walking around in public in a shamrock green jacket, you'd probably think that person was severely fashion-challenged. Shamrock green jackets are, well, ugly. But the Green Jacket presented to the Masters champion is one beautiful piece of outerwear. The tradition of the Green Jacket at Augusta National Golf Club dates to 1937. That year, members of the club wore green jackets during the tournament so that fans in attendance could easily spot them if they needed to ask questions. According to the official website of The Masters: "Jackets were purchased from the Brooks Uniform Company, New York City ... Members were not initially enthusiastic about wearing the warm, green coat. Within several years, a lightweight, made-to-order Jacket was available from the Club's Golf Shop. ... The single breasted, single vent Jacket's color is 'Masters Green' and is adorned with an Augusta National Golf Club logo on the left chest pocket. The logo also appears on the brass buttons." Soon, the Green Jacket became the symbol of membership in the ultra-exclusive Augusta National Golf Club. And slipping a jacket onto the winner of The Masters - a tradition that began in 1949 - symbolized that golfer's entry into the exclusive club of Masters champions. Q. Do Masters Champions Get to Keep the Green Jacket? The Masters champion receives the traditional Green Jacket at the victory ceremony following his win. But does the Masters champion get to keep the Green Jacket? A. Yes and sort-of. Yes: The Masters champion gets to take the Green Jacket home with him and keep it for a year. When he returns to Augusta National the following year, he returns the jacket to the club. Which brings us to sort-of: From that point on, the champion has "visitation rights" to his Green Jacket. The jacket is considered his, and when he visits Augusta National at any point thereafter, he can retrieve and wear his jacket. The official website of The Masters explains a little further: "Near the conclusion of the Masters, several Jackets are selected which could fit the possible winner during the presentation ceremony. The winner will have his measurements taken at the Club's Golf Shop or may provide measurements so that a custom made Green Jacket can be tailored. Typically, a multiple winner will have only one Green Jacket unless his size drastically changes."

Are there any party games to play while watching the Masters golf tournament? by Q: We have a family reunion every year to watch the Masters Golf Tournament. Are there any betting games (like the super bowl score grid) that we can play?

A: I think you can play guess who will win the tournament.

What is the easiest and cheapest way to get badges/tickets to the Masters golf tournament? by mfeek Q: I've always dreamed about going to the Masters golf tournament and don't knwo much about the process of getting tickets. I know that there is a waiting list to get badges but you can't get on the waiting list. I'm thinking more about either getting them from someon on the street at the tournament or from a ticket broker online. What is the cheapest and easiest way to get them? how much is a reasonable price for a 4 day badge or even just 2 days for Saturday and Sunday?

A: Tournament tickets are impossible to get but if you are willing to go to a practice round (Monday thru Wednesday) it's still hard but not impossible. They work it like a lottery. You send in an application form for the next year and they draw out names at random. Maybe you get drawn, maybe you don't. You just keep sending it in year after year and eventually you get lucky. You can get a copy of the entry form at the Master's website or the Augusta National website. At least you get to walk the beautiful coarse and see the players up close.

Is there a way to volunteer at the masters golf tournament? by ticketstrategies Q: I read somewhere in the past that you can work as a volunteer at the Masters Golf Tournament, and in exchange you can watch some of the tournament, and even return for a special day to play the course. I can't find any info on it. I have checked the official masters website. Any ideas?

A: You have to know somebody very important; otherwise, forget it.

What is parking like when I visit the Masters Golf Tournament? What are the important things for me to know? by happyfunnyme Q: I am taking my 76 yr. old father to see The Masters Golf tournament and am wondering what are the biggest issues I'll have to deal with. I've already got a hotel, tickets, and a car. What do I need to know? Anyone been there and have advice?

A: if i were you, i wouldn't drive, they have buses that will take people to the tournament because it is a pain in the ass to try to park

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