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Master Lock

Master Lock succeeds as surrounding area fails
Master Lock employee Jamal Leflore inspects padlocks in this 2010 photo. President Barack Obama will visit the factory Wednesday. By John Schmid of the Journal Sentinel President Barack Obama hardly could do more to elevate Master Lock Co. as a ...

Master Lock Celebrates National Random Acts of Kindness Week by Helping ...
To help consumers stay on track, Master Lock is celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Week(R)(2) (February 13 - 19) by offering a variety of tips and products that are sure to help Americans lock-up their resolutions.

Elberton, Georgia Locksmith Business Launched by Veteran Lock and Security Expert
13, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Jon Payne, Sr., a Certified Master Locksmith, recently launched a locksmith business in Elberton, GA. Payne has 40 years of experience in the lock and security industry and recently retired from the Fire and Security ...

Dispatch from the Front: The Week of February 13
On Wednesday, he visits Milwaukee, Wis., to deliver remarks about manufacturing at Master Lock. On Friday, he continues his focus on manufacturing in Seattle, Wash. The Senate convenes today and will hold a vote on a circuit court nominee.

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Can I spray WD-40 in my combination master lock? by poo_pee_666 Q: Can I spray WD-40 in my combination master lock without ruining it? The dial is somewhat sticky when you turn it so I want to try spraying it in the little hole that the latch goes into?

A: Sure you can. But wd-40 isn't much of a lubricant, it's a great cleaner. You may put afew drops of real oil in it ( motor oil ).

Master lock guarented for life? by Matt D Q: i have a master lock and i went to exchange it for a new one at sears and they told me "we dont exchange them" i think its bullshit ,they shouldnt sell it if they dont wanna gurenty it what DO I DO NOW???!?!?! to get it exchaned?

A: Master locks (true ones) are made by Master Corp and are not a lifetime guarantee. Sears sells locks but unless it is the Craftsman brand, not the Sears brand, it is not replaced either.

I lost the key for my master lock. How can I pick the lock? by Q: I need to to open a master lock that i lost the key to

A: A professional locksmith should be able to come to your house and cut you the relevant new key for it.

How to crack a Master Lock code? by Q: Okay, so I bought this green Master Lock. I reset it with a 3 letters that I want. I got it open a little while ago, but now every time I try to open it, it won't work. And it's not all numbers. It's 3 letters or 3 numbers or a combination of both. The numbers and letters are: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A D E H J L N R S T. Oh and I didn't know what catergory to put this in so I chose some kind of consumer thing. ;)

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eGxRQlWTrM Don't cut yourself

How can i open a master lock without its combination?? by Dee S Q: i bought a master lock about 3 years ago and i had misplaced it and i finally found it....its a perfectly good lock but i 4got the combination :)...is there anyway i can open it??? there are numbers on the back of it, maybe theres website that can give me the combo..its a master lock made by boron alloy i think any answers would be much appreciated thanks!!

A: http://www.masterlock.com/general/faqs_lostcom.html Master Lock: Lost Combination FAQ's

How to open a brand new Speed Dial 1500id Master Lock? by roy k Q: i bought a Speed Dial 1500id Master Lock. Like... its brand new. But im not sure how to open the lock. yea... gg for me. so, i want to know how to open it and what the combination is (or at least where to find the combo).

A: Check on the back of the lock for the combination. It should have had all that information with it when you bought it. If you cannot get it to work you need to either take it back to the store where you bought it, or take it to a locksmith who will be able to help you with it.

How would I unlock a 'Master Lock Create-Your-Own Word Password Combination Lock' without doing every combo? by Melissa Q: The lock can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-Create-Your-Own-Combination-1524D/dp/B000FSRPGY

A: Questions 6, 7, & 8 should just about cover it. Good Luck. http://www.masterlock.com/general/faqs_lostcom.html

how to open a 643D master lock? by Q: I have a 643D master lock (a 4 digit brass combination lock) but I lost the combination and now I cant open it. Is there any way to open it without the combination? I have tried everything I can think of. Anything would help Thanks also i would like to not destroy the lock

A: Bolt cutters, Hammer and cold chisel, hack saw, drill .. remember the combination

How to open master lock speed dial? by Q: I just bought a master lock speed dial and accidentally reset the password to nothing, and now it won't open

Pranks to pull with a mini master lock? by Q: I just got a mini master lock and my friends love it. I need some pranks to pull on people at school, and at home, too. Plase help.

A: Lock someone's locker, with the combination 1-2-3

Where can I buy a Master Combination Lock in Dublin, Ireland? by maggoosey Q: I'm looking for one of those Master locks with the dials on them to enter the code. There's a pic at this link http://www.northerntool.com/images/product/images/17856_lg.jpg I have looked for them and I can't find them!

A: How about ordering one from Amazon? Website below.

Where can I buy a master key for a Master Lock V652? by stoner32_2010 Q: I bought a whole box of Master lock combination locks at a school auction and none of them have combinations with them. I know that there is a master key for every master lock series and I need to know where to buy one at. all of my locks say V652 on the back so i would assume that is the model number. Please help me.

A: I suggest you contact a locksmith. They should be able to provide a master key for the locks. Take the locks with you so they have the series information. http://www.rossgalt.co.nz

Is there anyway to crack a master lock? by Q: I have a school issued master lock that was used on my locker and i locked it onto my lunch box and cant remember the combination. Can anyone tell me how i may be able to get this open with out using bolt cutters?

A: Get a can of cleaning duster and spray it till its ice cold and hit it with something like a hammer or so. It should break due to freezing.

how do you get the combination for a master lock? by James K Q: i found a huge master combo lock, and i want to know how to crack da code

A: While trying to pull the lock open (keep the pressure). Spin the dial backwards and try to distinguish three different clicks - remember those numbers. Now use those three numbers that clicked as the combo numbers. There are 6 possible combos with those numbers. Best answer?

How Do I Open My Master Lock? by Q: I bought a new master lock today and it has some thing that you can make your own combo. I followed all the instructions and put my new code in. When I tried opening it, it didn't work. It has new left, right, up, and down slides. How do I open it? It cost me 10 bucks and i'd be angry if it went to waste:D. Plz Help.

A: Didn't you write down the combination settings and sequence of steps you took ? See if there is a default setting mentioned in the book that came with it. Can't help you there my friend.

Does anyone have a Master Lock combination book? by Pennsylvania Outdoorsman Q: I have about 6 or & locks and I want to know if anyone has a master lock combination book that can give me the combo's to these locks. First one with the right answer gets 10 points.

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How do you escape when someone does the wrestling move master lock on you? by Player Q: Today someone master locked me where they went behind me and got under my arms and since this person was very strong he actually lifted me and now it really hurts. How can you break out of this move? Your head is trapped and Arms can't reach him and if you kick him you might hurt your arms even more. Also let's say this person is by far much stronger than you! I can try to kick him but the thing is he is pretty much lifting me into the air I'm pretty much not touching the floor.

A: If he is stronger than you then your not gonna get out. You might as well watch out for him and dont let me get behind you, the full nelson is something you wouldnt want a stronger person get you into. NOTE: The only shot ( I just thought of this ) is to kick him in the balls as hard as you can and he will let go.

How do you set a combination for a v58 master lock? by Q: Okay, so I saw a kid at school, and he set our v58 master locks so it only had to turn to one number to unlock, and he wouldn't tell anyone how plz help me!

A: If you are talking about the typical Master dial combination lock, he probably had the first two numbers already dialed, before he showed you. Spin the dial several times and have him show you again. Combination locks used in schools are not resettable by the student.

my master lock is open but there is no combination.? by omg143bsg Q: I have a Master Lock and i opened it with a thin metal, but the problem is that i forgot the combination of my lock. The lock is now open but without a combination number, so how can i open it with the number?

A: lock it, spin the dial 2 times to the right push up on hasp while turning dial to the right, listen for a click, thats the first # slowly turn dial to left, listen for a click, then go 2 marks further thats the 2 nd # turn to right till it opens thats the last #,

I need to get my combination for my master lock? by jumbalee10 Q: I forgot my combination for my master lock (when it wasn't on anything) and now i need it to open, any help on how to open it?

A: If there is a number on the back, take it to a locksmith. They can look up the combination for you.

How do I pick/crack a master lock? by Q: Is there an easy and quick way to crack or pick a master lock combo? I'm not trying to break into someones locker or something haha. I've just always been curious and it seems like something fun to learn. Youtube videos don't help me that much.

Where can I but a Master Combination Lock (For a locker) in New York? by Katbot Q: I need a new lock for my locker. Where can I get a MASTER lock. for my school locker? I live in New York. Other Good and easy locker locks can be posted. Thanks guys

A: you can get them anywhere. like cvs, eckerd, any store that sells school supplies... office max, staples. a lot of places. hope that helps :)

Is there a way for me to change the combo on my Master Lock? by 27ridgeline Q: I just bought a Master Lock (the combination one where you turn the dial) and was wondering if it's possible for me to change the combo? I looked on all the paperwork that came with it (limited as it was) and it doesn't say anything about it.

A: information maybe here http://www.masterlock.com/general/faqs_lostcom.shtml

How do i open my master lock? by Q: My lock combo is 17,39,09 i found this lock in my drawer and i haven't opened a master lock in a long time anyone can help me how i can open this lock?

A: Check master lok FAQ at http://www.masterlock.com/faq/

Is it possible to figure out a lost combination to a master lock, without trying many combos? by Q: i lost the combination to my master lock ,and was wondering if i could recover the code some way without trying out various combos. maybe by using the serial code or something? thanks

A: A professional locksmith is what you need for that.

Who was the first person to break Chris Master's "Master Lock" submission hold? by Shep Q: Professional WWE wrestler has one of the best submission holds, the Master Lock. Who was the first person to break it? Also, are they the ONLY person to break the Master Lock hold?

A: It's Bobby Lashley first and only person to break the master lock, see this video in youtube; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcdoTOnQrYM Good luck ..............

What's the combination for Master lock 927813? by water_skipper Q: I have a Master pad lock but don't know the combination. On the back of the lock is number 927813.

A: go to www.masterlock.com and complete the lost combination form.

How to open a Master Lock (No key hole or combination)? by •LetangFan• Q: I have a Master Lock brand lock on my gym locker at school, and I haven't had to change for gym in the last 8 weeks. In that time, I forgot my locker combination and I didn't write it down anywhere. Could anyone give me a way to get it open so I can get inside?

A: The key to the City...... Bolt Cutters. Ask one of your maintience workers if they have a set. I'm sure they do.

How do I chane my master lock combo? by Sarah S Q: I want to switch my lock combo to my combo from last year and i tryed the 1 where you turn the shackel 180 degrees but tht doesnt work on my lock i have the master locks they provide at skool so can sum1 help me?

A: You may have to push the shackle down and hold it down when it's turned 180 º to set the new combo.

How do I find a lost combination on Master Lock padlock? by Michael W Q: I have a Master Lock combinationlock and would like to find the combination since I have lost the setting.

A: call master lock they will ask you for the numbers on the lock and give you the code to open it as long as you never changed it. GL

I accidentally forgot my Master Lock Combination and I need it for school tomorrow, any have any ideas? by Ash1854 Q: I accidentally forgot my Master Lock Combination and I need it for school tomorrow, any have any ideas on how I can figure it out? If you do please write the steps in the answers or post a link to page that shows the steps, and I really need the answer soon PLEASE!

A: Get a stethoscope or whatever the doctors use for checking your heart, then turn your lock right until you hear a click, then left until you hear a click, then left again until you hear a click, then BAM you're in.

How do you open a Master Lock Sphere Model? by [email protected] Q: Is it the same concept as a regular Master Lock? Sphere lock looks like this: http://spln.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/p3739829reg.jpg

A: Same guts, different outside shape. Either use the combination or a shim.

Is there a universal combination to open a master lock? by Conchita Q: My friends locker got broken into, and people are saying there is a master combination. I am talking about a standard master lock the sliver and black ones.

A: Nope, no such thing... why would u you even think of believing that

Can a locksmith find out the combination of a master pad lock? by ziggy_brat Q: I think the lock my daughter just found is mine from 25 years ago but the combo I thought works doesn't. Besides trying my luck with Master locks is there any other way to get the combination?

A: A licensed locksmith can get a combo for the lock.

Is there a way to remove a master lock without the key? by Bernese Q: I lost the key to my master lock that's attached to my shed. Is there a way to get it off?

A: Depending on how heavy it is.If its a smaller standard some bolt cutters should do the trick if its a larger one then good luck ive taken a saw zall to one and it did nothing to it.

How to unlock my master lock with no combination? by Q: how do you unlock a master lock with no combination.I forgot my combo a long time ago and i just realized that my lock is locked on to one of my bags zipper and i can't take it off with out the combo.I searched it up but none if the methods worked.Please could anyone give me an idea on how to open it. i do not want to break the lock.

A: this really works if you have the patience http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EKVcRtQdaQ it takes up to about 20 minutes and you get the combination again. i got it on the 96th try. i was pissed. if i would've start backwards i would have got it on the 4th try.

how to pick a master lock the combination one? by swat Q: my stupid friend found some random lock at school and put it on my backpack and now it won't come off!! its one of those silver master combination locks that all schools have and it has a key whole on the back. i have tried the soda can thing 5 times it didn't work! can some1 help me plz

A: Ask the school to remove it, as the keyhole that you describe is used for random locker inspections. or............. Contact a Locksmith.

How does one crack that code of a master lock? by Q: I have a master lock that can be opened by both key and combination. I don't know where I put the combination (I think I may have thrown it away) but I still have both keys. How can I find out what the combination is so I can have full use of it again?

A: I don't know if this will work with the lock you using, but I forgot my combination and this method worked. Pull the padlock down with considerable pressure, then as you're doing that twist each slide until you get a slight stick/grind that is louder than the other numbers you tried for that slide. That's about it hope that works

How do i open my master lock if i can't remember the combination? by Jackal J.. Q: I just found a green master lock in one of the kitchen drawers. I want to use but i don't know the combination. Does anyone know how to open a lock that can tell me. are there any websites or anything that i can reach and put the serial number. Please Help

A: If it's an actual MASTER lock, if you can remove the back somehow, the combination is stamped into the back of the lock under the cover.

How can I get a lost combination for a master lock? by DJ Young Q: I have a combination master lock and I lost the combination for it. Is there a website that I can retrieve my combination for it?

A: Master lock for... A website, the admin will half to get that for you. A file, get a cracker. A program, search online for a program that will do that for you. Undoubtedly there is a program this do it for you. You just need to find it.. Regards, Dane

how do you pick a master lock? by jerbear_v1 Q: i have a master lock that i need to open, i cant break the lock because i have plans for the lock after i pick it unlocked.

A: Unless you have a pick set and are qualified to use it, forget trying to pick open the padlock. Just buy a new padlock they are less than $5. bucks. Cut the old lock off or drill out the key hole until you can turn the key cylinder.

How To Crack The Combination Of A Master Lock? by Q: Okay I desperately need to lock something, as my thief of a cousin is on her way over. I have a master lock which I've had for about a year now that I got from Walmart. Unfortunately for me, I don't remember the combination. Can anyone please tell me how to crack the combination to a master lock? Not pick the lock. I want to know how to get the combination.

A: IF there is a serial number on the back, take it to a locksmith and they can look up the combination for you.

How to get the combination to my Master Lock? by Dee Q: I lived in a dorm room my first semester of college, so I kept a chest with a Master Lock on it. That has been a couple years ago & now I want to open it up. But I cannot remember the combination. Please Help!

A: The easiest thing to do is to cut the lock and then just buy another.

How to open a master lock without hacking? by Fedor = MMA GOD Q: i have this master lock i use for the gym and i remember the combo but i forgot how to put the combo in to open it, i just need the instructions on how to open a master lock (basically when to spin and what not) not how to hack into someone's lock. thanks!

A: Start with three full clockwise spins to "reset" everything. First number: Clockwise 361 degrees plus. (a full turn or more) Second Number: Counter Clockwise past the first number to the second Third Number: Clockwise again just to the number.

Where can I get a V54 master lock key? by Mike R Q: i have a V54 Master Lock and i am tired of always having to use the Combination side and would like to obtain a key for it. Does anyone know where i can buy/order one?

A: You will have to go to a locksmith for that.

Looking for a good product to use for a master lock system for several rental houses? by JDW Q: I've got several rental properties and would like to master key them. I'm looking for a lock manufacturer who carries a product for this situation. Obviously I'd like to not have to spend an arm and a leg, but having a zillion keys to keep track of is getting old.

A: www.landlordlocks.com

How to set a combonation on a master lock bike lock? by Steven W Q: I just got a master lock bike lock and the directions for how to set your own combonation didn't come with it..

A: I don't think it should be too difficult to work out- combination locks aren't very complicated. If you can't do it go back to the shop and ask for a replacement that has the instructions.

Who is getting tired on the master lock? by *WWE_Fan* (RAW) Q: I'm tired of watching Chris Masters attempt to do the master lock. He hardly ever wrestles, all he does is challenge people. Id rather watch wrestling then watch Chris Masters do the master lock. It would be different if he actually wrestled, but he doesn't all he does is the stupid master lock.

A: Well yes im tired of it but why do people keep saying its unbroken John Cena broke it already when it was for the WWE title Johnathan coachman made that match the masterlock and if john cena wouldnt break it well Chris Masters was the new champ and that didnt happen because John Cena broke the master lock..

Master Lock...? by prune Q: How can I open a master lock if I've forgotten the combination?

A: go to their web site, they have a procedure for it. If you don't care about the lock then cut it or bust it open.

master lock? by bob Q: i bought a master lock the combonation one.. a few years back.. i lost the key and dont remember the combo. any ideas on how to get it open

A: If it's locking something that you need to open, then either bolt cutters or a hack saw. If not, then just buy a new one. It's not worth all the time and effort when you can just spend $5 for a new lock.

How to Crack a Master Lock Combination Lock Bobby Lashley Brakes the Master Lock Chris Masters: The First MasterLock Challenge How to crack, not pick, master lock in just a few minutes!!! Master Lock Combination Training Video Master Lock Company BumpStop Video Great Super Bowl Ad - Shot Lock from Master Lock How to pick a Master Lock #175 with a paper clip... How To Pick A Master Lock With A Coke Can Master Lock Bump Key How to open a Master lock master lock speed dial Beer Master (lock shim) picking a master lock #5 Master Lock Combination Finder Master lock vs Khali Entrance Kane Door Security Bar from Master Lock master lock night watch deadbolt Master lock shoot Lock Picking 24 - Master Lock No. 40 Storage Security from Master Lock Raking a Master Lock #3 How to crack a Master Lock combination Master Lock Key Safe - Opened Master Lock Trailer Lock with Coupler Lock - etrailer.com Securikey - Master Lock 5401 Code Change Instructions master lock 175 bypassed Python™ Adjustable Locking Cable Security from Master Lock My Tribute to Master lock cheap cylinders Lock pick Bolt cutters vs. Master Lock 7/16 Boron Alloy Padlock Picking a Master Lock in under 10 secs Master Lock Challenge (Tribute to the Troops) 2006 first and only person to break the master lock How to pick a master lock Picking a Master Lock #5 Master Lock Street Cuff Bike Security Lock Review - etrailer.com 'ONE' - Master Lock's European 'Speed Dial' lock Master Street Cuffs Picked Open 2006:John Cena Vs Chris Masters (Master lock Challenge) WWE Championship Match Skyrim - UnknownDemon's Series - Skyrim - Episode 51 'Master Lock' Wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 Chris Masters: The Master Lock ps2 Master Lock Speed Dial Combination Lock Master Lock Challenge: Jordan vs Dean Setting a password on a Master Lock PasswordPlus Lock Master Lock S3068 - Seal Tight™ Handle--On Ball Valve Lockout IEFD Ep. 9 - Lock Picking - Mult-Disc Combo Locks Anti-Shim Padlock Shimmed The Masters of Locking; Hilty & Bosch Kane and Big Show Backstage Show Does Masterlock Challenge wwe Can't hack this lock!
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