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Martial law

Martial law unacceptable in Pak: Gilani
PTI Speaking in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament, Gilani said martial law would be unacceptable to everyone in the country, including civil society and the media, and the outside world. Responding to points of order raised by Leader ...

No chances of martial law in country: PM told NA
UNITED NATIONS, Dec 19 (APP) - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Monday condemned the “excessive” use of force against protestors in Egypt where clashes between security forces and protesters in Cairo have reportedly killed at least 10 people and ...

Ron Paul: Defense Bill Establishes Martial Law In America
Alex Jones: Top tier presidential candidate Ron Paul has decried the 'indefinite detention' provision of the National Defense Authorization Act, warning that it represents an arrogant, bold and dangerous attempt to establish martial law in America. ...

Preparing for martial law
Every year, a new version of the defense authorization bill is crafted and ultimately enacted into law. It is an extensive piece of legislation that appropriates funds to defense projects. The current bill provides for a $662 billion defense budget and ...

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IRMAybs http://t.co/s5aWRuZr martial law Military declassifies Marcos-era documents !

southrngirl77 RT @_codymcdaniel: Merry Christmas From Obama, Congress, Legalized Martial Law? http://t.co/ZafIr7kM

PrezElect2012 Surviving Martial Law 75% Commission Hot Niche http://t.co/NAe5VHPk

corytsudalookr martial+law http://t.co/6JdhLu6u

dou_you Surviving Martial Law 75% Commission Hot Niche http://t.co/Ed5iwx1X

melowilseight martial+law

thasikk1ne I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/Lr5qElwV No Election Due to Martial Law because of SB 1867 NDAA

iSandNewYork Open Your Eyes! Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law! (Civil Liberties Are Being Taken)

jaimevercruyf http://t.co/R0e1DOCY martial+law

RUTHLESSCRISSY Anyday now the internet will be dhut down due to section 1032 of martial law "internet offensive and online pentagon take over"

BillyyBillss RT @SomeSour_nRemi: Obama could suck my dick, he signed that fuckin Martial Law bill ! wtf is wrong with this ... http://t.co/5OPwgii7

BillyyBillss RT @SomeSour_nRemi: Obama could suck my dick, he signed that fuckin Martial Law bill ! wtf is wrong with this ... http://t.co/d0RHB35c

TherealDubg Somebody plz tell me this Martial Law video is a hoax



Why are some people against martial law? by Ron Paul 2012! Q: Isn't martial law where the army and police officers are everywhere? Wouldn't that significantly decrease crime rate if the criminals know there are cops everywhere? What do people have against martial law?

A: Martial law also means the suspension of civil liberties. There are curfews, travel checkpoints, soldiers constantly stopping and searching you. There is no freedom of movement, no right to protest, great limits of freedom of speech. You can be arrested and held for extended periods without cause or trial. Martial law does not simply mean there are more police on the streets! It is only for extreme national emergencies.

what will Americans do when martial law is here? by Q: We are affically in martial law but,it's in full force yet.I wuold like to know what will you do when,it does come? And, are you prepared?

A: First of all, this doesn't belong in the martial arts section. Second, we're not under martial law and it doesn't look good on your intelligence for thinking we are (nor does your spelling abilities). Third, if we were to be put under martial law, I'm afraid I would help enforce it.

Is Obama hoping to become the dictator of the US and control Americans through the use of Martial Law? by Dan G Q: Does Obama intend to subvert the judicial laws of our country and institute martial law after he loses the next elections and before he is supposed to leave office, prior to the new president taking the oath of office?

A: I think that man is capable of anything. He's been trying since day one to divide the country. I believe he would love a race war. Listen to his speeches. He's trying awfully hard to start something.

Specific information regarding economic effects of martial law under Fernidand Marcos? by Melonball Q: Any websites or books, newspaper articles concerning martial law under Philippine president/dictator Ferdinand Marcos? Specifically, the economic state of the Philippines during martial rule. Im just having a hard time finding books on it. I know the economy of the Philippines improved, but need more specifics. Just need either specific websites or names of books. Thank you.

A: websites: ECONOMIC CHANGES UNDER MARCOS To hasten the economic development, President Marcos implemented a number of economic programs. These programs helped the country to enjoy the period of economic growth I the mid-1970's up to the early 1980's. The farmers were given technical and financial aid and other incentives such as "price support". With the incentives given to the farmers, the country's agricultural sector grew. As a result, the Philippines became self-sufficient in rice in 1976 and even became a rice exporter. To help finance a number of economic development projects such as soil exploration, the establishment of geothermal power plants, the Bataan Nuclear Plant, hydro-electric dams, the construction of more roads, bridges, irrigation systems and other expensive infrastructure projects, the government engaged in foreign borrowings. Foreign capital was invited to invest in certain industrial projects. They were offered incentives including tax exemption privileges and the privilege of bringing out their profits in foreign currencies. One of the most important economic programs in the 1980's was the Kilusang Kabuhayan at Kaunlaran (KKK). This program was started in September 1981. Its aim was to promote the economic development of the barangays by encouraging the barangay residents to engage in their own livelihood projects. The government's efforts resulted in the increase of the nation's economic growth rate to an average of six percent to seven percent from 1970 to 1980. The rate was only less than 5 percent in the previous decade. The Gross National Product of the country (GNP) rose from P55 billion in 1972 to P193 billion in 1980. Another major contributor to the economic growth of the country was the tourism industry. The number of tourists visiting the Philippine rose to one million by 1980 from less than 200,000 in previous years. The country earned at $500 million a year from tourism. A big portion of the tourist group was composed of Filipino balikbayans under the Ministry of Tourism's Balikbayan Program which was launched in 1973. Another major source of economic growth of the country was the remittances of overseas Filipino workers. Thousands of Filipino workers found employment in the Middle East and in Singapore and Hongkong. These overseas Filipino workers not only helped ease the country's unemployment problem but also earned much-needed foreign exchange for the Philippines. http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Pool/1644/marcosera.html Crony Capitalism During the first years of martial law, the economy benefited from increased stability, and business confidence was bolstered by Marcos's appointment of talented technocrats to economic planning posts. Despite the 1973 oil price rise shock, the growth of the gross national product (GNP) was respectable, and the oil-pushed inflation rate, reaching 40 percent in 1974, was trimmed back to 10 percent the following year. Between 1973 and the early 1980s, dependence on imported oil was reduced by domestic finds and successful energy substitution measures, including one of the world's most ambitious geothermal energy programs. Claiming that "if land reform fails, there is no New Society," Marcos launched highly publicized new initiatives that resulted in the formal transfer of land to some 184,000 farming families by late 1975. The law was filled with loopholes, however, and had little impact on local landowning elites or landless peasants, who remained desperately poor. The largest, most productive, and technically most advanced manufacturing enterprises were gradually brought under the control of Marcos's cronies. For example, the huge business conglomerate owned by the Lopez family, which included major newspapers, a broadcast network, and the country's largest electric power company, was broken up and distributed to Marcos loyalists including Imelda Marcos's brother, Benjamin "Kokoy" Romualdez, and another loyal crony, Roberto Benedicto. Huge monopolies and semimonopolies were established in manufacturing, construction, and financial services. When these giants proved unprofitable, the government subsidized them with allocations amounting to hundreds of millions of pesos. Philippine Airlines, the nation's international and domestic air carrier, was nationalized and turned into what one author has called a "virtual private commuter line" for Imelda Marcos and her friends on shopping excursions to New York and Europe. Probably the most negative impact of crony capitalism, however, was felt in the traditional cash-crop sector, which employed millions of ordinary Filipinos in the rural areas. (The coconut industry alone brought income to an estimated 15 million to 18 million people.) Under Benedicto and Eduardo Cojuangco, distribution and marketing monopolies for sugar and coconuts were established. Farmers on the local level were obliged to sell only to the monopolies and received less than world prices for their crops; they also were the first to suffer when world commodity prices dropped. Millions of dollars in profits from these monopolies were diverted overseas into Swiss bank accounts, real estate deals, and purchases of art, jewelry, and antiques. On the island of Negros in the Visayas, the region developed by Nicholas Loney for the sugar industry in the nineteenth century, sugar barons continued to live lives of luxury, but the farming community suffered from degrees of malnutrition rare in other parts of Southeast Asia........ http://countrystudies.us/philippines/28.htm Marcos claimed that martial law was the prelude to the creation of a “new society” in which self-sacrifice was necessary for the national welfare. But Marcos, his wife, and their closest associates practiced corruption with impunity. They plundered the Philippine economy through their system of “crony capitalism,” in which they controlled monopolies in industry, communications, and banking. The Marcoses amassed a huge personal fortune, much of which they hid in foreign bank accounts and investments. Their lavish lifestyle stood in stark contrast to the lives of ordinary Filipinos. http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761557463_2/Ferdinand_Marcos.html A book http://www.ourownvoice.com/bibliography/bibliography.shtml

Martial law for a biological disaster like an oil and gas spew from the Gulf Likely or no? by Trout Q: Millions of gallons a day ---- and lots of dispursants by Nalco which are 4 times more toxic than the oil itself The death of the base of the food chain --- an unemployed region that might turn into an uninhabitable region --- forced evacuations and martial law for a biological disaster ?

A: Martial Law is NOT likely. The Deepwater Horizon and the spill are 50 miles off shore in International Waters, US territorial waters extend to only 24 miles. Under Maritime Law it is not valid nor necessary.

Has anyone heard a rumor about Inauguration Day and Martial Law being declared? by Jessie Q: Supposedly the Postal Service, UPS, all airlines, banks, government agencies, everything is going to be shut down Monday! Martial Law is supposed to be imposed! Personally, I don't believe this stuff, but alot of others seem too! So, have any of you heard about this stuff? Just wondering how far this rumor has gotten!

A: Well, seeing as monday is a holiday, doesnt surprise me that many places will be closed. The federal goverment has declared tuesday a holiday as well to reduce the amount of persons attempting to enter the city. Currenty 5 million or so people are expected to show up. The reason it was declared a state of emergency was so the locality could release the funds to pay for the extra cops and security (75 million).

What would you do if martial law was declared and you were picked up to go to quarantine? by Jeremy Q: And let's make it interesting, let's say civil order has broken down in a panic, martial law has been declared, so when they come to take you, you have no independent confirmation that there is even an epidemic underway. Let's say you have a history of making loud statements against the establishment and asking subversive political questions on Yahoo!Answers. Do you go with the armed and armored swat team who has come to put you in a van?

A: no

Is Bush going to declare martial law before summer? by nobodyhere Q: Trying to make vacation plans. If he is not going to do it until summer, I'll take a little vacation now. If he's going to takeover the National Guard and declare martial law within the next couple of weeks, I will have to pack a few things and get ready to go.

A: Hard to say. I keep hearing that it won't happen until November, after the elections. But I would not bet on that. I am hoping to be out of the country by May. I am part of a team sent over here to remove or sell all of our firm's assets, and we have instructions to finish by May 1. They did not say why, but the rumour is that we expect Bush will declare martial law in the United States.

What if it really did escalate in Korea? Do you think it could provoke martial law around the world? by keither envoy from hell Q: If there was a concern about a grave escalation in hostilities isn't is possible that the President of the United States might declare martial law? If there was panic in countries? And if other countries were put on high military alert and Seoul was being evacuated or was bombed?

A: honestly, NK is a time bomb ready to explode at any second now. i say we get in there and do something about it before hundreds of thousands of innocent people die.

Should the only time a president can make an executive order is under martial law? by Q: The use of executive orders have become over used and abuse of power. Should it be considered the only time a president can make an executive order is under Martial Law?

A: No. Because EOs are used to make regulatory decisions every day. They are an important tool in government.

Do you think martial law will be declared in numerous nations around the world, not just America? by crystal spring Q: there are tons of videos on youtube about the global economic crisis, and coming food shortages, and bees dying off, etc. so- i've seen some videos on there saying that martial law will come to many nations around the world due to the global economic crisis, loss of jobs, food shortages, loss of retirements, etc. china, america, india, russia, europe, mexico, etc. just a few places i've heard that martial law might be implemented because of the global economic crisis.

A: I think there already is a food shortage^1, I figure now's a better time than any to donate if one could. 30-40 countries are rumored in a food shortage^2. This is of 195 countries in the world ^3with a food chrisis. The philippines has been under martial law for 50 years. Don't have much info after that.

what role would the Civil Air Patrol play if martial law was declared? by quinton c Q: yes, i know CAP is a civilian group, i am currently in it. but they are the Air Force Auxiliary, and already do some military jobs, and we also get military training. so, would they play any part in a declaration of martial law?

A: The Civil AIr Patrol is the fourth arm of the USAF. A civilian Auxiliary, trained to respond to emergencies, THe three arms of the civil air patrol are the Emergency services arm, the Cadet program and the aerospace education activities. None of these would be any threat to a government declared marshall law. In every instance where the martial law has been declared, i.e. Hurricane Katrina, the CAP has been called upon for support to the civil authorities and federal authorities within the limits of the Posse Commitatus laws. The only timi that CAP would be a threat to the illegitimate authorities would be in the event of a coup by those wishing to deny our freedoms. Any thing else as proposed by the previous answer is preposterous.

What would you do if martial law was going on? by Justin M Q: The second the president declared martial law, and American troops were on there way into American city's. What is the first thing you would do to protect yourself? Would you go into hiding? Would you plan attacks against them? Would you try to raise fighters, and have a central command? What would you do?

A: this is to Jerry H..... there are not enough american soldiers, but they will bring in other soldiers from around the world, germans, UN, EU, the american soldiers are all going to be deployed elsewhere. i would get enough supplies to hide out for awhile, weapons and ammunition, and keep me and my family safe.IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, we just dont know when. but it will be before bush leaves for good.

How does the President declare martial law? by Q: Does the Pres need permission from Congress or any other branch of government to declare martial law anywhere in the US. or is it in his sole power? I just asked this question in my Advanced Placement US History class, and my teacher didnt know the answer.

A: The military may not become involved in domestic law enforcement in any way unless it is approved by Congress - this is due to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 following Reconstruction in the South.

Does the Speaker of the House have the authority to declare martial law on the US? by Q: There has been debate whether the martial law declared by Palosi was actual military martial law or a tactic used to move a bill through without giving members ample to time to read and understand it before they vote on it. Who has the authority to declare military martial law on the US?

A: No, she doesn't, and no, she didn't. The term "martial law" as she used it is a slang term for an emergency legislative session where the normal time frames for debating bills are waived. Such sessions have occurred many times before, and the members of the house all knew exactly what she was talking about. I'm no fan of Pelosi - who I believe is the quintessential "Limousine Liberal" - a billionaire that claims to be a Socialist supporter of "the little people" (though not, of course, of the illegal alien grape pickers she was caught paying less than 1/2 minimum wage to!) - but this is a storm in a tea cup. A true declaration of martial law is the responsibility of the executive, not legislative, branch. Martial law can be declared by a Governor, within his State only, or by the President. Richard

What would you do if another country enforced martial law on you? by Anonymous Q: if america was in anarchy, terrorism and all. and another country invaded the US and enforced martial law, with tanks on the streets, spying on people, finding excuses to shoot people, bombing buildings with civillians, and claiming it "operation, american freedom". wouldnt you fight for your country? woulndt you fight both the terrorists and the invaders? They wouldnt let you "just leave". sadam is DEAD btw.

A: Yeah, I'd definitely kick some ass - pardon me.

What is the legal loophole on martial law that allows the president to remain indefinite? by gmcfayden Q: There is a legal "loophole". A law in the constitution which allows the president to remain in office, indefinite, or until the issue is resolved? It is if martial law is declared in this country, the president can remain president even beyond new elections. What is that law called? I cannot for the life of me remember. Help me out, please! Your sister, Ginger I found it: Critics fear that the president could make himself a de facto dictator by side-stepping the other branches of government and making autocratic laws. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben in particular has criticized the generalization since World War I of the use of executive orders or decrees by all Western democracies, declaring that this tends toward the constitution of a "permanent state of exception." The presidents, however, cite executive order as often the only way to clarify laws passed through the Congress, laws which often require vague wording in order to please all political parties involved in their creation. Wikipedia.org: "Executive Orders of President"

A: There are several Executive Orders that allow EXACTLY that to occur. Here's an interesting site: http://www.urbansurvival.com/week.htm It's not related to your question, but I thought I'd post it.

Why are conspiracy theorists so obsessed with martial law? by Q: Why do they always think we're a day away from martial law being declared?

A: I'm a bit of an anarchist and survivalist. I never have less than a couple thousand rounds in the house and truck. Trying to impose martial law on my friends and I in the Dakota Badlands would be a bit like trying to round up the Taliban in the Afghan mountains. RScott

What can we learn from the Martial Law in the Philippines? by Duncan Y Q: What can we learn from the Martial Law in the Philippines? What lessons can we learn from it?

A: Democracy rules

How to stay undetected from during Martial Law in America? by Connor Q: How can someone live under Martial Law and not follow rules. And what would you do in your case of Martial Law in America

A: Just add another layer of aliuminium foil to your hat and everythng will be just fine.

Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus and imposed martial law in Maryland in order to? by Brooke palermo Q: Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus and imposed martial law in Maryland in order to A. prevent people from keeping slaves. B. keep the state from seceding. C. force blacks and whites to get along. D. end the Civil War.

A: B. On April 27, 1861, the writ of habeas corpus was suspended by President Abraham Lincoln in Maryland and parts of midwestern states, including southern Indiana during the American Civil War. Lincoln did so in response to riots, local militia actions, and the threat that the border slave state of Maryland would secede from the Union, leaving the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., surrounded by hostile territory.

How servere does the upcoming terrorist attack have to be before BushFraud declares Martial Law? by Mr. Smartypants™ Q: The laws for Martial Law and executive orders for BushFraud to essentially declare himself a dictator. So how big and what kind of an attack are we talking about for this to happen?

A: Maybe you mindless drones need to look up Presidential Directive 51 and ask yourselves again about martial law.The president has the right to declare martial law in any instance of natural disaster,or if the economy was crashing(as it says in PDD 51) or a "so-called" terrorist attack.He signed it earlier in the year so ask yourself why would he sign something into law like that?Maybe just paranoia but with this guy you never know and yes we all hope that there are elections come next November or we will be forcefully removing this current president and his administration. Hey butterball do some reading buddy and stop believing the MSM about everything.Bush and his entire administration are a fraud on the American people.Look up the definition. That's patriot you schill.Shouldn't you be watching FOX like the rest of the neocons? I hear they're trying to stir up an attack on Iran you mindless drone.

Who is in charge with martial law is ordered? by Hank Q: When martial law is ordered on a state level, who is in charge? Who is the head hauncho that calls the shots?

A: I am....no seriously........i am.....

Would an economic collapse bring martial law and a dictatorship by Bush? by Half-Naked Women Q: Bush has it set up so that any emergency in the country gives him right to suspend the constitution with martial law. He's been pushing in that direction for 8 years with his "executive orders" that bypasses congress and the judiciary.

A: I agree with you all. There are some serious problems with the system and the direction of government here in America. The powers of the commander in chief have been expanding Civil liberties have been slowly eroding (under the guise of safety) The public have been under surveillance ("Patriot" Act) We are being governed with fear (terrorism) The media outlets are bought and controlled by a few key people. I agree these are not simple issues to shrug your shoulders at and get on with the season premiere of Lost. Ironic as it is, the American people are living in a fog. A fog of distraction, even this whole election process is a diversion. They try to rally us to vote for one side of the same coin. Meanwhile the real issues of our country go unheard. The infringements on our constitutional freedoms since the world trade center fell cannot be over looked. We will no longer have an America "home of the free" if things continue like this. I recommend you all check out this book! Naomi Wolfe has done a ton of research and lays out some historical perspectives that will really put some of the things you have been noticing in order. http://www.amazon.com/End-America-Letter-Warning-Patriot/dp/1933392797 This is a documentary on the subject called America, Freedom to Fascism. Aaron Russo has passed away, but before he died this was his final project and life’s work. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1656880303867390173

Have you prepared for the next attack and martial law put in place? by Q: By this time next year we will be full sclae martial law. It's coming so expect another attack at anytime. It could come next week to next Fall, but it's coming. 9/11 was an inside job and committed for a reason.

A: Somehow I don't think that is going to happen right now. Things would have to really change for us to come under martial law P

Is martial law really that close in America? by Justin M Q: I have read some things saying how in less then a year the government will enact martial law and try to control the populace. It said that they will kill everyone who try's to resist, and for the people they let live, will have microchips put in there arms, basically becoming slaves. Do you really think it could happen, and what would you do to defend your self?

A: is it closer yes, thanks to the patriot act and homeland security

Why are people saying Martial law will happen to suspend elections? by Q: I see people saying that once the Wall Street riots get bigger, Obama will declare Martial Law so the elections will be suspended. People say thats what he wants. But... theres no way he will lose anyway, lol. So why do people think that?

A: Same thing was said about Bush - that he was going to declare martial law and suspend elections in 2008. I don't see these OWS losers expanding their protest or them going on for very long. These kinds of flash-mob rallies generally do not sustain, especially when the majority of people consider them misguided and foolish.

What role do Federal Agencies play when Martial Law is declared? by Hank Q: What role does the FBI (and other Federal agencies) play when Martial Law is declared? Do organizations like the FBI play a vital role during this time?

A: Martial law concerns everyone, as constitutional rights are suspended for the duration. The forces the government will bring to bear upon the population would normally involve the Local Police and State Police, and the Military Reserves. I don't think the FBI/CIA work load would change, nor would they be involved in local police actions.

If Bush canceled the elections and declared martial law, would it still be possible to leave the country? by parlanchina Q: I read that the law PDD51 gives Bush the right to cancel the elections (in case their is a national emergency) and he can also declare martial law. What would this mean for the population? Would travel outside of the U.S. still be possible, for citizens or non-citizens?

A: This is a scary scenario, but it could happen. It seems like there have been a few reasons brewing to make this happen. Bush can't make another country attack us, but he can start an economic catastrophy (like the one we are in now) I never voted for Bush and have dreaded every minute he has been president. I think he has ruined this country. If he does what you have suggested I think you would see the democrats go crazy and have him impeached!

When will dictator Obama declare martial law and ignite the second civil war? by Sci Fi Fan Q: I think it will be within a month, he will use the h1n1 bio-weapon scare to declare martial law and try to force vaccinate all Americans with their mercury filled, cancer virus filled, "vaccine". One by one states will secede and fight to take back our country.

A: Sorry. Sci Fi only happens in fiction. That's what the "Fi" means...

What would it take for Martial Law to be declared for the United States? by Yahoo Sucks Q: What kind of event(s) would cause the President of the United States to declare Martial Law?

A: Across the entire nation? That would have to be pretty dire. Generally, martial law is only imposed for a short time in the region of the disturbance. For example, Martial Law was declared in New York City on 9/11/01, and lifted as soon as it was apparent the emergency was over.

What ever happened to the Martial Law and Iran invasion Bush was supposed to do, before he left office? by jeeper_peeper321 Q: . The Left said Bush would: Invade Syria in 2004 and 2005 Start a draft if he was reelected in 2004 Invade Iran in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Declare martial law to stay in office. What ever happened to all those ?

A: The left only said those things in order to promote fear-mongering, also known as polemics.

Is martial law coming to the united states? by Q: I've heard from a lot of places that Martial Law will be coming to the U.S. in 2012 but idk if i should believe it or not. i haven't seen it on the news or anything. could someone please inform me on whats going on?

do you think martial law should be remove in the 1986 Philippine constitution? by Q: Why is martial law necessary?. we learned from the past during the regime of Marcos whereas various of human rights were deprived. Why not remove martial law absolutely?

A: Why martial law? It should be congress that should get the boot. The philippines should have as model singapore's form of government. Then again, you just change the cylinder, and the same worms would occupy it...

Are they planning again to impose Martial Law in Pakistan? by Q: The political situation in Pakistan shows that Army generals are planning once again to impose Martial Law. This time they are using Judiciary to play a major role to create a false situation for this purpose. They have support of some old political vultures like MQM, Shiekh Rasheed, Functional & Gujrat League type criminals. In greed of getting hot news to raise their sales, Pakistani media also played a negative role and is equally responsible to bring Pakistan at this critical situation. It may prove as the last strike over a dying Muslim atomic power. What is your opinion?

A: The generals may have a hidden agenda (They're probably going to launch a coup). The Pakistani army and the Inter-service Intelligence (ISI) agency have a lot of power and influence.

Who is responsible for declaring a state of martial law? by Hank Q: If a catastrophe or a disaster occurs within a certain state, who would be responsible for declaring a state of martial law? Is that left up to the Governor of the State? Or does the President the only one responsible for declaring Martial Law, even on a state level? When Martial Law is declared, who is the primary body responsible for giving orders to the armed forces?

A: The Governor or the POTUS in accordance with federal or state laws. The Governor or President will issue orders to the military. In order for this to happen the courts will have to be totally incapable of functioning.

Why do fear mongers and the conspiracy minded worry so much about Martial Law being declared? by Jonas VT Q: First, I know what martial law is, so don't define it for me. But if the country were at a level of extreme emergency, Martial Law would be appropriate in my opinion because you can't let nutbags run around looting, gouging prices, stealing, etc in the middle of a national emergency. Why do automatically think that any situation that would possibly require such a measure is a conspiracy? Rubbish.

A: WHY?!?!?!?!? BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO BE DECLARED FOR THE WRONG REASONS!!!!!!!!!!! it is going to be declared because they want control over people and they want a one world order. and you are a person that is stuck in the society that thinks everything is fine and the government loves us. you all need to grow up and realize the shit is hitting the fan.

Is anyone else preparing for martial law and the breakdown of society? by Q: Waco and 9/11 were committed by a rogue government. 9/11 we have examined all the evidence and the proof is it was an inside job. Soon there will be another attack and then martial law. Many peopel are growing gardens and preparing food and have bought many guns and ammo. What are you and your family doing to prepare?

A: It is better to be prepared for something that may not happen than to not be prepare if something does. Boy Scouts, "Always Prepared"

What would be the structure of government under martial law? by Treblacram Q: Who would be the highest authority? Does martial law suspend the constitution, and would Congress or the Supreme Court still have any real power?

A: The Consitution clearly says our rights are inalienable, with no clause for martial law. It also says our rights result from our birth, and not from government. The people with the biggest guns and thus the power, aka the government, think differently.

If the government were to declare martial law would you defend your second amendment right to bear arms? by American Patriot Q: If they were to declare martial law the gov would have the "right" to take away your weapons. Would you allow them or would you defend your freedom to bear arms? Once the gov takes your freedom to bear arms away they could take away any right that we have left because we wouldn't be able to defend our rights. Also marshal law is supposed to be only temporary but if they were to declare it nationally they would probably think it would be a wonderful idea to make it permanent.

A: no one is taking my guns from me!

Why is the shadow government preparing for martial law in the northeast? by Q: This manmade hurricane is a false flag operation to establish martial law. What are the masons up to?

what exactly does it mean when martial law is inacted in a city in a state of emergency? by Q: I heard that in Pleasant Grove, Alabama that martial law has been encted and they are covered up with military personnel. What does the military do there? I must have misheard or gotten misinformation about the enacting of martial law. But it made since when I saw all the gaurds in their uniforms and everything. Thankyou so much for all of your input.

A: Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis—usually only temporary—when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, and provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread. In most cases, military forces are deployed to quiet the crowds, to secure government buildings and key or sensitive locations, and to maintain order.[1] Generally, military personnel replace civil authorities and perform some or all of their functions. The constitution could be suspended, and in full-scale martial law, the highest ranking military General would take over, or be installed, as the military governor or as head of the government, thus removing all power from the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government. Typically after a disaster like the tornadoes, some people will go on looting sprees where they will take whatever they want. The police and other authorities are tied up attempting to assist their citizens. The military comes in and takes over those duties. I hope that helps. Best Regards, Z

Do you believe Martial Law is a benifit if enacted in the USA by the President? by Tu Papi Q: Four parts to the question, this includes the one mentioned as the title question. 2) If no, explain. If yes, what do you feel is probable cause to enact Nation wide Martial Law. 3) Do you believe there will be an adverse reaction by the people? 4) If you do believe Martial Law is beneficial, then, what reasonable measures and actions do you believe can be taken to insure there will not be a Martial Law in the United States of America? Please be thoughtful, this is a public forum by consensus and this question may affect us in our lifetime, maybe not. Depends on all of us.

A: 1) No, I believe Martial Law would not be beneficial, on the contrary, I believe it would be very harmful. 2) A suspension of Civil Rights is an extremely grave thing. In practice, citizens can be subject to abuse and have no legal way to defend themselves. 3) A loud, adverse reaction by the people would be a proof that Americans still are a proud people which want to live in the Land of the Free. I'm sure this would happen to some scale, but probably not loud enough to have an effect. 4) Some suggest (see source) an impeachment is the only thing that could avoid it. As this is outside the power of the citizenry, I think grassroots organizations are the best that can be done, both to avoid the martial law and to react to it if it happens.

What are the benefits of the Martial Law in the Philippines during the time of Marcos? by xrods Q: I'm aware of the negativity surrounding the martial law, but what about the bright sides of it?

A: If you were a dictator backed by friendly U.S. supporters, Martial Law was just the "bright side" you were looking for to keep you in power and continue robbing the country of its wealth. Anyone who may have found out about the millions being funnelled into the Marcos' Swiss bank accounts could have been arrested, tortured, and/or executed, and Imelda could have bought another pair of shoes. All in all, a pretty "bright side," wouldn't you say?

What happens when martial law is declared? by Q: I see all the time in movies that the president declares Martial Law. I have a pretty good idea of what it is, but what actually happens if the President declares ML? Say he declared it today for some unspecified reason.

Who issued Martial Law in New Orleans during the Katrina aftermath? by Q: Were a lot of people killed during Martial Law in New Orleans? Do you think it was a good idea or did it make the situation worse?

A: Martial law was > NOT < declared in New Orleans after Katrina.

What were your positive and negative experiences that had happened to you during Martial Law? by Q: Additional questions: - How old were you during Martial Law? - Were you still going to school or were you already working during the enforcement of the Martial Law? - How would you compare these experiences to the present condition? - If Martial Law was to be enforced, under what conditions would you consider living under Martial Law again? ----- Thank you! :) I forgot to add that this question is about the Martial Law that was implemented in the Philippines from 1972 to 1981.

A: After Dr. King was murdered in 1968, the City of Chicago exploded with race riots as they were called back then. Mayor Daley quickly declared martial law, which was illegal, but the governor quickly reiterated the order, and sent in the National Guard. Eventually, the Guard was nationalized (placed under US Army control) and augmented by the 101st Airborne Division. Tanks and APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) rolled into the city, mowing down those who resisted. Hundreds were killed, and huge sections of the city were burned or blown up by the tanks. Schools were closed, including my high school (I was 15). Stores were closed, too, and travel into the city was restricted as soldiers, manning roadblocks, stopped every car and asked "Your papers?" It was a low, dark time in America. Most people associate the year 1968 and Chicago riots with the police riots during the National Democratic Convention, when anti-war demonstrators clashed with police, resulting in several deaths, but a huge number of injuries and arrests as the police savagely attacked the young, often teenage demonstrators. Few today seem to remember the cloud of dirty brown smoke that hovered over the city for nearly a week. edit: I thought that you may have meant a specific period of martial law, but I thought that you might like to hear mine. Fear the people who want 'law & order.' That's what Hitler promised. He delivered it, too!

Martial Law? by andijxo Q: Over the past few years I have read and seen some things that truly frighten me. I honestly want to know: If Bush declares Martial Law could he remain president indefinitely? (Emperor Bush?) Who would enforce Martial Law? Would they? Are there enough people in support of Bush that something like that could actually happen? If there is no doubt in your mind that Osama Bin Laden is to blame for 9/11: Watch the movie 'Loose Change'. I am not suggesting they are 100% right, but it will open your eyes and make you think. Imagine a United States where George W Bush has absolute power: No more birth control. Homosexuals imprisoned. The Constitution rewritten to satisfy GWB's personal morality. You will be in church every Sunday, and don't think you will be picking the denomination. I realize the above list may seem extreme, but over time I think it's realistic. Read 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood, it is fiction … so far. If you're going to post just to tell me I am paranoid don't bother … I know I am paranoid. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. George W Bush flat out scares me. Never before, not with Carter, Regan, Bush Sr. or even Slick Willy have I said, "Our president scares me and I don't trust him." Suthrnlyts: Please read the question before you answer. No, none of those things has happened - yet.

A: Thinking the unthinkable will do that to a person I don't know - I have no cyrstal ball - and even if I did know who would believe me ? I've asked this question before - but I had a lot of references from current gorvernment legislation to back me up Presidential directive 51 twined with Homeland security directive 51 - The powers that FEMA would atoumatically recieve should an emergency occur The various positions of people who deny the 9/11 story The fact that prison camps are being built at a cost of 325 million dollars The fact that Bush Sr still sits on the Caryle group - the biggest military supplier group in the nation That Bush Sr was the director of the CIA just after the "family jewels" time period was about That GW Bush's grandfather helped build the Nazi war machine by funding and investing in Germany and was later charged in 1942 with trading with the enemy - A lot more to that story if you choose to look That Bush Jr - has changed the laws so that a US citizen can be denied rights and declared an enemy combatant The nuclear posture review again a government white paper sets out the objective of policing the internet. That according to Jorge Hirsch a nuclear phsicist from Ca has a movie about a change he calls disaster namely that the mini nuke (which is more powerful than the one(s) dropped on Japan) are now considered safe for cilvilain use ------------------ I am no expert in anything - but that is a lot of stuff - and it all available to anyone who wants to look - All of that is printed and out there for the public Yet - it really may be they know of a threat we don't - We may be in more doo doo than we are told and so on No responsible government wishes to tell everyone everything No one expects that they will I am sure - But there have been a lot of moves that are scary to me joe blow citezen - One one hand I can't do anything to change anything - Perhaps I shouldn't read all of this stuff So the truth is - If your paranoid your not alone -

Martial law.....? by gumby and pokey Q: what date (aprox) was it when Bush revised the Insurrection Act to facilitate Martial law inforcement?

A: No date.

martial law? by m v Q: How come the government doesn’t place martial law in the most dangerous neighborhoods and send the military after gangs? The cope obviously are not protecting the nation well. Boob your funny

A: Because the ACLU would throw a pissy fit because the martial law might include a homo or Mexican. Or maybe even a Mexican homo. Oh my.

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